Save Studio Time: How To Create A DAW Preset For Your Projects

Marc "Selec" Zimmermann, DJ/Radio Host/Teacher for DJing & Music Production

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12 Videos (50m)
    • Welcome

    • Preparation

    • Starting Up Your DAW

    • Example 1: Setting Up The Tracks For Band Recording

    • Example 1: Grouping

    • Example 2: Setup And Grouping For Music Without Recordings

    • Ghost Signals

    • Reference Tracks

    • Send/Returns

    • Midi Patterns

    • Last Thoughts

    • Goodbye!


About This Class

You might know the scenario: You have an idea in mind, a melodic sequence for example, a beat pattern, a sounds, a line of text for a song... and you have to start setting up a proper session for recording or sequencing their idea before you can save that thought. Often, the idea is blurred or lost before you even start to catch it. 

This class will teach you how to build your very own preset template for any DAW (I'll use Ableton Live) to save time when starting new projects. We'll create a new session with all tracks named and colored, create track grouping, insert your favourite synths or fx plugins, set up send/return channels, enable midi routings, program your favorite beat patterns, prepare special tracks for side chaining and much more.

You will save your preset (or presets, if you have different situations coming up) and save lots of time. No long preparations needed any more, just making music immidiately!

Enroll today and save studio time!

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Very nice course, great overview and nice walkthrough how to create a complex preset for all your audio recording and producing needs!





Marc "Selec" Zimmermann

DJ/Radio Host/Teacher for DJing & Music Production

I'm a DJ, producer, remixer, radio host and music lover from Dortmund (Germany). I'm also a teacher and trainer for DJing and Music Production at the VibrA School of DJing, the largest association of DJ schools in Europe. 

Teaching to me is more than just knowing technical facts and details about my field of expertise. It's about giving the student a feeling of "I can understand this!" or "I can do this too!" and talk to him in a way so he can really achieve the knowledge without being an expert before the training. 

I took a long way: In 1995, I bought my first turntables and started my first steps as a DJ and amateur producer. I played countless club gigs all over Germany and I still host a weekly fm live radio show named “Schwarzmarkt" (german for “black market"), which is on air live since 2002, every Friday night on Dortmund's fm college radio “eldoradio*". Besides, I was engaged in producing, working with lots of artists and musicians and doing remixes for contests. Since 2006 I additionally work as teacher and trainer at Europe's biggest association of DJ-Schools, the “VibrA – School of Djing" in Dortmund (and Münster for the time it existed) to coach DJs and producers coming from all styles of music in the arts of mixing, scratching and producing. 

Some things I did and achieved in the last years: 

  • 1995 - today: Club-DJ in various locations
  • 2002 - today: Host and Radio-DJ at fm radio station eldoradio* in Dortmund with my own weekly live show
  • 2006 - today: Teacher for DJing at the VibrA School of DJing in Dortmund
  • 2012 - today: Teacher for Music Production at the VibrA School of DJing in Dortmund
  • 2008 - 2010: Teacher for DJing at the VibrA School of DJing in Münster

I passed the test for the Teacher Certificate at the VibrA with "Sehr Gut" (best grade possible). 

I planned and executed workshop, seminars and lectures, f.e. at the "Ruhrpuls Festival" in Bochum (2012), for the LfM (Landesanstalt für Medien, 2013) and as an expert for Music Production, DJing and Remixing I lectured at a academic high school (Q1 and Q2 am Gymnasium, 2014). 

Being a producer and remixer, my work got (and will be) released on several labels since 2011, i.e. Renegade Media (Toronto, Canada), Dubstep Division (Berlin, Germany), Redlight Media Germany (Krefeld, Germany), UK Breakbeat (London, England), DivisionBass (Bristol, England) and Deep In The Jungle Records (also England). 

Additionally I am producer of the current mixtape series "Rootsstep To The World" for Rootstep Division Recordings (Berlin, Germany) with more than 20 issues within the last year.