Salesforce Lightning Experience Training - Part 3 - Sales in Lightning Experience | Mike Wheeler | Skillshare

Salesforce Lightning Experience Training - Part 3 - Sales in Lightning Experience

Mike Wheeler, Salesforce Developer/Trainer with 6 Certifications

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12 Videos (1h 8m)
    • Introduction to Sales in Lightning Experience

    • Account Management in Salesforce Lightning Experience

    • Gaining Account Insights with News In Lightning Experience

    • Preventing Duplicate Accounts in Lightning Experience

    • Keeping in Contact & Corresponding With Contacts in Lightning

    • Preventing Duplicate Contacts in Lightning Experience

    • Working and Closing Opportunities in Lightning Experience

    • Increase Sales Productivity with the Sales Path in Lightning Experience

    • Introducing the Crazy Cool Kanban Opportunity Board

    • Contact Roles on Opportunities - Decision Makers, Influencers Buyers

    • Identifying Influential Campaigns on Opportunities

    • Collaborating on Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities with Chatter


About This Class

Learn how to use the new Salesforce Lightning Experience user interface efficiently.

This course introduces you to the new user interface for Salesforce - Lightning Experience. I walk you through each section and function of this new user interface to help you make the transition from the Salesforce Classic user interface. 

I have structured this course to cover the key UI components of Lightning Experience to make you productive quickly on this new interface. I cover all of the key Salesforce concepts and functions for:

  • Marketing (Part 2)
  • Sales (This Course)
  • Service (Part 4)
  • Analytics (Part 5)

Reports and Dashboards have undergone a major transformation with this new user interface. I walk you through the highlights of new report types, as well as dashboard layouts of up to 7 columns (up from the old limit of 3).

We also walk through the new sales enablement and enhancement tool only found in Lightning Experience, called Sales Path. So get up to speed Lightning fast with the Complete Salesforce Lightning Experience User Training Course!





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Mike Wheeler

Salesforce Developer/Trainer with 6 Certifications

I am the founder of, where I provide Salesforce Consulting, Development, and Training services, with a primary focus on Salesforce Certifications. I have 6 Salesforce Certifications. You can read my free Cloud Career Report and Launch Your Salesforce Career Workshop here -

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