Scrivener 3: Mastering the Scratchpad

Elaine Giles, Always learning & loving it!

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14 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is the Scrivener Scratchpad?

    • 3. What Can You Use the Scratchpad For

    • 4. Adding Items to the Scratchpad

    • 5. Adding Screen Captures to the Scratchpad

    • 6. Sending to Scrivener As New Items

    • 7. Sending to Scrivener Appending

    • 8. Deleting Scratchpad Items

    • 9. Customizing Your Scratchpad

    • 10. Backing Up Your Scratchpad Content

    • 11. Dropbox - Your Scratchpad Synchronized

    • 12. Resetting Your Scratchpad

    • 13. Class Project

    • 14. Wrap Up


Project Description

Configure your Scrivener Scratchpad for super productivity in less than 10 minutes!

We've all been there. You're staring at your content filled screen, and all you can focus on is a brilliant idea you've just had ... for a completely unrelated project! You need to capture your inspiration before you completely forget what it was and preferably without losing the train of thought with your active project.

Has this happened to you? If so, you'll love our project because I'll give you an easy checklist to follow to configure the Scrivener Scratchpad to best capture your moments of inspiration no matter where you are working or what application you are using.

The next step couldn't be easier, just download the checklist! Then all you need to do is follow along with the tips in the class project video and configure your Scrivener Scratchpad to take the strain.

You'll need Scrivener of course but if you don't have it yet, or haven't upgraded yet, you can still play along by downloading the fully functional 30 day trial from Literature and Latte (

I'd love to see what your preferences are for configuring your Scrivener Scratchpad and I'm sure your fellow students would too so do please share your Scratchpad configuration with the class in the project gallery.


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