Salsa for Beginners: Mastering the Solo Moves | Ioana Cristina | Skillshare

Salsa for Beginners: Mastering the Solo Moves

Ioana Cristina

Salsa for Beginners: Mastering the Solo Moves

Ioana Cristina

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6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Introducing the Salsa Rhythm

    • 3. Basic Step

    • 4. Salsa Step

    • 5. Mambo Step

    • 6. Choreography

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About This Class

Dancing is a learned skill and we all start as beginners! I've been dancing since I know myself and would like to share my knowledge in hope of improving your dancing skills. 

Learn Cuban salsa by yourself

Through simple and effective instruction, I'll introduce you to the basic Cuban salsa steps, which you can practice solo. We start by breaking down the salsa rhythm, and then moving on to learning 3 different steps - Basic, Salsa, Mambo. By the end of the class, we put all moves together into a small choreography, which you can share with the others.

What you'll learn

Dance on the salsa rhythm

3 important basic salsa steps

Salsa choreography


I'll explain each step on counting and then we practice it on music.

Do I need a partner?

No. This class has been designed for solo dancers.

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2. Introducing the Salsa Rhythm: Okay, so first, let's learn the accounting and SAMHSA. And we'll start stepping on the beat just to get an idea of how it should be in the music. So we step on 123567, foreign aid or pauses, so we don't do anything when 410c and it goes like this during, please 567123567123456781234567812345678123567123567. Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right. Uno dos tres cinco satiated. Uno dos tres maracas. Uno dos tres Cinco de uno press zinc associated uno dos tres Bongo ora. Cinco. Cinco say ZiZoZi, zinc Cassese, guitar rat pressed para uno dos tres. 3. Basic Step: The first part is the same, 1-2-3. We're here. We start with the left, 123. Once again, 123. And then our right joins on 5678567. From the beginning, 567123567123 by 67. Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right. Now here, it's important not to do the steps too big. So try to keep them about shoulder width, a bar dongle too big because it's gonna be difficult when the song is fast. And we wanna start learning the fundamentals, correct? Also, don't. When you step here, one, to make sure that your feet are together. And not like this. Because if you start dancing like these, just watch how it's going to look like. It doesn't look very precise. 123567. And this is a lot more precise. Yeah. 567, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, 123567. Login when buffer and people wrote those goals. Although single-phase logo, a lot of stress placed. Acfe, say C-A-T. C-a-t. C-a-t. C-a-t. 4. Salsa Step: We started with gloves as always. Going forward. One on to the right. You lift the right and you put it back. So it goes 123123. There are few things you're one, consider this as your base and you go out and you come back to your base. When you step forward, you start with a ball of your foot. And the third thing, when he stepped forward, you take your weight with you. So for this side, it will look like this. 123 as opposed to 123 or 123. As you can see, you take your weight review 567123. From here. 567. We do the same thing with the right foot. So it's a mirror. 5675 or six. The left foot goes up, put it back seven. So altogether 567, left, right, left, right, left, right, 123567. Take the weight when you say the wave, will you left, right, left, right, right, right. 123671234567. Recite poems that are out there. Recall that all of our endeavour. 5. Mambo Step: Okay, so this is the last step before we put everything together and check your progress. You know, you're doing, I hope you do eat. This stuff is really cool by the way. It's any more. I don't know. It's more farmland where we did so far. Well, we need to do the basics, right? Okay, so this is called mumble. Again, we start with our left and we tap forward. This is a step and it's really simple. Yeah. 56712345678. Go again. 56712345678. So as you can see, we tack on 135710 here. So you just that we don't we don't mean what are we doing, anything. It's just Let's try it. 5678121235671235671235678567. Okay? If you want to add a bit of style, usually this is danced with opposing hence, so this is mom, or it comes from mambo, uh, Cuban Dance mumble, which is really beautiful. I really like it. So if I show it forward to, to see their hands again, I'm gonna mirror you. 567123567123567123567123567. Hiring again. 6. Choreography: Okay, so let's put everything together from the start, right? I am I'm going to count with you. So we remember everything we did so far. And then you can see it on music. You can choose then any music you want that's suitable to your, to your tempo. So we start on the spot. As you remember, this was our first step, 56 with Val left one, 23561 more, 12356 backward. 12356, forward 12356, basic. 12356, another 11235, SAMHSA, 12356 and alpha 1123, mound go, we go 12356, again, 12356, SAMHSA, 123567123, mambo we go 12356, again, 123567. And then the CCDA fall out. And again, it seems to me it's a timing issue.