Save Hours of Time: Personalize Letters with Mail Merge | Joshua Butts | Skillshare

Save Hours of Time: Personalize Letters with Mail Merge

Joshua Butts, Graphic Designer and Photographer

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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Data Merge Overview

    • 2. Setting Up Data For Word

    • 3. Merging Data In Word

    • 4. Setting Up Data For Illustrator

    • 5. Merging The Data In Illustrator

    • 6. Setting Up Data For InDesign

    • 7. Merging Data In InDesign


About This Class

In this course I will teach you how to use mail merge techniques in different types of software to either personalize letters, batch out designs that require individual names for each design, or use variable data for documents. This feature has saved me lots of time and there are countless applications.

Some of the examples that are most commonly used are, creating grade reports that are individualized for students, using the same design with different names for business cards, personalizing advertisements to customers, and using individual names throughout letters that will be sent to a large number of people. I have used it when sending out many letters to potential employers and adding their first name or company name to the letter to make it more personal.





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Joshua Butts

Graphic Designer and Photographer

Josh Butts is a Graphic Designer and Photographer. He currently works for a creative agency in Provo, Utah. He's worked with many people doing creative work usually involving illustration, logo, and web design. The classes on this channel cover mostly vector illustration but there are also many other valuable skills that can be learned from the other classes on the channel. Join some of his classes to gain from valuable experience and get better at design an...

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