Search Engine Optimization: How To Rank ANY Website Or Video On Page 1 Of Google

Greg Jeffries, Designer • Entrepreneur • Internet Marketer

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16 Lessons (1h 28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. SEO Overview

    • 3. Recommended Tools

    • 4. Videos: On Page SEO

    • 5. Videos: Off Page SEO

    • 6. How To Sell With Videos

    • 7. How To Protect Your YouTube Channel

    • 8. Private Blog Network Overview

    • 9. Private Blog Network Tools

    • 10. How To Bid On Expired Domains

    • 11. How To Not Get Ripped Off When Bidding On Expired Domains

    • 12. How To Set Up New Domains

    • 13. Connecting Your Domains To Hosting

    • 14. How To Set Up Wordpress On Your PBN Sites

    • 15. How To Post Content To Your PBN Sites

    • 16. Ways To Use A Private Blog Network

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About This Class

Inside this course you will learn everything you need to know about search engine optimization. You'll learn how SEO works, why what I'm teaching works, and exactly how to rank websites and YouTube videos of your own.



Recommended Tools

My Recommended Laptop

ScreenFlow for Mac

Camtasia (ScreenFlow alternative)

Recommended Microphone

Recommended Webcam

On Page SEO Checklist

Make sure your keywords are in your

  • Video title
  • Video description
  • Video tags

Off Page SEO Checklist

Fiverr Off Page SEO Gig #1
Fiverr Off Page SEO Gig #2
Fiverr Social Proof Gig (optional)

** Length of time is typically takes before you begin to see results after following the steps above is on average 2 weeks or less

ProRankTracker – keyword tracking tool

Other Recommended Fiverr Backlink Gigs

How To Sell With Videos

Video DownloadHelper – plugin for ripping videos off your channel

PVA numbers – to phone verify YouTube accounts if you have several accounts

Reference Guides and Tools

Tools Required PDF

Video Ranking Formula PDF

Other Useful Tools

ScreenFlow Hero – ScreenFlow training

AudioJungle – Great resource for stock audio

VideoBlocks – Royalty-free stock video library

LastPass – Tool I use to manage all my passwords

Pro Rank Tracker – my preferred rank tracking solution



Private Blog Network Tools

GoDaddy & GoDaddy Auctions account

Register Compass

MOZ Opensiteexplorer – visit link to get 4 months FREE

Hostnine Reseller Account – to save 15% off use promo: GREGJEFFRIES

Pro Rank Tracker – my preferred rank tracking solution

** You will need to own at least one domain before you are able to setup and link your domains to your Hostnine account. 

Recommended Browser Plugins

LastPass – to remember all the passwords and logins you have
SEO Status – to quickly see PR/Alexa rating of site
MOZ Bar – to quickly see the MOZ domain and page authority

How To Bid On Expired Domains

Register Compass account

** Don’t bid on domains with lots of foreign links or spammy anchor text like designer handbags

How To Set Up New Domains

Get a GoDaddy & GoDaddy Auctions account

** You will need to own at least one domain before you are able to setup your Hostnine account

Connecting Your Expired Domains To Hostnine

Setup Hostnine Reseller Hosting 

To save 15% off your Hostnine Reseller Hosting use promo: GREGJEFFRIES

Hostnine IP addresses for connecting your expired domains to your reseller account

** I only set up about 3 PBN sites/week with Hostnine. If you set up more than that sometimes you’ll get multiple domains with the same shared IP address, which is fine, but I try and avoid that as much as possible. I just rotate between Central, East, and West US servers.

** I also use Firefox when logging into and posting content to my PBN sites just as an extra precaution as opposed to Chrome

Setting Up Wordpress On Your PBN Sites

Google XML Sitemaps
Link Juice Keeper

Link Privacy – only necessary to install on domains you will be using as your money site

How To Post Content To Your PBN Sites

iWriter – website I use for getting quality affordable articles written for my PBN sites

Ways To Use Your Private Blog Network

Other ways to use your Private Blog Network

  • Promoting your business opportunities
  • Local SEO for clients
  • Promoting affiliate products
  • Renting out links to other Internet Marketers

Additional Resources

If after going through the training you understand SEO fully, but you just don't want to invest the effort to rank websites and videos yourself, here are a few resources.

Linkitpro - great resource for buying high PR links so that you don't have to go out and invest in domains and hosting

Rank My Video - an affordable service for ranking YouTube videos