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Scribble effects on videos - using an iPad

teacher avatar Viki Kloper-Weidenfeld, Teaching creativity using iPad

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Scribble effects intro

    • 2. Scribble effect what apps to use

    • 3. Scribble effect video export from procreate app

    • 4. Scribble effect ipad screen recording

    • 5. Scribble effect LumaFusion

    • 6. Scribble effect animation app

    • 7. Scribble effect green screen app

    • 8. Scribble effect for an youtube intro video

    • 9. Scribble effect instagram stories

    • 10. Scribble effect q and a

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About This Class

In this class I am going to show you how to make a scribble effects on videos.

The best part of this class is that you will be making this effects using only your iPad. 

You have probably seen some music videos or youtube intros with this kind of effects, and always wondered how do people make this effects. Well, People have some very expensive programs on their computers to be able to do all of these. One of the programs that is able to make scribble effects on a video is a Adobe After Effects. If you have creative cloud subscription, then you can try to learn how to use it. But I have a very short and mobile technique to show you in order to save time and money. 

If you are like me, making videos on the go, with your smartphone, and also edit them on it or your iPad, than you are probably looking for a mobile solution for making video effects. And since there are no desktop Adobe apps like After Effects on our iPad Pros, we are looking for other ways to make our video effects. 

In this class I will show you what app you will need to download to your iPad in order follow all tutorials that come after that. 

See you in the class. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viki Kloper-Weidenfeld

Teaching creativity using iPad


I am a self taught artist and designer. The world of color and shape inspires me as I continue to grow and gain more knowledge and skills.

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1. Scribble effects intro: and guys in this class, I'm going to show you how to make Scrabble effects on videos which will look like this. Are this the best part of this class is that you will be making this effects using only your iPod. So if you are interested in learning the school stuff now, continue watching this next videos. This less is very short, but if you don't have time right now, you can save this glass for later. And if you would like to be notified for the next classes to come, you should follow this channel. You have probably seen some music videos or YouTube interest with this kind of effects and always wondered how the people many this effects well, people have some very expensive programs on their computers to be able to do all of this stuff. One of the program so that is able to make Scrabble effects on the video is adobe after effects. If you have creative cloud subscription, then you can try to know how to use this up. But I have a very short and models technique to show you in order to save time and money. If you are like me, making videos on the goal with your smartphone or iPad and also editing them on these devices. Then you are probably looking for a model solution for making videos effects. And since there are no desktop Absa like Adobe after effects on your iPad, we are looking for other ways to make our video effects. In the next videos, I will show you what absolute you'll need to download to your device iPad, iPod or iPhone in order to follow all tutorials that will come after that. So see you in the next videos. 2. Scribble effect what apps to use: the first step, but I want to talk about his. If you do it in, most of you probably use this kind of perhaps the most basic happy's. I'm movie or similar both an iPhone and an iPad. Those abs are very minimal. You can't do much with them, so I would like to introduce to you an app called Norma Fusion. If you never hears off it, go to their YouTube channel and you will see how advances happy's in this class. I'm not going to teach you everything about the CEP. We will use it only for the things done in the tutorials. But if you would like me to do an advanced class about room effusion, let me know in comments. The next app is procreate. If you are familiar with the SAB than you are, probably use it for our, but you actually can use it also for Scrabble effects on your videos. And finally, we have to absolutely do in The first is called animation and the other is green scream. I will talk about those Tuapse extensively in this class 3. Scribble effect video export from procreate app : Let's start with broke Greta. So appropriate is an art up. You can sketch pen and write in this up, but for our purposes we will usability expert option In this up, this app records every stroke you make. So if you would like to make a stroke by stroke animation for your video for the following steps first check what dimensions is your video. Then open the procreate up tap on the plus. I can't open a 16 by nine document or make other dimensions. You can change your dimensions Here, go to the layer panel and changes a background color green in the value tab. Enter 00 ff 12. We will make our animation in the letter bought the background Choose the brush collar I will be using right and choose your brush in the brush panel I would recommend to use in a pack Brush was not transparency. The brush I chose for this totoro is an intern panel and it is called gel pen. Decide what you are going toe right. If you are making an intra video, it might be the name off your video. It doesn't matter for the app if you work faster, slow. So be patient, work slow and make every stroke to be perfect. The first couple of times will be like a practice. You will be able to edit exported video and choose the best result you have. So let's don't. You can play your time lapse video and then you can explore this time lapse video just up the save. Either I can, in order to save it in your photo up, open your camera roll to see that the video you just exported is there. We will use this video you created in a few minutes. 4. Scribble effect ipad screen recording : for this tutorial, we will use procreate up again. But this time you will get smoother writing or drawing the fact like this. So again open, procreate up. Make a green canvas, Choose the brush and brush color If you practice is to total immediately after the previous one just opening new layer and claws the layer you worked on. Now make sure you have zoomed in on your canvas so you don't see the outside. Working areas also tap on the canvas with four fingers in order to disappear. All user interface. Now we are left with our clean green screen. Now, in order to record your screen swept up with your finger, you should see your control center. This icon is the screen recording button. If you don't see it in your control center, please follow the following steps. Go to your settings up tap on control center, then tap on customize controls. Here you have control that appear or not in your control center. Just step on the green. Plus I can't to put your screen recording control in the control center on your screen. Okay, Now we see that it is there and we are ready to record tap the record button. It counts to three and start recording. Go back to procreate. Don't, for you will be able to cut all the necessary parts from your video. Now the length of the recorded video will depend on if you write slowly are faster. But in Loomer fusion, we will be able to control the speed off this video to just don't make it too fast or too slow to end the recording. Tap again on the recording icon. This saves a video automatically in your camera roll. Check the camera roll to see if it's there. 5. Scribble effect LumaFusion: Now let's see what we can do Business to ascribe Elin emissions video that we just created Please open Numa fusion up again. I'm not going to teach you everything about this up. Just follow my steps stabs a plus I got in order to start a new project here you can name your project Decide what frame rate toe work with It should be the same frame rate your video was shot in. Also you can choose frame aspect. Traitor! This is very convenient because this way you can make great videos for Instagram with one toe on radio or for your instagram stories with 9 to 16 Rachel for now I choose 16 Tau nine for regular video dimensions. There are several possibilities to see the workspace in order to see the same. I am using tap on this icon and choose this workspace. So on the right upper said you see the video preview on the left You see all source material that you will need happen on the flower. I can't let you choose between different sources material for now, choose the fourth. The source on the bottom part is our editing area. We have six timelines. Right now you see a blue one, which is video, and the green one is the audio in bloom, a fusion. You can help three video timelines and three outdoor timelines. Gradually, I will explain some other futures that we will be using. So right now we need to insert original video. Let's assume that we are making an intra for a vlog video. If you said this video on your camera roll, then you go insulted from there, cap on moments and choose the video and drug it onto the video timeline. If you're really a has sound and you will see away form on top off your blue video timeline , you can detach your mother from the video by going to suitcase icon and tap in the touch, and I will be able to edit both separately. But for now, we don't need that. You have undo and redo arrows here. Now it's time to insert the second video, which has the green screen describable effect. I trust we will see how the stroke by stroke video works here. So go to the upper panel and find this video. I want to find it drug it on the upper timeline video. Now when you drugged with your finger, you can move the videos together and see how it looks like vision that seems the Scrabble Effect Video has a green background. We can see our video Saloum infusion can handle the green screen effect. To do that step twice on the upper video, you are taken to the edit panel, so first we can position or effect on the video frame we can rotate. Make it smaller or bigger. You can make the effect be faster or slower and make the green background to disappear. To do that happens this icon and choose green screen king. Here you can play with Hugh Range saturation, wrench and brightness. Move your timeline to see how all the friends look like this time. You can also play with other options in this panel to learn better this app, but for now it is enough happened Go back. I can't let's see how it works. If you are satisfied, you are ready to export your video tap on export. I can't choose movie and chose to save to further app. Here you can change the settings off the exported video, but For now, we don't need to change anything. Stabs Export icon in the video is exported to your camera roll. Go to camera Roto. Watch the video again. You're inter is ready Now let's see how this Quran recorded video will work in the same interest. Finds a green screen video and inserted on top off your video in the timeline tap on it. In order to choose to this video, I got the part you don't need by using the Caesars icon. Position the upper video in the correct time above the lower video. Tap it twice to enter the editing mode. If you still see the Progress user interface to inside the frame, reposition the frame again, then you might want the effect to be faster than it is. And finally he was the same green screen key effect. As with the previous video, if you are satisfied with the result, go back preview again and export your video. I hope you can see the difference between the two techniques. Which one you choose depends on the fact you want to show to your audience. You can try both effects in the beginning and the end off your whole video. Next, I will show you how to use animation at to make Scrabble defense using frame by frame in your video. 6. Scribble effect animation app: police opens animation up into step, you will be able to upload your video and drove frame by frame off the video and ed Scrabble effect on other layer. If you need to make few animations at the same time, you can use different layers. Let's see heart works toe open a new project, tap on the plus icon and choose new drawing before we start to work. You need to understand couple of things about this first of fall. Even if you see a transparent background, you exported video will not be transparent if you put your intra video as a background exported video will not contend the intra video, even though we will work with our intra video in the background, we'll need to go to drawing properties and define a green background color. So here we will also have a green screen effect. We should also define our aspect, traitor and frame right. If you have a regular video aspect rate, you choose 16 by nine. And if you have five seconds intra vigia, than you will have to draw 80 frames. If you chose 16 frames per second, if you choose more, you will have much more work to do but you Scrabble if it will be much smoother. Next, let's in certain intra video tap on the letter. I can choose the camera icon and find your video AP use from the Scrabble effect, choose or open and Euler above the video player. Now we need to choose a cholera and brush for our reading or drawing in order to see the friend we need to attack. On the plus icon, you can see how old friends move. Those 16 frames are one second off the video. Let's draw each friend after finish. Goto the gallery. Find your project. Tap on the share I can share as a video with the highest resolution you can save in your comment a role. Go to your foot tap and check the video there. As I told you, your video will have a green Bagram. In order to see the effect upon your video, you can use a san technique as we did in Duma fusion app in the previous videos. In the next video, I will show how to use another app by doing called green screen 7. Scribble effect green screen app: please open the green screen app tap on the plus icon and create a new project tap on the plus icon on the lower timeline. Import your men video, then tap on the plus icon on the upper timeline and import your Scrabble effect video. Having to play about um so this app makes a whole difference between process very easy, since we may describe effect video with the same dimensions as our men video there no work left to do. Just export your video. Tap on safe and choose where to save your exported video. Check the video on your camera roll. Next videos are projects that they make using those techniques. I will make a Scrabble effect for on the YouTube intra video, then it Scrabble effect for instagram stories and then I can no longer animation for an intravenous. See you there. 8. Scribble effect for an youtube intro video: in this project, we will be using animation happened in bloom, infusion to make the Scrabble effect like this from the intra video for this demonstration , I chose seven seconds intra video off me talking to the camera before we start. Describe effect animation. I want to make some blurring effect for this video. I tap on the video twice and goto color and effects that this I cannot be confined. Different Lauren effects. I chose an effect called Box blower 80. This effect has barrels that can change the blower radios when the pleasure videos have learned effect is constant. I want to change it so it will gradually disappear. So I moved, determine and put key frame and different point while reducing the blow radios. Great, it looks well. Next, I want to create a reference image off the text of the boot as animation in the intra video , I will do it in Adobe Compound This episode free. You can choose other acts like this on your tap. On the plus, I can't open the new document. Your document should be the same dimensions off your video, So I created the custom size of 16 by nine radio. First of all, I want to make a rectangular shape, so I'm going to the two section and choose if Tunggal ship a change it struck and background toe wife. This actually doesn't matter, since it's just for reference. Iris eyes the shape, and if you have the guides turned on, you can positions shared into central MSA campus. Then I can put in the text and explained the image to my comment a role. Next, I opened the animation app Tap on the plus I can't open in your droid. First, goto the drawing properties and make a green background for export. Make a 16 by nine aspect ratio, then goto the Liar Faneuil and applaud the reference image. So we have these reference on separate layer. Go back to the lair panel and open additional layer both. This is the layer that I'm going to make all animation process. I will be making the animation with white brush. So the first step in the animation processes Tony made the rectangular shape. I will do this animation in the room, a fusion. So just for now I draw the shape. I don't care that it's not straight. I wanted to have a hand drawn look. To explore the image of this shape, go back to the gallery, tap on the shape and chose single friends with highest resolution Possible. This image will be saved in my camera roll. Now I'm going to animate this shape in Loma Fusion app. So I'm going back to my interview, your project and drag the image that I just said on the upper video timeline about the original intra video. It has a green background, so right now I can't see the video below. I tapped by strength of the editing mark and go to color and effect. Follow, then go to key icon and choose Green Scream Case looks good for me, so now we can see the video below. This shape ended the animation a tap twice again on the image and go back to the editing more in frame and feet panel. I want to make Frankie's at different times and precise in the image. This way I can you met its movement, but as you see, if I henderson side the image, it loses its centre and its aspect aerator, so I will use the position handled positions image of each team looks great. Let's play the game. Let's go back to animation after continue our process. In order to keep the ship than all other information, we need to duplicate the first friend. Next, I will draw each later in different friends. Remember to duplicate previous frames in order to have all that just over here. Let's see the animation export the animation video. Go back to the gallery and tap share video is the highest resolution possible. This video will be saved in my comment. Earl, Let's go Those heirloom, a fusion, non dragged animation video that we just created on the same video layer as our ship image position in just after it tapped twice on the animation either and Goto Color and effects panel. Go to Key icon and again choose green screen. Keep if needed. Use a few such Rachel and brightness to make your animation lines the look better. Let's see how it looks. I want to add some more animation effects or go back through the animation. I goto the reference layer and turn it a pass it down to zero, then eject that we still have the Bagram set. The green car. I deleted all friends a subs shipped frame, then frame by frame I ed is his daughter will end up is time around the rectangular shape. Finish xcor this animation to like the previous one in the confusion up drug. This animation video on the upper started video layer just above the text animation video A tap it twice to enter the editing world and make the green background to disappear lets you our animation intra video. Now we're ready to export it to our camera. You can keep all the settings as is Check it in the camera roll. So here it is now will be able to add this intra toe any YouTube video Amick. 9. Scribble effect instagram stories: in this project, I will make a short video off. My instagram stories is writing Scrabble Effect Animation. Instagram stories have a nine by 16 aspect rating. When you open a new project in Loma Fusion, you need to define this radio a drug movie down the main video timeline. And since I don't mean the sound, I detach it from the video and regulated. So I have about 10 seconds video. It's just me showing the studio around. Let's go to the animation app to work on our animation process. Open a new project, defined the green screen background and we will use a rectangle. A radio this time seem to have a bed. Handwriting. I will make a reference image again in Adobe Camp. I choose square canvas. I choose extolled to write the text. You can position it and recite it however you want. So choose from the funds I installed on my eyes. After I finish recession and repositioning export the image to my camera in animation, ever import this image on the separate layer, I opened a new layer for the animation process. I test how the brush will look like for drawing the Laissus When I'm ready, I started run inside the letters, adding new duplicated frames. This way the letters are added up with type. - Let's previous generation. Now I want to add some animation effects to some letters, so duplicate the last frame, which has all letters with selection tool. I choose the upper part of the tear letter. I move it up a little bit. I make the same off part off the letter or and are I duplicate this friend and move this part once more. I want this to repeat several times, so I'm duplicated frames. Let's review the animation. I like it. So I will exploded toe my common earl in the confusion and dragged animation video on to the second video Timeline Tabs animation video twice to go to edit mode. For now, I'm making the animation to be slower, but they might change it later. Then I want to reposition the text image so it fits the video frame and that makes a grand scream to disappear. I duplicate the animation video and then spend in reverse Bano reverse of the video. Let's now I'm ready to export the video toe, my camera and the blooded toe. My instagram stores 10. Scribble effect q and a: this time I want to make the animation effect using procreate app on iPad. Screen the recording option. So have my video read in Men Video Simon In Duma fusion. Now let's go through the procreate. Happened open are green filed this video dimensions zoom in so the green canvas take all screen area that this four fingers and make the user interface disappear. Don't forget to choose the brush and brush color. Start recording the screen. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, since you can edit them out. - I'm making some reflection effects all parts that they're not. Then it will be cut out. Stop recording and the video is saved automatically in the camera. Roll in the refuge in direct animation. Video Doctor Intra video. You can cut out the first and last sections that you don't need, but don't start cutting other person before you take care off the greens. Cranky and maybe also recites. Now find the party you toe cut out and delivered. Now it's just plan is a different part of the information. You can make some of them faster and repeat