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5 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction Search Secrets

    • Search secrets tip one

    • Search secrets tip two

    • Search secrets Finding Questions

    • Class Projects


About This Class


How to find what you really want?
In this short course you will learn how to find the best websites that offer the information you seek.
With the internet exploding and results exceeding beyond the tens of millions.
Finding that key information quickly is getting tougher.
Hi my name is Michael Holt How sen (Holthuysen)
Let me share 2 tips with you that will help you narrow down those results so you can quickly move on.
And as a bonus if you are doing a research project or creating a course on skill share I will share where to find questions that may help you with content that scores higher with knowledge seekers

Just click the enroll button and I look forward to seeing you in the class.





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Michael Holthuysen

Techie bite sized skills shared here


The the Internet offers a vast amount of information but the problem is you need to travel to multiple sites to find that complete picture.

Allow myself to open your one door using skill share and the resources I use daily to help others.

For over 8 years I have been actively online may these courses and class projects I share help you simplify the tasks you desire to get done.

Look forward to seeing you in my next class.


Michael H...

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