Save Time on Instagram: Make 30 Posts In a Few Hours & Always Know What to Post | Christine Rice | Skillshare

Save Time on Instagram: Make 30 Posts In a Few Hours & Always Know What to Post

Christine Rice, Digital Marketer, Writer, & Creative

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8 Videos (17m)
    • Creating a Content-Generating System

    • How to Batch Original Photos

    • How to Batch Stock Photos

    • How to Batch Shared Images

    • How to Batch-Create 'Emos'

    • How to Batch-Create 'Stops'

    • How to Pre-Arrange Your Instagram Grid

    • How to Schedule 30 Instagram Posts


About This Class

If you struggle to know what to post on Instagram because you don’t have enough images, time, or ideas, this class is for you!

Christine Rice is a professional freelance social media manager who manages multiple Instagram accounts each day and she has developed a useful system to save herself heaps of time and brain power!

She shares some of the exact same techniques and tips with this system that she uses to create and schedule a whole month of posts within just a few hours—even when a client gives her almost nothing to work with!

In this course you’ll learn:

  • The content-generating organization and scheduling system she personally devised to manage multiple client accounts without any stress
  • 5 basic categories of images to use to give value to your followers while promoting your brand
  • A detailed description of how to make the images for each category type
  • How to make your Instagram look BOTH branded and beautiful
  • How to protect yourself or your client from legal issues that are more common than most people realize
  • And a couple of BONUS strategy tips to help you increase engagement and grow your audience along the way!

This course is suitable for anyone interested in creating consistent, quality posts on Instagram, but will especially suit:

  • Business account owners
  • Bloggers
  • Social media managers
  • Digital marketing coaches and consultants





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Christine Rice

Digital Marketer, Writer, & Creative

Hi, I’m Christine Rice, social media consultant and alternative lifestyle blogger.

I help creative people and savvy business owners build their online presence, communities, web traffic, leads, and sales with kick-ass strategies.

I’m also a pet-sitting digital nomad currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

I’ve built my lifestyle using some of the same time-saving, professional social media techniques and tips I share with you here on Skillshare....

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