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Scrum in 60 minutes! Agile Scrum from zero to Professional Scrum Master

teacher avatar Alex Kostritsa, Project Manager in E-Commerce

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

31 Lessons (1h 51m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. IMPORTANT Skillshare students

    • 3. Overview of Workflows and Approaches

    • 4. Traditional (Waterfall a like)

    • 5. Agile

    • 6. Traditional vs Agile

    • 7. Summary on Workflows and Approaches

    • 8. Agile Manifesto

    • 9. It's Scrum time

    • 10. Scrum Overview

    • 11. Methodology vs Framework

    • 12. Scrum Roles

    • 13. Scrum Master (SM)

    • 14. Product Owner (PO)

    • 15. Development Team (Dev Team)

    • 16. Summary on Scrum Roles

    • 17. Scrum Events

    • 18. Daily Scrum

    • 19. Sprint Planning

    • 20. Sprint Review

    • 21. Sprint Retrospective

    • 22. Other Non-prescribed Events

    • 23. Summary on Scrum Events

    • 24. Scrum Artifacts

    • 25. Product Backlog

    • 26. Sprint Backlog

    • 27. Product Increment

    • 28. Other non-prescribed Artifacts

    • 29. Summary on Scrum Artifacts

    • 30. Thank you!

    • 31. Reminder on Scrum assessment

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About This Class


Do you want to learn Scrum quickly?

If yes, this training is for you & no prerequisites required even if you have no knowledge on Scrum!

This training will save you lot of time, money and efforts and will supply you with solid Scrum knowledge and help you to prepare for Scrum certification.

I will be completely focused on subject and will try to avoid unneeded things, so that we can cover all the fundamental things quickly within just a little more than 60 minutes in solid way.

What is Scrum?

Scrum is a subset of Agile approach which commonly used as approach in Software Development. This will be covered in course.

Who should take is course?

This course of anyone who want to understand Scrum in solid way. Whether you are a Scrum Master, Product Owner, Project Manager, Team Member, business Stakeholder or simply someone who wants to understand what makes Scrum so popular, this is an ideal place to start. If you are about to prepare for Scrum Master certification or other Scrum Agile certifications, this class is exactly what you are looking for!

What will I learn?

In this course we will cover all the fundamentals needed for solid understanding of Scrum. This knowledge will benefit to your Scrum Master Certification preparation and to you ability implement Scrum in a propiriate way considering all the best practices. The following core chapters will be covered:

  1. Overview of Agile approach and how it correlates with Scrum framework

  2. Overview of Scrum Agile framework with its core values and principles

  3. Review of all the prescribed Scrum roles

  4. Review of all the prescribed Scrum events

  5. Review of all the prescribed Scrum artifatcs

This course could be considered as educational materials in the following fields: project managment, product management, product development, scrum methodology, scrum methodology tutorial, scrum tutorial, agile methodology, overview agile methodology steps.

Learning Advice:

Please watch training from first lesson to the end to get the materials in consistent way.


  • Anton Ohorodnyk

There is the scrum overview which you can find on different websites and books, but the main point of the course is to get an alive overview and a real help by the experienced manager. So, if you want to be in touch with the real manager which can consult you and use real experience, you must buy the course and follow the person as an experience to improve your skills and career. Thanks Alex for the help!

  • Melvar Miranda

Great course, lots of detail.. Many thanks for make it easy!

  • Kathleen Kreller

Great, fast overview with just enough detail to keep me interested.

  • Arfan Ahmed

Excellent course. Gave me good practical understanding of the subject.

  • Bob Miller

excellent course to learn processes and scrum

And many, many more...


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alex Kostritsa

Project Manager in E-Commerce



My name is Alex. For more than 10 last years I've been working on the role of Project Manager in an Agile environment. I have experience working with different business domains including e-commerce, social networks, and gambling. As a Software Manager, I try to keep myself tuned and continue self-development. As of now, I am a holder of the following certificates which confirms my knowledge in various areas: KMP, APM, PSPO, PSM/CSM, CTFL, CTFL-AT.

Hobbies: Sport, History.

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1. Introduction: would you like to learn? Scram. Just in 60 minutes. Learn from there were beginning to a professional scrum. Mustard? If yes, this video training is for you. 2. IMPORTANT Skillshare students: Hello Skill Shar students Sanks for subscribing to my scrum course I really appreciate in this video would like to let you know that for some reason skill share platform does not allow job blood assessment materials. It means that as a teacher I could not upload my questions. So this platform and there is no way for you to get benefit off the assessment materials assessment materials are really critical. If you are serious about schoolmaster certification as assessment questions will help you to get repaired for scroll mustard test If you're serious about this if you would like to get benefit those assessment police sign up to my website. It's totally for free where I will be able to provide you with assessment materials. All the instructions will be provided that Monsanto this lesson Thank you. Here we go. Please visit I cut them in 16 that come a registration and it will bring you to a registration for fill out This form is your user name User Romel Idris User prospers and confirm your password into referent buying. Please choose skill share because you've been referred from this website and type your skill Sure user him so I will be able to identify your account and provide you these materials. Absolutely. For free. You can also type some coming for me. Something like. Hey, Alex, please share assessment materials with me. That's it. Click register and your none. In one or two days, I will get the materials provided for you. Absolutely. For free. That's it. 3. Overview of Workflows and Approaches: Let's start exploration off scrap. But before WHO electoral, start digging into the details. What is scrum? Let's docket belt approaches or war flows that are used nowadays, so you have to make a summary. I would say that duels them are dominating in our days, so we'll review them in four Scandic Gift and traditional. Or what if we like approach? This approach is used among many industries in different companies. Many people who actually work on their project could use a kind of variation off traditional approach. But the U. N never seen comes in because it's pretty natural to us. Do not come the half and the Jallet job was relatively new approach. And it's not eso popular world, but it's very popular, especially in the cell, toward the well went in the street and we to bear in mind that scrum is the subset of jail abroad, so we need to understand both of them. At least 1/4 features so feature brochure nature fridge and therefore during the next couple of lessons we will her views the traditional approach, its advantages and disadvantages, and the jail a brush with these advantages and disadvantages, so that you will have full picture and from Sin Point will start educational scrum and actual exploration scrum directly. Thanks for watching this lesson and I was the best for their exploration scrub. 4. Traditional (Waterfall a like): traditional or what if a like approach? Let's look about it. We have radiogram Cure and Detroit present five major protest groups off traditional or wonderful alike approach off course number off protest groups for dependent want particular methodology. But in our example, let's talk about five. So let's imagine the situations that you like to build a house so you are is a customer, and you would like to build a Cousteau if you're where you're gonna live. And according to the traditional approach, the first things that we need to do is to decide. Are we going to do this project or not? So let's do this. So it's initiation. During this protests group, we need to understand the budget, some legal equations and answer some other questions that could help us to understand. Are we going to do this project or not? It's like go no go decision and let's imagine is that we decided. So you're decided to build this calls and as the next step, we're Morgan Tuesday Blank blend is extremely important. Brock's group in traditional or wonderful alike approach because you're NZ's face. We need to plan or actually creates a plan for entire project. We need to go to the way where details and answer such a question like a color off carpeting. Leaving the room as the size of the kitchen is the number of floors and many, many details. So it's worry Fort Consuming free sanded to require spread too much resources. And the fourth, let's a major that you have a good plan. You plan it. Everson where, where, details and you're ready to go to the execution so you are best in your plan. To the engineers on they started to work and execution is actually most usually most resource consuming process groups and normally takes around 60% or full allocated to resources for his execution. And while in junior star working, you would like to check them from time to time. To make sure is that they're doing according to the plan. And that's why we're here finding touring in the control protest group and finally one day engineers coming to you and saying, Hey, we finished your house, Please check it and that's about to closing. And let's see the result. Let's imagine that this has happened. And here is the cause. Is this the house off your dream. Well, it's hard. Do answer right, and finally, you're starting to sink. He's exactly what you wanted. Your star started to check your plan, and according to zipline, everything was built properly. But you started to realize that you don't need the second floor. Instead, you need be cold, but you have a second floor and what you can do. Of course, you can pay much more money and spend more time and resources and have their engineers to redo everything for you. But verily, I am not sure that disease with your free, because you already spend a lot of mine and a lot of resources, and more likely you are not ready to do this. And that's about waterfalls. It's going to work. So what I want to highlight here the customer is not completely happy, and the problem is not to his wonderful or traditional approach. The problem is about planning, So we made blaming for entire project and all after some time. Maybe it maybe engineers working for a year or even more Onley ones. The really words, their results. We started to realize it. We don't eat the second floor and That's a man tricky sink here. So waterfall is about and drier planet, and as a result, customer is not completely satisfied. So let's make a conclusion on this approach. So what are full or traditional approach is, well, defiant, related, literally available sequential approach. That's absolutely true, because we need to finish one process group before we can start Azaz or what the next thing is that wonderful or traditional approaches not friendly in regards to the problem. Change, as it's also true, because as long as we have the plan, we're not very flexible in terms of change. And, finally, wonderful is not very friendly or actually not very friendly in terms of cooperation between the customer or actually stick. Hold around the San Juan Correctional executes approach because, as longest, you have the plan. And as long as you put your signature on the plan or papers from that moment when the execution is started, not much you can do off course. You can change something, but it's where a re scanned. It's not very friendly and wonderful or traditional approach. So that was the story off hours building based on traditional or what? Full of, like approach. Let's try to do the same cows, but the next time we're going to use, uh, jail approach 5. Agile: how agile, Let's look about these embroidered. So, as you see here, we have brought the groups, as we've seen Ah, similar actually to what we've seen as the prayers lesson regarding the waterfall, a traditional approach. But now we seize it. Process groups are Alliant in parallel and they under for one group with another. So there is no sequential order on that's absolutely true. For is that a jail? Because you're in one iteration, old process groups are interact. And now let's a major. The situation See Meryl large to what we've done on the lesson related to the traditional approach. My dear students, you will be is a customer and lets imagine that you would like to build your house a house off your dream. And this time we're going to stick doing jail approach. So the first thing that you would like to build is a whole Let's in majors is why hold? Because you're absolutely confident that hole is something that you really want and you were absolutely confident about the way the whole should be built. So you create your plan for a whole for a limited piece off deliverable and your present your request those engineers. Okay, out in a couple of days, Let's say, is there return back to you and say, Hey, we've done to cope and we examines undeliverable. And do you examine the school according to your request, it looks very nice. That's exactly what you want. So now you're ready to go to the next piece, and the next piece is going to be whole living room and kitchen. So you create and you plan for a living room and kitchen now, and once again, you pass your plan to the engineers in a couple of days after their turn back to you and say to you, Hey, we've done the living room and kitchen. Please examine it on your checking it. And according to you, it looks really nice. So you are you real injury about living room and kitchen about the whole. But you started your allies at this point of times that it's not enough brightness. In the end, you're so you may want to install more windows. You realized it on you. Austin's engineers. Hey, guys, please, ADM or Windows and they accepted your request form or windows as we see here and edit more windows to you. So you're chicken it again in a couple of days later. And Seymour windows. And now you're absolutely said this fight on what you see. Actually, you're happy about all these, but still, it's not completed yet, So the next step is a GREss entries. You want your house to be beautiful and nice sexual. So your best in your quest for to engineer sounds a plant to rescind dress for you. So it looks nice now and it is a house of your, isn't it? Well, you're not sure exactly now, but we've done it in a situational weight from one step to the next step to the next step. When you was not completely satisfied, we asked them to redo it a little bit or just something to add more windows. And in this step by step manner, we reaches the final point, and this final point is exactly what you wanted. So you are sinking and boundaries and your allies that yes, this time it's much more close to what you exactly wanted, because you don't have this usual. A second floor which waas development according to the waterfall plant or traditional approach But instead you have a big hole which really nice scent makes more sense for you. So this time you're pretty happy about the results received. I want a quick note here. Off course, the way we created this house is not there the ways the house should be built A. So long as you are engineer or have relations twos, building off apartments, houses you can say to me, Is it Alex? It's a total, a wrong approach to build a house, and that's absolutely agree with you. You can punish me and the employment. But my main goal here was to explain, use a situational protest. So when we go for a one step to another steps away from one piece of deliverable to another piece of the liberal, and we go until we completely set this fight and then the main idea or filosa feel, was that jail approach. So once again, my main goal was to explain. Use that philosophy, but not the way how to build a house on. Finally, uh, let's make a summer a J a J. Ellis flexible approach where all the process groups are interacting Pearl. That's absolutely true. So we We didn't want peace of delivery bill, Uh, so we didn't want peace of deliverable. All process groups are in direct, and that's true. The next point is that a jealous about a limited plan, and that's also true. We haven't made a blend for the entire house or entire project. We did blame for one piece of deliverable just off this was a whole them a living room and kitchen. Then we installed windows. And then finally we blend two recent aggressive. So I jealous about limited planning out in that way you can reach your target much more closer our better. And finally, a jail is about close collaboration with the customers. And that's also true because when you were not accomplishments that despite on the whole you ask it engineers to add more windows. And they did it because you examine each deliverable and you provide them with food book. If I'm OK with what was delivered or not so cooperation between customer and engineers or someone who actually execute the project each much more closer. Zenden traditional or water full approach. So that was a story about the jail. Now we have a basic understanding on both approaches on traditional and the jail, and we can move forward 6. Traditional vs Agile: traditional. Where's a sub jail? No one became a basic understanding on each approach. Let's compares him so the first point. It's sequential and we see yes to traditional approach because as long as we know traditional approach represent a number of protest groups and each process group should start on Lee after the prayers when they finished. There is strong sequential relations between protest groups and and we say yes, here for traditional approach in a jail. No, because as long as we know, the process of groups are incorrect during that wanted duration in the jail and there is no sequential relations between process, so no for a job. The next point is flexible, traditional approaches, not flexible, and we are saying no. And the reason is why, because in traditional approach were strictly foes the sequential relation off the process groups. That's one point, and another point is that in traditional approach, we're sticking to the entire plan. So we're not flexible from the moment when we have planned defiant in the jail were flexible. There is no relation between process groups. We can use them all the to answer or together there is close and direction between them and we're not limited by entire plan. So we have only limited plan for a small base of deliverable pounds, That's all where flexible in that way, friendly to change, no to traditional approach once again, as long as we have entire plan created from that moment, we are not flexible because any change to the entire plan will cause risk analysis, which will actually cost a lot off time and fort and money and is therefore, thesis is not actually a prized in traditional approach. So no change, basically. And we're sticking to the plan. We're not flexible that weight in a jelly s because we delimited plan for a particular deliverable and a song because we re just this deliverable weekend on ELISA seeing sent improve Sampson, I just something door plan and change something. We're flexible that way. Defined requirements, yes, to traditional approach. Because the entire plan could not happen until you define all the requirements and no judge l because you could start practically with a limited number off requirements. So no jail. The liver quality product. Yes, the traditional approach, because normally normally in traditional approach, all quality questions should be addressed as they actually should be. Address it in scope off entire planet and yes and no for jail because in this case it's very dependent on particular company, organisation or teams that use the jail approach. Some of them could address the quality question on where callable bonds azar could reject the quality question for with terrorism, continually have woman no, the traditional approach fairly, sometimes even traditional abroad. Skoda both. But that's very rare cases normally no and yes to a jail, because the philosophy for jail approach is to constantly improve constantly, be more efficient and normally almost after each iteration team will seek together and we'll analyze their war flow there impediments. What can be improved, what can be address it and we will try to be better to fix something. So we're saying that he s door jail, we're trying to wolf, and we're trying to be better. Riggott Workflow, Yes, do traditional a brush and no tor jail. We're flexible. So it's some kind of connections with sprouts those groups and in a jail we have no fix it workflow. It's very dependent. Customer involvement lowered to a traditional approach. Customer involvement could be even high in traditional approaches. But until the moment when you have the plan created and completed right after that, the customer in the woman will significantly decrease. And this will not happen in jail because after reaching duration, customer will need to Explorer and on the lice is there deliverable and provides feedback. So there's close collaboration in the jail between the customer and someone who actually executes a project, and these actually continues not for a limited time. But that's how the sites customer and someone who execute worse so collaboration in jail is a very kind and customer loyalties also kind because of it. Time to disk, hours of problems along contradiction. All approach because once again, if we made a mistake in our plan, as a result fictions that we will not know about this mixed steak until we finish entire project and in a jail. That's not the case, because after each uh, deliverable, we should be potential releasable for production or for the market. And as they're worth, we can actually discovers a mistake or problem much more foster and fix it. We less dime it forts and mind is spent so short in jail funding according to the plan. In traditional approach. So there is a planned one barge. It should be spent and in jail on demand on demand. It's actually worry friendly to the customer because you know, customer will need to pay only value delivered features. House. That's why we're saying on demand that was a comparison chart between these two major approaches. I hope you have even much more better understanding now. No, let's continue lording can. Let's for one. 7. Summary on Workflows and Approaches: Congratulations. Well, aren't they? Do fundamental approaches? We learned about the traditional or what full? I could broach on another country. Learn to bounds that gentle approach which is actually related to this crime because crime is a subset of a job. So now you have understanding on both approaches. Let's make a sure somewhere on its approach. So if your skin traditional Brooke traditional approaches sequential model, it's a relatable model. But the main things that we need to consider when we use this approach is that hello for four. It's a lot of times will need to span tones the entire play. I don't, for example, in situation went project development. Take, let's say, two years or one year. It's, ah, relatively big time links, ound ones that you actually reason destination. When the actually a recent point when projects is done, it could happen that many features many force, were spent for nothing useless because, for example, when you reach some appoint, you realize it's actually you spend a little for force to develop some particular features or whatever, as in our example, we've spent a lot of force on second floor, which was useless, and that's actually the point that needs to be considered before you are. Stick in a traditional model, another friend of have a job, a jealous, not so sequential it's actually embroidering. Old process groups are interact from some point. It's not sore available. It's also, well appoint. But the main purpose here is that we do interational playing, so we blend small piece of deliverable. We reach his destination Regis Point, when their life's whether we're doing in right direction. And if yes, we go to the next step and they know we make some adjustment and fix that man's and go to the next. So this kind of approach is pretty popular because you're flexible. Your work actually could respond to the change square, where equipment and it's very available, sink on the porch. So that was once again short comparison or journals. It was approaches. Let's start lording. Scramble on Seems the next lessons 8. Agile Manifesto: I jail money first. First of all, place considered to visit this website. A jail manifested that torque its official website for that young money first. So what is the John when you trust a jail manifested as a kind of the document, which is about the jail philosophy, these philosophies based on 40 values and 12 principles Please note that science we're speaking about scram in my course and scram is considerate as subset for for Jallet Broach , we should also consider four main Vallis and developed principles which are described in jail manifested. Unfortunately, in this course I'm not going to review all the valets and 12 principles because each value and which principal require some time to be understood in the appropriate way. So police pants on the force Who is it? The Website Agile manifesto, torque hands review all surveillance and 12 principles. Another point is about scrum certification. Please know that, uh, some questions, homes, this crime exam might be about values and principles. So this especially important toe understand? And remember, if you're about Teoh, get certified the scrum muster, please. Moses, I still prepared the slight week on gel wells Here is there are four well is and on the next light where he held the principles. 12 principles. So what your need to do now is to visit this website and to learn more about them and another optional but still useful resources. Marching dot com with the following neural and the hair for two. Good explanation on the ward is on jail principles about police. Consider two reasons them as well. Sex for washing and scenes and next lessons. 9. It's Scrum time: we discovered both approaches. We talked about traditional. Or what if we like approach? And we also learned about the gel approach. Now it's time to disk our scrum. So we're careful on 60 minutes for that purpose. Let's do this. 10. Scrum Overview: Let's start our scrum journey. So, first of all, let's just remind what it's crumb. Scram is a subsidy or variation off a gel. We have a gel like a core with its principles, who is its values? And, of course, with philosophy and scram is like extension, which is based on a gel. So scrum consider a gel values a jail principles, and it's also propagate own Vallis in principle. Sound rules. So is this how IDs correlate to Joe? First of all, let's review was a major through principal, so scrub there. Also nobleness threes, principles off empirical process. So is it first on this transparent transparency in terms off, be transparent to the facts to the things that a cure while you're doing something, the wire year old communicating so say this sinks hesitates. Result speculation without assumption is, that's about it. The second principle is inspection. Inspection is regarding the war flows in direction. Processes while you're doing something on the lives of misery, are doing this in the right weight and challenge. Ever challenge our sins that you do jealous your relations were, or flow your approaches and so on and so on hands. It's about inspection and the sort principle is adaptation. So you're challenging yourself. Are doing this in the right way and diffuses the space for improvement for change Adaptation is mounted. Be ready to change something. Be ready to try a new approach to be ready for change. That's about adaptation, and those three principles off empirical process are Scram. Another wars Create Me, which is known this empiricism or M. Baruchel touring And it sounds that's full. The more experience you gain, Mork knowledgeable we become, and based on that, we connect more effectively from day today. So we're starting from this point and we grow. We became more major and we have blade here. We have spear here, and we continue to grow. Were more efficient, efficient and productive fans. That's how it works. According to the empirical to work and scrambles took half own five Mello's fairly. I'm not going to argue them in details because each well, you require some time to be understood in appropriate way. But here they are its commitment, gorge focus, openness and respect. But we spend a little bit to Ford sounds learn about these values to understand them in better way scram is used him on many industries. It's true to say that's promise globular and software the Weldon, but it also used in hardware development. It's schools and government organizations in marketing and many other industries. Scrum is a framework. Scram is not the protest or technique. Some people going scrum is a mitad village, but that's not true. Scrum is not methodology. It's a framework police Buren might in. The next lesson we will review is the difference between the methodology and framework. So you will have more understanding why scrum is a framework bajan this crop Zirkelbach several approach to use budgeting in jail scram workflow but is the most friendly to the customer is to do budgeting against value delivered. So, for example, is there was a spring and during sex sprint its plan to deliver two features. But once Sprint is finished, only one feature was delivered. Based on this statement, budgeting should be done against valid delivered or only one feature which was delivered. So that was sure you were you a scrum. Now we have court understanding and the summaries follows. Scrum is based on the jail it consider a jail well is in principle. But it also have owned well its own principles on the rules and the old philosophy. Well, let's continue our journey, Al. Let's reviews the difference between framework. Where is this methodology? See? Use the next lesson. 11. Methodology vs Framework: methodology. Where's this framework? We already here this crime consider, which is a framework. But what let's comparables definitions understands is better. So structure structures will define for the methodology we have ways. Tasks, man. That's techniques and tools and just basic things are defined for the framer. A lot of space for creativity and adaptation. But this half its benefits and disadvantages standards there, well defined form, a tautology. You know what to do. You know when to do and you know how to do. And on Lee, basic seems, are defined for the framework. More likely, you know what to do, but you don't know how to do and when to do outcome predictability. It's high foursome. A total is because you care well defined structure and well defined genders. And for that reason, it's low for the framework. No well defined structure, no well defined standers can be tailor to company, environment and culture. Maybe my daughter would you have out off different prescriptions? URLs points. Does it need to be considerate? And before implementing methodology to company or organization, you need to beware. Careful because it might not work for your particular case for the framework it much more easier because it's light with approach. It doesn't have too much requirements and prescriptions, and it could be adopted to almost any organization, environment or company level off expertise needed to use. We consider model is just heavy. Approach was a lot off prescription, Cyril says. They mentioned before, and therefore you need to be an expert to manage all the things in framework it much more easier. And you have just basic points that need to be considerate. Need to be implemented. And you can go 1/4 level to implement its high for my tautology, because to implement a lot off a roast, a lot off points, a lot off tools and so on and so on, you need to spend a little for forts, diamond mining. And when we are speaking about framework, we consider just basic rules. Basic points basic thinks they need to be implemented, and this will be much more easier to do for whites, metrics and tools for estimating yes to methodology. It's mandatory form a total you to have the sinks to meet your performance, different metrics and so on, and so so yes, here, maybe four framer. It very dependent on particular framework provides principle and philosophy. He s for metrology. So methodology have roads. Why he'd actually it created as a purpose how it can help and so on. And so so that here we can say yes and for the framework, it really depends on particular forever. So maybe. And let's make a summer off both definitions methodology. Where's this framer? So methodologies well defined here via project contains all the tales and tools needed to deliver consistent results. But in other candidates complicated, heavy approach that could not work in your organization and it will be hard to manage it. Framework is a lightweight approach. It contains just basic things that could be implemented and it could be implemented to almost any environment. But it doesn't have well defined structure and we'll defiance. Tenders now, therefore, predictability off result become much more lowers in in methodology. So that was Come person off these two definitions and now you have a better understanding why we call Scrum has framework. Let's move on. Let's continue learning Scrum 12. Scrum Roles: Let's look about scrum rules. Zero only street prescribed rolling scrub is the 1st 1 is a scrum master. It's a dedicated person. The 2nd 1 is a product owner. It is also dedicated person hands a sword. One is the Development Team Development Team contains multiple people, but it still needs to be considered us single roll or the open to moral. Let's go through the important facts on scrum roles, so there is only SRI role since Graham. It's a scrum muster. It's a product owner and the eloquent. Once again, when we were speaking about development in, we need to consider Justice Englaro, which represent a number of people. All these three rolls creates a meaning coughs crime team. So when we were speaking about three rows together crime master, product owner and development team, we could call it as scrap team The weapon Tim is a part off from Team the normal size of Development team. Usually it takes from 3 to 9 members. There are no rules like project manager tester, key business analysts and the centering scrum. Now let's talk about each scramble in the tales 13. Scrum Master (SM): scrum Muster. Let's talk about this role. So who is this gentleman? It's a scroll muster off course There could be a lady and they personally know a number of ways who are great schoolmasters but in our example would have the gentleman. So let's talk about him. So these guys responsible for the full on measurers the 1st 1 this teaching team to work according to the scruff framework and reminding the team or individuals to back on track when needed, removing the impediments regardless, their nature and facilitators and meeting sense. Graham team decisions. So that is the three measure heiress which need to be handled by this crime muster while schoolmaster actually serving our actual working with three measurers which we recently reviewed a SAARC would be a number of things that also need to be handled by scrum muster. And let's review the common thinks that are true for this role. So the first thing is that it's true that scrum master and wolf team tortoise grandma wants and making sure demon individuals participate properly. So it's absolutely clear that scroll muster need to invite people to Bayliss, ground spring planets per interview, introspective and make sure that people attending the event additional escrow master also need to educate people to participate properly or, in other words, effectively. So that's those important things that scrum master need to take care off. It's true that scrum master is a servant leader who propagates crime and make sure it's used properly. So we already talked it strong muster educate people about scram framework and additional two. That's from Master is a servant leader who tried to it by example and actually the main goal of this literacy to serve. So it's kind off the man pray or Tillstrom musters to serve so servant leader act according to the jail. Strong well is and principles which are itself are really great and aim people two x from best intentions. Also scrum Master consider as employer need first can me to help in employees, develop expertise and improve performance, individual it or and scope of entire team. So that's kind off explanation on what is servant leadership. You've to summarize that that the first thing is to try to serve because that's all about servant leadership, scrum, master reason manager. That's also true. You even could be surprise now, but it's true and the reason is wise because we could not expect from the person which has a zero power to results the problems or impediments from Carlos in nature so scram. Master is considerate as manager who have the power but this guy or this role trying to avoid directive form of management. Eso scrum master need to consider servant leadership post. Also try to avoid directive management or classical approach off management and tried to serve first. But still it's a management position. It's true that scrum master is a member of Trump team. It's absolutely true Crime Master is a standard on the role and it's a part off scrum. T. It's true that scrum master is a member of the Weltman team. Well, yes, it's absolutely correct. It's possible, as its chrome master could combine to rules is a scrum. Master is if you're stroll and the second rule is that member of the weapon team. It's possible on some companies actually do this kind of behavior, so they're trying to make multi role persons. Ah, it's possible, but in my practice it doesn't work a little, so I would not recommend this approach, but it's allowed. So where were you? The number of things it normally handled by scrum muster. Now let's review the things that should not be handled by scrum, master and considerate as fast or mistake and statements on the scroll muster roll. So it's a foul statement that scrum master is mandated for the Dallas Crumb scrum. Master off course tried to attend this event but if needed, he or she can easily escape. Is this went? It's not mandatory to attend for the scrum master on the cement. The only things that scar muster need to make sure that such a went core according to the schedule and Ron In effective way. It's a false statements of scrum master Could cancels a sprint schoolmaster doesn't have privileged to cancel the sprint and don't is a product owners a person who can cancel the sprint. It's a false statement that scrum master should tell how to do the work and cannot signs. At dusk, a scrum master could share he's or your opinion on the way to the world with the things off course. It's possible and it's ah not prohibited. But she should never tell in director way to the well of 19. How he or she wants a development in to work also score mustardy towards situations went. He or she will need toe assign tasks to the members of development teams. It's a false and that scrum master is the same role is to manager project manager. So it's relatively de friends role and it's not correct to stays. It's from master is a project manager or team manager. So where've you a za filosa fuel? Was this girl Muster rule as a major rarest which scram muster need to take care off and the common things that are true about scrum, master and felt about school mustard? No, let's talk about an extra, which is product owner. 14. Product Owner (PO): product donor. Let's talk about this role. So who is this gentleman? No, no, no, it's not, schoolmaster. It's a product donor. Well, let's talk about this guy. So product donor is this Crumb Project Key Stakeholder Product owner decides what to build and went to build basins on the standing off project success. Typically product donor responsible for the full on major airs the 1st 1 is late and facilitate involvement off project key stakeholders. The second is to maximize the product value and za sorties be a marketplace expert. So says the three major areas which need to be handled by product owner. In addition to the errors that we currently reviewed. There are also a number of things that are true statements in regards to the product on the role and need to be handled by the product owner. So less reviews. The common thinks weishar true for Aziz role. It's true. Is it Braddock? Donor is responsible for the product backlog prioritization. It's absolutely correct. Statement and product owner is only person who are responsible about a product. The clock fertilization, how we were product donor need to explain that approaches. It is used to prayer died. But look to this crime team and stakeholders, so this process should be transparent. It's true that product donor is Manetta for three scramble ones, so product owner is required for spring planning, spring to review and Sprint retrospective. As for the Dallas Graham product owner, is optional. It's true that one project should kept one product owner. And the reason is why? Because having multiple product on their sons the project will cause problems included problems with results, off responsibilities, communications on decision making. It's true. Is it product Donor can cancel the sprint. Actually, product donor is only persons that have rights to cancel the sprint. If spring goal is absolute, it's true that product owner is a member of scrum team is a product on the reserve all and actually this person is a part of scrum team, so that's absolutely correct. It's true. Is it? Product owner is a member of development team? Well, it has a similar situation. As with scrum master, it's possible that product donor could combine to rules so in first can't have product owner and the second hand have a member of development in so scrum allows this to happen But I personally don't social commanders because from my experience it doesn't work really well. But in fact it's allowed. It's true. Is it product? Donor is a market expert, and he she has the best understanding off product the world. So we're partially cowards. This state month and fierce chapter when we reviewed a za major era self responsibility was a product owner. So private owner should be a marketplace expert. And in addition to that product, donor should have a good knowledge of the product, which is under development and, of course, should have a long term vision where to develop the project and how to develop it. So that's also important. So were you to the common things That should be also candle by product, owner of the things that are true for the product on a roll. Now let's review the things which are incorrect assumptions who are actually false statement on the product on a roll. Let's reason it's false and product owners Monday Cherie for the Dallas problem. So product donor is available. Quest owns the Dallas ground, but he or she can keep this went. It's false product ownership pressures of the world one team souls they can deliver more. It's absolutely false. Statement on product Owner should never pressured the team and scrum master need to make sure that there is no pressure on the team. Practical is, there are many reasons for that and one of them is that he or she can affect he's or your relation with the well open team in case off pressure. It's false. That product donor should tell how to do the work and cannot signs of tasks. So this question is similar off what we reviewed while we talked about scram Meral and there's a member off scrum team product. Owner, of course, can share his or her opinion on the way as a team should work. But this could be just opinion. Product owner should never tell team how to do the work and should try toward the situation when he or she will need to assign tasks. So we reviewed the major areas. So for responsibility over the product, dollar reviewed the things that normally handled by the product owner and we also reviewed the assumptions are incorrect. Statement owns a product on the road. Now let's look about the next or final role, which is the element 15. Development Team (Dev Team): there will have been doom. Let's look about disguise the well open teammates. Crime Considerate as stand alone, self manageable Unit zero Optimal size of development demons. Graham From 3 to 9 members here are the difficult characteristic of development. Team accountability belongs to the entire development team regardless, and natural is a question. There are no titles for development in members, others and developer there should be no sub team. Since Graham Development Team, we have reviewed typical trucks heuristics off development team. Now let's talk more and let's discuss that things that are true statements in regard to the development team activity or duties. It's true that the World Man team here final saying the size was a scope committed to the spring back look. So the woman team should decide buys himself how many products oclock items they should take to the spring back. Look off course product owner can advice and can sort product the cloak items in different order. But final say on the number of items or actually on the size of the scope is common. Forms of development team ization decide by himself. It's true that scrum team defines the spring goal. It's pretty drink equation here. Off course product donor can make different orders for the product back look items, and these will result in a diferent spring goal. But there could be many, ah, reasons why particular product. Look, look, item could not be done that diamonds a sprint, for example, due to technical limitations and therefore it's important that entire crime team collaborate and decides or actually defines the spring goal. It's true that the World Man team decides by themselves on the approach to against a spring commitment. Done, eso. Once again, we knows it grow. Monster and product owner are part off scrub demons. They can advise development team. But once again, as the final say should be done by the development team, as they should decide buys himself. How has there been executed work? It's true that the world contention discussed with the product owner all the issue sent find best solution regarding its execution of the supreme oclock. So while working on the spring backlogs are could be and different problems, different dishes and as the main point here is it on those problems, those issues should be addressed and product owner should be informed on the progress and problems that, of course, while the weapon teamwork knows there spring back look, so it's very important. It's true. Isn't the file go forever experiences to deliver a piece off potential or a leasable software? It's absolutely correct out. Every spring development team need to delivery piece of potential or Elizabeth software. So even if it's brand new team, which actually need to configures on Dwyer Mons, they still need to consider that they have to deliver a piece off potentially realizable software. And there should be no solid technical sprint or whatever it's called spring zero. It's true that they less crime. Megyn should take no more than 15 minutes, regardless of the size of the development team. It's absolutely correct. So no miser, how many members in development you would speak about three members or nine members? He's still necessary to make sure that Bayliss, crime or stand up takes no longer than 15 minutes. It's true that the relevant team here falls the skills needed. So we consider Development team as self manageable unit with a number of people who have different skills and all together they should have all the skills needed to turn the product oclock item toe a piece off potentially or Elizabeth software. It's true that development team members could change. So when they were saying it, it's possible to change as a member of development team. But once again we need to consider that performance degradation will take a place. In this case, it's true that the World Man team is free to change its engineering practice when there were as they want, they can change engineer practices whenever I want, but it's recommended to use spatial. You ran such a retrospective when it's the best timeto do this kind of change. It's throws at the well of men team should results internal conflicts or garlands. Nature prize themselves, so that's absolutely correct. Development team should deal with conflicts with issues, but if they're struggling for whatever reasons, they can help scrum master to assist them. It's true that the World Man team is a member of scrub team, so development team is a role in scrum, and these role is a part of scrum t, so that's absolutely correct. It's throws its grandmaster and product owner are members of the welcoming team, so that's absolutely the correct on we already know that product donor and scrum master could combine two arrows, so that's absolutely possible. So where were you? The things that are true statements in regards to the development team. Now let's reviews the things which are not correct or actually false statement In regards to the development team, let's talk about them. It's false statements that development, remember, could be a sole owner over spring break located eso you win if particular developer completed and product back look item from A to Z. We still considered decide them as item which belongs to the entire development team, but not to a particular a member of the development. It's full statements of development Team could change the Springbok lock if powerful stakeholder, for example, seals. The company requested to change something, so it's full statement, and if something similar happens, there will a painting shoot. You know why product owner and have the product owner to work with this particular stakeholder. It's full statements of development team have privileged to cancel The sprint was the spring goal is obsolete. We know that product owner is only person who could cancel their Sprint Souls estate on this false So that was the story owns that the will open team. Now let's move on and let some. My rice olds were also scrum. 16. Summary on Scrum Roles: summary on scrum roles. So let's summarize Serie scrum roles. It's a scrum master product owner and development scroll mustard. These guys and manager who act as a servant leader, scrum master, is making sure that team worse according to the scrum framework and propagates crumb or entire organization product donor. These guys, a project key stakeholder product owner, represents Zalazar stakeholders and make sure the team worst was the most valuable things. Additionally, product donor is the market expert. There will look 19. It's a self manageable role which consist off street to nine members with no special labels . The well Clinton produce the potentially releasable product interment every sprint. So that was a short summary off the Sri scrambles. Let's move on and let's start learning this cromelin 17. Scrum Events: congratulations students were each of the Shipler call. It's Karama West So let's talk more about Scram Owens and Let's Lord and bows their purpose . A world health force Cromelin is the 1st 1 is a daily scrum, is the second to the spring. Planning is a sort of this sprinter of you and the forces of spring trip perspective itself . Sprint is not in the rep. Let's talk a little bit the mouth of a Keibler. So as you off short I said that we have four prescribes crime. We went. But I could say we have four canonical scramble wins and we have four canonical scrum terry mornings. So it's the same police be aware of these. Scrum were Keibler. All these four scrum events are considered as opportunity to inspect and adopt. Police remembers it. So let's talk more and lets Lord about teacher went in the dales 18. Daily Scrum: daily scrum. This event is also known as a standard. I usually imagines the board where team reflecting their progress towards this Pringle cells. It's why, uh, he was a fuller picture here, So let's look more about these event. The typical characteristic of the Dallas crime we went are the full. The first thing that development team should attempt this. He went on a regular basis hand and tired of all Quentin. The second thing is that dailies crime went is not prescribed in terms off EPA Roy each or flows that have to be used. Your insistent. But of course, it's very popular to before. Too strong White, which says yes to use the fallen flow where each member will respond to three questions is the 1st 1 What did they do yesterday? What I will do today and do I see any impediments that may prevent him from a regions of spring goal. So for the beginning and for the reference, feel free to stick. Does this trick questions and finally, dailies? Graham is internal event of development team, so guests could visit this event. But as they shoot, stay silent. Now let's talk about truth statements in regard to the he went the statements weishar correct and we shall related to Zeus sealant. So the 1st 1 is that daily scram is time boxed event and 10 boxes to 15 minutes. And it's no matter whether you have three members on your team or nine members, you should always try to stick to this time box off 15 minutes. So that's important pounds. That's absolutely true. It's absolutely true that scrum, master and product owner could keep this event. So this event for the world one team and if there is no scram monster is there is no product owner. That's absolutely fine. He's through the daily scrumptious hell at the same place and same time. Yes, it's correct. And the reason is very simple because consistency reduced the complexity. So that was a major statements which are true in regards to the dailies Graham or stand the bill. Now let's talk about incorrect or false statement about the cement. It's false that development team members should report to strong master product on their own that their this crop. So even if product owner and scrum master presented on the event, this event is internal, so team members. Members of development team practically should never report to scrum master or product on their own. This event, they're reporting the other two members. It's full statements that structure of daily scrums will define. So we already discussed this a little. We can, of course, use the reference according to this ground, quite and use three major question. What did they do yesterday? What I'm gonna do today and I staining problems or impediments off course, we could stick to this. Approach your body. Once again, this meeting could be customized. It's full statement that members of the world when team should stand on the Dallas Graham or stand up event so they're less crime, is there? Uh, I would say a canonical name off this event, but sometimes it's a little circle. It doesn't stand up, and because of that many people things that it's necessary to step fairly as the nature of this event stand up is very is very likely. Say I was that this event should be actually maintained, stemmed way so people should stand. But in fact, development team should decide by themselves so it's up to development and whether they would like to stand or sit so that was assured over you over the daily. Scram or stand up, it went on. This event is considerate as opportunity to inspect and adopting Scrum. Now let's move on and let's discuss other scramble ones. 19. Sprint Planning: spring planning. Let's look about this event so we have a good illustration here and that actually were useful for our discussion. So in one side, to help plastic holders where the product on there is a key stakeholder and product owner manages a product back look product. But look, he's ever since it is known about the product out, there was a meeting spring planning, which we're currently discussing, and you're in this meeting scrub team should create a spring goal or go for the spring, and this girl should be supported by a number off product. But look items. So, for example, we announced some gold for the spring. And in order to achieve this goal, we need Teoh Develop or Billy were and number off product, the cloak items in our Key Street. And once the Billy word, this would mean that team created a potentially reliable piece off software sounds. That's how it works. Let's Lorne Maurin details. So spring planning this time box crime we went since it usually lost to our for every week of spring. So, for example, if in your keys you have two week spring, then you can use up to four Howard's for this event. Defiled go for spring planning is to defines the spring ghoul so every s bringing to plan. Anyone should be finished with a Sprinkle or actual outcome of the sprint. Planning should be a Sprinkle and you should have at least work for several base plant. That's two major points and here is a typical chur of touristic of this event. Scram team attend this event So entire scrum team not only development team, but entire scrum team should be presented. Other people are also welcome, but only in case if they can provide subject matter, advice or information. Scrum team collaborate on the definition offspring goal and based on that allows this bring back look. So we created some goal for the Sprint and, of course, in order tortures ago, we will need to deliver product. The cloak items is it's college course and finally, every spring should lead into potentially releasable software so that at default requirement for every sprint. So that was sure tore view of the sprint planning characteristic. Now let's talk more and less talk about true statements. Actually, that happens. You're into spring planning a wet, so it's true that spring planning could be finished, even work plans for a few days. So the spirit that's absolutely correct, so as longest, were rich time books. But we have work for a couple of days. We can say that were good enough and we can finish this spring. Binding went. It's true that spring back look is constantly able. Yes, it's absolutely correct, but it's a little bit tricky. Question. Let me explain what? So let's imagine that we have a Springbok lock, which is actually feel it by a number off product. Look, look, items and what we're gonna do next. We're gonna split those items into the tasks. And while we're splitting them, it means that our but clock is a willing. So that's a major reason why we are saying that spring break. Look, he's a woman. It's true that spring planning should come immediately after is a retrospective for the previous spring. That's absolutely correct. But of course, don't forget about that coffee breaks and human related causes. It's true that up once, and there was a spring plan any when team should have clear understand on the two major questions what we are going to do and how we're gonna do this. Says that two major questions. It's true that spring planning this time box they went with the maximal lengths off eight hours. So, yes, we already talked about this. But once again, eight hours is four months. They sprint. As long as you have two week sprint, you should consider four hours and two hours for Wigley Sprint. So were you to the major points in the regard. Does this spring plan any went? Were you the point? We sure True statements. Now let's talk about false statements in regard to the spring planning a went it's false statements, that product, the cloak refinement or, in other words, Grumman should be done during the spring planning and spring for you only. And the measure are seeing here is the only so first of all, let's talk about their refinement or grooming activity. So what does it mean? Actually, a requirement or grooming activities is activity when a team actually discussing the poor process over product Coke item discussing the requirement and trying to understand what is the purpose of this city? Um and tryingto understand whether this items used ready to be development and weather is clear from the business standpoint from a development standpoint, and these protests is permanent. This protest should not be limited to the meetings such as sprinter view and spring planting souls. That full statement. So once again, sprint by cloak, refinement or grooming. In other words, that's permanent process. We should not be limited to fall into events. Weishar actually state that here, Sprint Review and spring planting. He's full statements that product donor and scrum master are not on better for the spring plane. Both product donors Graham Monster arm another. So this statement is false. It's full statements and spring planning is internal event, and people outside the scrum team should not attend it. So spring planning is not in journal and the longest. Someone have expertise, some information that is important or useful. We can have this person invited out. He or she will shower his work, your experience about subject matter area. So that was a short or you off the spring planning, he went, and this event is considering his opportunity for inspecting adopt. I hope you have a better understanding of the purpose of this event now and made sure heretical they went. Let's ma one ls talk about. Does er scramble west 20. Sprint Review: spurring Trib. You Let's talk about this event so we have a good illustration here and we see a lot more of people's. Some of them are seating. Zalazar are staying there and listening. And there is one guy who actually explaining substantive demonstrating something. So that's worry. Would example on how Sprint Review could be maintained. Now let's talk about the surrounding more details. So Sprint Review is a scrum. My Wednesdays usually lost one hour for every week of spring. So, for example, if you have to experience, then you can consider up to two hearts for this event and four. How hours for a monster spring Do you rent this event? Scrum team and other stakeholders inspects outcome of the sprint and figure out what to do next? Sprinter view should health as aunt off every sprint sells. It was and generic rule for sprinter view and its purpose. Let's lower more about this, it went on. Let's start exploring these now, so let's talk about your heuristic scrum demons stakeholders out down this event. So entire scrum team and Aled stakeholders are welcome and actually it's good. It was that 10 different, uh, scrum team and stakeholders inspects outcome. Offspring can figure out what to do next. So it's considered that team finished on lumber off product look, look items and scram team as well. A stakeholder starts inspecting what was delivered. The's process normally leads to change towards the product, but look, order and preliminary preparation off goal for the next rate. So while scrum team and stakeholders exploring the delivery bols, they also thinking owns it for their plan. Actually, they're sinking. What to do next? And if, for whatever reason, some product back look items was not finished, is actually returning back to the product. But look and prayer dice according That's all about this statement spurring tribute is not the same as a spring demo demonstration could be apart off sprinter view, but not always and, for example, technical improvement. So what we're trying to say here is that a sprinter view is stand alone on a meaning stand along the West. Grammar went and demo could be a part of this. You went, and also we need to understand the demo is optional. Sometimes it could take your place. But, uh, if team forward tell reason, uh, could not demonstrate some things. They can explain this another way. For example, show the performance improvements to Ron Samson or actually explain how this was delivered to proof that it was not so. They're more is optional part. That's how we can consider it. So let's talk more about this. I went down. Let's reviews the true statements on this printer you, and it's true that's printed. You should lead to the updated order off running back look based on the analysis of the increment. So once again, let's major the situations that we actually joint spur interview. And we see how team actually exploring the Sprint product back look items. Actually, they're exploring is items that were committed to the sprint and challenging them where, whether they were delivered out, for example, as a considers that one item was not truly delivered, For example, it's, uh, doesn't work as expected. South still exit on their return, decide him back to the product backlog and to prioritize it, according soldiers. That's how it can a lead to the updated to order over probably the club. As this statement is all about this, let's move. One is the next statement is has its print reviews the time box to want with maximum lengths off four hours. We already talked about this, and that's absolutely true. It's true that sprinter view went, Is they went where guests are. Welcome. So it's absolutely correct and spur interviews. Well knows they went where West are welcome. Now anyone who interested could join this event, so we're viewed common true statement about this around. Now let's talk about false so it's false that them is mandatory for every sprint. So once again, sprinter views They went work team actual, explaining what was done and confirming these in different ways. And one of them is to confirm something by demonstrating it. But of course, he, for whatever reason, team is not ready to demonstrate Samson or don't want to demonstrate something because of, well, it's reason. For example, this could be technical improvement, which could not be demonstrated, but it can be measured. For example, they can skip is the demonstration part, so demonstration is a part off sprinter view. But this part is not one better. So it's fell statement. If we stays at this Monday, let's move on. It's false as that them it should be driving on Li buy the product owner or scrum muster. So it's another full statement and them would be driving by product on the rocks. Crime Master In exceptional cases, I would say so. But in most cases remember soft development German usually demonstrate something. We're actually could demonstrate something but off course. We should never say that these should be down by product on their or scrum master. Only this statement is absolutely false. So we reviewed the poor Purcell Spur interview out the main characteristics holds this event. Let's move on and let's discuss other scrum wet. 21. Sprint Retrospective: Sprint retrospective. Let's talk about this Cromwell. So we see on this image a number off people and they're sitting there discussing something , and the most noticeable part of this illustration is that they're sitting over their own table. So this table gives people equal opportunity. So people are discussing something, actually scrum team discussing something. And those the members of the scrum team have equal opportunities. This is fair discussion and they appreciate each other. So it's all about these. Karama went. So let's learn more in details. So a sprint retrospective at scrum time boxed event maximum three hours for a month spring where this crime team has an opportunity to inspect itself and create a plan off improvements to be enacted. Endurance Next print sprinter retrospective should help and they were anti forever sprint after the sprinter view. So that was a basic rule in the sprint. Her introspective let's reuse the main characteristic of this around only scrum team at them. This event no aggressed. He has no restless hits. Internal went people could charge different opinions, hands at some things that need to be a limited to the scrum team only scram, dim inspect house a lost sprint went with regards to people relations processing tools so that that sexual is the main purpose of the event. It's cramping, rising major items that went well and need to be continued ans items that requires attention and need to be improved. So during the discussion people it was a team or actual. Members of the team arising different issues and some of them are good, which I need to be cultivated. Need to be continued tent Zelizer need to be considered for improvements. That's another characteristic of this event. And now let's reviews there True statements on the Sprint retrospective that true statements that are violent forces spent. So the first thing is that true sits printers. Respective is an internal event of strong team, so once again, requests are not welcome. So only a scrum, master, product owner and entire development you should attend this event. It's true that as the default agenda off ever sprinter retrospective is based on three major steps on allies horizon necked. So actually, old people should actively be involved into the discussion your in this event, and they should share their opinions different things, and entire team should analyze whether these things need to be considered as goatee or is there bet and need to be somehow, ah, committed as part off improvement or part off plans that need to be changed somehow? So that's, uh, all about this statement. It's true that is there too much things that requires a dangerous barrios Altos print retrospective is good to focus on. One for few measure first, so it's absolutely correct. Sometimes after discussion, it could happen that tomb a rise in the number of fishes as it needs to be fixes that need to be addressed. And, of course, it's not possible to fix them all it wants because they more likely will fail. You start doing this. So what can be suggested in this case is to select one or maybe two of the most major problems or things that need to be fixed and address them during is an expert and in in that step by step way team will figures out there six later. It's true. Zits print retrospective is the time Baxter went with maximum lengths off three hours. We already know that those Perama Wentz, our dime box town for interest, respectively, as well knows them. So if you use Malta sprint, you can allocate up to three cars. If you use two week spring that probably to har sent. If you are using one we experience and one hour should be enough for the discussion. So we're viewed the things that were true statements about this event. Now let's talk about full statements in regards to these. Grandma went. It's false. That sprinter, introspective is they went to punish low performers, and sometimes you can even see that it's a went to fire people who perform bread. So it's absolutely full statement. And, uh, that's absolutely not true. But of course, during the discussion on people could share different opinions, including the performance off course. They could actually ah, price performance off a particular member or actually, Rice concerns about performance off one of the team members. So that's possible during the discussion. But of course it should be done in polite monitor and people who actually discussing such things shoot focused not on the personality but on the behaves that was produced by the person. So network never talk. This person is bad that were never do this kind of mistakes, so if you would like to discuss some things that actually not very pleasant, you shoot discuss is they behave, but not the person directly is That is the main point here. And this statement is absolutely not correct. So we're huge. Uh, sprinters respectively went And this he went is considered as great in journals. Chroma went for the team where they can inspect themselves. They can actually allied. They're things that they're doing good and address the things that need to be considered for improvements. And in that way they can always simple eso sprinter retrospective visible on those the most family balloons as actually Strazzer. But this one is internal. He went off the team, so it's special. Ah, so that was her view of this event. We have finished all prescribed or, in other words, canonical, strong winds. Now let's talk about the other events that could take place as well 22. Other Non-prescribed Events: other non prescribed to West. So we reviewed for a prescribes cromelin State surveillance. Graham is Sprint Planning Spring for you and Sprinter retrospective We can consider for Scramble when says Minimums, it is mandatory for healthy and jails Graham and warm but asle longer. As we consider this as meaning, we should also consider as a discussion and the winds and scrum actually a price productive discussions, Productive communications hound as example. Scrum team could also have different discussion when they're initiated for whatever reason , for example, by schoolmaster. And do you need to discuss some emerge issue or problem or whatever is needed? And another point is that we also need to consider time and maybe a meeting sore even, uh, some kind off sessions for back local refinement and grooming meetings. So if to summarize this chapter of what we can say here is that all other meetings a part off those for our welcome as long as they're productive cell scrum prizes and four canonical or prescribe scrum it wants can be considerate as healthy minimum for a jail scrum and wire it. But of course, you can dome or as long as it needed, so we almost finish it. These chapter about Grandma once. Now let's summarize it and let's finish this chapter 23. Summary on Scrum Events: congratulations students we reach is to find the lesson always a chipped er Screamer West. So let's make a quick summary. Owns a scrum he wants. We knows it as every four prescribes. Grandma wins and we've spent apparatus much time to review them in details. But now let's do a quick summary. So we have four prescribed. The West is the 1st 1 is a day of this crop. This event, this time boxed the duration is 15 minutes, regardless of size, off the team and the poor persist on the stands. The progress towards this Pringle, please remember that this event is an internal event off the world team. The second thing went to the spring plank as the lanxess time boxed duration up to eight cars. And when we're saying eight hours, we consider monster spring. So if you have short just brings in, you should spent last time and the poor proceeds to set spring goal, create Springbok lock or at least back look with the number off items to work for a couple of these. And of course, the will of my team should have the plan how to reach the spring goal. The short is the Sprint Review. It's bring to review Istan boxed event duration up to four hours. And when we're seeing for hearts, we consider month this print. So once again, if you have Shorter springs in, you should spend the last time and the poor policies to inspect its outcome of the sprint and decide what to do next. These, he went, is considered to be open. So West. Stakeholders out who would like to learn more about the project could visit this event and finally is there for his spring to retrospective. Is the length this time boxed duration up to three hours and once again when we are saying three cars, we consider monthly Sprint. So for shorter Sprint, consider to spent last time and the poor pussy stool on the lights, How's the Last sprint Went and rising? Plan off improvement. These, he went, is considered to be an internal event, off scrum team and itself. Sprint is not an event duration for the sprint, usually from one week to for week or monster Sprint and the poor policies to create potentially releasable software. But this is not. They went so therefore prescribed to instance Crumb and also Howser wants are welcome as long as they're productive. So we fee should this chapter and with the final point is that all scrap prescribed to rents are opportunities for inspection and adaptation. Let's move on and let's discuss the final chapter of this course is about scrum prescribed artifacts. 24. Scrum Artifacts: scrum artifacts. Congratulations, students worried. Should the final chapter on these scrum course Now let's review uses Graham artifacts. In total, we have three prescribed scram artifacts is the 1st 1 is a brotherhood back work the second to the sprint back look and the search is a product increment. Let's talk in details about each prescribe scrum artifact. 25. Product Backlog: brought it back. Look, let's talk about these major score on marked effect. So product back. Look, it's a kind off holy stuff items and not always use their stories. We can't just in our illustration use restored, but not always actually, probably back. Look, he's ever since it is known, involves the product. And, of course, this least should be prayer diced and evaluated in our kids. We see example off relation story points, but they're just one was the way to relate the product oclock items so sometimes called evaluating hours in mandates and so on. And so there are multiple ways to make immolation. This illustration is pretty fine, but that's only one off the way. How is this Could be done. Let's talk about the basic Turk to restore cause a problem. Back look so product back. Look, he's a prescribe scram artifact. So when they are saying prescribed, we always considers at least vendetta act for product. Back look is equal to the prodding development plan, so it's absolutely correct and the way how articles he's fallen so product Michael contains . Ever since it is known and bows the broad in the world out, it's prioritised found his sexually in that way equal to the product development plan. So final point is that one product back look is dedicated to one product. So what we're saying here is that we should award situation when various multiple bribing back looks and one product, because there will be a number of issues, dependency issues, issues, risk ordination. And, uh, this is I'm not good approach to his multiple back looks for one product. So, ideally or good standard or practices to care just one single product for one single brother look, look. So let's talk about broadening the cloaking details. The first is to reviews the truth. Dates on several guard is the product. Let's do this. It's true that product oclock Manager 10 prioritized by the product owner. So that's absolutely correct as a product owner so responsible to manage the product back look and product owner half final sale. Nate. Actually lease includes holes expects regarded as a product Look look management, but there could be a few points. The first point is that product owner could allow to the development in to manage the product back look as well. But in this case, product owner should clearly define on and adjust the approach that will be used so that the development team could use this approach and do not distract ever since that is related to their brought in back look management. Also, it's very important that the product owner explained to the development team to this crime Monster to the stakeholders is that parades? It is use it for back look management. So that's another very important point. What if to summarize the statement that it's absolutely correct? Product owner manage and paradise prodding back Look, that's card. Well, that's more one. It's true that product backlog can be updated or adjusted at any time. Yes, that's absolutely correct. Count Product owner could add new items to the product back. Lochore removes items from the product. Look, look whenever he or she want to do this. It's true that development team is responsible for estimation off work. That's absolutely correct. And this is general approach that our work should be a belated by someone who actually is going to do this work. So in our case, the wall of my team will induce the work and thats why is the development team shoot you alloy Tore estimates that work. It's true that technical dependency schools care for an impact on the order of the product back. Look, yes, that's also correct. Product owner may not be happy overseas, but sometimes this happens. For example, product owner may want to create registration, were social networks and make health is that the world meant him to do this. But they could explain to the product owner that they can't do it now because first of all they need to do is a regular registration, and all after that, they can do registration. We are social networks that just a row example, but there could be many other points are actually holiness. That will force the product owner to order the product back look items in particular way because off technical dependencies. So this statement is true. So were viewed as a true statements and bottles. They brought it back. Now let's talk about incorrect or fools statements regarding the product backlog. It's false statement that during the spring planning, any member of development team could take ownership for the product back. Look, item. This statement is not correct. It's false, and the reason is why because we always consider that responsibility belongs to the entire development team, even if it's spring planning event, even if product oclock item has been completely done by particular. Remember, in all the cases we always considers it, responsibility belongs to the entire development team. And because of that, a particular team member could never be the owner off the particular product like locator. So the state month is false. It's false. That broadly book look item should be ordered from the top to bottom. Where is the most valuable item? Says the top and the less valuable items, said the bottom. So where all this approach makes sense and some product owner works according to this approach is actually uses approach. So they put the most valuable items to the top and the less valley both. Still, the bottom but itself statement is not correct, And the reason is why? Because product owners should decide which approach should be used. So, for example, for one product on the really supports applicable one for his oser one. It's not applicable. So therefore, we can't actually say that these statement is true. So once again, it's up to product owner to the site on the approach to order the product. Oclock items. It's full statements that if multiple teams works on the same product, they should use separate brother back looks where each team were for to its own product. Look, look, So this statement is not correct and we knows it for one product. We should have one product back. Look, even if multiple teams works on the same product is they should always report to a single product look look. Otherwise, there will be a problems with management off work and synchronization between on multiple product back looks. So this statement is not correct. Let's go one. It's false statement that product, the clock refinement or grooming, in other words, should be limited to prescribes. Cromelin. So we have four prescribes cromelin it's on. Normally we will not be able to refine or a groom our but cook your eggs them, so we will need to spend more time around 10% of show off damn allocation for these refinement or grooming activity. So the statement is not correct because we should never limit team refinement or grooming activity to the prescribed it wants. It's false. That product oclock should only contains the user stores as it's not correct. Product book. Look, he's ever since it is known about the product, including user stories as a re shoes box and so on. So this statement is not correct. It's false. Dayton's that development team should has to mate. Working hours cars is only one off many wasters to makes it work. We off course can use the cowers for estimation. But this statement is false because they're my nazar waste to estimate the work which applicable for scram as well. So we can reviewed one off the major artifacts. It was a product. Look, look prescribe scrum artifact. Now let's talk about the next artifact, which is spring back look. 26. Sprint Backlog: Springborg. Look, let's talk about these majors Graham artifact. So we have the full in the illustration. Here we see a least off user stories and we seize it. Each user story split into a number of tusks, and that's a good example. That's Kabul Normally. Sprint backlog Behave. So we're putting something into spring back look, and then we're the composited to a number of tusks. And only after is it the woman team normally start working on tasks. So let's talk about the major characteristic. All the Springbok look Springbrook look is the prescribes grow marked effect, so it's mandatory for scram Springbok look. Have walls during the sprint, we recently talked about splitting product oclock items in tow us the composer's them, and that's a major reason why we're seeing that Springbok Locker wolves and finally, Springbok lock items are considered to be completed when ever since done based on definitional done settled by the development team. So it's important that development team create and definitional done or, in other words, least off rose, which are required to be busted successfully before any item can be considerate has done so . It's very important. Let's talk about the major statements which are true or in gardens of spring. Look, look, it's Stroh's in development team Truckers of Progress towards the Spring Gold by result Vince's print oclock items. So it's you chose the development team tow truck, the progress and to reflect this progress on the board on the other tools as long as there used to tend, of course, to communicate the progress to scrum, master and product owner as long as it variety from what is expected. So that is the one of the duties holes of the world. One team. It's true, is it on? The development team could add or subtract his items. So the Springbok lock So it's also absolutely correct. Ound Springbok lock should be managed solely by them the Walkman team. So not product donor or not, scrum master or anyone else good man that shortchange Thompson towards his print book. This should be managing by the development team Count. I were speaking about sub struck ting items already items that's absolutely fine As longest , these activity actually support the spring goal and makes potentially releasable soft to our comes true. So these the major points which need to be considerate when we're adding something or substructure in substance from the Springbok Look. It's true that Springbok lock items are sharp between the entire development team, so that's absolutely correct and the statement is more about responsibility. So it's crime. All the responsibility belongs to the entire in the world. One team and there should be no situation when a particular member of development team saying or claiming that particular item own it or belong to him or cure that's not acceptable in scram. All those items belongs to his entire development team. Now let's look about false or incorrect statement regarding this spring. But look, it's full statements that Sprint plan insured letters a well defined spring back look. We should stay and change your in the sprint. This statement is not correct, and there are, at least for you, major reasons why. Let's review them so Sprint planning could be finished when we have prepared work for a couple of days only, and it means that later when we will complete as it prepared to work, we'll let more work and these will cows changed over the Springbok look is a second to regionally that normally one we already product back work items into spring. But look, we're the composing them. We're splitting them into Tusk and that's that's a country reason why Springbok Lock will not stay in change because by splitting the product, because the items will cause change towards the Springbok lock cells. There's a second major reason It's full statement that he, for whatever reason, development impairment, finished Alcide themselves a spring back work such spring should be cancelled. The statement is not correct as well. And normally what should happen, the world went. You should notify product owners at a number off prodding book look, items haven't been fused and products owner will return back. As items seem to product. Look, look and Ripper dies them accordingly, so that's how it normally works. But Sprint should not be canceled, so the statement he is not correct. It's false that a jail is about to change so the product donor can replace Item was equal size in Springbok lock while Sprint is running. So this statement is not correct as well. And there are three reasons why it's true that the jail is about change. So that's absolutely correct. How we were on gel doesn't support shells by replacing something over spring back look product owner called greed Charles because more likely, it is gonna be unexpected change for the They will appoint you if brother donor want. You have some particular product, but look item to be taken into the world mint as soon as possible. Then such an item should be prioritised accordingly. And during the spring planning product owners should ask development team about that so they can consider the site and force the development. But no chills here, please. So that was the first to really. The second reason is that we know that all the items before they can be taken in tow. Springbok lock. They should pass a refinement or room in activity held as a really big chance that if something will be replaced it with an such an item on may not be in terrifying during room it before. And if it's true, then sash replacement could cause big problems for the development team. So it's another risky point why you should not happen. And finally, the short sink is that spring back look managed by the wall of minty moly but not by someone else, included is a product older, so that's worse. Three major reason widely. Statement is false. It's full statements as items in screen, back look and be replaced by the development team. So we already doctor about their replacing those items by his brother Toner. And we realized that product owner shoot never induces so product on their country plays items towards the Springbok lock. But what about the World Men team? We know that development team could add new items to spring back, look and subtract his items from the Springbok look. But cans, they actually replace something, and the answer is no. And the main reason is why? Because when we speaking about replacement, we consider that scope is going to change. So we're play something, then we're about to change the scope. And of course, this will affect the spring goal. So this action is not desirable, and therefore this should not happen. So replacement is prohibited even for the development team as well. And let's figure this lesson by our unions a full in the recommendation according to the steep. It's good. Don't to keep good communication, good cooperation between the development team and the product owner because this Will it too efficient work So old The changed over spring backlog calls a change store. Ah Springs activity should be discussed and collaborated between development and product owner. That's generic suggestion. Now let's talk about next Prescribes Graham artifact product increment. 27. Product Increment: product in government. Let's look about these scram. Artiforg. So what we see on this illustration with their books, and we see a check mark and normally check mark symbolize Sampson. Stable, something functional substance well done. And that's true about the product increment a world product increment to represent the result of the work done. He is a sprint. Let's talk about as a major characteristic Eliza product increment. So product increment is a prescribed scrum artifact. Or, in other words, it's mandatory for the scrub product. Increments should always appear after the furor sprint. So even if we are speaking about brand new team, we shall still consider that you're in the first print. Brown New team should prepare something functional, something valuable to the business or another work at peace off functional, working, softer and finally, product increment must be potentially ready for the release, and the core work here is potentially ready. Let's look in vault. True statements regarding the product improvement it's true. Is it product? Donor drives the business and decide to introduce the release all of the increment. So product owner, for whatever reason, may decide to do release and for what they were isn't may postponed the release, and it's upto product owner to decide when to those early is. That's absolutely correct. Let's reviews a full statement to regarding the product agreement. It's full statement that product increments should be sheep it upon sent off forever Sprint . So this statement is not correct. And the tricky thing here is that we're speaking about shipping. So when we were speaking about sheep, what we consider that is gonna be deployed into production environment and available to the customer. And of course, that's not them. And interactivity. We already coward that product owner should decide whether it should be sheep it or not. And there is also being different between berated for shipping count actual ship. Sampson. So what development deems should do they shoot, have a product increments in good state or good enough state and conditions that will allow them to deploy it or ship it if it will be needed? Of course, but it's not mandatory to ship it, so it's a big difference. Now let's talk about other artifacts, which are known prescribed artifacts, but still Houston scrub. Well, let's talk about that 28. Other non-prescribed Artifacts: other non prescribed artifact. So we're viewed three prescribe scrum artifact, and when you're speaking about prescribed, then it means that they're mandatory. But let's not talk about the artifacts, which are not mandatory, but it could be Houston scrum and they could be even pretty valuable. That's quickly check exam, so it's at least off their optional artiforg. Is it sometimes used by scrum teams? Don't it could be pretty useful. I'm not going to review them in details because they are not part of the scrum. But here's they are. It's a burned down chart. Its outset on criterias, its story points, it's planning worker velocity and house. There are two friends. It could be pretty available and the useful for scrum. 29. Summary on Scrum Artifacts: So we almost finished this course and to be actually owns the final lesson about scrum artifact. So let's summarize them. So we have only three prescribed or, in other words, mandatory scram artifacts is off. Today. It's a product back work. It's a spring back look and product increment. All the rest artifacts are optional. 30. Thank you!: congratulations. You can feed Should these grown course, I'm sure. Materials that coward Things, of course, will benefit to your personal girl to your scrum on gel polish. And, of course, toe preparation for a scrum Master certification. Once again, I would like to say thank you for watching discourse. I do appreciate time spent and I wish you all the best in your career and your personal growth and, of course, in implementation off my jail scrub. Thank you. 31. Reminder on Scrum assessment: by now you should have finish these cramp course. My congratulations to you. It's a just quick reminders that skills share a platform, does not support assessment and I invite you to visit my website Academy 60 dot com and fill out this simple registration for Don't forget to indicate skill Cheryl's website from which would be the referent, your skills, your user name and we comin for me. So I will knows it. You already obtained discourse and I will provide assess to scram assessment for you so you will be able to check your chronology and make sure that you're ready for real scrum Master certification once again, thank you and all the best in your career and in your cell development.