Scrivener Simplified - Why You Should Write Your Next Book in Scrivener & How to Import a Word File

David ✏ Ault, The Writer Teacher

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9 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. An Introduction to the Course

    • 2. Your Class Project for the Course

    • 3. An Investment All Writers Should Make

    • 4. Don’t Make The Same Mistake I Made

    • 5. Why Scrivener is a No Brainer

    • 6. Overview of Importing a Word File into Scrivener

    • 7. Preparing Your Word File for Import

    • 8. Importing Your Word File into Scrivener

    • 9. Final Thoughts and Class Wrap Up


About This Class

Why You Should Write Your Next Book in Scrivener & How to Import a Word File is actually the introductory lesson to the Scrivener Simplified series on Skillshare (see a full list of the classes below), which is aimed at self-published authors, content creators and other writers, who are looking to upgrade their writing tool of choice in order to increase their writing productivity.

In this particular class, you will learn:

  • Why you should stop using a word processor to write your book and upgrade to Scrivener instead
  • How to take a book that you have already written in Word and import it into Scrivener

So go ahead and enrol in my class and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Scrivener Simplified Series

1). Why You Should Write Your Next Book in Scrivener & How to Import a Word File

2). How to Setup the Research for Your Book with the Research Folder in Scrivener

3). How To Keep On Top of Your Writing with the Project and Text Statistics within Scrivener

4). How To Increase Your Writing Productivity with the Project Targets Feature within Scrivener

5). How to Setup the All-important Front and Back Matter of Your Book within Scrivener

6). How to Save Time and Money Formatting Your eBook Using the Compile Feature within Scrivener