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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Intro to candle making class

    • 2. Supplies candle making

    • 3. Candle making part

    • 4. Candle pouring part

    • 5. Cleaning candle making supplies

    • 6. Final thoughts + HW

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About This Class

Welcome to my class. In this class, I want to teach you how to make your own scented soy candles for fun or if you planning to do more for yourself with it. I hope to inspire you and that you can go further on your journey in soy candle making. I have included resources for you in order to help you. Feel free to download them here.

Meet Your Teacher

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Irina Abramova


Hi, there my name is Irina Abramova, I am a wife, mom, educator,multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, multi-passionate creative coach, creative lifestyle blogger, professional organizer, floral, candy buffet, tablescape, and events designer. I run a unique gifts Etsy shop using my own designs. I am a Skillshare teacher online. Creative homemaking and lifestyle are what I really love and here I want to share my creative ideas with you in order to inspire you. I love everything and anything creative and unique. My interests are in DIY, crafts, designing, photography, graphic design, art, decorating, styling, planning events, cooking, baking and food styling.

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1. Intro to candle making class: Hi, I'm I'm enough. Creative life 747 dot com I'm educated coach, multi passion, creative lifestyle blogger. I should videos, articles, different things to inspiring and shame. A knowledge of different craft that I try and deal. And in today's class, I'm going to teach how to do hand port soy candles. If he's interested in, I want to know more, please Enrolling. I'll see you in class. Thank you so much for stopping by. 2. Supplies candle making: everyone. Let's go over the supplies. Abusing to make this hand poured Soy candle. So we have a mixing spatula. I have what you couldn't use medal as well. We have a match that to keep our counter and everything else clean around us. One boats I one thermometer, one blue dot one else. A fragrant soil wick with the bottom attached to ready thermometer. One day I block of your choice. I'm using this orange radish one one day. It owns two A picture with a handle to melt the waxen and you want to handle because you want to make sure they're burning your hands. A cup off soy flakes, a scale a couple about to see wipe off the picture of the end and a stovetop. I have a traveling electrical stovetop. You could use a regular stopped up at home. Do not need to have this. This is just for the purpose of making the video. So thank you all seeing the video next the way we're going to be. Make a candle. Thank you. 3. Candle making part: Okay, so welcome back. Let's start working on our candle now. Um, so let's start by showing you how we're going to be using our scale. So on your skill, even the have a tear button and unbuttoned. So you're gonna first put your picture so that it takes out the weight of your picture. You don't want that in your measure when you're measuring your soy flakes. Now that you're gonna press the tear buttons so that goes to zero and we're ready measured that we have one cup off, so it flakes here. But I'm going to just do for the purpose of showing you. Okay, drop it in. Once you drop that in, you're gonna put your gonna take it and turn on your stovetop, Teoh. A medium flame. You gonna stop putting get for it to melt? Just No, we're gonna put into thermometer. So we needed to go up to 1 85 So the reason you want the 1 85 is that's the best time to add the oil. The reason is that because it's going to be the best burn in the best smelling candle if you do it before after it won't be the same. So that's the way it's better to dio. And while it's doing that, you want to mix it up, mix everything so the melts evenly. Never, he's getting melted. You can use a microwave on high for 90 seconds as well. You could use a double boiler or directed the Why I'm doing it. There's many ways to do this now. When it comes Teoh, how much fragrance oil you're gonna use. It's gonna be basically four cups that say off dry flakes, all right, equal to two cups of melted. So therefore, cops, it equals to two cups melted, and it's gonna be four drops per cup off melted wax. That's how you do the calculations. Okay, let me see. Let me let me mix it and let's see if it's on right? See it? We're still good. We're not We're not everyone one for yes. Oh, so now it's not up to one. They defied. It were just The wax is melted, so this is the time to take it off on the other burner so that we can add the We're going to be adding the cube. The color Die Cube now are you gonna drop it It on before you put it back on just slightly . Makes it to the talk out. What? We want to make sure we reach 1 85 on what I want the waste time doing that while it's reaching that, we're afraid that the color one makes us fast and that will I wear. Our soy candle will go up over 1 85 And that's gonna be good for a fragrance oil. So put it in, makes it a little bit. It's gonna take some time, just fine. And then you gonna put it back on to get 1 85 Um, the way you can also measure, um, how much walks is needed for one ounce, 10 would be so, basically the amount of containers that you will need Okay, times eight ounces, cause this is an eight ounce container on let's even you five. It's going to be so five times. Eight. Okay, down. Whatever answer you gonna get, you're gonna divide it by 20 and you will know how much wax you will need the flakes. Okay, so that's gonna be the amount of candles containers times the size of your container which is, let's say, eight hours we're using now. Whatever answer you will get, they will divided by 20. I want to get there by 20. You're going to get the answer. That's amount of flakes you will need. Okay, so we got that covered hand like I said before, and I'm going to mention that again what you need 1 85 because that's the best burn of a candle and best smell. So when you do that, that's basically going to give you the right amount to have the best candle at the end of this hold. Candle making, if it's a Bobby one, become like that, and if it's lower, it won't give that also. So that's why it's so important that every manufacturer has its own temperature level, that they that the smell will be best when you pouring the essential oil. So our thing is not melting as well, so it's almost there will have it here. The color, but it's hot enough to melt it by doing this is give us some time, and you could use a knife if you have to cut the dye cube from the a pack that you got got the whole thing from Sorry. Just sick in ear regular Saray tonight and just cut. Cut it. So we're gonna put it back on the heat, but it's almost smelt it. And we're gonna need the heat a little bit more now so that it's fully melted. And we're not yet by 1 85 almost there to make sure it's going to 1 85 And the Dybbuk is thing. Well, truthfully. So Well, that's happening. We're gonna touch thermometer. Well, that's happening. Let's prepare our container. We're gonna take the that. He said here. I'm gonna make sure we put it in the center of our container. Okay. Your lecture. It's in the center. Okay. And then once you got in the center, you take off. Okay? Now you're gonna take your wick. We put it in. It's some pressure to make sure it's ticking. Okay, Okay. So the tele shallow center tree work. So that's where they soon we're gonna pour in the essential when its new, they just prepare it. Okay, let's prepare the rest. Let's put this here so that this will keep our work straight. And once it's dry, you will take you off. You wanna poured the wax about one inch to 1/4 from the top? Okay, you don't go too high and you want your book to be about cut to about 1/4 of an inch because that's the best way to get the burn for your candle and everything to work properly . You don't want to, High said on the Senate Burn. Right now let's see how we're you can always doing okay So everything looks melted with eternal forward. Reached the temperature that we need cats with the bounty. Let's take in our hand. It's hot. So be careful. But on the other side that it's on the cool side of the story. Let's to carry now. So now that it's that 1 85 now is the time toe Adoua essential oil. This is like I said before. It's the best time to pour that. It's for this here. Okay, now we want up before So before let me go over that before, within the poor It we want to make short. We're makes most report this essential oil. We have to fix it for about 20 to 30 times this'll a blends in binds together gives the backs best smell, Okay? And then we have the way for the temperature of the story. Wax or not to star labs to go down to 1 35 you don't want to put into too hot or too cold are the ones that are gonna give you a clear, nice candle on top. It's gonna give you like a cloud effect, so don't wait for it to get to focus. And you're gonna have the cloud already in your your fish here. So it wasn't 2030 times. That takes about 15 20 minutes. Depends on the temperature in your house and everything for it to get to 1 35 students mix it up. So meanwhile, when you're that we're ready prepared everything else meanwhile, is ready for us 2030 times and never gonna leave it on the side to cool for about 15 20 minutes. And that was the time to stick back so you can keep track of your soy candle temperature. Hi. So let's make sure it's touching again. Okay, so it's not there yet. It's almost there. So I'll be back in the next video to show you how we're gonna pour when it reaches 1 35 And again, just make sure that you follow your manufacturer's instructions with turn in terms of the temperature that's best supporting your fragrance oil. I find it a lot of my 1 85 This is very important point that I wanna bring across again. So I'll see in the next video. Thank you. 4. Candle pouring part: come back. So now have a wax reached the temperature off 1 35 We're ready to pour into Cortina, so let's take out this. Don't wipe your because it's hot and also want to mention that the spatula her could be. We were using what? But it could be also metal. So that's something else to keep them on. You don't only have to have what? Okay, you can wipe it off after you're done using it. So the wax is clean off now. So let's start. So we have this here. One. Make sure straight. Let's move this out of the way extra straight and you can hold it with one hand. Okay, we'll deal with one hand. Yeah, and then you can pour slowly. Okay, so now you're going to leave it like this overnight and once it overnight and it's done. It's it's already ready. You will cut off the week. Now. You don't have to keep the way you want. Make sure the wicked straight and I mentioned before that you wanted engine the bottom from the the top when you poured the wax. You don't wanna go above or one force now, when he comes to the work like I said, You want the cutter toe One inch and 1/4 also is an option. So there's two ways you can do it between that 1/2 inches 1/4 of an inch. Excuse me or one inch what you can cut and the top and the wax from the top is, well, the same thing. So hopefully enjoy this tutorial. You were something that you didn't know before and I'll see in the next video. Thanks so much. 5. Cleaning candle making supplies: I will come back. So we poured that wax in the last video. I want to show you how to be. Now. You continue because before it was hot, you couldn't do that. I'm just take a bounty. Very simple. Pipe inside. Okay, get all the wax. So if you want to do this when it's not too hot and not too cold because you want the wax to come off and once you do that I want to do that, you can wash it with soap in water with one water. It's when they be great. Casey. Now you can take another one to wipe off your for mom because it cooled off. Now you don't want it's hard again. Okay? The special as well. That's that's about it. That's how you would clean the girl from wash it. Thank you so much. I'll see in the next video 6. Final thoughts + HW : Hi, everyone. So thank you for taking the class. You hope you learn something new. And they were inspired to create something of your own for homework. I want you to definitely post a picture of your candle that you made. If you don't have all the supplies, you welcome to get it. If you want to get everything, use your own stuff. But I want to see how you understood and picked up on the things that I told in class. Also in the Projects centre include a list of supplies that I used Also includes some notes The things that I mentioned throughout the classes. You could have a handy when you're making your candles. And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I will do my best to answered. And if you want to share something was definitely do share in the project center And I want to think it once again for joining my costs. I'll see you, my future classes. Thank you