Save a Custom Color Swatch Library in Illustrator | Inez Jestine | Skillshare

Save a Custom Color Swatch Library in Illustrator

Inez Jestine

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About This Class

Learn all about how to find color inspiration for your next project and save color swatches in one place for easy access any time you open a new document. 

A good example for why you want to have a color or pattern swatch library: building a fabric collection with multiple files, but needing easy access to the colors you've picked...or having multiple patterns that you want to be able to open anytime you're working on a new document (without having to search for them on your desktop).

Bonus: I teach you how I find color inspiration and I show you how to use the color picker to make color swatches in Illustrator :)

Get a free trial to Adobe Illustrator here: free trial





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Hello! I'm Inez, a surface pattern designer from Austin, TX. I'm so excited to be teaching an intro to surface pattern design class this fall. Follow me on Instagram to have a look at my latest patterns or on Pinterest to see where I gather my inspiration.

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