Salesforce Triggers Step by Step Hands on training | Prateek Singh | Skillshare

Salesforce Triggers Step by Step Hands on training

Prateek Singh, Cloud Computing and Big Data Consultant

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10 Videos (1h 37m)
    • Introduction to Apex Triggers

    • Trigger to Insert Contact and Link to Account

    • Before or After Trigger

    • Collections

    • Trigger to add Custom Error Message

    • Trigger to Count Events

    • Trigger to Insert Parent on creation of Child Record

    • Trigger on Attachments

    • Trigger to Prevent duplicate Records

    • How to Prevent Recursive Trigger


About This Class

Don't enroll just for the course but enroll for what you'll be after taking this course. Everything is explained step by step Hands on.

Coding in Apex is similar to Java/C# in lot many ways, yet so different from them in few other ways. But one thing that is common is that the application of proper design patterns to solve the problem irrespective of platform or technological difference. This is very particular for the apex triggers, because in a typical Salesforce application, triggers play a pivotal role and a major chunk of the logic is driven through the triggers. Therefore a proper understanding of triggers is very essential, not only for successful implementations, but also for laying out a strong architectural foundation.

This course explains salesforce triggers step by step in most simplest manner.

Whether you're a brand-new or experienced Developer, get the core knowledge you need to get up to speed, perform at your best, and get the most out of Salesforce. This training is a must for application and Salesforce developers who want to create custom Force applications or customize existing Salesforce applications.

Learn the basics fast and easy with these step-by-step tutorials.

This is a rather involved process, and it does require getting our feet wet with some programming logic. However, we must not let this intimidate us, as once we see this done once, it makes perfect sense in the future.Target Audience

  • Those students who posses basic knowledge of salesforce Platform and wish to learn Salesforce Triggers
  • This course is for new developers finding Salesforce Trigger Difficult to Understand


  • Over 11 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
  • Students will be able to write Salesforce Triggers with Confidence
  • Students will be able to automate their Salesforce Implementation
  • Students will be able to overcome the limitation of Workflows and Validation Rule


  • Basic understanding of Salesforce Platform is Required
  • Salesforce is a cloud based Platform hence only needs a computer with Internet connection
  • A Lifetime Free developer account





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Prateek Singh

Cloud Computing and Big Data Consultant

Hi! My name is Prateek and I am a Video instructor at Skillshare. Cloud Computing certified Developer, Consultant and Trainer with more than 6 years of Industry Experience. I have served various Industry verticals having good experience in Splunk, Salesforce, Web Development, Graphic Designing and Object Oriented Programming as well. I have been working on various Adobe products such as Adobe Illustrator, In design , After Effects etc since my school days. I have implemented more than 20 end ...

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