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Salsa Fundaments 3 - Bring more skills and joy on the dance floor

teacher avatar Daniel Rosas, MySalsaHome

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Welcome - That's what we will cover today

    • 2. Back Spot Turn - Breakdown

    • 3. Back Spot Turn - with counting

    • 4. Back Spot Turn - with music

    • 5. Enchufla / Enchufa - Breakdown

    • 6. Enchufla / Enchufa - with counting

    • 7. Enchufla / Enchufa - with music

    • 8. Shoulder Check - Breakdown

    • 9. Shoulder Check - with counting

    • 10. Shoulder Check - with music

    • 11. Titanic - Breakdown

    • 12. Titanic - with counting

    • 13. Titanic - with music

    • 14. Lady Slap - Breakdown

    • 15. Lady Slap - with counting

    • 16. Lady Slap - with music

    • 17. Let us inspire you

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About This Class

In this salsa course you gonna learn more salsa skills to bring more joy and flavour on the dance floor.

Send us your feedback and share your NEW SKILLS by sending us your video through our Community on Facebook:

MySalsaHome - Dance to connect.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniel Rosas



Hello, I'm Daniel.

In 2013 I discovered my passion for Salsa.

Ever since, I attended numerous festivals all over the word in order to develop my unique dance style and refine my technique. Now I pass on this valuable knowledge to my students with great enthusiasm and dedication.

My Motto: simplicity is the key to brilliance.

Most of the salsa dancers are focused on patterns and shines without having the right connection with the partner and the music. That is my strengths and in the same time your chance to learn that knowledge in order to become a gentle man on the dance floor.

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1. Welcome - That's what we will cover today: Hello. Welcome to myself. Home. My name is Daniel Roses. I'm just area. Today we gonna introduce you myself home from the men's Volume three. But those people who don't know what you want and William to make sure that you checked out before. Yes. And now let's see what we will cover in this curse. Let's go way . 2. Back Spot Turn - Breakdown: service. We will start with back spotter and we will show you first how it looks like. Okay, we always start with the basic. 567 and 123 567 plus body. 123567 Break 123 Back Sport term. 123567 That is the next spot too. And we will show you how it looks. So basically after the cross body lead 123567 We go in open break. It's really important one. As we have also demonstrated in the 1st 2 lessons, The open break means we go back for the man and also try t focus more or less the middle point here. So we are not like that. Okay, so that's the open break. So from brake with the left 123 So Ofri we on Imetal. We came together. So from that you want cheap three like that. Okay, so that's the position we are. Let's do it again. 567 123 And then we cross five, 67 and one. Okay. So basically, you just walk around The most important thing when you do that going back in the basic one chief three When you get it, one of the fundamental things he introduced to be in front off Europe. Not like that. So that's we'll see all the time events for Please don't do that. So and really get exercise you can do is to grab you like that. And just so you are like in that position, you feel the tension off each other or one position. You can also do that. It's also really good exercise. Yeah, she feel the tension in the bounce off partner. So that's one of the most X one of the most important exercise you can do. So let's do it again. We start with the open break and go straight into the exporter and one cheap three. So also with the second forward three, we are more or less on this position, out just face to face. And then five, 67 and one. This is the position we were before, so make sure that you that you look like in the beginning So there was ah, stop position and it's also our final position. Okay, that is really important for Let's do it again. 567 break. 123 and 567 And what? Okay, next with again. 567 Basic. 123 Let's go. Six several break. 123 and 567 and one. So, you see, basically my food is going forward like I will demonstrate. Just a man part 123 and 567 And what? Okay, so it's quite easy for technique, but in the end, to make it round as a really good circle. As I said, that extent exercise will help you a lot to fulfill that move. Okay, Now, for the ladies, you have the same rules as the man. So the first thing is that you have the same tension to the man. And the second and very important thing is that you are face to face straight to your man. Okay. And now just attention to my feet. I'm gonna show you your steps. We have 12 and three your face, a face. And by 67 And what That's it? Yes. So for the guys, also important is that you turn a little to left. So as we do the backstroke turn, it's 123 like that, not in front, because then there's no motion in Okay, let's do it wrong. 123 and then 567 There's a motion. So as we do that as we cross each other, make sure that you are going to left. That makes also sense because then she knows that she can go forward as well. So we do. One G three and 567 and one. This was the whole wrong position. Of course, we have our hands like this. Okay, let's do it again with content. 567 Basic. 123567 Break. 123 567 Again five. Maybe for not of you. 567 in 1230 open break! 123567 Basic. 123567 Let's do it from this side. No, from this side, maybe that's better. 567 Basic. 123! Oh, bring break and export term 567 and one. So for the guys, also important is that you turn a little to left. So as we do the backstroke turn, it's 123 Like that not in front, because then there's no motion. Okay, let's do it wrong. 123 and then 567 There's a motion. So as we do that as we cross each other, make sure that you are going to left. That makes also sense, because then she knows that she can go forward as well. So we do want to you three and 567 And what? This was the hope. Wrong position. Of course, we have overhand like these. Okay, this was a breakdown for the back spot. Earn. Let's do it all together with County, all right? 3. Back Spot Turn - with counting: so we will be and basic between always and then an open break in order to go in the exporter. Let's do it. Five. We are in the opening position. 567 Basic. 123 and let's go! And 123567 and one. Cheek. 3567 Again. 1230 open break! 123567123 567 From the other side. Let's go from here a little bit slower. 567 Basic. 123 Let's go! Export. 123567 Basic. 123 One more time. 123567! Or bread and back spot. And 123 Let's so again, basic. 567123567123567 Maybe from this side, No. Yet let's do it from this side. So it doesn't matter if you in the closed position on the opening position because you are going into the close position. So it's up to you. Okay, so in that case, we do close position. 567 Basic. 123567 open break by 67123567 Last basic and you'd again. And 123567 Basic. 123 Let's go! 567 Open break 567123567 Again. 567123567123567 Basic last phases and let's go. 123567123 4. Back Spot Turn - with music: we will do now with the music. We will start always with the basic cross the elite and then open break in order to make the exporter so always basic cross body lead and exporter. Okay, make sure And then let's start with music going, going way. - No way, - way , way. 5. Enchufla / Enchufa - Breakdown: and chew Flor. Let's demonstrate dead in true flat. First we start with the basic crossed by lead and 567 Go 235671235671235671 That's and let's break it up. Dissects for demands. Eyes follow. If you go, this is here we do. 123 and 567 So next with Dio with a partner just for the man and why it's always start with an open break. What to you? Three and 567 So on 67 weeks show that we are back in our line and can do one again. So let's do it again for the man. 567 and 123 and 567 So we go always also always back on five. All right, let's do it without the partner. It's open. Break what? Choose three ladies here and five back on a line. And what? Let's do it again. Maybe from this side. 567 and one cheese, three and 567 and one. So make always sure you keep space that the girl also can cross the one to three. It's like a cross body little bit. 567 and one again. 5678123 and 567 and one. That move is a dynamic move. That means that also, the guys are moving usually is always the girl cheese moving from a to B. But in this case, the leader is moving. So we do what to three five back in the line. 67 and one. Okay, let's do the steps for lease. Yeah, I would show you From this view we have what to now I'm free. We start turning. So we go three turning to all left into 1/2 turn. Then we go five backwards, six on the spot in seven together. But again, it's 12 three, but six again. From that view, it iss one to great and 56 and seven Here, girls, it's very important for the fuller to know that we are turning on the free and the five is going backwards and then make sure that you do the six forward and on seven you come together. So again, let's do it together. It ISS one, two and three and backwards five six and together. Seven. Okay, let's try to do that together in a week. So we start. It's the same with open break. Open break is in a signal that something is coming up for the lady. So make sure you lead with the left with the right time for the girl. So that's position. We need the hand position. So is open. Break one. She that's going up. And three. Mack. Sure, always. Dell was facing down. Three. Aunt five together 67 and one. All right, let's do it again. Re slow. 567 and one choose three until that number free. Everything after that is fine. Look, 567 basic. 123 Let's go. Oh, friend, Break and Andrew Flop three and 567 So for the Navy's, make sure that on three you give a look at the leader. Look. 123 there is a connection and 567 Also, this is a dynamic move. Make sure that our one or break open break is bound, bouncing, so it's one and also really, really important for the ladies. She's moving with a whole upper body with hand, so make sure that if you turn on one like this that you go with your hand. This is also one off. The fundamentals were teaching on affordable one and T, so make sure that you always follow your hand. Let's say she goes back so she doesn't receive any signals. So make sure that you make your dance apart really clean and you follow your hat. So what? So you see, she's always going with your hand. That means the hand is not going this way or this way. Okay, that's report for leading and for the following. So in case I go in here, space or section, she goes back instead off the hands. Get going back. So that's the most important thing in this case. For that, we are able to make that bounce feeling such as one Chief 3567 Okay, it's a really nice move and becomes better and better if you practice with a bounce feeding . Let's do it together with the basic in between. 567 Basic. 123567123567 and 1567 Basic. 123 again and 123567123 Again. 67123567 Let's do it together with County 6. Enchufla / Enchufa - with counting: So let's do the in true flat with counting. Also something which I didn't mention before I start is Don't told the arms so high. So make sure we are always in the 90. Decreasing right, Let's do with counting with basic and they would go into 567 altogether. Basic. 23567 Truthful. 123567 Basic. 123 Let's go 567 to fly. 123567 Base. 123 one Baby Zeek More. 123 entry fluff and 123567 Basic. 123 again and 123567 Basic. 123 one Basic. 123 and truthful. Let's kill 123567 Basic. 123 and True Flood and 12356712356 Let's turn the view of it from here we try to do it. Limits lower. 567 days. A 123 and that's good. 123567 and basic, 567 and 123567 and 123567 and 123567 Basic. 123 Let's go Last time. 123 and 567123 Except this Waas and Shoe Fla. Let's do that with music off together. 7. Enchufla / Enchufa - with music: way with basic and go indications. Way repeated all the time. All together, Let's go. 123 Let's go. Okay, going way, Let's go way 8. Shoulder Check - Breakdown: So let's do the show. The Sheikh. Let's demonstrate first start with the basic 567 days. 123567 Shoulder check. 5671235671 That is the shoulder check. Let's break it up. The shoulder check is nothing else. Then, like a cross Byerly in sector Just that we stop the girl by touching her on the shoulder. So here we don't grab her. So that's a special thing until they come. Seven. Everything is the same. We will show you first. 123 and 567 Here we are connected here just with a hand on here. We just say that she doesn't so that says so. That is a signal that she's not able to turn. Okay, we stop her here without crapping here on the shoulder. And then what? Okay, so she stepping forward, right? And me with a left awesome part. If you step forward not on this direction and direction where I have the hands regarding the hat. Make sure they have this always in front, off the shoulder, not behind. Otherwise it's not comfortable. Also, if you make the hand down. Bring it close to her body. Not like this. Okay. Or here. Okay. So make sure it's always in front off her body to shoulder. So that's the line here, so make sure it's always in front. Their steps for the guys is as normal. Is that as a cross body lead? I will demonstrate it first. Just only the steps for the guys. It's one g three can cross. 567 and one key three. Come back. 567 and basic. 123 I will show you again. Just give a look on Lee at mine and my legs. Five c seven 123 She can cross. 567 and one Chief three and 567 All right, so let's do the steps for ladies. Yes. So for follower, it's almost the same as the cross party incident. So we have 123 five, 67 And now instead, off turning again. We feel the stop with his hand on our shoulder blade. And that s son for us that we can not turn anymore. So we go what? And then place to turn back. I'm free and then s u 56 and seven. Okay, let's again. Okay. 123 567 What we placed. Three, 567 Let's do it together very slow. And I will do some explanations for that. First of all, we are left left. So make sure if you change the hand, you do it like this one. He three. That was that would be an option. Also, in our variation, we will be one chilled and three. So I would change the hand by doing that, you know? So what's not possible is that you change the hand like this. Okay, That doesn't look good. So make with you movement. Okay, So 12 and three, That is what we want. Okay? Or as I said, do it the way that looks good. Okay, So in that case, we have left on the right. We do one g three man. We are facing to that direction together with her. Then five. We are connected like that. That's a connection. 567 There's a Children check. Don't crapper as a set. And now it comes one. Make sure it's not here. It's here from the shoulder. One, 23 And now we do a turn 567 and one. Let's do it again. 567 Basic. 123567 It's go. 123 567 Also here, please do not pull the hands up. Otherwise she could think that you can move and turn. That would be wrong. So Mack sure, the hands are either below are on this side. So that's the best. Okay, so it's one cheese three and 567 And what? So make sure if you don't know the right or left and make sure you check off Fundamental number one. Very important. OK, so don't skip. All right, let's do it again. Left on right. 567 Basic. 123567 Let's go. One chief change and 567 123 and 567 What? Very easy. Okay, let's do it. Together with county 9. Shoulder Check - with counting: So let's do the shoulder check with counting. We do a basic first and then turn into the shoulder. Check. Let's do it together. Very slow. 567 days. Wow! She three 567 Shula ship 123 Change hands. 56 Set. Wow! 23 567 And 123 Let's do it again. 67 Basic. 12356 Sexual object. 123 and 567123 and 567 Basic. 123 567 Again. 123 567123567 123 All together, 67 m one Cheap. 3567123567 What? Let's do it from this direction. For this, for you way, do it from left to the right. So we changed our hands. 567 Basic. 123 567 Let's go Work G three. But 67123 567 Basic. 123 Let's go again! 12356712356 Wow! To me again! And 123567123567123 Basic. And 123567 Again. 123567123 by 6712356 Set that wasa counting. Let's do all together with music. We will do the basic in between Ando and then go into the shoulder check yet. 10. Shoulder Check - with music: Let's go. Okay, Going way, way, way, way. Let's go, - Let's go, Let's go! Way, way! 11. Titanic - Breakdown: So, guys, let's do the Teatanic. We will demonstrate first yourself with the right hand, right? We do a writer, and then that's going to don it. 567 Basic. 1235 Let's go. 123567123567123567123 Except deck is the D tonic. Basically almost the same. Like the shoulder check Onley leading with two hands instead. Of what? Let's do the practice. The most important thing. As we said, the preparation for the tank. So in this case, we are connected with the right act to right, So make sure before you do the deed Titanic, we will change the hand like this in order to came to the right hand. Okay, Awesome option is one cheese three going. Show the check for you since 567 123567 What? So this one off the way I do it. So I do the shoulder check first, for instance. And then I go into the Titanic. Also a way to do it sooner. In connected with the right hand, I can do a right turn and then also show my hands Show my hands and then we're connected with Buffon's. The first advice I can give to you is don't grab her hand like that. So sure hand show your hand and then she will see it. Don't do it like this way. Always here on the dis ice And then she can grab your okay facing always problem. Okay, so let's say we are connected like that. It's 123 Show your hand and no, we are connected like that Palm to palm Really important. OK, don't cracker like this and not using it. That's not not good. And as I said, these steps are this same as the shoulder check. So let's say you skip to show object that doesn't work because there we will explain you the steps. So in this case, this term is just for the hats. Okay, so here we are three. Now it's 567 and one lack show. The check stepped on usually are the same. So we go forward with the left. The follower is going with the right. Okay, so from here, please check the hands position there like that. Not here not like that. That is the half position we need to leave properly. Okay, Let's do it from the top. So we have in this position. As I said, the step for leaders and photo followers are the same. Okay, so we are connected like that. It's 123 and 567 What? So make sure that the hand is always like to chill. The check is almost in front. Off you. If you go down, make sure we're on the same line as this one. Okay? This is your life. So it's one chief three. I leave the hand and then we do a turn 67 And in this case, I put the hand the hot just behind. Yeah, Het. Very easy. Let's do it again. From here, we are connected. Like that s I said there are many ways to come to that position. If you're here, it's 123 Let's say 267 and their one cheap three and 567 and one. Chief three and five, 67 123 and cross body. Inside this there are many ways to go out off this position many ways. Okay, let's do it again to make it easier with that from this position. 567 and 123 Connected, 567 and 123 and 5671 Yeah, there are many ways you can leave. The hand can do again. A cross body lead there many, many ways. Okay, let's do it again. Connected with the right hand. 567 and one cheap three and 5671 Chief three and 5678123 and 67 And yeah, that's a way we can do that. Let's do it again. And then we do with counting. So we are in that position right to right. It's like to say hello. Okay, so it's again from the top 567 and 123 Connected. 567123 and 567 1234567 What? All right, let's do this all together with counting 12. Titanic - with counting: So before we go to accounting, make sure that we will do this tutorial or this exercise always with that position. But for the leaders, make sure you go always with the preparation and do nice hand change. And then we go in this position. Okay, We will just focus in this case, this for the Titanic. But please make sure you keep that in mind. Okay, so we are in that position. Basic. 567 and won t 3567 Titanic. 123 567123567123 and 567123567 Right, right. 567 Basic. 567 Dietetic. 123567123567123 and 567123567 Year. Right to write. Do it from this version. This view. 123 Let's go! Type 10. 123567123567123567123 Let's do it. A gay, right? What you write? I will demonstrate. Won t 3567 Titanic. 1235671 Chief, 3567123567 What? All right, Let's dude with music. 13. Titanic - with music: Let's do it together with music tight. Any right? 61 Let's go. Okay, Going way, way, way, - way , way right, let's go. 14. Lady Slap - Breakdown: Let's the last move. The name for it is we don't have a name. So let's say that's a lady slept and I will tell you what. Okay, lady slept back. Okay, so we will demonstrated first, and we will do it together with the Titanic. Okay, because the combination is really beautiful. Let's do it. 567123567123567123567123567 There are many possibilities, but we will concentrate in this case on the legs left. So it's this position or this move. 5671 All right. Also re beautiful and also goes in the director in the same direction as the the shoulder check or the Titanic. Okay, that's the reason we show you that move after the Titanic, we could finish like that. Okay, so we grab the left hand off the girl, and it's a cross body inside to let's see, it's 123 and 567 and one. All right, so we call it laced Slavic us. She will go with the movement in front and slept. Yeah, we'll show you from the front view. We are here connected, left with a left arm from the girl or from the follower. It's 123 567123 567 Right, So that's the leg slap. Let's break it down for you. So in order to make this kind of lace left, if they are connected like this, it's very important maybe from this view that the arm and the tension off the girl is prepare for that. So in order if idea and pull it on three. So it's 123 On 45 we are giving our signal and revering her in. And to understand that red, she needs to have the tension. Otherwise, if she wouldn't have that tension, then it would look like this. Okay, so the tension is really important. Otherwise she wouldn't understand my leading. So if I push her out, she goes with the body. It's assembly. Tell every single courts. So she always needs to follow her home. Okay. And get Christ, man, we just do 50 person Doesn't matter if you like this or hear that case. We bring it on for five. A signal for and read her in. Okay. And we keep We keep that, um, with a hand connection one. Okay. Such as the shoulder check or Titanic. We go forward with the left one g three and go back into our lives. Okay, Let's do it from this side so we don't get connected from here one. So it's who started on one. So we were correct. Key it. It's one off can cross one. Choose three connected and then 567 Wow. So for the ladies, it's very important that you don't Let's your arm stiff fifth and down. Okay, so you have to keep them up, because you would you like that? You show you it would be 567 Exactly. Yeah, that's no one off the rules. So make sure that's always what you need to have your arms in the 90 decree. Annual Re important. OK, so follow. Let's do it. You get what? 23 567 Here. Make sure that you half your arm a buff, that hand Yes. And then you could do on what you're styling or your slept. And that is because a reason, because we will let reason we call it slept because it looks like it's less for hands. There are many versions off styling the follower can do. So you can do this. Who are? You could do that or something that it's good to you. So try different things and that what seems natural and beautiful to you do this. Okay. But the important thing is it has to be naturally. So don't or okay, just smooth and petrol. Do it with flow. So it's not one. It's one doing with movement. Look at the jasmine. How she does. We will demonstrate it once more. We're connected. Left left. 123 567 I want to look at how beautiful looks. If she wouldn't do it later then it's not in the same movement. Maybe you can do it once wrong Made right time. Yeah, we do it for you. And this this view it's 1235671 So that doesn't look, get there is not a movement not in motion. So you do it while you're stepping with your right on the one. So it's one. It's not one and no OK, it's one. So this is I think one off the off. The promised the followers half plastic connection with the leaders. And the connection, I mean, is the 45 Yeah. So one for five weeks, we give our signal and rep her out of a river in the movement. And this is something the follow sometimes don't understand, because off the miss connection here with huh? So that's what we said before. Make sure you have the arms connect with the upper body, and then you will understand each movement and each signal off the leaders. Let's do it again. 567123567123 And guys s like a tiny Titanic. We are always doing also in front. You can place your arms like that. I'm here or that. The hand here. Wow, Chief three and again on three. We are back in front off each other. Okay, let's do that Together with county 15. Lady Slap - with counting: So let's do it, Lady slip with counting, we are connected with the left. Okay, 567 Basic. 567 n 123567123567 Again Basic. 123567361235671235 67 Little bit Slower. 567123567 And 123567 12356 Let's doing this. Always the basic Between 567 Go! 123567 And 123567123567 That's like 123 Let's go! And 123567123567 Again Basic. 567 Again. 123567123567 Last time. 567 m 1235671235671235 Set. Let's do everything with music 16. Lady Slap - with music: always between. Let's go. Okay. Going No way. - Way . - Always make sure that way. 17. Let us inspire you: So we are at the end. And now we will show you how you can combine everything together. Such in the beginning. May will do some more movements if you like. You can also write it down and write us any questions you want. We will contact you back for sure. Just write it down. It's the responsibility off the leaders that he combined the movement in the easy way and in the way that that she understands. So don't make it to complicate. Make basic in between making cross party between it looks good and those belong to the basics. So our motto is to celebrate our basics and deck looks great. Believe us. Okay, so s I said this is just a little demonstration how you can combine the movements. Okay, So have fun watching us dancing. And yes, thank you for watching and thank you for being with us. Thanks. Let's do it with music. Let's go. Way, way, way, way, - way , - way , way