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Sculpting with Paper Clay

Alicia Young

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6 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Materials List

    • 3. Make Your Own Water Cup

    • 4. Sculpting Paper Clay

    • 5. Watercoloring Paper Clay

    • 6. Sealing Paper Clay


About This Class

In order to get comfortable working with paper clay, students will create a simple owl. I will give you tips and guidance while you create your own work of art using paperclay. Join the adventure!

Materials List
1) Store bought Paperclay
2) Watercolors (any brand/any grade)
3) Palette (or plate- Do Not Use a paper plate)
4) Super Glue with brush
5) All purpose paint brushes
6) Sharp tool, ie: exacto knife, toothpick, little screw driver (optional)
7) Foil
8) Water resistant table mat/saran wrap and tape (optional)
9) Plastic water bottle
10) Paper towels/napkins





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I graduated with a BFA in Animation/Illustration. I am an avid story teller and reader. Bringing stories and ideas to life is my passion. I hope you join me on this great adventure.

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