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Scientific Energy Healing: The Ultimate Reiki Course

teacher avatar Matt Peplinski, Best selling self help author. Animator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

37 Lessons (4h 10m)
    • 1. Energy Healing Lesson 1

    • 2. Energy Healing Lesson 2

    • 3. Energy Healing Lesson 3

    • 4. Energy Healing Lesson 4

    • 5. Energy Healing Lesson 5

    • 6. Energy Healing Lesson 6

    • 7. Energy Healing Lesson 7

    • 8. Energy Healing lesson 8

    • 9. Energy Healing lesson 9

    • 10. Energy Healing lesson 10

    • 11. Energy healing lesson 11

    • 12. Energy healing lesson 12

    • 13. Energy healing lesson 13

    • 14. Energy Healing Lesson 14

    • 15. Energy Healing Lesson 15

    • 16. Energy Healing Lesson 16

    • 17. Energy healing lesson 17

    • 18. Energy healing lesson 18

    • 19. Energy healing lesson 19

    • 20. Energy healing lesson 20

    • 21. Energy healing lesson 21

    • 22. Energy healing lesson 22

    • 23. Energy Healing Lesson 23

    • 24. Energy Healing Lesson 24

    • 25. Energy Healing Lesson 25

    • 26. Energy Healing Lesson 26

    • 27. Energy Healing Lesson 27

    • 28. Energy Healing Lesson 28

    • 29. Energy Healing Lesson 29

    • 30. Energy Healing Lesson 30

    • 31. Energy Healing Lesson 31

    • 32. Energy Healing Lesson 32

    • 33. Energy Healing Lesson 33

    • 34. Energy Healing Lesson 34

    • 35. Energy Healing Lesson 35

    • 36. Energy Healing Lesson 36

    • 37. Energy Healing Lesson 37

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About This Class

In this course you'll learn everything you need to know to become a healer. 

Energy healing has been proven to boost the immune system, alleviate pain and alleviate fatigue. After going through this course you'll be able to do all that with clients and your friends and family.

Other energy healing courses will claim that energy healing can 'magically' and instantaneously heal serious diseases such as cancer or heart disease. This has not been scientifically proven. On the other hand it has been proven that energy healing can improve cardiovascular health by promoting relaxation and alleviate fatigue and pain in cancer patients. 

Unlike most energy healing courses, this one is based on the findings of over 200 studies published in peer-reviewed journals.

I developed this easy to use energy healing technique based on my years of research. It's a lot like Reiki but simpler and more intuitive to use.

In this course you'll learn:

How energy healing works and what the latest peer-reviewed studies have to say about it.

And most importantly, what energy healing can do and can't do. 

Energy healing is a skill that requires you to master compassion, focus and intention. A lot of other courses gloss over these important foundations and just teach you a simple 'technique'. But the truth is that the technique is not the most important part. 

I'll tell you a story that illustrates this; When I tried to heal a broken leg of a girl I really disliked, the leg ended up getting WORSE after the healing! It took longer to heal and hurt worse. 

I did the technique correctly and managed to heal other people properly at this time, but I failed at healing her because energy healing is something that's very much affected by your emotional state of being. That's why in this course I have a whole section designed to teach you compassion, which is crucial for you to become an effective energy healer.

Another important component of energy healing is the ability to focus and to be mindful while you heal. In other courses you're just taught a 'technique' and asked to do it. But nowadays with our smartphones and other distractions, we often struggle with performing such focused tasks. That's why in this course you'll also be given a very thorough MINDFULNESS TRAINING which will allow you to perform energy healing like a pro.

Finally, you'll be taught techniques which will help you focus your intention. Once you master intention, compassion and mindfulness, you will be given a technique that will allow you to heal people on a one-on-one basis and via distance.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Matt Peplinski

Best selling self help author. Animator


I struggled with mental health issues every since I was 5 years old. Back then I did nothing but watch  the only cartoon channel that was available back then. The english version of cartoon network. During my entire childhood I did almost nothing but play videogames, watch television, browser the internet or watch porn all day. I almost never did anything productive, which only made my depression stronger.

Things got even worse when I was 13 years old; I experienced my first major panic attacks. It got so bad that at one point an ambulance had to take me home every week.

All that changed when I turned 16 and became obsessed with every form of self-help therapy imaginable. That didn't stop my downfall; I suffered a major psychotic episode in 2009 and became catato... See full profile

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1. Energy Healing Lesson 1: my interest in energy healing began in 2000 and Tree I was 13 at the time, and I had massive panic attacks. An ambulance essentially took me home every week, and my parents really did not believe in psychotherapy or medication. And they essentially gave me a book on energy healing and told me to heal myself. And I did my best to do so. I read every energy healing book. I lay my hands and I did those techniques, and some of them actually helped. I was panic attack free. This started a massive obsession in energy healing. Absolutely massive. I read a book per day, attended, seminars, could certified and ray key healing touch. I even attended. I yearlong certified bioenergy terribly training. Bio energy therapy is essentially the Russian rake. But the problem was that books and seminars I read and attended really over hived what energy healing could do and how easy it was to actually use and how safe it waas. For example, in one energy healing seminar I attended, the instructor literally said that he cured cancer in 10 minutes, and in another seminar, another guy said that he cured epilepsy in an hour and then another seminar. Another guy said that it cured broken bones in an hour, and all of those overhyped claims made me pretty much psychotic. I was even institutionalized because I literally lost touch with reality, though to those overhyped and unrealistic claims, I mean energy healing was not just a hobby for me. It was not something I read in a book. It waas my life. It was my great obsession. I treated everything those people said seriously, so seriously that I actually believed those overhyped claims and believed all the vaults prints the pose and bullshit they're trying to sell me, which may be psychotic off course. All those claims where and are bullshit that guy would did not cure Epilepsy is just that. Energy healing has a very calming effect, and stress is a very major contributor. Toe epilepsy, so it essentially help the patient manage with epilepsy a bit better. Similarly, the older guy did not cure cancer. Scientific studies have shown that energy healing can alleviate pain and can boost the body's immune system and can alleviate fatigue, which are common symptoms of cancer. But that and that's essentially what the therapist did he alleviated some off the symptoms . He didn't cure anything. Similarly, that therapist did not cure broken bones. Instead, they just accelerated the healing process. And it's sad because those overhyped claims really make people this believe that energy. He doesn't have any value whatsoever. And there are very riel, pure reviewed studies that show that energy healing can alleviate fatigue, post the body's natural healing response. It can alleviate pain. It can comfortable down and alleviate depression and anxiety. There are numerous peer reviewed studies and very well respected scientific journals that show it, and I'll discuss them in this course and additionally, energy healing the very safe and non invasive, complementary terribly. And it's another blaze mint or any form of conventional care. But it is a good supplement. Tow it. It is also very, very useful skill which can use to help your family and your friends, which things like a call. You can help broken bones heal quicker with it, and you can elevate pain and fatigue. This course is unlike other energy healing courses. I will not overhype anything. Instead, I'll discuss over 100 studies published on Ray Key. He linked art and therapeutic touch and provide UDA scientific integrated model off energy healing. After finishing this course, you have a very depth understanding off Paul and why energy healing works, and you will be able to apply it and use it on a friends and family, have them with things like fatigue, accelerate their healing and in general, approved their life. So if any of that interests you, you want to learn how limited drinking truly works and how to heal other people. I encourage you to take this course is affordable, and in my opinion, it's the best course of its kind on the market, right? 2. Energy Healing Lesson 2: in this lesson, I want to explain to you that it can be a rational scientist and believe in energy healing . Many people think that people who believe in things like the paranormal energy healing, our psychic powers are either ignorant of science or are pretty much crazy. There have been studies and 1/2 shown that it's not the case. A study published in The Journal of Personality and Individual Differences has shown that people who believe in paranormal no less mentally disturbed them skeptics. In fact, it has shown the dot people who believe in the paranormal Iron General more creative and intelligent because they're more open nine debt. And there have been very serious studies done on energy healing and the paranormal. One of the most prestigious universities in the UK, to the University of Edinburgh even has a whole department dedicated to the study of the paranormal. And you can even get a Ph. D in Paris, the culture in that specific university and they are very respected pirates, psychology departments and every prestigious universities all around the world. And in this course I want to give you a very rational and scientific explanation of energy healing. That's why I'll focus a lot on the reviewing and discussing a lot of peer reviewed studies . So you can rest assured that what I teach here is not just my win or my own personal teary . It's something that, based on legitimate science on studies published in respected, peer reviewed journals, and I will never require you to just believe me on anything. I will simply give you the studies, and you will be able to form your own opinion because I respect your intelligence in, like order energy healers and new waiters. I don't expect you to believe anything or it would suspend your disbelief are going through this course. I just ask you to have an open mind that energy and can be possible and test it out for yourself. 3. Energy Healing Lesson 3: let's now discuss what is energy healing. Determine energy hearing is very broad and covers a lot of modalities. This course will focus on hands on healing modality such as breaking, healing touch and those modalities. Essentially, a person puts their hands on someone and heels them. True either standing energy to them, training them toe higher frequency or other methods of the various traditions off energy healings that was Ray Key hearing, starting, therapeutic touch really disagree on the exact process off how energy healing works, which I'll discuss in our future lesson. But it's important to understand that all of them pretty much involve you putting your hands on someone and hearing the other person with intention and through a specific ritual . It is true that a term energy heating can also encapsulate modality such as Yo Gotti gong Iraq pressure. But in this course, when I say energy hearing, I mean hands on healing. I just wanted to clarify that most be reviewed research Donna Energy healing is found in the nursing richer because healing touch Enterp Utica Touch have been used in nursing for decades, and it's been very well accepted in the nursing trade and even though they're all are different, and the techniques and theories of how the energy healing takes place are different. They all rest on similar assumptions. More of the assumptions is by Tallis on Vital Ism, essentially claims that there is a fundamental life force that distinguishes humans and other living beings from inanimate objects, and that the destruction of this life force causes illness and that energy healing essentially clears up the disturbances in the force, so to speak. Another assumption is that the intention off the healer and a mental beliefs off the healer have a direct impact on healing. But the one of the main assumptions is the existence off those psychic energies. And because psychic energies are such a controversial powered energy healing and are commonly misunderstood, I want to devote some time to explain the concept off psyching energies from a scientific perspective, which I will do in the next lesson. 4. Energy Healing Lesson 4: what are psychic and energies. Thank you. Energy has been called many things prana g qui psychic and energy mana or going M side. I didn't today. Don't the rial way to understand energies to experience it, what you will have a chance to do in the future lesson in discourse. But it's important to understand that all energy systems just shock. Russ and Meridians are at the end of the day, based on metaphor. In are pretty much metaphorical, but it's not a bad thing. Metaphors are very useful. In fact, psychoanalysis is pretty much based on metaphor, and it is a very well respected form off psychotherapy. And there are multiple studies that show that psychoanalysis, dust work and in fact, in many countries of just France, its more respected than cognitive behavior therapy, with which is very popular in the United States and in the UK. And even skeptics will agree that the research down on yoga, tree gong ray, key healing touch and older forms of alternative medicine is about us scientific, as the research done on psych analysis. Which day, of course, mean that it's not scientific enough, But in my opinion it means that it is because I come from Europe and me psychoanalysis. It's something that is as credible as cognitive behavioral therapy seriously. The study of the paranormal started in 18 80 two, when the Society Off Secure Research has been founded in England to investigate apart normal. In fact, Hans Berger, the man who invented the E G, urgently search for SEC energies and pretty much found it's more accepted discovery along the way. That's now that is, costed different theories off psychic energy. First, I would like to discuss this skeptical theory. Skeptics essentially believe that energy, healing and healing touch works because out suggestion, essentially energy heating works because the subject believes it works. And it's nothing more than out to suggestion. And it could be true. But so what if that that you're It is true that energy healing is nothing but a form of noses, and he knows it has been scientifically proven to work on a lot of things, such as chronic pain and fatigue. In fact, studies have shown that rituals have a much stronger suggestive power than words, which are used in traditional hypnosis. So even if the skeptical to your is correct and energy healing could simply be seen as a more improved form. Off knows this, and on the other hand, dharam or elaborate theories not just signal transfer to Yuri's. In them, energy is seen as a form of information transfer. According to those two, Yuri's almost psychic energies essentially function as a form of communication. There are two forms of this theory, one in which communication happens directly between people and it's mediated by this hypertechnical energy. And the order person feels because of that communication, because it alleviates up countries blocks, healing and in other theories that the communication happens between the healer and some kind of higher power, which then facilitates the healing. There have been many theories that propose different ways. This kind of communication takes place. Some people start off neurologist Michael Person, Under and and Fritz Albert Pop believe that this kind off energy transfer happens to bio photons. Bio photons are essentially microscopic forms off light emitted by Selves, which could potentially be responsible for information transfer between cells and between other people. Other researchers believe that the information transfer happens by resonance in this model , when you raise your energetic vibration. True, the energy healing ritual, which involves deep breathing and other things your patient essentially in trains to this higher vibration which allows him to hell. This story also explains why, when we fail to raise our vibration during energy healing through the breathing and other means we risk getting sick. This actually happened to me. I forgot to breathe deeply. Working on my girlfriend, I got a very bad case of the flu for two weeks as a result of it. So, essentially in those theories, psychic energies are essentially bio four times, which are used for interstellar communication and can be also used as a hypothetical vector for person to person communication. Where the healer communicates a healing intent to someone through the energy healing ritual and that he ming intent. It goes into this object subconscious mind and facilitates healing. Other theories which explain what psychic energies are come from. Quantum physics. The association between energy healing and quantum physics started in 1982 and an aspect of French physicist discovered that subatomic particles can interest in teh nus li communicate with each other, regardless of how far apart they are from one another, which in a way your encounter toe Einstein's law, which stated that no form off information to travel faster than light. Many energy healers believe that this form of information transfer might have something to do it. Psychic energies, for example, a popular teary that pops up in a lot of energy hearing books and research studies is David Bombs, Holographic Universe theory, basic assumption of that series that on that deep level, everything in this universe is connected and that the universe is nothing but a hologram. Ah, whole. Graham is essentially a tree dimensional photograph, but like a photograph when he cut it into small pieces, pieces are not different from the whole photograph. There are essentially a miniature version off the initial whole ground. Essentially, Born believes that objective reality doesn't exist and that the solid universe, as we perceive it, is nothing but a gigantic program off deeper underlying reality called the Implicate order , and that this implicate order can potentially be influenced by intention to enable people to but visualized while the holographic universe means bomb over the following illustration , imagine an aquarium containing a fish. Imagine also that you are unable to see the aquarium directly and your knowledge about it, and what it contains comes from television cameras on directed at acquiring front and other directed at its side. As you started to television monitors, you might assume that the fish on each of those screens are separate entities, after all, because the cameras are set at a different angle, each off the images will be slightly different. But as you continue to watch the two fish, you will eventually become aware that there is a certain relationship between them. When one terms daughter also makes a slightly different but corresponding turn. When one faces the front, the order always faces the other side. If you remain unaware of the full scope of the situation, you might even conclude that the fish must be instantaneously communicating with one another. This is clearly not the case according to bomb. This is what happens between subatomic particles. The apparent faster than like connection between particles happens because in a layer of reality everything is connected and that particles are in fact not separate parts but are a part of a deeper underlying unity. According to these theories, since we're all connected on a deep level, our attention have of aerial influence on one another. In this theory, the physical universe is nothing but a hologram projected on an interdimensional space where all information and knowledge is contained. This theory gave birth to a multitude of tude off other theories. For example, standards with graft, a fatter of motor trans person psychology postulated that our minds are connected no Onley toe, every other mind that exists with also toe everything in the universe and that we can access this information true things like noses on other forms of outward states. This theory energy killing works because in the holographic universe, starts and images and intention can have a very real influence on the physical reality. It can be understood that an energy healing we simply transfer on our attention to the subconscious mind, which then sends this information to this interdimensional space hypothesized by bomb, which then in turn influences our physical reality. All the other quantum theories off energy rely on aspect initial discovery, which gave rise to deteriorate for quantum entanglement. It's basically I can't salute claims that all particles have a form of connection and are able to influence one another through time, and space is influences Correlation ALS, meaning that they based increase the chance of something happening by 10% or so in complex systems. Order to Yuri's claimed that energy killing influences the quantum universe, which is then picked up by the brain. For example, Stap, our research scientist, claims that the brain is a very sensitive to events occurring on the subatomic level, especially into synapses, which are essentially the boundaries between neurons, where cellular communication takes place in the brain and neuron essentially shoots neural transmitters in tow. Another neuron one has to understand that there are multiple receptive is on the order neurons, which read their information from the firing neural. Some researchers believe that quantum influences, which in turn influenced by intention, can determine which receptors become activated and which want. So essentially, they speculated that intention. Energy healing. Now forms of magic can entrance old neurons, communicate with each other and brain. But which one off this terrace is correct? If you want the true answer, we don't know only have to Yuri's and speculations is up to you to decide which is true. But it doesn't mean that a concept off psychic energy is worthless, which I'll discuss in the next video 5. Energy Healing Lesson 5: let's now have a quick overview of the popular forms of energy healing. Having many studies that show that energy killing can have a very riel effect on health. Hello. This effect is far more mild than what some of the new aid practitioners would claim during a seminar attended Horn New Age practitioners. Venator hearing directly claimed that it can heal a broken spine in an hour, which, of course, is nonsense. In my opinion, if energy healing wants to be ever treated seriously, it has to lead goals that over hyped claims. Humble nursing practitioners are using energy healing in their day to day practice. They're happy with the fact that it can strengthen the immune system of their patients, come them down and alleviate their fatigue. Additionally, there are no numerous reports from all areas of medicine which show that energy healing is a useful tool. But it's not a cure all, like some of the unethical energy healing practitioners would like you to believe. The most popular form of energy heating right now is Therapeutic. Touch, which was created in the 19 seventies by Donna Coons, a member of the Cold Philosophical Society, got four widely accepted in the nursing circles. A lot of hospitals in the United States to use it on a day to day basis, and this system the energy he'll a rapist, vibration and acts as an energetic support system that I lost the patient immune system to improve and ultimately killed themselves. Another popular system of energy healing is Ray Key. It's not relation, which was created in the late 18 hundreds by Macau. Sui, a Buddhist monk. Later, a woman who was healed by him called Hawaii a Takata began teaching it in Hawaii in mid 19 thirties and then popularizing it in the United States in the early seventies. In Ray keyed ability to sell, Energy is awakened to run a ritual called Attunement, in which are a key master puts his hands on the student. Although this kind of a two minutes not really needed for energy heating toe work, many scientists believe that this attunement simply makes the dealer believe that he can fact here, which is something that's very much needed for effective energy healing. It is important to remember that research on rake in therapeutic touch and other forms of energy healing show the energy he can be effectively used for things like my anxiety stress , later conditions, wound healing and chronic and acute pain. So it is a proven method off healing. Additionally, there are numerous New age variants of energy hearing, since a lot of practitioners were tried to come up with their own theories based on their own experience. And since everyone a clear es with energy healing, it's different. Everyone will end up creating their own theory. That's why there are different conflicting to Yuri's, which end up confusing a serious practitioner that even happened to me. I read one book on energy healing, and it conflicted with the book IRA. Previously, anyone after that. That's why in this course I'll teach you a technique that has all the fluff cut out of it. And it is not just my personal theory, but something that's based on the latest pure review studies done on therapeutic Touch Breaky and other forms of energy healing 6. Energy Healing Lesson 6: it is important to know that there have been studies done in pretty rigorous laboratory settings which show that energy healing is not only effective on poor, but also on single cells. In 2000 and 12 a group of Japanese researchers conducted a study on the effect of energy heating. Uncultured cancer cells on group of cells was given energy hearing, while the other one didn't receive any energy healing. The research study has shown that the cancer cells that received energy healing multiplied less rapidly and died more rapidly, which shows that energy heating and have a very riel effect on cancer cells even outside of the body. Additionally, other experiments and cultural sales have shown that healthy cells that received energy healing replicated far more rapidly and where all in all healthier energy healing can also affect water. Water is considered by many practitioners of alternative medicine. To be a key mediator of healing on your Paktika medicine essentially rests on the assumption that information is imprinted on water. Chemically, Camilo Patrick medicine is just water. It is information that's imprinted on water, their dust healing and homey oh pity. In 2000 and 15 a group of researchers conducted a study on what are not energy healing, contrary to the properties of water, which would show that energy healing could imprint at healing message on water, which could turn water into a healing potion. And in print, an energetic message of healing on the water in our bodies because I didn't have the day. We as humans are 90% water. Indeed, a study has shown a noticeable difference in the properties of water after it. WAAS given energy healing, which in turn theoretically could mean that what energy healing does is employed a healing message on the water in our system, which in turn causes our bodies to heal. This brings us back to the information transfer to Yuri of Energy Healing, which I discussed in the previous letter. 7. Energy Healing Lesson 7: In 2016 group of researchers conducted a study exploring the effect of energy heating on cardiovascular patients. In their study, 40 cardiovascular patients were either given up false energy healing a healing that looked like energy healing but didn't have the necessary components off focused compassion and intention. Arial energy healing or nothing, it studies showed that a group of dad received proper energy healing experience, a far greater improvement in muscle tension, heart health scores and overall well being compared to people who received a fake treatment or no treatment at all, Which shows that energy can can improve the well being of cardiovascular patients beyond the placebo effect, properly done energy healing seems to strengthen the immune system of the patient in ease his anxiety and depression region turn. I lost the body to heal better and improves well being. I want to emphasize there's. There's absolutely no indication that energy in can cure heart disease or cancer, as some elliptical energy healers would like to make you believe as they try to overhype their products. I personally think it's simply unethical to promote energy healing as a cure for anything is just a supplement energy hearing is a pretty good complementary therapy, but it is not a replacement for any form of conventional medicine at anyone who claims otherwise. Is nothing short of a Charlotte. I was attended an energy healing seminar in Instructor, blatantly told a woman undergoing chemotherapy that she should quit chemo and instead he'll herself is energy healing with his help, for which he would charge a $100 per hour, of course, its behavior simply unethical. While energy hearing would help that person calm down and maybe improve her recovery by lead state and percent, it is definitely not a replacement for conventional medicine. Although the study I discussing that lesson has shown that energy healing improved it overall well being off cardiovascular patients, it has not cured anything and energetic in cannot cure heart disease. It can improve a patient's health by 10% by easing anxiety and removing on countries like um, somatic blocks that stop killing from happening and by boosting the immune system, which it has been scientifically proven to be able to do 8. Energy Healing lesson 8: energy healing cannot cure cancer well. Some unethical healing practitioners will claim that energy healing can cure cancer, dementia, epilepsy and some other very serious diamonds. That is not the case. However, It is also not the case that energy hearings completely useless for those ailments. A meta analysis conducted by Paul Millets confirmed the results of previous studies, which showed that energy hearing can decrease chronic pain, anxiety and improve subjective beings. Energy and relax ation. Another study has shown that energy hearing can alleviate acute pain in cancer patients, which was later than confirmed by another follow up study. The meta analysis conducted by Powell Millis has also shown that energy healing is effective in reducing post surgery, anxiety and pain, which was also confirmed by later studies. Later studies has also shown that the energy healing can calm down elderly people with dementia, so it is scientifically proven that energy healing can indeed the crease and alleviate fatigue and decrease anxiety and information after surgery. So these studies have also compared energy healing with hypnosis and other forms about suggestion, and the results have shown that energy healing is far more effective. Windows toe practises this waas confirmed by studies as recent as 2000 and 16. So while energy healing cannot cure cancer, it can alleviate feelings of fatigue, depression and boost the immune system off cancer patients. So it is useful. It is just not a wonder cure because nothing is. In fact, energy healing has been deemed so useful that it is now used by very established hospitals around the world. This stand for Medical center, one of the most prestigious and revered hospitals in the United States, offers energy healing in the form of healing touch to breast cancer patients. They also offer individual sessions under website cancer. Patients who got energy healing sessions in this hospital reported deeper relaxation, stress relief and reduced physical symptoms, and more rapid the recovery after surgery and increased energy for daily living. I personally think that it energy healing is good enough for one of the best hospitals in America, which is governed by one of the best universities in America. It is a useful tool that's very good no. Similarly, the British Columbia Cancer Agency uses energy healing, help patients cope with treatment related anxiety and pain has also been used to alleviate treatment related side of and energy healing in the form of ray key issues at the Leonardo P. J. Kim Center, a Dana Farber cancer institute. It issues there to alleviate pain, anxiety, nausea and sleep disturbances. 9. Energy Healing lesson 9: Let's now discuss how energy healing, effects, emotions, energy heating has a burial and observable effect on emotions are 2000 and 13. Study showed that it had a very high, long term positive fact on mood when applied on people suffering from clinical depression. Additionally, qualitative studies have shown that during energy healing, most clients described the sensation of energy that is a warm and more often than not process off energy healing puts the patient and to relax state. It is also important to note that there is a very direct link between emotions and energies and want study. 250 people were asked to draw their emotions. Their results were strikingly similar to descriptions of meridians and energy so that we can find an old as a terra tech. As you can see in the image, the energies here look like or us or like meridians. It's also important to know that as a healer, your own emotional state is very important in energy healing. For energy healing work, you have to keep a calm, relaxed, compassionate state during the whole process. That's why in this course will have a whole section dedicated to training you how to access that loving and compassion state whenever you need it and how to keep it during the energy hearing. A ritual would also like to mention that there are numerous other therapeutic approaches that to use the constable psychic energy that are specifically designed for emotional healing techniques. Such a start field therapy, emotional freedom technique, M O trance, Pete on by honor genetic analysis. But those techniques are a whole different subject matter and will require a whole course on their own. And I actually plan to create a course like that, and I will announce it to my students here when I'll essentially have the time to create that. So if you're interested in how to heal your emotions using energetic techniques, please stay tuned because I am working on that course like that right now. 10. Energy Healing lesson 10: energy healing. Just a placebo. What is it good for? Studies done on alternative medicine in general found that complementary approaches work better than placebo. Violet placebo still has an effect. For example, a research team led by Ted captured examined the effect of back pressure compared toa a sham treatment and nothing Both the fake treatment and legitimate act pressure brought really are low. Real, aka pressure broth. Significantly great. Really explanation to this is that the ritual of acupressure cell communicates a healing intent to the subconscious mind. In fact, some studies claim that doing a ritual accounts for a placebo effect far more than believing in a ritual when I also has to know that the word placebo is poorly defined, a lot of people could claim it is I poor word for a good effect. It doesn't give us insight about what happens during the placebo effect. While some researchers do think that haplessly was simply a research air, there are studies which show the placebo effect is a burial therapeutic effect with observable benefits, says you Herman on anthropologist. A medical doctor has a fine placebo as any pill portion or procedure where belief plays an important part. He also remarked that the cultural context plays a very big role and effectiveness off the placebo effect. Bills were cast placebos in Western countries because they believe in appeals. Effectiveness is prevalent in our culture. That's why we could understand energy healing as a body experience symbol, a way to communicate with the subconscious, mind using the language of the body. Whole idea off Dissolving an energy blockage could be interpreted as just a symbol for bodily experience. Such a physical symbol is way more powerful than a simple variable symbol. Because there's a conscious mind is pretty variable and nonverbal symbols act on it more strongly. This is also why the results we get an energy healing IRA greater than the healing effects were able to get through hypnosis. The bottom line is that there are very riel. Studies would show that energy healing can be used to elevate anxiety, alleviate pain, decrease information and depression and boost The immune system also has been shown to promote the relaxation response, which makes it a very useful addition to massage therapy. It seems that energy healing is best suited to treat medically unexplained symptoms such as chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic whiplash and irritable bowel syndrome hollow, which have a very strong psychosomatic component. On the other hand, there's absolutely no proof for the ridiculous claims that energy healing can cure epilepsy or a broken back. Similarly, as I mentioned before, it will not cure cancer well. It can decrease fatigue and cancer patients and make them calmer and more relaxed. In my opinion, for energy healing to be treated as a serious complementary therapy, the proponents off it have to be more modest with their claims. Very healer simply claimed that are a key can alleviate depression. If atik and boost the immune system, skeptics would be far less inclined to dismiss it. 11. Energy healing lesson 11: in this section, I'll give you numerous exercises, which are designed to allow you to experience like energies, as the only real way to understand energies is to experience them firsthand. Were performing these exercises, you might think, Oh, I'm not feeling anything. At least not really. I'm just telling myself I feel it because I'm supposed to feel something. This is self sabotage, even if it is true and it might or might not be. Doesn't matter, really. At the end of the day, it is not a useful belief for energy hearing while doing energy hearing assume that every imagined feeling is a really feeling. And with that, you will be able to do proper energy healing. The thing about supple energy says that you have to become more aware off your body to even sense them, which might be hard if you're suffering from PTSD or have a lot off psychological trauma in your body. In the future, I grant release a book and a course about overcoming trauma. So if you're unable to feel energies at all, you might have to wait for me to finish that course on most of the time. If you're unable to feel energies at all. It's not because of trauma is just that in our Western culture were very often cut off from our bodies and in mindfulness section off their scores, you'll be given a body based meditation, which will slowly train your bodily awareness. So just do that for a few days or months. On a subjective level, our emotions manifest themselves with energies into properly practice energy healing. You have to become aware of ambient emotional energies that appear in your body during today. Today life. You don't have to be aware of them all the time, but you have to be able to become aware off your emotions, and exercises in this section will train your emotional sensitivity. You are expected to listen to them a few times to properly train those skills. Do not get too hung up on them. You can just practice them wants and then progress to the next section because I don't want you to think that you have to feel energies perfectly or feel your body perfectly before you can progress with this course 12. Energy healing lesson 12: Sit with your legs up. Ride with hands on your needs. Your feet should be flat on the floor in your hands. Should be open and un class. Now close your eye and notice energies in your body. Do you feel calm? Nervous? Relax or tense. What do you feel in your body? Could you just alive in this moment to be as a days just for now? What do you When? Now? I know to stay in their trees that appear in your body now law them to move where they want to move. Never. There's any resistance. Go to you. Welcome it. Do you adjust? Allow it to be there. Do you just a lot to be would do you? When? Now They got the breath. With each breath you take red ax into your position. A few more depress with each breath you take focus on Relax. No. Focus your awareness under soles of your feet. Notice how they feel. I believe I can now imagine that roots are growing out of the soles of your feet Going into the air, through your shoes, through the carpet to the floor, right down into the earth. Sandy roots down, down, deep down. Feel the power off the heart of the earth. No, I want you to imagine your breathing from these routes. I want you to imagine that you're pulling the hair of energy up into your body. And as you exhale, you remove all negative energy. All toxins go into the air, for they are transformed back to healing nourishing energy. Brief three off it. Like this for a few seconds. Yes, that's arrived. Brief through your feet. Inhaling healing energy and exhaling, toxicity, inhaling, healing and military from dirt exhaling, toxic negative energy back into the earth. Inhaling healing. And a tree from there exhaling negative energy into the earth. Yes. Brief to your feet. That's right. This is the end of this exercise. You can continue breathing to your feet if you wish, or you can proceed to the next lesson. 13. Energy healing lesson 13: Hello. This recording will teach you how you'll energy. What do you essentially do? Is Europe your hands together like this? And then you move your your hands like this and you feel the energy in between your hands. When you move your hands like this and see how far you can move it and still feel the energy between our house it's about make this and you essentially pretty around with this energy ball and you'll move it around like this. Help Scott doesn't play around with it. My assistant will demonstrate to take out Yeah, rub your hands. This grace keep between our house which allowed feel energies that are and then just feel the energies in between your hands you play around with in their people. This is a very common exercise. And then executing almost every interview clinic system has one version, all right. I mean, it really helps to run these experience energies in some way. On another way you can do this is you can essentially have. If you have a pant or a friend, you can essentially put your arms around someone and feel Steve your fielder or see if you feel their energy. Just move your hand around, See if you feel energy. Sometimes you were able to feel after you know, this exercise of times is it also a good idea to heat up your hands before you just We feel there. Thank you. Yeah. On Bond, another good way to feel psychic energies is true meditations, which will be given in the section on a distance killing. Um, and I recommend that you listen to it when the time will be right. So do you feel like they're dressed? Yeah. I mean, for me, as a beginner after cannot do this a couple times, but you'll start to feel the definitely Don't be afraid of doing this enough times until you start to feel some of that coming through three poems Made your hands or drive and, you know, prods of lotion that tried again. I have a dry hand shipper. Yeah, exactly. Just pride is exercise and then move to the next lesson. Don't try to be perfect with it. It's nothing that happened after absolutely correctly. It's nothing that you can wrong. Just do your best Rock that let it in the strike wants and move to the next exercise. Okay? Yeah. Intentions. The most important thing 14. Energy Healing Lesson 14: in this exercise will scan your body from head to toe, noticing whatever sensations might be there. Name is for you to observe these sensations without judging or trying to change them or push them away. You know, distension or discomfort in your body. They are to be there. Don't try to trained it. Don't try to escape from it. Simply observant. Your mind starts judging it. Our commanding on it simply let starts past like passing cars on the street. If you find your mind wandering, are that starts creating judgment? Ideas and thoughts simply let down my chatter. Common. Go like birds flying across the window. Gently bring your attention back to decker size. These exercises pretty much equivalent of push ups for mind for this muscles, and you're the well to repeated from time to time to stretch these muscles a bit more, either sit down or lay down on some surface and allow your eyes to close, letting the hands lie on the side of your body. Your legs should be on crossed for the next few minutes. Remind yourself during this time there's nothing you have to do and no one have to please. This is your time your time to be purity present here and now. No service. What's happening in this moment been an attitude of openness and curious t aim to cultivate attitude of a curious scientist as they become open to your experience right here her Right now, when you're ready, bring your attention to the physical sensations in your argument, becoming the world sensations as you breathe in and as a rebound. Take a few minutes to feel the changing sensations. How the ember feels different on doubt. Breath. Move your attention to your feet, noticing what sensations are in both feet. When attention arrives there, notice the sensations in the toes. Notice sensations and the sauce off her feet. Notice sensation on your heels. Notice the sensations, but at the top of the feet what's here. Right, but are no sensation. Simply register blank. If they are supple, simply notice it. There's nothing you should are true, not feel what experience is the correct experience? No, they have breath. And on the out breath, move your attention to the ankles. What sensations that there whatever sensations you notice about them to be there, just let them be. Don't try to change anything you don't have toe like or run D sensations or approved them in any way. I don't need to. Dio just observed him without struck. From time to time, your attention will be constructed by tots overhearing Each time that happens, take a split second to know. Distracted you bring your attention back to the body. No matter how often your attention wanders, others 10 times we're in. It's 1000 times. Just notice what distracted you and gently bring your attention back to the body. There's no need to be frustrated or disappointed On this happens. Expect your attention to wander. It's part of being human in each time you bring your attention back to where you want to be . Your training your mind for this muscles. Now take in another breath and on the out breath, move your attention toe over legs but sensations there, feeling them. Notice any sense of contact with whatever you're lying work on the sensation that might arise. - No , take another deep breath, and as you breathe out, we're attention to your knees. Don't think about her needs sense them directly sends what experience right now. Notice what sensations change and what sensations stayed the same? Yeah, if your mind starts judging, criticizing, commenting, analyzing, just let these starts come and go. Bring your attention back to the sensations in this part of her body. Now take another deep breath and on the out breath, move your attention to your ties. What do you feel there? Caritas. Sensation of contact with your clothes. It could be a pulsation. Could be anything. Whatever it iss a lower herself to welcome during his exercise your mind, we're wander away from your body. This is normal. It's one minds do when you notice it, a knowledge it noticing where the mind has gone off to, and then return your attention to the power of the body you're on, noting another tea breath on they are breath moves your attention to the hips and pelvis, the right hand left hand, the whole base of the pelvis and the organs that region. No, take another deeper F, and as a brief out move your attention to the lower back. And now, as a breathing, expand your awareness to take in the middle of your back on uh, and now another breath. Expand your awareness to take in the upper back and the rest of her back earlier, holding your entire back in your over, noticing any sensations that might arise in it. No, taken out of breath. And as the exhale of your attention to the front of your body. Who? The lower abdomen. So you want sensations are waiting for you here. As the redemption roofs in this area, their attention moves into this area off your body from time style feelings of boredom. A restlessness might come up when this happens. Noted there's nothing wrong. Simply noticed these feelings and distractions and Allah to them. Now, this thing, how they're affecting your body without judging yourself in any way, Move your attention back to where you intended it to be. Lower abdomen. No. Take a deep breath and on out. Move your attention to the chest. Notice for sensations you experience in your test. Now take a deeper breath into the trust. When you're ready, she let go of the breath that go your attention on the trail and move your attention to both her hands and arms. Now taken out of breath and out and out breath. Move your attention to the shoulders and neck. But sensations are there. Be either Heardem, whatever they are allow them to be. Exactly. They are Hagen on our deep breath and as the exhale, move your attention to your head and face. Notice your 10 your mouth, your lives, surface of the nose, the cheeks the size of the face and the years the islets eyebrows in the space between Diab rounds before happens. Temples at this cop No. Expand your awareness and allowed to take in your whole face Salon sensations in your face to be as they are. No, expand your awareness and do your whole body just a lot of sensations if you to be exactly as there when you'll find your detection wandering with your attention back through the sensations in your body. Hello, Your body. He has this herself. Beachy Augustus, you are now As we finish this exercise, open your eyes and notice how food If he 15. Energy Healing Lesson 15: it can be noted at the very systems off Energy healing disagree on owned mechanisms that are in play in energy healing. The various forms of energy healing also disagree on what exactly, is transmitted it between the healer and a client. Many healers try to attribute healing energies to phenomena that is observable and well known. They attribute healing energy to everything from electricity, magnetic fields and electromagnetism. My other suits, quantum physics as an explanation and undersea energies just as a metaphor. While other systems claim that are highly healthy, compassionate and spiritually awakened, Killer essentially and trains the client to his higher vibration. So it is clear that it's very hard to identify uniformed core concepts and energy healing. Each energy healing traditions seem to disagree on almost everything. Tom Hanson, his air strike diagnosed an illness either doing muscle testing were by putting their hands around our off the patient, while others believe that they just have to send energy and energy itself will take care of the rest. Additionally, very often, studies have shown that the technique itself doesn't matter and instead a few critical core principles. I responsible for whether or not the energy healing will work or not. It all points to tree factors mindfulness compassion, an intention over and over the peer reviewed studies on energy healing show for energy heating To be affected, Hiller has toe get into a single pointed, relaxed focus primarily through the specific energy healing technique. Many energy healing techniques tell you to observe your breath, visualize energy coming true or a symbol thes aspect of the energy in techniques. Facilitate the creation of a relaxed single point and focus, which is required for efficient energy healing. I'll refer to the skill as mined from their skills throughout the score. Studies have also identified that that you need to be compassionate towards the one you heal and towards herself. Any heating systems ask you to imagine yourself being filled with energy of love and compassion during or before healing. Because of that, another factor is that the hearer must have a very strong intention here people and also has to believe that a healing is possible. Ideally, intention coupled with the belief would be deeply present in the subconscious mind of the healer. TheStreet raids, focus, compassion and intention are something that one has to train to be a good healer. It's not something that a sample five minutes technique can really teach you right away. But at the same time, a technique can temporarily strengthened these factors to allow you to effectively heal another person. This speculated that the energy healing technique itself is just a ritual which allows the power off your intention, focus and compassion to communicate. A healing intent to the quantum field wouldn't turn signals praying off the one being healed to relax, alleviate pain and feel better. Another theory states that the energy healing technique, coupled with compassion, intention focused since the intention to the quantum field and the quantum field directly heals the patient by changing physical reality. So, in summary energy healing technique itself, it's only our factor. Truth. The power of intention, compassion and mindfulness are able to work 16. Energy Healing Lesson 16: It has to be pointed out that historically not everyone practice energy saving. And there Joe Heenan was only practiced by people who went through a transformational, spiritually experience that allowed them to feel deep feelings of compassion and laughed hours everyone, just another form of evidence to the hypotheses. To that energy healing can only be effective if it a healer, feels compassion in love towards the patient. It is my teary that the main essence of spiritual energies is emotional and has a healing the weight transfer and emotional intention through the hands, and seeks to be a form of non verbal communication off love and compassion, which influences the other person on a subconscious level and turn distance healings a form of prayer where the compassion intention is sent through the quantum field. It seems that all researchers uniformly agreed a true compassion towards the patient is our prerequisite for energy healing work. The hearing, her effect of compassion is pretty well known in mainstream science. Dr Steven Tree posed out, or for the book Michael. Things happen to good people, summarised the results for over 50 scientific studies to show that acting compassionately and lovingly towards others that tremendous positive health effect, both under a sippy end of compassion and the person who shows compassion. It is clear to me that if you do not develop self compassion and compassion, you will never be able to effectively use energy healing, which was observed by many studies done honor to us the killing and end killing and some systems of energy heating do recommend a separate daily meditation practice aimed towards developing compassion as a supplement to healing work. Barbara Brennan, on Expert in an Energy Keeling, wrote extensively about the importance of this state taking practitioner in during a healing session. The hard of hearing is not the technique but the state of being off which those techniques are eyes. If you do not truly care about hearing another person, the chance is very high that the hearing will not work or might in fact, her time. On the other hand, if during healing you feel yourself with compassion towards the person you're working on, the healing will be far more effective. This is why some of that he's asking Visualize that your body is filled with love and compassion before hearing I actually have a personal story here in detail wants. When I was 16 I gave a hearing touch session toe a girl I really didn't like because she constantly laughed at me for being a new ager. She had a broken leg and I wanted to practice my energy healing. So we had a healing session. I put my hands on her and started to do my usual 14 off. Sending healing energy from the hands are standing in the an injury. I couldn't stop thinking about how mean she was to me and how angry I was Her. About 10 minutes into the session, she jumped out and screamed, I didn't know how you did days, but my leg hurts a 1,000,000 times more now, and in fact, it took way longer to heal than anticipated. The negative emotions that I experienced during the session imprinted on her leg and slow down the healing response 17. Energy healing lesson 17: to perform energy healing, you have to be fully present and have a desire to heal the person you're working on. To be able to focus your intention in such a way, you need to be able to focus, and you need to be able to be mindful. The problem with learning to focus is that our Western culture, which much drives us to distraction. One weight contra. This is true meditation. That's why I have a whole section in this course that is designed to trade or focusing skills. True meditation. I even included a meditation that's specifically designed for people who have problems with concentrating. The meditation could be seen as training wheels, and it will prepare you for the traditional sitting meditations. Those meditations, when practiced regularly, will allow you to focus on the energy healing ritual and other than practicing meditation at least once per day, it would be beneficial if you stopped multitasking on a day to day basis. Multitasking really hurts our focus and concentration skills by doing one thing at a time all the time. You can train your concentration skills in every moment of her life When practicing energy healing, try to be fully present with the ritual. Whenever your attention wanders and you begin thinking about anything else it was. Gently pull your attention back to the ritual Onley by having suggest single point in focus during energy hearing, Will you succeed in sending the intention into your subconscious? Mind which Sudan will send it to the quantum field and allow you to hear your patient out like you to try this exercise whenever you're doing anything in your day to day alive, focus only on doing that, nothing else. And whenever your attention wanders simply, very gently, put your attention back on whatever it is you're doing. This exercise might sound easy, but that actually it can be very difficult, especially since we're so used to multitasking. Focusing on one thing at a time will allow you to be in the present moment and turn. Being in the present moment as much as possible will naturally improve your capacity to be compassionate, and it will improve your mental health, which is also important for an energy healer 18. Energy healing lesson 18: studies on hearers and the people being healed showed that that that patients and train to the Hiller's mental state just yet another reason why it's important failures have with compassion, love during healing. Additionally, attitudes and beliefs of the kind have been reported to take a large part in healing. There are practitioners who claim that unless the patient believes that he can be healed using an energy healing energy here and will not work, it might also explain why studies conducted by skeptics did intro efficiency off therapeutic touch. It also has been argued that he studies do not show a positive response to energy hearing because they do not take into the account the factors off attention, compassion and focus during their studies. This is why some modern researchers suggested that there should be more qualitative studies done on the subject. Qualitative studies are essentially studies which focus on subjective experience for person true interviewing. But it is important to remember that intention plays a very large role in energy healing. Even unconscious beliefs and intentions can influence the outcome of healing the hearers intention and believe that healing can work is crucial for the effectiveness of energy healing. As a healer, you have to be at least open toe the possibility that you can heal someone using energy healing. A good way to do that is to simply pretend to believe it's kind of like acting when you're pretending to be McBath in a theatre. Play can get so immersed in the role that you actually believe you are Macbeth. Similarly, when you're Lar Ping as a wizard, also for a moment, believe that you're actually a wizard and you feel as if you're a wizard, Lar being means live action role playing for those who wonder what that word means. So when you do any form of energy here in, I want you to at least pretend the energy heating works that healing the person and that healing the person you're hearing super important and that you really love and like the person you're hearing, the following parts of the book will focus on developing your intention, compassion and focusing skills. Then World Teacher has a very simple has on healing technique and distance healing technique, which would be all you need to become a very good enter to healer 19. Energy healing lesson 19: in this course, we will focus on training the three pillars Planetary hearing before we teach you any techniques. These are things we absolutely need to be at least good at before attempt here. Anyone? The first filler is compassion. The ability to feel true compassion for the one your healing. And to be able to do that, you first need to develop compassionate love for yourself, which we will accomplish in this course to especially designed compassionate stations. The second filler is mindfulness. Be able to transfer your intention to your country mind. You really need to focus on the energy killing technique that you're doing. And the only way to learn to focus and be mindful is to meditate, which we will focus on enough following section deterred filler is intention. Intention is way more important than one would initially think. Studies have shown that if the here or the one being here do not have a clear intention to kill, a healing will not happen. Similarly, either off them does not believe that they can can take place. They will create us of countries defense barrier against healing Toby able to efficiently he'll another person, you must you must have a clear intention off them becoming healed, and then you need to put that intention into your country's mind. Truth. The use off the specific energy technique you choose to you. While most energy healing books focus on giving your technique and tell you that if you mechanically practice it, you will be able to kill someone. In my experience, this doesn't work. I've seen too many Ricky practitioners who did Ricky correctly on a purely technical scale . They didn't receive any results because they did it mechanically. And because the technique is not the most important thing, the technique is purely a vector. It's a way for you to communicate a strong attention to your conscious mind, which in turn, can everyone's do on being healed doesn't matter whether this influence happens because of quantum entanglement, self suggestion or true any under means for it to happen. You cannot do energy healing mechanically. You have to be present with a technique and you need to have a strong desire to heal the older person and feel strong feelings of compassion towards yourself and the person and the person you're hearing and then get that intention and compassion into your subconscious mind. That's why, in this course, our focus on developing the skills you need to develop in orderto correctly perform energy healing. Then, after you mastered the skills of compassion, intention and focus, I will teach you specific energy healing techniques. 20. Energy healing lesson 20: could energy hearing be magic? Let's discuss the models off magic, and how do you relate to energy healing Throughout history, there were many models of magic that in through ist various esoteric traditions. One of them is informational model of magic. This model of Matic basically states the magic is done through the subconscious. The hypothesis of this model is pretty simple. It is that your subconscious mind has the ability to influence the quantum field. Essentially, all magic starts backing you, negating your intent to your unconscious through the use of symbols, visualizations, rituals and other tools that help you focus your intention. Since theoretically it's all just a medical communicating your ideas to the pre verbal, deepest part of the mind. Any technique might theoretically work for energy healing. That's why different cultures have different energy healing rituals, which accomplished the same thing. This theory also states that there's a primordial part off your brain which can connect to the quantum universe, and that part is like every part of your body controlled by your unconscious mind. It is my teary that in energy healing, you connect to the person you're healing and to the quantum field and after send intention to the quantum field. The quantum field influences physical reality and essentially healed that person in accordance to your intention, which relates to the previous lesson on psychic energies. This US why It's very important for you to have a good connection with the person you're healing to rent energy healing. And that's why you need a photo or something else. When you practice distance healing, usually you'll connect with a person by their touching them or by focusing under photo. As in the case of business healing, it's important to note that if you're blocked from people and have an emotional shield between yourself and the other person, or if the person is a complete stranger to you and you know nothing about them, not even how they look like the healing will not work because there's no energetic connection. But we need you and the person you're healing. This is also why you always need to at least ask permission before performing distance healing if the person doesn't know you and there's no connection, but we knew and he doesn't give you consent, the energetic connection, which is needed for energy healing will not form. This doesn't mean you have to be best friends with that person, or at least exchanger conversation or two before an energy healing dissolves. So why the development of compassion and love and kindness is so important for energy healing, So an energy healing. You essentially build energy through the use of deep breathing and imagination, and you embed that energy with intention and compassion. You embedded with compassion to make sure that intention is not corrupted by your narrow seas or any mental problems you might have and then wants to. You've embedded this intention with energy and compassion. You send it out into your patient through the use of a technique this process off, sending out essentially sent the message to your unconscious mind rigid and sends the message to the quantum peel, which then heroes the person you're healing. 21. Energy healing lesson 21: energy heating could be interpreted as a magical ritual, which hoots your intention at your subconscious mind, which then influences the quantum field, which we've discussed in the previous lesson. I know it could also be that energy hearing just be a form of nonverbal hypnosis, since our subconscious mind doesn't think in words. But in symbols and emotions, it is logical to assume that symbols that express nonverbally as an energy healing are far more effective. That those enough verbal hypnosis session accept them in the way. Belief and the change of beliefs might lead to a strong healing response, studies have shown that belief can actually produce observable physical changes in the body . And one study, researchers have given a placebo pills people suffering from Parkinson's disease. This disease is associated with a decrease in the production of dopamine. It was discovered that people who took the placebo had a severe increase in production dopamine. So there are the direct biological change recorded in response to a belief change, which shows that even if the esoteric interpretation of energy healing is not true, it can work as a suggestion that can have a very real observable effect on his well being, and studies have shown that energy healing has a much stronger affected in a placebo. If we go through the interpretation that energy healing nothing but suggestion, it could be understood that the energy healing ritual has a greater suggestive power at an appeal could be interpreted as a form off hypnotherapy, which is, I will accept it and scientifically proven modality off course. This would only work if the client believes that energy killing, which would explain why energy healing never really work, not skeptics. Another note. If we go by the energetic interpretation of an intra healing, the fact that energy healing never worked on skeptics can be explained in a different way. To think about intention in There's a Turk perspective is that it can be blocked. One study has found that if the receiver of energy healing is fundamentally opposed to the concept of an empty hearing, he will subconsciously block essentially and numerous energy healers have experienced that that whenever they try to heal a skeptic is this belief in the energy healing create our mental war around him. This is also why no energy here ever won the dreams. Randy $1 million prize because they give you a skeptic toe heel. And you cannot do that because as a psychic wall around him, that prohibits you from healing him. No matter how hard you try, that's no discuss intention While intending to just hear your patient. It's most of the times enough. Sometimes your subconscious mind needs a specific instructions properly. He'll your client. For example, if you try to kill someone's hives, it might work if you just had the intention of healing them. But it probably would work better if you focus your intention on something more specifics that have healing their teaching. But ideally, you would need to understand physiology. Be kind, chronic IVs and specified exact cellular process you want to influence. For example, you can intend for healing to boost immune response in a particular part of the body. Being specific in such a way would be helpful and might be required in some cases. That's why when you're performing in the beginning, it is beneficial to have an understanding off the disease. Your healing folk imagine and intend a specific process of healing so it would be helpful to brush up on your anatomy and physiology and pathology. Your healing a broken bone It is helpful to visualize the specific biological bone healing process before your healing session. It would be helpful to relax, imagine in a few times in your mind as vividly as possible. 22. Energy healing lesson 22: knows your eyes and relax. It could be breath and then let it go and take a second deep breath. Let it go again and on their TERT deep breath, hold it for about three seconds and exhale and relax out of an all attention to dissolve from your body are going to have you relax every part of your body, starting from the top of your head all the way down to the part off your feet as you relax each part of your body like you to you your imagination. Imagine and feel each part of it each part of your body relaxing and letting go completely , starting with the top of your head, your skull and you're for your eyebrows and your eye lids and feel that a relax ation going down true, your cheeks and your nose Relax your mouth and especially all those muscles around your hips. Relax your chin and jaw. Not all those muscles in your face to just that. Go now. I'd like you to focus on your eyelids, notice how relaxed they are not alone and allowed that a relaxation quickly spread all throughout your body and notice how in every breath. You take every word. Are you here? You relax. Oh, more. Now I like you. Move your attention to the masters of your neck, draws focus on them and relaxed, starting with the front part of your neck and then the back part of her neck all the way down to your shoulders. I feel your shoulders relaxed completely getting rid of any tension that might be in your folder area. Allow your arms to relax, starting with your upper arms going down to rail bells. Relax your wrists. Relax your hands, even the fingers. Just relax and let go. Now notice how deep and regular your breathing has become so much more than just a few moments ago. When we begin, feel your breathing. Feel the rhythm off her previous noticed contraction and expansion off your diet and your test. Notice what? Every breath with every breath you take every tart of passes your awareness. We're becoming bar and more relaxed as they noticed that allow your trust and muscles to relax completely, all the way down to your stomach. I just feel your stomach. Relax. Let go get rid of any tension that might be in that area, however, to go completely all your back muscles to relax. It's large muscles in the upper part of your back going down there spinal cord into your lower back. Now all those muscles, lower area, you're back. Relax. That's well, Hello, your hips to relax, especially your legs. Starting with your ties Her knees. I fear a devastation going down into your palms and your ankles. Relax. Feud along parts of your body to relax. Now allow yourself to completely let go. As you sit here very comfortable and relaxed our account from 1 to 10 beach number, you here will become more and more relaxed both physically and mentally. 10 year deeply relaxed. Nine. That yourself more and more relaxed. Eight more and more black. At this point, every tartar you might have every time that map here you're behind were not disturbed or distract you. You'll simply notice it. Let go without being influenced by it in any way. Seven. De deep relaxation. Six. A disappoint Every fiber of your body is relaxing more and more by more and more and more black. Gotta go everything that's bothering you and just listen to my voice like I do far deep, relaxed, so comfortable free from or your care tree more and more relaxed and comfortable to I was at the bottom now and want the deep relaxation all the way down. Complete mental and physical. Relax, ation. You're totally relax. Just allow yourself to let go completely. As you go deeper at a deeper become, more, more Relax every word here, Every breath you take, I want you to now imagine healing. Someone could heal them from anything Headache, pain in knee or a stomach ache. I want you to imagine that you've healed them. Trinity Hearing. Now I want you to let everything go. Focus on your previous. I want you to think of the belief that you can kill people in this way. Notice how it looks like just a Is the image bright or does this gray and fitted out? Is it loud which direction is coming from? Observe it for a minute or two. Now, I want you to think of the belief that the sun is going up tomorrow. Notice where it is located. Notice if the images bride how it sounds. Notice how it is represented in your mind. Observe it for a minute or two. Now, I would like you to take that belief that you can have it here. People with energy healing and making the same as your believe that the sun is coming up tomorrow. I want you to represent it in your mind in the same way. Move it to the same location. Make it half the same brightness. Make it as big or small as the belief that dishonest coming up tomorrow, because the truth is the fact that you will be able to heal people with your hands. That's true as fact. That's Nissan is coming up tomorrow as the truth Is that the fact that you will be able to heal people with your hands? It's as true as the fact that it's Sinus coming up tomorrow. Now just represented in your mind in the same way. Make it the same. This belief will give you the confidence you need to work with your client. Your confidence and conviction will in turn inspire hope them. Your conviction confidence, I believe, will make them believe which will help them heal. And each time you practice energy healing, you will stand on intention to your conscious mind. The intentional will be specific to the ailment your patient has. If you're patient, has a stomach ache and you have us, you will have a strong attention off healing that stomach ache, and you will send it to your country. Mind if you're patient, which in turn will send it to get a quantum field, The intention of healing if you're patient and that in turn, will heal your patient in a miraculous way. If you're patient has nerve pain, a strong industry healing the nerve will be sent to your subconscious mind, then to the quantum field. And then the quantum field will hear your patients nerve pain. Every time you hear your attention will be sent to the deepest part off your mind, which will in through ends quantum forces, which will allow it to come true. No again imagine herself in the future have learned everything in this course, your healing a person with your hands. This image is, they asked, vivid us your belief that the sun is coming up tomorrow because it is I have certain you will be able to heal people. Imagine in fume. Better imagine them feeling better while thanks to no that everything go focus on your breathing and open your eyes and notice. Hoco, do you feel? 23. Energy Healing Lesson 23: now, I would like to introduce you to the mind for the section off this program. In my experience, all the Westerner simply cannot concentrate well enough to perform energy healing. Thes invitations here are to remedy. Dad would like to think off your ability to concentrate and focus as a muscle. A mindfulness muscle. These meditations are essentially push ups for those muscles. Practice one of them each day for about a month and you'll develop your mindful skills. Quite nasty. These mindfulness skills are not only good for energy, they were people. Impulse control, emotional management and will help you to be present in your day to day life. 24. Energy Healing Lesson 24: I would like you to find a quiet place but has fewer attractions. That's possible. After you do that, close your eyes and just notice. Where where are they located? Above you Behind you are in front of you. Are they moving or still notice that there are two different process going on simultaneously. There's a process of thinking you're thinking self. It's creating various words and pictures. And then there's a process of noticing, which is done, but you're observing self. This tart probably started a debate in your mind, and as such would like you to notice where you are There, pictures on the words Are they moving or still notice that there are your tarts and they're still true. You observing the starts? Notice that the U that observing these talents does not change your mind is probably thinking yet again threats just to this exercise one last time Notice. Where are your thoughts today? Pictures. Or are the words are they moving or still notice that there are your tots and there's to you that's observing them. Notice that vile your tots change. You don't Yeah, Uh huh. 25. Energy Healing Lesson 25: please find a quiet place free from any distractions. Sit with your spine straight and either cloves your eye or have them lightly open focused on a spot in front of you optionally. If you have back problems, you can lie on a flat surface. Were hands on their size on your hat, supported by a pillow. I lower yourself to turn your attention to your breathing and observe it as if you're a curious scientist. I was never encountered breathing before noticed there as it comes in through your nostrils and notice as it flows back out again. Well, what does it goes? Hold away and and all the way out. Notice how the air most in and out of your nostrils Notice. Hold slightly warm arrest comes out and slightly cooler goes in notice the subtle rise and fall of your shoulders. Notice the gentle rise and fall of her rib cage. Just notice it rising and falling. Notice. The rise and fall of your abdomen izing us. You breathe in and falling. I said pretty about this shows you that you're breathing from the diaphragm. Fix your attention on one of these areas, whichever you prefer, and the breath moving and then out of your nostrils or on the rising and falling after abdomen or rib cage. Keep your attention on this spot, noticing the movement in and out of breath. But their feelings are just sensations arrived with a pleasant or unpleasant. Gently acknowledge them. Is it not in your head, and people passing by you on the street gently acknowledged the presence. Let him be. Allow them to come and go as they please. Just keep your attention on your breath. Inevitably, your attention will wander and you could caught up in your hearts. Each time that happens, notice what distracted you and then bring our attention back to the breath. No matter how often you drift off what are 100 times or 1000. Your aim is simply to note what distracted you and to return your attention back to your breath. 26. Energy Healing Lesson 26: In this exercise, you learn how to use the day to day activity, eating for mindfulness practice 100 helping you train your mind from this girl's. This practice will also have you eat slower by eating slower, you know, experience more of the food you eat, and you will be able to digest it more tired, really, which in turn will help you in your long term health. Eating mindfully has also been proven to prevent overheating. That's why we invite you to practice this sickening without the recording. Whenever you can enjoy a meal in peace. For this exercise, you need quick an article. Food to eat can be anything really from a raisin toe on apple or even a piece of beef jerky . Having would do simply look at that food, just observe it and notice any taught that might arise as you do. So as the tots arise, notice them. Move your attention back to the food. Notice the collar notice farm. If any feelings, our eyes just noticed them and gently move your attention back to the pool. No, in a recovered the food would not you tend. So arm your hand, do a story We're being aware of the movement of your hand, not as the feeling of the food, how to put it in your mouth. Notice the closing of her mouth and then loan of the arm to the resting position. Become aware of the taste of food in your mouth. Very slowly Begin chewing. I noticed him of my tom. The teeth Notice how the food interacts with teeth. Notice the chewing movement as you chew. On a certain point, there will be an explosion of taste in your mouth. Notice. When that happens, Arsene, notice from that explosion of taste fades away whenever on unrelated Tired of feeling arises. Just notice them. I have your attention gently right back into the process of chewing Notice. Truly movements Notice the taste you swallow. Come on. Where this swallowing each time you could distract it by anything. Just move your attention right back to the food. No. Repeat this process phenomenal by to take and then with the next really have finished their meal. And optimally, he will repeat this exercise each time you eat 27. Energy Healing Lesson 27: in a relaxation technique you've listened to previously. You learned that were not always aware of the tension we hold in our muscles in a tensing them, and then relaxing them can help us become more aware of that tension similarly, were not always our how we resist our moment to moment experience. That's why, in this exercise, we'll try to intentionally resist our experience by saying no to it. After this, we will eventually try to say yes to it. To notice the difference between these two states. In this exercise, I'm going to ask you to avoid experiencing the sensations you have. If you're back against the chair you're sitting on or the next two or three minutes. Whenever you notice a sensation off your back gets the chair, I want you to say no. There does sensations noticed their actions? Just say no. Resist to do feelings off your back against the chair. Resist him. Say no, no. Does the feeling of your skin that in your clothes? Say no to it? Notice the reaction. No, I'd like to notice any tarts and emotions that might show up. Say no to do start emotions. Notice the reaction notice any tots down might come up and resist them. She might normally use it. Really? As you might normally resist any unpleasant tarts that come your way. Do your hardest to your system your hardest. To resist them, do your hardest to resist them. Do your hardest to resist them. Do your hardest to resist them. You might notice that at all, sir. Getting louder as if you threw a rock in a public that's normal is the natural outcome of resistance. No, not is another top and try to resist it. No notice whatever might arise in your consciousness and say no to it. Saying no to it resisted. Okay, Now I would like you to do the same exercise except now, brother and avoiding to sensations off your back against chair. I'd like it to be willing to feel those sensations simply as sensations. Whatever they might be. Positive or negative. Pain, discomfort, tingling, war, coolness. And so whatever those sensations are I'd like you to say yes. Just say yes. Just say yes. Just noticed whatever rises in your consciousness and say yes to it. I love to be as a day se ist. Yes, Yes, Yes. Do you dress allowed to be as it is? And now, as you stop this exercise, would you just see what happens when you say yes to everything in that period? Open your eyes and see if you can continue disaster. Two years draw today. 28. Energy Healing Lesson 28: in this exercise to learn a very powerful technique for managing your emotions. Where we started like you to pick up a small object. Anything will do. I want you to grasp it as strongly as you can. Just squeeze it in your hand slightly. It's can. Is this what we do with our emotions and we resist them? I want you to simply open up your home and see how the object this is, what happens when you have no emotions to be. When we resist emotions, we get stressed about a stress angry about a ranker, which in turn increases the stress and anger, and this mindfulness exercise were simply aiming for you to let go of yours. Distance to your emotions are aiming not to make you like them or love them or make it go away. We're just making room for them and along them to be. Yes, they are, even if you don't like them by practicing this repeatedly, you'll eventually be able to be aware of your emotions without being controlled by them, which in turn will keep you from being triggered by poor on help you manage your porn addiction better. I don't know, Sit down with your back straight and close their eyes. No, for a few seconds. Focus on your breathing. Now. Bring my the situation that brings out negative feelings in you. Huntress. Anything to traumatic? Just something does. Essentially an average bad things that happen to you. Allow yourself to think about this problem for a minute. A good strategy for emotional management is to go into your body each time. If your negative emotion. That's why I think about her problem. I'd like you to take a deep scan your body as you do that notice first sensations This problem creates in your body was the emotions produced sensations in their stomach, your head, your chest writing where else? Just scan your body and notice any strong sensations in your body that are associated with emotion. You're experiencing your scan everybody and notice any sensations in your body that I associate it with busy emotion. Scan everybody and noticed any sensations in your body that are associate it with his emotion. You know, to several uncomfortable sensations. Look for the strongest. They want us bothering anymore. It might be a heaviness in your stomach or in tightness in the chest. Focus all of your attention on that sensation and observe it. Curious. The end acceptance. Live your friendly scientists observing a butterfly. Other friendly scientists. You're not trying to get rid or destroy the creature. Observe them. We're simply studying it along and beater. Allow herself to observe this sensation. Let us first start where it ends. Then there's much about it as you can. You could draw a line around this sensation what it would look like. It's on the surface of the by ordinance. Realisation. Two. Strongest Where's the coast? Allow yourself to observe a sensation with an attitude of interest. Opens doesn't say. Is it moving? But is its weight? Is it heavy or light? What is its perceived temperature? I do. Our lawyers have to observe into sensation with an attitude of interest. Now take a deep breath in allow herself to political of all your assistance to sensation after like a wanted her prove it. Let go off with this stupid to be. Just make room. It's a lot to be there. Feel any resistance building. Simply a lawyer of older is this has to be there and observe it. Curious scientist. I observe alive. I don't know. You don't have to like it was simply make room a lot. I don't know. There's a lot of yourself toe their visitations under thing about dispensations. Your Mars starts commenting on what's happening. Let this house come on, go gently. Redirect your attention stations. Reminder that repeatedly take your attention away from the civilizations every time. Just a lot of use to us. Go like cars passing by will be our national backed. Observe emotional sensations whenever you find that you could cut up your tots. Just notice what happened again. Observed emotions. It says its size, shape, speed. I don't have to like it or want it. Just a lot of sensations to be there. Notice the difference between how your mind tells you did Sensation is and how it actually is. Your mind might tell you that the cessation to pain too overwhelming When it does just let the starts pass by cars passing by street. Turn your attention to this sensation. You mind find doing this exercise difficult. Your mind, my great, a strong urge to fight businesses to make it go away. Push it away Too depressing. If that happened, sitting on and gently bring your attention back to demotion station. Notice its texture. No, sits plate. You might notice that this particular sensations made on small sensations we're just subsequently are made up of smaller. Don't try to get rid of this sensation. Don't try to change it. It changes myself. That's okay. If it doesn't, I don't need to do is to observe it a lot to be there as it is trying to change it in my friend house. You're not trying to get rid of this feeling. You're not trying to put it away. I don't need to dio Mr just not to be as it is. Let go of your resistance to it and notice it done attitude for interest. We notice a cessation and I love to be there for a few minutes. - Notice the sensation Notice The sensation during this exercise in mind would create judgments and tots. It will distract you from the sensation in your body moment. You realize that you're distracted. Lee returned to observing these sensations girl boredom and allow them to be exactly as they are. I don't know. Notice the sensation, - Notice the sensation. - I also feel that I've let go of all your resistance to the sensation. Simply scan your body again and see if there's another uncomfortable sensation created by unpleasant emotional experience we're thinking about. And if they respond to your predispositions her, wouldn't you sensation? Observe. It was curiosity and open. It's like bendy scientist interested fighting. What is its shape? What is its texture? Observe its way. Observe its temperature, be allowed to be as it is but distracts you Just let it pass as he would a car passing by. Just notice as much of the sensation as it can. Observe it. Reminder. Create tops. But let me said they're coming. While observing this sensation with open interest, you asked. Even if you don't like it, I think you will watch a sad or scared another comic today and of this exercise that ever go on TV. Observe your breath. I all your attention to expand, become aware of both the feeling their bodies sound of my horse and you're grieving simultaneously. Allow yourself to become aware of your tire when your eyes and congratulate yourself doing this exercise 29. Energy Healing Lesson 29: this exercise specifically designed to teach you the school off, letting tarts come and go without getting caught up in them. It is very useful for managing the pornographic. Tazi might have from time to time find a comfortable position either sitting up with your back straight. We're laying down flat on the floor. Bring your attention to your breath. Observe your breath for a few seconds. Imagine a moving black strip, a black strip that continues D moves past sort of like a conveyor belt and take each tart that pops up and place it onto that moving the strip of black mass and red. Move on by. Uh huh. So if you're Todd takes the form of a picture, simply place it on the conveyor belt and let it float on by. And if you're taught, is made up from words. Then put these words into conveyor belt and that the move past, that's all you need to do. No matter what. The Tartus, Even if it did start, it's like I can do it or this is stupid. Simply take that thought and put it on the conveyor belt and then moved by, no matter what the target is somebody. Place it on the strip and let it float on by. If not answer images are appearing. Simply let the conveyor belt move past. And each time I told her, an image appears to be put it on that strip and let it go by. Uh huh, - Uh huh. - No , From time to time I taught will take up all of your attention and you lose track of this exercise. There's no need to meters of up over this. It's normal. And we expect that to happen whenever it happens. Simply noticed the Tada distracted you and put that out on the conveyor belt and then gently put your attention back to the exercise. Uh huh. House reputedly hook you in a new lose track of this exercise. This is normal. They won't. You realize this has happened every note distraction and put the distraction on the conveyor belt and then go back to the exercise. Uh huh. If you have a thought, I can do it. I keep drifting away, or this is boring. Simply put that out on the conveyor belt and carry on with exercise. Uh, uh huh. - Uh huh, Uh huh, uh huh. And now bring your attention back to the breath. 30. Energy Healing Lesson 30: Now I would like to introduce you to the compassion training sequence. We, as humans tend to be emotionally influenced by the people around us. This has been scientifically proven with studies on mirror neurons. When we are around happy people, we tend to be happy. And when we're around sad people, we tend to be sad. If fact, there have been cases where people have reported that they go into a very deep, meditative state when they were in a room will enlighten gurus such as Osho, naturally n terrain ourselves to the state of the people around us and some to yours claim that energy healing works by entrainment. Essentially, a healer puts himself in a very positive, healing, conducive state and patient. Also interest that state. Numerous studies have shown love and compassion boosts our immune system, makes us less fatigue and AIDS relaxation. So when you put yourself into a loving and compassionate state, the laugh rubs off onto your patients. But it's sad factors that most of us are not able to enter a compassion loving state at will. We don't like ourselves and the world around us, but actually that's something that can be trained, but actually trying to be a loving and kind person in your day to day alive can also be trained, which guided meditations that are designed to put into a compassionate state. You will be given quite a few of those here simply listens one of them every day. Of course, practice and compassion is not limited to practicing these meditations. To be able to truly shine compassion, laugh during a healing session, you have to actively try to be compassionate loving in your day to the light. 31. Energy Healing Lesson 31: In this set up for exercise, you learn a useful compassion skills. Self compassion is a skill which will help you not to beat yourself up. If you have the courage to watch porn or make a mistake of any form, they will also help you with your personal relationships. Many porn ears, their staff there itself. Compassion and empathy skills diminish true long term poor news. This had four mindfulness exercise. It's designed specifically to build them back up there. Cypress eyes will be preceded by a relaxation technique. Close your eyes and relax and take a deeper as we let it go. A lower body relaxed completely. No, relax each part of her by starting from the top of her head all the way down to your feet and wanted like you to do this as I mentioned each part of your body on you to place all of your focused on that part and try to tends it up and tighten up a specific muscle as much as he can and then let it go and release it as you let go, a law that portion of your body to relax completely. This method works because they're generally not aware of detention. We hauled in our bodies by tensing arm ourselves. We become aware of it, and then as we let go of attention, we are so let go of the old attention we've held in that area that's began with the top of your head tense or tighten up all the muscles around your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks, even air knows for a few moments and then just let go completely her power of your body completely relaxed and notice how detention Slowly dissipating. No night in up all the muscles around your mouth, your chin and your charm and just let them go. Let them relax. Hello, that part of your body to relax completely. Notice how tension slowly dissipating from that part of her body? No. Tighten up all the muscles in your neck for a moment. If from parts end about parts war now, allow that part of your body to completely re lack. Now, I would like to ask you to tighten up your shoulder area in your upper arms as much as you can now allow that part of your body to completely re lack and now focus on that part of your body and tell that part of your body to completely relaxed and notice how detention slowly dissuading from that part of your body. No, tighten up all the muscles, their elbows down to your forearms, wrists all the way down to your fingertips, clinching arrest closed as tight as you can. And then just not go along them to be totally, really. They're all that part of your body to completely relaxed and notice how the tension slowly dissipating as we continue to bring if regularly and comfortably I'd like you to tighten up all the muscles in your chest area that part of your party completely. Relax and notice how detention slowly this page and, uh, hiding a on them ourselves. Your stomach. Hold it for a few seconds. That's you Let go at all the stress intention. Really? Her body completely tell that part of your body to completely relaxed and notice how detention slowly dissipating from your entire body. Not tight enough Paris around their hips, your partner and even their pies and just let go. Allowing yourself trailer just more more that part of your party completely relax. And now I dinna in myself. So your calls ankles your feet and toes make them pied. Clinched as much as he can as you let go. I love everything in your body to relax completely. They'll not part of your body to completely relax and notice how detention slowly dissipating from your entire party. No. Notice how our entire bodies becoming completely relaxed. Send a blessing of wave relaxation over your entire body from the head. Predators of their tells you relaxing more and more each beat of her heart with each breath that you take. But each sound that you hear you're becoming more and more relaxed are more call, get into your body and ask yourself, What are the compassionate word that I need to hear right now? And the possibilities might be numerous. Could be a phrase like man off myself. But I am right now. Or may I forgive myself, Or maybe a singer word such a piece trashed or yes, a lot of word or phrase that you need to hear Mama. It's a lot to come off from the center of her being right. This word or phrase cr compassionate phrased can use this compassion phrase to send compassion, feelings yourself and daughters. You can also use it rapidly, corners of down, and that's stressful situation. Each time that you speak this phrase, you'll be filled with love, compassion, acceptance and forgiveness. All the positive qualities of compassion with arrives up within you more and more each time you repeat this phrase repeated now repeated near mind like a mantra. - And make sure you focus on the compassionate feelings this word or phrase create as he repeat this word or phrase ending. Okay, if your mind wanders, just readily return it to repeat in your compassion phrase, what you really and I see you repeat your compassion phrase. I know that each time you repeat your compassion phrase, strong, compassionate feelings will arise within you. I realized that now you have this compassion face as a resource. Each time, if you're stressed, unloved or sad, you can repeat this trays great feelings of compassion, love and self weakness within you. No, that trial. Today, you can always recall this fashion phrase whenever you need it each time you're angry. If someone can use this race percent feelings of love and forgiveness from them, repeat this compassion phrase again. and again focusing on the loving and compassionate intention behind it nationally returned their attention back to the room. Expand your attention, so so that encompasses the entire room. Now open your eyes and no to SoCal to feel in the future. You'll want to practice this exercise on your own with the same compassion phrase simply repeated to yourself as a mantra, which are linked to each time your mind wanders. And when you feel stressed or angry, you can just repeat this compassion phrase to yourself at the mantra, and you'll immediately be filled with love and compassion both for yourself and others Were you? 32. Energy Healing Lesson 32: close your eyes. Relax and take a deeper as we let it go. A lower body relaxed completely. No, relax each part of her pie. Start from the top of her head all the way down to your feet and wanted like you to do this as I mentioned each part of your body on you to place all of your focused on that part and try to tends, adopt and tighten up a specific muscle as much as he can and then let it go and release it as you let go a law, that portion of your body to relax completely. This method works because they're generally not aware of the tension we hauled in our bodies by tensing arm ourselves. We become aware of it, and then as we let go of attention, we are so let go of the old attention we've held in that area that's began with the top of your head pence, or tighten up all the muscles around your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks, even your nose for a few moments, and then just let go. Her own a part of your body, completely relaxed and notice how detention slowly dissipating. No night in up all the muscles around your mouth, your train and your charm and just let them go. Let them relax. Hello, that part of your body to relax completely. Notice how tension slowly dissuading from that part of her body. No, Tighten up all the muscles in your neck for a moment. If from parts and about parts now, allow that part of your body to completely re lack. Now I would like to ask you to tighten up your shoulder area in Europe. Arar's as much as you can now allow that part of your body to completely re lack and now focus on that part of your body and tell that part of your body to completely relaxed and notice how detention slowly dissuading from that part of your body. No, tighten up all the muscles, their elbows down, three or four arms your wrist all the way down to your fingertips, clinching a wrist closed as tight as you can, and then just go along them to be totally your life. They're all that part of your body to completely relaxed and notice how the tension slowly dissipating as we continue to bring, if regularly and comfortably. I'd like you to tighten up all the muscles in your chest area that part of your party completely. Relax and notice how detention Slowly, this baby, you know, and, uh, hiding a on them ourselves. Your stomach. Hold it for a few seconds. That's you. Let go away. The stress. Intention to leave her body completely. Tell that part of your body to completely relaxed and notice on detention. Slowly dissipating from your entire body. Not tight enough Paris around their hips, your bottom, and even advertise and just let go. Allowing yourself to relax more, more that part of your party completely Relax. And now I dinna in Marcel's air calls ankles your feet and toes make them tied. Clinched as much as he pan as you let go. I love everything in your body to relax completely the hell that part of your body to completely relax and notice how detention slowly dissipating from your entire party. No. Notice how our entire bodies becoming completely relaxed. Send the blessing of wave relaxation over your entire party from the head predators of their towels. You're relaxing more and more with each beat of her heart with each breath that you take, but each sound that you hear you're becoming more and more relaxed are more. Call in the moment after I count from one tree after I will reach Count of Tree. I'd like you to imagine a person that brings a smile to your face every time you think about him or her to come be a family member or a friend or anyone else, for that matter at the same time, it doesn't even have to be a person. You know personally, it can be someone you've never met can be anyone as long as they elicit feelings. Love passionately, you. It doesn't even have to be a human. It can be your favorite pet or any other living being that brings you joy one to tree. The person that brings you draw is in front of you hear what it's like to be in his or her loving present. Enjoy This person's company recognized that your benefactor is vulnerable, mortal, just like you, he subjected to same limitations. All mortals. Now that's repeat phrases that were schooled on both you and your friend. May we be slaves. Maybe we pieced many of you maybe may we live with these? They really if I needed to defeat this rate is for a man that part of Peter from Passion Face and give the loving intention compassion face to your benefactor whenever your mind wanders returning our attention to this exercise No, I like you to understand that your benefactor wishes to be happy and free from suffering just like you. Just like all the living beings should be happy, healthy, free from suffering, say to herself, but focusing on their benefactor just like I wish to be happy and free from suffering. May you happy and free from suffering. - Now let's again repeat some love and kindness raises feeling the importance of these words As you keep your benefactors. Imagine mine may be safe. Hey, you may what? You Yeah may. No, thank you. Very happy May be happy. May we have May you live with may live with these now. Repeat her compassion affair is to your benefit act. Send a tow him loving attention your compassionate phrase. If unwelcome feeling sore eyes, they re allowed them to be there as you focus and sending good will your benefactor. Now let's get good will and compassion to both of you at the same time. Maybe both you say maybe both. You say right? Maybe Both say maybe both. Forgive ourselves for hours one. Maybe both. Forgive ourselves for hours. Maybe both. Forgive ourselves from our errors. May we will be happy. May we will be happy. May we will be happy. Maybe both Be happy. May we bow piece Mary Bo piece. May we bow piece Send the loving message of your compassion Placed you in a benefactor of this. Enjoy your company. If you give compassion with another using a compassionate face, have to going. Allow yourself to imagine that your benefactors saying pattern it words maybe even your own compassion rescued us that video compassionate face. Maybe both my people sending feelings of compassion for you him at the same time. Now, each time we want to send love of a pattern to someone who can just repeated loving kindness, traitors or your own from matter face to them. And through this love and compassion, - you know, a live fade. Folks never notice the phoenix of compassion your body as you do so open your eyes, not just put it feels to be compassion 33. Energy Healing Lesson 33: In this exercise, you learn how to give compassion to yourself. It will be preceded by the same relaxation technique you listen to previously. Close your eyes and relax and take a deeper as we let it go. Lower body relaxed completely. Now relax each part of her body starting from the top of her head all the way down here. Fee. And what? I'd like you to do this as I mentioned each part of your body on you to place all of your four best on that part and tried, pretends it out and tighten up a specific muscle as much as he can and then let it go and release it as you let go. A law, that portion of your body to relax completely. This method works because they're generally not aware of detention. We hauled in our bodies by tensing our muscles. We become aware of it, and then as we let go of attention, we are so let go of the old attentions we've held in that area that's began with the top of your head tense or tighten up all the muscles around your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks, even air knows for a few moments and then just let go completely her power of your body completely. Relax and notice how detention Slowly dissipating. No night enough. Hold the muscles around your mouth, your chin and your charm Living. Just let him go. Let them relax. Hello. That part of your body to relax completely. Notice how pension Slowly dissuading from that part of her body. No, Tighten up all the muscles in your neck for a moment. There from parts end about parts now allow that part of your body to completely re lack. Now, I would like to ask you to tighten up your shoulder area in your upper arms as much as you can. Now allow that part of your body to completely re lack and now focus on that part of your body and pell that part of your body to completely relate and notice how detention slowly dissuading for bad part of your body. No, tighten up all the muscles, their elbows down three or four arms your wrist all the way down to your fingertips, clinching arrest closed as tight as you can and then just go along them to be totally really. There are not part of your body to completely relaxed and notice how the tension slowly dissipating as we continue to bring, if regularly and comfortably I'd like you to tighten up all the muscles in your chest area that part of your party completely. Relax and notice how detention Slowly this painting and, uh, Hytner on them ourselves. Your stomach. Hold it for a few seconds. Dance. You let go at all the stress. Intention to relieve her body completely held out part of your body to completely relaxed and notice how detention slowly dissipating from your entire body. Don't tighten up areas around their hips, your bottom and even their pies. Just let go. Allowing yourself trailer just more more That part of your party completely Relax. And now I dinna in myself. So your calls ankles your feet and toes make them tied. Lynched as much as he pan as you let go. I love everything in your body to relax completely. Tell that part of your body to completely relax and notice how detention slowly dissipating from your entire party. No. Notice how our entire bodies becoming completely relaxed. Send the blessing of wave relaxation over your entire body. fronted her head. Predators of their tells you're relaxing more and more each beat of her heart with each breath that you take Each sound that you hear you're becoming more and more relaxed are more Paul. Now bring your attention to your compassion phrase. Repeat it to yourself a few times. - No , I want you to realize that all living beings wish to be happy and free from suffering. I would like you to connect to that deep wish just like all living beings, which to be happy and free from suffering. May I also be happy free from suffering Now I'd like you to repeat some phrases that have been universally used to communicate compassion. They're called loving kindness races. And we'll be using them in this. And the next two exercises, along with your compassion phrase, goes compassion to you and to other people in your life. No. Repeat after me. Repeat. These phrases were noticing the intention they have behind them. May I be safe? No. How long may I see? May I be peaceful? May I be peaceful? May I be peaceful? May I be healthy? May I be healthy? Oh, no man eats my I cities, man, A lot of these forced directly to your heart sending a simple message of love. Compassion toe. Now repeat your compassion. Faith again, as you do it. Focus on the intention of giving love compassion to yourself, repeated like a mantra for about a minute or two. - Oh , - over a lot of these words to fill your being. Phil, you feelings of compassion and acceptance do no in the moment. Our count From what a tree. After I reached a cut of tree I want you to imagine yourself now chair sitting in front of you Want to a tree? Now send these long kindness raises to yourself May I be say, may I say, May I be peace? May I be peaceful? May I be peace? May I help my there with? And now use your compassion. Praise to send feelings of love and compassion to yourself with the intention filling yourself with love and kindness. Man, may I just feel your compassion phrase in the back? You're compassionate for races mad off except myself To serve Pete, they love and accept myself at the mantra with intention of standing these feelings of love and compassion to yourself to this person that's sitting in front of you in the Give yourself apart between the phrases Asiedu So difficult feelings that come up if they do use the skills they've learned in this course toe here, observed them or label them and then return here. Compassionate trays. No, this exercised. You see when a distraction arises, just notice it. Return to the exercise one . - Let's repeat loving kindness raises again. Just repeat after me. My, I say, May I be happy? May I have? Uh, they will b with yourself. Authorities loving attentions ous If you're sitting without your friend was not feeling well. What do you do? This call your good qualities? Was your loyalty or an act of kindness? You're late for somebody or as to kill you might have now repeat either along kindness raises for your compassion phase to yourself, sending off and go passion to yourself for about three minutes. With that real no, open your eyes and not to sell. Good. Do you feel now that field with compassion? And now that you can use the compassion trades whenever you feel stressed or alone. Give yourself some feelings of love, but it will give you the strength to overcome your problems will give you the strength you need over calm your porn addiction, - All right? 34. Energy Healing Lesson 34: This is the file, a longer sort of four compassion exercise. In this course and his exercise, we try to send a few months of compassionate laughter someone you don't like very much. For now, he want beginning on her to in a profound way. The sound was maybe mildly annoying. Who you just don't like, has to be some on you will feel comfortable enough imagining in front of yourself that same time, it's important that you're comfortable with the earlier mindfulness and compassion exercise . As we've learned in this course before. You have this, Sophia, feel that you need some more compassion training from their previous recordings. Please listen to them and turn to this recording. When you're ready, close your eyes. Relax and take a deeper as we let it go. Lower body relaxed completely. No. Relax each part of her body starting from the top of her head all the way down to your feet and wanted like you to do this as I mentioned each part of your body on you to place all of your focused on that part and try to tends it out and tighten up a specific muscle as much as he can and then let it go and release it as you let go a law that portion of your body relax completely. This method works because they're generally not aware of the tension we hold in our bodies by tensing arm ourselves. We become aware of it. And then, as we let go of attention, we are so let go of the elder tensions we've held in that area. There's began with it off of your head tense or tighten up all the muscles around your forehead, your eyes, your cheeks, even air knows for a few moments and then just let go completely. Her part of your body completely relaxed and noticed her detention slowly, dissipating. No night in up all the muscles around your mouth, your train and your job and just let them go. Let them relax. Hello, that part of your body to relax, compete. Notice how emption slowly dissuading from that part of her body. No, Tighten up all the muscles in your neck for a moment. There from parts end about parts now allow that part of your body to completely re lack. Now, I would like to ask you to tighten up your shoulder area in your upper arms as much as you can. Now allow that part of your body to completely relax. And now focus on that part of your body and pell that part of your body to completely, really and notice how detention Slowly dissuading for bad part of your body. No, tighten up all the muscles from their elbows down tree or forearms, Wrists all the way down to your fingertips, clinching arrest closed as tight as you can and then just go along them to be totally, Really. They're all that part of your body to completely relaxed and notice how the tension slowly dissipating a Z, continue to bring if, regularly and comfortably I'd like you to tighten up all the muscles in your chest area that part of your party completely. Relax and notice how detention Slowly, this painting and, uh, hiding a on them ourselves. Your stomach. Hold it for a few seconds. Yes. You let go on all the stress intention to relieve her body completely. Hell, that part of your body to completely relaxed and notice on the tension slowly dissipating from your entire body. Don't tight enough areas around their hips, your partner and even every ties and just let go alone yourself. Trailer. Just more more that part of your party completely relax, and now I dinna in myself. So your calls ankles your feet and toes, making them tied clinched as much as he can as you let go. I love everything in your body to relax completely. Tell that part of your body to completely relax and notice how detention slowly dissipating from your entire party. No notice how our entire bodies becoming completely relaxed. Send a blessing of wave relaxation over your entire party fronted her head. Predators of their tells. You're relaxing more and more with each beat of her heart with each breath that you take. But each sound that you hear you're becoming more and more relaxed are more call sooner can't from one to tree. As I reached the condemn bigotry, I wanted to imagine a difficult person sitting at Detroit in front of you. Pick a verse in a hurry in some way. At the same time, I personally you're so comfortable thinking about one to tree, see the person in front of you remind yourself that that difficult person struggling to say to them, Just us. I wish to be peaceful and free from suffering. So also you wish to be peaceful and free from suffering. You might also had just like I wish to be peaceful and free from suffering. My you finding their peace? No. I still keep the image of that person in your mind's eye. Repeat the following a loving kindness rated softly with the intention of telling love and compassion to that difficult person. May May baby happy may be happy you have me May you live in may live. Try to remember a positive quality of the difficult person. Maybe that person had a moment in which she was loyal to somebody or had a moment of self sacrifice Or maybe some other positive quality left. Read a kindness raises again May May May you'll be happy maybe. 00 will you be? May you live in May live over. Mainly he's as you practice this. If negative emotions appear simply labeled them, we've learned that a label and then practice compassion for yourself. Stay clear, PDO compassionate Face yourself saying Phoenix will evolve and compassion to yours. Yeah, on the no And if it's difficult to find love, kindness for herself. I give some of the kindness to book you and your benefactor imagined a manufacturer from you. Neither passionate pleas to give you the pattern factor. Compassion. - Now , as we we can feel with compassion, Richard into the difficult person. Use your compassion phrase said love and compassion and rely, elliptical off difficult person. Let the energies of here and give yourself compassion for a live using your compassion phrase. Buddhist for a few minutes, you know. Now come back to a difficult person. Say, may I forgive you for what you have done, willingly or unwillingly, that cause me so much pain? You e g. If you have done well, let me growing up. It cost me so much pain and sorrow I forgive. You have done brilliantly, brilliantly. That cost me so much pain and sorrow. One. I forgive you for what you have done really, really lovely. That cost me so much pain and sorrow and now completely released the difficult person and give compassion to yourself for a few minutes, using your compassion phrase or a loving kindness. Razors Mabel. - And when you're completely filled with compassion, open your eyes. Don't know the so called you feel right of other experience in your journal 35. Energy Healing Lesson 35: in an urge heating. You essentially build in Adri through the use of deep breathing and meditation and imagination. You don't embedded with the intention of compassion and laugh and send it to the patient through the use of a technique. This process of sending out essentially sends a message to your subconscious mind, which then sends a message to the quantum field. Richard in heels. The person well has to realize that energy healing isn't easy. The exercises might seem simple, but it might take your long, wild master them effectively, so you might have to practice them for a while before you're actually able to heal someone effectively. A lot of books and energy healing, T shirt and energy healing super easy toe essentially sell their course. They also teach you that feeling energy. It's easy, and everything will be instantaneous and produce miracles. This is not so energy, meaning It's a skill that requires practice just like everything. That's why in this section you'll get out off techniques that you have to practice regularly to get results 36. Energy Healing Lesson 36: how to perform distance healing. This exercise will not only teach you how to do distance healing were also better Help you feel energies inside of your body. Ask you to close your eyes and I would like you to take a deep breath. And I would like you to think off how energy feels in your body. If you haven't experienced energy yet, what do you expect it to feel like? Think of a visual that matters. Dispensation. It could be electricity. It could be live. It could be a glow. It could be anything. Whatever feels most natural, too. Nothing about how that might sound. Is it a cracking off static electricity? Is it a hum off glowing light or is it the sound of fire here? Whatever smoke natural too. Now that you're able to imagine energy in your own way, I want you to cup your hands. Imagine a person you want to heal in them. No. Take the depressed pref and imagine energy flowing into you from your feet. You can imagine drunk the energy from the earth already can imagine drawing the energy from the sky or from the air around you as the energy builds. Notice how it feels in the arms and legs. No practice. Moving down a tree moved to your stomach over to your torso, move it to your head and then exhale. Let it flow into her shoulders, arms and then into your hands. Practice moving energy around from the bottom of your feet to the top of your head and then into your arms and then letting it out out of her hands. Do this while letting energy final upwards during it a deep in breath and then letting good flow out during your out. Remember to breathe deeply during this process. It's one of the breathing techniques you've learned in the previous letter. Practice this for a few minutes, and now, as he moved his energy, I want you to focus on infusing this energy with love, compassion and acceptance. Breathe deeply, practice running and the treatise way for a few minutes. Now on the out breath, start braving the person you have in your hands in the healing love energy. Do it a few times. No focus and infusing these energies would love acceptance and compassion and a specific healing in 10. If the person you're holding in your hands has a cold. Imagine embedding this energy with a cure for its called or any other ailment you might be suffering from dot for a few minutes? No, while still feeling. Then their tree coming up from your feet, your head during her in breath, going down into our arms, dinner out breath. Imagine healing energy flown to you from the sky. You can imagine it as anything you'd like most people truth to imagine it as a glowing golden white light or a connection toe. Higher self were higher being, or a guard, which send you energy through which you can hear. Just imagine that external force as it stands you additional energy. Ask this force to help you heal the person you're healing. It doesn't matter if you're really feeling energy or imagining as we learned in the previous lesson. How that matters. It's your intention, focus and compassion. Continue moving energy in this way and standing to your friend for about 30 minutes. 37. Energy Healing Lesson 37: now in this section of Fannie Teach, you helped her heal one of one. The Muslim. This lesson will expand on lesson on the meditation. You listen to the talk to you distance healing. So if you have not listened to it, do this now because I expect you have listen toe that specific meditation on these 10 times before going to this rest. Boston's video. If you haven't do that and then come back no, not to you family realize himself. Help we had helped do hearing. Let's now discuss some specifics. The most of a very important part of the energy killing is breathing. Essentially have to breathe deeply through your mouth because then you essentially have more Aaron and in the traditional esoteric systems energy iwas associated with breath. So we're here dealing with a lot of breathing, a lot of air, and the important part is that your breath has to be eater, even meaning you exhale. And he held the same amount of time to exhale and, uh, or you have tow inhale more quickly than you exhale. For example, you can inhale on the count of one an X ray on the country or you can inhale on the count of two or an exhale on the count of six. And while you inhale, you imagine energy flowing from your feet to the top of your head. And then as you exhale, you imagine this going from your tell the top of their heads to your hands and from your hands the energy goes toe. Whether you're feeling essentially Oh, yeah, And if you have problems with feeling energy after listening to the men station, what you can do is essentially do ask a friend to their sweep exercise. You essentially have a friend sweet from the bottom of your feet to the top and then he sweeps like this to your hands. This is the cake doesn't show. But I'm sweeping from the top for Pete like this. I'm a century like petting her like a cat. And after your friend does this a few times, he was actually imagine him doing Yeah, very good. And after you imagined him doing it a few times, you're feel enough energies to do energy healing with us. Enough about sensation of total is correctly. And let's not discuss with the specifics of how on and indicating except from the pork lobby, would look like you blend the technique in the recording. But I'll just remind you when you breathe in, you imagine energies coming from the top of your feet to the top of your head. And then as you exhale, imagine it's flowing into your hands into whatever part off a person, your healing. And as you inhale and exhale and send energy. L you imagine that you embedded. You intend to embed it with compassion, love and the healing intentions. So it was important that before you get started energy healing, you just close your eyes and try some compassion meditations, which you've also learned in the previous section and get into a compassionate and loving state that's very important. And also, before you started energy killing. Just be clear about your intentions. For example, if someone has the flu, imagine them being killed from the flu. Imagine they've stopping, coughing, imagined. Er knows no being running Mawr commander. Specifics. That's why it helps to actually, no, at least the first thing about disease, the disease, your hearing, you know, one energy healer in you, Tre tried to heal our ladies cross state because he didn't even know that late woman didn't have a prostate. And that's the rial. So do brush up on their anatomy and physiology. That's kind of important. So, yeah, my system here has a headache. So a technique that I use for chronic pains and all pains is tracing the pain I and the important thing about he hit healing like this perverse. It is not that you have to sand which the area we're hearing essentially put that area in between your two hands. Why I do this? Because then both hands are sending energy evenly, which is important. You know, you could do this with on hand or uneven, but then you're spreading yourself out within Beth, the best case scenario is that you sandwich that part between our hands. So since my system has a headache, copper hands, that's more firsts. I cut, perhaps like this, see that I have balm hand on one side of red while on the other I could also do this like this, whichever's come more comfortable for your patient, and I just start doing the energy hearing routine. I breathe deeply and example, and then, after doing this for 10 minutes or so along, you know, you will do this. You also mentally do the whole compassion and intention thing you ask. The patient has been lowered their or have moved, Started moved on the deck. Yeah, And then you essentially start feeling the neck, cut the neck and you start moving there, sending the energy into the net. Andi has the that may move somewhere else. Dissipated a little bit, but the you know the residuals up there? Yeah, shoulder. Say even within two shoulder, you will hear and you cut the shoulder and he'll up the stroller. This technique is called chasing pay. So whenever you hear pain, you heal it and you ask It is the Do you have any pains anywhere else? And they say they do. You hear that spot I go to? The strategy is to also after the patient. Okay, raise your headache from the scale of 1 to 10. Oh, what's about a six? OK, so you'll send energy. And how is it now down About five saying you'll repeat this onto zero and then you are asked them if the pain moved or or if they have any other pains And then, if they do have any over paints, you essentially heal those. And if you're dealing with an airman, that doesn't have pains to you. For example, if someone has a week art or depression, you just move it to the heart. The sandwich of heart in between your house and, you know, send energy. And if they have a week long, you do the same thing. Sandwich belongs your lungs. If they have, ah, hyperactive or underactive thyroid, go to the tyrant standard ID thyroid. I sent the energy, and you do this for about 30 minutes or so for ailments like hypothyroidism. Another spears, I am actually probably will have to do this weekly or even daily for about a month. About That's pretty much it. Once you've mastered, it is basic technique that we've learned in the distance feeling meditation, where you just brie been and feel the energy sent from the earth, going from the earth into the top of your head and then on the Exhale, moving into your hands while you infuse it with compassion, love and intention. Well, you Mast was, he mastered the basics. You can ask. Come on to it for example, you can tone in your head while you do this for you. Pick a tone, a piece of music or a mantra that symbolizes feeling for you, and you essentially hear it in your head as you do energy healing. And Jonathan Goldman has very good tracks that's very well fit with this so you can listen to some of his recordings. Essentially, your memorized them in your head and essentially hear them in your head off. You do energy healing, another technique that I used to strengthen energy killing, which is also kind of advanced, which I actually included in the hour distance giving recording is that I imagined a higher power is sending energy to me of a heel. And I ask that higher power for healing that kind of power can be anything. It can be your higher self God or whatever high power you believe in, and then that's a spiritual element to your practice. This is completely optional, but it is something that, um, I like to do very often to remarketing sessions. And if you're in 80 years and you will hear that do this is killing recording that higher power is not necessarily. God, it can be anything that can be do wisdom off Earth. Yeah. Anything else, dog? Yeah. Any higher power and the higher power. And pretty much There's no riel. There's nothing else to with, you know, there I would show you our session, but it essentially would be me doing this for about 30 minutes. And it's really the same thing, in a way, doing energy killing, like this meditation for you, too, Because it does train the skills off, off concentration, focused and mindfulness than any other meditation does. So you could do this daily on someone. You essentially have a meditation practice that we don't have to observe your breath for an hour. So if you're have meditating regularly, you're nothing going on losing time on do this job because you have to meditate anyway. So you might this moment that they No way that efficiency. Yeah, Afghans, older people. So yeah, so I tried. Tried it with your friends, tried with someone that it'll that you want a hell and bam, you're an energy healer. Congratulations. You're now officially a killer. So that's the course. You're now completely talked. If you have any questions you can ask them on your enemy. Now, do my best to answer them. I might even make an additional recording to clear up all questions. Well, that's this for now. You're a healer. Congratulations, but