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Sci Fi Movie Poster: Photoshop Photomanipulation Course

teacher avatar Alex Kuzmichev, Photoshop Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Create a background

    • 3. Create a backlight

    • 4. Cut a soldier from old background

    • 5. Replace a head with helmet

    • 6. Create a special effects

    • 7. Finishing touches

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About This Class

Do you want to learn how to create stunning compositings in Photoshop? Then you have come to the right place!

In this course, I will show you the complete process of creating a fantastic photomanipulation in Photoshop. You will master the tools used in compositing, including adjustment layers, masking, blending and work with textures.

Learning how to combine or composite multiple photos together will open a new world of possibilities for any designer. Whether you are new to compositing or an experienced editor, this course will change the way you create photomanipulations. 

What will you learn on this course?

  • You will learn how to combine multiple types of images to create stunning and realistic result.
  • You will learn how to create the realistic photomanipulation by matching the colors perfectly.
  • You will learn tons of secrets and tricks that will make your photomanipulations even better and more beautiful.

With this course you get all the necessary images and textures. If you have any questions, I'm here. I will be very grateful for your feedback.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alex Kuzmichev

Photoshop Artist


Hi, my name is Alex. 

I am a professional graphic designer from Russia.

I teach people to work with Photoshop from 2010. For this time I created a many lessons , webinars and workshop for different topics (processing, retouching, compositing and more). 

Now i have YouTube channel (Now 127,000 subscribers) and I have created my own learning website where I teach people to work in Photoshop.

I will be glad to teach you something new! 

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1. Introduction: hi, guys, and thank you for enrolling in this course. In this short video, I will tell you a little more about the curse and its content. The course contains six lessons, with the total duration off about 50 minutes. During this time you read my help. You create a stunning movie posture. You will earn atones off useful information about component in for the shop, learn how to come by and multiplies photos together, even if they will take him. Different locations with different lighting on completely different days in the first lesson will prepare a perfect background for our composition. You will don't come to create and they did the documents and photo shop. And so, at the images in tow, our composition. Also, you will learn how it did the color and the Contras off the images. In the next section, we'll create a light in effect in our composition. We'll make a race off light in the back light for our model. In third lesson, we'll cut the soldier from the old background and place it into our composition. After that really did the contrast and color off his body in the next step. We already plays the head of the soldier with fantastic helmet. Then I will show you how to adjust the colors and flight it takes to create an accurate and realistic effect. The fifth lesson. It's all about special effects and texture. You will learn how perfectly work with textures and how make fantastic special effects. And in the final listen, we'll make a finishing touch to the image. We will make it more contra and sharp. Okay, guys, if you're ready to make your own fantastic our dog, let's do it and I am waiting for you in the next video. 2. Create a background: okay. My friends know we're starting work with our composition. And in this first lesson, we will prepare a background for our artwork. Okay, The first step, we go to the file new and create new document said the with toe 1600 and said the hate to 2400 pixels. If you want to print your image later said the resolution Well, you to 300 if you just want Put your image to the Internet said the resolution to 72 pixels for inch. In this case with off, your image will be smaller. Okay, now we press creating bottom and we have a new document. The next step, we go to the adjustment layers and Philip here. Radiant. Click on the scale and shoot a first Grady Int. Click on the first slider and said the first color for ingredient type here. 24 24 24. This the first color Pressel game and click on the seconds later and type here 45 46. War A. Then click OK. This. Ah, second color for your ingredients Prison. Okay. Bottom style for your Grady in Is Lanier said the angle 2 45 degrees scale 100 said and either checkbooks breath. Okay. And now we can do it. A background layer. We don't need it anymore. Double click on it. Press OK, And now breath. Do it Bottom. Okay, Now we opened the folder with our images and find here, girls, image is ruins, dragged it, toe our document and scale it up. Making bigger something like this and more with a little bit to right, Maybe this breath. Okay. And now we go to the filter balloon gals and blue rebloom the slayer for 15 pixels. We need to step to create a depth off filled in our artwork. Now we bresil game and change the blend mode for this layer to multiply. Okay, Reduce the oppressed e off the slayer toe 30 and press. OK. And now we need a deep contrast off the slayer. To do this, we create adjustment layer Hugh situation cold out key and left quick on the border of the slayers. Now we clean this layer to the ruins Slayer, review the situation. Tu minus 15 close this adjustment flair and still another one. No, we create little's adjustment layer whole alky and clean This layer to the rules. Director blanks Letter to the right. Something like this. And drug the needles letter to the right. Just like this. Glow this layer before and after. Now we call it more contrast all our background After that regain open and materials folder and find here Smoke, texture smoke for and dragged to our document rotate is texture and gave it up Something like this. Okay, make a right quick on this layer and select flip horizontal. Okay. And breath and turkey change the blend mode for this layer to scream and reduced the questi to turkey just like this. Now we need the group all this layers to do this I hold chief G click on the toe, Claire and quick on the bottom layer. Next, the press control G And now we create a new group. Really? In this group, type here Big round can press enter 3. Create a backlight: OK, guys. Now we're moving forward on in this lesson. We will create a bike light for your background to do this will create in you wear click on the layer. I come and remained this layer type here and Beckley. And now I want to show you aware is simple and easy. Way too great A realistic backlight for your composition We Celic and brush toe said the hardness 20 here and pick a white color on the belt. Okay, no, we'll make a stroke like this and go to filter birth motion blue in this filter we said angle on minors 80 broke cynically This aun said the distance value to maximum then click Ok, and now we have a really stick like them on our composition. If you want to create a stronger effect, just duplicate this where Breath hockey contra o j and set up transparency off the slayer. What? Your wake? Maybe this and Greek. Okay, also, you can transform this layer for the batteries out to do this breath hold Keep control T on the keyboard. And now we can scale this layer like this to create more realistic and better result something like this when you done, press, enter. And now let's take a group for the slayers select and top player. Then hold control key and click on the bottom Lee. After that press going told G. And now we create a new group. Really, In this group, do back light and breast enter. 4. Cut a soldier from old background: Okay, now it's timeto get a soldier toe our composition. Uh, open a folder with the images and find here Image with soldier drug. This image toe our document. And here we transform it. Hold down. That should keep to keep proportions off the image, move the image a little bit down and scale it down a little bit. Something like this. After that, we press the enter key. And now we need to cut the soldier from the old background to do this. Really make a selection. I like using a pen to for this. Okay, I zoom in our image and start selection. Oh, I do not make a selection on the head off the soldier, because in the next step, we replace it with a helmet. Now we'll make a selection around the neck off the soldier and groaning E o. - Okay . Finally, I am finished The selection. I spent a lot of time because here we have many small details, like the clothes on their guns, and we need to do everything neatly so that the final result looks good. Okay, now we're right. Quick on the selection and sell it here. Makes selection. Pressel, game and now we need to refine edges off the selection. We go to the select Inflame here. Silicon Mask. It's some feel here, something like this and little bit smoother. Just ladies. Select output option toe the newer with the mask and press OK, blood lead the bottom layer with the soldier selective, that breast doing button. And now let's kill the body off the soldier a little bit. Breast control T and gay with Oh, a little bit just like this. Press enter, and now we need to adjust the contrast and color over the boarding. To do this, we go to the adjustment players and find here. Hugh Situation Adjustment layer. Clean this layer to the soldier, press the Elke and click on the border between the layers. Redo the situation to minus 14 just like this, and close this adjustment player. Next. Create labels, adjustment layer and drug middles. Later, we will be left to make image more bright just like this, and clean this layer to the soldier called the L Key and click on the border. And it was the final step here in the next lesson will add helmet to the soldier 5. Replace a head with helmet: Okay, guys, in this listen, we will replace the head off the soldier with a helmet. But the first thing would be to do the great in your group for the bodies. Where to do this? We will press a shifting and left click for the level slayer, and then we click to the soldier layer. And now we have chosen three layers, then repress a control g hokey to make a new group. Really? In this group, double click on it and type here body. Okay, Now we go to the folder with the images and find here the image with the helmet. Drag this image in tow. Our document. Okay. And scaling down game just like this, we can reduce the opacity on the Slayer to make to make it more convenient for us. Okay. And now transform these layer. Okay. Zoom in a little bit and more of this image. Never been down. Okay. Breath and turkey and said the a busty toe. 100. Okay. And now we need to cut the helmet from the old background, shoot a panto, zoom in the image little bit, and start the selection bonus. - So I am done and No. Make a right click on the image and select here. Make selection. Click. OK, And now at the mask for the flare breath Here and now. We need to find the right position for the helmet. Women out the image and move the helmet. We will be right just like this. Okay? This is the perfect position. Okay? And now we need to come by and the helmet with the body, and I will show you a very useful trick for this. We go to the body's group and hold down control key. Quick on the mask off the soldiers layer. And now we have a selection off the layer with the body. Okay, We go to the mask off the helmet, player and shoes, black color on the palate. Then we breath how will hold key and with this simple step were removed or unnecessary areas from this flare. Okay, then we go to a select D select to remove the selection. Does that mean our image and fix this area? Select a weight brush said the hardness to 100 and said their radios over the brush maybe 25 pixels. Make sure that you select. I must go the helmet, Claire, and set a white color on the palate. Remove the Syria. Just leg. Okay, now, a little bit here. Okay, there's a mile. Perfect. And the next step, we will get the shadow on the neck, uh, make and you glare Chris here and renamed this layer to the shadow. Okay, click this layer to the helmet, press alky and click on the border with layer. Okay? And then she was a black brush, okay? And said the hardness to the zero increase the size of the brush, something like this and said they're based e to 15. Okay. And now we paying the bottom area off the neck just like this. Oh, okay. Oak and the full view. And I would see before a natural before and after to think the problem areas we can use a race in tow. Let's choose it. And pigs these theories, Okay, before and after. Okay, let's go. Next. And now we need to work with Contras off the helmet. The first step, we create a que situation adjustment player, click this layer to the helmet and reduced the situation. Tu minus pretty or 16. Just like this Okay. Close this layer and create another one. No. Richards here. Curves adjustment. Clear. Quit this layer of the helmet and bend the car. I like this. Okay, now it's licked. And Maskell the curse said the black color on the ballot and feel the mask with the blank breath out the week. Hold key. Okay. Now, I will explain why we create this layer. The light serves in our composition on the right here. And if we want to make a helmet more realistic, we need to add highlights on the right side and a shadow on the left side. And with the curves adjustment layer, we will add highlight on the helmet. Okay. To a wet brush. Said the hardness to the zero and said the basted toe 20 just like this and playing the right side over helmet. Just laying this look before and after. Okay. And now we create another adjustment layer. It's like the curves. Quit this layer to the helmet and bend the girl. We will be down just like this. Okay? Grow the slayer and feel the mask with black. Select the black color on the pump and breath. I'll do it. Hold key. And now we paying the left side of the helmet with the brush to make the shadow on the left side of the helmet. Okay, slick the white color and paint this area just like this. Okay? And now the helmet looks more realistic. Okay, Now we make a group for all the slayers. Hold the shift key, click on the top layer and click on the helm. Flair of them. Press control. G hold key to make a new group. Really in this group to the help and breath. And Okay, this list is over, and I'm waiting for you in the next video. 6. Create a special effects: So now we're starting the most interesting part off our lesson. And in this lesson, we will work with the special effects on the image. Okay, let's begin. And the first thing what we need to do work with the Contras on the helmet because the helmet books more darker than the body. Okay, let's create in your adjustment layer. Click here and select here. Curves adjustment. Clear Greg here and click this layer to the helmet group. Hold down the alky and double click on the border between the layers. Okay, Now we drag this point a little bit up something like this and banded, we will be down just like this. Okay? Look at damage before and after. And now the contrast of the helmet looks better. Okay, After that, I want to add I liked flare between the hand and the body off their soldier. Let's create new layer quick here and renamed this layer to flare. Okay, Now we select the brush to said the cardinals to zero and increase the sex with this brush . Gay just like this. Pick the white color on the ballot and make a stroke here. Maybe two strokes, just like this after that repressed control team and transform this area just like this and scared little bit. Okay, press Andrew and look before and after. Okay, we go next. And now we will add a smoke texture into our composition. But before we need to prepare the image for this step, I want Tobler left side of the body before we add texture. Okay, let's create new merged layer the breath. Hold key. Shift going. Grow out E and create new where really in this layer to blur. Okay. And now we go to the filter. Blur gas in blue. Said the radios too. Why our six pixels just like this? Okay. And press. OK. After that, we end the mask, this layer. Click here and feel this mask with the black. Pick the black color on the palate and press hokey. I'll Duleep Okay. Now we select the brush to and pick the white color on the ballot. After that, repent over the left set on the image just like this before and after. And now we will create a broken shield effect to do this, open the image folder and flying here two textures with the broken glass opened the first texture dragged into our document. Okay? And change the blending mode to the screen. Okay, On the next step, we transform the texture just like this and move it here. Okay. And press enter. Then open the image folder and Philip here in the second texture and dragged into document change the blend in more to screen and transform it just like this press and turkey. And now we had a school broken shield effect. Then we need to add light flare here on the next we opened there Image folder and find here Flare texture Drag this texture into document change the blending mode for this texture to a scream and rotated a little bit after that breath anti. And now we need to edit the contrast off this texture to make it more brighter. To do this, we go to the image adjustment and find here levels In this adjustment layer we drug middles later to the left, just like this left sled every drug to the right and whites leather with drug to the left just like this. And then we click Ok, If you want change the color or this texture, you can use Hugh Situation Adjustment layer. We go to the adjustment layers and find here que situation clean this layer to the texture breath out key and double click on the border between the layers. After that, we go to the few slider and drag it left or right to find color. If you want, I will need is a red Kahlo something like this. After that I closed this layer and go next. After that, let's great your group for the slayers. So big slayers and quick control G cold Keep remain this group to flare and press enter If you want to make more stronger effect, you can cope in this group Just press control J Kote ke And now you have nuke. OK, you can use transform this group if you want press control key and transform this Dexter if you want something like this. Okay? And dress answer. And now it's great. And then you group for the broken glass textures, Select the slayers and press control G hokey. Bring in this group toe broken glass. Okay, No one top. And now we create the light for the eyes on the helmet. To do this, we create new Korpi off the flare group Press control G hokey and renamed his group to flare eyes and breath canter Move this texture toe I and breath control T Hopkins and rotate the texture and scale it down Just like this. More detector a little bit left Something like this. Clear with bell. Okay. And now create a new copy off this group press control gene and drag this group. We will be down just like this. Okay? And now we do the same thing for the right eyes. Let's put these groups together. So this and breast control Gene really in this group, too. Claire's eyes and duplicate this group Breath control J Move this group too, right? Just like this. And press control key and then right click here and felt here. Flip horizontal after that. Replace this texture here just like this. Open this group. And so, like the first texture and more with a little good, right? Just like this. And this taken texture moved a little bit left just like this and took these groups together again. It's like these groups and press control Gee, really, in this group too. Guys and press enter, create then risk for this group. And now we'll select the black brush and paint over the unnecessary areas on the image. I want to do it. These area. Okay. And we will get here. Okay. What? Take a look before and after. Okay. And flares on the camp before, after, before and after. Perfect. Okay. And the next step, we will create the mist on the composition we create new where? Engine. And this layer to the mist. Okay, then we need the field. This layer with the dark color Go to the palate and said the color number 2 24 24 24 Then click. OK, And feel this layer with this color press. Hold key. I'll do it. After that, we select the grading to go to work and slipped here. Ingredient still for the radiant is Lina. Mold is normal and obey city is 100. Okay, After that we create the mask and feel this mask with the Grady in London like this, we contract several times to get a better result. Okay, Something like this. And that too, that we select the brush toe said the harness to zero. A place to use one Congress and calories. Blake. And now we need make a stroke on the flares. First row. We make it here. Second stroke will make here and here. Okay. And now we can add a smoke texture, toe our composition, open the images folder and planned here Smoke texture Director, into our document. Rotate this texture something like this, and transform it just like this. Okay, breath. Enter and change the blend and moved to the screen. Change your pasting for this texture too. 75 and at the misc to do slave the next day we select the brush too with the black color and said they were pasted to do anything and make a few strokes on the soldier just like this. And make one more stroke here just like this. After that, we open another one texture. Go to the images and find here particles takes true drug into our document. Breast controlled. You transform these texture right? Click on the image and select here, Felipe Horizontal. After that, we transform this texture just like this and place it here. Then breath in turkey that changed the blend mode through the screen. Then we need those two rice this texture, right? Click on the layer and select. Here. Rest arise, layer and disintegrate This layer Press shift control you okay? And now it is was the final step for this lesson. 7. Finishing touches: Okay, guys, in this listen, we will make a final step for our world. Was there a mask for particles? Texture. Click here and select the black brush toe. After that, we make it fuel strokes in the center of the image. Make sure that you hardness set to zero and make a stroke here. Something like this. After that, we need to work with the color and the contrast on the al composition. Goto adjustment layers and find here selective color adjustment. Clear. Go to the natural and bring more cold tones. Toe our said that Sam to fire and the yellow said to minus 10 something like this with the blacks later, we can add a contrast. So the image something like this. Okay, close the slayer and go next. On the next day, we create a girl's adjustment player. Men the girl something like this to make the image a little bit darker and greed and the other one course adjustment layer. Men dig your down and select the brush to and said the black color on the palate. After that, we make a few strokes in the center of the image. Something like this. Let's put all this layer together Select the curse adjustment layer and selective color adjustment Clear after that Repressed control G hoping and renamed his group to color and contrast. Okay. And in the final step will create emerged. Copy off the image Press shift control out in and we go the filter Sharpen on Shark must said the amount to 100 and radios, maybe one or two pixels. Something like this. After that, quickly, cocaine and our work is done. I hope you like this lesson. And universities five with the final result. If you have any questions, I'm always in touch and happy to help you. Thank you for attention, guys. And bye bye.