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Searching Google like a Pro with Secret Tips and Tricks

teacher avatar Mohammed Yousuf, Learning One Video at a Time.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction to Internet Search

    • 2. Google Search with Tools

    • 3. Searching within Website

    • 4. Finding Documents on Google

    • 5. Checking Definition on Google

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About This Class


Google is the No.1 Search Engine in the world. But how many of us know to use this engine smartly. Hi, Am Mohammed Yousuf. In this course will introduce to you the tips and tricks which is personally used search the net. Hope you will enjoy and learn some valuable tips from the course.

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Mohammed Yousuf

Learning One Video at a Time.


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1. Introduction to Internet Search: finding information on Internet is always not as easy as we think. Sometimes we end up doing such a spade after page, but still will not get what exactly we're looking for High. I am Mamadou. So So in this course I will try my best to showcase all those tips and tricks which expert users to find a little fast on those search engines. As Google is, the number one search engine will focus mainly on the Googles, and we will unearth those hidden tips and tricks which can be useful in our daily lives to make our life's easy. So let's dive into the course. 2. Google Search with Tools: in this course, let explored the tools which is prodded by the Google and with many off us, despite seeing it, are sometimes quite unknown. If it so let me show you what I'm talking about. Let me do a random search here and you can see I'm on a Google India searching pitch as I'm from India. So let me type baby Sea here. So if you can see the Google based on my region, it is giving some suggestions to me. So let me push enter here. So this is a very basic Rosset, which we all do. So here is the tools option, which I was talking about. If you click this, you'll find additional filter settings here. So let's start with the left. First we can see any country option is showed by default. If you click on that, you can see it issuing my current country and any country option here the moment I click current country. So the result is in a different language you, which is by the way, Hindi in this case. So let me go back and click any country here. So let's go back to O toole again and the second option is any time. So if you click this you can see there are many different options here. You can select past our past 24 hours a week, month and year. Yes, also, you can click on custom range and provide exactly the dates which you're looking for. Maybe there could be an event. And the Google searches were hired. Those point. And you just want to know what was the result at that point? So let me cancel this and go back toe, second option and click Pastor. Now you can see here the Google is showing me only the result which matters to me, as I indicated by past. Are you can see here This is the latest news which was captured by Google 29 minutes ago and this Waas about two minutes ago. So let me scroll up coming back to the same option. You can sell it past 24 hours a week, month and year, so I will leave it here for you to explode. This more also the result. You can sort it by date. As you can see on the screen. It is sorting the news based on the latest information. So this was 20 seconds ago, 30 once against 39 in one minute and so on. So if you want to clear the filter, you can go here and click, Do you? So the Google will reset and go back to the normal default settings. Let's goto tool again and see what is here. If you can see here by default, really showing 1/3 option as all results. If you click, you can see the another option Where bottom is there. Normally wear bottom doesn't work well with the current option. Let me show you what I mean. This is nothing much work better means it's exactly looking for what you have time here. For example, if there is a specific query like BBC is ah, don't. So if you can see here, the Google is trying toe find pizza dough. Key word on entire BBC websites, or maybe to precisely put in the Google is looking for the BBC keyword in the Ural and the description off the website as well. The pizza dough. So this is quite loosely search incoming videos. I will show you how to find unit and exactly how to search on the particular website. It's full. Let's carry on. So let me clear the setting here. Let's go back to tools so as to summarize this. We have checked. We have any country in India as a country as an option, which will be your different country different from mine. And you can select the time frame on which you're looking for with a custom range here. And also you want Togo lose living the search or you want toe. Have a very tight focus search which you can do it here. So let's carry on with the other videos and see more options. 3. Searching within Website: What if If you want to focus on a single website, insert off Google giving you many search results from the different websites. It is possible to restrict Google to give you results from the single website and the key to do the exact same is to use site as a perfect before doing a search. Let me show you what I mean. Go to Google died s I t e site with the colon and now intruded your type the website name without Www or history tree PS. So in this case, every type BBC dot com and push enter. So Google has given me the reserved only from the BBC dot com You can scroll and check the below so all the results are coming from BBC dot com. Let me scroll up. We can use the same tools as we have used in the past. So kick tools here you can sort the result. With the time three Buster, the Google is showing me the result only from the pastor. What if if I want to find a particular topic on the same website, let's go to search work and dived a topic in this case every type is a dough and pushing toe. The Google is not able to find any result from the past, are so let's widen up the time frame. We'll click past 20 for us. Still no desserts, probably past week. Yes, we have found one result on busy dot com on the topic, which we're looking for. Let me widen up the time frame with past month, so have to results. Let me widen up it even more with pasta, so there have more results. Also, again sort my data by date, which will give me the output in a different form. It let me go back and give it by relevance. Let me show you also one more option. What you can do while doing this search. Go to the search button and click slash. Yes, you can type a self folder in case if you're not overwork. A So folder is if it can observe year after BBC dot com. There is a folder food and inside that there is also so folder called Recipes where this page is linked. We can also restrict Google to search only in this folder. So let's type foot and such So no Google is getting the results only from the Food Self folder, and it's looking for his Or do if you can scroll down and you can see it's hardly a couple . Few search, we got it. We can even find unit further by typing Slash because I can see a recipes off holder with enough food here. So I'm typing recipes and pushing toe so the Google is getting me foot Recipes folder Search results on this website. If you can scroll down, you can see this results is very much focused and fine tuned what I'm looking for. In short, it is going toe baby sit dot com under folder Food under folder recipes it is Find this topic and I can also teens these to something else, like cake in the similar fashion. How it so special It is looking for Kick Under Recipes, which is underfoot and which is under a BBC dot com website. If you can scroll down, we can verify the same. Here it is Ford recipes, and it's looking for those particular keyboard. What we have entered in the search engine Let's crawled on up. So this is how you search a particular website and you can even search those self folders for the information which you're looking for, which is a great time saver. So let's keep going on and explore further videos to learn more on this at once. Techniques off finding information on Google 4. Finding Documents on Google: What if If you're working on a project and you're creating a presentation and you want toe , refer some other presentation to get some inspiration or to get some more knowledge? Yes, it is possible on Google to find documents. Let's explore how to find documents on Google. Here, let me take a topic off Pisa as I'm creating a report on pizza and I just want toe see what kind of presentation Google has to offer to me. Just typing a Pisa and going for research will give me your world result based on the location which Google is striking, either is trying to showcase the restaurants from new to my location. Or probably it is showing some relevant websites, which is again based on my location with a Google is striking right now, but this is not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for ah, presentation from which I can take some inspiration or probably some kind off an information. So to do that, I need to file a keyword called file. So, as you can see that Google is already giving me three options asking me working off a file I'm looking for, probably in this case I'm looking for a property. Let me select file property. So Google is getting me some presentations from the internet. So I got one there by scrolling down. Yes, I got two more presentations here. I can click this and Google is downloading it and which is sticking? Couple off time. Here, let me go ahead and cancel it. Let me scroll up. And if I want our pdf insult off a ppd, I just have to replace Deputy with beauty of search. This time, Google is showing some pdf results to me again. I can go. I can click. I can download it. So the dollar has started again. I don't want to download this file. I'm just cancelling it. By the way, the final card number did so in similar way. I can go. I can do our dock where Google will try to find our document. So in this case, just probably I'm not getting the document what I'm looking for. Still it is showing me a video file here. Let's give her a try again. You can also insert cool in here and search and see here you got there isn't so probably it is always I recommend Togo with a colon toe, get precise results. So this gives you exact instructions for Google for the file which you are looking for. Similarly, you can also change this toe deputy or period with a colon. The result will be more focused and I can show it for PDFs with Let me scrawled on. There you go. So this is a way to find documents. Pdf's or presentations on the Google and incoming videos will explore more and see what are the other tips we can have in Google to get the result fasters. 5. Checking Definition on Google: Let's see if you want to search a meaning off work without having a dictionary. Yes, you can do it in many ways. But there is a specific way to do this on Google. So probably let me to the world called Smolder in a search s them or you early CEO? No. And I hit automatically. It shows me the result over. You can do this with a keyword called defined smolder. So this is the right way to do it to find a meaning off a word. So sometimes Google may not recognize what you're looking for. For example, here if I give Pisa an actor, not necessarily You will be finding a definition for a pizza. But if he was the keyword defined with a colon and in tow Here you go. Google will be showing you the meaning off Pisa first. Then it will show you the result based on your location. I hope this is useful. Let's get on with the course