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12 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your project

    • 3. Why restoring photos

    • 4. Importing photos in Procreate

    • 5. Restoring photos part 1

    • 6. Restoring part 2

    • 7. Adding embellishments

    • 8. Adding background and text

    • 9. Colorizing photos

    • 10. Preparing pages for printing

    • 11. Printing the album

    • 12. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Do you have vintage family photos somewhere in a box you almost forgot about? Some of them are they so damaged you almost don’t dare to touch them? Do you think the next generation should remember the people before us? 


If you said yes, this class is for you!

In this class I will show you how to import your photos in Procreate three different ways. If you don’t have Procreate you can follow along with your favorite software, you’ll do need a drawing app though like Fresco, Photoshop or other. 

Then we will restore damaged photos, from this:


to that:


We can then add color 


And even drawing on the photo:


At the end we will prepare pages for printing a photo album, that would make a perfect gift for family members  

If you need so, you can get vintage photos in my Pinterest board here.   

I have provided in the resource section my color palette I used in the final album  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cécile Yadro

Digital & Traditional Artist


New class available!

Bonjour and welcome to my Skillshare page !

I’m so happy you found me! I’m a French artist, both digital and traditional. I love drawing and painting portraits, landscapes, still life... art is an endless journey, I hope to help you with my beginners friendly classes.


I post a class per month, more or less:

- Procreate classes

- Gouache classes

- Sketchbook classes 

I would love to see you in class!


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1. Introduction: Hello. Welcome to my new tests. I am Cecile French artists, both digital and traditional. I was thinking about my next class, and I just found a box full of photos in my attic. And I thought maybe that would be a cool idea if I would show you how to take a vintage for Soma. Really? In poor condition. But you want to maybe pass along to the next generation. So in this less I will show you how to import those photos in procreate and how to restore this to make this picture nice again, I guess. And also, I will show you how to colorize those pictures and how to add some ambitions. And in the very owned we will make a printed album on. This is a very good way to keep your family memory alive. Well, this is a fun class. It's really made for everyone. Even if you don't know nothing about pro creates, I will show you everything. So I hope you'll join me in this class. Um, let's begin. It's trade away with your project 2. Your project: your project in this class will be to get vintage photo. So either you have some that are family photos. Or you can get some in secondhand stores or things like that. Well, anyway, you can even get known line for you. I would give you a link to a Pinterest board where you have a bunch off vintage for the let you can use if you need some and then you get a damage for I'm sure you have some. Well, some are more damage than others. You don't want to pound 10 hours restoring this one. Unless this is someone very phone for you. But I would get something that is not too damaged. Maybe this one on you will import the photo and procreate and restore it. This is one first exercise that you can make from this class on the 2nd 1 would be to get is restored for your M at some embellishments on it. So either a colorization or a little, How can drawing as I will show you into next videos. And please don't forget to post that before after interests or section of the class. Andi, I hope you will post some because this is always so rewarding for me to see the work you make from my classes. Now it's time to begin, so let's go. 3. Why restoring photos: Do you have somewhere in a box? Maybe in the attic? A lot off paint age photos, family photos people on the features are algo now, Now you don't even remember who it is. This was taken in Chicago. Cool. You won't. Maybe to pass along those photos to the next generation. Because if you don't do it when you're gone, who will remember them? So this is, uh, kind of photos are love, but there are in very poor condition. This one Waas taken just after world for two. This is a wedding. Very damage picture. You have dozens and dozens. All those photo. Ain't you cute? So she is my stepsister. And so you made to restore all some pictures because they are very, very damaged. This one don't know if they can do something with it. This one is a lot of stains. Some seen what was pressed from under beautiful wedding should be in the twenties. Nobody. This one's really a shame. Well, and most vintage things we have this this album and this is exactly what I was talking about. No one is going in there because you don't want to ruin everything in the album because over photos are really so destroyed. Um, some I've been printed again. I guess this one. She's beautiful. Always the same lady here. Um, this one is very damaged. So what I want to do is, um, take pictures of those photos on. I want to restore them and maybe at some color or some fun sister for image, I don't know yet. And then I will print them in an album, and I will offer them to my Children because I think this is a beautiful gift to offer them . So let's begin. Was taking the photos. Let me show you this. 4. Importing photos in Procreate: you have three different ways to import your for you in procreate. The 1st 1 would be just to take a photo with camera or an iPhone or an iPad. Let's say I want to take this one and it's pasted intel boom, and I don't want to remove it. And as the album is on the first page, the pages a bit tied. So I want to put something under so it's flat, very important. And also, when you take a photo, me do this. I most might. You have Ah, little cross in the middle. We show you here. And if you are perfectly parallel to your album, the cross in the middle is completely yellow. But if you were a tile even a bit, is he I have a wide cross appearing. So you really want to have this one very flat and this one very parallel. So let's take this one. I just take a simple picture. I don't try to have anything else moved from here. You have a turn off things you can move, but you don't really need it. All you need is good. Natural lights, not direct sun. So you don't have her shadow and this photo, if you can see it. But it's a bit shiny, and you may have some reflection on it. So when you have shiny photos, what I'm using is an up from Google, and it's cold. What is called photos? Can you can find it for free in the abdication and the up sort and let me move this one. You're so you can see what I'm doing. Yes. So you will fix your photo inside the white frame. You press, you see what I'm doing. Now there is a press button here, and then it's making four guts and you move your camera over its debts. He's actually taking for pictures and taking them together. Uh huh. And now we'll show you the difference. Here it is, the one I took with the camera on the one I took with the up. As you can see, the white dress is a bit too over lighted. I would say maybe you have a big more details here. Not that much, because the original photo is not very good either. So there is no perfect solution here. Another option would be to scan your photo if you have a scanner. Just put it on the glass and scanning that 300 g p i and important And then you can just treat it. It really depends if you have shiny for you are a match for you. Let's say this photo, for example. It's coming alone. And the piece of paper was torn away here. And if I put it on my place here, Okay, the corners are folded. So if I take a picture of this, we have harsh shadow. So what I do is I don't want to paste my photo. I use sticky gum. I don't know how you call this. We call it in France by the brown name, and brown is blue tack. And you have to put one a little spots off sticky, um, under each corner. Try to have them the same. Hates impress a little bit. And now my father was flats and I can take my picture. So I let you do this with your favorite effort. Just make some tests. I'll see you in the next video 5. Restoring photos part 1: once you have made your picture either directly with your iPhone or your iPad or any other camera you have or did you use maybe a nap? As I said before, it really depends on your picture. Here is my picture, and there is a lot of problem. His picture. First of all, you see the corners or dem aged and you have holes unfold and Krys and face is blurry against the kid Just moved Onda. They are twins. Someone rode the initial of the name on their the again. I want to remove that as well. On Daz. Where does make the missing piece off the photo? So you go to pro creates on you will click here on photo and said like that photo you want to work on. So this is important and procreate. And the first thing we want to do is cropped the canvas, so we have only what we need to work. Um, so you click on the ranch canvas crop and re size, and you have 100 bars in the corners. And so you move them county. You have just what you need from the big church, and then you check maybe to avoid a lot off work, I will get this a bit more on the three. Other are okay, so go back to crop resize, and I will just know were of it. And sometimes when you do that, you will move a bit. The handle on the right side. So let's under this, um, redo that more carefully. Should be good. Yes, and next. What I do is I always put the picture in pure black and whites, unless you like the CPR tone. So just keep this Parton go wrong. But I like to do this. So you give the magic warned hue saturation brightness on. You have the saturation, which is the amount of color that's inside your picture, and you just lower it totally and left on. You have your picture, which he is totally black and white, and now it's time for a bit of restoration. So first thing you want to put a layer on top of the photo as you don't want to act directly on the photo, and for the brush, you can use basically almost anything but under artistic, you have the wash brush. It turns out it's a very useful brush for doing this because it's not totally flat, and it has the really tiny bit of texture. Before we begin something very handy to do. This is you go to the ranch, you go to preference and Ugo to gesture controls and for the eyedropper you want to select touch. Usually you don't have this already blew on your iPad, but for this purpose, it's really, really handy. So if you don't like it after, you can still remove it. But forth this class, please do that. And why are we doing this? Because now let's say I want to remove. This was just my finger. I can tap and hold on. The Toto and I would get the exact color without having to go there and move. This is longer, and as we are going to change the color very, very often, it's better to do this. So let's do that. It's cover, it's and you're trying to mimic the background that already and her. Um, you have to think of something. We have very, very close to the photo, but never mind. If you zoom out, you can almost see nothing. And this is basically everything you need to know. I will try to make this again. And you will vary the size of your brush as long as you work. Um, be gentle. Try to get the color you need just from the background. And I think this will do the trick. Only hair. You have a large fold air. You have a whole So the same thing. Kind of magic, Don't you think? I like it. And also, I think it's really kind of meditative when you're doing this. You know, just thinking about this lady. What was her life? Who is she? To my Children? She's a great grandmother to my Children. Grown mother, if you follow me. So she is really one of the oldest picture I have. I found this fall will be a bit more difficult to do. Maybe I want to lower my size. You're just hiding what? The time left on this picture. So nothing more. I will do this and I would go back to you and show you how to fix the face and how to remove the letters. So you 6. Restoring part 2: This took me about 15 minutes to make your first layer off corrections. So me show you if I removed the layer you can see is a big craze here, and there is another one here and some scratch. Some turn away. Some holes stains everything that this is done just as I show you. But maybe it's a bit too flats comparing to the background that is more grainy. So I will add a layer on top of this one, and I will change my brush. I think the best is Char Cole's. It's burnt tree. I don't know because it's in French Here on you will cite a slightly darker tone and will the were with the capacity. I'm trying to mimic the background, so you have to be very, very gentle, very light pound. You have to extend a bit to merge with the background and always think to zoom out so you can see what's going on. Really? If I don't tell you this is me doing this, I'm not sure you can really see where it's from. No, Maybe the gray is not correct. One. Um Well, X town. The bitch to emerge food too. dark. Maybe. And sometimes when you sell it the color it's really won't big, so close to another one because this one is very dark and this one is lighter. So you really have to zoom in so you can see the pixels and use like the car you won't. But don't forget that this will be printed exactly the same size of the original photo. So would be something like this size. So I'm not sure anyone will notice if this is really optional. Should don't want to do this. Just keep this one, and that would be OK for this stage. Now, I have two other problems on this picture. The 1st 1 is the letters. Maybe it's fun to let them, I don't know, because there were twins. There were the Emanuel Angel's F and have them as grown up in different pictures. Uh, maybe it's called to leave its, but what I'm really disturbed with is his face. Yes, believe it or not, our boys and, um, I would go back to my layer with the gua sh brush. It's artistic wash, and I will try to fix this, but it's really it's really easy to other Jew. It's sorry to ever do it. Not sure how to, um, maybe a bit on the mouth, still blurry. But then it's a picture from 18 90 something, so you can admit that this is blurry and that's fine. Okay, so let's call this finished. I will export my picture in J Peg save image. 7. Adding embellishments: Let's add some, let's say abolition on our photos. I like this one. She's cute. And what I want to do is, um, at layer on top, get the in the inking technical pan and take the pure white double tap. And now I will trace the outline. This little girl I don't really see the edge of the hair into shadow. Why? You don't have to be so precise that we are now. I will select everything and I will slowly move. It just does enough set. Maybe I don't know the left or on the rights. Uh, completely on the right. I like this one. It's like a ghost. It's fun. It's just a matter of tastes. You don't have to do this if you don't like kids. I think this is cool. Um, you don't have to move the outline along the way outside of the figure. Maybe you can have something more offsets like this one. This is good. What? You can also do these be more. What could I say? More fat? Maybe this is another follow. Um, this one. I have added colors as I showed you earlier toe since the color and I have added some funny elements just a way to do it. This is my 20 actually on Dumb as I'm working on this album was my husband's family. I don't want to beat your friend was his. I keep this for mine. 8. Adding background and text: As I said before, I have decided to go for a square album on, and I have created a custom size for me. It's for 1005 100 pixels by 405 and gives me 22 layers, which I obviously talk need. But this will be something like 23 centimeters. This is always good to take the size of the printed paper and you will multiply by 200. So I want this to be like 20 centimeters. So if I multiply by 200 makes 4000 Um, I give myself a bit of security more with 500 pixels more. So let's create my square. Then I will import at inserted photo Oh, for Dio and I will take her and by default procreate. We'll place a picture in the exact middle of your square and at the correct size. So you don't want to enlarge anything or to move it because this is perfectly placed for you? No, Let's add a layer, put it below the picture and I will feel this layer with soft color. So I don't know, maybe, um, something like this. You want to go to the grey side? Maybe a bit too saturated. Yes. I just want this to be dark enough so my white texts will pop up on it and not too bright because my picture is really faded was the black and white tones. So I think this is good. Now will set my pure white towards this. You go on the white and you double click. You get the pure white, and now I will either text and the text will be the name of the people in the photo. So she is cold, dull. And as I said in manual on Joseph. So let's do this. The ranch A text. Let's type this alittle No, I'm not. I need to put this on top. I did text. This is not that this. Yeah, this is a leader. I know. It's a strange name with Well, hold trap it in franchise. This is too offer to my Children. Okay, so basically, this is a leader with jewels. Ephron Emanuel, You will edit style. Andi, I have chosen the phones. That's called Joe. Um, because just I like it. Sorry. At the turning justice size. And this will go. You know that photo Not too precise with hates between the tax tons of photo I don't really mind. And now let's share this photo. I'm save it to my album. Here is another photo I took in the album and this one waas in very good condition. So I had almost nothing to do on edge Just put it in black and whites And, um I think maybe just a stain here. So very good for you Someone kept the oval with scissors on It's really not good. So I want to hide everything apart The oval. So for this that are another layer, and I will get a straight line like technical pounds. Let's like the color. I don't know anything else will fit because I can change it after So it's not a big deal and I will trace analysis just around the edge and you don't leave to your pen and you join where you began and you still press. And now you can edit your shape. This is not bad. Yeah, so you have your lips and now I can bring my cut or here you have your perfect ellipse. And I know this is not square, but I will exports. Sorry, I went export this for two. Save image and I still have my car here. So let's create some another square. Yep. Um, I will import my photo says why? I just made Maybe this one needs to be moved a bit because it's not square and let feel. Everything was cholera. And I don't really like this color. It's too vivid. So let's go to magic wand. Hue, saturation, brightness. That's the word. The saturation of it. No, this is a cool car. Or I can change. Everything else is till blue is cool. Yeah, would be this one. Here is another photo. This is my mother very low when she waas something about eight or nine years old and I want to select the color for the background. What I did is I have gathered together. All the colors are used in their different photos. Andi, I will give you this palette. It's in the resource section of the class so you can download it to use. It may be tweaked the colors if you don't like them all. And what I won't use to have Ah, very nice color ranch that all goes together. So maybe this one. It would be good. And here riches. I had already type the text before. I kind of like this one. But basically any color would fit. The one from my palate is just mood. You can get with the different type of colors. Good for this one. Cool. 9. Colorizing photos: and I want to hadn color on the address. So that's a layer on top of it. And this layer, which is a normal you will become the arm and you will go to Oh, I don't burn And you will know worthy a Pai city, about 75 persons. And this is all you need for the brush. You will go to airbrushing on, um, middle brush or soft brush, depending. You just have to decide what color you want now towards the skin. You have to think that hlynur burn will change the color of its. So you need to make tries. So was my brush. I am filling every part off this. Kim on this part is in the shadow. So I will go back on dark and a bit. And now I will raise what is going on outside Pound. Also inside the eyes. My guess is she has been allies on his part is really in the dark. Um, what about the dress? Make another layer for the dress. You want to have one layer pair color, because this way you can adjust everything separately if you need to, um, dress, maybe a very paid blue bqool. You have to make tries because the color here will not be the same here. And you to the burn. That's increase a bit. Uh, see that this is my color. And I forgot to put it in the near or burn 75 persons. It makes almost that under, But that's okay for me. And I press very lightly here because this is more in the sun in the light and I prefer to overlap with the edges on you raise after kids a more natural look. This lady Waas always very Sheikh. She was a dressmaker. So I guess this is why amusing hard brush. Maybe it will be better with a soft brush gives more softness. What? And I think what I can do is lower the capacity of my razor and Raisa bits here because it's in the light. Give some war natural book because his parts is very clear. Also, is it paid blue? The question is, do you put color only and the figure, or do you also make the background? I personally prefer not to put in the background because it's getting very busy, but just a matter of tastes. If you want to do it, just do it. This is why it's handy to have two different layers of the colors because I can't erase on the skin without, um, aging. It looks very pale. I need to make the hair. So let's make another layer of your burn 75 persons and we get Brown. I don't know. I think she was brown. Who too large? This is the same hero will be very light where the hair is shiny. Yeah, she's guys. Maybe she has a white lace on her hair and you need also to at some luck, very like and the shoes I don't really see. Where are the shoes? Yeah. 10. Preparing pages for printing: I have decided that on my album I wanted to have the right page with a photo around. The left page was just a single color. So what I'm going to do to be sure I have the exact color I want, I will hide the lettering and the photo. I just have my square was my flat color and I will export this photo in my camera rule so I can have the matching color. Maybe I'll we'll tweet the color of between the pages. In the first page of my album, I want to have a family tree was as much information as I can. So I have made a square as my pages on. I did a dark color and I have added cut off from the photo just to have the face of the people. It's fun to see how the photography's in proving since that made 18 to now. It's my husband as a kid on, and I have added information with text, so each name is on a single text layer on, and as I want everything to feed inside, I have used a cool trick. Let me show you if I added to text. And it's time I have put every texts with the same size about 24 points. Not so precise, but about it's okay. And also to be sure that everything is on the same line. I did the drawing guide. So you click on the ranch count as drawing guide Eddie Drawing guide. And here you can choose in which unit you want to work. Um, I chose to use one sentimental er You can also change the color. And so I have aligned all the text on all the photo to the great. This is very handy. So let me remove this count best I will export. This will send it to the Photobox website. Let me show you this. 11. Printing the album: I will be using a website which is called Photobox, and it's, I believe, French website. So please use what you have on your country. This is a print on demand website and they have different stuff you can print with your pictures on. I want to be a square book and see the size. It's 22 centimeters square. Let's create one. I don't know how every website is working, but basically I guess this is, um almost everything the same. Okay, so Yep. Yeah, you have ah, place where you download your photos and then you have a place where you can choose your back. Your layout. Sorry. So my first page at me use a full page photo because this is what's very interesting with those print on German website. They can print until toe complete edge. And this is something you cannot do at home because you always have. That's a your margin, even the small one. But you will have a white merchant. So let's but the same thing everywhere Do that after, um, that's choose where you want. And I will go from the oldest photo to the most recent for two, and I think the oldest one is, um, this one 18 65. And on the left side, I want to have a plane color. And so here you have two ways to do this. Either you get the same color. Um, but I thought it would be boring. So I will choose another color. As I showed you earlier. I have exported every photo without the photo on it. So I have a plane color here. I don't have enough photos to have on both sides. I think this is very, very classy. Yeah, this way. Um, don't forget to save as long as you're working, this is best. So let me put everything together, and I'd be back. So I have I d l The photo inside Onda, you can't see There is something written here on the back of the book on its written some tree branches because I didn't know what rights on and every page is made in this website. You have a preview mode, so you can really see what loco. But the book we look like Andi. I have mixed the colors between the pages on some photos, have colors on it. Some don't, um This is everything checked and from the oldest photo to the most recent one and a back of the book, and when you're completely okay with the contents, you can just come by and wait until you receive the book at me. Show you the finished book. So this is a printed autumn. You have the title here, which is some branch trees, and you have the cover book. I might have restored a bit more this photo because the reserve a white sport here, first pages, family tree. And as you see, I have mixed the colors on the right on the left side because I thought it would give a bit more life because black and white pictures can be boring. You don't have to do this exactly, but I think it gives a certain mood to the album. I'm very happy and very pleased with the results, and I guess this will be my husband's Christmas gift, even if he already knows what's in there on the back of the album. Well, I guess that's it for now. And see you into next video. The final one 12. Final thoughts: what? This is the final video. So this cast we run from this photo which was made as a postcard by the way to this restoration was polarization and printing in a new album found as well as this one when she is colorized. Even if that picture was quite going to first. I think this one is very interesting also because photo wasn't very damaged. Um, my favorite one, because there was a huge missing in the photo here, have restored everything. If I don't tell you what I'm sure he cannot guess. So Thank you. Really? So much for joining me in this class. And I hope you liked it. And please make a review of the class because greatly helps the class to be seen by other students. Don't forget to post your projects and I'll see you in the next class. But by