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Savory Recipes with The Jays: How to Make Haitian Spaghetti

The Jays, Savory Recipes with The Jays

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8 Videos (26m)
    • Savory Recipes Introduction

    • Haitian Spaghetti- Savory Recipes Introduction

    • Haitian Spaghetti- Savory Recipes Ingredients List

    • Haitian Spaghetti- Preparing Ingredients

    • Haitian Spaghetti- Stir-Fry Meat and Vegetables

    • Haitian Spaghetti- Prepare Pasta

    • Haitian Spaghetti- Finish Creole Sauce and Serve

    • Congrats! Share Feedback and Your Finished Dish!


About This Class


Summary -- Join our class, Savory Recipes with The Jays: How to Make Haitian Spaghetti, and learn to cook this Caribbean dish through a simple step-by-step demonstration that will take less than 30 minutes! If you'll need help or feedback, Home Cooks Josh and Jess (The Jays) will be there to assist you.

In this class, you’ll learn how to make the hearty and delicious Haitian Spaghetti, also known as Espageti in Creole. Haitian Spaghetti is a staple in the culture of Haiti. Interestingly enough, the people of the island of Haiti often eat this for breakfast!

In this recipe, you’ll make a spaghetti dish covered in blend of herbs  flavoring the savory sauce filled with sautéed tomato paste and slightly caramelized onions.

We will walk you through this recipe step-by-step with video demonstrations. No prior knowledge or experience is required. We hope to see pictures of your final product!





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The Jays

Savory Recipes with The Jays

Hi! Our names are Joshua and Jessica and we go by "The Jays!"

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We are a young couple passionate about love, life, and FOOD! That's right, FOOD in all caps. If we have to eat so many times a day, why not enjoy each meal?

Both of us worked in higher education. I am an up-and-coming actor and my wife works as an elementary school teacher. In our 9 years together, we've frequently traveled and experienced foods from all types of restaurants throughout America and the...

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