Screenshots: Windows 10 Screen Capture, the Complete Guide | Ryan Foster | Skillshare

Screenshots: Windows 10 Screen Capture, the Complete Guide

Ryan Foster, Teacher and Technologist

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9 Videos (28m)
    • A Very Quick Introduction and Overview

    • Capture Your Screen and Put it in a Document or Email

    • Save Your Screen to a File

    • Take Screenshots with the Snipping Tool

    • Highlight and Mark Up a Screenshot

    • Capture a Screenshot with a Timer

    • Record Software Problems with the Problem Steps Recorder

    • Capture Screenshots and Videos with the Game DVR

    • Use Screenshots Effectively in Presentations and on Websites


About This Class

Do you need to...

  • Take screenshots on your PC without buying extra software?
  • Use screenshots in a presentation?
  • Put screenshot on a website or blog?
  • Report software problems?
  • Avoid wasting your time?

If so, then this course if for you!

In this course you will learn how to use many useful tools that come with Windows 10 to capture any part of your screen, and how to use these screenshots for common tasks. Enroll now to learn these useful time-saving techniques!





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Ryan Foster

Teacher and Technologist

I am a professional teacher with experience teaching dozens of subjects to students of every age. I have also spent many years in the public sector working as a Web Application Developer. I'm excited to teach you about things that matter, whether it be the thoughtful use of technology or the meaning of life.

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