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Scrapbook Mini Album for Baby Boys

teacher avatar Monja Wessel, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (2h 3m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Gather the Material (and download the Files)

    • 3. Folding the paper and preparing to sew it

    • 4. Showing the sewn bags and glueing the pages together

    • 5. Adding the spine, glueing the cover on top

    • 6. Decorating the Cover

    • 7. Punching a hole into the sewed bag and decorating the first page 1

    • 8. Adding Stories

    • 9. Second Layout

    • 10. Double Page Layout Part 1 (Scrapbook Decoration Ideas) 1

    • 11. Double Page Layout Part 2 (Scrapbook for Beginners)

    • 12. Layout with Circles Part 1 WRMK Circle Trimmer (Scrapbook Tips) 1

    • 13. Layout with Circles Part 2 (Mini Album Page Ideas)

    • 14. Scrapbook Decoration Idea

    • 15. Scrapbook Ideas for Baby Boy

    • 16. Scrapbook Decoration Idea

    • 17. Our Scrapbooking Project

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About This Class

What if - in years from now - you, your husband, your mum, your dad or your boy can pull out a Mini Book from the cupboard and go through all the stories you’ve preserved for him with you? What if you all can sit together and indulge in memories, laughing about stories which have been nearly forgotten, have a cup of coffee together and enjoying these long-gone days?

Sometimes we scroll through our photo feed on our mobile and all of a sudden the one or other memory comes back - but - without „words“ we more often than not do not really remember the story behind the picture. We quickly snap a photo and yes, we do that all day, and at that moment they are important to us. But then, after a few weeks, months or even years, they are forgotten in the feed and sooner or later nobody remembers the context anymore.


When my grandma died in 2000 I tried to gather all the pictures from her I could. That was long before the digital age and pictures, beside those from vacations, were rare. I found quite some but it is never enough when you miss a loved one.

That’s when I promised myself that I’d always have enough pictures of the everyday life from the people I love. And that was when I started scrapbooking. And memory planning. And therefore my website - and never looked back.

Today I have nearly 15000 digital pictures in my cloud and sure, I do not print them all but hey, I do and I create layouts and I make Mini Albums and I love to make a „Scrapbook Evening“ every now and then and pull out all the Mini Albums and have a sit-in with my loved ones.

And - they enjoy indulging in memories as much as I do!

I get it though - we will never have time to scrap each picture we take over the years. We will never have enough money to buy all the supplies we would like to have and we will never use all the supplies either! And that’s where hybrid scrapbooking comes into play - we can use digital supplies, print them when we need them and scrap whenever we feel like because - we won’t have to take long hauls to gather all the supplies needed! They are already there, prepared for you to print out and start crafting!

In this class we digg deep into creating a super easy Mini Album - you just need a few pieces of paper, no book binding tool or anything - a few papers, a chipboard and adhesive are enough!

And that is why the fun begins with this class. We have it all inside. From high-quality printable to detailed instructions - written and in video format - you get it all.

So whenever you decide to scrap something you can just come over to the class, download whatever you need and start doing your next scrapbook adventure!

In this Mini Album class I use photos from our Baby Cat "Chrissy" because he is just a new addition to the family and I wanted to create this Mini Album for my Mum as a memory of the time when Chrissy was a baby. I know it's "just" a cat (who means the world to us) and not a child but these are also memories which are worth to be preserved, aren't they?


The Mini Albums with all your family’s memories you’ll create today will not just impact your life today and give you countless hours of family time going through your beautiful albums but also help your loved ones remember long gone times and let them show those to their kids.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Monja Wessel

Graphic Designer & Illustrator



As a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Entrepreneur I enjoy all things creative. I love designing and modern memory keeping (aka scrapbooking) as well as video creation, editing and taking photos. I'm also a teacher so it felt natural to me to create online courses and combine all my passions.

In my classes I focus on creating courses you can follow easily. You will have a finished project once you have completed the class.

To me, learning starts when I can pick you up where you are right now and help you discover why you mostly want to conquer the topic I'm teaching you.

I create my courses carefully so you can easily follow through but if you are stuck at any time you are welcome to write me so I can help you overcome the obstacle.

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1. Welcome!: What if in years from now, you, your husband, your mom, your dad, or your baby boy can pull out a mini book from the cup board and goes through all the stories you've preserved for him with you. What if you all can sit together and indulge in memories laughing about stories which have been nearly forgotten, have a cup of coffee together and enjoying these long Dan, days, sometimes with sprawls through our photo feet on a mobile and all of a sudden the one or other memory comes back. But without words, we more often than not, not ready remembers the story behind the. We quickly snap a photo and yes, we do it all day. And at that moment, they are important to us. But then after a few weeks, months, or even years, they are forgotten in the feet and sooner or later nobody remembers the context anymore. I get it though. We will never have time to scrap each picture we take over the years who will never have enough money to buy all the supplies we would like to have. And we will never use all the supplies either. And that's where hyper scrapbooking comes into play. We can use digital supplies, print them when we need them, and script when ever we feel like the course. We won't have to take long holds together. All those supplies needed. They are already, they're prepared for you to print out and start crafting. In this class, we create a lovely mini album, was just a few supplies, but additionally, a lot of inspiration from a scrapbook layout. You want to add to your mini album. All scrapbook papers, scrap of elements, and even CAD files for your cutting machine are already included. So you only need a minimum of supplies. So now let's get started preserving your memories for generations to come. 2. Gather the Material (and download the Files): So here's some material you need for this class. The best thing is you have an A4 to board and you cut it in half. And that is what we are going to use for the cover. And then you need a lot of paper. So some for the cover and the rest for the insights or print out what ever you like, just print it on A4 paper because we need that site for, for the book he actually. So now let's get started. After I've shown you the bone folder, that's something we need. And this little punch is something we need. A scalar of course, then the paper cutter. And you also need elements. Here you need some elements. And both will go onto the cover. And those what are we going to use for decorate that layer? Then you also need some photos. I have just printed out a few pictures of our baby care. He's a boy, so that's why this book is going to be four boys. But you can of course use whatever material you like. You don't have to go with that one. And once you have that, you also need some texts because we wanted to give the whole book some interactive elements. And that is why we are going to sue inside the book as well. So let's go step-by-step. We first start with folding these papers. 3. Folding the paper and preparing to sew it: Okay, next step, we are going to use some of the papers and folded in the middle and just get rid of all that. We don't need that at the moment. And what we do is I just use whatever paper. We just folded, hearing hard USA bone folder for that. And turn it around. So just make sure it's really here, lined up and go over it with your bone folder. I keep going. I just put these paper on top of each other and we always need the white side on top. Because we need to glue those together. Basically, you can fold as many papers as you like. I'm going to fall 1010 together. I think for many alums that sits okay. But as I said, it's totally up to you. You see I have some paper which looks the same. And that's by purpose because unlike the texture and it's not that colorful. So I think it's a nice idea to have several of these inside to give the picture enough tension. I just printed from one side. The other one is wide. And that's okay because we don't need it for this project. Usually I would say print both sides, but for this project you won't need that. So now comes the trick. The trick is to glue them together, but not the complete side, just the outside here. And then we're going to sue it on top. So we're going to sue it here and here and leave it open here and punch a hole inside. So then we can put in a tag and write something on it. For example, if you want to say one, it happen or what happened there. So you can concentrate on the pictures here in the Jominy album and just add something here into the little bag we put on top. So I'm going to make the paper. So this is a very strong one, a more neutral one for now. So, yeah, so I show that to you for one pair and then I glue the rest and go to my sewing machine. I have for the, some adhesive tape. That's what you need here. Go really to the edge to make sure it's very well glued. And always use a bone folder for that. We just go over it once again just to make sure it really sticks. And then you need to glue it very carefully because it's really important to have the edges onto each other. And that's why as I said, I just leave that open. And now we go to sewing machine and surrounded not here on top, just here, the three edges. 4. Showing the sewn bags and glueing the pages together: Okay, so far let me show you what I have done. Here. I have used a sewing machine and have soon here around this cart and now it has a little back here. Let me show you the back so I can put something inside. And you see here is the other side. And we're going to put a tag in or maybe you have something, you a ticket or whatever you want to remember, you can put it inside. So it's like a little bit of an interactive album. I'm going to show you how and what we put a bit later. So here is the rest. Without the bags. I have three bags actually. Here is what I already glued together as I've shown you in the last video. And now we can put something here on the back side and something on the front side. So that's why I'm going to do now. I just need to put it here. Put the wide outside, and then you glue it on top here. And they said we just use adhesive tape here on the left. Just make sure you when you're open and you're on the right side happened to me already, but I wasn't on the right side and then it's pretty hard to get it out. So make sure you are here and then put some adhesive here. Be sure to be really on the edge here. And then we put this on top. As I said, you need to be careful sticking that on top as it's a bit tricky. But no, you don't need to glue it here. And now we have two more. As I said, here is one, here's, here's another bag. Here it is. Here. You have the other back. And now I need to glue that behind to turn it around. And then I can put that here on top as well. So and here's number three. That is the one I wanted to have on top on that is other one we put on the back side. Okay. So let me flip it around. Here's how it goes. And this comes here on top. On the back side. Of course we need to add some. You could do that upfront or you can do that later. It's up to you. I think I forgot it somewhere. So I'm going to go through the whole thing and see if I have not polluted somewhere. Materials. Ok. Here you see one paper I missed. Okay, so far, so good. That's a paper stack. We have so far, and now we use a chip board and put that on top here. So once again, I put the adhesive around. This time I put just a T-shirt and in the middle only a bit of glue just to make sure it really sticks, but I want to have the edges really strongly glutes. So that's why I'm doing around here. And put it on the edge. So once again, go over it. And then we put a two-port here on top. And the problem is you have just one chance, so be careful. So here we go. And now we do the same on the other side. That's it for now. The next step is we need to put something on the cover and we need to put something here over the spine. So that's an except. We're going to use that in the next video. 5. Adding the spine, glueing the cover on top: So the next step, we need the spine here. And for that, I have printed some of the black paper and I will have an inch here and there. And we also need fear a bit. So I'm going to make three inch because if it's a bit more here, it's not a big problem, but if it's too less, we never get the book open, close. So it's about three inch for me. And you better measure it, of course, but it can't be much of a difference. Okay, just always checking if we have the book on top. And now I put it here a little bit and then the flub it around, but that comes later. Just let me, let me check that first, I'm going to make a line in the middle. I'm going to fold it in the middle. But to make it easier or no, I folded at one inch. Actually. Here's a bit for the spline term. One inch. Here. There is a fault. And that is where we put some adhesive. Don't forget the bone fuller. No. It's not the most interesting part, but it's super important to have that. So that's why. And now I show you what it didn't fold it on two areas, just on one because we need to see how big the spine is. Once again checking, whereas the top. And really put that on the edge here. The fold just checking on top of everything is OK. Should be actually, but you never know. So I better check it twice. And then put it over here. And then we flip it around here. And you see what I'm doing now? I, I know know how big the paths to become. So that's why I'm going to flip that here and make a fold more or less just a little bit so I know where it is. And then we're going to fold it. And that part is a bit tricky because it's the thick paper. But that's what I want. A really wanted to be strong and not damaged as soon as I'm reading with a book so I can't use a bone folder. That's why I'm doing it with my fingers. Once again, we go over it and now we need to glue that piece here. I put a bit of glue. And of course, make sure you don't put any glue inside the spine because you want to open and close the book so better you don't do that. You see here is no glue. And I put some glue in the middle. And then I flip it around. Once again, make sure you match the edges. If not, it's not so bad because we're going to put something over it. So you don't see that anyway. So far. You see we already have a nice book. And now we're putting something here on top. And for that, I have, this paper is what I want to have on top here. And I'm going to cut it in half. So I have 1.5 for that type and one for that. But you can of course choose two different papers if you want to. That's totally up to you and how you want to decorate it. I just like that because it's for a boy. In this case, it's a, it's a cat and the baby cats. And he's a little boy. So I thought this album would be nicely. Now we put that here on top and the other one on the other side and we flip it around and do that once again. Just checking again where the top is. Okay. There are book is ready so far. And now we're going to decorate it here on top. 6. Decorating the Cover: So what I want to do now is I use my black paper. You can do that. It's totally optional is just my way. And I'm going to put that here on top and here a stripe on bottom. And here we put some elements. And what I'm going to do now is I will use the adhesive. I put a stripe here term horsing around. And then I'm going to cut that with it, same with cutting knife. And here's a cutting mat so you make sure that you don't damage your table. Okay, let's get started with that. For that, I first put the adhesive is it's a bit tricky. So there's ways tell you it's absolutely up to you. If you want to do it like that or not. Here is where it opens. And now I can choose where I want to go. So now we turn it around. And then I use are cutting knife. And I cut the paper off. And then of course, I put some glue on it. Right now it just flips around. This thing comes really handy because you can really go on the edges with it. Okay, you see that it already. And now we put some glue under it. And now we do the same on the bottom. I just kept it off so I don't get in touch with adhesive here. You can see a little bit here. So that's why I'm flipping that around. So that's it. Now, again, a bit of glue, and then we can start decorating. Okay, I've shown that to you in the beginning. Here are the elements. And I'm going to start with that one and put it here. You see how important this to check where you, where you are with your book. But you flip it around. Always uncheck if it's the right place. Okay, so here you go. So I'm going to put it, and now I just use a piece of paper and put it under it so it can get dirty piece of paper and not my cutting mat. So you have something like that. You can just turn it on here and then put really the glue on it. Okay, that's how it Weibo. Before we do that, I put a circle, I'm married. I just wanted to see where I put it on a piece of paper. And the circle, I have Cat. And I put the glue on it first and for those first and then we put on the boy rules. Don't press it down just yet because I want to add this little black thing under it. So I first need to put some glue on it as well. Okay, now we need to be and then we can keep the gradient with some flowers. The rainbow if you wanted to, I will skip that and use the flowers here. Okay, that's here for the front. Once it's dried, I'm going to cap it off. But for now I just leave it as it is. 7. Punching a hole into the sewed bag and decorating the first page 1: Okay, so now we need to get the inside. Now the fun starts. Actually. I have some tags here. And I want to put those here in my backs. And that is a place where you can do some Journaling. Maybe you write what specific event took place here. And then you can put in this here in a little bag. And we are going to punch a hole inside. So you can easier. You can pull it out much easier. So and we can do that in the other bags as well. It's just I'm going to show you one so you know what I'm talking about. And then we're going to decorate this page here. So for now, I just need to measure the same and need to find the middle here. So that is 14.5, so it's about seven to 0.2 centimeters. You won't be able to punch it in the really just, you know, to really pick the middle, but we do our best. So now I'm going to put that here. You see this error here on my error. That's what I'm going to put it over. And then I need to go until the middle case. You never did that because for me it was kinda hard as well to figure that out. So here we go. And now you have that little bag here inside until I you can put something and I just did that now because I want to make sure that my images on the right place or I can just put it here. And I have chosen a little boy and he said it's a cat. And now I'm going to add the images hearing. I'm use some papers to put hearing that you can use what area, elements and papers you have, doesn't matter. I'm just going to cut that. Now. The beauty of digital scrapbooking is that you can print as many papers as you want to. So that's why I'm using just a few pieces of whatever and put it together. The size node doesn't matter. I just cut a few pieces and see what I can use from that. Bigger bit smaller. So it really doesn't matter. So what you can see here with the text had printed the paper from both sides, so it looks better. So for now I just, I'm just testing and trying and balancing is a very important thing here. Okay, I think that's how I go. That's all. And I just need to mark it so I know where to cut my stripes here. Here. May be here. Sure you can just cut it with your skills or I'm going to use the paper cutter. You see him still moving a stripes around, still trying maybe another way. You never know what happens when you go on. Yeah, maybe something like that. I think it makes it a bit more interesting. And we put that here on top. On the bottom. You could easily use your teeth here. But, you know, it's always so hard to peel it off. So that's why I'm going to use some glue and said there are also adhesive through law we could use. They would work pretty well for what we are doing here. I guess I will use for the photo. Just make sure it sticks me. Be careful with the bone for our new folder. You don't kill it. So that's my first layout here. And now I need to tell stories. That is what is inside. 8. Adding Stories: So since memory planning is all about preserving your memories, we want to tell stories and that is what the tag is for. And you see it has a hole so far what we are going to remove that and put something over it. And then we're adding it to our little back and tell a story. We write it here on top. And then you can pull it into the bag. And maybe you want to add something else like taker it or whatever you can think of, whatever you want to preserve. And the same thing can happen to the other side. So it's not just for one side, is for two sides. And I'm going to show, you know, how it put a little something over the hole. And for that, we use a simple paper and just cut a small piece of it and flip it around the hole. I use a paper cutter, Floyd. And we're going to measure what space or what size we need to show you. It's like it's not a big trick. It it just I put it on here and see it. It's not about a single centimeter or single millimeter. So I can just estimate what I need and then cut off a small stripe. So you CHS grabs a stripe and put it over. And I make a fold here where needed. And then I make it on both sides equally large so I know how large a meet this stripe to be. I use an adhesive for that because I think it will mean it will be better for this little thing. And to have some adhesive here. And I put the sum on the stripe and then flip it around and flip it over the whole. So you see how easy it was to cover that whole with it little stripe. And now we are going to add it to the bag in the book. So now it's much easier to pull out your tag again. And yeah, when you, when you pull it out, you can put some memories on it. You just write a little story for the photo or for the day would ever you can think of, just write it on your tag and it will be never forgotten is so easy and it doesn't just distract your layout actually. So for the black area, I'm using the white Charpy. And you really need to take it to make sure that it, though, white color comes out and flew out. Make sure you put something on a piece of paper so you really know it works before you start writing. So once you get it flowing, you can start writing the day and maybe the months on it. So you remember when it happened? They even tried here on a little piece of the black paper to make sure you can see what I'm doing or actually one can see it later. What's on the tag on the little flip of the tech. So you see it's still not frilly white. So we need to let it dry and go over it. Once it is, dry it again so it gets drummer. So next step is writing your story, adding it to your text. So I just write a little something about what happened when we get that guy home. And then I go over the white thing on the top once again over the date. And you see it gets stronger each time I go over it. So that's a story for layout one. And now I can just flip it around and flip also a tech around and write a second story on it. And then I put it again into the bag. And at the according layout. 9. Second Layout: Now we actually put together a second layout. And for that, I have some stripes here and I'm going to cut what I need. And then we put together a layer. I first put it just all down. And then later on I glued together. It just important for me at least when I first put it all together. Otherwise, I mess it up. I usually mess it up if I don't do that. So I need to see if it goes if it's balanced, if it looks good. And then I go ahead. What I think is important is that you first decide on the pictures you want to choose for that page, and then you decide on the Declaration. So first, make the pictures first, and then we go ahead and add the declaration. You should not use that much. Sometimes it's nice as you can see, because I have three images are saying it's okay to have a bit more of decoration, but sometimes you just don't need it. So make sure you always try it first and then put it all together. So you see I have the layout or at least the composition next to me. And now I take it to pieces and tried to put the same together on my paper. Usually gets a little bit different, but it's not a big deal. I think if you wouldn't want it, I guess you would need to take a picture and then you can make it really look the same. But unless you really matter about you, I'd just sink. Stay creative. And maybe you even want to add a little bit more, as I know notice is that it needs a little bit more balanced on the right side and we see what we are going to do about that. In a second. I found another orange stripe here in my stash. Actually it's left over. And I'm going to at that and I just need to pull it up, it up. And then I'm going to put it under my images here and under the things. I already put flowers on top. So I just move it unread. Be careful when you do that. But it still work because it shouldn't have been dried yet. So now it's about the tech. And I want to add a story here on my tech and dive right a little bit about how we get that little guy home. And then I'm also going to add a little bit of white on the top as I did on the other side, just to make sure I can see what it is all about. And you see a Go over eight once again because you can't see it or you can hardly see it. So you might need to right away to once again. 10. Double Page Layout Part 1 (Scrapbook Decoration Ideas) 1: Okay, welcome to my little scrapbooking mess. You see everything is laying around me and yesterday I have already script several layouts here in my book. We created this book together and now I'm scrapping all the pages. And I'm also telling some stories here with these interactive tags I put in here. You see we have soon that, um, you know, I am, I have shown you all that in detail in the videos and now we want to keep moving. You want to create a layout here for this double-page. So, you know, I first had to think about, I have printed several more photos from our little baby who just arrived here at our home. And there are stories which I want to tell because I believe they are so quickly forgotten when he has just grown up. And, you know, this is the time we can take to to tell some stories from the baby who, who has arrived here. It doesn't really matter if it's a baby cat or a baby boy, a baby girl, whatever you have, not the ones you want to see, the baby cats are so much better than Baby Docs or something like that. What I just want to say is it is well worse to preserve all these memories. And when we first got him, when we fall into it, we wanted to actually have another cat, but we found him at at the barn. And so he was there sitting in a in a huge room, lots of little kitten. And you know, it was, so we wanted to have a great cat. And then we saw him. He was sitting there. He was smiling and smiling is a strange word. It was looking at us and then he started coupling, and then it was clear, we will take him. And the owner of the cat said, this is one of those kids nobody wants. Okay. That's why actually, we took him. Yeah. If nobody wants him, we take him. No question. So and that is what I want to bring over in this layered and I thought I'm going to weave that a bit. So I have several stripes here. You see they are, they are not the same size. It's a little bit bigger because I wanted to have that in the middle and the others on the, on the edge. But I might want to we want to make them similar size. So let's just first try. What I want to say is that layouts usually come together. They are not already there and I have an idea maybe, or I have seen something which I like. But usually they come together. It's not that you that you have them and that you start and turns out exactly like that. You just put them here, you try it. You try it again and maybe you scroll over and try all over. And, you know, that's how I wanted to look. And then I want to have the picture one of them here and these two here. And then here is a place where I want to tell a story on this tech. And so I can put that in here, but that comes later. First, I need to put the layer together and you see, now it's much too big here on the right and on the left. And here are several elements where I want to decorate that a little bit. So what we start with knowledge, you know, what I'm going to do is I'm going to put these pictures aside. And then we start by cutting the stripes. So these are all leftovers from yesterday scrapbooking. So yeah, that's that's why our first gathering and the right side. So these three are all the same size and I might need to cut them. You see, they are too long. They at least the same width. But I need to I need to cap them at least to that size so I better measure them. So you always measure it yourself, please, because it might be that you book is slightly different. You want to have it's slightly different. So it's always better if you do it yourself. So that is 13 centimeters. I'm not sure how much inch that is. Maybe four or five inch. So I'm going to put it there. And we give that over. And I said that our two surgeon said emitters. You can keep those snippets or throw them away is up to you of course. But more often than not actually, I can use them for something else I might need. So what terabit or their bid you just to have it handy. So I usually have them somewhere until I finished with this work. You know, it is, the goal is to have this book done, completely done. Because I know when I start first I'm excited and I do it. And then I stop somewhere and yeah, until I get back to that. There's a lot of time which is already Dan. So it's always better you get your project done, completely done. And then, you know, you start a new one. So I might put that on the same size here. So the width is, you see that here it's a little bit more than an inch or in centimeters. It's three centimeters. Do we hear now with a black stripes? So a, once again put them here so I know where to glue and have a little bit of this turns here. So it's better if you don't press it down so far because we need to get the other stuff. So maybe you don't put it directly onto the okay. Not press it down. So far it's done. Now. It's a real pictures, but I also want to decorate it. So maybe I need to turn them around a bit or put something under them. And so I first add my scrapbooking stuff. All the elements here. Yeah, maybe here on top I'm going to put some wording, whatever we will see right now. I don't even know what I'm going to put there. So I think that looks nice so far. Starting with a bottle. Don't repress it because I'm not sure what else I want to put there. Okay. Here. Not at home yet. And here I say at home. So just write that here. I'm going to use the glue stick might be easier. I usually use that as a match to glue a piece of paper. I guess I better leave them out and just do it like that. It's not perfect. And I really don't recommend that, but if I don't do that, I cannot even stamp my panel here. Okay. Yeah, I think that's enough. You see your more Bordeaux stems unsure if they are all that hard to use. So maybe I'm doing something wrong. It can also be, but we will see I'm going to try that at a later time. But for now, my layer it is done. I might stem from thing here or there. You never know, but for now, I'm happy with it and it's done. And what I will definitely do is I'm going to write a little story here. But I don't want to keep you on the video while I'm doing that, but there are more videos to come and maybe you want to check them out. 11. Double Page Layout Part 2 (Scrapbook for Beginners): Okay, I put together second layer and, you know, I put it together already. Not on the camera because I wanted to add some interactive elements. And I'm going to show you in a minute what I mean. But for that, I needed to place a layered somehow. I didn't really know how I wanted to do it. So what I picked now are pictures from Chrissy when he first came home. So that was a day when we picked him up and put them in the box and brought home. I thought that is worth documenting as well. You see, it has no chronological order. It is more OLS lots of glimpses of memories. But you can do it in a, in the right order as well, of course. But for me, that's just fine because each page has its own story. And that is what scrapbooking is all about. The pages need to have stories, and the best thing is to put it all together in a book, so you have it altogether. So what I didn't know, I got some black wash you tape because I saw Black fits to the rest here, but Canada was black and here the stripes which are nearly black. So I thought I could go with that. And what I do now is I put a picture here, this picture on the ground. And then I put this one were the wash tape here with the stripe next to it. And then you can flip it on and off. So you have a little bit to quash to go deeper into the patients, find out the story of the page. And maybe later one day when you look at these pictures and the stories which are written, which are included, you remember oh yes, that happened and you may remember more details and such. And that is what it's for. And then when you have an interactive element and you can flip it over and you see all my god, yes, there is more, yes more to discover. I want people to discover the book, to really feel the memories. It's not just about viewings them, it's about breeding, seeing the pictures, and feeling. It's about getting several emotions when you look at your scrapbooking. And that for me at least is what scrapbooking is about. It's about getting back to the memories and you're really, really feeling what you have already lift. So It's always a good idea in my eyes to add some more elements to make it even more funnier to go back and check out these pages. So we start with that little picture. Prestigious arrived, he got a little, you know, little toy. So and that is what he's usually sleeping with. So that's why this picture goes on. Iot came home and he had a friend, a friend at least before he got the doc and the other count as a friend. He had that little friend. So that is why I put this picture. I am going to place it now on my scrapbook. So here's a washy. Just going to add a little piece. So you see, here you go. Just flip it over and you have more to look. Yeah. Maybe I can cut it a bit so it's easier. Okay, so you see that works. And now we are going to add one. We need to be sure that we just have glue on that area here. Otherwise, it put to you you can pull it up anymore. Okay, don't parse it. So I'm going to do the same here. Just for pulling off a bit. Okay, so now I want to have that, say write something on here that I have to move it over here. Okay, last but not least, we need some more flowers here and maybe something here. So you can still pull it over. It would be nicer to have that just on the picture, on the image. Now, flowers and let it turn. Okay. I think that's my layout for the right side, I might add some stamps here just to have something accordingly to the rights. And the right side. I have on the left. And then I guess I knew that. Okay. You see what happened for whatever reason the stamp didn't work. They tried to stamp all over, but it still didn't work. So I need to cover that now somehow. And so it's not that obvious here. Actually, it can completely go when I glue something over. And that's is what I plan to do not so I really wanted to make it perfect. And you see, that happens if you want to go that route. You better leave it open and don't do anything with it. Okay, that's it. My layout is done. I have interactive elements here. The second one spin a recursive pictures are nice. I could even place one more picture on the right. Maybe that would look nice. Here. You see that little guy, whether he was sleeping or he is sleeping or eating, or he is turning whatever he can into chaos. So he has several jobs to accomplish each day and definitely is driving us crazy. But he's such a sweet guy. You can not be mad at him for a very long time. Ok. I leave it as it is. I don't want to mess it up. So here is the layout for today. 12. Layout with Circles Part 1 WRMK Circle Trimmer (Scrapbook Tips) 1: Okay, we are back to our layout creating. And I show you what we did in the last video. That was the last one. And now I want to show it would increase he does when he is at home. So he's playing with a x or well, sometimes he's sleeping. There was a day when we got him, picked him up. And here is like a little mini book which I can decorate and images to as well. And you see I have a lot of images here. And that is what I want to do now. But I want to show you one thing first and that is why I am putting the book here because the top and I wanted to show you that. To be honest, I really just fall in love with it. So such a cute thing. You just, it's from we are memory makers and you just put a paper inside and then you close it. You use the sink to cut and then you just turn it around wherever you want the site. And then you have a circle. And I have created already some. You see here, I have created a circle here which is empty and the incidents here is just a circle. And we can use those things to decorate our layout so we have additional elements just because of that singing here. And let me show you how that works and we're going to use them for the layout. And, you know, I just need to open that. And I put the paper under it. And then well, it's a little bit damaged here, so I just pulled over and I just close it, you know, be careful because now you have holes here in the paper, but here is something on it already, so it doesn't really matter. And now I use the sink where inside there is a little knife. Here. You can see the little knife. And now I just put it here inside. I make a bigger. Now. You just need to move it on the reduce things here. I can't really show that to you. And now I need to be careful because it could get goes nearly out. Yep. It should fit. And then we go around here. You see it's pretty easy to just move it around. And basically that's it. Now I have my circle and if I want to cut at numb inside and we'll just move this thing. Here and kept it the way I want. I won't do that now. A will first show you what I did. Let me pull it open and you see I have a perfect circle. How cool is that? So now I can put that on my photo or wherever. I can also now cut it in the middle and I'm going to show you that as well. So let me put that sing honored again. So now we make a smaller one. Whoops. So you see this under and I just turned around. So I pulled no, I won't pull up right now because then it moves and you can't see what I'm doing actually. So now I use it one inch or two, whatever you prefer. I think I do it now. Harvard inch. Well, maybe here. You tell me I'm not that familiar with Inch. And now I move it around again. So that's it. Now I can make it open. And to see what happened, i have a little circle and one with a hole. So, you know, maybe there's a perfect depending on what you want to do. As I showed you already, I have other circles where I just cut out the whole thing here and just left a small line. We can do it together one more time. Here is what I mean. I have that circle and that one inside here. And I just have a small frame. Then we can also just pull it over the image. And that is what I want to show you now. I have a little bit space left here on the top, right. And need to be careful because here are some holes. Because when I close it and going to make a hole inside the paper here. So MSB careful. But okay. So now we're putting them inside here. Maybe you can, you can measure it, but I'm just estimating. We see for what we need it. I have my hope. And now I move it here. Yeah, a bit more, maybe just one circle. It's a bit tricky, but you could quickly use to it, so it's not such a big deal. Oh, okay. I say it looks worse as it actually is. So now I'm going to open that. And in best case, yeah, you see what has happened. I have a much smaller frame here. I'm going to use that for my layout now. I make use all the circles later on. Just now, I wanted to show you how that works. And it's not just the cheapest saying you can buy, but you can create a lot of things. You can create circles of course, but circles with whole without hold, you can put two under each other. You can make a pound from it. So there are a lot of things you can do with it. Don't ask me why this is happening here. Okay. So now back to the book and you see, now I can maybe put this unmarried and it's different, it's a little bit different. So maybe we're going to do this. This side needs to be pretty simple because I want to, at some stamps, I'm going to show them to you in a minute because I just get this Thompson, I am totally in love with them. So let me show you that in a second. First, I'm going to glue on the paper and my circle. So you can already see it's different. And now we're using the stems for that layered. And we are also using some more of, many of whose circles or flowers later on. So maybe here we put a flower, you know, it's a layered usually is building up. You cannot just say ok, this how it goes from then you just glue it together and that's it. It's always something you put together and which changes over time when you are adding your elements. Ok, so now let me show you my steps. This one from highly, highly swept. And maybe I pronounced it a little bit more like German because the German Heidi. Heidi. And I know she announced a new little bit different. And, but, you know, whatever Here are the sinks, which I take care of here. Although stems, I really love for this little guy. And I'm going to show you, which especially maybe here like the arrow or hear the stars or currently. Yeah, cowardly when he's doing something bad, I really thought that would be a nice thing to have here. Here's the weather sticker or just saying our best life. So you see, I haven't even unpack it. And that is what I am going to do now to show you what's included here in these temps. And lately, I've been really in love with these kind of stamps because, you know, you can use some more off, just like scrapbooking elements you print on your computer. You can also use these steps over and over again. That's why I think the perfect way to scrapbook. Otherwise, you can just use sinks once and never again. So I personally really like that. So here are the stems. Love, love, many fits very well. And then also currently for that set of pictures. And maybe we also have something for that one here where he sleeping. Sometimes he is sleeping. And yeah, that's how we go on with it. And here is another set. I actually have two more sets here. I always had kind of somone wasted, not wasted for me, it's really an investment. So yeah, here's what, loving right now. I can put that very well here because he's loving to play with whatever comes under his pulse. And that fits very well. So let's go ahead and try out the stems we have here. So you know already how I'm doing that. So for that I need my stemmed block. Of course, put a tear top. And then I used to stem pet. What would also be nice as have stamped in different colors and lives. One thing I'm going to buy as soon ever find them somewhere. And I guess I'm going to find them somewhere on Amazon. Can really influence what you find. And, you know, I'm putting that stamp here, chop on Tuesday, it turns off really pretty and I always put them back on here. Otherwise, I guess I will never find them again. So that's why I usually put them back here on my sheet. So now let's move. Let's use the stars. And you see, I can put them wherever they wanted. I think that is another very nice thing. I can change them. I can't step one and then change them all over to smooth that to the top and that one closer, whatever. And then we can step again. Oops. Lucky. You see is pretty easy to fall in love with the stems. Lovely. Ok. So now recognize it looks a little bit less. So what do we do now to make it closer up, bringing it together? Or in our case, it would have been even better to have it bigger. But there's nothing we can influence, so we need to make it attached to the picture. So what can we do here? We need another stamp. So actually, if you're can't hide it, you need to put something on it to show it really well. And then what I'm going to do with it, this arrow, and I'm going to add that here. So last but not least, we are adding one of these stamps because I want to put the date. This was a day when you see here is a car is a backward on the car and it was a day when we picked him up. So I think it would be nice to have a date stamp here. And she said the location and add it to my stamp block. I'm going to put it on a little piece of paper, of white paper actually put it on marriage. So it's not everything on the, on the paper here. Whether we can use something like that. Maybe a stripe here. He would need some colors. So you see it's very, very bright. Of course it's white. So there would be, I would sneak something which makes it a bit, brings it into the background. So adding some, whatever, some elements here. So maybe that wouldn't be perfect to, I'm going to just stamp it what I really didn't want first. Okay, perfect. So writing on it here. So now as I said, some flowers and we're done with that scientists Easton. And I usually my flowers with this steak glue stick instead of the adhesive. This piece of paper and passing it into stripes to have two stripes here and one or two here. And we have it a little bit more balanced. Cut it in 1.5 for the top and bottom. And think that looks much better. So that's what I'm going to do now. Okay, that's the left side for now. We're going to do the right In the next video. 13. Layout with Circles Part 2 (Mini Album Page Ideas): Okay, I put already to give a few things you can see already that I use to circle, smaller circle here on the inside flour. And I have three pictures where the little guy is playing with sum X. Sum X actually, and here is sleeping. So here is a status update. So like showing what all the crazy things he does and then is sleeping is like a little bit of contrast. So that is what we are going to put now. And then I'm going to show you that book here. I will show that in a second. I just want to glue that here on top and then we can look inside. Okay, now we can pull it up and you see there are many more pages left and you can put together. And what I want to do is I want to glue those together. So it's really just these black pages we are using and not that the white ones on the other side. So we are doing we put some adhesive here on the back and then we put it together. Okay, you see, now we have just just as good a few pages only. We need to fill those. But for now I'm going to make that because I want you to put some stamps here as well. So I move that circle a little bit to the left is by purpose because I wanted to cover it with the images. So here is more we need to see. Okay, now he needs to confess what he has done. This here. If this happens in the course of the book here, you just to really make it fit once again so you can stamp is a bit tricky, but it works. Just be careful not missing, so okay. Okay, now it's about filling this book, maybe not just with pictures, but also with some stories. So I'm just going to put some pictures inside and lead free here to fill with stories. Here's a nice story to tell about the little guy inside the cupboard. So yeah, story. So we can put it here. Then with this layout. So we have the left side. We already made in this one where the circle and then I was a flower. We have some stamps here. And then I decree the book inside actually. So what I did is I just put a few things on here and I left a lot of space just because we can add some stories later. So maybe you want to do that as well to have a little bit more open. So you can always add maybe a piece of washy tape and end a piece here so you can write something on and you have a story inside to tell as well. This layered. And we keep decorating this book and you are going to see it in the next one. 14. Scrapbook Decoration Idea: Today I want to show you something really special. And that is some circles which are coming here over the edges. And between the circles we are, we at a vellum here. So the images are kind of hidden, but not completely. They shine through. And you can write something or glue something or put something on the velum itself. So I hope it will look good. At least that is what I expected. But for now, we start with the circle, so I just leave the images as they are. We are going to rearrange them layer may we changed them? I don't know yet. So we see the first thing I need to know what size of the circle has to be. And I think it will be about seven centimeters. The whole thing is about 15. So seven centimeters will be more or less the heart. So I can put them from here to there. And yeah, I guess it looks good. I hope so. And for that, we are going to use the we're memories circle tremor once again. I'm going to put that aside. And what I need to do now is I need to set the size of my circle Trauma here and to see how big this should become. So as I said, it is here its inch. So I have 3.533, I think stories enough. So we are going with three because I need to really measure it correctly, but it doesn't matter really. If you have seven centimeters or three inch or something like that, it's it's okay. What I need to do now is I have a paper and I have, in this case a black paper. And we're going to cut three circles from this paper. Be careful. I think the only disadvantage this circle thing has is that when I press it down, I punched holes here into, into the thing. So, you know, that's not really that's not really helpful. When I need more than one circle here on my paper. Here, I'm going to do it like that. And you hear these are now punched. Okay? So the first perfect hole, at least up, that's great. So you see already that will work. Now I need the second one and not gets a bit difficult because I need to put it where is no hole. I personally hate these basic paper. That's okay. Since we are working with printable swept in kids, it's not such a big deal because we can always print them again, but still OK. And a third one. So you see now my paper looks like a cheese. It has a lot of holes here everywhere. And you can have the user rest of the paper, but okay, so that's a disadvantage of this thing. But besides that we have three perfect circles, which is cool. So this can go now. And now. We are going to put the circles here into the book. But before I do that, I want to cut them half or not cut I want to fold them half y so I can really folded over the edges here. And don't forget when you do something like that, you also have on the other side, so you need to include them into the layout on the other side. So keep that in mind. When you do something like that, it can look good, it does matter, but just keep it in mind so you are not surprised when you turn your pages around. So once again, it's going to measure it. And you see that 7.5 centimeters, as I said, it's inch. So it's a little bit different from what I wanted, but it's okay. So what I need to do now is I'm going to fold it in half of the whole thing. I'm going to fold it a little bit because you can hardly measure that in centimeters. It's a bit difficult. So I am just making here. It'll just electric so I have it. We don't want it. Okay. So now's folder. I'm going to cap it around. And you see that pretty nice. And that is what I am going to flop around the paper. So I'm doing that for all three circles. I just punch it. And now I can also do it from the other side. So I have the fold on the inside. It's also good to bit tricky. You need to be careful because otherwise this gets hardly out of the center. Okay. So we looked around and the third one place. And okay. That's how it looks now I have a stray flipped circles. So next step, I'm going to use my book once again. And now I'm going to put them around here. And what I want actually is I want to write stories. It's all about memory planning. So we need some stories. And this is why I'm going to add some lines here on the other side of the circle here. And again, we can write something on and later when their images are there, the equations that you can pull it up and you see something that has been written here is pretty nice. Otherwise, you know, your stories will get forgotten. So it's always good to remember that I'm to write them down. So that is how it will look. Yep. And then as I said, the velum just giving you heats up so you know, what I'm going to do? This is yeah, there's hard look. We decorated here and of course on the inside. So first thing I need to, at my lines here, you don't have to be a 100%. And it doesn't have to be strict BY about five millimeters or two millimetres. Whatever doesn't, doesn't matter. But I'm going to make some dots anyway. So it's easier for me to set lines. You see you just draw the lines without making Dotson easier. Looks better. So what I can do, I can use my liner and go over it. But I'm going to leave it like that because I like the rip them off later. I'm going to add some here. So what you can do is to measure one. So that's how it looks. On the other side. You need to include that into your layout later. Okay, so now you have some space to write on later. Or you can also put some embellishments and it's up to you. But just in case I want, most probably I want to have something to write. So next thing is my value. I need to cover the whole page. So I think I'm going to just cut it. And I guess I need to cut off a bit of the edges we see. Let me just check. It fits perfectly. Okay, so next thing is, I need to glue it here on the edge. There are several options where I can do it with a piece of washy tape or it just do it with my tape adhesive and then just pulled over. I guess I'm going to do that for now and maybe decide if I want to add some wash tape or not. So what I do now is I use the paper trimer and just fold one centimeter here. Now you see what happens. You need to be careful with that. Or is it just caps off so it just a folder and still cut off. So now I have two options are whether you zed one, still, although it's missing a centimeter. I use the other one, I guess I'm going to use the other one. So I will just folded manually. I can use a bone folder. It doesn't do anything. Okay. So far so good. Now we are going, we are starting to decorate the whole thing. So that's the fun part now. And you can also write something here on it, which is pretty nice, I think, with some golden golden marker or something. It might look really nice because it shines through as you can see. But it's totally up to you. A little bit of space between these two photos. So I'm going to cut it off a little bit on the left side. Okay, so now we're going to, we are adding some stripes they sought. I'm going to add some stripes and know the picture and maybe hear a little one and here on the bottom before we start decorating and also get some golden stem color here. And I also have some lovely stamps here from Heidi sweat. And this is what I am going to use here on the front. And I just want to definite layout then because I'm a little bit to vary that it smears, it has to dry maybe. So we are going to do that at a later time. So I started my stripe here. You can see that here is my purpose. That's what I wanted. I wanted to be cutting for this side here something top and bottom. Okay, so now we're going to add some of these. Banks. Can use strong glue. Okay, that's it for now. We need to decorate the paper. And you see, it looks a little bit using my stamp. And I want to say is of course, I also want to use. Okay, so now you see a bit of what we do is we add some banishment at this point, or maybe even a picture. Let's try it. Okay. I think I leave it as it is. That's it. That's how our layout looks. So this is how it closes and this is how it looks when it's open. Yeah, we could decorate more, but I'm going to leave it as it is. And now I would like to tell some stories. 15. Scrapbook Ideas for Baby Boy: Next page. So yesterday we created this page here where the stamp and the velum, and you can pull it on and you see the pictures under it. And here are some stories missing, which I'm going to write later. But today I'm want to decorate this page. So what do I want to do? So I want to use a stripe from this paper and put it here. And then I have created some texts. I create those tags was my silhouette, which is pretty easy. You can just created in your civil program. And then you use whatever paper you like and you just scattered. So it's also less expensive than buying these texts separately, so and you can create them out of your paper. So this really neat, and that's why I'm going to do that. So we start with this paper, and I want to have this here on the side. So I'm going to finish it here. So what I want is this edge here. I want that you can see what I've done. So now I'm going to glue it here on top. And then we start decorating it with a TCV. Make sure you go really here on the edge. So it sticks to your paper. If not, you can always go ahead and use a little bit of glue and put it on, right? Okay, so now I cap that off. It's a bit tricky. So make sure you don't cut into your book page. Okay, so that's it. Looks better already, doesn't it? So now I have my crocodile. And if you ever asked yourself how to use it, it's, it's actually pretty easy, but you need to know it. So you present together, just press on it and the new open it. And now I can use these tags. I don't know how many I going to use, but I want to add a whole Intuit. So I'm going to put that here. Let me use centimeters, but you have the opportunity can use centimeter and inch. Ok. You see I put them altogether so I have the whole at one place. So just, just a little bit, just a little trick. So now I'm using two of them. And I want to have them coming like that. And I have also these little things so I can put them into it. And that's why I'm going to do now. Yeah, that's it. So now I have a nice tag and I'm going to create a second one. And you see how it looks, looks pretty good. So now I have to tags and now I need a hole in my book here somewhere. So because I want to use this thread and pulled over it here. So now we need to find the middle. I just figured that I most probably like it more to have them here because I want to have some pictures here on my text. And I'm not sure what I put here right now. So maybe I add something else there and we see. So I guess I'm going to just make a hole here in here somewhere and not in the middle somewhere. Be careful you always have your hole here. What you can do now is you add something like that here so you don't see it anymore like that. Yeah, that's nice. Actually. You want to so tricky recursive, so thick paper. And I'm going to do that later. But I want to put a threat over it. So maybe I'll leave it like that. We see here is my thread. And that's what I pull through here and here. And then we have the text here on the page. But for now, I'm going to add some pictures on it. And for those, I have already pulled out for these small little pictures and I'm going to put them here on top of my tag. And I want to decorate the tag itself as well. And for that, I'm going to use a little bit of paper. Once again, I'm printing images of this size with my I'm going to link under this video. It's really nice. It has program ended. What size I want my pictures to be and then I can just add them in. Size. Number one, we need to decorate the rest of the paper. Okay. I got me a stencil, actually 21 for the tag and one for the book. And what we're doing now is we put that here and use a little bit of acrylic color. I'm using the ACT tests are colored, but you know, whatever you have. And then I have a brush and just go over it here. So be careful because it can always flip, slip away. And maybe you want to use some tape to make it into glued here on your paper, or you trust yourself and just go over it. It gives the whole thing a little bit of structure, which is pretty nice. But, you know, you can, of course, always use something else. You can also use other colors if you not that courageous than I am right now. So I have a really strong carbonyl. And I thought it might look nice, especially when the rest of it is covered with a tax. Okay. On Sierra down. Pull it up. And you see it doesn't look that strong because I have I have all these whitespace before we had in-between and yeah, and now we need to go on. Okay. So far. Be careful because it's wet. Of course, you need to let it dry. It takes a while, but not too long because acrylic color dries really quick. So maybe give it 20 minutes or half an hour to have it really dry. And now I have a second sensor for my tech. And I'm going to add the stars on top. And you know, what I do now is sum, I use a white color because I have not really strong one. So now I'm going to use a white one. You just need to make sure it's really it's really tightly tear your brushes really clean. And then you can go on. Of course, if you've never worked with acrylic color, you might want to use just a piece of paper and try it out first. It's not hard to use, not nothing like oil or something. But you need to get a feel for the color itself as usually it just for any felt-tip you need that. And you also do for acrylic painting. Okay. Looks good so far. So again, it has to dry and then we can go. Okay, that's how it looks now. I know the color looks a little strong right now, but that is what I wanted actually because it is covered later with all the tags. And also I have a nice cluster which will go here. So for now, I think it looks pretty good. And now we're going to add the tag here on the bottom and the other one on top of that. And as I said, then comes the cluster Hagar army. We put that on top. We see I'm going to start with a cluster and then we see what we can. Now what I want is I want to put here eat sleep, and sleep, and that's what this is doing all the time. Okay. I think I'm going to leave it like that. Although I just sort of adding something here on top right, maybe just as bound to the bottom left. We see how it turns out. I just have to think about it for a few minutes. 16. Scrapbook Decoration Idea: So this layout will be a little bit different. We're going to attach a paper to this paper because we have these rounded edges here. I want them to be seen a little bit, but just a little bit. And the rest of the page will be this blue paper. And then we're going to add our pictures decorated. And we have little flap here and we can open and put some journaling behind. So that's a goal. And yeah, let's get started. And I'm going to start by cutting the paper here. You see, you still see a little bit of the rounded edges here, but not too much. So that's why he's white. So I'm adding a fold here. At least if I'm not killing the rest. So okay, so that's why now I can fold it and pull it together like this. And I have a little fold here. And I need the same here on this side or that side. If I'm going to use that time to flip it around. So it's like a little back where you can put something in. So now we could add in one of the texts, for example, and just cut it off half here and then add a little bit to this back. Yet you do some journaling. So next thing, I just put it in here and good. And now we're going to decorate that thing here just a little bit. Okay, so when is too small, I use the glue instead of the tape. Easier. So now I want to add a pennant. And actually that's it. I want to do it with a real piece of thread. And now you're just going to use some paper pieces. And you can just cut it off here and use them here at the bottom. They don't have to be equal at all. So you see where this is going to be. We're going to add them here. And just use little pieces, just leftovers, whatever you need, whatever you have handy. Okay, that's it. Now we just need to add a bit more glue and Bennett should work. So let it dry and then you can leave it as it is or maybe you want to add something else. I think I'm going to leave it like that. And maybe let's see if there are more image news. No. I think I will leave it as an if. Yeah. So that's it. Maybe we could add something like that or nothing at all. That's totally up to you, of course, as usual, it's just an idea to have a pen in your book. 17. Our Scrapbooking Project : Congratulations, I hope by now you already have created your scrapbook many album and God loved off inspirations, grabbing your picturise, as you know, all scrapbook papers and elements as well as a cat files. If you have a petty machine are attached to get you started right away. In any case, this project is not just about preserving your memories, but also about some me time for yourself. So enjoy the process. And once you are, then I'd love to see your scrapbook mini album at Instagram hashtag digit Zan resort. No matter if it's for your baby boy, your teenage girl, your husband, a family member, your cats are ducks. The important thing is that you enjoy scrapbooking and preserve your history.