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Sasquatch Marketing - Crazy Motivation 007

Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D., Powerful Fun Teaching

Sasquatch Marketing - Crazy Motivation 007

Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D., Powerful Fun Teaching

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8 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Sasquatch Marketing - Introduction

    • 2. Sasquatch Marketing Myth or Legend

    • 3. Sasquatch Footprints

    • 4. Hide and seek

    • 5. Sasquatch's Reach is Getting Broader

    • 6. Sasquatch Has to Reboot

    • 7. The Wrap Up

    • 8. Sasquatch Marketing Project

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About This Class

Sasquatch Marketing - Crazy Motivation 007

One of the greatest marketing campaigns on the planet has been started and filtered by the legendary Sasquatch.  For years people have been buying t-shirts, DVD Tapes, and all other type of Merchandise related to Sasquatch but how does this marketing genius keep it rolling for decades.   This class will teach you some basic marketing techniques that have been keeping Sasquatch in the lime light for a long long time.   

Once you finished with this class you will be able to set up your own Sasquatch Marketing program and start building a powerful platform to promote your business for a long long time.  

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Peace and Love,

Rob Alex, Ph.D.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D.

Powerful Fun Teaching


Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. is brilliant at coming up with outside-the-box ideas. He is currently creating fantastic courses available on around creative marketing and relationships. It's fascinating how the relationship skills he teaches to couples crosses over to authors and entrepreneurs with their relationships to clients and fans/readers. He had a spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences. This encouraged him to bring more spiritual perspectives into his work - metaphysical concepts alongside practical ideas. He teaches how to use ancient wisdom to expand your thinking while creating more personal life energy and how to direct that energy to develop amazing relationships (personally and professionally) and live the l... See full profile

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1. Sasquatch Marketing - Introduction: everybody. Rob. Alex Here Today, I'm gonna be talking with you in this class about Sasquatch marketing. Now, I coined this term, um Thea other day when I was doing a video and I got such good response about it, I had to create a class around it. So I wanted you, you know, Know what sask watch marketing is? Well, I think this ass watch. The Bigfoot legend is one of the greatest marketing tools of all time. Um, think about it. It is stood the text, the test of time and not many marketing campaigns conduce that. Think about all the great marketing campaigns. Where's the beef? McDonald's commercials, the raisins, all those great things. We're only in a short time friend. They had a short window of time that they really took off and make things great. But the Sasquatch marketing has continued for years and years and years. I remember back when I was a child on, and I'm not a spring chicken anymore. But back when I was a child, the Bigfoot showed up on the $6 Million Man show, which was a huge show. But over the years, Bigfoot has not lost any of its steam. There shows out there today where they're tracking, But there's the new theories always coming up about Bigfoot. Nestle. Bigfoot has continued to sell books, magazines, T shirts, television shows, action figures, anything you can think of. And that is why Sass watch marketing has been so powerful throughout all these years. But how can we bring Sasquatch marketing to our business? How could we related to our business? How do we make it grow with our business? Well, this class is going to show you a few techniques of what I feel sasquatch marketing conduce for your business and translate what Bigfoot has done. Sasquatch is done for its brand or its notoriety and bring that same system to your business. Now we'll yours have the longevity is the Bigfoot legend the Sasquatch legend has with its marketing. The only time will tell that, but it's a great way to start. Had to look at marketing from that standpoint of not giving too much for giving just enough for everybody to be salivating for your products, for your service, um, and to seek out more and more and more. So we're gonna dive into sask watch marketing, but I just want to give you a brief introduction toe. What Sasquatch marketing Innis 2. Sasquatch Marketing Myth or Legend: No, I know a lot of you out there are thinking that how sasquatch Bigfoot? It's just the urban legend. It's a myth. It's not even riel. And even if you don't think that way, even if you think that it's a big hoax that never looked into the SAS squad tripping but never existed, you still have to think about how powerful the marketing and how powerful the hold has been on the the public and how much they want to know. And it's not just the United States. Yes, we're fascinated with him. All over the world, there's versions of Bigfoot or Sasquatch. There's the yeti that there's the, uh, the swamp monsters. There's the, um, stink man. There's all these things out there that are related to it. They're all branches of the Sasquatch and Bigfoot marketing, and they're all intriguing people to this day. So you might question, Should I create a myth or a legend around my business? Why not? What is it hurting? Um, it raises curiosity. It's gets people talking, and that's what you want to do in your marketing. You want to get people talking. You want to get people knowing that whenever somebody brings up the terms, has watch or Bigfoot. You know there's a there's an, uh, on idea or a, um, uh, opinion about what it is, how it came to reparation if it's real or not. And that's what you want to do with your business. You want to be marketing in a way that people are curious about your business. They want to know more about your business. They want to seek out and find your business. Now, most the time we just throw. Think that then we throw coupons we throw. Please throw literature at them. We give them exactly what they want, and a lot of times that doesn't work. A lot of times, that's like, Yeah, we know what it is. We don't want to seek it out. But when people are seeking it out and when they're looking for it, they're a little more help to buy, because then they think it's their dime that they're spending, searching this out and looking for it and not youth trying to throw it, force it down their throats. So this is an interesting concept with Sasquatch marketing that I want you to really grasp the hold up is that it is bringing the customers having the customers grasp of knowledge. Want more of you. They want to know you. They want to seek you out. They want to find you. They want to know what you're all about. And they're the ones that want to find out about everybody that goes out in the woods. Wants to find the yeti, Bigfoot, the Sasquatch. They want to find it. They want to know those answers for themselves so they can share with public. And believe me, when people find out how powerful your products are on their own, they're 10 times more likely to share it. Then if you give them a pamphlet, you give them all the information they need. They're going to share because they they are the ones that are become the experts of went out there and found it and are bringing it to the other public. The friends, the family, those air When when your business starts to multiply in huge, huge ways with the Sasquatch marketing 3. Sasquatch Footprints: Okay. One of the big things with Sasquatch marking that is huge is the footprints. Um, with the actual SAS watch market, I think about whenever you see one those gigantic footprints like mine here. But whenever you see one of those gigantic footprints out there, you know it's being foot. You know, it's a squat you don't have toe. Think about it very hard. Does go. Oh, you know, there's not a big clown running through the forest. It's a sasquatch. It's a big, but it's a yeti and we want it. Can we want to do the same in our business? Now we can do that with business cards, but they're a little cliche, you know. Here's my business card. Yes, thinking my wallet, I never look at it. And you we want to start, you know, building that brand identity, that footprint of our own. That doesn't now that could be a logo. That could be, ah, you know, a sticker that you put someplace that convinced be a certain color. It could be anything that is just recognizable, and it takes a while to get that going. It's not like something you put out there today. and it's gonna be going. This takes a lot of work and effort and you, But you can do it, you know, create a logo that doesn't have a lot of wording around it. Think of the footprint. Think that something simple like that that you can put together that can start to be the representative of your business. Maybe you put a small you build this logo and then you put a small like your website in the lining of it. So people really have to search it out and see it for what it is. I'm telling you, people go that extra mile when they think they found a little clue or they think they got an inside that nobody else has. They go that extra mile to find your business so you can start thinking about your a laying out your brand to where you're looking your leaving these book prints behind that. So, like every time you go out, he put a sticker on a light post. Or, you know, obviously we don't graffiti or anything like that, but something that you could do hand out these stickers. Don't tell people what. Therefore, don't tell them what The road. Just make sure there's some way that they can get. Find out. But sure, companies about the like I said the little rob Alex dot com In the lining of it, something small that's going to get them thinking and wanting them to search out Maura about this than be like, What is this? Nine times out of 10 when somebody doesn't know what something is, they don't just throw it away. If there's some little nugget they're going to get from it, they're gonna go home and research it. They're gonna pull it their computer. They're gonna put their phone. What is this? I want to find out, and that's when you have them. Book. When you have that footprint out there that they go, there it is. There's the clue. There's the yeti, or there's your business that's laying out there instead of that sasquatch footprint. That's when people start to go with the salad eight and to want more and more from your business. So the footprints in the Bigfoot, the Sasquatch marketing, are super important. So start thinking today of how you can make ah footprint quote unquote in your business. That will be a representation of what you do and get people thinking and curious about your business 4. Hide and seek: hide and seek is something that big foot's ass watches. The best ass I sasquatch. Nobody's ever found what they videos that got pictures. They got footprints that got the the, you know, hair from the trees. They've got all this information, but they can't. They can't find the Bigfoot. They can never put their hands on that Bigfoot. Now, obviously, we want them to put be able to put their hands on our products on our services, things like that. We want him to be able to get to it and find, but we want to keep them searching for it a little bit longer. And, you know, it may sound crazy to you at first, but some of it goes that extra mile to find out about your business is 10 times more likely to buy from your business and somebody that just says boot. There it is. Okay, I see it. It's great. Fine. But if I have to put effort into getting there a little bit, I think I'm gonna stick around and maybe see a little bit more. I don't want toe would just waste my effort. My time is very valuable as a consumer if I'm gonna put the time in tow, look and search out your website and try to find it to go through those woods to go through those jungles to go through that snow to try to find your sasquatch business out there. I'm gonna spend a little extra time on your site looking around because, you know, I just didn't do this for my health hand, just to the forget it. I wanted to know more. I got curious in that same wife. That's why people keep seeking out the Sasquatch. They keep looking for him to this day. Him or her. I shouldn't say him could be occur. Ah, Female. But then keep looking for them today. And so much so that there's all kinds of theories. You know that. You know, he goes up too high in the mountains where people can, you know, really dry. Um, he's an alien. And when people get close, he teams up in a spaceship. We want that same thought process of people going Oh, I have to go a little bit extra. Teoh, Get to that part now. I know that's counterintuitive for a lot of you, but like I said. It's that scavenger hunt mentality of I've got to find these things. I gotta find them. I gotta find him and it becomes addictive to get to that next piece of that puzzle. So think about that with your marketing. Think about that. Hide and seek tactics. It doesn't have to be. You hide your website from them or you hide your product from them. But maybe there's certain things within your products there certain things on your Web page that keep people coming back and keep people searching because if they're putting effort into your website, they're putting effort into getting there. They're putting effort into finding certain things on your website. You got him hooked. They're gonna come back over and over and over again to your website, and eventually they're gonna buy something from you because you're constantly in front of them. So keep the hide and seek mentality going from the Sask watch. He's the reigning hide and seek champion of the world and start using that in your business marketing to I think you're gonna find it works very, very well 5. Sasquatch's Reach is Getting Broader: now another great point to make with your marketing your SAS watch marking is to keep it getting broad Now, Originally, I'm you know, that whole grainy photo of Sasquatch walking through the woods. It's the most famous one was taken. I believe it was in California, Oregon, somewhere up there. But since that videos come out, the Sask watch Lesin has started to spread and that obviously we want our business to do that, thinking about Franchising and things like that. But we want our business to spread, and we want people to be thinking about it in other places. So we want to get out of the small town mentality of going OK, I just want my location here. We've got to start thinking we want people from all over the globe all over the universe, for that matter, coming to witness our SAS watch marketing and how do we do that? We start spreading out our reach. Um, and you could do that in a bear a lot of different ways. One. You just start with the Internet. Now you can you can be sending out marketing to several different places. You can create ads in several different places, and I suggest you do that, not just one location. Don't just use one location. If you're going to be using the SAS. Watch marking technique. Want to go everywhere? We don't want Justin image on Facebook. We don't want just an image on instagram. What are Sask? Watch marketing to be taking its foothold into all these different dimensions and bringing them to your central location, which is your website, your landing page or squeeze page. Whatever you want, call it. So start thinking out not just online to start thinking out of other ways. You know there's there's things that you could do. Maybe you know, somebody that owns the pizza place in your town, and maybe they'll let you put your sticker on their box. If you go in full boxes, maybe you know a newspaper delivery boy and you can help him deliver papers one day and stick your low fliers in the newspapers. I'm sure you're not supposed to do that, but those those That's the kind of mentality that we want to be thinking about here as to start broadening our reach and broadening that legend of our Sasquatch marketing and start to get people really curious about it, Not just in our little our little location here, a little dome of protection. But I start to branch that out all over the world. So start thinking of ways that you can start moving your sasquatch market. How bold, broader and broader and broader so that you have those people that are like you think about that Bigfoot. Then it goes to Sasquatch and a yeti. And every place around the world has this myth, legend truth, in my opinion that the sask watches out there. But it started to get broader broader. Everybody start to take on their own field for it. But they all come back to the central location that this being this animal, this missing link, if you will, is somewhere out there we're gonna find. And that's what we want people to do their somewhere out there and we want them to find your business in the Sasquatch market. 6. Sasquatch Has to Reboot : now, every once in a while we have to reboot are sasquatch marketing just like the big foot. You know, every once in a while, kind of dies down and then boom, there's another side. Now, depending on what you believe, this might be the most amazing marketing tactic ever, or just might be the way the Bigfoot legend runs. But you know everyone. So why we have to step back and go Oh, we need to re. But we need to re, uh, send out that that logo that we have a redo our logo, do some other kind of special event, find something else to hide on our website, find something else to hide in our social media campaigns. Something that changes it up Gives a reboot to that to your SAS watch. Marketing might be a complete over overhaul of your logo toe where it's something new and exciting. And it's like playing with thick Is that now we just got used to this other one and now you're changing on on might be a complete overhaul of your website. Changing the colors, changing the pots, things like that that really make people go Wait. Well, I was just used to another, and now you're throwing something different at me. But I'm even more curious what's going on here. Those are the type of things you have to start thinking about when you're doing your SAS watch marketing and building this type of marketing. It's you have to think about every time there's a Sasquatch sighting. Every time there's a Bigfoot sighting, the the marketing around it gets bigger and people want to know more. And there's a new batch of fans that want to find out. So start thinking about how you can make your sightings of your business reappear over and over and over again, as you do these reboots to it. So you know, I'm sure somewhere Sasquatch is sitting in the Caribbean's sitting, Ah, Margarita and all of a sudden his you know, his profits start to drop down a little bit, he goes, Hey, I need to do a reboot. Let's head on up to Oregon, get in the woods, run around a little bit. Let somebody see me. Don't let me catch me, but let him see me and I get to reboot all my marketing, all the excitement around my business, So keep that in mind as you're going through your SAS watch marketing here that everyone's in law. You're going to need to reboot and run through those woods on, get people to see you and follow you and to be curious about you. 7. The Wrap Up: Okay. I've talked a lot about Sask watching Big, but I love the legend. I love the myth. I personally think it's really I just think, you know, it's It has been a little gone a little far, reaching in some point, but I do believe that there is that being out there, that sasquatch figure, and that's what we want to do with our businesses. We want people to keep thinking, Oh, there they are. That's what we need or Cherries about it. Or, you know, we have to do our reboots all those things. It's very important, and the first step is laying that. Put those footprints down, laying those footprints out so people can start to follow that trail. Your marketing is not an overnight success, and you don't want it to be cause usually overnight successes are gone tomorrow, simply put, you know, overnight success. Yeah, you might make a little money that night, but it's not long term. We want those long term steps, just like Sasquatch has been around for a long, long time. We want that to keep going and going going with you want those people to be following those footprints following those breadcrumbs to your website to your products? Um, you know, getting intrigued by the intricacies on you know, that little hidden, the strength that you might put on your website a little. He's kidney strengths that are in your logo, things like that. They go a long way to marketing your brand and your products to people. So start, go back and watch all these sask watch marketing techniques and see if they're gonna work for your business. They might not work for every business. Your business might be something that's very straightforward. That doesn't have a lot of people that are going to get curious about your business. And and that's the case. Then the SAS watch markings out for you. But if you got a new products coming out, a new line that you want to last for a long, long, long, long time, start taking some of these tips and start putting them into play and see what happens. Start your footprints. You know, do your footprints. Get them going. You know, uh, you know, re be reboot them when they need to be and start to enjoy it. Start to have fun with the Sasquatch marketing cause I'm served the Sask watches out there , and he's having a fun every sighting that somebody sees of him every time he sells another T shirt every time he sells another DVD every time he sells something, I I just hope he's getting all his royalties off this stuff because Pan Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, whatever you want to call him has made big business for a lot of people out there. And it whole starts with those footprints. Those footprints, that legend that citing those type of things all start that ball rolling. So get your mind around this and go, What is my footprint? What is my legend that I could do around my business to get people coming back over and over and over again because eventually they're gonna be buying over and over and over again from you 8. Sasquatch Marketing Project: Hey, everybody, it's Sask. Watch project times ask watch Marketing project time And what I want you to do is I want you to actually put footprints on your on a piece of paper. You know, draw him. I know if you're not the best dollar, I'm sorry, but draw them out and actually start thinking about how you would lay the footprints out. What would be the first thing they get, people curious. And then the next little thing the little pieces that you competed, each footstep You can even make each footstep bigger and bigger, bigger on your paper as you go along. But, you know, what's that first thing To get them curious. What's that first thing to make them go? I want to follow these tracks, see where they go. I want to see what's at the end of these tracks. Could be a big for it. Could be a yeti. It could be a sasquatch. Start laying those out and in each footprint right down the step that you're going to take . This is gonna be powerful because as we're talking about the SAS, watch marking and using this technique, it's a lot different from other types of marketing. So once you just start playing those out and thinking, what would make me follow to the next step, What we're made me follow? What would make me keep going? Am I going to get scared at some point and stop following? You know what is going to be the comfortable next step to get people to follow and follows and ringtones all down on that piece of paper with the footprints and see how far you can go? You know, May and maybe you started to end and work your way backwards. What's what's going to get them curious about the next? What's gonna hit them? Curious about the next step? Uh, I think with along with this with the SAS watch marketing, you're gonna find that. Like I said, it's not an overnight success. It's not something that's gonna work overnight, But this is something that you could build long term for your business. If you want to be around for a long, long, long, long time just by getting them little bits and pieces here and there to keep them following you, you know, throwing those bread crumbs out and is for calling him here. Those footprints throwing those footprints out to make people keep following you because they want to know what they're gonna find at the end of this. But all right, everybody, that's s watch marketing. Do your project. Post your results down here. You know, obviously you can scan your picture and put it in here. Or just write down your steps that you're gonna take your footprints that you're gonna take . And if you have any questions, feel free to send them to me. I'd be happy to answer them on the SAS. Watch marketing here. I'm Rob Alex, and I'm glad you guys tuned in with me today, and I hope that everyone of you, um, has fun doing the sasquatch market.