Say What You Mean - How to Banish BS from Your Writing Forever

Steven Mason, Startup, Branding, Naming & Patent Strategist

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13 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Project

    • Platitudes I Banalities

    • Platitudes II Trite and Cliched Expressions

    • Platitudes III Bromides

    • Narcissism

    • Sycophancy

    • Too Many Modifiers

    • Too Many Conditionals

    • Hyperbole

    • Overwriting

    • Overexplaining and Justifying

    • BS Eliminator Cheat Sheet


About This Class

This class shows you how to find all the bs in anything you write, edit or review, whether it’s marketing collateral, an email or a letter--or even a speech.  You’ll learn how to change material that’s boring and unbelievable into words that actually get read and acted on.In your class project, you’ll start with an actual short piece of your own writing (or someone else’s you choose). Then you’ll produce a new, no-bs version and compare the two, so you can hear the difference. This class is ideal for anyone who’s struggling with writing clearly and effectively.  Whether you’re a beginning or writing still frustrates you after years, this course will give you confidence that someone will pay attention to what you’re writing.






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Steven Mason

Startup, Branding, Naming & Patent Strategist

There's plenty of conventional wisdom to go around. Which is why I don't offer any.

I tell you what you need to know -- not necessarily what you want to hear -- and how to fix it.

Fact is, like the original immigrants approaching the Statue of Liberty, many brand and communication strategies are tired and poor, huddled masses of platitudes yearning to be transformed into something evocative, compelling and great. Something that "hits 'em right between the eyes."

That's why great companies are not incrementalist successes, but direct challenges to the conventional wisdom and the status quo. If you're getting there, I can help. If you're muddled in consensus and old ideas, I can help you break out of them.

I also position, package and broker the sale of high-value patent portfolios and consult personally on patent strategy, including claims construction. I am a named co-inventor on 5 US patents; 2 US patent applications; and 2 international patent applications.

Keywords: Strategy, ideation, creative direction, problem solving, branding, positioning, naming, marketing program development & execution, complex business negotiations, acting CEO/CMO. Industries: Technology, cloud, software, social media, services, and mobile (B2B and B2C), CPG (high-end foods and beverages, automotive aftermarket).