Search Engine Optimization. How to do SEO for more traffic and Sales. | Adonis Anastasiou | Skillshare

Search Engine Optimization. How to do SEO for more traffic and Sales.

Adonis Anastasiou, Your Success Is Our Goal

Search Engine Optimization. How to do SEO for more traffic and Sales.

Adonis Anastasiou, Your Success Is Our Goal

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23 Lessons (1h 45m)
    • 1. Introduction - What You Will Learn in This Course

    • 2. What is SEO

    • 3. Why SEO is Important

    • 4. What Are The Top Search Engines

    • 5. How Search Engines Work

    • 6. Approved and Non-Approved SEO Practices

    • 7. How to Find Keywords With High Search Volume

    • 8. How to Create an SEO Strategy

    • 9. On-Page SEO. The Title and Content

    • 10. On-Page SEO. Refresh Your Content

    • 11. On-Page SEO. Pictures and Videos

    • 12. On- Page SEO. The Response Time of Your Page

    • 13. On-Page SEO. How to Use Yoast Plugin

    • 14. On-Site SEO. Get a Boost From Your Pages

    • 15. On-Site SEO. Create an SEO Friendly Website

    • 16. Off-Site SEO. The Two Types of Back-links

    • 17. Off-Site SEO. Strategies for Building Back-links

    • 18. Black Hat SEO and What to Avoid

    • 19. Tools That Will Help You With SEO

    • 20. Search Engine Domination Strategies (S.E.D.)

    • 21. How to Create a Great Blog

    • 22. Outsourcing Your Article Marketing

    • 23. Project: Create a Valuable SEO Article

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About This Class

Search Engine Optimization For More Traffic And Sales

Course Description:

In this SEO online course you will learn how to generate more traffic and sales through organic traffic. You don’t need to have any website programming skills, you just have to follow this step by step approach so that you create search engine optimize your different webpages and get them rank on the first page of Google for specific keywords. At the same time you will also learn what to avoid so that you don’t get penalized by Google. You will also learn legitimate strategies for building backlinks, how to perform competitors’ keywords analysis, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and what tools to use that will help you apply SEO in your website. At the end you will have an optional project to create an SEO article.


By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the definition of SEO and why it is important
  • Know the different search engines
  • Understand how the search engines works
  • Know the approved and the non-approved SEO techniques
  • Create an SEO strategy for maximizing traffic to your website
  • Find keywords with high search volume from your potential customers
  • Apply the On-Page SEO methods that it will get rank on the first page of Google
  • Use the Yoast plugin for better SEO analysis
  • Apply Off-Page SEO methods
  • Build backlinks for better page rank
  • Create a friendly SEO website
  • Avoid methods that will get you penalized by Google
  • Use tools for better SEO analysis
  • Search Engine Dominate your sector
  • Perform an SEO analysis for your competitors so that you get an edge over them
  • Create a great blog that will attract readers
  • Write an SEO article that will rank on the first page of Google

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Adonis Anastasiou

Your Success Is Our Goal


Adonis Anastasiou as a self-made entrepreneur started in 1999 from zero, actually with a negative bank balance and no other support, and he manage to climb to the top of the business training sector.

He has graduated from California State University of Los Angeles and got his degree in Administrative Management and Economics. He continued his studies in Strategic Management at Henley Management School. Returning back from the United States it was a struggle but his love for marketing and sales help him to establish himself as a business consultant and to become certified business trainer. After some years of hard work and determination he founded Adonis Business Academy which is accredited by the Human Resources Authority of Cyprus. Today is considered to be one of th... See full profile

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1. Introduction - What You Will Learn in This Course: Hi. My name is Tony Sinus Tissue, and I would like to invite you to my new land course search engine optimization for more traffic and sates. It's a course where you gonna learn how to search engine, optimize your website and Web pages. So you get them brand on the first page of Google, so get more quality traffic and you'll timid, more saves. I mean the search engine optimization business for more than 10 years. And I'm the founder off Lebanese Business Academy on Academy that provides accredited courses and diplomas in digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media market team sales and many more. So let's see what you gonna learn in this course. First of all, you're gonna learn how to search engine, optimize your varies Web pages. So you get them brand on the first page of Google. So that means you're gonna get more quantity and quality off prospect off prospective customers to your website. You also going to be able to understand and apply the various on page factors. But you also Neller the off page factors, the factor that you have to apply outside of your website. He also gonna lend strategies that gonna help you to build your bag wings So you get a better page rank. You also gonna learn what not to do. So you're gonna learn tow, avoid the outdated s your techniques that will get your page penalized by Google. Also, you're gonna learn how to perform on s your analyses for your competitors so you'll know what you have to do in order to get I'm edge over them. You also gonna learn how to use the various tools such as the yours plaguing. So you will S O that will help you to apply this your techniques within your webpages and within your website. And then you'll have the guidelines to create an eso article with valuable content and then search engine Optimize it so it will be appear on the first page of Google. So enjoyment the course so you learn how to get your varies where pitches search engine optimized. So you start getting more traffic and more safe 2. What is SEO: so less time with definitional off eso eso is the acronym off search engine optimization, which is the process off optimizing a Web page with them to get it wrong on the first page of Google, when uses search with a specific killed. So the aim office your is to get the drop on the first page of Google, so you get more potential customers to your website. Now there are two different types. Office your the on Page Seo, which is the optimization within your Web page. And they're off Page Seo, which which are victimizations outside off your Web page or outside of your website. Now you have to have in mind that the algorithm off Google search engine is updated every couple of months, and every couple of years we get the major update. So things that might be working today might not be gonna be working tomorrow. Some things that I used to work before I'm not working now, so we have a sexual what to apply, but also what to avoid because it's outdated. Now let's see s specific example off search engine optimized websites, Web pages. So if a potential user is searching the Web with the key ward s c O seminar in Cyprus that secure Okay, a keyword is not a single word. A keyboard could be one or many words. So in this case we have 1234 words. So our keyboard needs s yo seminar in Cyprus because usually people we don't just use one key word to find something that were looking for a way said with 23 or even form or even five words. So I keep work, concedes off one or more wants became Now, in this case, our keywords say s your seminar in Cyprus. Now all those pages that appear on the first page of Google are considered to be search engine optimize for that specific killed. So we don't see Jin Jin optimize our website. We search engine optimized a specific webpage. Now, off course, we're gonna see how to create an S e o off friendly website. But the center engine optimization is done on a page left. Okay, So centered Your optimization is done on a page 11. So all those those are not just domains. A specific web pages we think the website if I change it, if I change the keyboard and I put, for example, DJ market thing and saves Loma Cyprus. I make it more specific again. Now here we see the pages that said Engine optimized for a different key, which is in this case, is digital marketing and sales diploma now off course. If we get if you get the first position off the first page of Google, that's excellent. By doesn't mean that they are. Their Web pages are not search engine optimized because any off those 10 webpages are considered to be search engine optimized for the specific king. So if I change the cure, put saves training in Side Cruz now going to see a different set off Web pages. So this is a different Web page that they want before. So if I click here, it's gonna take May toe the page where it talks about the same seminars in Cyprus came, So a specific weapons is surgeon Jeane Optimize for a specific killed. Now, if we go back to the previews example, this Web page is optimized for another key work, and it comes and it right eat Rex to another Web page, so search engine optimization can be done for different keywords on, and so we can get different Web pages rank on the first page of Google. And when potential customers click on that specify Web page, they're going to see, and hopefully they're gonna go, go and buy our product or service. So this is what search engine optimized all about. 3. Why SEO is Important: Why is he always important? First of all, it's really, really important because you get your Web pages rank on the first page off search engines, especially on Google search engine. So if you get your Web pitches, Rachael, the first picture of Google, you get more brand disability, more people, more potential customers. I'm gonna see your Web page, your different weapons when the search for different keywords related to what you're offering toward your business is all about. You also gonna get MAWR brand awareness because if, for example, you're selling office furniture, if someone is searching the search Google with keywords, office furniture and it sees your Web page, that means you get more brand aware. Now if you search before off its permit shot and sees your Web page. And then he said, for off these tables, office chairs and he always seal the first page off Google, your Web, your website, your different Web pages. Then you get a better brand record. So when you finally decides to buy office furniture, he you're gonna be one off his options. Because he was, he kept seeing you off the first page of Google. Now, if you get run on the first page of Google. Of course, you can get more traffic because if somebody is looking for office furniture and you get your webpage appear on the first page of Google, then more more people, more users going click on your Web page and visited and, you know, on get more information about what you have to offer, so you get more traffic. You get more position customers to your website, so you ultimately you can get more sales or more leads. So with such engine optimization, where you're there in front of the eyes of potential customers whenever they are looking for. So whenever they have a need, a problem or want, they're going to see your website. You're gonna They're going to see your different Web pages, and that's really, really important because that's how you're gonna get traffic to your website, and that's how you're gonna get more sales or leads 4. What Are The Top Search Engines: Let's see without the top search engines were why, off course? Google is the number one. Google has dominated the search engine market for so many years. Google has 91.54% age off the market. Share off search engines. I mean, they totally blasted everybody else off. They are amazing. They're doing a great job. Google. I believe God is doing a great job because they constantly trying to update and improve their surgeon. Now the second place comes being being is being bought by Microsoft, but still they're far behind. They have only 2.44 percent. Being is all my Microsoft. And that's why many laptops or desktop computers when you buy them, you're going to see that they have being as a default search engine. But most of us were going change it. Then we go back to back to Google. Yahoo. I used to be the number one surgeon, Jeane, many years ago, but now they only have 1.64% which is so low by do it za surgeon Jing. For the Chinese market, it's only 1.8% of the global market, but they're doing really good in the Chinese market. Young chicks, which is Russia surgeon Gene. It's only 0.54% of the global market share, but they're doing great. I think it's around 60% off. The Russians are using Yandex, and then we have that go another surgeon gene, which doesn't keep track of your by his story or your previously more privacy. We have asked, and we have many other search engines. So let's go and see a couple of them. As we said, Google is one is the best one, and one of the reasons is the best one is because they didn't put all those pictures that other surgeon, just car such as Yahoo or being, because if they have many pictures, Google Search and you will delay top alert. And now now, maybe it's not a big problem. But if you in the nineties, when the Internet was slow and you get all those pictures uploaded on the first page of a surgeon Gene, that was a house. I mean it takes too long to upload it, so use, keep and go to another surgeon. Gene and Google kept their promise because their promise was to bring relevant information as fast as possible. Therefore, that's why when we search for something So, for example, first for saves training side Cruz, they searched 43 milion results in 0.52 seconds. So they're trying to bring relevant form? A. Sure, but I have been trying to do it as fast as possible. Now, if we go to being being is, you know, kind of the same, it gives you those trending searches that are currently doing so let's just try saves sales training side Cruz. Still, they're gonna get us something, but they're not gonna get the results that we always I get OK, So as you see, there's a difference between a certain changing and insurgent. You know, Yahoo, that's another great section you have a problem is that they have all those things on the first page. So now imagine if you don't have a good Internet connection that's gonna get the lead soul so much now. Yeah, who gets advertisements from Google in annoyed? Because here, if you see, even though we're in Yahoo, they you can get your ad appear on Yahoo changing through Google. So Yahoo is cooperating with Google and they're trying to get some some business. They cooperate in trying to get some saves. Okay, then we have by do OK by recent Chinese, sir. Changing a lot of Chinese are using it even has a small percentage globally. It's been used, its bean heavily used in China. So let's try sayings training in side Cruz. Okay, as you can see, the quality off the search results are not that good because I put sales training and it gives me athletics training inside proves badminton training. It doesn't understand that I'm looking for sale training's not any type of train, not physical training. Then we have yandex that the Russians are using. So it's like insane training. Cy Prus. Okay, Facebook training seminars and quantification sales jobs. You see, I'm searching sales training by give me sales jobs. So as you see the quality off the search engine off those off, those the al going of those changes are not that good. Then we have that doctor goals or let's try it. Sales training in side pros, sales a victim. Mr Lucien's. Okay, so we get different results and then we have asked, which asked is cooperating with Google concerning then the advertisements. So saying Training in side Cruz. And here comes the results, and those are ads. If you if you know those are created from Google Google Odds Platform. I know it because I also have created Google ads account. Okay, so those have different search engines. But since Google has the dominant part because the dominant market share what we're going to see over the next videos on the next lesson is how to run your Web pages on the first page off Google, say Genji. And of course, you're gonna get also position in the other search engines as well. Okay, so I want you to go and play around with the different surgeon Jeez and see the difference says and the similarities that they have with the Charlie. 5. How Search Engines Work: So how do search engine walks? Where every search engine has three major components. They have the crawling boats or spiders. They have the indexing, and they have their alcohol. The groaning boards, which can be called spiders, are crawling the Web. They're going from a website toe website, they going from a Web page to Web page. That's why it's really important to have links between your different where pictures within your website, but also to have links from other websites pointing to your website. And the reason behind it is because of the spite is that they have to find a link in a way to go toe page and then go to the other page and then another. So if there isn't any lane that Google Spiders are gonna be difficult to locate that specific page, so having links and bottlings, it's really, really important now. Links within your website called Internal Leagues leagues from other Web pages, other websites pointing to your website, our call packets. Okay, so the first thing that the Google boats are doing are going from one page to another. So until they find a pretty big child over the web now, when they find the different Web pages. They didn't fix them. They store them in a huge database. Okay, so they index and find them in the index. They're usually the crawling. They do the crawling like they're gonna come to your website and your webpages every couple off days. I show that the last time they come to my website was like a week ago. So therefore, when you created a new website and you uploaded on the Internet, you don't directly find it on a surgeon because it takes some time for the boats to come and find your website and find all your Web pages within your website. But it doesn't take too long. Sometimes it might take a day. Sometimes it might takes weeks, but finally they're going to find it in the Ghana Index is now the third part off Google off a search engine is the Al Gore in the Al Green is the factors that decides how to rank get page based on various factors for a specific. So we're gonna see let's throw one of the factors that define that term means your page brand. But in this point, I want you to have in mind that first of all, you have to get your website crawl and index, and then and you're gonna get the algorithm to decide if you're gonna show your Web page for a specific killed. So that's how the surgeon works. Orchard to go and play with Googling the beat and Search and find how your Web pages and website appears on piers on the first page off Google or not. 6. Approved and Non-Approved SEO Practices: there are two s. Your practices. The 1st 1 is there proof and other ones they're known. Approved as your practices. They are proof practices we call them. Why have issue And what is these online course is all about? It's about showing you the White Hart bestial practices approved by Google and by the major search engines. We have the blood of issue, which is our practice, which are no approved by search engines. And if you're applying them, you probably gonna get penalized and get out off the indexing off that specific surgery. So 100 command tow, avoid Black Hat Seo practices. I'm gonna tell you, the major one off them, they want that. You know, the issue gurus are advocating, so I'm gonna tell you to avoid them. But most of all gonna focus on what you should have to do in order to apply. Why have this your practices, which is approved. So get that will get your web page and website. I rank on the first page of Google 7. How to Find Keywords With High Search Volume: It's really important to find keywords with High, said volume from your potential customers. So if we find what are the keepers of potential customers are looking for? Those are the key words that we should search. Engine optimize our pages for isn't correct. So come in mind that a key Gorka Nkosi's One or Mawr Wards, for example, seminars inside proofs. Even though it's three words, it's considered to be one Kim. Okay, so tough to find what are the best killed now? In order to do it, you have to go from a browser from browsers that you're not using. You'll have to search into Google. Instance. Search to find keywords with high volume search. If they killed has shown in the Google Istan search before you complete them. That means they are good killers. That means those keepers have high volume from users. Okay, having mine that you have to search for keywords that will attract potential customers, not just browsing visitors. So, for example, if I used the key word, let's say sales steeps. That might be a good indication that people are searching for safe Steve's to find my find my webpage. That means I have a chance to get them as a customer. But if I surgeon optimized my Web page with the key Ward Saiz training in Cyprus, but that means I'm more specific. So the people we search for sales training in Cyprus are more inclined to register in one off our seminars compare to the other surgeon Users were just searching for saves teams. That's what I mean. You have. We have to find t wards that potential customers are looking and they searched and they are more close there, close to, you know, to buy a product or service. We will find those key words we can use them to weigh, gonna write them down, and then we're gonna create a Web page based off that killed. So let me show you how we can find good cues with high voice. First of all, you have to go with the browser that you're not using. I'm using chrome for my daily searches, so I'm gonna use open open. It's another browse, OK, you can download it, it's free. And then before I stopped doing any searches, I'm gonna go to my history, and I'm just gonna go here and click on clear browsing data. I want to clear my browsing data so the browser is not affected from my previews searches. Okay, so now that I I so another time I clean the browsing history. I'm gonna come here, and I'm gonna write a king sales training Cyprus. So I'm looking for the keyword sales training Cyprus. And as you see, I cannot This is the Google instant said if I don't see the complete keep whatever having mine, even the Google instant set before completed, that means it's No, it's no them a key word that a lot off potential customers are searching for. So let me change it. I'm gonna try and write saves seminars in Cyprus. Okay, So saying seminars in Cy Prus you see, before I could be the seventh test the instance that shows me say, seminar the complete keep what other I'm trying to look. That's an indication that a lot off people are searching Google for that specific killed saved seminars in cycles. So whatever, Kim, where you want to search engine, optimize your especially webpage, you have to have to go in on and look, if it appears from the Google Kistane search. OK, so I read Sale Cimino's side proof. Those are the That's OK. And this is the organic results. So in my case, I get position off the first and second position on the first page of Google. So I don't have to search engine optimize a page because I ordered the Have a surgeon gin optimize pages actually have to off them appear. So I have to go and fight another acute. So I want you to go now and look on Google Search engine Eastern Search and tried to find What are the key words that you want to surgeon Jeane Optimize Okay and write them. 8. How to Create an SEO Strategy: Let's create on s your strategy with keywords that have high surge voice in the previous video You, Serge, and you find keywords with high such volume that was shown to you by the Google Instant sent. Now I want you to create an exam, and I want you to write that specific killed. So, in my case, the Curies motivational speaker site. If I have a spacey fiqh page that I'm going to search engine, optimize it, then here I'm gonna put the u R l off that specify Web page. If I don't have a specific webpage, then I have to create a new blood post next week. You have to put your competitors. Which competitors or what Web page appears on the first page of Google and you have done so Look what they're doing. Of course, after course, you're gonna know what you're gonna look for. So I want you to create on except put the cures on the left hand side. And they're right on the next page, the web page that you gonna surgeon Jeane optimize for that specific keywords. But if you cannot says engine opted vies for those plastic yard, you have to create a new web page for a new blood post. Okay, I highly recommend that you create a web page or applause for every team. There are some cases where you can send changing, optimize it a single page for two specific cables. So let's see some examples. So we're here back in Google and all right. Sammy knows. Dean Cyprus. Okay, so this is a not and those are the organic results I get with the key. What seminars? In Cyprus. I get position in the first page of Google. So I have these page search engine optimized for that specific killed. But that web page So if I click here talkin to see giving new top, we're gonna see the webpage is called Seminars in Science. OK, so I get se Jin Jin optimized the specific page for the keywords seminar in sight. Now, if I change it and I put a closely related toe, the keywords put seminars in Nicosia enter again. As you can see, I get position on the same page appears for the first page of Google with two different keywords. But there are related to each other because both of them have the key work have the world seminars in. That's why I can get in rank on the first page of Google because they're closely related. Okay, so sometimes you can get for two keywords the same with page rank on the first page of Google. So in my case, I get right for the seminars in Cyprus and seminars. The's the specific, uh, web page. No, if I want to get positioned to run for motivational speakers in Cyprus, Unfortunately, I don't have a page where I can search engine optimizing. Therefore, I have to go and create and block pause and search engine optimized that blood pause with that specific killed. That's what I have already done. So I created a specific webpage and s and I certainly optimizing for that specific killed. Okay, Now I have done in today these morning, and hopefully in a couple of days, it's gonna get run on the first page. Both goo. So the exercise I have for you is that you have to create an exception just like mine, and then you have to write, beginning with the most important keywords on top. Then you write their webpage that you're gonna search engine optimized. If you If you can't search engine, optimize a specific specific page, then you have to create a new block post. And then next week you right, who's your competitors? And what things you have not taste that they have done in order to get in the first place before. Of course, when we did there, when you complete the cause, you gotta have a pretty good idea of what to look for your competitors. Webpages, toe pender understand their web. They are eso strategy. So do the exercise now. 9. On-Page SEO. The Title and Content: So let's started with Se Jin Jin, Optimize your content. The article that you have to ride It has to have the key word that you want to search engine optimized and you have to make it a title off the contract which is age one. So let's go and see an example. The key wouldn't want to get my paws optimized. Is top motivational speaker in sight Ok, now these cured I entered here which is that title off? My ethical off my block pots So they keep your should be Exactly You have to be careful not to enter pleura. If your keyword is on pleura, then you always use it on floor in this if its own singular, then you always use the singular Okay, so my Cuba is top motivational speaker in side push Okay, so that key want It's all the time The next one If you have you have toe incident the keyboard as an age to which is the subtitle off the continent how you do them It's really simple. You just enter the bloc Can you ride your kill and then you go to the age tear man and you put Brockett age to bracket. You put your key work and then you have to put bracket slash age to bracket. By doing that, you telling Google boards that that thesis is your sub title. So H one is entitle which has the key work age to is the subtitle and you should also have their kill. Okay then the first part graph should include your killed. So here, if we come here, this is the first paragraph. As you can see, I tried to insert the killed Ominous Anastasiou is considered toe is considered One over there told motivational speakers in Cyprus. Now here we have the pleura but it's OK if if I could get it out Singular, that's gonna be much more better. But sometimes you have to work through it because you cannot get it 100% exactly. But you shall include your key work off their first paragraph of your content. Then the next thing you have to do is that the full article the whole page should have at least 300 words. The more work, the better. That's why we could be the articles place off the first page of Google because they have a lot off content. How do you know the content of your article? He just plague here. Change. So if I click here, I'm going to see the 333 words seven paragraphs in a row. So we should be more than 300 1 of the mistakes that I did I can't. I almost write. The article was on on 300 words, but then the title doesn't count in the paragraphs. I have toe insert some or content. Okay, So the killer you should have it on the title on the title. All the subtitle you shall included inside your first paragraph and your content should have at least 300 wards. Try, try. You know it'll be bigger articles now. Another factor is that the cure should be at least 3 to 4% of your total war. So if you have 300 wards in nine, usually nine times include the key work. But you want to get such engine optimized. You can also try to insist I see no names in there because see, no names would also help you for your surgeons optimization. But when you're writing, tried to write, to make sense, Because if I keep on repeating, you know that cures is My article is not gonna be that good. So try. I know to repeat it too often in the same paragraph, but tried to spread the keyword. We've seen the whole article so it doesn't sound. Doesn't sound, but okay, so you can also use seen items. I want you now to go and create your first article right instead of your webpage. And let's do some more Surgeon Jeane optimization. 10. On-Page SEO. Refresh Your Content: your content should be original. It should not be duplicated because Duplicated called. That gets pain. I imagine if you somebody rather nasty goal and everybody copy paces to their values. Web pages. Then when you search something on Google, gonna find the same article that was not gonna be really valuable for the users off the search engine. That's why Google penalize duplicated content. So if, for example, we have even in your own website you have two different pages that has the same content. 12 will get penalized and usually the latest get penalized they want. That is created afterwards, so the region off the 1st 1 doesn't get penalized. But all the other pages with duplicated content with Pena, So try not to duplicate it with your content and tried to write original content. Now, another thing that is really important is that we have to have always in mind your readers , your uses, your potential customers. So when you rather article enough to write, you have to keep give them some elements off why you have to give them valuable content so they want to stay on your page and they want you to read the whole article because they're more time spent on that specific page. The better your search engine optimization off that specific page. Okay, so right, great articles. Give them valuable tips. So you keep them off the specific page for long, longer, period, off times. Also, after a couple of months, go and refresh that contact off the content of that specific page. So when Google bought revisit her side, they see that you keep the material fresh, so it's going to help them with your search engine optimization because Google last fresh material. So if you refresh your material, you in set a new paragraph, you change some some of the world being Then the boards. We're gonna see that they gonna the al Korean this condom is gone and help you and ranking higher because your material is fresh. So every couple of months, going to refresh your material and also off the tax section insert the killed. So let's see, on my web page page, you want to search engine optimize. So, for example, from time to time, I might come and change some of the no. Some of the Wharton here on my content, okay. And then he had all the right hand side. You have then talks. Now when you sit attack, you have to write their whole keyword and then press enter not just them a single killer. So, for example, I want I want to be rank for the keyword told motivational speaker in Cyprus, right top division of because Cyprus And then I click enter. I don't write, just top Enter beat care and you don't do that. You just write the whole key phrase and then you click enter. So the talk goes for the hole for the all, for the key phrase you cannot short some see no names, bumps or some other stuff that potential customers might look for so you can get run also for those cure. So in my case, I enter the key phrase keynote speaker inside. So people who can search for keynotes because, well, I might get drunk on the first page off. Cool. So I want you to now write down What are the tax that you gone? I'm going to include into that specific Web page 11. On-Page SEO. Pictures and Videos: You should also say Ginger, optimize your pictures. We think that specific Web page you have toe inside the keyword all the alternative text off a picture titled Picture Capture and Picture Description. So let's see an example here in this page. As I said, Want to search engine? Optimize the specific page for the key? Word told motivational speaking in Cyprus. So for the future image, I enter image picture. But I also enter the key Orb Asan Alternative text. As you can see top motivational speaker in Cyprus, I insisted us a title. That's a caption description. So by doing that, I search engine optimized my picture for that specific killed. Now, another thing that you can do is to insert video in your web page. Now, the title of the video should be your killed. But Mother Command is the twin certain unembedded video from YouTube so it doesn't take time toe upload that spacey weapons. If you upload your video directly on your Web page, your Web page, his speed is gonna be really, really slow. So you don't want to upload videos on pages. You can upload them on YouTube and then get there and then you get them better called, and you're better inside your webpage now, when you're better. That that video, as you can see it, makes the Web page more appealing to the eye. But the point here, the key point here, is that most of the people will click to see the video, even for a couple of seconds, so it keeps them more on that specific where Page. And as we said before, the more this day on that specific Web page, the better for this search engine optimization off that specific webpage. So it's good to have a video within your Web page because it keeps potential customers keep used. There's to that specific page longer. Now remember that the number of visitors for that specific webpage influence your page, so you want to get as many visitors as possible. So Google, a company knew more busy doors pause from social media mentions in the news. So get stuff. Get people to visit that specific webpage because the more visitors you have, the higher the pay drunk off your website off that specific Web page 12. On- Page SEO. The Response Time of Your Page: another important factor off S E O on your page is the response time off your page. So uploading time off your webpage is really important. So try not to get staff on your webpage that takes the law toe problem. So, for example, don't upload a video on your web page. Just give them get it embedded from YouTube. Also upload pictures that are less than one makeup tried to keep your pictures on kilobytes for faster upload. Because if you are, if you upload pictures with five megabytes, six megabytes, it might looks nice, but people will not wait for your picture to be uploaded. Most off them, they're gonna leave. So upload pictures with less than one makeup. I okay, now for the response time forced thing is really important. We used to have a problem with our with our uploading or speed off. Our website would change the force and things I can think better. So the quality of your first hosting provider of your first provider is really, really important. So pay a potential toe. There is post time off your website off that specific page as well. Now you have to have out bombings you have to travel earnings related to other pages within your website so you can upset them something or you can get them toe another page that you want. It's really important for you. So, for example, in these page off course, I tell them about our you know that I can provide. I can be in with the visual speaking for the van, but I also insert a nine cortex, which means thes link here. If they league, I'm gonna take them toe another really important webpage with him. My side, which is the schedule off the values, Webinar seminars and dip loans. Okay, so we have to have links within our website. Those internal links, first of all, helped the crawlers. The board's despite their boards to easily found all the pages within our website. But it also shows that it's it's really important. The Web pages that we link to that we send travel with from other pitches or off. Our website tells Google that this is really important. That's why I want to take people toe that specific page. So I want you to know, think and write down one of the pages you can link from that specific page so you can absolute vin, other products or services 13. On-Page SEO. How to Use Yoast Plugin: Now let's see how can use the yos plugging that's gonna help us for better sage engine optimization off our webpage. The plug in give us opportunity between said the key word in focus key phrase in the slag, which is the u. R L met description. And it also give us some information about the health off our surging optimization for specific page. Let's go to our web page and see how the planking walks. So you just have to install the plug in is called yours. It has a free version, which is really helpful. It has a primo virtual here. I'm gonna show you how to use the free version. The first thing that you have to do here, off the coast s yo, is that you have tow insert your kill. Okay, it's called foreclose. Key phrase for those kids praised is the cure that we want to search engine optimize our phone page. So you have three here, then you're going down and you click on edit snippet. Here you're so enter your key or using the touch. So you put the key work and after every word, you put the touch. So, for example, you put top Does divisional toe speak care, Tosh, in cash cycles. So these, like here? This is gonna be if I go to that specific page, that's gonna be the U R l off your off your page. So as you can see now, when I said the key word in the slack, it gets in the U. N. So that's another important issue fact. Okay, then you have to. And the key war assay meta description meta description is you enter the cure, use that keyword, and then you write some more information. But have in mind that that a mental this creepshow it's gonna be shown when somebody's looking for that product or service. So, for example, if I search Sammy, owners mean side Cruz here. What we see this is the meta description. Okay, so the meta description you cannot see we think your web page when you, when you have it, has their work. Mental scripts show meta title. That means you cannot see in your web page, but Google sees and position customers will see it when they said the Internet. So they mental description. She always with the key work. Now, this is another case. I use the cure seminars in Cyprus, but then you have to write something so you keep your customers So you make your description to stand out off the other, uh, links. So position customer will click your link instead off the other. So when you're at a mental scripture, you have to write it and give them some incentives to click your your link instead off someone else. So yours is really, really simple. You enter the cure phrase here. U N Terry Asus lock you enter read us a metal on description. So now I have surgeon Jeane optimize my fault weapons because I have the cure all the title . But you can see I have the key work in the U L division. Speak here. I have the key or Assad h want, which is the contrary, Is a title often content? This is the title of the page. This is the title of the content. I insert the key work us an age to assess our title. The picture I have the alternative. Take the description of the picture. I have the key work now. When I said the cures they wanted to show you before if I write on the picture toe, but officials, because that doesn't count. Because Google cannot read text on pictures there. That's why we have Then the alternative takes and and the title of the picture. Because Google cannot read what we write on them on the picture. Okay? And then we have them talks over here. Okay, So with them Joo's, you insert that key phrase for phrase here, you insert it all the slack, which is the U. N. And also you inserted all the description. If you can insert the key word more times in the description, for example, and say twice, then it's much more better, but always also said, having mind that you have to write, you write for people. So people gonna read it has to make sense, and they have to make them want to click and learn more about it. OK, Now, the last thing that you have to do is you have to go and check your Joo's eso analysis and you do that find clinking here. So here we have analyses. I get the green light. That means we have have done a good job. What? I haven't done the 11 of the things says Mrs the out ball links which is a leading outside off off the page but outside of my website since I don't want to take traffic toe. Other website. I didn't follow that rule because if people click on the link and they go to another website, most probably I'm going to miss it. So I didn't follow that. That advice the cage. Now I have them. Key phrase introduction your key friends for C No names, no fear. The 1st 1st paragraph off the copy, but not with one within one sentence. So I can fix that. I have internal links. Have the keeper phrase good, which is good, which is four words. Just actually let me seem how many words is in I told one of interesting insights. 12345 It's five words by keywords, So that's OK, um, keyword density. We therefore was keeper was fall two times having two times and then I didn't put much time Keep phrasing method description. So I have that show you before right here with the description of the cure. So you see, s yo your these plugging is really helpful because it's gonna give you guidelines on what to do with It doesn't tell you what not to do, but it gives you an idea of what you have to do. Previously used. Keep friends. You didn't use that key phrase before. Very good. That's good. Keep friends in the subheading as we see the keepers in the sub kidding, Because we did it h two. So that's great as well. Takes a leg. Your text contest. 331 Watch. Good job. As I said, the minimum is 300 wars. Keep praising the title exact. Much of the keepers appears in the beginning of a CEO title. Good job. So it's right here. The title is the K were kind of titles. The keyboard, um that's that's a good job. Is your title with good job and keep friends in the slack? That's good. That is great, because I am carried uncertain. Actually, my slightest Onley my keyboard. So I did a great job. Uh, so I want you now to go insert the planking Yeo's s yo, it's a free plug in and s yo and start going 17. Optimizing your pages and your articles 14. On-Site SEO. Get a Boost From Your Pages: Onside s yo. It's all about optimizing the various elements off your website in order to create on S Your friendly website at the same time to get your pages rank on the first page of Google. So, for example, let's say I want to send engine optimize a specific Web page, which is really important for your business. Now that specific page, you have to have a link off the whole page because if you have a link on the home page that rex to that specific Web page, it helps Google that both spiders and index off Google. Understand that page is really important because if you come, let's say 100 pages within your website. Google needs to know which of those are important and the pages that you show kiss them on your home page and it's clear for Google that's an important page that you want to promote . So, for example, let's see an example it page that want to promote that I want to search Engine optimize is the seminars in Cyprus. These right here are just as you would call seminars inside because it's really port. I have to enter that leading on my home page. Okay, because home pages home page is one of the major pages in the whole website. Okay, so in the home page, I have a link on internally. When I click on it. When anybody click on it, it's gonna take them two. As you can see, toe that important page. So the important pages and pages of you want to search engine, optimize it, you have to find a way and put the link at the beginning of the of the home page. So here, too, promote digital marketing and says diploma. So how an eternal link that's gonna take me directly to that specific page that I want. Toe search engine optimized. Okay, So links from the home page is really important. Another way to search engine optimized to help to boost your pages is to use on court text . Okay, now I'm cortex. Is that instead of writing, click here, you highlight the text and you insert a link. OK, so for example, if I go here too, my block, write the article about digital market cocaine. Now, in these articles that the right digital marketing The purpose, of course, is to promote our digital marketing and say is the plum. Now, instead of saying, you know, just click here I say for more information, visit digital marketing, a city block. And as you can see, this is encore texts. So if I click on it, it's gonna take me to the specific page that I want. Toe search engine optimize. Okay, Now, how do you and how do you create on context is really easy. Say if I click Edit Post Okay, I go to them testicle. And for example, if I want to, I'm court. The stakes are gonna highlighted and prevailing tingling. Then find the specific page. In this case, I'm gonna find the digital marketing And since diploma page So I finally get the u. N Finally, this is the page. Okay, you hear a click on the your l call me and then I inserted here pays And so now my young un cortex, the I created an cortex. So if anybody click, so need vagal name. Visit that specific page. So I'm context helps on surgeon Jeane optimization. In general, you have to use internal links from block pause to your main pages and from one page to another because they telling helped the crawlers. There's Google spider to find all of your pages and at the same times like getting says engine optimization points. Um, the pages that have links directed to them get more points so they get more surgeon Jeane optimized. So I want you to know, go and find ways to create internal links within your within your website. One of the best ways to do it is to I create on cortex and internal leagues from your block post to your product pages. So when people come to read a specific blood post and the interested about the service or a product of your opening, they complete. Go to the product fine morning for measure and fight, So now is the time to create some internal wings within your website. 15. On-Site SEO. Create an SEO Friendly Website: some of other elements that you have to pay an 10 show in order to create and s Your friendly website is the domain name. If your domain name contains the key war, you want to surgeon, optimize, then you have a huge advantage. Let me show you an example. Okay, So if I search Sammy Side, whose here, as you can see these were pitch here, has a huge of challenge for the keyboard seminars in Cyprus because their word seminars, it's within their domain. So it's hard for us to go and beat that page because their domain name has the word seminars within. Okay, So if your new if you want to create a new website on and you haven't decided on the name or the name of your business, I highly command to choose a name that you can turn it into a domain name and got domain name includes one of your major kills. If you can do that, then you get a huge advantage over your competitors now permanent redirect from non W W two w w or the other way, what we mean by permanent. So let me show you an example. If I Albany's you don't call right click Enter. It stays as you can see our money stolen stuff. You don't call now if I go to another top and I write the blood up dog Lebanese Honest. See you don't call and I click. Enter in. Always go back to Gonzalez Comb so I I don't put it all right. Put the W W it always appear with a no tablet, a plea that's permanent. Retiring. That's how you make. It's one other factor that make your your website s your friendly. Another important is to have a security certification. In other words, toe have on https in front of your domain name these thes Luckier. It's a medication that our website is secured. If you don't have a secure website from the beginning off 2000 and 17 Google says that I'm gonna right here. No secure. Okay, so it's really important, especially if you have an initial. But if you're selling stuff, you have to make sure that your website is secure. So ask your Web developer to buy in any stall and SSL certification because if you don't have it, you get negative points on your surgeon Jeane optimization. So the cast for you now is to go and check if you have a secure website. And if you don't have it just going us we're Web developer To install an https, it might be free of charge or you have to buy it for some calls. Some Most providers give this a sense certification for free. Some you have to panic some of the money. Either way, you have to come on a secure website, so go now and secure your website so you can Surgeon Jeane optimizing. 16. Off-Site SEO. The Two Types of Back-links: offside This show are the things that you can do outside your website in order to get search engine optimized points. One of the most important offside there's your techniques that you can do is that you have to build bottlings but blinks on the links from other websites. Point to your specific webpage, so they're more links that you have the better surgeon John Optimization for that specific page. Because let's say you, we have to our pages with similar company. If one of them has only one buckling only one link directed with a page and the other one house 100 links. That means the page with 100 links has their 40. So the more links you get pointing to this the specific weapons that you want to search engine optimize, the better it is for you but having mind and have two main types off public's. We have the do follow, and they know the do follow back wings are the links that Google boards. When they come to that page and the final lean, they're gonna fall on it and go to your webpage. The non followings went, for example, come toe on outside website and they find your league and it says no. Follow that. Google boards will not follow and come to your Web page so they know follow doesn't have any surgeon optimization. One example off. No follow feelings are social media because social media did. They want people to spun, spun their post with wings and ducklings and every so, whenever you enter a link in a Facebook post or linking paused, Not link, it doesn't consider as a public, you don't get any value from me from it because it's a norm. Follow back like so, even though it's a link to your website. Google Port doesn't follow that link, so you don't get any points. That doesn't give you any issue. Five. 17. Off-Site SEO. Strategies for Building Back-links: What are some strategies for building back Ling's one off? The best ways is this way, and actually free is the on line directories. If you get listed in free directories and instead your link to your website or to that specific Web page, then you get free ducklings, so you just have to go search the Web, find the online directories island, or call your internationally and trying to give on field before with your contact information. But remember to insert the link to your website. If you want to search engine optimist specific page than instant building off that specific are paid. So all and directories is one way that you can get back links. Another way to get back. Ling's is guest blogging, so you can ride articles in other people's block. But you ask them. Twin set telling to your webpage so by blocking for them is like giving them by you. Give them your content for their readers for their followers. But you have anything. So you built that buckling to your website or to your weapons. A link measures. So, for example, let's say someone newspaper on online magazine makes a man shown your company. You can contact them, send them an email or give them a call if it's not coming and ask them between said your link inside the article. Since they are measuring you, that means they know you. They that's why mention you in the article. So just ask them politely and nicely if they can insert your lean. So people interested about your services can just click on it and busy your website or that specific Web page. Now, another strategy to build bubbling is through your business associates. You can give them testimonials and but ask them to insert your league. So, for example, you go to your one of you distribute or so none of your business associate and say, Hey, I'm gonna write a good testimonial about your really appreciate the work that you're doing for me. Eso I'm gonna give you a testimonial was probably gonna say yes, but then, you know, under one condition, I just want you to insert and leading to my website so below your name and your title when they make sure your company you want that company to be have to be a man cortex and traveling that points but to your website. Now, if you write high quality articles within your block, high quality articles might actually naturally attract cracklings. So if you write, if you make like a study or something which is really important that nobody else have done , then you might a track other people to measure that research you have done so they might link their Web pages to your webpage. So writing high quality articles paybacks in the long term because other people might link their pages to your research to your Web page. So usually you get bag wings naturally, if you have done a study and something you nobody else comes down or something that is really specific in your line off business. Another way to to our buildings is to check out your competitors. If you find your competitors ducklings, which most problems in the same intestine with you, then you can go and ask those webpages if they can insert also your weapon. So, for example, if your competitors find an online directory for your specific industry, then you can contact that online directory and tell them, Hey, I'm in the same industry that you're promoting. How can I get my link. How can I get my cutting formation and dealing with in your directory? That's another way to do it now how you get how you find out the links off your back clicks of your competitors that something about a show you later now in social media, even though, as we said, most of the social media have a known follow policy for them back killings. But if you insecurely to your social media to your home page to your about sexual, then you get more traffic to your page, which is indirectly helping you with search engine. Optimize your pages, so I want you to. Now go find the directories, the block that you can associate and even write down a list of your business associates that you can ask them to unsettling off your Web page off course by giving the body a good testimony. 18. Black Hat SEO and What to Avoid: whether some black hat seo some practices that you really should stay away from, so avoid those practices 1st 1 Don't build your website with flash. I know it sounds outdated, but ice happens to see a couple of website built on flash, so never, ever, ever beat your website on flash. Okay, that's old school with all want flash website Now Don't build your website in a scene gold page because if you have a single page website, that means you can not surgeon Jeane optimize their values pages off your website because it's a single page. So avoid beating website on a single page. You cannot search engine, optimize the different sections. So, for example, if my website if we go back to my website and it was a single page, they will not be able to search engine optimize the page that says seminars in Cyprus because it's going to be in one page because if send victimization, as we said required to have a specific keywords on the title on the u. R L. In the content. So that's specific. Page is sent optimized for seminars in Cyprus. If I want to s u my in House seminars. I have to create another page which the title, the U. R L. The content. Everything is se Jin Jin optimize for that specific killed. So don't use. Don't create single page websites because you cannot send Jin Jin optimize your Berries Web pages Because you don't have different weapons, you only have one Web page came Now, if you have links from pages with penalty. If you have bottlings with patients with penalty, that might also negatively, negatively influence your issue. So be careful off cos you know, telling you, Hey, we can put Ling's in different online directories or we can put you lings in directors you never heard. You don't know that they might have in a penalty from from Google. So tone used spar millions. Don't go. Just put your links to any type of directory that you find out. They're also don't generate thousands off links to quickly avoid Link Skip, because if you create too many things too fast, Google will know about it. You cannot get like 1000 links in one day or 500 leagues in one day Google. You will know that you buy to get those links those things are not organically. So you're gonna get penalized lane schemes and buying wings and getting links too quick too fast. That's a black issue technique, and you should avoid it. Okay. Also, don't high techs from your visitors because if you inset keywords within your text and then you hide them so visitors cannot see Google can still see the world. So, for example, if I come and I insert different keywords here and people are, you know, users cannot see the Google boards are going to see it because Google bought. Don't see our website just like humans. Google boards see our website the way I'm gonna show you if you find your website and you rightly view pitch sorts, that's how the boards off off Google. Fine. See your websites. If you have keywords hitting within their text, that's Blackheart is your technique, and you're gonna get penalized Keywords Staffing. Which means entering in setting a lot off times the same keyboard all over again and again . Used to be a practice for, you know, 10 15 years ago, 20 years ago. No, But now, if you do keyword stuffing, it's a black s. Your practice you get penalized by Google, so don't do keyword stuffing. Don't duplicated content from other websites. So don't go and steal and Kobe pays their material or the airport because I gained. That's a black odysseo. You get penalized and also don't have broken links. So, for example, if you change the u. R l off a page, you have to go and remember which pages are linked without page. So you go and correct the bottlings pointing to that specific page. So I want to know and go in and take a look off those off those elements off those practices. And if you have done any of those going on, do them okay. If you if you participated in any kind of lean scheme, just going get out of it. If you did cure stuffing going, delete those extra killed because black hot issue will get you peanuts. 19. Tools That Will Help You With SEO: Let's see some tours that's gonna help you for your search engine optimization. One off them is that you have to register your website at the Google search. Cost is not something that I'm gonna show you how to do it. But you have tow. Ask your web developer to register your website on the Google search because you have to pay attention that also because it wants you. If you have any problems if you are broken wings, if you have any, any any, any problems at all. So Google Search concert. It's a tool that you have to go and check out the health off your website. Another tool that you should also connect your website with is Google Analytics. It's a free service by Google where you can see them traffic to your website. You can see the sources how many users you have in your website, what pages they visit, How much time this day on them off there on your website on a specific page and much more many other information. So it's really, really important to ask you what developer to connect your website with Google Analytics. So you get all that information another another useful tool to find the links off your website. And of course, your competitors is the ark refs call buckling checker. So having three out for you, this is they're tool. So I'm just gonna cool check my clings. No, the robot, of course. So it's gonna give me It's gonna populate the links that I have. And actually, when I run it a couple of days ago, I find some Web pages. That means that the Vikings probable forget about it. Also, we find some links that we didn't have a clue that they instead our webpages OK, eso that's really, really, really, really nice to you can Also, Asai said, you can insert the domain name off your competitors and find their bug wings. Another tool that you can use is the issue review Tuesday. Calm, valuable by Clings Checker. So it's another tool here. Uh, so let me put my website show extend links old pages from the website, um, no rob boards and then perform Check. I think with this story can only use it once per day. So having mine, you might have some limitations. With the free versions, you still get some very useful informations, but you might not be able to use it to off them from the same day. Now as you can see here, they find 1.9 k external links. It's going see here with this one to see if they're close to each other. So 1000 on this is the final 1000 took other sites. It's kind off the same. 79% follow links. 54 referring domains and anyone referring i p I I peace. And here you can see then domain names the website that have ducklings linking pointing back to your website. And the third tool is the tools for pink door, where you can check the speed of your website. Son can come here and my website and stuff test, and this is gonna help you on. This is gonna help you toe identify the speak level of your website. Okay, so now it's performing a test. Let's see the results. And here are their results again. 69 out of 100. It's great. Dig. It takes a long time. It's 4.17 seconds because I use a specific you are in. So let's let let me put another, you know to compare with you. So if I get this your l copy, So they paid its page. Big is don't website speed, so let's try another one. The previous All we can 69 points. I think so. Let's check these one and see how many points we can. Well and the good thing. So we get the same points, but it looks like it's a little bit better, and here it gives you some tips off between proof. Yo are specific Web page. One of the things that you can instill it correct is the image. So if you have image with more than one makeup, I can't replace them on the other stuff with this creep, and CIA says, Just ask me or what developer to improvement game. So exercise for you now is to go and check those tools and use them to find the links, the cracklings off your website and of your competitors and also going check the speed off your website 20. Search Engine Domination Strategies (S.E.D.): What is such engine domination or S E. D. Surgeon domination is when you get many pages. Different pages rank on the first page of Google for specific kill. Okay, It might know. Be only pages from your website. It could be you to be yours for it could be articles that you write and you guessed Pause. It could be like your Facebook page. So you have. If you have different pages appear on the first page of Google, then you start getting Surgeon Jing domination. So let me show you an example. Okay? So if I used the key war Saiz Sammy knows cider. Okay, as you can see here, I get this page and I get this page. So I get the 1st 2 pages. We've seen the page within the first page of Google results. OK, now imagine if you have all 10 pages. That means you're totally dominated the search engine for that specific keyword. So the more places that to get the more positions that you can, we seem the first picture of Google. The more se Jin Jin domination practices you apply. Okay, So how can do search engine domination one off the west. To do it is toe right s your articles and send them toe publishing to publish them toe online newspapers or online magazines who have affording. Okay, So, for example, if you are doing digital marketing, you provide digital marketing services and you want people in your area to find your webpages. When they said for digital marketing, Then you said, and you know, Optimus off course a webpage within your website. But you're so right about digital marketing and send them to different Web websites to different online newspapers. So your articles will appear on the first page of Google. So when potential customers look for that specific subject, the only gone they're going to see your weapon. But they're going to see articles that your feature as well, so that surge Indian domination you can create you two videos and search engine optimize them for that specific. So if they look the Internet again, they can find your videos. So Michelle Young, another sample if I got to you, too, and let's say I'm looking for Sammy Nurse certainly, nor steam Cyprus. As you can see, I said engine optimize my YouTube video. So they got to the Google surgeon Gene. They look for someone in Cyprus bomb they see in front of me. They go to the YouTube, they finally front of me. They go to Facebook, they find in front. So that's how you slowly, slowly get the edge over your competitors and you create a domination in your market. Okay, So create YouTube videos and sage optimism s your your Google easiness for specific keywords. So if we go back to the Google and I said the digital marketing, the diploma Cyprus and click enter. As you can see, this is our Google my business. So we search engine, optimize our Google my business for the keyword digital marketing diploma. So the title of our Google my business not just Uncle Silas tissue, it's sinister. Dark digital marketing diploma side proof. OK, now imagine they see these thes whole presentation right here. They find us here. So that's how you, sir changing dominate your space and also you can create Facebook pages and name them when that specific killed. Okay, So exercise for you now is to go and think of ways and apply those things that you learned on how to say Gingy dominate your industry 21. How to Create a Great Blog: article. Marketing, as we already know, is really, really important because with articles you can surgeon should optimize them and get your pages from the first page off Google. Now it study shows that business who use article market teen right on a regular basis. They have. They have more, more subscribers. So article marketing or writing a blow will get you more subscribers. So it's really, really useful to start writing. I know some people they're not so inclined to ride. But if you started right and giving good fight people articles to your readers, you're gonna get more subscribers. Now, let's see some tips on how to create a great block. First of all, you have to use you have to use captured titans. Okay, so, for example, don't say sales teams you can catch it will be four ways to double your sayings in a month . Okay, that's a more catchy title. So whenever you're gonna write something, always remember that you have to have a major advantage and major benefit that your readers are going to get from that specific article game. Now, in order to get great ideas, ask your customers. Ask your customers what they would like to man what they would like to know. So get ideas about your there upon the articles you gonna right from your customers. So because if you ask them, you first of all you show to them that you care. And the signal of all is that you provide material that they want to read. Because when you write an obstacle, even though you write them for Sen Jin Optimize Purposes way should always remember that we right for people were right for the readers. So they more Why do we give to them? The more we write concerning their needs and their wants, the better our articles are gonna be. So create post create articles that answers the most interesting questions that you get from people or get from people from social media. Get to know your audience. What do they need to learn what they want to find out, so create articles that are set people's needs and won't focus and showcase your unique expertise? Everybody has a unique expertise. You might not know everything in your space, but I'm sure you have your unique you have your unique via use. You have your unique experiences. You have your unique way off off explaining stuff to your customers. So showcase that uniqueness for years always have elements or by you for your readers. So when you write on article having mind your audience and also ask yourself, Is that really valuable article? I mean, when somebody did this after what is he gonna feel that he lose his time? He lost his time. 40 feet. I learned something from it. So always have elements or by you for your readers. Article should kill potential customers to realize the value of your services. So if you write about your services, that means you're an authority about your industry, and you can you can play a fuss is off the advantages off your off your services off your products so indirectly emphasised the advantages off your services and indirectly. And he emphasized advantages off off your competitors. Advantages article should explain why your services are a necessity to your potential customers. Don't forget, of course. Don't forget toe s yo your articles. When your other article go instant them change. The title subtitle used yours us. We already have learned include pictures, videos and multimedia. So you make it more appealing to their I be consistent. Tried to write on a regular basis once every day or once every week or once every two weeks . Be consistent by consistent consistency when we get you four lawyers. Okay, Have your own personal touch. People like to eat from people, not from business. So have some humor. So instance some of your personal experiences off course. You need time to. You have to invest time on block. It takes time to read. But in the next lesson, I'm gonna show you how to get articles. Don Mattera off with no hospital. Okay, You can also ride short articles in case you don't want to read big articles. Party member that the minimum off the 300 one article Shoot indirectly promote your services. You can also give away staff, for example, of the end of the article. Tell them you know, for free for a complete free report, just fill the form or give them any books. So you get there cutting for measure, and you start beating your least. And remember that then always have a stroke called traction. So, for example, tell them to get a free report complete, therefore below. Or, you know, if you're interested about their about that specific product, have a link. When they clean, they go to that specific product so they can go in. I've been bite, so I want you to. Now I want you to sit down and think off the various articles that have to create in order to have a great block. 22. Outsourcing Your Article Marketing: I found a short cut for those who don't like to write articles, you can outsource article, right? Yes, there. Freelancing out there waiting for you to assign to them your s e o articles. Some of the places you can find freelancers are upward. Call Friel a settled call and fiber cold. Let's go and see something. They are supported. Calm. I fireeye article writing article or article marketing. Then it's gonna show me some of the top freelancer who can provide these type off service. And it shows you how much time is how much money it's request requested. Peron, usually at 300 wards. Article. They need an hour. Okay. I don't think the world of me you have to discuss with them and negotiate. But if you can get an article for 24 euros or 45 that's an ex special country name. 30 euros was probably is gonna be a decent article. Okay. Another Web set where you can find freelances. The freelancer dot com right here. Article writing and search freelancers. And, uh, here I can find some some jobs on fiber. Also, you can serve so in this case, I said for eso article writing. So I find freelancers were willing to write an article and how much they charged. I guess this is how much they charge. Um, practical. Now, when you get people to write an article for you, start with one of them. Okay? And let's say the rather article. Then you have to go in check for play Jennings, but play Adrian's on the left or dot name. Now there's Olson is the way to do it. Okay, So for example, let's say they send you an article, okay? You get a piece of the article and you inserted in the Google search bar. That's the easiest way to find if there is pleasure. So let's say it's a huge article, but only take these park. Okay, if I come here to the surgeon, Gene and I paced the it's gonna show me if the piece off the article came from from another website. So always check the freelance sent that you're going out. So your article writing So one of them tell them we're gonna check for Pedrie so they don't with at the beginning, But always check them out so they do a good job and the Kraken original content, Then use them for more article writing. So that's one of the first way to create your blood with valuable content. Okay, so I want you to go now and search and find some good feeling says that can do the article marketing for you. 23. Project: Create a Valuable SEO Article: Congratulations, everyone. You have completed all their lessons. You're now ready to move on to create your project, which is creating a likable article and implementing their seo techniques that you have learned. Now, I want you to find the best keyword that you believe most of your customers are going to look for you. Okay? And I'll show you how to do it using the Google instance search. I want you to write it down, and I want you to go and create an article based off that killed. So they titled off your article. Should be that que Okay, Then you should create on article with at least 300 words. Then you repeat the key work within your article 3 to 4 times. Now, have in mind that the article should be original. So don't go and copy paste it from another website because you're gonna get penalize. The article, as we said, should have value elements for your readers. Should be something that your readers will love to read. And at the end of your reading, your article, they will feel like they learn something new. Okay, I also want you to find relevant picture has to be a picture of your old or a picture. You take another picture from the Internet. Okay. That picture should be relevant for your article. Created blood pose with that article. Then insert your article into the block post and apply all the techniques that you have learned. Also, you have to use the Joo's clacking. So you search engine, optimize your article. But you also want you to go and see the analyses. There's your analysis is that you're gonna get from your when you have done all that. Please send me your project. So we'll also give you a great thank you so much for watching. And thank you so much for being my students. See you next time.