Scrivener 3: Mastering the Scratchpad

Elaine Giles, Always learning & loving it!

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14 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What is the Scrivener Scratchpad?

    • 3. What Can You Use the Scratchpad For

    • 4. Adding Items to the Scratchpad

    • 5. Adding Screen Captures to the Scratchpad

    • 6. Sending to Scrivener As New Items

    • 7. Sending to Scrivener Appending

    • 8. Deleting Scratchpad Items

    • 9. Customizing Your Scratchpad

    • 10. Backing Up Your Scratchpad Content

    • 11. Dropbox - Your Scratchpad Synchronized

    • 12. Resetting Your Scratchpad

    • 13. Class Project

    • 14. Wrap Up


About This Class

Scrivener has a hidden gem of a feature called the Scrivener Scratchpad. The Scratchpad is a magic window you can summon with a simple keystroke and use to capture anything. That "anything" can include your thoughts, information from your browser, images or just that crazy idea for a future project you absolutely don't want to forget and it works even if you're not actually working in Scrivener at the time!

In this class you’ll learn how to master the Scratchpad, configuring Scrivener to do all the hard work for you.

You'll finally be able to stop worry about forgetting your random flashes of inspiration, capture them and get back to creating your content without missing a beat.

Here's exactly what you get:

A series of videos containing concise, straight to the point, instructions of how to use and best configure the Scrivener Scratchpad

Download of a Checklist file containing all steps detailed in this course to configure your own Scrivener Scratchpad

BONUS: Invitation to exclusive AMA sessions

As a class project, you’ll follow the downloadable checklist to configure your Scratchpad for maximum productivity to make working with Scrivener faster than ever before.

While this course assumes no prior detailed knowledge of Scrivener a passing familiarity with the interface and functionality of the app would be beneficial.