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Script Font Design Course using Procreate, Adobe Illustrator and Fontself

teacher avatar Design2Last, Procreate Brushmaker, Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Script Font Design

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About This Class


Welcome to my Script Font Design course on Skillshare. 

In this course, I will be showing you how I create script font using the materials mentioned below. 

Materials Needed: 

- Procreate

- Adobe Illustrator

- Fontself Extension for Illustrator ( 10% Discount: )

- Calligraphy Brush uploaded in the resource section 


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Procreate Brushmaker, Illustrator


Procreate Brushmaker, Illustrator

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1. Welcome: Hello everyone. I haven't been designing fonts for bioengineers now. I've designed mostly script and you may have come across my fonts in various marketplaces. In this course, we will be using Adobe Illustrator sponsor extension. You can find the OpenCourseWare sponsor in the resources section. Hope to see you in the class. 2. Script Font Design: Hello, I'm really excited that you decide to join me in this class without further ado, let's drapes. I'll draw a little guide for opening the lower the opacity of the guy or create a new layer and make sure that you choose flag as your collar. And then just ensure that you start writing the letters in such a way that you'll exit stem region, the red line that you can see on your screen. And your x-height should be the two black lines above and below the line. And since this is the line which is the top Muslim and the sixth line from the top. And you will see me writing in such a way that I think downstroke, upstroke. You can also go for a moment wherein we have no contrast between the letter forms. So rather than going for the Calico script, you can also go for a monoline letters. It depends on your personal choice. I just like this, where I'm going. This kind of telegraphy style. The best thing ammonia or you can make mistakes and then you can easily correct them. In procreate, you can either click on the undo button or the apps on the spleen. And that way you can undo and disorders. So if you have knowledge of calibrating style, so you will just have to repeat the process. Monitoring over the existing line. Do not do that. The letters we ignored. When we form the letters. And when we do the form design does not match seamlessly. So it's a very important thing to note about the outcome to the red line, especially the exit stem. And yeah, so once you're done with this, we'll move on to the uppercase. And a book is very easy because users have fixed five lines. And you just have to make sure that they fall in between. So once you're happy with doing that, and then like I said, let's move on to the uppercase letters. And you can rename the letters as small a two there. And then you repeat the process for the uppercase letters. So when you start uppercase letters, just ensure that you stick to the first five lines because there is no descended over here, just ensuring that the base of the x-height should match the uppercase. So it's important that it lives like the other ways when you create a And for the uppercase and lowercase match. So I hope that makes sense. For example, is the base of ABC. If it has been lower, then it wouldn't match of this more low case. So when you connect them, basically, you just take your time here. There's no hurry. Like we have enough time. The slower you do it, the better it would be. Just for the sake of this font design, cause I'm trying to cause within a stipulated time. So that is why I'm going. But you don't need an if you heard even the font will not go now to the way you entered. So yeah, I'm just moving. It will not fit into this screen. If I write like this. So I have my moving the letters once I'm happy with it. So this is the same process again. You basically write the letter and if you're not happy with them, just undo it and then try it again. And once you're happy with your letters, and we'll move on to the numbers and punctuation are usually very easy to do. But before moving to fund itself, we need to do some prep for it. So I'll show you what to do. I knew illustrator, whereas now we just write letters normally as you do. You can also do this in arm with a pen and paper. But I prefer because even with the pen and paper or any other brush if you use, then basically the thing is that although lines are not clear, unless you're going for that kind of load, you have to clear the lower. And that is why I do not prefer that method. But this isn't. From time I've worked to create for iPad. I am, I have been having a Galerkin, such easy and helpful and really made my life so easy. And I'm I'm sure that would have made your life also very easy. So we're kind of done over you. Show that you rename the Leo. And after renaming. And let's start writing the numbers and punctuation. So I'll be writing the numbers. Like I'll be going with the first nine, numbers. Nine and showing you write it in this way only. Because when important to foreign cells, that is how it is important. Like you will be importing one hole. And if you write 123456789, and then it will take the numbers like that. But no one says, you will basically have one. 12, like that. So it's important that you basically 0 to nine in the way that I am writing activates easy for Australian-born. Moving onto punctuation, it's important that you ensure that your punctuations falling between your fine lines. And unless it's the exclamation mark or question mark will have adored below the line. I'll just fast forward does because it's available. And you can see me doing this for something now. And once you do that, then you can basically see the layers as it is on exporting. I'll see you. We illustrate that. Let's just move on to I have provided template, open that file and you will see something like this. Then you will do is create a new layer and you can rename it whatever you want. Then go ahead and put your files. After importing that law, the passage of the base one, the force Leo, I'll be 40%. And then move on to the third Leo and then go to image. Chris and I have a stump praising the third one. I will show you sitting in a while. Just go to the windows open. So these are my settings for the latrine. And make sure they know where it is. And then you just can go ahead and just start tracing. So once you're done tracing, then you can expand it and ungroup the letters before. Just make sure that YOU keyboard and go to the whitespace and hit delete, delete the whitespace from those. And then just go ahead and do ungroup. So now I just like this part. What do you need to do is you need to align in such a way that the existence touches a red line. For each day. You need to do this since we have heard enough. So it's easy for one to one, you can do it. So it goes, then go to k2, and then also do the same thing. It should fall on the existing shortfall. And then similarly for S2. Once you're happy with the alignment, then go to the small letters Ungroup, and repeat the process. And then the important thing to note over here that apart from doing what we're doing, we're aligning it to the red line, the exit stem. We also need to ensure that i and j. So that is the important one. So all the letters which are not. So I'll tell you the duals of certain things to keep in mind before Importing to fun. First of all, it's always best to have all the letters aligned on single language. Also make sure that the alphabet numbers are aligned from uppercase to lowercase and 0 to nine. And the third important thing is a group the letters, for example, in the, I think we've already done, as it will be important separately. Also, the scene needs to be incorporated in all the punctuation. So I hope it's clear what we have to move. You have to do all the punctuation. So exclamation mark the equal to sign the colon semicolon. Once you're happy with it. And do the same thing. For 0 to nine, just ensure that they fall within the first five lines. And once you are happy with the placement and move on to punctuation. So here I'm putting all the punctuation one line and then basing dying. So the way I made sure that the punctuation at the right bracket, bracket falls under the line, since we have it all in one row. So it's easy for us to place the others also in the right manner. So uncertain. Then both layers and then just hide the force. We don't need anymore. Our local guide layer. And then go to the funds will extension. Select all the uppercase letters along with the guide and just place it in the data will be imported. So the lightning that you see over here is because low. But it doesn't really matter actually because we will be using mostly off on Adobe products. And what if in case you are not happy with the morning can always above where I've placed. But I really like it this way. So that is why I gave it the warning. So once you're done importing oil numbers and punctuation, then it's time to look at the spacing line. Looks okay to me. Then I am going to the uppercase letter a. And then there should be a new move to see the exit stem. There should, it, should, the right spacing should be negative. So that when we connect the letters. And then it basically matches seamlessly, do it for all the literals. Then I'll fast forward this a bit repetitive. And just basically I will say that once again, I'm just trying to match. It is important that the stem should basically the exit part of the stem, should basically match or overlap should be there between the x. So for that we need to have some negative spacing. I hope that's clear. And if in case you have any questions, I'm always in all this my human ideas, they're downloads and letter spacing. Spacing. There's some overlap between the preceding and coming up to that. Spacing should repeat this process for each. And once you're done with this, then I'll meet you on the other side. And the punctuation. Why? Now? The reason I'm saying this, because we have a buffer on the east side of numbers. So it basically, basically it falls and as you can see, it is falling under the right spacing. Once you're happy with the numbers, they could either go to each number and see whether you are happy with it. Like even for punctuation, I'm pretty happy. So you can see that all the punctuation, having the right set of spacing on either side. But you can always derive this later in the foreign cells. And there's a red triangle. Now, you need for oil though. And last chosen batch imported. We need to assign a code to it. So you can just go ahead and press the key, the one-way latency and saying just for the, and, and as good as strict and bracket, you just put bracket and that way you just do it for punctuations. Once you're done with this, then we will, I'll show you how the font spacing in everything. Why? Then you can basically go to the Font part and just check with everything looks okay. And if everything looks okay, and you can go to the home again, and it looks fine to me. Afterward to whom you can basically select the font. And just like the way we have all the letters, numbers, and I just wanted to name this font. So I'm, I have decided I will need we'll do Lamarck. So after you rename your font, then it's time to move on to the salt in my stylist, my designers. And you can visit around the store. And once you put all this information. So this kind of information is very subject. I mean, depends on what you want to put over there. Once we're happy with it and go home. And you can see that now, the save option, and you can save the form. And once you have saved the font, you can see the option is open safe font. And you can just install it and start using the phone. I really hope that you like it and read it on your phone. You can always reach out to me and I'll be happy to help you.