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Seamless Pattern Background Design in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Project 1

    • 3. Project 2

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About This Class

In this class, you are going to learn how to make a nice Christmas pattern using adobe illustrator. I'm going to explain to you everything you need to know about the pattern making in illustrator. I have designed this class for beginners to intermediate levels but everybody can follow along. You will learn the easiest and simplest ways to make a nice looking pattern. I hope you're excited as I am and if you want to learn how to make this patterned background enroll now and let's get started.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Overview: Hello And thank you for checking out this class. My name is Tony. In this class, you're going to learn now to make a nice Christmas pattern using Adobe Illustrator in this class, I'm going to explain to you everything you need to know about the pattern making in Illustrator. I have designed this class for beginners to intermediate levels. But everybody can follow along. You will learn in this class the easiest and simplest ways to make a nice looking pattern. I hope you're excited. This I am. And if you want to turn now to make this pattern background and drawing now and let's get started. 2. Project 1: Hey, guys. Welcome. Thank you for enrolling for this class and in this class. Very going toe. Great. This pattern. So I'm gonna show you the projects that we are going to do first. Is this one and another one? Is this one. Okay, so, as you know, on the ah, a few more days for Christmas. So our theme for our pattern, it's Christmas, right? So I'm gonna do me and I'm gonna show you It's a Yeah, Snowflake. It looks lives, but I it's actually Snowflake. And the other one, some Christmas aiglons. It's like that. All right, So first we do the easy one, this one. And, um, if you're using the lower than cc version off the adobe illustrator Don't worry. I'm gonna show you how you can make your own pattern. If you are using the sec, you're all good. And making pattern in adobe illustrator is easy right now, especially in the cc version. Because you can create a pattern. Just one, please. And you're good. So it's really up to you how you design your your own pattern. So I'm gonna show you how we can create this. Of course I'm not. I didn't design every You know all of this stain, Ian, I'm gonna show you a tile. So here, this first is where I started. May, uh, design created a document. Then start doing the snowflake here. So that's what we're going to do. So let's do it now. Get your it. Ah, new file. Great. And you'll find Make it on a 50 pixels and click on RGB. If you're going to print this, you need the same. My gay. Okay, screen 72. Frankly gone. Okay? Yes, like that. Now it's but a guy doing it. Control our to show the ruler. No, I'm gonna do a for a look that are here. Guide. This will be our guide cities. Should be on the sender. I'm gonna click on the guide, make sure it's not locked. You can unlock disk by going toe view guides and click on this lot gains right to unlock the guide. I'm gonna go to transform. And then since it's ah, it's in the white access, I believe so. I'm gonna type the 25. Okay, So let's see Hopes. Yes, it's ah, seeing the way it's in the y axis. So I'm gonna take 25 right there. Its move. So another one. Do another one selected. Make sure in the 25 point. So in the X axes, Leah died 25. Just like that. Now we have a center point year, so I'm gonna say this to gains. I'm gonna lock them. Got a view? Guides, Guides. It's like that now. I can't move this. Now we are ready. Toe design hopes our snowflake, This one. I'm gonna zoom in this canvas just like that. And we're going to design this first the snowflake CNC just composed of the, you know, lanes. So that's what we're going to do. A person. It's a DUI silicate here that will be our and get this. Well, get the lips stool click on the center here, Mature. It shows the Intersect. Call your green guide while you're out. And then ship. Yes, I got right there. I'm gonna but a corner on itself again. I see. Made stroke? Yes. And stroke. Yes, like that. Gonna zoom in a little. Now, listen. Do over. Snowflake. I'm gonna get my line. Segment will. I'm gonna throw one. Here is straight line holding my shift key. It's like that one point. Of course you can. Uh, that may be 75 years. 75 through a small line here, holding machine be shipped key again. It's like that. Neither one here. Shifty, I think that make sure you you're smart guys are smart. Get this. And a ball. Another line here seems pretty for us. Let's say I'm gonna gonna put it here right now. They're laying here. CNC very the smart guides. Very helpful. All right, Same explain with me. So I'm gonna like all of this, and then go to Stoke. Click on this middle. The round up. It's like that, right? No, of course you can. I did that. Maybe these points this line. We want to make this a little dollar can do that. That's that's too much. Yes. All right. Now, I guess maybe that's sad. More weight to our stroke. And yes, one point would be to be good. All right. Okay. So next let's Noto object. Expand. Make sure your click on the the field And then this stroke click on OK, it will be a one group. Now, when Ah, I'm India. It will become a shape now, so I began unite them to become one sheep can see here. Next. Let's Dodi. This spike here is you can see here, uh, grated that you see in the triangle yet the startle. Let's put it here. If your first time toe open your startle, you will have something like this. They start to remove those corners, press your keyboard arrow. I don't know. It's like that. Remove the or add Just pressed the up arrow to remove the down arrow. Okay. You know, Hadi, shifty toe constrain the perfect triangle. I'm gonna put it here and then rotate this. It's like this. It's like that. All right, I'm gonna duplicate that. Get my I'm gonna get my reflect. All I'm gonna click on this center line or that point like that night click on copy. And that's how I created that spike in there. Now we need to make a separate copies of these. Let me, uh, expand, disperse and then unite them. And in several governors of this, I need a tow for 677 guppies total off eight. So don't make that nicely done on this position. We need to get a calculator. So it's a 360 degrees. So let's get it here around 60 degrees saying I need eight divided by eight and we get the fortified degrees. So that's what we're going to do. So make your used to, like your element. Get your title. I'm gonna click on the center here and then holding my out alky on making board and then click on it. It's like that. Now I'm gonna thank 45 degrees, 45 degrees an angle named Mick. Copy. It's like that. All right? I mean, the data minutes too long. But you can Of course, you can edit your insane. No way. So let's do it again. I'm gonna getting irritated. All you click on this center funding Malki. And then I need 45 baby Reese, click on copy. I think that can I'm gonna controlled the several times on right. And that's how I created this. Okay, this is Snowflake. And now I'm gonna do is I'm gonna select this circle. I'm gonna put in that colder. I feel that color instead of the stroke. It's early suddenly struck us. Well, all right. No, I'm gonna expand this not to object Explained and click on. OK, click on the Unite on the Pathfinder. You can go to window and click on Pathfinder if it If. If you're Pathfinder, it's not open. We're going to unite now. We do. It began me one shape, right? Simple listening. No, of course. It's a colder white. We can I'm gonna get the quarter of this. So blue one if you want toe happy the color. It's one for 91 if I'm gonna copies and then this should be white. The stroke color, that blue collar saying that seems too much. I mean, that 0.5. All right, this makes killing how I created that. Of course, if you spend more time, you can tweet it. You can take your design Reporting there are liking. So that's basically how we, uh, designed this. Let's say let's add more weight on the stroke. Maybe 0.75. All right, put it my 0.55. Okay, now let's do it with the signs. It's against a year I have been half of These are snowflake here on the left, inside and the up and down top of the top and the bottom. I mean, so that's what I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna holding me out and then shifty that I'll get up and you will You will know if you hit the center. They have for me is no plague When you see the Green Line needs from the smart guide All right, then release that. And then you can course we can duplicate that to make it the perfect uh uh, duplicate. Get the reflect all. And then I'm gonna click. Understand? Er here? Well, they melt and then click on it. Click on the horizontal. Make a copy just like that. Okay. It's safety. Israeli A. It's not. It's not that in the sender. All right. And then on the and the right side, vertical click on copy It's like that. And then so mean, if you think it's center right, it's on a song. The other one here seems OK. And the next, but we have here is the, uh yes, Elaine and the star. So let's do it. Get the line segment again. Click on this point here on this corner there are something something like this. Go to stroke, click on gosh line. Maybe we can add a three here. Let's see okay. And being making one point make it around there on the cup. It's like that and even in tow another dash it this smaller the more, uh point dash, smaller point. He will have more dash on the, uh, nine segment. So I think that's okay with me. So I'm gonna get the startle at the start here. It's the same point star here saying that gonna assume mean gonna put it here and then exchanged the boiler door. Read just like that. I only see our reference seems OK now, Like what we did here on the snowflake. We're going to duplicate it several times. First, I'm gonna expand this expand appearance, make it in horizontal, make a copy. It's like that. That's our title now, ofcourse. Mito clean this up. Right? So first, it's, um, expanded again. So begins. Got out the excess lines off our canvas. Okay, So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna get a first. I'm going off the smart guides. Then get me with Daniel told and zoom in a little here. I'm gonna cover up this canvas, meet the rectangle so we can cut out nexus shape. Just like that. I'm gonna put a call around it. So begins it. Maybe something. Something green saying that. Okay. And then I'm gonna select Call up this and then click on the Pathfinder trap. Yes, Like that. Now we got out those excess part. All right? I've seen blood, and now we're ready to create our pattern. I guess I could eat a accidentally And that, uh, guide? No. In C c. You can create a pattern. Just simple. Yes. You know, Yes. Still, like all of this, go to object pattern. And then me You will never bother in the seat, right? Very simple listening. Now, of course, there some options here that you can play with, like here. This. Ah, normal greed can use it in the break. You can play with this one are here. It's really up to you. Which one you like? Your according to your design. Yes, I will put my known. Agreed. And here again, Jason. Design science side tail. All right. Again with the spacing. If you want. Just like that, I see. Not a course for me. Anything but the the spacing. I don't need the spacing, so I'm gonna click on that and check on that one. So when you are done, you can just click on here, Done. You can put a name on it and say, I'm gonna put a one, and then I'm gonna click on done. I think that no weekend, um see, I learned a pattern. I'm going to draw a Of course I'm gonna No, A background of this white. Then I'm gonna duplicate it. Control C control. If on the second copy, I'm gonna open Miss watches, you can go to window. Don't open. It's not open. Click on the this one. The number one, this DEA, Uh, but her name. And I'm gonna click on it. Yes, like that. Now, we just applied our pattern. If you are using the CC lower than Sisi but you can do is you can make a pattern by, uh, drugging your design here, make sure everything is expanded. All right? Yes. Ah, drop it here and you. Really great. A pattern. Yes. Like that. All right. The same thing I'm gonna show you. It's it's already there. All right. See us arms, Naseem. Now, if you want toe if you want to edit the spacing off your pattern What you can do is go to you. Object, transform and skin. It's like that. Of course he went to a scale. The pattern at the, uh that the rectangle the container. Just click on this and check on this one. And then for the uniform, you can, uh, and displacing my keyboard Arrow up or down and you can see you're buttering. It's like that, right? So I guess this one is good. I'm gonna click on OK, and just like that and just created there a nice pattern Christmas pattern background here in Adobe Illustrator. All right, so I hope your follow along with me and I hope to see some of your designs in the gallery section of this class. So that's all for this video. In the next video, we're going to do another other in a simple one. All right, So see you in the next video 3. Project 2: Hey, guys, Welcome back in the second video of this class, we're going toe Create another pattern, something like this. And before we start, I'd like you to Ah, download this file's is these are the Christmas I guns that we're going to use, uh, toe for this pattern it snowflake. Like this one. This one such what? Easiest we have. Ah, meet another one. Deportees. I use the, uh, exit going here. Si, si, si Year. Right. It's a hexagon. I'm gonna show you. Yes, The example. Get the polygon tool, the draw. Something like this one. In that example, the This is your snowflake. And, uh, if you want door, rotate that several times. Let me a position. Thanks to here, I say just like that. And you have to count this defense. Harmony, Taekwondo. 3456 So you have door divide the com parents 360 by six, and you will get 60 and then rotate this line in 60 degrees. Find the center of this polygon, for example, like this one type 60 here and then see the preview night like just like that. You see? You see, uh, it it's on the another corner. So make a copy is like that. And then control de on your keyboard. It's like that. See, that is very simple. Oh, you can create that. I seem for snowflake. OK, so don't know this first you will find it in the your project under D The video of this glass. Okay. So again, this is the title that I created for this pattern. And you can, you know, form this icons like this one or indifferent, different order. And just some of this I duplicated like this sent out here, just duplicated. Yes. Ah, form this like a Christmas tree. All right, maybe this isn't going top or the bottom part, you know, it's like that. All right? Yes. Ah, Organized. These are according according toa your liking. Or if you don't like the Christmas tree, you can afford to design anything. Yes, I feel on this middle part of our pattern. Okay, You. So it's doing no go to find making your document make it, uh, 56 us. I think that. And now I'm gonna create the background. So get in the jungle. I'm gonna go over this canvas. I think that I'm gonna remove the stroke. So the golder is We went toe follow along. Ihsaa e 75349 I'm gonna copy. Discolor the sex code. I'm gonna put it here. It's like that. Then I'm gonna like this so I won't be able to move this right and next. Gonna I'm just copy this. All right, mate. Faster. Since you already have the icons, you can create any. Yeah, design that Unite here. All right, So I'm gonna just Skopje despite here in the sander, and you think that it seems really kind of big. So I'm gonna hopes. I mean, this is a little smaller and then made sender. All right, Next d it, Snowflake. We're goingto added here, and I put it here on this side. It's like that the colder If you want to follow along, its ah six f c b d c. Okay. Yes. Click on. Ok, now, I'm gonna duplicate this several times three times so we can control value to see the center. The centuries on this X I'm gonna zoom in so you can see that Thank saying is that's dia CenterPoint of this canvas. Am I right on that? I guess that's the right. That's dissenter point. We need to find the center point of our canvas controlled by toe. Go to the outlying view. So selectees, I go on, send him in, get the reflect all and then find the center off this canvas just like that again. Hold your key on your keyboard and then click on it just like that. I will put it here. So it's in vertical. Gonna make a copy? You think that Senate Mr Holding my shift key then duplicate this again using my reflect all buying the center line, holding me out and then click on it, Click on the horizontal click on copy, Yes, like that and then controlled by again to go back to normal view. Next, you have the simple line here. So, you know, I guess our rectangle some ellipse. So going Let's do it. Let's get the London We're gonna zoom in, We can see it. It's like that. Make it right. Then get the stool assuming again. So begin. Say it clearly here and then get the Tunggal. It's a small line here. I think that I'm gonna select this line them According to this one I It's not just this. I select the the middle in the middle element to make the alignment. I have a name into the rocky object. All right, so I'm gonna click on this one particular learning center. Now they are this tree elements. These three elements are now centred here. So you think that now I'm gonna dump you. Get this? You can get me deflect all. I mean, just eyeing the line rectangle here and hunger here. The convertible. Make a copy. It's like that. All right. Have we need toe? Make a copy of this? Like what we have year. I'm gonna go up this control G. Go to May outlined view. Click on the center of the canvas. Here. Find it on your out. Click on it. Click on horizontal meat. Copy. Just like that. I'm gonna make a duplicate of this, But it on this side and get the reflector. Find the center of the canvas. Hold your out. Click on it on red alert. Make a copy. I just think that and thrown away again to go to normal view. And that's how I created that style for style. I hope you follow along with me. Now let's see if you are using the CS pipe. This what you should do first? Goto object. Expand again. Expand. I think that we can we can know. Unlock this background. Let's select called this hope in your swatches And then yes, but its year It's like that. That's what you can do if you're you're seeing these years. Now get the dongle. So see if we can just create a pattern, we're gonna duplicate this control. See, control. If they don't have it, I don't have to do it. All right. Same. So gave me that. So you can did the spacing. We going transform scale And then, like, inject this transform objects the uniform Great on that. Or make that smaller and can see your pattern. Yes, like that. All right, now, I mean, if you're using the c. C. You can do these cynical got the object, make a pattern, make it's like that. All right, Now, actually, what I did here, um, I didn't use the normal. Agreed. What they selected here is the, uh, brick by a pro. What? They did there. So I'm gonna done just like that, and I think it's actually here, So I'm gonna get the sample dangling. Get a rectangle. I'm gonna click on here. It's like that. You see, the, uh, the Christmas icons, like here they roll straight line, but the earth inside change the pattern, the option. And yes, dear break battle. Right. So you can actually double click on this one. So show the pattern options a selected D a big barrel game again Say the other settings here, I guess in the written by it all seems to the the best one can things I invite by All right . Of course we can change, Dad, but orb J hopes, like the spurs to object, transform scale. You can play with this, make it smaller, or make it bigger defense on the size of your for gamba's. All right, so that's all for this video. You guys learn something, and if we find this useful this week on the recommended, it would help me on that. Thanks so much. And that's all for this video. See you in the next last. Thank you so much.