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Scrivener 3: NEW FEATURE Using Multiple Scrivener Projects in Tabs

Leisa Eining, Writer & Scrivener Enthusiast

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8 Videos (21m)
    • Intro to Using Multiple projects

    • Using Multiple Scrivener Projects

    • Floating Windows

    • Full Screen Mode

    • Moving Content: Folders, Files & Images

    • Moving Content: Text

    • Compose Mode: Using Two Projects

    • Wrap up


About This Class


Optimize your working and writing process with multiple Scrivener projects!

You can do a lot with just one Scrivener Project--especially with Scrivener 3’s new and enhanced features; but using multiple Scrivener Projects at one time can turbocharge its power and flexibility.  

In this course, you will learn:

  • How and why to use multiple Scrivener project files
  • Use multiple Scrivener project files in tabs
  • Float Scrivener project files and Quick Reference Panels
  • Work in Full Screen Mode
  • Use Quick Reference Panels from multiple Projects at once
  • Move document files, folders and images from one project to another
  • Move text excerpts from one project to another
  • Use two Scrivener Projects in Compose mode
  • Use two screens in Compose mode for truly distraction free writing
  • Use two screens in Compose mode with one Scrivener Project






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Leisa Eining

Writer & Scrivener Enthusiast

I created and taught courses for an online school for eight years on writing skills--including creative and analytical thinking, essential research skills, critical thinking, persuasive writing, formal logic, apologetics, polemics, and multimedia presentation creation.

Now, I create courses full-time to help writers in all stages of their writing career from beginner to experienced including how to take full advantage of writer's tools like Scrivener and also how to discover your writi...

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