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Salsa Fundaments 2 - Bring your salsa to the next level

teacher avatar Daniel Rosas, MySalsaHome

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Welcome - That's what we will cover today

    • 2. Crossbody Lead Inside Turn - Breakdown

    • 3. Crossbody Lead Inside Turn - with counting

    • 4. Crossbody Lead Inside Turn - Variation

    • 5. Crossbody Lead Inside Turn - with music

    • 6. Walk though - Breakdown

    • 7. Walk through - with counting

    • 8. Walk through - Variation

    • 9. Walk through - with music

    • 10. Crossbody Outside Turn - Breakdown

    • 11. Crossbody Outside Turn - with counting

    • 12. Crossbody Lead Outside Turn - Variation

    • 13. Crossbody Lead Outside Turn - with music

    • 14. Combination

    • 15. Combination - with counting

    • 16. Combination - with music

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About This Class

In this salsa course you gonna learn further skills and Salsa Moves to bring your salsa to the next level. Check our Preview.

With this knowledge you are able to have fun and enjoy the dance wherever you are in the world because the dance floor will be your HOME !

In order to complete the project make sure you follow our instruction of this class and make sure to train your basics. Send us your feedback and share your NEW SKILLS by sending us your video through our Community on Facebook:

MySalsaHome - Dance to connect.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniel Rosas



Hello, I'm Daniel.

In 2013 I discovered my passion for Salsa.

Ever since, I attended numerous festivals all over the word in order to develop my unique dance style and refine my technique. Now I pass on this valuable knowledge to my students with great enthusiasm and dedication.

My Motto: simplicity is the key to brilliance.

Most of the salsa dancers are focused on patterns and shines without having the right connection with the partner and the music. That is my strengths and in the same time your chance to learn that knowledge in order to become a gentle man on the dance floor.

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1. Welcome - That's what we will cover today: Hello. I know. Welcome to myself. Home. My name is Daniel. I'm just thank you for buying owing. Plus, let's check out what we will cover today. That stance. - Let's try it. 2. Crossbody Lead Inside Turn - Breakdown: So let's start with the crossbar. Lead insider. But first, make sure that you have seen our online class from the men's bold new one. Never show you all the basics in it. Let's do it. Before we start, we will show you again the cross. But early incentive. Just that move. 567 Basic. 123567 Let's go. 123567 and one. Okay, so let's start. Make sure, ladies, You know, the lady step and cheap will show you how it goes as the cross but lead Everything is the same until the five. So we go. 123 five. And here we start turning so five course in front of us and then we charge Juve tours the man on six. Seven No, we're facing. The men will go back and on one train and again we're facing the men. So now from that Here we go. 23 Why, Jack Draw public six. So what to for? That's it. Let's start for the guys. As I said, it's almost like normal cross body leads deleting. We start with 123 Everything is the same. But there is a trick, on the other hand, so in case I leave her like that here on free. So it's 123 We change our hand position from here. True here because she can grab my hand not like re rough. But just make sure that you read with one finger for the inside term from here and give a little signal that there's something coming up. So it's 56 seven and one. Make sure that if she's turning with big steps and you will finish over there, Mack sure that you keep the tension and the distance. So let's say she will make a huge step. Let's do it. 567123567 and one. Okay, so make sure that you keep the distance. So if you do like that 567 that doesn't look great. So we other leaders. He's a follower, so make sure that she looks great. Okay, so let's do it again. 567123 We changed our hands on free on five. We give a little signal like four and five, so we go a little bit down. Care without hands. It's also a really gate way that she doesn't go too far away from me. Because in case I do this, she can't go further. So in case she wants to go this way and I opened up and she will Yeah, she will go too far away. Right? So make sure, like 123 and five. So you stop a little bit. Also give on top given signal that there's something coming up. 567 and one. So for tune when we turn here, Matt. Sure. Also for ladies that the elbow and Young is 90 decreased. So don't open up like that. That's not good. So you will lose your attention, so make sure everything is straight and the hands always in front off the ladies always. So if I turn her to the right, she turns right. Okay, so look at that. Beautiful. Okay, so and here it's the same. Okay, so I turned her in that case. And here, see, also the elbows are facing down, okay? And also make sure your hands are not going up like that. So just above her head, that's very important. Let's do it again. 567123 567 And what? Easy right. That waas The cross body lead in such a 3. Crossbody Lead Inside Turn - with counting: So that's let's do all together with counting. We will do it basic and then across the elite in such a 567 123567123567123 again. 567123567 again. But six Sam basic. 123567123567123567 All right. 4. Crossbody Lead Inside Turn - Variation: another way to lead to cross body lead is more or less the Cuban way. Okay, so I just will show you quickly. It's 123 You see, I change my hands and turn here as before to the cross. But elite 567 What? Do it again. 567 And 123 and 567 then one. Okay, so we finished like that. Okay, So what is the special thing here? As I said, we change our hands. So when you a change my hands, it's 12 and three. This is a movement you need to know. So it's not like 12 and then three really important that you do it with you. Movement to the left. Very important. Otherwise it doesn't look great. We do it again. 567123 And as you see a lead like that, Okay. What? Because this is asked before it's the best way to liter in the cross by lead in such a 567 and one. All right, 5. Crossbody Lead Inside Turn - with music: Let's do all together with music everybody when we start. Always with basic in between. All right? What? What? That's basic. Let's go across the meat inside. 12361 Very good. And again, I want you. 3567 Let's do it together. Basic and again, really, in such a one g 35671 Yeah, you 363 That's doing the Cuban version. Basic. Let's go. 123561 again, is it? But easy. Let's do it. 1235671 Music. Let's go! What do you free? 561? He's right, Cumin version. 6. Walk though - Breakdown: so I hope it works. And now let's go further to the move. Work through. Let's demonstrate first. 566 123 Let's go walk through 123567 again from this wheel. 56712356712356 Maybe exit. I've seen this steps for the guys on the state, so but girls, that's the rivers cross. But it yes means that instead of turning to the left, we are turning to the right. Yes, so we have 123 56 And now, instead of turning to left where I turned to the right, seven and one, that's it. And again. 567 What? 23 567? Let's do it together for the leading guys. So we lead that move in the open position. 56712 and three. So make sure that this distance is a little bit longer, so there's a little push. All right, so if the pushes like that, there is no post because we are still in her in my song and her. So So where your partner is that you pulled her out of her soon. So it's 123 Make sure you pull 567 and one. So two things, as I said, trying to pull. Not like that. So just try, because this is our zone is my son is her. So don't try to do like that. That doesn't work so half, Um, a beautiful tension. So in order that you feel everything we do. So in that case, that's her son. Bring it out of her, sown very slightly. Okay, Make sure you just leave with one finger. That's enough. I lean to recite and then 567 And what? It's quite easy, but it looks beautiful. It's a really easy move, but he's so that's a little tip for follow up. And that is 123 and here makes make sure that you go trait. I'm I and assume it's across the arm. Then you turn to your right because when you're here and you're across the arm, this no opportunity to turn to let that didn't work. That's very good, too. So make sure that you go underground and then turn Yes, report. So, guys, make sure that you look like a hero It's very important. Always make sure that your posture if if you're a leader or follower doesn't matter. Please. The dance is a dance off butin iss. So we always tried to look very beauty. Okay, so beautiful. So in that case here also chip for me is one cheap free. Yeah, give a look. You can look like that. But also my posture is going mawr to left. Okay, so this is my position, OK? And then 567 And what? So make sure if you dance and make the moves Make sure you look great and remember it's also we always love to say do If there's a photo craft and after every move he will make a picture. Please check how it looked like if you make this awesome Okay, let's do it together. Oh, we're counting 7. Walk through - with counting : we have an open position. Let's do everything with counting. Basic first. And then they walk through. Okay. 5671 g 3567 It's go. 123567123567 Again. 123 567 Let's go. 123567123 Again. 123567123567123567123567 What? 8. Walk through - Variation: Let's do a little F on, sir, in case we will turn the lady the Cuban version 123567 which we have done before As you turn. Because now we are in that position. Okay? There are many ways to go off this position. But we will use that position because I will do 1/2 right turn. 123 And now again, she will walk through 567 for the girls everything. Everything's the same. But it looks different since I'm leading with a right and not the left that Okay, let's do it. Together we will do cross partly inside Cuban version and then the walk through. Okay. 56712356 7/2. Turn 123 Work through 567 All right, let's do it again. 567 Basic. 123 Cross by weakens the term with you with 123567123 And walk through. 67 and one. Okay, let's demonstrate with music 9. Walk through - with music: Let's do better with music. We do basic and then the work through. After that, we do the at on position. Basic. Let's go. One more. Let's go through you. Okay? You can also add to your hands human version. Human Have hands like that prosper inside again next to trust body heat inside Turned Cuban version and then walk through. Let's go. Beautiful, right? Yeah. No basic. And then it will. Thanks. Let's go. Also attention to hand on the back. What last time Basic. 10. Crossbody Outside Turn - Breakdown: Let's do the cross pallid outside turn, we will demonstrate first. Also there We have two versions. 567 and 123 Let's go. 67123567 Basic. Let's do it again. 123567123567123 Let's do it again! 123567123567123 Again. 567123 567 Wow, Easy. So let's go first lady. Yes, So I will demonstrate you the steps first. So we have 123525 As always, everything is normal. And now we're turning to own right. Like six, seven, one in total that we have one of the half turn. Let's do it again. As I said, Till five. Everything is normal is 123 five. No turn to right. Six seven. What? One again? Facing your partner again. Last time we have 123 five to write 67 And what? Remember she's walking. She's not turning on the same spot, So she's walking all turns, doesn't it? If it's a cross body inside Turner outside town. We are always working the steps, not turning on the same spot. Very important. Which is more easy. Let's do the leading for the crust body outside. Okay, sir, we do. 123 So what idea is 123? In August, she came in that position. She will explain you how it works. Reports so s reset before. It's very important that the follower always have this hand in front off his face. Always So when we get the lead from the men on one or body is turning with her arm. So it's not like that. There you go. One and the same and the same iss on one, two and three. So looking at body position, Yes. So we're facing forward. Two words are hand So we go in this direction always in the direction off or head. So let's see that from this view you can see beautiful, that she's turning like that. Okay, so it's 123 You see a position? It's different. So she's faith facing forward. But your body is actually looking to me. Okay, so she's preparing, as she said, hands always in front of her And now with that position, she continued outside. Okay, so please keep that in mind. That's really important. Let's say for next steps we do this movement from here. Wow, you three. You see, that's also a good example that she's following her with her upper body. When you don't do that, it will be like this. Yes. So this are one of the mistakes beginning. Do every time back into a cross body lead outside. It's 123 Now my hands give a look 567 and one. So make sure that you don't first of all, just leave with one finger, as I tell every time. Do not leader. I'm too far away to to high and the same. Yeah, not too. So don't lead your arm too. Too hot. Okay, so try to bring that 90 angle decree. Okay. One thing. A leading and five. Hello. In hair just above her head. Very important. Let's do it again, Bruce. Slowly, altogether 567 1235671 Although is also always facing down now spot facing next. Yes, so for the girls to keep your balance. This one thing that's very easy, but very important. So like a ballerina, you have to spot on focus and one point why you turn this case partners Face is the best. So So what's when I'm looking at? We go 567 and 123 ice on the partner, but still in that on the partner. And again, let's hear it from this side. I think there views better from you from this view. Give a look in Europe at the ice. 123 would face the partner. Then we turn in. Place the partner again, facing the partner and department. Get so the key is to try to look at the partner as long as possible. Before you turn and s you do your turn trying to look again towards your partner. It's soon you can do it. Let's try it. Maybe only so let's do it from this view. We go as normal onto five. 123 Fuck Here. Eyes towards your partner and s attorney. Try to keep looking, partner, as long as you can, and move again towards your partner and stay, Stay bear stadia. And this long hours ago and against Do your part. Yeah, and 123 and 567 and one. Okay, let's do it again. Altogether. 567 Basic. 123 And let's go. 123567 What? Easy, right? 11. Crossbody Outside Turn - with counting: Let's try with We do the basic first and then cross body out such a okay. 567 Basic. 123567 Go. 123567 Basic. 123 Let's go! Air game. 123 567 Basic. One, 23 Let's do it again! 123567123567 Basic. 123 Let's do it again! 123567123 Last time. 1235671235671 12. Crossbody Lead Outside Turn - Variation: we have also for the cross. Badly outside turn. We have another version which I love. All right, So what we do is for the girl. There's nothing special for the guys is different. Leading Instead of leading with the left, we lead with the right. Okay, So therefore we do an open break first. And then we go into leading. I will demonstrate first 567 or break. 123 5671 So the only difference for the girls is that assume we see the Mantan there just be nice and or head. That's all they have to do. That's the difference between this vision. So for the guys we go in the open break. 123 So what we do is we're changing the highway side. So did the middle section. It's the right section. So we give her space. So we do 123 So we show hands. Let's do it from here. 123 were connect already and soon we are connected. I leave that hand so she can use it for styling and watch my fingers again. Just a middle finger and off course. Not too high again here again and then 567 and one. As she said, The only difference for you ladies, is that instead of using the right hand, you used the left. Let's do it again. We start with a basic and open break and then go to the out. Such a 567 basic one ju 30 been break! 123567 What? 13. Crossbody Lead Outside Turn - with music: Let's do it all together with music. Let's go, let's go! Second version Dan second. Not so first game Basic. Let's go. Second vision, Let's go. 14. Combination: Now let's bring all together so we will demonstrate it first with counting from the top. Let's 567 Basic. 123567 Crossley inside 2567 Walk through 567 Your vision. 123567 Walk through 123567 Basic. 123 Outside. 123567 Basic 123 and cross funny one teeth. Me all pen break. 1235671 Easy, right. 15. Combination - with counting: Let's do it again. Very slow from the top. Just remember before we do with the last outside turn cross. But outside turn we do first a basic and across by just to make it easier. Front of 567 Basic. 123 Let's go and cross body inside her. 123567 Walk through 123567 Crossman Elite one. She three Inside. Cuban, 67 Walk through 123567123 No. 123567 Basic. 123 Cross body heat 123 Open break 123 Outside turn one. All right, let's do a last time. I just will count. 567 Basic. 123 Let's go Act 12356712356123567123567123567123 567 Cross body heat 567 Open break 5671 toe. Make sure if that is too fast or you see that you have problems in between the moves. Just with basic or cross. But that's an advice I can give to you because this is what I do. If I don't know what move on a shitty. So I compensated with some basics and easy cross party leads, and that's it. So it's not about the combination. It's sometimes easier to remember some movements. But as I said, if there's between the movements that are problems, just do a normal basic or course. But elite, let's do all together with music. 16. Combination - with music: So let's try to do everything together in that combination. Let's do it with music. - Thank you. Thanks.