Salsa foot work, shines and styling | Salimeh Taeb | Skillshare

Salsa foot work, shines and styling

Salimeh Taeb, Dance Instructor at DancelifeX Centre

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3 Videos (14m)
    • Lesson one: Shines Explanation

    • Lesson one: Shines with music

    • Lesson two: Shines


About This Class


When you go out Salsa dancing, there's always going to be that moment the leader and the follower separate from each other in the middle of the dance. This is your time to shine!!!! Literally, this is when you can use some of the footwork and shines that you will learn here. 
Learning Salsa shines will also help you improve your balance, musicality and technique.  In this course, I will show you arm styling as well as hip movement, playful footwork and turns.





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Salimeh Taeb

Dance Instructor at DancelifeX Centre

Salimeh is a professional dancer who has been dancing since 2004. She has competed and

performed in multiple venues internationally. Over the years she has become known for her

styling and finesse. She is based in Toronto and currently teaches at Dance LifeX Centre,

located in downtown Toronto.

When teaching, Salimeh is patient and breaks down every move. She believes that if you try

to do a move just a bit better each time, you can become an expert in no ti...

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