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Sea and gulls with watercolor

Ekaterina Azeeva, watercolor artist

Sea and gulls with watercolor

Ekaterina Azeeva, watercolor artist

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6 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Step 1: pencil drawing

    • 3. Step 2: gradient filling of the sky

    • 4. Step 3: drawing of the sea

    • 5. Step 4: seagulls and color contrast

    • 6. Step 5: details using pencils

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About This Class

My name is Katya. And I have been painting with watercolor for almost 5 years. During this time, I made more than 60 offline workshops. And now I want to share my knowledge with more people. I believe that everyone can draw and I want you to believe in this too!

This lesson is perfect for watercolor lovers of all levels.

If you just start drawing, then you will learn the "wet on wet" technique and how to draw without any color.

If you already paint with watercolors, you can deepen your knowledge of color contrast and watercolor techniques.

In addition, I will tell you:
- how to make gradient fill;
- about drawing using clean wet brush;
- how to draw waves;
- how to draw small details using colored pencils;
- how to draw volume using color contrast.

In the end of the lesson, you will get a new watercolor drawing and the skills that you will need in the further study of watercolor.

You can find reference photo and my drawings into the attached files.


Meet Your Teacher

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Ekaterina Azeeva

watercolor artist


Hello! My name is Katya.

And I have been painting with watercolor for almost 6 years. During this time, I made more than 60 offline workshops. And now I want to share my knowledge with more people. I believe that everyone can paint and I want you to believe in this too!



I live in Saint-Petersburg and this city always inspires me to painting!


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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. This is one more way to tell a lesson. And today we will draw some applaud. I want to tell you a bottle drawing waves and girls in this lesson you alone how to draw complex objects like a Siegel. How to make radiant feel You will learn how to draw the seam. Also, I will tell you how to draw without using any pain. You don't know how toe add volume toe objects Using column event of the lesson. I will tell you about growing small details using whitewash and colored pencils. 2. Step 1: pencil drawing: I start with the pencil drawing. At first I drove a horizon line. I don't read 1/4 of the hate off the sheet and draw a line. Now I begin to draw girls. I will do it in increments. First I draw their body. This is an Elon gated over. Now I add a tale. Inform off therapies. I drove the upper wing in the form off Frango. The size of this triangle look like intersection ox. I raise the excess lines. Soldiers, They don't distract me. It is also important to draw one more triangle with rounded ages on the top of the mean. This will calm with movement off the Siegel below. I draw enough triangle. This is the second week. Bearings should be the same in hate. I'll royal ass aciego again. I started to draw from the body. I sharpen the left age a little. It is a big I drove a tale in the form off therapies. And again I draw two wings. I make all the Kanis around it to go on with the smoothness off the sego. They Reineck social business ing in musk that is talking about the same area. I will not draw all the girls from the four time I add one more to the upper right corner. Its shape is the hardest, just a draw. A body. It's mostly stands for world into a sharp tail. I had rings in the form off village. They the in next correct head off the Seigo and throw it below. I raise the excess lions. 3. Step 2: gradient filling of the sky: before painting, I prepared the watercolor at the Reaper. Drop off clean water into those Cupids that I will use in the future. I will use Kobylt, orange, chemical, don't and indigo where the pains are soaking. I wear the paper with water to guess most Gallatin decisions. I will use wet on wet technique. You'll stay within die sheet with water idealistically bought to check on the rice sports on the paper. If then tires to face all the papers shine. Then we did everything. Right now I will move to the great and feel off this guy to get the peach color. I make skin agreed on and orange. I have this color along the horizon, using the remains off paint on the brush paint over the entire area with water. Since water reflects the color off the sky, a peach color of the water will be appropriate. I want to make color a little more situated next makes cobalt on the palate. I begin to draw with this color at the top of the sheet. I paint over the entire area off this guy. Now I intensify the corporate scholar at the top to make smooth, colorization, idealistically bought and let the pain flow down in the next 4. Step 3: drawing of the sea: Now I will draw water and ex squabbles. And in Giga, I paint over the entire space with water, leaving small areas off. Beach column using indie game The fled brush Hydro short horizontal strokes If lead brush is the best for these in this way, a drawer ripples in the water. Now I worked with the brush and riot. Using a napkin with a clean with brush, I begin to draw small horizontal strokes. Brush absorbs part off the paint and received wide paper. In this way, I create glare on the water. After each stroke, the brush needs to be cleaned, using a napkin to remove the pain. There are everything with a hair dryer. 5. Step 4: seagulls and color contrast: I am citing to draw girls just I paint overs and I sue it off the Siegel with skin agreed on. Then I mix Kobylt orange and can agreed on to get a dynasty purple shape. With this color I bent over the body and two wings. The tail is light global toe the last purple color. With this that great color I drove the shadow of the law. We ween. I also in haste, the collar right under the fault off the upper green rewards We must make a deep contrast between light and shadow. Therefore, under the fault off the mean you can darken the color off the shadow a little more. Using a clean, wet brush, I slightly work the collar on the girl's stomach to inherit the contrast with the shadow on the lower me. - I want to the next Siegel I paint their wings with us divided color. Then I paint over the body with speech collar. I had a shadow to allow West Oma to do these I edc observed along the lower line off them. But I do. In next I drove the shorts. You go. I bent over the entice you Earth with the light. You column a doctor livings with vested purple I also at a shadow along the outer border, off the tail. So it draws the shadow with Dale cast on the body off Siegel. I end weeks and eyes to see. Go with that great column in the next. 6. Step 5: details using pencils: Now I know there are other details. Using whitewash, I will grow glare from the sun on the sea eagles that just makes light being column And then I add few strokes toe the tails off the girls people. - Now I take about the color pencils by Father Castell. This is ultra Marine column using this pencil at hatching in area three shadow. So I make the picture a little more picture sec people using a right pencil. I have a few strokes in places where light falls on the Siegel's. That's all. Thank you for watching my lesson. I will be really glad to see your paintings. And don't forget to subscribe to my instagram page. Here. You can find new water, college tips every day. Thank you again and I hope. See you soon. Bye.