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Search Engine Optimization- How it works?

Sheikh Sharjeel, Software Engineer and SEO Specialsit

Search Engine Optimization- How it works?

Sheikh Sharjeel, Software Engineer and SEO Specialsit

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7 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How Search Engines Work

    • 3. How Listing Work

    • 4. SEO Process

    • 5. Good SEO

    • 6. SEO Strategies

    • 7. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this course you'll learn about Search Engine optimzation and how its done and what are the strategies and techniques you should adopt while performing it.

You'll learn:

  • What is SEO?
  • How Search engines work?
  • How organic listings works?
  • SEO Processess
  • What is A good SEO strategy.
  • SEO Techniques and strategies.
  • How to become an SEO expert.

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Milestone 2:

Search Engine Optimzation- How it works?

Milestone 3:

Course outline:

Milestone 4:

Intro video:

Milestone 5:

Edited Video: How search engines work?

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Meet Your Teacher

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Sheikh Sharjeel

Software Engineer and SEO Specialsit


I am a Software Engineer, I love to share my knowledge with other people and get a feeling that I may have made a difference for someone. I am always keen to keep on learning and sharing my experiences and knowledge with people.

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1. Introduction: Hello there. My name is Sergey and I have over two years of experience insertions in optimization. I have been associate ID with different companies and have held them with the issue campaigns and measures securities, including generation off creative content on blows. In this course, I'm going to give you an introduction to a CEO and what have the techniques used in it? I'm going to start off giving you some knowledge about the terms that you using search engine is it'll that enable users to locate information on the world by? But search engines used keywords entered by users to find what size which contained the information sought. The R stands for pay drink. It is a system for ranking or pages 12 by Google. BBC stands for paper like it is an online advertising payment model in which payment is based solely on qualifying to 2. How Search Engines Work: What is a CEO? The process off improving webpages so that they can rank higher in search engines for your target, your keywords. The key factors in S C O R. Internal link structure, link popularity or relevance while ability or optimize code and content relevance. Now we'll see how search engines were. The spider crawls the Web to find new documents, either webpages or other documents, typically by following hyperlinks from that size already in the database search. INGE's indexes the content either text or call in these documents by adding it to their databases and then periodically up. There's this content search engines socially, a warm databases where the user enters in a search to find related documents. Search engines rank the resulting documents using in any more than a mathematical formula. But assigning various words and ranking factors. Here you can see they're using different domains for a CEO prove to be more useful. If different lengths are pointing to only one domain, it will not be as beneficial as using different domains. Now let's see what is domain authority. The Man Authority is a 1,000,000 star power off a domain name and is one off many surgeons and ranking factors. Domain authority is based on three factors. Age, popularity and size. 3. How Listing Work: Now we'll see how search engines will. The spider crawls the Web to find new documents, either webpages or other documents, typically by following hyperlinks from that size already in the database search. INGE's indexes the content either text or call in these documents by adding it to their databases, and then periodically appears this content. Search engines search their own databases where the user enters in a search to find related documents. Search engines rank the resulting documents using in any more than a mathematical formula but assigning various words and ranking factors. Here you can see some of the dogs search engines, which are Google Emerson. Yahoo here will alter Mr and all the Web here in this image, you can see and they let me off a search engine at the top. You can see a such walks bad. You can enter your targeted keyword. He talked to results, are the sponsor listings and rushed off. The results are organic socials. You can also see the sponsors listings on the right hand side off the image 4. SEO Process: Now we will discuss the search engine optimization process. The first step in search engine optimization is discussing the business objectives. Once the business objectives are clear, we should conduct an initial keywords analysis. After conducting the keyboard analysis, we should identify the keywords and get an approval from the client for the ski words. Then, after that, we should perform different ranking activities. Once the ranking activities have conformed, we should perform on site and off site optimization. Once the on site and officer optimization is completed, we should have detail recommendation documents which should be provided to the client, and after that the implementation should be performed. Once the implementation is complete and a milestone is achieved, then the forces off monitoring and optimization comes Monitoring and optimization is a long term process. They should be carried on until the desire desserts are achieved Here. In this image, you can see the site side optimization, which includes the page title. As you can see at the top of the page and rest of the Beija lemurs are all text, anchor, text, navigation and link title pages. Before moving forward, I want to discuss some of the important facts that I feel that you people must know more relevant traffic, plus quick conversion rates always lead to more sales. It D person off the consumers find your website by first writing a query into a box on a search engine. And usually people use Google, Yahoo or Bing search engines. 90% Jews aside, listed on the first page, 85% off. All traffic on the Internet is referred to by search engines. Doc Tree Organic positions received 59% off user clicks. Search engine optimization is a cost effective advertising, and it is a clear and measurable return on investment. 5. Good SEO: At this point, you would all be wondering that work would be a good s your strategy. Research the desirable keywords and search the phrases from those phrases identified The phrases to target and those phrases must be relevant to the business market. Obtainable and profitable, clean and optimizing websites. STM a core for appropriate you're density title tag optimization internal linking structure headings and subheadings. Study your competitors, their sites and your competitive search engine. Implement a quality link building campaign at one of the content that appeals both the website visitors and the search engine. Constant monitoring off rankings for targeted surgeons is a good strategy. Now we will discuss the ranking factors for a website. There are two main ranking factors. One is Theo on page factors and the other are the office factors. The own based factors include title tags, header tags or image tags or dent tags. Hyperlink next evil frequency and density and the office. Factors include anchor text and link popularity Link Popularity basically is the worst for your site and in arts credibility to your website 6. SEO Strategies: moving swiftly on, We will discuss the search engine optimization strategies and techniques. First up are the domain name strategies. Domain names are basically traffic magnets. You should choose a domain name that will increase your surgeons and ranking. How would you do that? It's simple. You short on simple domain names with no iPhones and no numbers use keywords, common words, advertising terms and product names. Next up are the linking strategies. The more involved nix, the higher the search engine drinking is the side linking to you is already index. Spiders will also receive your sight. Quantity off in Bowling's here is critical. How to increase feelings Could content would Our mumblings target is in societies from which you can request in Bonn clings legs for the sake. Off links can damage your surgeons and drinking's. Always remember that the link relevancy is critical in getting your side indexed by search engines. Also remember that a small number of in bone ex from high quality relevant sides is more valuable, that many links from low traffic irrelevant sites givers are important in optimizing rankings. He was are the words that appear the most in a page. His spiders chooses the appropriate keywords for each based and send them back to a search engine. Your website, then B index based on your keywords. These keywords can be either key phrases or a single key would always remember that Do not use common words such as the end off extra, because spiders always ignored them. Always right. He were rich text, which would be helpful in the future. Next up are the title taste. These are also very important in optimizing drinking's. The title tags are basically the first thing that a searching in displays on a search ritan . The title tag should have. The exactly were you use for that page and every single their base must have its own title day, the title back and go up to 65 characters in a search result. The next important thing is the murder Description Day. The matter Discretion Deck is displayed below the title in the socials er's. In my description, DEG used dynamic and proportional language. Using keywords in meta description Bag is also a good strategy, and you remember that the matter keyword tags no longer carry weight with major search engines. Now it is amidst that Murdoch keywords alone affect the search engine ranking. Remember to include givers in your all texts and submit your side searching and directories , directory sites and portal sites. And remember that the indexing may take from one B in three months, depending upon your performance. 7. Conclusion: now I would like to warn you. Word is not recommended. Inserting an optimization Never use flash and shockwave fires because spiders don't pick up these files Spiders toward pick up images. Spiders cannot treat image maps of more. Use them on your home page or critical pages. Only one page can be titled. Battling is critical in search rankings. It, despite that, cannot read the complete page because of the frames it Norby index properly, some spiders may not even read a frames website, so everyone misspellings JavaScript, STM in air errors and always strike very dirty core so that there does not exist. Any discrepancy as we had a lot of discussion regarding search engine optimization, so I thought I should give you a heads up uncertain and marketing as well. Certain and marketing is the act of marketing a website where search engines were purchasing. Build listings. What are paired listings? These are listings their search engines sell to advertisers, usually to bear placements are very angry in programs. In contrast, organic listings are not so as I have discussed all the factors off search engine optimization, so I will now move to the conclusion face do you want to be a survivor and ability in the game off search engine marketing. If yes, then learn how the game is played. Campaign efficiency is not optional. For such marketers, it is an imperative, Thank you very much, and I'll see you in the next worse.