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"Secret" of nurturing great qualities in your child

teacher avatar Prabhat Mandal, Learning is living !

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Working on Beliefs

    • 3. Step 1: Listing Qualities

    • 4. Step 2: DOs and DONTs

    • 5. Step 3: Give it a Shape

    • 6. Step 4: Install in daily life

    • 7. Project For You

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About This Class

Did you know that you can develop your choice of qualities in your children?

I also didn't know it earlier and from the conversations I have had with parents in last 11 years, most of them didn't know it before coming to me. On top of it, they didn't believe in it !!!

Here in class, I would like to share the secret (yes, secret !) of nurturing great qualities in your child and provide a gift for lifetime. It is not only important, but also a great opportunity to contribute to the world.

The earlier we start, the better possibilities of manifestation. 

Parents of small children, don't miss this class.

Also, do share with your friends/loved ones.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Prabhat Mandal

Learning is living !


Hello Learner friends,

My name is Prabhat Mandal and I am feeling privileged and honored to be connected with you all on Skillshare.

I have been a parenting coach for 11+ years, helping parents to make parenting a great learning experience, and most importantly, teacher being the child. I have also been a software engineer for about 17 years, working with one of the top MNC. I have a bachelor degree in Metallurgical Engineering from a premium college in India.

Apart from this, I have been researching on entrepreneurship being a choice very early in life and interacting with school and college students. My mission is to have next generation done with one inning of entrepreneurship by age 15 years.

I have also been working on designing learning aids for childre... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome to my new class Secret off, nurturing great qualities in your child. My name is provide Mondo and I have been a parenting coach for last 11 years helping parents to offer their best to Children. All of us want to develop great qualities in other Children like healthy, strong, intelligent, kind, humble listening, honest, focused, determined, confident, etcetera, etcetera and a huge list off it. But often we are at loss off. How to in this class, we're going to look in tow, secret off, nurturing great qualities in Children. Children develop to the extent parent belief in them. If we start looking at what are our belief towards our Children? Most of the time it comes as this beliefs, for instance. I don't believe in Children getting too much of freedom. I don't believe in Children having fun while study. I don't believe in learning about extra subjects. Oh, my Children on are not as intelligent as Einstein. Head sector, etcetera. In shot Children develop toe the extent parents this belief and that what we're going to do is going to look at how do we redesign if we want to develop our Children? Drug driven by our beliefs rather than disbelieves. We are also going to look at Do's and dont's and installing the system in our life while it is so important to develop and redesign our belief system. But it is extremely easy and swift to get drifted of a on a part off limiting belief. If you want to get this healthy without losing time, right on first go, please and roll by pressing the blue and roll button on. I will see you on the other side off a glass. Thank you. 2. Working on Beliefs: Hello and welcome to the class. Secret off. Nurturing great qualities in your child development Off a child is a lifelong activity, but foundation Please. Ah, great rule. Unfortunately, foundation can we created only in the beginning and there is no opportunity to do a retake later. It makes sense to make an informed choice. Now, in this class, we're going to look into as how to work on beliefs. Firstly, beliefs are like a looking glass. We see the world, including our Children, through these looking glasses, our response, our reactions. All these are shaped by our beliefs. For instance, if we see our child intelligent, we will be hip and certainly to our child. And if we see our child week, we will behave in certain other way to our child. Our beliefs are not formed overnight. The results off our observation and experiences since childhood. But since these are our beliefs, we can change them. We have an opportunity and we have the ability to. These are so strong that it takes extraordinary effort and focus to change these beliefs. But this is not a difficult task to redesign our belief towards our Children. There are four steps involved. And we are going to look at these steps in further sections. See you in the next section. Thank you. 3. Step 1: Listing Qualities: Hello and welcome to this class. Secret off, nurturing great qualities and your child in the section We're going to look at listing inequalities. Think about all the qualities that you want to see and your child make it very specific on to the point. It would be great for the parents, work on separate lists and later combined them right on these qualities and ensure we have about 100 such qualities listed you. Me, end up it synonyms, but nobody's. Please keep aside all the questions related toe feasibility, practicality, possibility, etcetera. For the time being, we shall get back to these questions and later steps. Now there are few rules that we need to follow while writing these qualities. The first rule is these need to be and positive sense. For instance, you are not weak. This is negative. Instant weaken, right. As you are strong, that's being positive. Next rule is we need to write in present tense, for instance. You can be happy. You will be happy in both the situations we are post morning the happiness. But if rewrite you are happy, I am seeing the child happy right now. That is what presidents meet here. The third room about it is we need to clarify the quality with an example. For instance, if we see do your baby, you are silent. It may mean anything, depending on interpretation of the child, depending on interpretation and the petition of the person, depending on interpretation, off the parents and in different days this could be different, based upon what context meant about background were coming from. To make it very specific, it will be suggested to write, for instance, what I could write as do you obey me. You are silent like Buddha Now it makes it very specific what silent means to me and what meaning I have kept in my mind. Now when our Children have so many qualities, fantastic qualities, isn't it obvious that we should address them with respect? Says I have been saying, Let's address them. Do your baby darling baby at Sectoral. Now here is a set of qualities I would like to put it as an example toe help you that I have returned. Not necessarily. You copy them, but just an example. Do your baby your intelligent light. Weinstein. You are humble, like Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. You were creative, like Steve Jobs. You are innovative, Like Edison. You were enterprising like rotten Tato. No, I have it. And only a few. Um, call It is here. We need to make sure we have about 100 of these. Now, we need to, um, work on these qualities once we have the list in the next section. So see you in an exception. Thank you. 4. Step 2: DOs and DONTs: Hello has mentioned earlier. It is very easy to get drifted away on a part off, limiting beliefs again and feel lost. To avoid that, let's consider some do's and dont's when working with these qualities and related statements. The 1st 1 is a do people want to suggest include selfless qualities. The simple check would be if you can ask this question to yourself. But if you wish the same quality for all other Children in the world and you're fine, rip it. That's a settlements quality. For instance, Save Britain. Dear baby, you come first in the class. Now only one child can be first in the class her but others so year excluding others. Now consider this change. Dear baby, you excel in your studies. Can we ask the same quality for all other Children? All the Children in the class excel. Is there something wrong? No. So we are absolutely fine with it. So this is how we need to transform and make it selfless. This will help your child toe have friends instead, off being alienated the next point he's avoid professions. It would be unfair to impose our choice of professions and our Children now when we have no idea if the profession would be still valuable. When a child reaches that age instant, we can have the qualities that is required for a certain profession. Let the profession be a choice off the child. For instance. Dear baby, you dance like Michael Jackson instead. Off Dear Baby, you're a dancer like my conduction. If the baby can dance, is babies choice. But if maybe chooses not to be a dancer, maybe has the quality, and that's perfectly fine. The next rule is avoid end results. For instance, Do your baby. You are rich like Bill Gates. But we often forget about the time Bill Gates took to be rich, and that was, at the end off it. How about the journey itself? Let's look for qualities that helped Bill Gates to be rich. Say, for instance, if we write Dear Baby, you are enterprising like Bill Gates. If Child is enterprising, child will put an effort. Will. There's a high chance will end up becoming rich, like Bill Gates sooner or later. But we are not and forcing it. It's available for the child. If you look at the next room, avoid limiting boundaries. I'll take an example for quality. See punctuality. It means doctor on time. What ever be the circumstances? Whatever be the context, whatever is being maybe happening around. But that is sometimes inhuman. Instant. If we right, dear baby, your value time when your value time, we will be on time in post of the cases, except in exceptional, outstanding circumstances where it is preferred to be in that context rather than being on time somewhere else. Next rule. If you look at it, let's avoid negatives. I'll take two crore qualities here, to example for hardworking and God fearing instead, if you put it as diligent or focused and God loving, that makes it a lot more positive. After evaluating the set of rules with these set of rules, all the statements we will be having a select off good set of statements and we are ready for the next step. See you in the next step 5. Step 3: Give it a Shape: Hello and welcome to this section of the class. We are a step three far redesigning belief system towards our Children in the step we're going to look at. How do we give it a shape given shape? Toe? This belief system had the stage. You should have about 30 to 40 qualified statements. After all the validations transformations done, we need to give it a shape so that it can be live every day. So here we go. Select about 10 to 12 top priority statements for for the processing, give higher priority toe life values. One selected make a creative presentation, not a power point presentation. Though it's a creative presentation now. Falling points should be kept in mind while making this present patient. Put a nice picture. Oh, your baby. Make it as visible as possible. Use lots off bright colors in the presentation. He was large front but not all capital letters because capital letters, all capital letters mean shouting and yelling. Let it not be that let it be more conversational. It should be visible from visible from 20 feet distance. Also, that's why we're putting large phone. Also put pictures off examples. For instance, If you have written as dear Baby, you're intelligent, like Einstein. Make sure you have a picture of Feinstein to and that you can do it on a large size chart. Paper and glass and wood on cloth. Whatever is your wish. Once this is ready, let's move it to the next section. Thank you. 6. Step 4: Install in daily life: Hello and welcome to the section off the class. Secret off Naturally great qualities in your child. Now you have redesigned belief. System Ready is trying to do something to install in our daily life. We have to do three d x display the presentation at a place where eyes fall on it several times a day. Read it aloud twice, honey one One is reading aloud before going to bed and soon after waking up soon after reading it aloud. Visualize for five minutes and see your child having all these qualities. There are few final tips that I would like to mention here. Do involve your spouse. Childers. Collective responsibility, if possible whenever possible, however possible, involve your spouse. If your Children are big enough, they can contribute on participating, making the belief shark please involve your Children toe. They will feel really happy to get engaged in this activity. Make copies, um, off the file out what you get and just play around the house. Also put it up wallpaper screensaver in your laptop desktop mobile phone smartphones so that wherever you go, this belief set of beliefs show up and you are reminded off it. Several times a day. If they're multiple Children, please make sure you make separate copies for them, even if it is a simple photocopy effort. Make two copies with their respective pictures one of the benefits that one can expect on whole you'll sightseeing benefits as you start reading the glasses and being aware of that class through which you're seeing their baby, he will start seeing these qualities in, however small and short presence. But he was struck, finding those instances those moments when your child exhibits these qualities, you start appreciating your child for those small moments that you catch. So you become a good moment. Catcher. Good finder. When I call the moment, you start paying attention to these small moments. Child starts developing these qualities because what you pay attention toe grows on. If the child has so many qualities developing on being appreciated, self esteem off your child goes up. So this makes your child very confident and feeling proud of himself or herself, seeing all these qualities developing and your whole belief, many fasting. So that's all I have in this class. I will see you in the next session with a project work. Thank you 7. Project For You: Hello and welcome to the project section off this class. Secrets off. Torturing great qualities in your child. So far we saw How do you list qualities that you desire in your child? How do you select them? How do you validate them? How do you collect and transform them? I would request all of you to do go through that right down 100 qualities apply rules, transformed them, validate them, select them, filter them. And then at the end off it created this. Make this creative presentation with lots off colors, pictures off your picture off your child and pictures of examples make it big enough so that they can really trauma 20 feet distance and post a picture off the same in the project . And also mention how did you feel while going through this activity? Um on what you enjoyed about it. Hope you like the class. Thank you so much.