Sculpt And Paint Your Very Own 3D Printable Halloween Pumpkin Design In Zbrush | Máté Vörös | Skillshare

Sculpt And Paint Your Very Own 3D Printable Halloween Pumpkin Design In Zbrush

Máté Vörös, 3D artist, Digital sculptor

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10 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Using Of Radial Symmetry

    • 3. Sculpting The Base Of Pumpkin

    • 4. Making The Chunk On The Top

    • 5. Detailing The Pumpkin Base

    • 6. Drawing The Eyes, Nose, Mouth Shapes

    • 7. Extract The Final Pumpkin Form

    • 8. Add Color To The Pumpkin

    • 9. Bonus: Make it 3D Printable!

    • 10. Export The Files For 3D Printing


About This Class

It is Halloween so I thought that I show you how you can sculpt and paint your very own 3D printable halloween pumpkin design In zbrush.

During the course you will learn:

  • How to sculpt the base of a pumpkin from zero.
  • How to sculpt eyes, nose, mouth to the pumpkin.
  • How to paint, colorize the pumpkin. 
  • How to make it 3D printable to make that a badass decoration in your home!

Follow my Halloween Pumpkin Zbrush class and create your own Halloween Pumpkin Design with me! Even more, create your own versions and share it with me and the others!

You can download the Ztool and the printable STL of the Pumpkin I made so you can check it out or even more, if you want, 3D print mine model too. Beside that you will find a text file where I give you the link which will allows you to join to the Private Facebook Group to the other 3D artists. 

 I will go slowly explaining all the tools, but if you miss something, or have a question, feel free to ask! :)

Before you start, register an account on this website and download a 30 day trial of Zbrush for free:


1. Introduction: welcome. It is Halloween. And I thought that I show you how you can make your very own Halloween pumpkin design. During the lectures, we will go through the basics off sculpting a pumpkin. Then when the base is done, we are eyes, nose and mouth to our pumpkin. You can make any pumpkin design with these techniques, so you don't need to make exactly what I make during the lectures. After that, in the bonus section, I will show you how you can make your helping pumpkin model three D printable and use it as a decoration in your hole. I can't wait to see your own pumpkin design what you will make during the course. So let's start it with the first lecture. 2. Using Of Radial Symmetry: welcome. In the first lecture, we will start to make our Halloween pumpkin. If you go to the right side on the simple brush, you need to select this fierce reedy then dragged out on the campus. That is the first thing you want to do. Then I suggest you to set like the ski shaped for material or any material what is works for you. It can be the basic material or dramatic of grey material. It's your choice now we need to make it. Ah Polhemus. Really? In order to sculpting on it, Okay, We want to Dina, mash this fear after we made it plain masri d. We can leave the resolution on the default 128. And now we want to use the damn standard to make the maze line off the pumpkins. As you can see. Ah, it's nuts. Really cool. In order to make march better lines around the sphere, we want to use a symmetry function here. You can see how I use the ax symmetry. It is good, but it would be much better if you can use that around the sphere. So that's why we will turn on the radio symmetry. If you click on the air button below the X, we will have thes result. As you can see, it is really nice looking, and it's much easier to at the symmetrical details around three D object. So we'll select the Y symmetry beside the radio symmetry, and now we can start to make the lines for the sphere in order to make smoother lines and make it more straight in the stroke when you we need a function called the Lazy Mouse and we can said the lazy radius around 35 or something like that. Okay, and now from the tough, we can start to make the basic shape off the pumpkin. Take your time to get the best results what you like. Maybe you can just the ready account. Ah, in the symmetry panel, and it will makes you more points and more lines. It's your choice. What kind off pumpkin you want to make. Some pumpkin has more lines. Some pumpkins have few lies only. So it's your choice. What kind of pumpkin do you want to make 3. Sculpting The Base Of Pumpkin: you can smooth you out a little bit. Do not have to hard lines. And now we can use that similar to function with the clay, Build a brush and we can build this Ah, sliced parts with that. All right, on the way to the bottom and to the top. Now I smooth it out a little bit and I hold in the control and drag erecting. Go to the cameras to reactivate the dynamics sh and Dina material Calculate the geometry again for us. Sometimes I said just you to do that If you made ah bigger editing on the object. Now we do move to We can adjust the base shape off the pumpkin as you can see if we using the radio symmetry with the move brush, we can move completely ready a symmetrical around the wall shape. So now I turn off the radio symmetry and turn on the X symmetry on Lee. And now pull out these two sides on Lee because of pumpkin is not completely ready. All symmetrical, it has some different parts. So now I want to change the sematary on that model. I want to rotate it 90 degree because I want this part to be on the middle, click on the mirror and world below the geometry and modified topology. And with that, I will have a completely mirrored two sides. We will make that more a symmetrical later. But now I want to work with Ah, completely symmetrical pumpkin. Okay, I suggest you to save your project or save it as a tool, as I did now and now. Continued detail ing with ah Damien's tender brush. Okay, turn back the radio symmetry again. And now we the more softer strokes at some more details to the surface of the pumpkin. I will change the material to Basic because I will see the smaller details more easily. All right, on the way to the bottom and on the way to the top part. 4. Making The Chunk On The Top: We will make the chunk off the top off the pumpkin to do that insert cylinder. Move it to the top. Oh, I am turned on this pain, Iconix. Evidently. Okay, it's my mistake. So, a movie to all the way to the top and made the chunk for this pumpkin You can scale it up to make it more longer, Onda. We can dynamic shit and turn on the radio symmetry. And now with the move brush, we can make this chunk to connected to the pumpkin more naturally. Um and if we calculate the dynamics again with the control and dragging on the campus, we can do that all the way. Now I want to smooth the top part with their their symmetry. The smooth thing is ah, much faster. Okay, All right. With the move, brush with out symmetry. I make this ah, kind of shape off the chunk. Move it from every side a little bit now with inflate brush, I may hit more thicker. Now I want to cut down the top part of that. So hold on the control shift and click on the dream curve from the brush bullet. Now, if you hold on the cultural shift. You can cut off the top part of that and dynamo shit again on a little bits. Move it out. Now the base of the chunk is done. I want to make it more longer on going to the zero musher. Change the value to 0.1 to the lowest and click on those eerie musher we that we have more clean or geometry. And if we click on the divide, we cannot subdivision levels to the geometry and we cannot more smoother details. So with the dump Stindl brush again, we will make this type off details to that part. All right, I sold that out, too. Have more control off it all the way around if you hold on the all key. Why you, uh, Joe, this lines on this trunk. You We have an inverse, so it will be not goes into the geometry. It's well Ah, Joel line on the geometry on pulls it out. Not in words away over complicated itself. If you hold on the old that well inverts your brush that's it. Try that out and you will see and again If you don't want to make this type off detail chunk on your ah, pumpkin or we want to make a more stylized pumpkin. You don't need to follow every steps I make. You can leave it. Ah, with a smooth surface. After I made the details, um, I smoothed it out. Two don't have to hard detail on it. And with the move brush, I make it a little bit last straight to the top screen. Now with the clip kerf I claimed the top off the chunk. I'm using the cliff curve now instead off the Treem curve because we have now subdivision levels and the dream Curries, Onley working on the objects which are doesn't have any subdivision levels. So now I save this object. 5. Detailing The Pumpkin Base: and now I want to zero match the war based pumpkin said the target pulling down to the lowest click on zero mesure and waiting. Okay, uh, turn on their symmetry and they're the symmetry. Stand on zero mesure. We'll make this apologist symmetrical. I miss that now. It's not the result what we want. So I think we'll need to said that to around five full account. That five represents five k. So it's around 5000 Pulliam. All right, that's much better. I wanted to have these creases that based lines on the pumpkin, I at some subdivision levels to it. And with the Damien standard brush on with the ready, a symmetry active. I gave back the details What I have lost during the zero mesure process all the way to the bottom and all the way to the top. I make these details and again, if you don't want to make these details, you can leave the surface completely smooth. Okay, I smooth it out a little bit, and nearly we have the pumpkin done. But it is Halloween now, so we will make this pumpkin a mouth on eye and the nose to make some expression on it. 6. Drawing The Eyes, Nose, Mouth Shapes: Okay, So in this section, after remained basic details off the pumpkin. And by the way, we are done with the basic pumpkin. We will start to make the eyes mouth, nose to the pump Him. We will change the symmetry only to the ex And why you hold on the control we will drawing the shape of the eyes. Take your time to to get the correct scraping off the ice what you like. You don't need to make the exact style what I make for this punkin. You can make angry pumpkin or ah, we're happy pumpkin or evil prom king. Whatever. All right. We made the nose. We that technique. And now if you hold on the control and the key, you can ah, sub strict the mosque. So it's ah, kind off. Ah, Maskey razor or ah, yeah. So you invert the must function again. As I said, Gulke invert our brush. It is true for the musk to so I tried to make knows more. A symmetrical Okay, now select Galasso to inside the stroke Manu below the brush and I will make a happy pumpkin. So we tried to make that ah shape with symmetries on. It's important in my case. And now with the free hand stroke, I well ah, you raise the mosque on this section, take your time on that because ah, yeah, It takes time to get the right shape. Okay, Now erased that island. And with less 02 Why? Holding down the cult? I can erase the part I don't need. Right. I invert my mosque by holding them to control and click on the workspace or on the canvas. And that real drawing the thesis in ah, into the mask. Okay, so I change back to the free hand stroke. Um, make really small drove size. Oh, it's ah, too small. Okay, around eight throw size. And now I drawing the thesis shape into the mouth again. Take your time. If you make this Ah, Version two. You can correct the edge off the face with the inverted mosque. All right, So you drove the outline of the peace first. And after that, you drawing the inside off that shape, I make it with symmetry. But if you want, you can make a symmetrical face to to the pumpkin. All right? They make to face on the middle on Dwan on the bottom, I think. Yeah. All right, 7. Extract The Final Pumpkin Form: now I am were the mosque, and we will use a function called extract under the south to money here. Ah, change the thickness to higher amount. And as you can see with extract, we haven't other object which is extracted from the base of the pumpkin. And the don't has Juma tree inside. That's what we want. Um, I think it's a little bit too thick, so I go back to the base and ah, changed the thickness of the extract to a lower amount and extract it again. Oh, right. And flick on. The except no, ideally, the previous version and clear the musk. And there we go. We have our pumpkin. Okay, now we do move brush. We can make the smile of the Palm King a little bit bigger on da. Basically adjusting the basic shape overall. So now I real dynamite Shit. Okay, we can go with around 800 resolution and click on the dynamics sh And now with this move brush, you can smooths out the eyes, the edges off the eyes, the edges off the nose. Ah, With the move, Russia can adjust and ah, and yeah, we can smoothing out to make much better shaping. We don't need to hard edges so we can do it with the fees off the pumpkin. All right. Okay. With the red es symmetry again, we cannot some more details around the pumpkin and I suggest to save your project. You can say veto to another version in the case. If we need to go back. Looks really cool. I like it. 8. Add Color To The Pumpkin: okay. In this lecture, I will show you how you can call. Arise your palm came model. First of all, I select the base off the pumpkin and none of that side. I changed the color, too, some kind off pumpkin orange. And now it is just a preview off the color. I need to attach that color to the model, so I go up to the color Manu and click on the field. Object. Now if I change the color, it's not changing on that base because it is attached to that object. Now, I said, like that chunk on the top of the punking and change that to a darker green and then click on the feel object again. Now that Chang got the color, what I attached to that and now it is colorized and ready for rendering. If you want, you can export that as a no B G two key shot or ah, any three D program where you want to render it. No biggie. Rila keeps the poly paint you attached to your model in Z brush 9. Bonus: Make it 3D Printable!: Okay. In this bonus lecture I will show you how you can make a three d printable form of the punking and you can put a candle or something into it. So we want to make the top of the punkin removable. We use the slice curve and as you can see, we didn't cut it off the part. The slice curve makes Onley another poli group off that part. And now if we select that with the control shift with the selection Tunggal and now weaken straight hidden Now that is another object in the subhuman you. And if you want to rotated, you can see that it don't has two sides go down to the display my new on the right side and here click on the double. Now you will see either side off the object and now click on the close holes under the modified top a large. Now the close hole has another poli group. So with the concert shift, select rectangle selected, you can hide the top off that cap and mask out these parts Now clear the mask from the top . So basically, invert the mask. And now with the move toe, you can scale it down. You have this effect right now and you want to bull in this object from the pumpkin. And with that you we have, uh, place where you can attach this part later. So now, as you can see, we need to duplicate that. We need the version off that which will substructure did from the pumpkin. So in the septum and you click on that's obstruction mode. And now if he click on the live Boolean function on the left corner on the top left corner , you will see that it's obstructed from the pumpkin. As you can see, that has some glitches at the top. So in order to fix that, you need to make that sub strict ID version a little bit bigger than the original one. To do that, go down to the deformation when you why this substructure in cap selected and odd one inflate to that. As you can see, it is a little bit bigger than the original one, and the glitch is disappeared. Now, this bullet is only a preview. So if you go down to the bowling menu, click on the Maybury mesh and make sure that Onley the substructure on a model and the pumpkin base is active and visible on the workspace. And if the operation is done here on the two men, you we will have on other tool, which will be the substructure did model with the insert. You can insert that model and hide the others. What? You what you had before. And as you can see now, this part is completely correct. Now the the smooth brash you can ah smooths the edges off the two parts a little bit. It's not a problem if you have a little gap between the two parts just three d printed. And this such just you two lower the intensity off the smooth brush to around 20 or ah, the point is to make it not too hard. And yeah, so we can have a little gap between the two object. 10. Export The Files For 3D Printing: now, if it's done, we need to decimate its mortal because that, as you can see on the top, it's three million points if a lot off points with hard to handle it while printing. So save the to and now on the top in disease blogging, you can set on the decimation master to have this model 500 K points. It's a little bit longer operation, but it's really important a lot of millions off points you can't handle in a three D printing software or in any other software you want to bring death. All right, So, as you can see, we have now nearly 500,000 points. The topology is Doesn't matter. We want to three d printed don't want to use in the game engine or something. And now we do that process with the chunk and with the top part two. But we need to merge them first because these are two separated object right now. To do that, make these two Weezy will on Lee and yeah, and now click on the Meg Bully Mesh. Now we don't use this obstruction mode. We using this merging mode now you can insert that building, mash, hide the others. And, as you can see, if I smooth it out a little bit, these two objects merged. Now, as you can see, we have now 700,000 points. It's not really much so we can leave death on in that case, all right, and this is the two parts what we want to three D print and what we can three D print, I said just you to name that objects. So that is the punking base on Guy named the Other as Pumpkin. Don't one more thing with the stream curve. I make the bottom off the pumpkin base straight to to stand really strongly on any surface . When it's three D printed and now in the Z plug in Under the three D print hub, you can export it. Click on the size ratios update in select the size you want to export it or set yours. And now, quick on the selected and export to STL. It's really fast because they don't have too much points. So do that with the pumpkin top model to I'm that size and now export to SDO. So the two parts what you want to. Three D print is exported, and now you can make your first very own Halloween decoration at home Congress relations, and I can't wait to see your works.