Salesforce New User Training - Part 3 - ATTAIN - Sales Management & Automation in Salesforce | Mike Wheeler | Skillshare

Salesforce New User Training - Part 3 - ATTAIN - Sales Management & Automation in Salesforce

Mike Wheeler, Salesforce Developer/Trainer with 6 Certifications

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14 Videos (1h 31m)
    • Sales Management, Automation, and Optimization Introduction

    • Introducing and Understanding the Account Record in Salesforce

    • Team-based Selling with Account Teams in Salesforce

    • Corresponding with Accounts in Salesforce for Effective Account Management

    • Account Collaboration with Chatter

    • The Contact Record - a.k.a. The Record Formerly Known as a Lead

    • Corresponding with Contacts in Salesforce

    • Contact Collaboration with Chatter

    • Understanding The Opportunity Record in Salesforce and Your Sales Process

    • Contact Roles on Opportunities - Decision Makers, Influencers Buyers, & More

    • Team Based Selling with Opportunity Teams in Salesforce

    • Using Salesforce Content to Equip Sales Reps

    • Assigning Influential Campaigns to Opportunities to Measure ROI

    • Opportunity Collaboration with Chatter


About This Class

In this 3rd section of my Salesforce New User Training series, you'll learn how to maximize your Sales efforts in Salesforce. We go in-depth with Accounts, and how to set them up for success in Salesforce. We then go into Team-Based selling. We also cover corresponding with accounts, as well as collaborating on accounts with internal team members.

This course  not only covers effective Account Management in Salesforce, but we also address the various Sales Processes you can configure in Salesforce as we dive into Opportunities. Also covered is Contact Management and how Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities are born from leads during the lead conversion process. We also show you how to measure ROI of your campaigns by assigning influential campaigns to your opportunities.

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Mike Wheeler

Salesforce Developer/Trainer with 6 Certifications

I am the founder of, where I provide Salesforce Consulting, Development, and Training services, with a primary focus on Salesforce Certifications. I have 6 Salesforce Certifications. You can read my free Cloud Career Report and Launch Your Salesforce Career Workshop here -

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