Save Up To £200 Booking Long-Haul Flights Today | Deepak Shukla | Skillshare

Save Up To £200 Booking Long-Haul Flights Today

Deepak Shukla, Inbound Marketing Courses

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16 Videos (37m)
    • What This Course Is About

    • Promo Video

    • Comparing Flights Online

    • Comparison Sites Vs Book Direct

    • Comparison Sites Vs Comparison Sites

    • Advanced Searches to Fly Anywhere In The World Cheap

    • A £200+ difference on the same flight

    • Getting Cheap Flights To Nearby Cities

    • The Cheapest Flight Across A Month

    • Book Up to a Year in Advance

    • Double Checking Flight Options

    • The Power of Price Alerts

    • Getting Your Departure Times Right

    • Flight Time, Duration and Departure Airport Tricks

    • Finishing Up

    • A Word


About This Class

I've been to 50+ countries. Lived in 9 and so booked hundreds of flights through time. I've never done it through a company so it's always been my money and therefore my resourcefulness in order to find the best flight prices.

And so:

Ever wondered how some people manage to find some crazy flight prices that you didn't think existed?

In this course, I'm going to show you the tips and strategies that I use to ensure that I'm getting the cheapest price out there - so that you can do the same.

From the more commonplace:

  • Exploring single service bookings
  • Looking at flight comparison sites
  • Comparing single service with flight comparison
  • Comparing flight comparison with flight comparison
  • Looking at advanced booking techniques and strategies that I use from price alerts, clearing cookies, monthly and annual searches and more

You will get it all here - and I'll be doing it using live searches to demonstrate and hammer home my points about the kind of cost savings you can get.

So if you want to get rock bottom prices - take this course now





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Deepak Shukla

Inbound Marketing Courses

Hi, I'm Deepak Shukla, the co-founder of Pearl Lemon a digital marketing company based in London.

Here you'll find courses based upon my life experiences:

Sport: 20x Marathons 3 Ultramarathons. 2 Full Ironmen. 1 Fight Won Via TKO Muay Thai. Trained British Soldier

Career: Warwick Graduate. Former Deloitte Consultant. 25 jobs before he was 25

Entrepreneurship: 2 Startups Funded (£5k & £75k). Tutoring Agency (Took to £100k+). Recordin...

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