Salesforce Lightning Process Builder : Automate your business processes using Process Builder

Deepika Khanna

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48 Lessons (6h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction Video

    • 2. Lightning Process Builder Basics

    • 3. Create Salesforce Developer account

    • 4. Overview of Lightning Process Builder

    • 5. What actions we can perform using process builder?

    • 6. Hands On Exercise 1: Auto create a record using Lightning Process Builder

    • 7. Test the Process

    • 8. Hands on 2: Auto Update Child Records using Lightning Process Builder

    • 9. Test the Auto update process

    • 10. Hands On 3: Cloning a process in Process Builder

    • 11. How to clone a process in process builder?

    • 12. Hands on 4: Posting to Chatter group using Lightning Process Builder

    • 13. Test Post to Chatter process

    • 14. Hands on 5: Sending an e-mail to the opportunity owner

    • 15. Step 1: Create an Email Alert

    • 16. Business Scenario: sending an e-mail to the opportunity owner

    • 17. Test Send email

    • 18. How to Schedule Actions for future use in Process Builder

    • 19. Difference between Process Builder and Workflow?

    • 20. Complex Business Scenario: Cross-Object Updates with Lightning Process Builder

    • 21. Prerequisites : Adding custom fields on the Account Object

    • 22. Prerequisites: Adding Custom fields on Case Object

    • 23. Business Scenario: Set Account at Risk from Case Process

    • 24. First Criterion - Is SLA in Violation?

    • 25. Updating fields on Account and Case object using Process builder

    • 26. Second Criterion - Is Account at Risk?

    • 27. Test the complex process

    • 28. Strengths and Weakness of Process Builder

    • 29. What is an Approval Process?

    • 30. Business Scenario: Approval Process with Lightning Process Builder

    • 31. Prerequisite: Custom field on Case object

    • 32. Setup the Approval Process

    • 33. Submit for Approval Action

    • 34. Test the Business Scenario

    • 35. Calling Autolaunched Flows using Process Builder

    • 36. Overview of Autolaunched Flow UI

    • 37. Figuring out Requirements and Design for Autolaunched Flow

    • 38. Prerequisite: Creating custom object Account Plan And Account Strategy

    • 39. Creating Flow variables

    • 40. Building the Autolaunched flow in visual Workflow

    • 41. Invoking the Autolaunched flow from process builder

    • 42. Test Auto-launched flow

    • 43. Extend Lightning Process Builder with Apex

    • 44. Invocable method in Salesforce @InvocableMethod

    • 45. Business Scenario: Using Apex in Process

    • 46. Create the Apex class

    • 47. Calling Apex from Lightning Process Builder

    • 48. Test the process


About This Class

** This course is for Salesforce developers, administrators, customers and partners who want to use Process Builder to automate their business requirements by clicks not code. Whether you are new to Salesforce or you are a expert, you will be able to master Process Builder.  **

Note: This course doesn't require any programming or coding skills.

This course will acts as both a reference for the Salesforce administrator and a configuration guide for the newbie customer who want to develop an application in Salesforce without code using Process Builder. 

  1. This course covers all the features of Lightning Process Builder.
  2. This course covers real-time scenarios so that you can get a feel of working with real time business processes. 
  3. At the end of every module, you will find key points and exercises for practice.

The course is divided into multiple modules.Below is a quick overview of the course:

This 1st module, "Lightning Process Builder Basics"  covers the basics of Lightning Process Builder,actions to perform using process builder, various use cases of process builder, and we will also cover the UI for process builder.

In the second module,"Creating Simple Processes using Lightning Process Builder" we will cover some simple business processes which we will build using process builder. After completion of this module,  you will get  clear-cut idea of how to automate business processes using process builder and minimize the need for Apex code.

In the 3rd module,"Cloning a Process in Process Builder"  we will learn about how to clone a process . Once you have activated the process, it doesn't allow you to make any changes to it. If you want to make any changes to the active process, then you have to clone it and save it either a New version or a New process.

In the fourth module, "Notifications with Lightning Process Builder"  we will cover different ways of notifying people when something occurs. Lightning process builder can be used to send out notifications. We will cover business processes to send email alerts and chatter post  to notify the users. We will also see how to schedule actions in a process.

In the fifth module, "Cross-Object Updates with Lightning Process Builder" , we will wall through an example process that will work off an object and do some field updates on it. This process will also make field updates on an entirely different object that is related to it. We will be working with Salesforce in a new way that was not possible before without the aid of custom development such as an Apex Trigger. 

In the 6th module "Approval Process with  Lightning Process Builder"  we will cover approvals and how Lightning Process Builder works to augment the features already existing in Salesforce Approval Processes. In this module, we will dive into the capabilities and limitations that exist currently in Lightning Process Builder when it comes to implementing an Approval process. We will also build an example process where we implement an approval process that in the past would require custom Apex development to achieve.

In the seventh module "Calling Autolaunched Flows": Sometimes requirements become complicated and we reach the limit of what can be done in a process. At that point, though,  Lightning  Process Builder allows for other options to call out to different features of Salesforce. In this section, we will learn about how to invoke auto-launched flows from process builder. 

In the 8th module "Extend Lightning Process Builder with Apex", we will focus on how to invoke Apex code from Lightning Process Builder.

At the end of the course you will be an expert at Lightning Process Builder and you will be able to build simple to complex business processes in process Builder.