Scale Your Business With Web Analytics, Usability & Conversion Strategy (Part I) | Christine Maisel | Skillshare

Scale Your Business With Web Analytics, Usability & Conversion Strategy (Part I)

Christine Maisel, Designer, SEO & Founder of Portable Entrepreneur

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28 Lessons (1h 56m)
    • 1. Introduction to Instructor and Course Topic

    • 2. What is web analytics, usability and conversion updated

    • 3. Section Intro: Web Analytics

    • 4. Is web analysis worth the trouble

    • 5. Options for tracking your web analytics

    • 6. Get started web analytics

    • 7. Navigating the basic metrics

    • 8. Reviewing your website analytics

    • 9. Your action steps

    • 10. Creating Your Website Goals & Measurement Plan

    • 11. How to create a measurement plan and what to measure

    • 12. Using key performance indicators to track your progress

    • 13. Tracking your website and business goals

    • 14. Using visitor segmentation to understand the different types of visitors

    • 15. How to use funnel visualization to see how visitors go through your sales process

    • 16. Specific analytics for e commerce sites

    • 17. Additional metrics to set up and track

    • 18. Making Web Analytics Actionable

    • 19. How to set up and use actionable web analytics reports

    • 20. Creating custom web analytic reports to match your business goals

    • 21. Integrating analytics into your business

    • 22. Common mistakes to be aware of

    • 23. Usability & User Experience

    • 24. The difference between usability and user experience (UX)

    • 25. Winning principles of website usability

    • 26. Winning principles of website usability continued

    • 27. What bounce rate tells you about your site's UX & how to improve engagement

    • 28. Tools for usability testing


About This Class

Web Analytics, usability and conversion rate optimization are a powerful combination for transforming a business' reach and revenue. This is part 1 of 2 in-depth courses that walk you through how to grow revenue for any online business.

This is how business' of all sizes scale their online sales and greatly increase their revenue even without finding new website traffic.

Here you'll find a step-by-step actionable guide to creating unique goals for a business that you can track, test and improve. 

This course is meant for you to take action and begin tracking your own business goals using Google Analytics (as well as other tools we'll look at) and improving your website based on your findings. Specifically we cover:

  • How to combine web analytics, usability, conversion rate optimization & SEO efforts
  • How to create and review detailed web analytics reports specific to the website and business
  • Identify the best web analytics tool for the website (we'll use Google Analytics as an example)
  • Use winning principles to design a successful website
  • Strategically identify and create a sales funnel for site visitors to follow
  • How to reduce a site's bounce rate
  • How to use psychology to improve your conversions and persuade visitors to take the action you want them to
  • How to test a website to make more money from the site's existing traffic
  • and so much more it's impossible to list it all here

It's all here! I'm also very active inside the course and I encourage you to ask questions and participate as you go through the course. I am happy to help you as you learn to implement your own strategy and see your conversions increase. 

If you're ready to improve your online business or help others improve theirs, this is a course that will help you do exactly that. You will have a much different outlook on how you approach creating a site and making strategic changes to improve it. 

Let's start scaling your business. Join me now.