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Search Engine Optimaization (SEO) for Etsy

teacher avatar Staci Egan, Jewelry Designer + Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Pros + Cons of Etsy

    • 3. Target Market

    • 4. Long Tailed Keyword Phrases

    • 5. Fully Optimizing Your Keywords

    • 6. Staci conclusion

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About This Class

This class is great for someone that is currently selling on Etsy and not seeing the results you hoped for? To get your products found on Etsy, you need to understand how the platform works and how buyers use it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful process that can be used in your Etsy listings and help improve the visibility of your shop and item listings.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Staci Egan

Jewelry Designer + Instructor


PA based nature lover & jewelry designer/instructor specializing in wire working techniques featuring semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and assorted metals.

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1. Intro : Stacy Egan. I am a jewelry designer and instructor based out of Central Pennsylvania. I specialize in wire wouldn't techniques featuring assorted medals, semi precious stones and freshwater pearls. I began making jewelry in 1999 in on Etsy since 2007 and I started on etc. Because I read an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer about a roller derby team, and I noticed that a lot of players had etc. Shops. And that's when I decided that something I wanted a pursuit. I quit my part time job in 2011 and Contempo Jewelry became my full time job. I've never had any features on Etsy. Never been on the front page when that was thing none of their newsletters. And it took several years until I started making steady sales, and I recently just past 3700 sales in the most saturated medium on etc. So it is possible I really like selling online because it gives me opportunity to reach a larger audience. And I just read that in 2016 there were 3.77 billion people on the Internet, so there's a lot of opportunities there, and if 1% of the population liked my work then I can have a sustainable business. I don't work for etc. And I have no affiliation. I just really like the platform. 2. Pros + Cons of Etsy: this video is perfect for someone currently selling on Etsy and not seeing the results that you hoped for. Maybe you're not getting the traffic you wanted. Well, this videos for you. In my theory, if somebody wants to purchase something handmade, they just automatically go straight to see there's no more Googling for a handmade sterling necklace. If they want something handmade, they just go right, etc. So I want to be there, ready for them to purchase from May. I read in 2016 there for 21.6 million active fires on etc. Which means they are making at least one transaction in 12 months. Etsy is great because I think it's super affordable. It's really user friendly, and it has a built in audience. Etsy is also just one facet of my business. I teach. I do occasional shows for some market research, and I sell in some galleries and boutiques, and that's how I make my business Sustainable. Retail sales can be very seasonal on Etsy. Keep in mind that sales were gonna vary from November to something like March. That doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong, but certain seasons, depending on your products will always have more shoppers. I really like selling online because every time I make us out, I can make that item custom for them. I don't have to have a large inventory sitting around in my studio. There are also some constant etc. That seeking closure shop at any time. If they feel like maybe you're not being honest about your products or maybe you're breaking the guidelines and you don't even know it. Maybe you're not shipping your items in a timely manner, so that's something to keep in mind, etc. Also makes frequent changes and that can really reflect on your revenue. That's he also has some really low quality in low price vendors that you're gonna have to compete with on, and it's also a really saturated platform. I read there are 1.6 million active sellers on etc. So that is a lot of competition on that Active means that Shaq has at least one sale in the past 12 months 3. Target Market: So we're gonna talk about Target audience and understanding your target audience, because if you think you are someone toe everybody, you're really selling to nobody. You want to think about how older they are. They in their twenties. Are they in their sixties? Are they between 30 to 50? Where do they live? Do they live in the country? Do they live in an urban city? Do they live by the ocean? If you don't know who your target audience is, maybe you wanted to a couple of shows, arts and crafts shows to kind of see who's interested in your products. And if you still don't know who your target audiences, you just want to think about who you want them to be and tailor it to that. Maybe if you sell beachy items or bohemian or modern, you want to reflect that in your shop and your listings. It's even better if you have a really small target audience that's called a niche product. And that generally means that you have very little competition, which is good for you when you understand who your target market is. You can incorporate that in all of your branding and all of your marketing marketing, and that is going to help you reach your ideal clients. You can use certain color palettes, a vocabulary or imagery that's going to showcase your brands aesthetic. When you sell online, you want your shop to speak for you. It's your voice, so you need to communicate all of that aesthetic through your listings. 4. Long Tailed Keyword Phrases: So now we're gonna work on some of the keywords for the search engine optimization a CEO of your XY shop. So like we talked about before, unless you have something very unique, like that niche market that doesn't have tons of competition, we need to be very strategic with the key words that we use for the shop. We don't want to use single word terms like Sterling or necklace and let me show you what. So I put in Sterling and there's a lot of options here. You have a lot of different things going on up here, and it looks like in the results part you have, you know, just shy of two million results, which will make it really difficult to rank somewhere. Using that keyword, you will even notice when we get to the bottom that there's what it says to be 250 pages with the word sterling, which generally means there's more than 250 pages of it. That's all, etc. We'll a lot for So we're in a really saturated key word term right there. So let's put a necklace and see what happens. And necklaced Well, this is even more confusing because you get bracelets, earrings, rings. Um, and then you see, we have almost four million results, which is really high, Um, too high. So if you use that term that so saturated that potential clients is really never gonna find you, so we're gonna do is used some long tailed keyword phrases. So maybe something like long sterling necklace or gemstone sterling necklace. So let's see, Mom Sterling. Okay, so now you can see we're really just seeing necklaces. So that's a good start and way have just over 20,000 and the results. So that's a lot more doable. That is, um, that will work better for your product. Then some of those other terms would. Let's see what happens if we put in Champs John. Okay, so you have over 75,000 so that's a little high, but still a lot more doable than sterling or necklace on its own. Um, yeah, it looks like you're getting a lot of gemstone necklace is exactly what we asked for. So that's good. So the whole idea with this is that your customer will start off by searching sterling for necklace and just get overwhelmed with the options, and then they're just going to keep refining it, adding words like sterling or gemstone or whatever is relevant to what they're looking for . And that's where we want our products to show up, ideally on the 1st 10 pages of the results. So you also want to be super honest about the keywords that you're using. You don't want toe. Use some of those really popular keywords that have a high stir trait because it's something like when you're shopping on Amazon and you type in something very specific that you're looking for. And then you find a 1,000,000 products that are completely irrelevant, what you're looking for. Most often, people just get frustrated and into buying nothing, and we want to avoid that. We want to find some authentic keywords that will work for your products. You might have to do some research and find some keywords that might work best for you. I think there's some websites that might give you some suggestions and blog's. You couldn't see what some of the other sellers are using and, you know, just find out how sad traded they are. You can come up in the first 10 pages. That's our goal on if you confined raises that will have 10,000 or under results, then that would be good when you're just starting out. So we'll use a couple examples for me. I want to come up under of the keyboard phrase Jerling study rings because I have a lot of sterling stud earrings. Um, and I hope that people find me using a raised like Nash, so we have over 80,000 results, so that is a little high. But I have been on Etsy for quite a while, so I'm hoping that I could be relevant for that keyword phrase. And I am here. I am, um, first page, just a few down. That's really good. That is exactly where I want to be. Well, say another keyword phrase that is important for me is Katz stud earrings. I do make some cat stud earrings and capture really trendy right now, so let's see right for that. So we have just over 4000 results, which is really great. That is getting super specific, and it's definitely not saturated, so let's see where I show up. Alright, Right here. So again, Page one and, uh, just a few down. That's exactly where I want to be 5. Fully Optimizing Your Keywords: So now we're gonna work with Etsy's algorithm to have our shop rank as high as possible in search. We believe that the algorithm might include things like how many sales your shop has or what your feedback is, or if you're making frequent updates. But Etc hasn't released exactly what's included in that algorithm. So we're going to use those long tailed keyword phrases for the S e o method to help grow our shops rankings. So 1st 3 words in your listing will be the most important. So you really want to make them count? Once you have that three word phrase that you want to be very important, we're gonna put it in your title. It's gonna be the first ones there. It's going to be in the first sentence of your listings description, and then you want that exact He worked raise in your tax as well. So, for example, maybe Ford stud earrings is a good one. Here we go. Court study hearing. So that is the 1st 3 words in my listing. So then it's also I need to have those three specific words in the first sentence, which I do towards right there and then we have some stud earrings, and now we want to make sure that they're in the tags before said endurance. So now I should be relevant for that keyword phrase. If you have a keyword phrase that is long, maybe something like why Iraq stud earrings and you're not gonna be able fit that into your tags. You're gonna have to break that up. So why a raft stud will be one, and then another tag will be wrapped. Study earrings. You. I want to make sure you keep it in the same order that phrase. Otherwise, you're not gonna be relevant for that phrase. So now we will take a look at Fort Stud earrings and see if we can get found. And here I am right here. So that's great. So that's exactly where I want to be. First Page is really great. It's just a few listings down, and as you can see, it's not a saturated he word phrase. So that works for me as well. When you make these adjustments and you make your important he word phrase, you might need to be patient. It might take a little bit of time for etc. To catch up to these changes that you made. So, you know, hang in there. So now we'll go back to my listing and you're going to see that I'm relevant for fourth stud earrings. Which is great as that phrase. But I wanna have numerous phrases like faceted post hearings. It's not as important as the court stud earrings, but that's a keyword phrase that I want to be found in natural stone host. I'm gonna put in as many as I can into the title. Um, and then way were also home. To put it in the description, it might just not be in the first sentence. It might be somewhere in the middle, and then again, we want to make sure those keyword phrases are in your tags as well. So if I am relevant for all of these races, then I'm gonna be found multiple search and that will help. People who want my product finds me. So now that I have these multiple keyword phrases, I separated with the comma just to kind of break it up. You can use a dash. You can use slash, you can use nothing, and you're still going to be relevant. I just like to kind of break it up because I think it's easier to read. If somebody comes to my listing and just sees a bunch of random words, it might not. Look, it's nice not is easy to read, but you're still gonna be relevant. 6. Staci conclusion: and Etsy shop requires a good amount of work. I recommend you have new listings at least a few times a week. I believe that that helps with the album. I also believe that if you have a customer than interested in your shop and they check back to see if you have a new products and you don't, eventually they're gonna stop checking back. We've all seen your shop announcements where we talk about Christmas and it's August. It just doesn't look good. You could also think about a brick and mortar shop if every time you go to stop, never changes after a few visits, you're gonna stop that. It's also important to promote your Etsy shop. That's you won't do that for you. You can use social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter wherever you like to visit on where you think your target audience. So we're gonna wrap this up with our challenge, which is making those CEO tweaks to your listings with those keywords phrases and see where your product shows up. Where do you find it way want to know about it? So leave a comment below. Good luck