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Secret Blog Formula to Supercharge your Blog

teacher avatar Paula Guilfoyle, CPA, Online Educators, Lifelong Learner

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Class Promo

    • 2. Preparing for the blog post

    • 3. The Secret Formula

    • 4. 4 blogexample

    • 5. Publish and Distribute

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About This Class


Are you struggling to gain authority and be seen as the go to person online? Do you want to gain credibility and grow followers for your blog?

In this class you will learn how to create a blog post that will improve your credibility and grows your followers.  You will be shown a tried and tested SECRET BLOG FORMULA that will improve your credibility, increase engagement and grow your following. 

With this formula I have had key influencers share my posts, giving me access to their audience and increasing my mailing list....Success.....

Step by step, sentence by sentence, I will walk you through this format that guarantees results...

Find out more......Enroll in the class now!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Paula Guilfoyle

CPA, Online Educators, Lifelong Learner


Paula is a qualified CPA with over 15 years' experience in the fields of Accountancy, Business Management, Process improvement, Internal Audit, Group accountant, Operations Management and Training. All across a broad range of industries and sectors. Paula has been Key Speaker at many Accounting Events where her talks on Excel are received very positively. Taken from her experiences in Accounting and business fields, Paula also has courses for those wishing to upskill, especially in the area of Spreadsheets, Bookkeeping and Accounting.

Paula is also the owner and author at  The Excel Club is the only Excel blog in the world where you can earn while you learn.  To read more about our Excel Learn and Earn Activities take a read of this

<... See full profile

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1. Class Promo: When you write a block, you're competing for people's time, time that's precious. And, as you already know, with the masses maimed of information available online, people want timely, relevant information from people that are respected in the fields, content that reliable. It might be an expert in your field or your topic, but you must establish this credibility online on one of the best ways to do this is to use key influences. Influencers are people in the fields that are respected for what they say. People trust them, and they have a large following because of this, and I'm sure you can already think of two or tree influencers that engage the followers that you want to engage in this class. We're gonna look at creating a block post that's appealing to your target or audience on DTI. The influences. A block post that's both credible. Andi share a ball and then a former that you can use over and over again at the end of the day, where you hope to achieve its credibility on growth in your following. Would I would annoying or upsetting the experts already in the field because you want to use their information on their authority on their influence to reach your target audience and get shares and grow followers. By the end of this class, you'll have a tried and tested blood format that you can use over and over to grow your credibility on and you're following. 2. Preparing for the blog post: the Black Post that you're going to write will be relevant, short, scannable and credible. Don't forget you're competing with thousands of other blog's for your readers. Time on your probably not known as an expert yet. So you want your readers to get relevant information that they can re true and that they can actually scan very quickly. The information that you're going to give them is going to be credible because you're going to get the information from the key or the top influences in your field. So to start with, you need to identify topics of interest. What's important in your followers career? What trends or changes do they need to know about? What are the influences actually talking about at the moment what's important to them? You then need Teoh identify two articles, two videos to discussions from top experience and community leaders and influencers on the same topic, and they can have the same view or they can have opposing views. It actually doesn't really matter after this. You're going to read both of the articles or you're gonna watch boat off the videos. Then what you're gonna do is you're going to develop tree recommendations. So what you're saying to your readers is, Look, here's tree things that you can do today or you could do tomorrow that's going to solve your problem. You must then summarize the recommendation in two to tree words on at a sentence to explain the recommendation. In the next lesson, we're gonna look at the secret blogged former on. I'm going to give you a detailed step for step sentence for sentence what you have to put into this block post. 3. The Secret Formula: in this lesson. We're gonna look at the secret format that you need to put this block into on. We're going to look at it sentence by sentence and in the next lesson were actually going to look at an example off a block post prepared this way. So, first of all, you need a high impact title. Something that will always work well is numbers. For example, three secrets to growing your blawg or tree actions online instructors must take today As you're going to make tree recommendations to your reader, I suggest for this post, use a title that start with the number tree. It shows the readers that the posts won't be too long on that. The post will also be scannable. After this, you need a two sentence introduction. Tell them about the problems that they're facing. This makes it relevant to them. Okay. For example, as a course creator, you're faced with a choice or as a bookkeeper, you're probably facing a change to cloud computing. Then what you're going to do is tell them how you can help. For example, as an online educator, this is a topic. I have a lot of interest in after your introduction, you're then going to put a little bit about the article or the video that you selected the 1st 1 and it's going to start with. It's gonna have to to tree sentence summary. It's going to be non by it nonjudgmental. You don't want to upset or annoy anyone. Make sure you have the link to the original article or video and, if possible, have a linked in link to the order or a Twitter handle or a Google plus profile on link that would, in these +22 to 3 sentences. After this, you then need a graphic picture. Make sure that it's legal, so you're gonna have to use any citations that you need. I make sure that the image is actually a really, really good image. Don't use infographic. Then you have article or video to again the same as number one non basis. Nonjudgmental. You don't want to upset or annoy anybody and have links to their linked in profile or the Google Plus Profile or their Twitter handles. So after you wrote about article or video one and two, you need to put in your tree action items. So to start which you need one sentence leading into the tree action items, for example, based on the articles above here, tree things you should do today. The action items should be bulleted and they should be bold and they should not exceed treat words like a call to action. Then what you're going to do is add a dash on one simple explainer sentence, for example, you could have Don't wait. If you don't act today, things could get out of hand. Or you could have grow your following increase your social media presence. After this, you then have a one sentence summary. So it's have something like starting today. You need to take action on solved this problem and then finally you're gonna add in a picture and you're gonna add in a bio why, when you want the people to start to recognize you, for you to become familiar, that's how you're gonna build up your reputation. It's easier for readers to make a connection with you, entrust you if they know what you look like on Do they know a little bit about you. So also, add in in your bio away that they can connect with you a link to your Google plus profile or your linked in profile or your Twitter handle In the next lesson, we're going to look at an actual example off a block post, turning this former. 4. 4 blogexample: Let's quickly look at a sample blawg post that uses the secret former. So we have this plug post tree actions online instructors must take today so you can see it's a high impact title. Three actions on most take After this, we then have are two to tree sentence introduction. So we talk about the problem. Recent changes and you'd may have left many online and structures on edge. A preneurs. Feeling nervous? I'm feeling the pinch. As an online educator, this is a topic I have a lot of interesting. So I've given the problem on then I've said how I can help. I've been following the recent strategies by the top influences in this field, watching the videos and reading the posts from the content I have viewed and red. I have put together three actions online instructors. Most take today, even if you don't teach on you to me. So we've given them the problem. We've told them how we know that we can help them solve it on how they're going to solve a with the tree actions. We then go into the first article or the first video, and we have this year in a recent video hosted on YouTube, and we mentioned where it's hosted Mark Timberland. So we've mentioned the author and we also have a link in there. And the name of his company discusses how he increases his online teaching revenue by 100% all by uploading his course to other course marketplace platforms. Womb course marketplace site. Mark has tried and is suggesting is skilled chair. So basically, we've summarized it, saying that look, at the end of the day, he's increased. His revenue is teaching revenue by 100% by joining or their marketplaces. And one of them, he's suggesting this guilt here. So it's a very, very quick summary on. We have all our links with link to the video on We've linked to Mark, and we've also linked to the website that he suggested After this, we there have an image and to make sure it's legal, you can see that the risk citations here. So it says, this image was found on a link toe where the image was found. Now you don't always have to put a long link in my thought. You can use a bit link or a short link that way you can actually track it as well and see how many click throughs you have after this. We then talked about our next video or our next article. So in an episode off the passive income show, and that's linked directly to the actual recording on, then we stayed. Hell was recorded. It was accorded and blab, with replay available on YouTube. Then we have the percenters we have feeling. We have Dave on. We have hyperlinked to profiles where people can go to Seymour about filling. Dave, let me say what they disclosed that they discuss email marketing, including use of education on promotional announcements and you to me to get your students onto your email list, filling Dave discussion last over an hour, and it's full of information. So it's non bias. It's nonjudgmental that basically just summarizes and says what it's about Then after that , we have a tree action point, so we have one sentence leading into a tree. Action points are one sentence based on the video. Both here are three actions online and structures must take today. Then our three action points. Bold and bulleted tree words don't tweet your career as an online instructor is in your hands. Not the hands of 1/3 party platform. Teach on skills here. This is a no coming teaching platform that many instructors air suggesting on. We've start teaching now in the link on. Then the final action point is collect email addresses Make use of educational on instruments on you to me to your own mail list. Then finally, we have a quick summary. So if you're feeling nervous, are feeling the pinch from changes over the last few months with you to me, starting today, you need to take action. Now you have tree actions to get you started after that. Then we have our quick bio. So we have a picture and then we have details about herself. We have links to some of our classes on our courses. Onda. We also then have an area where you can filing with the profile on Twitter or on Google. Plus, so that is the format. And that is an example off the formula that you need to use in your book post. You can see it's quite short. It is very scannable. And if your viewers are interested, they have the option opportunity to collect True, which is going to create mawr engagement on your block post 5. Publish and Distribute: I would suggest that you begin to distribute your blood post in the usual fashion. Use your email address. Use your social media profiles and pages. Use the online communities that you're a part of. But if you have a relationship with the influences that you've used in your post, drop them an email and let them know that you've given them a mention, because this, for sure, is going to lead to shares on. If you can get the influences to share your quickly, build credibility on grow you're following. If you don't have direct email contact or relationship with the influencers, you can tag them in Google Plus or Twitter or even linked in when you're putting up a link to your blood post. Once you have your blood posted on, did you have a distributed keeping an eye on your stats for this post on? You'll notice when you use this for my two or three times, you're going to see a greater increase in engagement and a greater increase in the shares on your posts. On there, you will have created credibility. Andi growing your following