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Salsa Dance Ladies Styling for Beginners

teacher avatar Incognito Dance, New Salsa & Bachata Courses

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

43 Lessons (1h 48m)
    • 1. ID Ladies Salsa Vol1 Trailer

    • 2. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 0 Course Intro

    • 3. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 2 Posture

    • 4. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 3 Basic Steps Forward and Back

    • 5. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 3b Basic Steps Side To Side

    • 6. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 3c Basic Steps Practice To Music

    • 7. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 4 Other Basic Steps On The Spot

    • 8. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 4b Other Basic Steps Back and Back

    • 9. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 4c Other Basic Steps Open Basic

    • 10. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 4d Other Basic Steps Side Basic with Cross

    • 11. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 4e Other Basic Steps Practice To Music

    • 12. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 5 Body Movement Intro

    • 13. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 5b Body Movement How To Do It

    • 14. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 5c Body Movement Hip Movement with Side Basic

    • 15. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 5d Body Movement Practice To Music

    • 16. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 6 Arms and Hand Styling

    • 17. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 7 Right Turn

    • 18. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 7b Right Turn Arm Options

    • 19. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 7c Right Turn Practice To Music

    • 20. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 8 Left Turn

    • 21. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 8b Left Turn Practice To Music

    • 22. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 9 Two Step

    • 23. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 9b Two Step Practice To Music

    • 24. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 10 Routine1

    • 25. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 10b Routine1 Practice To Music

    • 26. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 11 Mambo Taps

    • 27. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 11b Mambo Taps Practice To Music

    • 28. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 12 Latino Walks

    • 29. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 12b Latino Walks Practice To Music

    • 30. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 13 Shimmy

    • 31. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 14 Cumbia

    • 32. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 14b Cumbia Practice To Music

    • 33. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 15 Susie Q

    • 34. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 15b Susie Q Practice To Music

    • 35. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 16 Slide

    • 36. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 16b Slide Practice To Music

    • 37. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 17 Kicks and Flicks

    • 38. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 17b Kicks and Flicks Practice To Music

    • 39. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 18 Routine 2

    • 40. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 18b Routine 2 Practice To Music

    • 41. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 19 Routine 3

    • 42. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 19b Routine 3 Practice To Music

    • 43. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 20 Epilog

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About This Class

Salsa Dance Ladies Styling Course - Beginners

Welcome to our Salsa Ladies Styling Course. This is perfect for all beginners or ladies who wish to solidify their fundamental techniques.  Essential for every Salsera who wishes to shine and add personality to her salsa dancing.

We have over 20 years experience in teaching Latin dance.  We have developed a unique learning technique focusing on “Core Techniques” which we have identified and broken down for you in incredible detail. These  “Core Techniques” are right at the centre of your learning and a fantastic way to target techniques you may be weak on.

These “Core Techniques”  allow you to learn dance super fast, in a very efficient intelligent way. Minimum effort - maximum results. All perfect to get you dancing with tons of style and confidence.

Why Salsa Ladies Styling?

  1. Are you confident in following your partner and also adding styling when you can?
  2. Would you like to learn essential dance tips that will make you more elegant, sensual, and graceful?
  3. What do you have to learn to improve recognizing the signs from your leader?
  4. Can you spin well and finish effortlessly?
  5. Would you like to improve your musicality?
  6. How can you make your footwork sharp?
  7. Would you like to take more risks on the dance floor being creative and expressive?

We explain what you can do to enhance your dancing from the basic steps into very complex shines, body movements, turns and much more. Explaining, in a simple and detailed manner, how to apply attitude to your dancing and improve your posture.

Focus on details of head, hands, use of arms, ladies’ timing, spins, hip movement and how to enhance your dance with sensual moves.

This provides a good, solid foundation and exercises in elemental concepts, such as Latin and contra-body motion, posture, finger placement and how to spot during turns.  How to isolate the various parts of the body which will enhance your style!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Incognito Dance

New Salsa & Bachata Courses



We are Jeff & Corina from Incognito Dance Company UK.   Thank you so much for showing interest in our courses. 

Incognito Dance Company (IDC) was established in 1999. It has some of the most experienced and qualified Latin Dance instructors and performers in Europe. All our Latin dance courses, workshops, holidays, events and clubs are run and taught by highly trained, friendly instructors who encourage dancers of all levels to enjoy the spirit of dance.

Over 20 years of experience teaching classes, we have combined all our knowledge and skills into our brand new Online Syllabus for you to benefit at any time at your own convenience, from anywhere in the world.

Incognito Dance has won many prestigious awards, including Brilliant Business... See full profile

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1. ID Ladies Salsa Vol1 Trailer: Hold like a cherry side between your middle finger and thumb. So we go 1357123456 2. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 0 Course Intro: Hello, I'm Karina wish, and I'm part of the Incognito dance company. Welcome to the salsa lady styling course for beginners. In this course, we will cover all fundamental movements, essential techniques, and styling tips. Let's get started. 3. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 2 Posture: Before we start dancing, I will talk you through how to stand like a dancer. And ideally, you will hold this posture whenever you're done salsa. Starting from the feet, your feature be slightly turned out so your toes point slightly out. Not like a ballet dancers, straight flat, and also definitely not turned in. That should be slightly pointing out. Then you're nice, should be slightly bent. This keeps, gives you the flexibility to move your hips. If you knees are locked, then you can't move your hips. So keep them slightly bent at all times. Then you hips should be relaxed out. Keep that natural arch in your body. Don't push it out and don't talk under. Just very naturally relaxed to the back. Keep your core engaged at all times. That gives you the stability you need, especially for fluttering, spinning and all sorts of terms later on. Always keep the core engaged, keeps his centered and stable. Then your chest should be up no out because you need to keep your core engaged. So don't release your rips too much. But you should be up and then your shoulders rolled to the back, your shoulder blades should point inverts and down. So like this, make sure you don't raise up your shoulders. I see that a lot, especially when it comes to spinning or anything that you find difficult. People go like this, just makes sure that a nice town relaxed and back. So you're nice and open in your chest. Your eye line should be straight ahead. Don't drop your island to the floor. I see a lot of people looking to the floor that puts you off balance and also puts your whole posture at risk of slump of going over. So keep your island up, your chin up, and then also keep your hands up and which engages your whole core more. When you keep your hands up. 4. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 3 Basic Steps Forward and Back: Now I will explain your most important basic step, which is front and back. So as a lady, you start back on one with your right foot. We stepped back one, then you erase and replace your front foot onto. And we stepped to the front with your right foot on three. Thus you want 23. So we go one, race and replace to step forward three on five, we take our left leg and we step forward five rays and replace your back foot on six, step back on seven behind your foot. So that's 567. From the beginning we go 123567. You might think, where's the four and the eight? On foreign aid we transition, so we shift our weight. Also, we slow down the last step a little bit. So it goes quick, quick, slow, quick, quick, slow. Again. 56781234567812345678. And me facing you, 56781234567812345678. You might notice that I tried to step in one line, so one foot in front of the other, that will later on give you a nice hip movement and also makes you look more elegant if you step wide, like this, doesn't look so elegant. So keep your legs nice together and step on one line. Now I show you to decide 567123567123567. It's very important that as a dancer, you always step through the balls of your feet. So usually when you walk, you go heels first. So you walk heels first. But as a dancer, you always go through the balls of your feet like this. So like you massage the feet down, your heels will help to keep you on the balls of your feet. So just for now to step on the spot and try that. Stepping through the balls of your feet. And try doing that whilst you do your basic step. Let's do it again. 5671234567812345678. Also, you see that I keep my hands up. If you drop them down, you slump over. So keep them up, that will keep your posture right? And keep you balanced. So always keep your hands up. 5. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 3b Basic Steps Side To Side: So you're front and back. Basic is the one you will need the most every salsa dance, you will start with a front and back basic, but you can also do your basic side to side or in any other direction really. So right now, I'm gonna teach you side-to-side basic same principle. You start with your right leg on one, but this time we go to the side. So we go one race and replace your foot to close on 34567812345678. It's very important that you always lift, race and replace your foot. I see, especially in the site basic, I see a lot of people forgetting to race and replace the foot and then you rushing, you will be ahead of the music. So make sure you lift and you replace it, especially at the beginning, make it really big. You can always tone it down later on. Let's try again. 56781234567812345678. I show you facing the side, 56 781234567812345678. I'm facing the front, 5671234567812345678. The good thing is that you will always start with your right leg on one. So never a confusion, right or left. You always start on the right. 6. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 3c Basic Steps Practice To Music: Let's practice with music. We will do for front and back and forth side to side. And then again, 57256713571234567123456781571. Trial started quite situation five seconds. Again, 251 cells. The state psi one equal to one. Then the one that's statutory rights. 7. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 4 Other Basic Steps On The Spot: As you have now mastered, you very essential from the back and side to side basics. We can move on to basics in other directions. So I will teach you for different basics in different directions. We start with the one on the spot. So you just stepping on the spot, starting if your right foot, as always, we step 1234, 567812345678. With this one, you really have to accentuate the rolling through the balls of your feet. Really massaged floor. So this one is a good one for practice. That foot movement also accentuates those quick, quick, slow, quick, quick slow. Really have to drag on that last one. Again, 567123567123567. And from the front, 567123567123567. So this is your basic on the spot. 8. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 4b Other Basic Steps Back and Back: The next basic I will teach you is back and back. So instead of going back and forwards, we go back with both feet. Starting again with your right foot, we go 123 and then again back, 567123567. Same thing from front. 5678123567123567. And this is your back and back, but you sick. 9. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 4c Other Basic Steps Open Basic: The next basic step I talk you through is the open basic. So very similar to the back basic. We stepped to the back. But this time you cross over a little bit and open up your body to the site. So we go 123 and same with the other foot. You open up your body, face, decide 567123567. Same thing. Facing the side. Start with your right leg. 123567123567 and to the front so you can see how it looks from the front. 567123567123567. And this is your open Basic. 10. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 4d Other Basic Steps Side Basic with Cross: Our next basic is a site basic, but we've across again, we start with our right leg, we'd go 12. And then you cross over in the front. So instead of just coming together, This time, we cross in front. Then we go side again. 56, cross in front. 12 cross. 56. Cross. Showing you how it looks from the front. Start with your right leg. Go 123567123567. With this one, you can also change slightly you're facing. So I showed you facing the front. Now I'm gonna show you twisting 123. You can face side 567. So it's the same step, but you just change how your face. Again, 567123567123567 from the front. 567123567123567. And this is your site with a cross. 11. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 4e Other Basic Steps Practice To Music: Let's practice of music will do four of each step. 56 tabula itself challenged what kids think. 56711, C3G, 5-6 structural 15712567, S1, and S2. He sat at the table beside x routes one, please click to device. So it's 1235 slaves, which has to be sanctified thing, one place, 56123456789, which is the same thing again. Set it to one. That's back. Once spikes, functional, stationary prices rise by 75 subsections. Open and cross. 5671235671. Change of phase number one. If I change that, one mistake made by expected values. And what that meant traveling by night. Watching biosafety seminaries, approximations. I do legislation 70 years, once a day. But there's a second one integrated despite how much shear stresses quantity in that class. 12. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 5 Body Movement Intro: Now I will talk you through the body movement, which we will need for yourselves or dancing. This body movement is the essence of salsa. It gives it that Latin flavor and makes it look round and natural. I say natural, but at the beginning, it will feel very unnatural. You will be one of those videos you want to come back to a few times. But remember, practice makes perfect. 13. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 5b Body Movement How To Do It: Let's start with our shoulders. The shoulders will roll back on every step. So lift that up, push it back and drop it. One circle. Forward, back, forward, back, down. So both shoulders go One 212. Just try that for a bit. One 212. There we'll move on every step on the foot that you're stepping on, on the same side. So essentially, we will have the same written than we have in our basic step. So for now we go 123567123567. That's basically what your shoulders Do. They are heavily affected by what your upper body does. So your shoulder and your upper body are very much connected. So maybe take a bit of a wider stand for now. I'll pull my hair back so you can see. And we go, your upper body moves sides around, sight and round. So like a figure of eight. So your upper body separates from the hips. So for now, try to keep the hips still and just move your your rips. So like a pull from your rips out. Pull out. This movement will become bigger as you go along is muscles you have to train it for now, your movement is not very big. So just tried to as if you're pulling site to site, site to site, site to site. Once you get that side-to-side motion, you can then add it with a little figure of eight. And if your shoulder, so you connect, you go forward with your lips and your shoulder, and then back, forward, back, forward, back. So try to do this really big forward, side to side, side to side, side to side. Once you get that. This is the next step. Now we tried to do it in the right rhythm of salsa. So we go 123567123567123567. That's what your ribs unusual, the soldering. Your hips are going the opposite way. So you separate your body into port. Your hips are also doing a figure of eight movement, which is very famous. This figure of eight in salsa. So bend your legs. And for now we just push out one hip. Really push it out. Tried to push it as far as you can. And then you bent the other leg and you push up this other hip. So one 212. You might notice how my knees are moving. So a stretch one leg that pushes out my hip. Select this one from the other leg. Boom. 12. Once you can feel that that pressure from the floor that sends you hip out, you can try to do it in a figure of eight. So we go forward, twist your body forward and drop in the buck than the other hip forward. Drop in the back. Forward, up, down in the back, or forward down in the back. So 012, 121212. This is the very essential hip movement, figure of eight hip movement. If you struggled with this, just keep going. Stretch one leg, pushed the hip out, stretch the other leg, push the hip hop 12, and try to do it in a figure of eight motion. Then with your steps. 12356712356, seven, and then with the upper body and the shoulders, 1235671234567. Do it state by state? Very slowly. Just roll your shoulders back, move your chest side-to-side. Move your hips cytosol, and then piece altogether. This needs a lot of work. But again, remember, practice makes perfect. We will do the same again, but me facing the other way. So you can see it from a different angle. Again, your shoulders roll back, 12121212 or under cell-cell rhythm, 123567123567. Now your rips, just try this again to side to side 1212. And the more you do this, the bigger your movement will get standard bit wider apart. So we can do this movement really with the shoulder and the ribs. We go to the corner and back to the corner and back to the corner. Back to the corner. Back a bit faster. 12345678 to the salsa rhythm, we go 12356712356. So moving on to the hips, bend your legs and just stretch one leg. Send your hip out to the maximum you can do. Not change. Sent the other day about we're stretching our left leg, left hip comes out, change, change, change, change. Now for the figure of eight, when we change, we send it to the front, up in the front, down in the back, up in the front, down in the back. 12345678. Now let's do it in the cell-cell rhythm. We go 123567123567. Let's do all the parts together with your basic on the spot. So we go 123567123567123567123, 567. 14. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 5c Body Movement Hip Movement with Side Basic: Let's practice those figure of a tips with our site's basic, cuz it's really easy to feel those hips going when you do your site basic. Okay, let's start with our right leg to the side. We go one, send your hip out front, round the back. 23, transfer your weight, then step out on 567. Go 123567123567. 15. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 5d Body Movement Practice To Music: Let's practice our body movement. Shouldice, chest and hip with music We do for front and back basics and foresight to cite 57 robots. Just a side effect that can occur. In spite of theta one, theta two, theta three, theta function applied to the system. 16. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 6 Arms and Hand Styling: Let's talk about our hands and arms. Whenever you not important at hold, you want to have this shape with your hand. Hold like a cherry sized between your middle finger and your thumb. And your other fingers go slightly up. If you want to grab a pen and sticky between your middle finger and your, your other fingers on the top. Like that, that gives you a nice shape. Let's do an exercise. Your hand always follows your arm. That gives it a very soft feeling. So let's, if you move your arm up, you hand follows. And when you move your arm down, it follows. So up, you haven't faces down, your arm goes down, you haven't faces up. So just do that for awhile and get used to that feeling. That will give you arms and hands a very soft look. Like so. 17. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 7 Right Turn: We've learned our basics. Now it's time to start turning. Our first term is a step turn, called right-hand turn. So we stopped the basic to the back on 123, normal, half a basic. Then we step forward on five, twist to face the other way on six, and then close your feet together and swivel around on seven. So that term happens, 567 K. So we do our half basic first 123. Step forward on five, straightforward, were not already turning. We step straightforward. Then on six, swivel around. Keep your feet where they are. We just turn our body to face the other way. And then on seven, close your backlog to the front leg and swivel around. Shoot. For this. You will have to have your weight on the balls of your feet. Don't ever turn on your heels. Otherwise, it's dangerous if the floor is not smooth or something. Always have the weight on the balls of your feet. Like so. So when you hear on six, we close together and swivel around. Keep your knees together, your legs together, and your feet together. When you swivel, that will help you later on when we do spinning. Let's go again. 5.567, a basic 123. Step forward on five, back on six, swivel around on seven. Again. 12356. Seven. These are your steps for your right-hand turn. Now, that is a lot of things we need to focus on. First thing is spotting. What I mean by spotting is that you focus on something in front of you and you try to look at that as fast as he can again. So when we're here, 56 is still looking to the front and then seven, boom, my head whips around. If you have long hair, there should be flying around. Spotting is something you should practice. Start practicing now, because when we go to spinning and you do two or three or more terms, you will get so busy that you won't know What's front them back. So if you start it now, you will have no problems when you start spinning. So again, we go 123. Now look straight to the front, focus on something, 56, still focus on that spot. And then seven SRP, whip your head around. But faster, 567123567. This is your spotting, which is very important. Now let's focus on our hips. The hips can make a right-hand turn. Look, make it look very central. Can give it that extra Latin flavor. So we go 123. Now, focus on the hip. Push out to the front. Imagine your partner is in front of you. You give them a nice view. 567. Okay. Again, 123 sink into the hip on 567. Spotting and hips. Again, 567123567. Once this way, 567123567. 18. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 7b Right Turn Arm Options: I will now give you two options for what you can do with your hands and arms during a right turn. The first option is we're going to point to the front. So remember, you hold your cherry and your pencil with your hands. So we go 1235. You look to the front or your partner. And as if you give him this cherry that you're holding between your middle finger and your thumb on five. And then 67, again, 123567. Your hand is in front of you, so you move it from the front to the side. So you open it up like this. Like so. Again, 567123567123567. This is your first option. Now we're going to lift our arms up. So as I showed before, lift your arm up, your hand follows and down. Remember to not lift up your shoulders. This is what I talked about in the posture section. So even when you lift up your arms, your shoulder doesn't suddenly rise to your ear. Tried to drop it down. So when you lift arms up, the shoulders are down. This might feel very uncomfortable at the beginning, but again, you can improve it over time and they will see a more natural. So lift your arms up and down whilst you're turning. You might find it easier if you hold your wrist because your arms might tend to drop down whilst you're turning. So you can lift up, hold your wrist quickly, unbound. So let's do it with the term. We go 123, lift your arms up. 567. Again, slowly, we go 123, lift your arms up. So I bring my arms in to the front, then raise them up. 567. I turned around and I slowly drop them, maybe even during my next basic. Okay. Once again, 567123567123. Once more, 5671 to prepare your arms on 3567123. And these are your two options for your write Stanton. 19. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 7c Right Turn Practice To Music: Let's practice with music, will do both options for the arm styling twice. And the basic in-between. Let's go 5-6, allowed back stage fright, baseball. But on the other hand, ops, greatly damaged. If you get the cube root of two by 12345 are at triangle. Gosh, what if, why is it perhaps the editor? Such as the guy next to me? 20. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 8 Left Turn: Now we're going to learn our left-hand term. This is also a step turn. So you step. So we started our basic to the back, 123, then we step forward on five, step back on six, and then we turn our what, our left shoulder on seven. Let's see that again. So we go 123567, we're facing sideways. You complete your turn in the next eight. So we step forward on one, turn around on 23. And then you finish your basic 567. Again. 123. Step forward, five, step back, six, open up on seven. Then we go backwards on 123 and finish your basic on 567. Let me show you this on to the site. Again, 567123, normal half basic. Then we step forward on five, back on six, open up on seven. Then we keep turning that way. 123, finish your basic 567. Once again, but a bit faster. 567123567123567. Let me show you this way. 567, your basic 12356, open up, steps back. 123, finish your basic 567. Again, once bit faster. 567123567123567. This is your footwork for the left turn. Now, I know this is a bit more tricky than the right-hand. But if you are feeling confidence, Let's add the arm, arm styling. So the first option I give you is responding one-hot arm, your right arm. Okay, so we do our basic 123. Then on five is when this right arm coming up five, sorry, from the front is positioned five. So you bring your arm up like we learned, fingers following. And your left arm is going on ships. So it's a very strong posts. We go step forward five. And you shift your weight onto your front foot like usually would five. Then to bring the arm down, we're going to brush over our head, down along our body. So it's up. We brush our hair back is also very good tip. When your head is all in your face from turning, you can brush off you face down the back and then we go alongside our body with an open hand. Yeah. Don't actually touch your body. Just go alongside the edge of the body. Yeah. So we're here on five, we go six, seven. That's when your arm is coming over. And we got 123567 from the back. Basic One, Two, Three, bring up farm up on 567123567 from the side. So you get every angle again, 567, basic, One, Two, Three. Bring your arm up on five. Now you can see this position. So I lean forward over this leg five and let look straight ahead. 567123567. 21. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 8b Left Turn Practice To Music: Let's practice with music. I will do two without arms, and then two with arms. If you do struggle, if you footwork just leaves the arms, biocides neutral. If you feel confident, try your arms dialing. Let's go and find a SEX space. In light of the day, it's 56 settlements for the same statement for 5678, placing as the occupier much to 56785612, which can lead to rebalance the texture by text cell body temperature to, let's come to that device and say nice things. Is that the basic against bad debts? So when it gets to like recognition as one of the best books, that mass flux 6-7, basically 6710 facts. So one is wrong. 22. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 9 Two Step: We will now learn the two-step for the first time in this course, we're breaking the pattern of 123567, which the two steps. Okay? With that back on 123, we do a normal basic first to get into it. Then instead of stepping back, we stepped to the site. We go 1234 tab and basic again. So again, so we go 123, basic 67, now 12345678123567. Let's do that again. Starting with a basic 567123567 to the right, 234 567123567. We can do the same thing going to the left, but obviously we have to start to step on five. So we only do half a basic. 123 going to the left, 56781234. Finish your basic that you started 5678. Once more, 1234567812345, 67. Let me show you from the front. We go basic 12356781234. Finish your basic, 12356781234567. This could seem like a very simple step, but if you add your own flavor, then it can look amazing. You can throw your arms up, do whatever you like with your arms and have fun with it. 23. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 9b Two Step Practice To Music: Let's try with music. 5712 equal to one by 2pi. Final Fantasy, like 12571. Nicely, I had 567156123456. That's close to 1.2. The rights to use as much energy as subsidize fights much to the left. Stand back. 24. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 10 Routine1: You've made it to the first routine. Congratulations. Okay. And we're going to explain the moves and then practice, and then we do it with music. So to start with in the intro of the song, which is going to loosen up our hips. Do our figure of eight movements four times. So we go 1234. And then we do our shoulders four times. 1234 just to be nice and loose. Then we lift our arms up on the side. How we practice with our with our hands, following our fingers nice, all the way to the top. And then we bring them down, over our hair and down the body. How we did it in the right-hand turn already. So we bring our heart, we bring our arms up and over our head, down our body. And you can wiggle a little bit if you feel like it. Okay. So for reps. One, 2341234 and arms up all the way and slowly down your body. And then we will start with the steps. So we'll start with a right-hand turn. We go 123 and we just point forward 671, and we do a basic 567. Then we go into a left-hand term, 123. If you want, you can use ARM 567123 and we then do a site basic 567. Let's repeat. So we did our hips, One, Two, Three, Four, our shoulders, 1234, and our nice arms to decide and down our body and start. 12356712356712, left 567123 and the site basic. Then we move on to our to our two-step that we just learned. Okay, so we did a site-based sick and then we step out onto our right leg, 12345678. Okay. So let's go again from the salts are basic. We go 12, right? And 56712 basic. 56712 left. 5671 to finish your basic on the site, sick seven, two-step One, 2345678. Then we're adding two of the, of our different basics. First up, we have our cross basic. So we go one, two, cross, one to cross. And then we do a normal basic. Then we go back basics, sorry. So one cross, two, cross, and we go to the back and the back. And this is our routine. Let's go very slowly once more. From the beginning, we started with our hips, 12341234. Arms, big arms down your body. 12 right? 712, basic 56712, left, 567123 and our site basic then v2, step 34 and cross basic, cross basic and back. Basic, but basic. I show you once more from the front. 56712341234, arms 34567123567, a base 6356712, left at 56712 side 567, two-step One, 234567812, cross one, cross, back, step and step. And that's it. 25. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 10b Routine1 Practice To Music: 5678. Are you ready? Let's go. 5678. 26. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 11 Mambo Taps: Next we're gonna learn a mumble tops. So you do a basic. Let's start with a basic. We go 123567. Then we just tap the foot to the floor. So it just didn't put any weight on it. It just tap and then step, tap and step up and step. Obviously, you've put a lot more swing into it. So let me explain. So we start basic 23567 and top, bend your knees. Transfer your weight, tapped the other foot, bend your knees. Bend your knees. Bend your knees. And we go back in to the basic 567. Okay. The bending of the Neizha is very important. Otherwise it looks like this. Yeah, very stiff. So you do have to bend your knees and then you come up for the top. Ben Denise straightened for the top. Bend. Bend top. Okay. Let's do it once more. From the basic 56712356712345678, you have to take a step back to go into your basic 3567. Once more, 12356712345678123567. Let me turn the other way so you can copy 571235671234567123567. If you like, if you cheeky, you can add a little hip up to make it a bit more fun. So 12356712345678. This hip is coming from the pressure on the floor. You straighten your knee when you tap bomb and that sends your hip hop. But at tap and tap. If not, no worries. Just do the straight. Okay. With your hands usually will place a cherry in front of you, wants to do the top with the opposite hand. So you go tap, tap, tap, and tap. So place your cherry, place, Jerry place, suture, place you cherry. Okay. Once more reform of that. Hips and arms. 567, basic, 12356712, 4567123567 from the front, 56712356, mumbo 12345678123567. And that sphere mumble. 27. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 11b Mambo Taps Practice To Music: Let's try the mumbo tops with music. Let's go. 5-7, seven bytes ecology, thank Bo, what is 3456 satellites, which takes three? Malmo is well five cities that had once again, despite what they what they thought five degrees then that hasn't been my MO is 271. So 1.5 stage one, flow back to the fact that one takes place in the past, how Saturday. 28. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 12 Latino Walks: Next we're going to learn the Latina walk. So from our basic, we go 123567. We start with our right leg. Like always, we step on 1357. So basically it's four steps. But the important thing is you're styling how nice you make it look OK. So make sure you pick up your leg. So don't drag them along the floor. Pick up one and then over cross your feet. So you got 1357. So you have a little twist in your body. One. So keep your shoulders pointing to the front. Your lights, if you think of car lights shining to the front and not to the site. So keep your shoulders to the front, but you're up, lower half of your body is twisting. So we go 1357. And of course, we keep our weight on the toast, on the balls of our feet. Yeah. So keep it nice and up even higher than your heels. Okay. Go 1357. If you feel like you're falling off balance, it's probably because your weight is back. Okay, so make sure your core is engaged and you wait this forward over the balls of your feet. Yeah. If you're if you're falling back, then you might lose balance. So make sure it's nice and forward over your feet. 1357. Okay. Then we have our arms. We keep them myself up and do the same arm and the leg is out. So we go one, Change your arms. Three, 57. Okay. Let's do it with the basic. 56781235671357123567. This is a really easy step because it's just walking by. You can put so much flavor into it. And then a little shine section. It can look really good. Okay, let's do it again. Put your all your SIS and all the elegance you have into it. Let's go 5671235671234567123567. We can do the same walk backwards. So stepping backwards might feel a bit less natural, but it will also look very good. Let's go from basic. We go 123567. Now with the right leg is Step right behind your left leg. 1357123567. So it's the same thing with crossing our we're picking up our legs were on the balls of our feet. And the arms are the same. 123567. Let's go again. We go 12356 backwards, 1234567123567. So these are your Latin walks. 29. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 12b Latino Walks Practice To Music: This will be a bit faster than we just did it, but let's try it with music. 5-6, seven came for Apple. Watch change quick thought by settling and one. Let's go again. One of the effects that store, but let us go for 1234567. Again. So there's 1234567 to one flexor again, it's safe to say 5161 for what? One scholar has been applied to us. Let's go to the bank. Now, 13571 and again 125. And these are your lifecycle. 31. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 14 Cumbia: Now we are learning a step called Columbia. Columbia is a whole other dance style from Latin America, but we're just going to learn the basic step that sometimes you will find in Salsa. Alright. So from our basic, we'll go 123567. Now we crossed the right leg over over the left leg. So we go 12345678. So it's a bit of a different rhythm. You break up, You don't go 1-2-3, 4-5-6, seven anymore. It's now one, race and replace two. Then you step to the back, reasonably place 35678. So your left leg basically always stays at the same spot and your right leg loop moves back and forwards. Okay, so let's go from the basic into it. 12356712345678123567. You can see I change my body positioning so i don't face the front anymore and sort of faced the corner almost the site. K. And I had just start on the count of eight. So if I go from the basic 1235678, I changed my body to face the corner. We go 12345678 and back to the basic 567. Your arms just swap leg. This leg we do in salsa, but it's slightly slower. So we go 12356, swap your body positioning. We go 12345678123567. Let's go slightly faster. 5678123567 and front and back. Front and back. And 123567 once more. So you can see me from the back. 56712356, Columbia, 12345678, basic 23567. You can also do the step with the left leg. But we also, we only do half a basic Before we start. Okay? So half a basic, 123. Now we already change our body positioning. We go Caracas and open, and close and open. And then we finish our basic 567. Okay. When you do it with the left leg, obviously you write like this time stays on the spot and your left leg moves forward and back. Make sure you always keep your legs morphing from and back. And always that race and replace. Otherwise, you'll start to do hip hop or something. Something different, not Latin. Okay. Let's do it again with the basic 5.56712356, a basic 1234567812345678. Once more. So you can see my arms from the front. Okay. Let's do a basic 567 basic 1.523567, basic 567123. Finish your basic 6713567. 32. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 14b Cumbia Practice To Music: Let's do our combi, step to music. Just 567 that basically you don't want to take phage both fixed and what? They fit. 345671. Facebook. You're gonna go to the last for the last 12345671234567. Because we want to say, thank you. So let me take 123456. So 1234567, once information is now again, just like Sam and I wanted to make the last safely site Santa Fe and other very thick rod painfully slow by speech. So I want to talk about in the last half of a sick cow is concerned. And I get him, her mother, Isaac, to take 7812345, interface. 33. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 15 Susie Q: Now we will learn a step called susie q. You will come across this step quite a lot, especially when you go to a salsa club and you follow a warm up, they will definitely include a Suzy Q. We'll start again because I Yeah, and it is loaded, and now we will learn a step called susie. Q. You will come across this step quite a lot, especially if you go to a salsa club and they do a warm up and you follow it. I think that would definitely include a Suzy. Q. So let's learn it. We start with our basic. We'd go 123567. Now crossover your left or your right leg over your left one. Then we twist and bring your left leg out a little bit and then twist again and cross the right over. So it's a cross motion, 123. Then you bring your left leg over. Five, twist six, twist again, seven. And then you can go back into your basic. Let's, let me do it to the front so you can see it. From the basic 123567. We step over with our right leg, one twist to three, and we cross our roof, the left 567. So you still step right, left, right. For you keep your legs crossed as much as possible. And you can move with that twist motion. So you go 123567. Can you see how my lower body is twisting? So you go 123 step over 567. I showed you from the back. 567 step over 123567123567. 34. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 15b Susie Q Practice To Music: Let's practice the Susie Q to music. 5-6, seven basic one case rate, CTQ, 1-2-3, 4-5-6, spacing once painfully safely cubed 1234567123123456712345678. I am the one safe for X.25 sacred CTQ one seems like accept H1, H2, H3. Here for a while. The five is seven by 77 stinking spaces, H1 and H2 567 upon two places. 35. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 16 Slide: This is one of my favorite steps. It's a variation of the open break and it's called slight. Let me just remind you quickly what an open Basic looks like. So we go one, opening up our body to the side 23 and same to the other side, 67123567. So this is the open basic that you learned earlier on. Now we're gonna do a little nice variation. So you have something different to show off with. So we start the same, we go 12. But instead of just coming together, we take a big step to our right three, and we drag our leg behind us to create this slight action. So again, we go 12 and a big step, three. Then the same thing to the other side, 56. Then we take a big step to the left. 8123567. You really have to push off this left leg. So we go one to push off 3567123567. Make sure that the leg that you're dragging behind you is nice and stretched and even your foot could be pointed. Ideally, make sure that leg is stretched. That's most important. Then in terms of shape, you want to really accentuate your hips, pushing that hip out so you create a nice shape. And then your body leans over slightly. So you go 123. This is your posture. So your hip, it's pushed out, your legacy stretched and your weight is forward. 35671234567. Let's do that again. I turn around so you can copy me. Five, 6781234567812345678. If you feel very comfortable with that, you can add a little arm variation that I will show you now. If you don't feel comfortable yet, then just keep if the footwork, This is the most important thing and then you can always add different arms later on. So we're gonna go 12. And then on the slide, I put my right arm on my hip and my left arm pointing out with our lovely thickness that we practiced earlier on. But leaning over the leg, leg and arm, straight and the hip is out. This is the position you want to get into 1567 on this side, obviously. Again from the front. So you've got 123567. And always when you look at something, then everybody else would also look at your hands. So if you want to draw attention to your pretty fingers, then I would suggest look at them. Okay, let's do one basic from them back and then into the slide, 56712356, slide 123567, again slight 23567 from the back. 56, basic go 1234567. Oh, and slide 56. Slides. Oh, but slight. 56 slide. 36. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 16b Slide Practice To Music: Let's try this slide with music 5-6. Tried and we want to fix basic 11571 a lot. About seven. Right side is 156. Basic science. If I change, especially face detection techniques one last time. And psi phi states. 37. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 17 Kicks and Flicks: Kicks him, flicks is something you can add into all sorts of different steps. But right now, I will teach you a very basic version. But later on you can do kicks and flux in all sorts of directions and in combination with a variety of steps. Okay, let's start. The first question I'll teach you is we go from a half a basic, so we go 123. And instead of doing the next part of the basic, we kick forward with a straight leg and bring it in. 67. So we go 123, brushy leg forward, a floor, straight to the front, then bend your knee, bring it in and behind. So you go 123567123. From the front, it looks like this. 123 kick 567123. Okay. So important is that you brush the floor, straight leg, pointed tos, and then you bend your leg and you bring it back. Again. 123567123. Obviously, you can also do this kick with your right leg. Completing a basic and then starting the kick. So we go 123567123567. Okay. Once more. So you go 12356, step behind, then lift up your leg. 123. Transfer your weight to your backlog and step on the front. Five 67. Once more from the front. 567, basic T 3567123567. This is a nice way to show off your legs, you shoes, whatever you want, you want to show off. And to bring something different to your basic. There is another version I will teach you now, which is slightly faster and it goes from our back basic. So a normal buck basic with it, 123567. Now we're adding the kick. We got 123 kick with your left, 567, kickball fuel, right. 12 together, kick with your left and then bring your left straight to the back. 567 Kichwa fuel, right? 1234567812345678. I will show you now how it looks from the front. We go 123, kick 567, kick 123, kick 567, kick. The difference between a kick and a flick is the flick goes straight leg and then you bend. Whereas the kick goes Ben straight bends down. Like you kick a football. Yeah. But when you flick, you go straight. And then let me show you that all from the site. So with the slow one, with the flick, we got 1235678, 123567. If the other leg, 123567123567, again, 123567123567. Now the kicks 123, kick 567, kick 123, kick 56, Server kick. 38. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 17b Kicks and Flicks Practice To Music: Let's try these kicks and flicks with music. Five states, 123, basic 5-6. Now a kick, 567123. Once more. One pays 3567 and basic on the right and put 12345678 and other flake, 12345671234567. Let's do that. 56. Now, one sees a check for 567 kips. One seriously kicks. And gotten five. Top 51 possibility. Let say one smaller spacing of running change things. And let's just get 5671. And a further. Now we do it on the right. 5612, It's 5671 takes place and otherwise, one stage, 12345612567. What lasik and other thing divide 67133 on the right, 123567. So another 1165671, our case 135781. Step further and say one. 39. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 18 Routine 2: Let's do another fund routine that combines all the steps we've just learned. Let's start or begin with a basic step, 123567. Then we do our four walks. 1234567. This time, instead of just bringing the on-site to site, will bring the arms up on the side along our body. And then on seven, you can flick your hair back like this for dramatic effect. Or if you have shorter, you can just do a 100 flick. Ok. Let's do that again with the arms. 5671235671234567123567. All right. Just make sure you cross over your legs and you pick up your feet like practiced. And so you can feel nice and sexy. Okay, great. After the walks, we're gonna do another basic into a Columbia step. Let's do it. So we'll do a basic 23567, Colombia 1234567. In the Columbia step. This time, we'll bring our arms out to the side. Like you're presenting something in front of you. Make sure your ads are always in front of you, not behind, OK. You always want to see them in the corner of your eyes. Also make sure your arms are nice and extended, not small arms were confident. Open your chest and open your arms will bring them all the way up. And then on our next basic, we'll bring them down or body. Again, just on the size. Okay. But touch your body. Okay. Let's start from the beginning. 567123567 walk 1234567123, 5-6 Columbia, 1234567123567. Our next step is going to be a mumbles top, including a shimmy. So we'll do two steps at the same time. I hope you'll practice your shimmies. Alright. So will we did the basic, bringing your arms down. 567 mumble tabs, 1234567, basic 123567. Let's do the whole routine from the beginning. 56712356 walk, 12345678123567 could be a 1234567812356, mumble, 1234567, basic 123567. The only thing missing is the very end. At the end, the music is stopping a little bit, so we're just gonna move. We're going to stop our feet and only move our shoulders like you do in the shimmy, but slower to the music. So don't, don't, don't just isolate your shoulders. They'll move. Anything else. Then you bring your arm up to decide who lift our right arm all the way up to the site. And at the same time, you can go down a little bit to make it slightly more dramatic. Okay, let's do it again from the very beginning with this little end. 567123567 walk, 123456712356, Columbia, 1234567812356, mumbo, 1234567123 into our ending. Boom, boom, boom. Move up your hand. And finished. 40. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 18b Routine 2 Practice To Music: But let's try it with music. 41. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 19 Routine 3: Let's put these three new moves into a combination. We start with half a basic 123 into a Suzy. Q. So cross your left leg over. C. Q. Cross the right leg over. Su Si Que finish your basic. 567. Let's do this again. We go 123, cross two ce que su C Q fin issue basic from the front, 567 base. And Sue ce que su ce que and 567. Ok. Let's move on. Next is our open break into a slide. Right? So we finished our basic 567, then we do all basic slide. And again opened basic slide. Basic. Again, 567. Oh, but slight. Oh, been slide Basic. So again 5670 but slight. Oh, been slide. Make sure you remember this position. We have our arm straight. Don't go too high or too low. Just from the shoulder out. Your leg is stretched, your hip is out, and your upper body is slightly bent over, like so. Let's start from the beginning. 567123 crossover Suzy, Q, Suzy Q. Fail initial basic. One to slide. One. Slide 123. Once more. 567123, soo ce que Susie. Q. 567, open-end Slide. 567123. Okay, good. Let's move on. Next up is our flick. So we brush our leg forward. And so we just did, we finished with half a basic and then we brush our left leg forward. And then OK. So we go 1235671 from the front, 1235671. Let's go once more from the beginning with the flick 567123, Susie Q. Susie Q. 56712, slide to slide. 123567123. Once more, 567123. So you see q Susie, Q. 5671235671235671. Next up our our little kicks. So we go back Basic and the kick, bring it back. And kick, bring it back. Okay. 567 just kicks 2345678. Let's go once more from the beginning. 56712356712356712356712356712345678. Next up is right and left and right next to. The next step is a left-hand turn with our arm styling left-hand on the hip, right-hand up. Okay. So we just did our kicks. 12345678123, 567, Turn around 2 forward. So I ended like this. Let's just do the left-hand turn. We go 123567123. Just once more from this side, 567123567123. Then we move on and reduce some mumbled taps. So here we go, 1234567. Okay. Let's go from the beginning, 5671235671235671 to slide 56712 flick 5-6 seven kicks 12345678, left-hand turn, 567123 and mumble taps. Okay. Actually is only to mumble tabs, I think shows four before, but only two. So we just do right and left into another basic, 123. And at the end, we end with a flick again, 567 into another basic. And that's the end. You almost made it. Let's practice a few times without music. Slowly. 56712356712356712356712. Flick 56712 kicks 56712, left-hand turn, 567123567, basic 23 and another flake and basic. To finish. Let's once more. 56712 Susie. Q 56712356712356712345671234567812, left-hand 567123567123567. You will see the reason why this arm, because there's a little axon and the music that we want to hit, okay. 42. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 19b Routine 3 Practice To Music: Let's do it with music. That is a little intro at the beginning where we just got to have our legs together and do our figure of hate tips. So we got those nice and loose for the routine. Let's do it. Okay. Okay. 43. ID Salsa Ladies Vol1 20 Epilog: Congratulations, you've reached the end of the cells are Beginners Course. Thank you so much for joining me. I hope you learned a lot and you had fun doing it. As this is an online course, you have the luxury of going back to any sexually like at anytime. We actually do encourage you to review each move several times till you really mastered them. So you can get the most out of this course. Once you've done that gift, the choreographies and other try. And you will see how much easier they feel.