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Secretly Healthy Comfort Food Recipes: Mac & Cheese, Brownies, and more

teacher avatar Laurel Cornwell, Just a person who really likes food. A lot.

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Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Why You Need This Food

    • 2. Mint Chip Milkshake

    • 3. Guilt-Free Gluten-Free Waffles

    • 4. Creamy Dreamy Mac and Cheese

    • 5. Homemade Veggie Pot Pie

    • 6. Triple Chocolate Brownies

    • 7. Go Get Cooking

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About This Class

If you’ve ever wanted to dive head first into a big bowl of mac and cheese, I am with you! This class is all about our favorite comfort foods, but made healthy. If you are trying to sneak more veggies onto your kids plates, have food allergies to avoid, or are looking to eat a healthier diet, this is your class. These recipes are easy to make, feature whole food ingredients, and are allergy friendly. Comfort food for all! Whether you’ve just started cooking, or are a seasoned pro, come and join me in the kitchen. By the end of this class, you’ll be serving up some of the best comfort food around. Your friends and family will never know the food is healthy, and I won’t tell ‘em if you don't!

Meet Your Teacher

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Laurel Cornwell

Just a person who really likes food. A lot.


I am a smoothie junkie, self proclaimed dark chocolate connoisseur, eater of all things green, and devoted recipe developer on a mission to create food that not only tastes good, but has a positive impact on our health.

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1. Why You Need This Food: Hey, guys, it's Laurel from the block catching seats dot com. And today we are about to dive head first into some amazing comfort food recipes. We are talking a triple chocolate brownies, ah min ship milkshake, Mac and cheese, a delicious veggie Popeye and some amazing wow holes. They are totally brunch worthy. The best thing about these recipes, they are secretly healthy, and you would never know the difference. About two years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, and I learned really quickly how food impacted my health, and I switched to a gluten free and plant based diet. So all these recipes today fit those guidelines. But here's the thing I love so much. I love cooking. I love eating, available in the restaurants. I love it all, and so I was not willing to sacrifice on any of those tastes and textures and flavors that I loved. I was going to eat good food that made my body feel amazing. So whether you are looking to just clean up your diet and eat healthier, sneak in more veggies or like me, you have to avoid certain foods. These recipes are for you, so let's get into the kitchen and get cooking 2. Mint Chip Milkshake: All right, guys, First meal of the day. It's breakfast time. Let's start out with some comfort food today. We're gonna enjoy a healthy but incredibly delicious mid shipshape free from allergies, completely plant based and delicious. So first day, let's get our greens in. The blender is about two cups of spinach, and then we're gonna add about 6 to 8 minute leaves. Fresh mint. Now I find men ship a great way to sneak in some greens because it is already spoke to be green in color so no one will batten. I they won't see it coming. Thing we're gonna add in 3/4 of a cup of almond milk. Two frozen bananas to freeze these bananas. I just peeled. Then have them and put them in the freezer overnight. Thes air. Gonna give our shake a nice thick consistency without watering it down with any ice on. Then a touch of vanilla extract A little bit of or may flavor right there. Just pop on the top and blend. All right, Mark Shake is blended bright green and ready to go to serve this bad boy. I have some chocolate sauce here that I made with the maple syrup, some coconut oil and something. Just we start off in the blender before yet we're gonna garnish the glass with some of this . So just drizzle that hungry bucket way. Just pour in our delicious shake. Oh, yeah? And then we're going to go the extra mile here. Gonna talk this with some coconut whipped cream. Look at that. And some account IDs. A little extra chocolates. Us. So I got a little messy here because I'd like to go big help Free to keep it a little more danger. It's so good. It's creamy, It's minty. You don't taste this. Finish it all nice and frothy. And that coconut whipped cream on top takes the cake. 3. Guilt-Free Gluten-Free Waffles: All right, guys. Now let's jump into some waffles. What holds are one of my absolute favorite foods, but brunch. When it comes to going out with your friends, it's so hard to navigate. Pancakes and waffles are out if you're trying to eat a healthy, plant based, gluten free diet. But these waffles are my favorite. They have the crispy exterior, the fluffy interior, and they're all within the diet guidelines that we have to follow. So let's start cooking. So right here we have some oat flour. Now Oh, flower is a really great, single ingredient, gluten free flour substitute that I love to use it as a night's nuttiness, some great flavor to these waffles. Then we're just gonna add in some arrowroot starch, and this helps our waffles have a nice and fluffy consistency. Then a big pinch of salt salt in everything. Even sweet recipes really brings out the flavor on then one full tablespoon of baking powder. It is going to give us that nice and fluffy waffle that we're looking for right and then whisk together. Now we have our wet ingredients, so we're just going to start with one flax egg now what I did to make this flax egg was I took two tablespoons of flax seed and mixed it with six tablespoons of water. That gives us two flak stakes here. This is gonna buying the recipe together and really keep all that flower together. So it's not kind of a loose batter, So we're going to go ahead and add that it's best to do this overnight in the fridge so that you have a fully gel flax egg. Otherwise, that kind of tends to be a little bit loose, but you can do in the morning up, then some coconut oil here help with crisping up the waffles, some coconut sugar. And then I'm just gonna whisk that all together. And you can really see how thick this Scott with the flax egg and the next just a cup and 1/4 of a moment, Make sure almond milk is room temperature here. Otherwise, it'll kind of seize up the coconut oil and make it a nice, smooth waffle batter. All right, look and good. Next, we're just gonna act in the dry ingredients. I'm going to switch to a spatula. No, you get all that goodness right on in there and then just started Combined. How easy is that? All right, now is the fun part. Our batters mix, and we're gonna make stuffed waffles. So I have my waffle iron created to a medium setting, but it's gonna take a ladleful and get it right into the water wire. Oh, yeah. Here. That sizzle, guys. Okay, I spread it out a little bit just to make sure it's even. And then I gave it a close. Now I want to use a medium heat for these waffles. And then I like to time them. I do a three minute waffle. Sometimes when you just use the indicator on your waffle iron. You know the light that goes off or maybe turns green when your waffles ready. It's a little bit too short of a cooking time. I like to do a little bit longer to really get the insides nice and fluffy and fully cooked . I feel like gluten free waffles. Take a little bit more time. All right, so it's gonna check our waffle. It's been about three minutes. Here we go. Oh, yeah. Do you guys see this, Chris? Golden waffle perfection. And then I'm just gonna keep rolling with the rest. These waffles. All right, guys, Last waffle. This is all but we've been waiting for. Oh, yeah? Look at that. Just gonna put on some maple syrup. My absolute favorite. Oh, man, this is gonna be good. And then give it a taste. So, Christie, on the outside, but still so fluffy on the inside, and not maple syrup brunch for everyone. 4. Creamy Dreamy Mac and Cheese: it is time for some Mac and Cheese. Ultimate comfort food. This recipe is gluten free, dairy free and vegan, and it sneaks in some extra veggies. They won't even see it coming. It's still super cheesy, super creamy. One of my absolute favorite things to eat. All right, so we're just gonna get are gluten free pasta interest in boiling water and then make sure to add a Big Three finger pinch of salt. We need a season, our pasta water so that our pasta cooks with flavor. Why pasta's cooking Here, Let's get going on this amazing cheese sauce. So we're going to start out with 1/2 a cup of nutritional yeast flakes. Now, this is really what gives the recipe. It's cheesy flavour. You can find this in a lot of grocery stores now days, but especially your health food store, or you can order online. Then we're gonna add in our veggies. We went ahead and pre cooked potatoes and carrots and boiling water, and this is gonna add a nice base to the sauce, and the potatoes are gonna make it super creamy, right next up. Cashews. I went ahead, and so please, cashews, in water overnight. It really helps to soften them up and make them blend easily into a creamy consistency. Then some water. This water. I actually took off the water when he cooked the vegetables. That's a little bit of extra starch in it from the potatoes that's gonna help make our sauce taking creepy two tablespoons of miso, a mellow white me so works great. It's gonna add another depth of flavor. Two tablespoons of Dijon mustard. It's gonna give us a nice tang round out the flavors of the sauce, and then we just have a big pinch of white pepper and a big pinch of salts. And lastly, two cloves of garlic right in and then way have our pasta looks done. Let's give it a check. Probably cooked just a little out dentist. So we're ready to go, so it's going to get it in this pot. Here we have a stranger, and you'd like to take the pot off and just strain on the posture. That way. That's totally fine. Give it a go. All right, we have all our pasta in this pot. Get rid of this guy and we'll put this one back on the heat. Go ahead and add in our cheese sauce. Look at how Karimi and cheesy and delicious that looks Thistles gonna be better than the box stuff, guys. All right, Now we're just gonna bring this back up and kind of finish cooking the pasta in this sauce . It's gonna absorb all the flavor, and it's gonna taste amazing. I mean, do you guys see how they need? This is right now taking all my willpower not just dive in. So once we cooked it a little bit, warmed it through. We've brought the pasta and the sauce together in the pan. We're just gonna plate up and east. So here's my bowl can turn off the power. It's gonna later in some of that glorious Mac and cheese. I mean, and even that color looks really. And this time it is real food, not any strange ingredients. All right, big bowl of pasta. Gonna garnish it with a little parsley. It's actually a salad that way, right? And then give it a taste. It is like impossibly cream passes cooked perfectly taste cheesy. You can eat a whole bowl of this stuff about feeling way down, because what I'm gonna do next 5. Homemade Veggie Pot Pie: Now it's time for veggie Popeye, one of my all time favorite comfort food recipes. Now, admittedly, this recipe has a lot of ingredients. We're leveling up here a little bit, but trust me when I say it is well worth it. So we have some warm coconut oil in our pan, and two that we're just gonna add our leeks, carrots and celery. So get them right on in and we're just gonna saute. And Tilly's begin toe will not that our veggies are wilted down. We're gonna add a big pinch of crushed red pepper flakes. It's not enough to make it spicy. It just adds a nice flavor and then a big pinch of salt as well. Then we're gonna toss in our potatoes. We're gonna add in one couple piece I'm using frozen here. Everyone has him hiding in your freezer somewhere. Put him to get used in this recipe. Really? At a nice little bit of sweetness outright and then three cups of broccoli florets. Make sure when you're chopping these to get them small enough to wear their bite sides within the pie. No one wants to have a you know, a piece of rock that I gotta take to buy stuff up and sit up this one. So keep them small, then just stir that together and let it saute until everything starts to wilt. Now, once you have all that we're gonna add in our midst Garlic, I did four close here. I think it has a lot of flavor. You're not a garlic lover. Go ahead and pare it back a little bit. I am a garlic lover, so if you dio I'll be a little sad, But we can still be friends. All right. Once we have the garlic in, we're gonna add in some oat flour and this is gonna be our thickening agent and really help us make that delicious and creamy sauce. So our straightening and now we just really want to stir this to coat the veggies. We don't need to put it for a long time, but we don't want any. So really stir it through and make sure everything is well coded. Then we add two cups of milk. Here. I'm using cat shaved milk because I think it's the creamiest of a nondairy milks. And I also made this at home, so it's a bit thicker, but feel free to use store bought. If that's what you have on hand, then we're gonna add in a tablespoon of liquid. And he knows this is basically soy sauce, but it's a gluten free version just at the Knights depth of flavor. Here, finishing it off with a little bit of Dijon mustard tablespoon, a little bit of nutmeg, then two teaspoons of Italian seasoning. All right, Stuart Altogether, he's gonna bring this up to a simmer and let the sauce again. I wish you guys could smell this right now. It smells like Thanksgiving and fall a little bit of happiness in there, too. Our feeling is nice and creamy. You can really see how much the sauce has thickened up. That's exactly what you're looking for. Now what's get mixed into our pipefish way have our trust Now. All I did to make this was I took gluten free all purpose flour and cut in some palm oil shortening until it was nice and probably then I stirred in some water and form it into a dough, wrapped it in Saran wrap and then stuck it in the fridge for at least an hour, but you can also do it overnight. After that, I just rolled it out between two sheets of parchment paper and we're ready to go. So now we're just gonna add this on top of our high feeling here. I like to lead one side of the apartment on because then I could easily just flip it over and get it right onto our pie dough now are split a little bit in the middle here, but that's OK. It's kaido sometimes just got a roll with it, so it is kind of mold it back together. If you have any thing like this happened to you, you can even put it one side over the other. I promise it'll still be absolutely delicious and then press down on the sides here and you could go ahead and trim off any of that excess crust. We got to keep all that villain inside and don't be afraid. The pie dough. It's always a little temperamental, and it's never gonna be perfect, but your pie is still gonna be absolutely delicious. Final step. Here I have some egg free vegan mayonnaise that I just mixed with a little water to thin it out. So it's easy to brush. Glenn is repressed. Can be a little temperamental. It doesn't like to brown well, and we want this to look as good as it tastes. So we're gonna paint some of this on the crust. It's really gonna help with the brown, and it's going to give us that $1,000,000 Look. All right, last word is gonna take a paring knife here and cut a few slits in the top of the pie crust . That way, the steam can escape. Sometimes, if I'm feeling fancy, I'll do. People's initials can always just do the standard pie star like we're doing today. Whatever you like. Then what is going to get this into the oven? Popeye is out of the oven. Let it rest for at least 10 minutes before you dig into it. That's the hardest part. But trust me, it lets the feeling really picking up and become nice and creamy and saved you from a burnt mouth. Now that I would know or anything. So let's dig in. Oh, yeah, Well, could that nicely browned crust things to that Nao spread all that sick and delicious interior. Oh, yeah, guys. I can't wait. Flaky pie crust. Creamy filling. This is such a good way to get veggies into your diet and you don't even know what you're eating. I'm partly It is just rich and creamy and delicious. I'm gonna need a minute with this one. 6. Triple Chocolate Brownies: Okay, guys, it is my favorite time of day. Were any time I'm a sucker for anything with chocolate in it. And these brownies are gluten free. Paleo vegan, not free. Everyone could enjoy these brownies, and everyone is gonna want Teoh. So we'll get started with our wet ingredients. Interesting ingredients here to go with me. It's gonna be amazing. But we're gonna have to use a blender to get them all incorporated. Starting off with one can of black beans that have been drained Thes kind of acts like a flower in our recipe because it's flourless and they're going to give us a nice structure to these brownies. Bad in 1/2 cup of dates. Hit it. The's add sweetness of really good texture and some awesome flavor. Next thing we're gonna add in our flax egg. Next, we have three tablespoons of maple syrup right on in a teaspoon of vanilla and 1/3 cup coconut butter. All right, everything's in there now. We want now for our dry ingredients. Have some protein powder in the bowl. I use brown rice to that. I'm just gonna add some cow powder. A pinch of salt really helps bring out that sweetness and some baking powder and which to combine. Now we're just gonna mix it all together. So we're gonna add what we blended into our dry get all of that goodness in there. And then I went ahead, melted some chocolate, And what it's gonna throw that into this is our second of are three types of chocolate in our triple chocolate brownies. Look at how that works. All that chocolate Goodness don't wait to drop here. Get it all in prevents number. Just gonna mix this all up, All right? Now that it's all combined together, the third type of chocolate right here. Chocolate chips. Now, hunt, ease many chocolate chips because I feel since their tinier, you convict more of them in the measuring top. And I love it a lot, so that probably isn't true. Feel free to tell me why in the comments, but I'm sticking to my many chips here so they go straight in and pull together. It's kind of a stiff dough at this point, So do your best. Feel free to get in there with your hands if you like. I do that often and that we're just gonna press are adults straight into a mini muffin tin . Here, I just use my hands, grab a mound of dough and press it right on in. Now, this recipe makes enough for 24 little mini brownies. If you don't eat much of it while you're cooking, I tend to get about 23 because I cannot resist. This does it? Is so So we'll just finish packing up our muffin tin, and then we'll get it in the oven for about 12 minutes, and then it'll be boring time. Okay, guys, I pulled the brains out of the oven. Let them cool for a few minutes. You might be tempted to dive right on in, but they do taste a bit better if you allow them to cool. Now is the best part. Let's give him a taste. They are so fudgy you can taste all the chocolate that we put in there. Then they are crispy on the outside, really moist on the inside. These are Baroni perfection from telling you no one will know, though healthy, so good 7. Go Get Cooking: OK guys, Now that you've made it through the class go get in the kitchen so you can eat this food with me. It is too good to miss. And while you're in there, be sure to take a photo of your recipes because I am dying to see them take me at catching seeds and use the hashtag s s catching seeds. That's S s for skill share catching seats just like my blawg. Now that we're finished, there's only one thing left to Dio. I'm gonna go spend some time with these brownies. The big bite so good.