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Salsa Fundamentals (For any Level)

teacher avatar Brandon Barker, Teaching the World to Dance

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Salsa Introduction

    • 2. The Basic

    • 3. Crossbody Lead

    • 4. Underarm Turn

    • 5. Alternating Underarm Turn

    • 6. Bonus All Patterns Combined

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About This Class

Welcome to the exciting and addicting world of Salsa Dance! This course is designed to give you the foundational patterns that will not only get you dancing right away but be a springboard for All future patterns.

     *No Dance Experience Required* So there is no excuse! Grab a partner and start learning now.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Brandon Barker

Teaching the World to Dance


Welcome to BCdancepassion's virtual classroom! Here you will find Dance Lifts and Tricks along with easy partnering techniques that can be used in social and performance applications. Our mission is to equip our students with safe yet fun maneuvers that we believe should be accessible to as many people as possible.

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1. Salsa Introduction: Welcome to our skills. Year course, guys, today we're gonna be getting into some beginner salsa. I'm Brandon. This is my dance partner, Chelsea. So our format for learning today is we're gonna be doing a demonstration with counts that were under a man's work. Ladies for work. And then we're going to be doing a little bit of leaving Follow in the end. The only thing that you need a dance partner, you don't even need some dance shoes or something for work. Get right into. Okay, First things first, guys. We're gonna get to a couple of basic fundamentals that you need to know before we even get to work. So we want to get into a couple of dance positions. The 1st 1 is gonna be what we call it to hand hold. This is also really good practice for for learning is gonna have plenty of space between you and your partner's eyes, are. Actually second hold is gonna be a classic close position. So our left hand place right inside of that, we have a light here and then cheese and raise her arm. I'm gonna take my right hand on her shoulder blade arrest her elbow on top mine, and then we close down position this just so you could see from a different angle. This is our closed position. And then one more thing I want to keep in mind. We're a team to return today. So whenever you're spending lady, you want to make sure that over your as she passes under armed, just in contact with her and there's no reason in the world for me to actually rip your arm tries to turn keeping the grip. At some point, we're gonna have spoke really quickly or it's gonna really hurt her shoulders. We want to make sure that we have a nice up as we let her pass underneath the arm and I presume that grip. 2. The Basic: Alright, So first pattern is basic with counts. 56712371237 Different angle. 123 561367 First things first, we're gonna go ahead and do vans footwork, starting with her left leg. Guys, what we're gonna be doing stepping forward. So a small forward step small replacement. Step back to the first part of this stuff. Right foot. Step back on the right place that way to the left and bring your right foot to your left. Demonstrate this from different angles. Started with my left leg to go forward to replace the body weight. Clothes Go back. Replace the body weight. Plus you saw seven straight earlier action pass on this +12 and slightly back for three, 56 Slightly forward for seven. The only thing that's different is passing my feet rather than bringing them to close with weight changes are exactly your right leg. Starting back to back place. Close your feet. Starting forward on the left foot. Forward place. Try that one Time. Right place Close for left. Replace close right back Lows left for place. Close as you get comfortable with where your body weight is going to stay on time. Start aggressive way have 12345 3. Crossbody Lead: for a second pattern, we're gonna be doing a change of place. Pattern called cross body lead demonstrates from two different angles. 1st 1 with 56567123 712356 Okay, so, leaders, starting with your left. But the most important aspect of this movement is that we open our body, give the lady space to pass by, so start with her left leg way. Have 12 on the third step. Actually gonna turn 1/4 from this world to this wall. Body weight on the left leg. Now I take my right leg back steps. I go back, place fall through or go. 123 Just exchange. Wait. Three times 567 Same exact effect. More time. Different angle. So I have 123 567 One more time. Doing those changes. 123 56 for all concerned. Right foot stepping back basis for left back, Back again. That right brought forward. We're back. So let's talk a little bit about the leading follow. We're gonna start with leaders part. So when we're getting into this position, the best thing we could do is Turn our bodies out. So we have 12 and three. So her indicated that we're going into this movement is that quarter turn through the upper body. Another thing. I take my hand from its mobile position. Just drop it a little bit closer about shoulder level, lady. And then from here, bring her through. 456 and seven time. 123 then 56 or the follower. What you want watch out for is not like we're gonna go through our pattern, your basic steps that will walk straight way have back for forward. Back, back one more time that forward, forward. What is happening? Sometimes we assume where you start to think that we're going into the pattern with our Peter feel world. Look very good. Wait here. Leaner. Keep walking straight through with pattern bad back 4. Underarm Turn: for our next movement. We're gonna be doing a basic under our terms. We're gonna do this one in close position will also demonstrate to we're gonna start with first batter. You learned Basic Step 123 56 way. Have one. Choose recently Abdelbaset start to see the leaders raise his hand. Followers set 456 and seven. Resume with basic 123 and 56 Let's demonstrate the same exact thing What we're gonna do with to handle this time and no interruptions. 56567123567 123567 And 123567 More position to handle. 567123 Bob 7123567 56 Leaders for work on the underarm term demonstrated from the side first. So we'll start with our left leg. Starting with that first basic way. Have 123 5672123 of a basic 123 Nothing, Actually, Gene is here for the leader. We just want to step back on the right foot as we do. We're raising this hand up in the air. Left hand. 4567 All that amazing. 123 and 56 for the following start with a regular basic and then for the second base will go into a return on that step left leg. Ready. Basic Here. That that This is where we have 123 Anything that you're turning left. Right arm forward on your left leg straight towards him. Start to rotate. Right. Rotates back. Left back. Right. For that time we have 123 5123 five. One more time from a different angle or started our basic step. 1235 1235671235 Talk about you leaving all over for the term started market position. We're gonna talk slowly for it to first base 57 and 123 1st indicator that I get for that term is happening because I started to raise the office right arm out of the way that I'm gonna start to open hand again. You want to keep a nice life hold as she turns. She's in step four to get a little spin indication. So I don't want you to be beginning middle end of this term. But I want you to actually step for too little spending with and just help her out. She's turning. Resume that whole into basic. Do this to an old fly. Must our basic 1st 123 Want to read that end up like whole 567 Basic step 123567 Before the fall over in one way or the other away from the indications you're still gonna do You're thinking to yourself you're going for your basic. Nothing is gonna change until I have one too. 123 Lift. You gonna open up and he does that. We're going to already have your own open. You're gonna do the same. Open up your hand. Starts making it happen all the way around. Closes continued doors. What is happening in some time? People more grabbing very for him. Uncomfortable for you as well. And you're gonna have to switch it on your very concerned about this rather than one more time. Just a demonstration. 123 75 And then placing right. Or the left arm on his arm. 5. Alternating Underarm Turn: So for our own step, we're gonna get the leader going to turn this while we call this the alternating under our terms turned followers that the leader of 12356 123567 Back to basic. 23567 And 12356 35712356 And our leaders Footwork. So we're gonna start with the left foot here. Way. We're going to go. 123 set back on the right. Finished return, follower for 567 Here you set for longer. That's foot towards the follower. For one, turn your torso. Land on your right foot for to continue to rotate on land on three from here. Step back for 567 Basic. 567 Going to another basic for 123 and 567 from a different angle, we have 123 We're turning the follower. 567 Then here we'll turn ourselves. 12 three. We're gonna turn her for 567 and then you have one for seven. Basic to finish that. Where you going to do the irregular again? This is a waiting game followers part having to wait for your leader to lead What's next wearing a two golds. The arms down way have one ju 35 Turness 1235 That same rules apply with opening up the hand. You don't know what to do next, Basic or, in this case that make sure that hands nice and loose, relaxed year used in turn while you continue your basic step 123 Now, once he's finished his turn in those three steps, rotate it one more time saying exact turns left forward for five. Nothing really changing for us. We're just adding an extra turn The same arm. You're turning on the same leg one more time. We have 123 by going off you turn for 123 then your answer. Five. A little bit of the follow for this part here. We're just gonna go ahead and straight into the terms we have 123 again I'm racing and educator and then she turns for 567 years As the turn finishes, I'm gonna lower my left hand down. And as I stepped rewards Follower, What I'm gonna do is start to take my right and bring it around to the small of my back. So I want to be happy with this hand behind my back as I'm turning in a place that left hand right hand here continue to finish with footwork. Don't take my right hand again. Nice. Like gold. Step back for 567 Braves my right hand into my left hand so I could get back to my normal to hold. If you're getting caught up on this stuff, you're having a hard time with extreme high back. A simple way to practice. This would be to start with the left hand and then recapture that with your right in the middle. 123 567123 Now catch with right, right from your turn for 567 basics. That 12356 It's a practice that way a couple of times until you're no longer distracted by my hands and then from there one more time as she turns under. And then I go to dance my turn. I'm doing that back and then 567 for the followers before, like jumped the gun and already we're in base. Except wait for the indications of turn your keep your right hand towards the gods. Not quite sure where he's gonna go or you just don't have anything. Look, let trying figure it out once he returns for left place back. 6. Bonus All Patterns Combined : basic. Here's your assignment. You have to take everything that you learn inside four patterns. Take them or put them all together for you so that you guys see how these steps are interchangeable. Now this is just a suggested order. You can do the different work, but it's nice to have these from your house for first things. First, we're gonna start with a basic under arm turn. Prosperity then 1236 1236 1236712356712367 one more time from a different angle. 567123567367123712367123 1236