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Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator - Online Learning

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50 Lessons (8h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. CRM Overview

    • 3. Introduction to Salesforce

    • 4. Salesforce Cloud

    • 5. Developer Edition

    • 6. Organization user setup 1- Part 1

    • 7. Organization user setup 1- Part 2

    • 8. Organization user setup Q & A

    • 9. Introduction to data Model Part 1

    • 10. Introduction to data Model Part 2

    • 11. Introduction to data Model Part 3

    • 12. Relationships between objects

    • 13. Record Types

    • 14. Data Model - Formula Fields

    • 15. Dependent pick list and field history tracking

    • 16. UI Customization Part 1

    • 17. UI Customization Part 2

    • 18. Customizing UI Q&A's

    • 19. Security and Access Part 1

    • 20. Security and Access Part 2

    • 21. Security and Access Part 3

    • 22. Business Process Email Templates

    • 23. Assignment and auto response rules

    • 24. Process Builder

    • 25. Case escalation rules

    • 26. Web to lead/case

    • 27. Workflow Actions

    • 28. Approval Process

    • 29. Sales Process

    • 30. Data Management Part 1

    • 31. Data Management Part 2

    • 32. Analytics Part 1

    • 33. Analytics Part 2

    • 34. Analytics Part 3

    • 35. Custom Report Types & Scheduling Reports

    • 36. Analytics snapshot

    • 37. Enabling Chatter

    • 38. Chatter Features

    • 39. Chatter rollout and Access Management

    • 40. Content Management - I

    • 41. Content Management - II

    • 42. Content Management - III

    • 43. Salesforce1 Mobile Part 1

    • 44. Salesforce1 Mobile Part 2

    • 45. App Exchange

    • 46. Converting Salesforce to B2C

    • 47. Activity Management

    • 48. Campaign Management

    • 49. Solution management

    • 50. Salesforce Mobile Apps and Outlook


About This Class

Acing Salesforce Advanced Administrator certification in the first try is not an easy task. But this certification training even helps a fresher comes out with flying colors. It will help you to professionally understand configuration maintenance of the Salesforce, best practices in administration, advanced features and functions used to solve various business problems.


1. Introduction: will come to Salesforce That ministry toe trying this course is for both experience than new. It means if you're starting to come into state schools as a new edge field expedient dead, me going to see for certification, this course will help you to plant store on the topics of Facebook. So next life, we're talking about safe harbor statement. So what it actually means is, as inspector, if I'm telling something completing the product features, it's based on my personal opinion. If I say this is the same for the very start, seeing his best, it's my personal opinion on I'm not tired of any party companies for anything, even in the course. If you are redirecting to any website or any link, these are just that. Body knowledge articles were redirecting which are available on the website, and we don't have any legal rights on this particular piece off our tickets. So about me, I'm 77 a leper. So I have six place years off Sales was experience being developing on the platform bean administering lots of platforms, being delivering two lots off good clients software around all these years. I'm a freelance consultant. I'm trying o on, and I have lots of certifications from state schools. I'm a certified advanced Ministry toe sacrifice develop. Oh, sanctified window. I'm after CP sanctified. So coming under the clothes, let's see how the post structured how you can benefit more from this course. So what do you expect from this course? Is a glance through or handphone stations off every all the topics that are required for the databases, who's at many straight off. So this course is designed for new sales force. That means that if you're a experience diet, a professional jumping from other platform or other CRM platform like See medical salesforce are totally Neto I t. Who want to become an administrative off States base. I was all the topics required for you on all of topics that are required for the certification for experienced professionals in sales force who just wants to glance through these topics. So if you see the slides anybody, you have a topic running over, you can find these images. The first image is about the only knowledge article. Good knowledge article President data from Salesforce on the website or some other third party on the second image is about the portions. Every topic will have a pushing announces if we stipe or sort of thing where we will be explaining off the topic, The dancers on our white is that I don't so which use your morning deep knowledge off the topic. The 3rd 1 is the important considerations. When you're designing or implementing something, what are the important points we have to take into consideration what you have to remember ? The foot is about experienced or export eight wives. So where you can find this expert advice local way? Never. Expert advice is required. So these exploit advices even comes to say, For this comes with the prospect of the instructor You have to consider them as the instructor are saying that these are the best practices of reason. Might not be idea in all the scenarios with you face doing your implementation 2. CRM Overview: next, we're going to see that change toe. Seattle What is a Seattle? CNN stands for customer relationship management software, so this helps any company to maintaining relationships with their customers to seem like the relationships with their customers. It made days everything from elite. When customers starts showing investing in your product, that can be so from that point to where you convert them toe opportunities where you sell your products to the customer, then the opportunities after you send the products. If they haven't having any issues, they retake the mass cases. All these from marketing campaign leads, opportunities, accounts. All these data is being tracked. That single point of softly called Seattle softly so Sierra pools. All these data on helps you to maintain a relationship with your customers, then starting point to the ending point So the CNN Soft days might be different. But the major, the main goal off this year and software is to help you maintain your relationship with your customers on coming onto the date I hold. All these data leads camp marketing campaigns, opportunities, account, find cases, knowledge articles We'll see when we died much depart into the course. What are all these objects are What is all this data? For example, what is a What is an opportunity on what is the case? That they have their own significance in Seattle? Once we diving much deeper into the pose, we'll see what all this is. Then there are two types off C. Adams B to B and B to C Sierra. What does me to be and be seen? Mito Billions business to business and b the scenes business toe custom. So there might be two types of companies where other companies for the clients off you, that means custom myself. You so another business that the company is playing off you. So that's you have to crack the customer data off yours, which is typically any other business. It have it all contacts conduct company to you pretty have to manage on its own opportunities, its own products, everything. So this is a beautiful second type of C. Adams B. To see me to see stands for business to customers. So very inclined is actually your customer. It's an individual. So the individual will be It's like a contact or you just brought some off your product. The best example of this might be Internet service for a while. So the minute service providers okay, they know their services can provide the services to individual customer or to a business entity, so the business entity will be tracked as a business. It had told contact persons where the address off the business. Look off the Internet service really interacted with you that is the Internet service provider. Or if you are having a grand manor house, you will become a customer. Toe the company. So these are two types of Seattle that are available so business to business on business to customer once we dive into salesforce. Salesforce is basically a business to business, but this could be converted to business to customer. See, and I'm also we'll see. Guess later in number. Of course. Next. If you see the Seattle is available, there are lots of good see atoms like Sieben Safe Schools. Joe Exeter. So all these C atoms, as we discuss the main goal, is to help you toe help the company to maintain its relationships with his customers. So how do you choose a sierra that better fits your company? That depends upon your business names How much you want to pay, what we just your reply and what flexibly requiring a software. These all features in constant on you will by any type of this CIA, for example, it becomes the Salesforce Salesforce's cloud based, cloud based main cities on demand available All you employees in your company, they can access salesforce on mobile. They can access on the Internet. So what's your by salesforce and set it up to your business process and exports. It's available on demand sold on its creature. That is, you can handle your sales process and this process marketing courses on it helps collaborating. All these different beans like sales t subway steam marketing team fire chatter. So, considering all these feature states forces considered the number one CR invite now as I mean, this is safer. But but it's considered the best. See, I am available to it to the end, its cloud based. So here we have a knowledge article, as discussed. The symbol or the local just resembles that we have a knowledge article here. We can navigate through this link on CIA Sierra Handbook. How I didn't buy Salesforce on the website. So what does this. On the contrary, it helps you toe decide. The features replied for you, whether your business really twice a CR that decision point really have to make that. Yes, the business is lacking. Some may be needed. Sierra toe all over customer data. That's where we go on. See that we need this year. Let's never get to this neck and see. So they had navigated to this link and it's opening of the year. So it gives introduction to see Adam Science your company really needs this year. So it's easy to make a decision that has accompanied it. Needs the Sierra on how Sierra improves the productivity off Europe sales team. So we steam marketing to you everything. So again, this is a safe. What book? This is a video of a book provided by Salesforce on. We're just navigating you for the link You 3. Introduction to Salesforce: Let's get started at ST Paul's. So what? The sense door? What we have covered two hours. The war. What they see as Miss What. Cloud computing years now coming onto. Salesforce dot com. Salesforce don't come in. The CIA pitches Trout based, So Cloud based C. Adams off. So it's a Sierra blast. It's a cloud computing, so it have its benefits off. See, I have it benefits off. Come field, I'm It's much more Dennis Fear. It's a very creature. It's like you have your celebration, Chloe. Have a sales clouds of this cloud on. We didn't see all this morning. Next thing is my tenant architecture. My detain it. Architecture is one of the important topics when it comes to cloud computing. So let's see what's multi tenant architecture when you go for on premise Softly, we have seen discussed this that you maintain your own So you R one database database over one application server with this application is delivered to internally or externally company to your company. Has there been based soft, then value considered this in the cloud environment. The cloud vendor who is giving you don't so obvious you purchase will have his own sores on a different set up, where he will be delivering the services toe a number of companies which are climbs to him . So you are. You'll all become tenants for him. Tenants to that particular software, which is running on his sores on his delivering dot us always to, for example, just for store sense for your convenience, Bison's was, You won't have your own Salvato states when dot com you won't have your own several for the data, which you want to store on ST dot com. What you get is Internet based CRM service, which you can set up your users customize and start using. So all Saints was dot com clients will be accessed, or the services will be delivered to all things for good compliance from the same data centers off states. So you will become the tenants to salesforce dot com database data centers with their serving the application or service point. So what does this mean? This means that you will use the same networking intra sexual, the same summary infrastructure, everything all saying instead off going. But the sames individual service, the ones sales was one set up into it just like this for you. So you're sharing on a dog. Teams available on the sense was data centers like network stories, everything as attendance in an apartment where you share the elevator, the parking spaces, everything. So this is called my Did you become a tenant to the cloud publication? So what does this really implies, or what does this really means to you? So all the date of the different clients will be saved on the same several. Does that mean it's not secured? No, it's definitely very secured on. We will see under how it's the securities taken care. We will see in the later point in this course. But what does that means? You can't keep on legalizing or the services on stop. Other are hang up that we are slow down. The services are your opinions. That means in a women's language, you can park your car in, turned off your apartment's gate and stop other tenants of the apartment getting here. It's as simple as that. So you have some limits 4. Salesforce Cloud: So when you made the decision to buy Salesforce, you didn't really have to decide which CRM process you have to implement. Whether it's a safe steel. You want help in your company to use the states for softly or you want to use salesforce. But you were customer care representative Use. Oh, you want to seem like marketing, so these are typical major processes with your chores. There are different other things also, but these are the three major typical process, which you have to decide upon, so these are typically called as clouds in states for sales cloud service cloud. So let's see what we have in this clouds. So we have a knowledge article. Hell, I saw. Let's goto salesforce dot com on go toe products. So we have sales Claudio. So he's cloud on market. So marketing clothes measurably helps you to do campaigns, whether it's a male country or there is no options for doing bulk email on everything but their options, it has its own features, which we have to check out on C 60. Quite don't whether it's to help me with the features we require. Our Home Start party integration courses required so it will help you to Dracul social campaigns, email campaigns and said Mrs Everything. So managing your ads that we so ad campaigns everything can be a part of might be in town. So if you want oh, implemented software to help your marketing team, you typically go for marketing club. Once you do this campaigning, you will get the details of the people who showed interest in your product. So these are called leads, so leads are difficult with people who are interested in your products. I saw these leads are required for your sees Steve Toe for work, make cold calls and convert them into opportunities, opportunities or something, which is the revenues and rating in salesforce like you go for Customer is interested in buying a member of your exploits on you. Create opportunity for him by them. So you attack your customer de dates, Mr. Business. Why I called on the contacts will be Children to come off that business, not on what they need, what they opportunity. Then we have other management system to manage your orders. I typically have products and price books, but I thought you keep all your products on meeting all your products, then you have price books. Vice books are where you make in the prices of the products. So all of this comes into saints God. So let's say your customer has but some products off your off. You and he received them in a broken package they're typically not working on. These are some issues. So how you what he will do? He will approach you, tell you that there is some issue the product. So how do you manage this case for cases issue that your customer his face. Which product? So this navigates you from states about the service, very customer support. He will take it off the cases on result cases off your customers. And they do cross selling that the difference part of the story again. So this is how you didn't mind which process off saves force or which which process off Sierra you want to implement. Based on that, you will decide on parties the cloud and you don't they say it's not a marketing cloud. Are Saints Club our marketing cloud service cloud on salesforce that you want to buy Once you decide on the cloud you want to buy then you have in every cloud something, which is called additions. Addition, is typically how Salesforce sells its licenses. So there is, like, unlimited really shit underpriced lightning on integration, Lightning and preservation Professional Edition on Sierra Started So what does that mission ? So addition typically determines what creatures off that particular club that you have decided saves Cloud service cloud or marketing club, which you have some wind, which are out of the books available on what you can do are what I don't see can choose friends. So that's how you choose an addition. And the more feature rich you want, the more pricey. So if you see the same cloud additional, see you, you have all these features on. Difficult to start indicates it's available as one day available in states was classic on it. People start requests say's that it's available as an adult. So if you want to use sales for C P. Q. It's available as an Adam in enterprise. Additional sales force saves, so you choose the addition. Cost use. Choose the process you have implement. They don't know you will determine the cloud. You have reporters and then, in addition, you have purchased, So the addition of the cost will be deter mined by the initial choose for you. So once you choose the club on the addition, so you're going to stop walking on this on start implementing the same. So now we understood how approaches its closing, which you need. What is editions of Salesforce? Second thing is, it's not just you have. You can punches on the six cloud service you can typically, what about the licenses and use them as a part of same application? I mean, the same anyone made are you can choose to company different environments off Salesforce. One is sits on that is for service. Are you feel it's good for collaborating? All these teams together marketing cloud sales cloud and his cloud in a single egg on men on. Everybody can study using the same application, but you can differentiate based on if it's a marketing user. Here, you have the permission to you see the marketing creatures. If he's a sales user, you love access only to the same spot of the application. That's how you but is. You didn't mind the clouds on the party. I just 5. Developer Edition: Let's see what's develop a traditional face when you decided partying Salesforce. You can go to any additional sales force on the cloud you get on my sales force and you couldn't sign up for a trial addition on Start practicing for this particular course. The thing here is you need some environmental practices other than triangulation. Sales was. Use your pre off cost addition of tradition, which consists off all the same service or what on the features off faithful dot com Open the box with a few licenses on a small amount of stories like five before before, find storage. You're a experience dead on you want to just see some topic? Don't change the nice addition for you, which you can sign up. Keep it up as flee for life. Look flatter than you do it. Something in the trial irrigation and the time expires on the 30 days, so it's good to practice on the preparation. So let's see. How do we typically sign up for salesforce? Available tradition So typical. Even purchasing sales force you have tow coordinates. States is negotiate with them for the best price rather than signing up on the website so you would have a contact with Salesforce when you have some issues with your dog. So typically piece Carl Icahn patient who can approach when it was something is required for you. Those It was, uh, music on days and days, even though you will sign up for himself. But for the negotiation purposes, it's always good to contact them before negotiate on the price. It's small. Keep your s. The prices can be no word big less than the ones not good on the left side. It depends on the number off, but things What you do when talking to the Salesforce isn't like, obviously, when negotiations skates. But the years of commitment you do them on the number off licence is required can slightly lower your prices. One, he stood on the website. Just a tip for you. So let's see how we sign up for a developer tradition off saying, Let's go to develop about salesforce dot com and let's click on Sign up and before going to sign up, let me show you some good things. Wouldn't have you. We have all the products seal. I have something called Try Head trying. Head is a new way off Salesforce making a learning experience greed for you so you can go toe choose any if you want me at me. You know many intermediate develop a beginner if you want to be develop odor intermediate and you just choose any of this module. All right, You just we throw all these articles on before the dashboards and digs mortally so all these topics depend upon the morning chores on the grating. Here is you can leak the trial Head to your safe schools work on do hands on exercises on every topic Say it's was guilty Creases are exercises for you so we can logging in to try to kill a tradition Stop black So I head is a new experience off learning 6464 So it's a good way to know Start learning the time It then we have books T sheets. What books? Everything. They have to certification. Don't say schools. Where do you find all the certification? Resources typically work certification that I don't radio certifications which you can sit on Goto sign up for gallop by additional states force. So we're clicking on sign up. We get a form to fill up missing crew motto to fill this up automatically so developed for company campus. So we choose it using fill in, uh, great campus dot com. So what this typically means is you can use the same email, but you can have any number. Use any means you can choose. You can sign up between a number of devil for a reason, but the thing here is your user name should be. Reason you sneak across space force. What does that mean? So if you'll sign up with this, you can do the same using any of the states for our emissions clouds. Whatever you're signing up, so you're email. Your user name is unique, so I can choose seven on campus dot com. If I sign up with this, for example, let's Candido someone at salesforce dot com features as a user in a sales slowed incrimination off. But there is a typical different environment we use for Service Cloud. I can't do the same using that's home. Uh, salesforce become minds who you are so guest signing up a bit. I have received the email on my Gmail, so let's wait a few seconds before. Yeah, so you see did here. So we'll receive email like this will come email on with the user name and we have just click this link. So we find that the Algerian person I have become a possible So I'm doing a passport. So just it's a good question where I'm born. I'm just looking changed passport. So this is a new user interface of sales for school lighting, which is very Neil covering Lightning is over for for this cause. So we go back to Salesforce Classic. You just click on my user. I call c Suite to Salesforce Classic. So this is how a typical salesforce look like. So we are in a position. This is where you can use this father were acquisitions in this training. So this is how we have seen how to sign up for the tradition. No getting together, way to stop black decent. Then let's see some questions choosing the salesforce additional deter mined by the CIA process. God needs to be implemented. So what this implemented within the company. So what discussion is telling is you choose addition off salesforce, depending upon the Sierra process you want that's, like, really want implement the same process also Presupposes depending on that, you would choose an additional, but that that's not cut. Why? Because developing, we choose the same club, whether it's sales louder. So it's called a marketing club you want implement beyond by depending upon the Sierra process we want to implement. So Edition is something which is the leader point. Once you decide in the cloud, then you choose based on the licenses of the features. So not the license of what features you require but you select submit product. Next unlimited addition off salesforce is better because it's not a post. So gonna limits is part of architecture off part of money region in our protection, which is architectural salesforce applications. So whatever, Eddie. Sure you buy upsets. Whether it's night and day lighting enterprise like any professional writing started, it's Does it give you any benefit off by passing these gonna limits? But the colonel limits or slightly relaxed on the Pope edition? Stop mentions. I mean the radiation, they become more stricter down. That's that in accession, it's likely there. But doesn't you your any option to buy bus going minutes? So we're celebrating. This is falls again, clicking summit that's got So that's home we have seen. This concludes, the more your salesforce dot com So then we will typically diving into Salesforce and see what's. 6. Organization user setup 1- Part 1: So the next topic here is organization on user set up. So you decided on the cloud you want We decided on a mission you want unfortunately decided on Salesforce to buy. Now, once you buy Salesforce, how do you set up? What are the first days you have to take? The first thing is you set up your organization or company something called us Company profile set up the next thing you set up your users and exports. So in the last article we have can I signed up for the coalition? So this is the user interface that looks up for the end user when he sees states was dot com This is how it looks up. So I signed up on this is how typically so we have seen what leads account contacts, opportunities dive into this much. But first of anybody just salesforce What they typically do this There's something called this set up here. The set of options will be only visible to us. So this is the set of mail there. Most of the admin job is focused on. You can call everything here like a business process like a or the definition did the base creation nor data definitions. Business processes you. I want not everything from the second. So let's go and see here. Something called us Company. Little Fire. Look in the company profile. We have a few things Seeing a doctor. Let's select campaigning for me. So what does this mean? See, this means when you're signing up, would information you have entered the organization need the family contact for this organization? So we never said one stick on you for something with the primary contact on its better to fill in undersea as well. Once it's always better to get all the information that you can fill up almost 100% of the information on this page. So we have a dress you and we have, ah, options. Like veritable organization leads in single currency of different currencies, which means in Let's go to the edit pays off this on, See what have you So the typical unders boxes they have the before looking the before locators, for example. Very companies located us us in India, but it also defense in the case. Off immense is your company. My headquarters might be on. Your teams are all over the globe like your India, Asia, Pacific, Australia what not every day So this year. What it chooses. Very what business is being held surface so inside of us. And if you want Chinese with multiple currencies, it's just dollars $2 or in the nucleus, the typical currency choose, but that the default currency will choose you. But if it's multiple currencies into this option, you say that we have currencies. So if you want no question you got to see right now and hi notices. Abort system maintenance wouldn't kiss me. So whenever the reason maintaining his window coming up, maybe next weekend. A couple of weekends later. Salesforce, when you log in typically shows you a scream that gets you to a screen showing every user that window. So whether we want to show that meeting, your studio users are not maintaining that the system is not available to always during a weekend. If you want that made it, it's to be displayed on north. So yes, I have been here that you want to make it, I'm sure. Then you just can't CDO So what are the typical information you have seen here currencies before currency before time everything. Then here we have something called as salesforce organization I with a sense whose organization idea years. So when you sign up for any addition off Salesforce, you have the organization ID So this is how you might break and architectural were restricted to the date up only in organizations signed for example, many of signing into this organization. You are identified by this organization. Data from other organization ideas is restricted to you This is how to handle on. Do you have all the licenses that are available so much? Dive deeper into licenses guest off days So we have so many licenses you can set up for you . You can use my taking of the users on. We have so many types off licences like creature licenses For Mason said Licenses everything kind of leader you have available and they want to find space used Army requests coming not accessing You read out from the back It's all this is in the company informations Good to have all your full name Waas faxes All the information company immediately Once is paying for that and also scores. Then you have something called us fiscal year. What does fiscally on me. So this is typically how you track so it can be start off every month on end off. So you chose the ending months of the starting mind that option instead of the month in which you won't start into it. So this is how a typical financial year is different. But if your fans get is quite complex like character three months in the first quarter, three months in the second quarter for five months, last quarter's. So this is how you have to choose go for custom fiscal years on. Choose the option on enable custom fiscally is, for example, it's well, you can't go back once in a custom school years, so you have to make your decision wise. Besides, see if you have your four plus 45 So, for we can define the months also like four months, five months, so very customized financial. You can define what we're still standing. Scalia. It did because starting John I would be sent, so that's how it's gonna keep it then business. That was what the business of the signature so business of a signify typically what time your business operates like a grew up in the morning till 50 clock in the evening on 90 clock in the morning toe phobia. So that Israeli defense So you have a default business I was defined on. You have any number of business of us defined like if you're MNC and have typically different business, I was in a different business of us. UK different us. You can defend all any witnesses. This helps you getting this many so many implementations like case implementations tracking us. It is everything. So they can choose the customers of what isn't into the business hours. On a case that kids next you have your holidays defined. So one of the holiday is coming up this year. I have the language civics so you can choose English or any off the anybody like hand using life languages like sensible stick on the platform languages which you have. But I will end the licenses Second, you can choose any of them to be available. So company information, fiscally Oh, business overs, holidays, language. All these your company 7. Organization user setup 1- Part 2: So we have seen what information is required for the company profile and why keep it updated every time I It's really important to keep the company information updated on what information have relationships. You have the licenses. What you used on this will be partof company. Go for next. We'll see hocus It amuses insane so you'll go toe man is users, users anything click on me. So when setting up news that has already discussed yes, should be different are unique toe the entire states was organizations. You sign up, sign up so and what of the mandatory things? So you have all these mandated things to be filled of amazing remote off Leo. So we can All this needs to be filled and not to mention really important things that Amanda two years license license. We'll help you choose the profile. Choosing a profile is dependent on the license ITU's but that user you'd also be building license it when the user. So the addition pricing pricing would have seen on the spicing is the cost of the same source licences. But under licences like I've indicated my car for only $5 a month. Come back to Salesforce Service Cloud, which on an annual tradition, my costume dollars. But it is a month. So the license in the head help you? No, you access to the features that using needs so you have to choose. Your license is very wily that only the features that are immediate user so that he can. There is no need to pay more for users who are not using that features. So if he's a identity used is that you're using sales for just, you know, being a successful video. But systems identity license my help my cross to 15 to 25 to $10 use a month using the same goes for nations might cost a few dollars. So you choose licenses wise. When you're setting up user on, that helps you to choose a profile, misses again and have a whole which is so have a deep dive into the roles and profiles major point of time. When we were discussing on the internal security off date off the organization and they specified altogether be dropping by itself. But you have all this, then we have something called as the Time June located off the user. What does this mean? So you have a system, which is default time? John on a user can have is all times, for example, from the system. Before engineering, choose the pants off your head very well. Headquarters is based, like in years, but uses time. June is like where he is. Please don't like in India are beauty or us, so it might be different from the company's before Tangguh on this cuts it. It has the user to see the times in his own format. I live logging us, other users, different kinds. You could see the times in his own angel. So some everyone sitting also go to the door seconds approval process process so guests can see. You know, the honest report. Relations is what humanity steps. You have to take care when setting up user uses also at the same time, difficult choosing license. And I want users to replace since we moved all this information. So it's giving you clear licenses you have left to make your budget deficient. So when you go to the usually have some options like and it shooting possible. But let me use it, just bring this division user, you can see options like I did. They use it. It contains something on this user. Then you have something for this freeze. So there are two options like freezing a user and deactivating the user. So what does freezing a user me so salesforce one to set up a user. You can't believe anything you can do is you can deactivate it so you can't be activated usual if he has used some minorities, a woman off some business poses which you will see a big point of time business processes. But having said that, let's take a scenario into consideration. Like employee has living organization to be a part of business is usually going right. But we have to stick to the complaints, is off your organization and have to do this. So what they do is they just freeze the use of loving in the application. But please But so we have pleased the activation, but you can delete it. This public mandatory things hero profile hold licences. So we have so many licenses off salesforce, which you can choose from, like safe schools dot com license with pugilist license, then your salesforce platform license chatter license. We have included in knowledge article slight, which you can go so you cannot on this shoes the license, which typically need meets the basic cutting. So that's that, how you choose so this. If he's good, somebody would have covered on to the scene. Seattle What is the Seattle modification? What is cloud computing having 20 cloud safe schools? What will decide on which cloud you need? Which initially, then how you said that your company profile on how you set up user, since its force on what are the different types off licences available for users and how you would be charge based on the licenses chance. 8. Organization user setup Q & A: before closing off the organization and the users set of more. Let's see some questions based on the topics we have covered in this morning. First question is company profile. Section off safe schools and deserves to define a single set off business hours, which are common for all locations off your company. True old forts. So let's see how business hours we have defined in states. Let's go toe company profile section So busy Company profile section in there Let's go to business hours. So we have default business. I waas defined you and we can add new business of us. So typically what this means is as covered in the model we could do. Find any number of business of us and typically, if your company's located in multiple locations like us, UK, India, Australia so you should have business of us for all days. And the client who is working so the the customer represented you support representative who is working on a case Good change, the business always associated with that case. So they said, let's all made off with three. It's just an example Business office used in salesforce, but difficult to answer this question What does this mean? S You can define any number of business hours as quiet for your company. So this question is saying, Do find a single set off business hours, but it's not a single set off. Business was we can define any search of business business business hours. So the answer is false. Submitting it has forced Denver containing the next question, which is unique when setting up the user in Salesforce. So when you're sitting on the user in sales fools, what is the unique? Did you have set up so email address which, ideally, discussion means what is unique across all the users you're setting up, So email address is the first option. The question is leaving. So can you set up to users in a sense course organization having the states having the same email address? Yes, it's got. It can have seen images for to use us. Can you have profiled to use the same profile? Yes, provided use. A profile can be assigned to any number of users next using. Yeah, we have already discussed this. They using him is in big across four and we don't minutes off salesforce. I mean, if you're working for 10 clients and you have ah 10 to 15 organization in adornment of Salesforce. You should have typical different user. What did that mean? There is a concept. Sandboxes also result of car tied to a production organization. But the user name should be different from your production in government. The sandbox tournament with the same schools so use the name is always unique. So this is the correct answer for this question. I mean similar profiles roles. Also, you can ascend any number of users to a single drone, so this is also correct. Answer. So roles profiles we love. Dig deeper and see what they are. The security more more fuel off. This course Emailer does is obviously we have seen email address is mandatory toe sign of a user, but it's not in it. It's user name that's unique. So here's the name. Get cooking and taking one summit. So with this, we typically conclude the organization on use a set of Mordor on this course 9. Introduction to data Model Part 1: So the next model of discourse will be introduction to data. Let's consider any software applications were building. So what does that typically any enterprise levels off application? What does a difficult country store? Your data? Daniel, Business office, then the user interface, which you use users and uses with contracted obligation. So we have, Ah, the data later to be defined. Then you business process to be defined. Then do you off all this there is one more important contained that security. You cover security, you will total application. So let's see, what is database My database. What data On everything in this particular model. So what is data? So data might be difficult. Anything like you would employ Ugo the number of employees. We have a community designed bridge on the phone numbers, everything which may have to store all this information into a database. So how do you say that? So defining database table objects capable salesforce. You don't. This is like a spreadsheet. You have the columns as the fields you call in the gate of this object. So the columns will have the email addresses names typically the type of data from the store in that spreadsheet and then you have rose, which is actually data. So if you can What that radio is. How software database. It's objecting Salesforce. They need object. We have something called us feeds. Fields are columns and these feeds objects and feeds or access in the U. N ao Bye and user on the reader is feeling contacts, deeds, accounts, everything. So all this is quite so, what kind of data we are talking about right now is within the scope of discourse. Is the CIA data we have seen already? What is starting campaigns needs accounts and ending with your cases off orders if it's the same process. All this typical CRM data is included in any CNN obligation, and it also depends on any custom process with you handling. For example, if you're from financial industry assigning like a banking process where you have to collect all the cave I see document know your customer documents before signing off for eco before granting echo. So you might be handling that gave I see process in the Sierra. So you need that gave. I see data. So the standard it stand CRM data there is custom. So how we all keep defined. This database objects on the table with objects typically in salesforce. So how do you define these objects that feels no jack? Load the data into salesforce and loading or migration off different, More again, cost. We will see how this data. Then I didn't see the securities data migration and finally to the evidence. That is how it has been structured. Now let's focus on data mining. The data did of this concept on understanding the date of this concept. So what is an object and object is similar to a bit of the stable. All it was spreadsheet with columns or fields on object defines the type of spreadsheet. For example, employees One spreadsheet on your customers, one spreadsheet. So it's called objects and Salesforce really feels an object. So let's see. Let's go to our signs down a tradition where we have signed up, uh, good to know, developed Saudi big customize and see what we have here. We have something called a Leeds accounts, opportunities, quotes for gas. All these contracts orders critics price groups. All these are standard on Jackson Issiar closest, which you can use. So let's go toe econs So if you go to Echo owns feels we'll find all the feeds. The columns in your stretch It very have all the fields. This is how the objects are. Deter mined on their feeds. Then what about if you want to create some custom database type rather than a consulate gave a C process we're talking about that's going to create objects. Can you find a new custom object? Hell, let's call this que what you see, process on blue label for this will be cave. I see. Let's call the Dickie Racy processes and you have to deter mined this mannitol feelings single feel when you were creating the object that can be off type ordo nimble or text. So what does order nimble, not animal means, but every raw data you insert an object you create Salesforce automatically generates and number. Oh, it's gonna be a any format which typically off this. So it will be called K Y C 00 100 starting number. We cannot What did hell. So whenever he created give, I see record the order number will be generated like a I see as we're starting it. Oneto fight. It will be gave. I see I found 145 If I see one for six, give I see one toe. I found 1 to 7. Like that. Order numbers are generated for each role. Peter recorded daytime, so it can be difficult. Text very won't enter it manually or an auto nimble. Let's go for the number and click. And we have other options like they want this to do analytics. That's create off reports and dashboards on this activities. All this will be called in the next upcoming models off this course on a lot of chatter. Rubes, stack feel, history, everything. We call it in the next more details so but that this is still in development or you want to be accessible where users on had notes and attachments on launch. New custom visa. We'll come back to this just clicking safe here. Let's go for a text. Three for no and save this maybe question speech. And I know this one time basic process like she Okay, we suppose this name text Hillary puddings a lot activities you can see. So this is how you define objects on how you differentiate how you define your custom objects, and you have a standard objects how you would only display the object standard objects that are required for your process for users. How the control access to the object on door well done the next upcoming more deals. 10. Introduction to data Model Part 2: So we have seen what isn't objective mediator. Morning. What is data on? What is an object? Do you have this more than next? See, How do we create a custom or get like gave? I see Closest. Then we have something called standard feeds for every object you create in saints was there they're, like created by lost. Modified by? Well, no. So what do these difficult? I mean, these are standard feels for any record you create like these understanding columns in which are filled up automatically for example creating a role created by your name on lost qualified by but some other Could you go if you was modifies The data lost, modified by name will come up with his knee when wineries very important field insane forced The security calculation is done Please don't wanna be rather than created by and lost modified by field So we'll discuss much further on one feed When we moved to the security How the sick You don't hurt themselves Calif Greater insights was based on the wonderful record. So these are the standard feels in any object they which you should wear off which are used for auditing purposes then we have seen creating custom objects already. Then let's see one of the types off custom fields we can create in any object. So the standing the objects which we get that keep them safe for skin on to be customized. You can also create custom creeds under standard or pixel. So So let's goto custom object. So typically, because standard off access that the customize mail. And if it is just custom object, you will love access that some objects from the creator. So let's go to the fields on a gun, gone custom fields and relationships and click on me. So what does this? It doesn't do this to select the type of feed we want to create. So were to select the type of data you want feeling into the particular problem, our field. So whether it's auto number, we have discussed daughter number concept just now. And if it's a formal, what does Formula specifies you put in some form of each canonical age the difference between two days of something like that, and that's also automatically populated on screen. So we'll come up toe rollup. Somebody look up on external Luca. All these feeds at a later point off time. Let's focus on the typical data types to have a check box option. Currency option date Did your time. You meet Geo location. This is the deal location how you use the latitudes and longitudes and Google. So the geo location type can be my number percent days for big list. Next X Stadio, 68 year long. So the difference is the size and exterior riches For African added medias Andi Tech studio you have a 55 characters off men in the next area long you have dented even key characters Long a round box made me. Then you have rich waiting can add majors and door then encrypted. So we come to the concept of encrypted in just a second and you have your medical siblings can be stored so you can select any off this. These are typically supported data types and say its force. You can select any off the option I'm selecting Number York were just going now getting to the next screen next just like this as cost to drink. So we have different attributes here like required, unique external. I'd So what do you meanwhile required is whenever you're feeling a whole data, this particular field or column off a spreadsheet is always with unique means. It's always unique across this data object. For example, using email toe identify the users in email application you mentioned unique all the users that come into human sign up. So if you want that to be enabled, begin any unique hold. So then Externalizing externalize. You can typically mark three feeds on external ID's in Salesforce Project. So what does this external idea mean? Is anybody or loading data? For example, you are loading. You are employee data from an external system where you are from an external system. How do you tell Salesforce to identify that this is a duplicate or not? Is you're updating your employees, for example, so you won't tell a field that identified the information based on this, that we have a date or create So external ID's are those fields which act as a mapping elements between the victim, I thought body systems and safe, especially now used. We've been doing data migration activities so you can choose the default value for this like joke of mine are you can use this difficult Formula Capital before running for this field. We're diving into formulas and validation rules in a bit, but these are the options that are available on your feet selling this one click next. Next. It will ask you which all the profiles it have access to uncover this nude as it is for now in a security model of this switch. Then we have you covered this in the upcoming more deal off white customization. But he does. It is now and see, so we have cost to relieve. Now let's go to the take on stab and click on not any of the cones on the in. The developed tradition, says was, typically gives you some sample data, has been practicing anything. Let's no such for control if I end up cost to training, so we have cost to renew here, typically made this as a member for having some member states. So this is how the Russo later lamented our concert actors. India's typically, what you're doing as an administrator is you want just you don't just defining the date of this entities on the columns you have on your new theory is accessing them by using interface and the date off those they want, and one more is once it defined the heat activity. If you have some legacy data, it's obviously that job in a minute. I mean in upcoming Morgan's. But this is how the feeds are. Didn't I feel so created on a custom object in the same manner, customer vehicle standing up? Then we have seen field attributes like unique, required external I D. 11. Introduction to data Model Part 3: so introduction toe data More in this morning. We have seen what is data. How creating object. What understand it all kicks with this custom objects. And what does distended freeze out of customize standard object Custom freeze into a standard object or a custom object on what are the routes that feed? Next, we'll see. What is encryption So many off the industries, like especially the financial in the street, request you. You encrypt feed rich is in the database, so you can you have to choose the field to be encrypted at the date of its living, so it's not compromised our security bases, like typically great God number. So productive since was for whites two types off options here. One is creating a text and gripped it, freed, so it gives you the option to include. For example, let's call this a credit card number leant off trendy max and mosque type. What do you I mean by mosque type is whether you want the mosque all characters from not being visible, but they uses so encryption. What induces venue? Injury. 16 Did great card number. It changes the field visibility two mosques like asterisks, so it is a our mission in profiles. It's It is called visible. You encrypted data permission so that permission needs to be enabled on the profile with much come into that concept off profiles on a security model of this course. But you just always having the view. Encrypted data permission can build up encrypted data. If they're not having the viewing precipitated permission, they will see the data as asterisks. So what this is asking is, Do you want the mosque? All characters, that is defense. All things by asterisks, so that are lost. Four characters or Cleo or it's a typical agreed card number format our national incidence nimble. So it will have. You can choose the format how you won't go. No, this So whether you want to replace by access our pastors So within a national insurance number, everything will be masked like this. The great god number last four digits are clearly visible. Social incidents number our country. Any of these options Did you see the example you. So this is one option to encrypt the fields that is called classic encryption and states. Salesforce has recently launched something called us says she'd which is black form encryption so black from encryption do it out of scope off discourse to be covered in a Broadway. But what reduce you is reduced ability to increase at the platform level, but they don't live in the data in your organization. On the standard creeds under custom apps, standard objects in the custom object basically accounts, contact and everything, so you can know it depends on now. What is the actual requirement? Business requirements. So we just appeal. You can go for the classic encryption, but you want to use. We got a bigger level. You can go for black form encryption. So let's see some questions before around removed with other toppings in the data model on objecting states forces similar to database entity, which provides feeds for holding the saints. So what this question is saying is on or off. Different Salesforce is similar. Database entity, which provides feeds for holding, did in sales. Yes, that's true objects in states for so similar to database tables we took. This is not a standard objecting sales for so in typical Sierra close as we have seen, we have accounts. We don't have customers. Guns and customers are typically the scene. You track all business customers. There's accounts have needs the people who are interested in our products. You have opportunities. We shouldn't have any generating, like the number of products were setting the customer. You have cases where the attack issues on the products with your customers. So customers is not in a data base into standard entity in this year, and crosses this spring brings us to the next topic off this course. We have seen how you don't mind how to create objects in database in Salesforce. But how do you create relationship between objects and salesforce? So sales? Who's gives you two options to create relationships between objects? So let us see and it doesn't go to the custom object gave a supposes, which we have created the objective find. Let's look objects, find a key policy process and let me click a new. So defining the relationship is like creating a new feed on the Children. So basically, between two relationships very look up or must of detail. So look up. Relationship creates a relationship that links to objects or master detail, creative relationship that links to objects. So what? They typically mean what is the difference between a master detail on the look up, the maximum number off fields that are allowed on object mustard detail. Relationships are so an object can have only two masters. But we have look up relationships. You can create 25 million objects there. It is mandatory. So any change record when you were entering. If you create on it, any Children get creative master leading relationship when you are entering. Recording the chilled object apparently is, but the parent is not magically. What does this tell us? If Master is deleted off, re enter the data but example, you give it. EC owns the incidents associated with that account party, so it's period is mandatory for the change to survive. But it's not true. In the case, off owner of the period determines the security details off the records. So typically, what happens when you create a master detail relationship is you don't have a winner field on change. What does this say? Sees the wonder of the masterpiece teacher at the corner of the Children. So one a place a significant role when calculating the security over to see much deeper when record the security model of discourse. But what this typically means is Master did ill relationship master controlled the access to the Children. Cords. Parent and chill records have independent security in look up relationship so you'll have one or feel both and parent andan shade. So Bend and Change Board have Independent Warner's independent access levels. Everything so standard objects cannot be detailed side of the custom object as master, so you cannot create a custom object as a parent or a master custom. Standard object. So what does this mean is you cannot create I standard object on the detailed side off. The custom object as master on users and leads cannot be the master side as well, so you cannot create a master details relationship at all on the use errantly objects. Lookups can be created on standard objects. 12. Relationships between objects: the next topic will be seeing in relationship is rollup. Somebody feels love. Somebody feeds or are only available. Master DD relationship. Let's see what's rollup. Somebody feels it is good or tradition. It does good. Qiwei. See process off. We're in the Casey process orbit. Create new custom fields screen. And that's how I didn't muster did relationship Next time kicking next going and I'm thinking next. Then we have Do create, Give the fighting. I'm writing this as Roll it up somebody gimble So here it is, giving you a option off hearing settings. Select the minimum access level required on master record to create our So what does the minimum access level that is required on the masto to create or edit the related detailed records so well? Celik read, write and rebating tingles and not Mark. Then we love Gordon next so freely names Wong accent pieces. Good, good. You could be next. He's even ward profiles clicking on the next one. So we have no a mustard seed innovation ship between the cave A C process object on account object. So let's click on new custom field again. Now we will have the so the roll up. Somebody feels will be available on a conductor. Let's go get Please. You just don't select. Roll up somebody Next, do more. No, somebody We're going next. So what does love somebody? So what? This gives you summarize dropped it so I can't be master of both opportunities and cave. I see process so you can select any off the details Object, Some sort of thinking racy process you then it is giving me the options off. So what does this mean is on any account can display the number off change for the number of cave. I see records that are depend that are on the count off of a city cause that are present on that echo on the details. For example, in a typical banking crosses you have submitted number off your documents Like I disapprove . National diploma All these documents in the cave I see process toe open a bank account. So we want to have the count of the documents you have submitted on the car. So this is the easiest way off doing this Rather than going for a programming on getting quieting for all those records, getting counting those records and displaying them under so they roll up. Somebody feel helps you in giving you the count some minimum and maximum on the parent master level from the detail. So if you are celebrating any other option other than the count like me, Mac, some you have also select the feed Vic. You have to calculate the minimum or maximum spate on so some option. You can use it here because it supposes don't have any number. You create some number field on the basic process you can use that feeds to some of the number field on display. The cut some off That number feeds off all the detailed records on display. Mondo Master. So you can determine the criteria also for holding somebody, for example, you were difficult evasive process. Once the role of somebody feels off only the U. S. Documents off time where the key way see document type is selected as us. So you will have a field day mind on Casey process type. You select and equal to sell it and keep it doesn't seal. So roll up. Somebody is to close this. Somebody stop it. Let's see what roll up. Somebody feels or present are available only on the master detail relationship on They help you put called Something Max off. All the feeds are detailed records on the master card, but they must be great relationship. So let's going back to a slight. So let somebody feels as this goes. Don't not available on local relationship helps in creating many to many relationship. So you canister master detail, Master on number. Look up record average number, so it's basically one. So how do you create a many to many relationship in a safe course? So how what do you do is you imagine a number of objects load my number off master detail relationships and on the object is to So you're great. Two masters on object. Typically the object video creating two masters scored. Objection. Object on gentian object helps you to relate to create many to many relationship between you watchers. Let's see like you have a position, you have it, John, so the position can be position can be played by any number of job African. Similarly, job applicant cannot play for any number of positions so it can determine the come off to how many positions a job application a place intent. So what you do is you create a job application object and make the job applicant on the money position of the master to disjunction object. And that is how you create many to many on issues. So this is difficult defense between difficulty difference between the master detail and copulation shipping salesforce. So you have ah, next we have some expert advice. Reporting requirements are also to be considered while design database relationships. So will you want oh, created databases. You have to also consider what the business requirements for any tickets. For example, you want to report on coms on on some object which is not related to accounts in database. It might not be possible. So we have to consider what are the reports we need to generate tomorrow for our management staff to keep track off what is going on around or some analytics. So those requirements should be ahead. Considered while designing database Jenkin object Inherit the security from kind must so many to many relationship. We have seen creation of a Jingshan object to master so on. We are seeing master detail relationship. The security of the change records depends upon the master. So which master? No when it has to Monsters. The first month is called the primary master. On the security of the primary, Mastro is enforced on the judging panel. That means when it would be the primary master record is deleted. The tension believed that is in a position is related on job applications associated with that position. Deed. Let's see some questions. So here we have the question saying, Great campus users Salesforce. What has coordinated activities? Job application begins. Our positions are tractors. Independent object. A job applicant cannot play for any number off positions on the position can have any number off job applications. Okay, this big chief. So they discussed this example. So this is typically asking us how to create a many to many relationship. So the answer here is created Job application, gentian object. So we together to the next topics off 13. Record Types: So the next topic of we're diving into the same more fuel or record times form Lovings violation. Roots. Another door. So let's see what our record types. So we have an option when we goto because don't feed creation of a new custom feed on any object, we'll find an option called pick list. So we have two options, but least or multi select bigness. So, like you have a skill speak list on a job application for the position. So what do HR manager is asking is, I want only the big list that that should be available that are living to that position. For example, an I T job requirement may have skill said, like Java sayings forced si si place place another topics, But we know 90 job like a hit show manager. We have a job related skills. Like Team Manager. Cleanly will have seen little management alluded skills. So how do you make sure that the big list values vary from application to application? It's not like that. We create different big place or different feeds all skill, skill, skill, said one skin sectors concert tracing said four on display. A different skill set to different users. We control the pick list values based on the concept called because I've seen sex. So we'll go to record types. If it is our custom object, we'll go to customer objects. Custom objected. We'll find the court types there. Let me show you that When I was looking good said off Get let me set a few easy process Let me find because types we have the court types. You can create a new report, a stump get like this, but we're going to play it right. One echo. Let's create a new going to court. So the default record with Master, which we can clone we are. I t very good. Tight typically these, I think, Mr Lose. Quite so. The profiles will keep it to the security. More deal off this course it's creating record. Times typically changes the way. How do you ways assigned the reservation point? Let's keep these options as these go see So selecting one day out, going to see. So we have created ideally core pipe and we're having all this necklace on the recount object. No, we have they go on source as idiot. So all this or the big list values that are available on three we have created, or the standard in this case, the standard field. So how do you control this is can remove this. Gonna see. So what happens in a scenario is user on. His profile is associated with the court I and then on the record type. It basically is a sign. So what is a place? Look what his profile Well, dig deeper after this. But then the user navigates toe this particle icon source. He can't see that you can't see partner referring or party analyst. Let's go to my account new account. So I didn't assign this because I to a system administrator. Let's saying this record type two system it straight up on his pro fight. - Okay , have their country code type selector before we're just getting this Leo placing a source on the piece So typically what happened was the record I was saying to the profile, but the paisley out we'll come back to this in customizing US section. Consult is not there so you can see web for inquiry for partner referral, but your list under the let's go back to over icon source on, see what Daddy's you. We have taken off. So we have taken a partner and 20 years ago. So why is because the record type your let's change the record like off this contacts Very toe i d placing You're going to quote type here and one See So this is Master Ricotta changing this two identical type clicking one c so to be new got changed because we change the record again, placing their consoles. Now, if you see you can see only Web for number, work, phone enquiry and other work the big list for going sores, consistent partner, different parties. This is because the country code for this year's I d. I'm you have any more the partner referral in patches. At least from this we got good night. So that is how you control the big place based on the record types. So record types are basically used to control the pig list values available on the record. So the best example for this is on a job application controlling the skill sets for tea, and no, and the God sites are assigned to profiles on the notes. Assignment profiles also changes if you introduce record types 14. Data Model - Formula Fields: so far in the data model model. What we are seeing his body's data, What is a customer standard object and what are the standard auditing feels that comes up? What is the number of text field that just gets created as a standard feed? When we create an object and we have seen field attributes, we have seen encryption. Now let's move on to and we have seen how touristic big list values where record types. Then we have seen the differences between master detail look up must detail and copulation ships. So how to create a many, many to many relationship in salesforce Using junction object on rollup, somebody feels now let's more formal off eggs. So what does if I'm not feed? What is the formula feel is formally is a type of field which you can create in salesforce morning object so you can create a form, look under the formula, evaluate and displays the value. So let's go ahead and create a phone love. Let's look what various formless that are available in Salesforce. I'm going to my daughter tradition. I'm going to set up going toe custom object. We have created that skiway see process. I'm going to objects. I'm going to give a C process, clicking on new button on the custom fields and aviation from selecting. Formalize the feet type. I'm going to next and we can. We have to select here the time off the data. The formula returns whether it's eggs, it's a currency date, daytime number or sent or next. So what does this signify is Salesforce will determine the format. It doesn't matter if you select text religion date, but the display format will change according to the date or text. But clearly you can celebrate your course and return taste. So in selling anyone off this next for no. And we named this as for large demo feed, they being immortal booklets and frequent next. Now we have a simple formula or in at once to form. Yes, I'm clicking when it wants to form law, get what you can see is all the formula that are available for you will prop up you So habeas absolute number, so calculating a member to its absolute format. I'm so comparing to logical statements including, and we have our begins. So when you select any of one off this I heard Export lets you showing you begins. Next comp attacked. So what begins do is it checks? Whether a text that is you know that is there is starting with a particular other text so blank value with a feel is blank on in certain. Had, she estimates, break your case case feed, ceiling, So ceilings all these are the mathematical formulas we have contains date daytime Be so we're beginning a day in a date. The stains. So we have floor ceiling, all the mathematical functions you can select the logical or Dayton time functions our mathematical functions only you can see distance returns, exponential number, floor, geo location all these next type off formulas as well. High bottling image includes only sort of farmers, and we have insert feel here. So what does this say is you can insert field on a Casey process or you can select in its master object and include any off the it's apparent feels as well when you want to add or if or any of its parents value. For example, if you want to display on the cave, I see process the reason toe which the parent that don't belong you can see like the building city or building country and just inside this so automatically the building country populate sound up gave a C process of God. If you want to categorize into the Jones like for us, I'm ready cause it's us sang for Europe, it's UK and for other countries. If we want to sell it, maybe you can just have elevated form like if country is going to be having condition CEO going select or on do if conditions. So if logical text while musical true value is equal before, so you can come by a number of form last year and these are the operators equal toe bless minus all these greater than listen. So this is how we create formal us. So you create a formula field on whatever the formula returns is displayed on the record automatically. So one more thing is one secret formula. Field formula. Fields are not immutable. There automatically calculate, so they're not eligible for any use. The value treatments, so obviously it's a formula feel it automatically Recalculates the value you see the next to one. It's validation. So one caveat here in the formula feeds, which we have to take consideration is what we have seen. It give a C process regard referring to the bearing account record. But you can't re for a chilled record in it form loaning muster, I get. So if you're trying to create a formal on account, you country for a feeling shade. This is why. Because it makes obvious sense that that only the Children God holds the i d off the parent so on. A parent can have any number off chains, Children, any number of Children, so you can refer to chill directly enough. For me, it's a It's a border like that, which we have no go for other means if you really need it like Latigo epics to go. And one more thing is, if you really need count some or minimum or maximum values off any field. On account of the records between the master detail relationship, we already have seen rollup somebody. Fields can be used to do that master, considering the columns of someone we know off any feels on the Children next formula. Fields calculates the value on displays the Mondo records, but validation rules, which is the other topic. We're moving into is that uses the same form loss type of syntax, but in a different manner. So validation rules are used to maintain the detail quality. For example, if you if you are creating a case for the for individual product, you want the reason or the longer student latitude to be populated. Toe. Get the geo location from Google servers so you can make creative validation rules populated certain feed. So let's go on to give a C process record on click on New Wonder Validation. So let's see this as a demo validation. So we had to select active or inactive and the same syntax instead, feed instead operate Oh, and all no see. So if you insert a blank value and beginning said, I feel you until if it's blank through there. So the difference between the formal of field on the valuation rule is formula feels evaluates to true and get the value of this place. But if any validation formal evaluates to true, the end user will be shown in Rwanda screen. So there Mrs which you want to display here when display is reading. So, for example, if Field got to be black so you can mark the field as required. If it's required on the object of the Paisley O levels, we'll see how market on the basis of level in the upcoming, more off customizing you A. But if you want a few field to be mandatory based on a pre condition, for example, if you select state countries mandatory, then you have Duke before validation, so violation rules help you to maintained up data quality. 15. Dependent pick list and field history tracking: next thing we'll be seeing in data model more delis. How to create Dependent Nicolas and bodies feel history jacket so there will be multiple scenarios like the best example when were you have to create a dip in big list is populating the state's off a country when a country selected like in the case of us you hopefully the state's off provinces in us or in the case of you gave populate the provinces are stating UK to be selected. So how do we create dependent? Pick? Listen Salesforce. So let's go ahead on C So I'm in accounts object a con feels and I don custom fields and relationship we have but and gold field dependence is the field dependence is we can create new and the controlling field field which controls like in our case, it's country. So which really want to country. Even you can select check box ourselves controlling feeds. So I'm just selecting some freed just, for example, purposes against the activity chick box. But it still comes as a controlling I'm just industry and I'm just sitting and clicking country. So the customer reality is the change. The industry is the master big list. So if industry selectivity is agriculture, what reality you want that sign as a customer? Bria. What values? Hi Lou. Oh, medium. So you can select the values which you want if it's but low or medium or just one value. Biotechnology high. So, he said, all the values that are available when you sell it the industry. What is the customer? Reality values that are available on click on include values, or you can just click exclude values. Also selecting. So whether you, its adoption is whether you can include or exclude whatever the few you can sell academically. Conduct Lopate Button and click on Save. Now let's go to that dab and opening detail page off. Let's see whether we have the industry. Yes, we have industry. And whether we have custom, a P Garrity on the paleo we have a customer reality as well. So let's edit this layout. I'm orange industry and customer purity so that industries start one off custom obeah, some selecting industry year, placing it ever customer VRT and looking one safe. Now it has check industry apparel, so the only value here is lower medium. We don't have high value Select Agriculture way. We have populated all the three values. Let's see, we have I know one medium. This is how you create the dependent big list the master and change bigness One more important point when creating this If you're doing the programming or something, like even on Paisley outdoor on visual for space, the controlling field or always should be visible on the, um, Leo when you have to select a change value so you can just keep customer reality under you like on takeoff industry from the U. S. It won't work. They should definitely be tied together on the way. When you create a relationship like this and multi select pick list cannot be a masto, I'm in the controlling. He sort of calling this master. We can call them the controlling field on depending. Now let us see what is independent. Let us see what is feel history bracket. So let's go back to our subject. Goto feels we find a button here, Gold said, his street talking. So one more thing here is you can see you can create only 500 account custom feeds. This is a boner limit on no object so only maximum custom music and great is no Let's go back to our topic Released your tracking I just clicked said history talking and it will history Tracking check, Boss, I checked. So what does this to tracking means is whenever the end users are changing values if you want Oh, try the previous values You want to store the previous values You click them for example On my phone I want all this seemed the shipping address and the website So we never the others changes. I have still a record of the old address from taking on C So let us see what does this happens? I'm going back to the detailed record of the count on Let me see. We don't have a streets related list year. So what does this mean is will go on Any delay out would related lease and good going histories and place them at the bottom of dough religious and you can see. So whenever there is a change on off these values, they come history record automatically populates save. See this? Let me change this to fight for us. You can't. OK, let me also photo website literacy. It's on easily. I'm saying Hell, just taking a little off case. Change the field history. Clicking one. See what we see here. A straight record has been popular. It changed website from Burlington. Don't come to Burlington. So why does I just didn't come with me. I just a neighbor release to talking for shipping address, no doubt building at us. But if I would have enabled for billing address that would also be populated. So how this head says, is your tracking go previous value under new value? It also what happens in the back. And these account history's going on the school histories object is created and you can do analytics on on your history data as well. So how does analytics healthy so frequently? The values changing, for example, financial in the street might require you have attack off the created court changes or you have to follow some complaints Is all this will help beyond any digs. Also, you can do a check how the data is changing. The next thing is you can enable only maximum 20 feels but object. 20 feels you can track in feelings to your tracking any market custom. Oh, standard. There to see it. Questions before we from wood skills available for selection on a job application application should vary between technical and non technical applications. How can this be achieved? So it's what it is. Stealing is the pick list. The skill pick list should change based on technical are nothing. We have discussed this. So how does this typically values is obviously true because create a record type on a job application object. Creative allegations. Rubio District. The values to be selected. This can be done, but the values population won't stop really Pick list with paper job applicants must no skills. Big list. So what is ceiling is? It's saying that in a different way, just you select whether it's a technical or nontechnical, and keep that as master and appropriate. So record type is one way, and dependent is one way. Some media yes, that's got continue, so that completes the data model. Then we will see how we can customize the you wait 16. UI Customization Part 1: next more do we will be walking through the on how to customize their using the face by declarative programming in Salesforce. So let's see how the actually way off Salesforce looks. So we have been seeing this away for quite a long through the post. So typically how the U. N looks is abs He'll ab cube on you have a set of link. This set up will navigate you to the administrator view off setting up everything in salesforce. But for the end user, this is how you look. So, for example, you want to see accounts, you will go to the accounts. So let's walk through the park. The first thing year is you have something coalesce salesforce, abs. So what is an app? An app is a group off abs. So you group the terms in tow and have call it by any relevant name on you access to that happened up profile off that user. So I'll be create abs. You go to a big fine instead of menu on type abs, create APS and even big start on new on Select the consoler customer Visceral custom APs consoler Be something where you will create console based ups for customer representative agents. That's like a single page up. You'll get back to that. So we have. I'm just typing Demo. Uh, they've been impossible. It's on, and we'll click next so you can select the logo that is disrespected. On the left hand corner, you can insert any other image like a company logo. For now, I'm living in a sales force and clicking on next no gun cilic dot abs, which are part of this app. So all the stabs are displayed here and for the end user. If you can click those place sign, which is called All Tabs button, and you can navigate to all taps and see what all the taps is having access to. But this is our group taps. So these air for easy access, for example, sales will consist off. All those sales stabs service. We can't stop, although service steps these all create abs and up access is you don't my window profile. You see more about access in the next morning. That is the security and access more. Next we have something for less phoned. Home tab is the default for any app you create, but it's mandatory to have, but you can change the before landing time before landing is whenever you open this up, it will open that before landing but home double or is be there, so Home Tab will have its own. Let me go back to the state of Maine over 10 minutes later. Type who you so you'll have home on home based component on fish layouts. Let let it go to the home. These loads and we have only one and let's click on New But And let's Kimmel bitch Neil, people say so. We have all these items, like attempts to every if we have some records to be approved as an approval. If you're a manager and some records are coming to approval by approval processes, you can have that on the up or basically out my tasks Item Step group Galindo. The chatter feed so all this messages and alerts custom links. If you want to display some custom links, customer border will come. So all of these are like home based components, which you can sell it. You can create any number off Cos. Layouts, depending upon your business requirement. For example, the home base load for a manager might be different from what is required for unknown manager. So the concordance changes enough, especially if you can ascend the home peacefully out again in the profile. So they will be going to the home pitch Leo, which is the same Jesus saying to them. So that's about up on fish layout. So we have seen set of menu. We have seen ABS we have seen on which layouts. So in the next video we will continue and see what other types of tabs you can create on how the access to tabs is Rita mind. 17. UI Customization Part 2: So the next topic in the U. N. Walked your customization model of discourse. What you're seeing is water sales waas abs. So in Salesforce, you can create three types off taps. Let's go to the set of menu in a quick, fine Let's night abs so you can create. It is a part of salesforce like you can create tabs for your custom object when you click tabs. This is how it gets open. This is the top four queens, very where end user can go and see all the records associated with that object. So Tab can be for any customer standard object like we have seen the case off accounts here . Next we can create Web taps. What does that mean is you can create Manny Web link Under. Put that in the as a cabin says was, for example, any off your knowledge article from your website, our website itself, and put it here. So we have two options. A full page or with side. So what is a sideboard? This is the sidebar, so whether you want a side or you want a full with Paige taking off the side. But so that is how that is one type off we're blink ever with. Next you can similar way you can create a visual four Stop. Your full stab is like you can add. Put a visual for speech as a tab on Give access to the user Lightning page tabs so you can cradle lightning paced up in a similar way for any lightning page which consists off all the lightning components. You can add that as a tab in salesforce. So these are the types of, perhaps again, access to the tabs is deter mined, end up profile and he stabs can be added to any abs, as we have seen. So what does I think, Abs, Abs? Hell, I really do is you can access a creek glance rather than going toe all dams and see. And that also adds to create new feel like If you have, you can see you only the abs which are available. He'll have an option here to creating, for example, you want to create a new can. Just go to that, create new we create we call, lest we create in the sidebar on, you can create a new account directly from any off the tabs. Example. If I goto contacts, it doesn't matter. I can. We can create new and select taken so I can quickly create accounts. So adding the tabs to the ABS will give you this option as well. So you have a recycle bin as well you where you can see all the work related data. So the deleted data is stored for 45 days in the recycle bin? No, we have seen the types off tap. Therefore, types off tabs. You are a customer objective. Standard object tab. You will their visual for stab lightening pages that you can add them to the perhaps. Next thing is, let's go to the point like icons here I'm closing other dabs cruel abs And this particular view here is cord a cab home page view. So this is icons on page view. What we'll have your is the recent they consider visited and the reports associating or you have created on the acorns and the data migration tools. This is called a cab home. Bitch. This is these are the least of use. So if I cleared my account, select my constantly go. You'll have this list of you see this is called list of you. If you select any off the record here and go here, we can see this is court detailed. So let us see how we customize. I'm going to the set of meaning as an administrator how you control these views. Let me go back. Do they go on staff? Any end user can create his own least of you again Select options to you. For example. I want only their heaping country calls us Andi naming this as us pecans people see. And here we can control what fields or displayed on the list of you cooking one to see. So what is the fields? Specifies these these fields. The columns which you space vandalised as administrator you can create also create this list to is only enable buildup particular user who creates them if the user is creating. But if you're creating them as an administrator, these list reviews are available to all users and it is true it guns and click on buttons search laudatory click on search layouts and we have you gone Stab what in the end, the recent water dog fields that are displayed on their con stab and that's such Leo, then we have, Ah, a constant least. So this here you can specify what are the things you can have under mysteries. So we have so you can control the such Let's go toe search here on type. I can't let me search for they like bottling, so we have different fields displaying on the search. So what are the fields that display when you search for some data for each object, you can control you. They can't stab list views such for such filled fields. Such fields feels if you enable them, you will have a filter option here based on that field and such view. So all these views can be controlled. So where as an administrator, let's go back This accounts detailed view. So how does this detailed view is? Control is where basically out so you can goto payloads on it. Cons. But if you have the option, you also get the nuclear option, which I click here and you can control. You can create new sections you can reorder feels whether it's Due Beach, only one detail page or only unaided. Page two column on how the tab navigates for sure, absolute good and all this you can control here when you can change the order of fields also. So for a list of you search have home page only will go to the as an administrator and control it there. But for the details view what you do is you really on base nails. There is one more thing also I like when you go for any change record, you will have something called us a new Horwood icon name. You'll find all these feels So how do you control the period over dialogue so that you will control on the peace deal? So on the page layout if you go to the minute is Leo, you can control the fees that are displayed in the building a one day loans and we have something called for example, in the look off filters. Let's go back to search layouts. Select Look up silos. So whenever you sell it, look up here, look A field. So what are all the fields that are displayed on the look of dialogues So it may make on site that is controlled here in the look of dialogues look, a form dialogues is obviously for mobile so on. One more thing is when you create a look up feed or a local field on an object, it will also give you option for look off filters that feel that my work records will be displayed here. So this is how you controlled up. So tell you off offsets Force 11 thing which we have to understand here is we can create any number off basically outs to control the details view. So how does this How do you vary user interface from user to user years You are saying them different pace slows We'll see in in depth distinct in the next upcoming Mordor. So we have seen look up on such views We are seeing such filters Let us go back and see Didn't Jesus types off tabs It is Go back and see and create a search filter and see how it close So let me I'm editing such filter feels on I'm adding billing city to search will go on clicking on sale so and I'm putting in the global search muddling done on such So if you see us Schofield us, you'll have a building city. If you have a number off comes again on such a frenzy 18. Customizing UI Q&A's: So what we have seen in the you were more delis. How to customize different you elements of salesforce like how to create abs onder How that tabs to the abs, how to create tabs, what other types off tabs will you can create on and how to control the look up I look up dialogues least views Detailed views were paisley out and dialogue pop ups off parents All this help you can. How bad search filters for the end user Before concluding this more do let us see a few question and answers. So the first question is such fielders are similar to look up filters which restrict the date I in results. So whether this is true all force, so let us see what a search field do. So what a such filter will do is when you have a search filter. We are building city in one, so what it will give is based on the search results that are returned. You cannot play filters on the feel that Venus addict, But if you can't get the look of filters when you click on the magnifying glass icon, look up. They love pops off underwater with Hillary. You put on creating the look up feel itself that feel there is a plane and the data is populated according to that field. For example, for you get contacts, you can select only UK region based echo, so that filter you play on the look of logo. They account for contacts. So so if you go back to the question, such fielder so similar do look awful. Desperately strict data and deserts. No, this is not correct like because as they head menu at such filters, and that gives your end users the ability to filter if he needs. But look up, the logs or the field look of filters are the things that are played. The fielders are applied by. Default on the leader is restricted. Next question we're having here is when a sales rep is feeling the information on a lead he should always feel in the industry off the lead. How can this be achieved? So whenever your sales representative U so creating leads, you have no feeling industry as a mandatory field. So how can this be at you? So marking off it has required when you're creating the industry field or its assigned it with marking that, as required on the object. Yes, this WAAS next option we're having is marking required on the base lived on page layout. We have certain attributes for the fields, which you can control. Let us go to dope accounts, detailed view and click on Edit Leo. Let's go to any field and click on that feed, so you have read only and require attributes off the fields. So what does just this letter Mani's when you're feeling the data through you, where you are restricting in the layer where that this is really only or required. So even though you were agent is having, though, and it permission on the field. If it's really only on the base layer, it will be read only it's required. It's mandatory to fill under basically out, so you can also mark the peace. They'll be quite element for the sales isn't so. You should definitely feel indulge. Industry Next auction we're having is creating it formula so you can create form, love off, calculating any industry based donor any logic. But that doesn't make sense that they would be logic. They should always be logic, so creating a fumbler doesn't satisfied the media. The near here is the Asian should always feel end up industry. But if you have some logic in the back and you can create definitely a form learned depopulate the industry automatically. But that is a totally different way. But the ladies asking here is the isn't should feel in the industry, so this is not correct. Option. Next, we have a creative validation. So definitely we can create a validation rule I can use is blank industry. So if the whenever the industry is blank, the formula that you put on the validation rules evaluates to true on an every stroll to the is in that industry is banded. So all these three are correct options. Live concert. So creek creation of Formula One had appeal because the is it has to enter the industry or the sales rep has toe entered up in the Steven is creating it. Really? So remaining three will be good options. They will surface toe requirement here I'm clicking submit so that this concludes the customizing you a model of this course 19. Security and Access Part 1: then come. The state's force had been straight with finding. This course is what would new head means If you're inhuman, y t want to migrate from other door minds off the other two saves force want to become, And this is for which cause or the basic level fundamentals the white on a day to day job office salesforce. And if your experience of change for saving many privacy for certification are wanted back on plants on the topics of the fundamentals, this course is right for you. So this course is basically designed for what you experienced diving seven on have six place years off sales was experience on a freelance of incident for implementation. Partner on instructor I'm States will certify that once administrator below, available on after city certified. So have bean develop in on the blood for four or six years now, and I've been reading the right departments. The clients were very happy and at the same time have meaning implementation are no incident. Une specter for the last 2 20 years have bean wearing gloves off training sessions but Internet for organizations outside. So for this particular topic off security and access main event. Let's off this module discourse in the sea. How the security more than dinner to say scores is I don't like like when you log in as a user receives for its application hope the amount of data access on the idea that the right person at the right time used to remind by the city. So we have a lot off savings to take place, which, what, simultaneously. And you don't mind that the data is provided to you, you can access the data that is required for yourself. So that means job as a drop as enemy is toe make all these settings work together on you the right amount of data access to end users. So when we're talking about security, Jen access many of them in the first thing that comes is provides. So what does provide ice? Determine when you're creating a user In the salesforce profile, his mandate and profile is different. And upon the license, yes, and the user. So the profiles have a license. And when you're creating a user, you select a license on the license. Didn't mind the profile, you can have sent you. So there are standard profiles that I mean likes system administrators, and you should manage you. I need you community Usual standing user for historical map subscription for user Good partner. Usual. So identity used all these air standard profiles, so standard profiles. Basically, you can change any permissions on him but concluded them on creative custom profiles. And they need the permission. I said that there are slight potions like Feature request Another. Things can change on a standard profits, slightly stating You can change, Understand? So let us see what we typically have when it so we're going to go. Five sections Professor Professor Kinney's under manage users in the state of many for the administrator. They go to the system administrator profile and see what we have on the system. Administrator profile. The book profile mediates like me, they use a license and whether checkbooks indicating that this is a custom profile for this time off, the way we have council sitting so cancer concern is an application, a single fish obligation, which increases the productivity off your customer. Representatives of these consoles customers, a visa, prison gators. So what concerns you access to is determined by council settings. Then you have basically ALS these layouts for any object on the dude identity created salesforce, which are difficult, called objects you can create any number is generally determine the visually detail off the record, basically, so you can control on many sections that will help many how the fields are structured like me to damn window on three. We know in a Section three subsection day section. Auto Home in Irrigated is so present in that on small layer properties all of this in the bass player for object so you can create any number of these nails on. You can assign the paisley different, for example, for system. I mean, if you want to see all the information. Basically, you will include all the patient information, all the feeds on that, For example, like all the fields on that come on the same system, for example, it only read only using on a standard user where you don't want to show, since the information like that that can be controlled by a feeling of security or Israel taken off the base. So even so, for customers at present do the information he needs. On the top of the visual layer is different from yourselves and resonated. So the organ fears on the business also can be depending upon the prophet. So forsakes users us anyone for five first least use a CS one profile on payloads up a sign So you have a base level assignment, depending upon off. So for every object you can assign the base, they'll over. Second, we have 11. So placing a few on a base jail does not is guarantee. The pain I feel is visible toe, then usual off this profile. What it tells is if he's having access in the professional level, access is he will see it on the baby. If you don't have to feel it relaxes, you don't have if you don't have access to concede. So this little security again you based on object then, uh, actually determine with the agent is having access to credit card number or, for example, hiding like even Asian should need access to create, got number but anyways and get access to paid carnival so you can add a sign seeing business for both and one rations. But at the same time, you can restrict the one pro for a low profile in the feeling of security, not blacks, is the great. So the card number is not visible on the base. So, Billy, no. While I'm feeling security, you will restrict the access. That would be a funeral. So that is also next customer accidents. So in Salesforce say this was a is a group off tabs on the boat Drop down bottom right corner. We find up, perhaps you have access to other system administrator based on what we have. So what this means is, if you set a sales application, you will have the group off bags. Hell, did you give the are typically access or even go to our labs and see all that? But a quick glance quickly. What you want access is determined by the so if you don't have access to service play what convinces you can access this service application here. But you can access all the tabs. You have access in the gaps. This so the cabinet security is also front row. So what you're seeing here is I live in security. The app is visible or not visible. Whether it is different before means want to locating when you leave the office so what happens if you have access to when you don't have access to it? That, for example, the time settings determine which tabs you have access to similar to Paisley. Simply security. For example, If you don't have access to the gun stab, you can't see that I can't stand. He'll even go. You said it saves application. Though opponents is part of sales application. You can see the iPhone stop because they don't have access to that. So the tablet security for every object there are typically three different types of Arabs conveyed in, say, schools. They are custom object abs, your food stamps and extend baby steps. So all these times absolutely be done here. So you can. You don't make better. They have access to so, if sometimes are not off any and still the user is having access to. He can go on take on up dams link that is the best mark eel, which I clicked right off the bat, and you can also customize every user as an ability to customize his phone, taps visibility and make it before in any obligation. That is. After that, users speak saying, going back to the profile so the tab level grouping off taps can be customized for use of based on his preference by going to the customers. My option in order first. Next, we have something for report, perhaps because 10 seconds. So what does the court Spanish means? The court backs with the object. You can create any off court, perhaps because that basically allows. They had me to restrict the pick list values available in the drop down menu for particularly for exactly. You have a day job application and on my job application in idea of application, you have the skills off job. Our salesforce dot com I hitched human all the technical change listed for the non job management scares. Charlie scales all these listed communication skills, office or fighting skills so it is. It will typically be a single skill set feel on. You can restrict the Nicolas values based on the big based on the record. For example, computer job application, which, when you're creating a job application, Celibici report, we want to create whether it's right or not. If you said I d. I. Did your skills come in? It is No. 19 cover up skins it so the corporate settings. What does this little mini is ritually court types you have access to. That means the Americans create users so she do with this profile can create a better job application or 90 based job application. If it If you can get on the idea of a job application, you have to do as a say new leader. I I t basically into his profile. They have administrative permissions. So in administrative permissions, we have some things for like, if the any that is the entire party software, can I say repetitiveness and actual data in salesforce casing the request get responses that this particular user can do a vigorous or during a big spender. This user can quite exporting if we quite often you can create your ex classes or all these are like editing the inner damn plays, a leading his own dashboards, anything his chatter cause all these administrator do and we have something called up should do report with this user can. She reports to dinner specific times, and they can be doing with two U. N. Orleans. All these permissions up you said configuration. So other administrative comes to a set of menu is clicking a set of playing on the field. So if you take off this ministry permission, the user would have the set up. But mission anybody. They have access to the reports reporting for the tablets or no identity features. You can use all knowledge, and leading all of this will be the administrative permissions we have. Some important automation, like possible never expire. So we just covered the possible policies, which are coming up next in the dawn so we can sell it. Set up policies like Pass One expires every 60 days before an organization. But it said this option for this particle of users were associate This profile, the password directs, expires. Even though your organization things it should expire after every 60 years. Then we have gender user permissions. So the gender user permissions are specific. Do you use that access knowledge they can Any topics in normally she can manage leads whether he's having access to connected abs. Two. Factor authentication for a Logan's so upload a pic since back Agents week and installed pages from AP Exchange. So what is at fixed exchange is like a place store are happy I store where you can get the applications. I mean, strong them salesforce organization. So whether this user is having permission do in stock exchange back, just all this will be into general. Then we have a very important setting like stand. It'll get so any tap or off, any object can have attack. They user accesses and put down the guns. So these controls on a particular object, what access they usually like. He's wanting permission, create permission. Edit, delete. We were off money. So what does this mean? ISS? You can read bones, which he's one off creative commons, and if they comes dealing, the atoms can take off the delete permission, real information based on their user. And if you want money, filer, what do you mind? Is it overwrites All those under permissions All the shame missions off the records on whatever you are organizations in who it is. And you can access all the accounts that the icons you can modify all they end up a constant. So basically, in salesforce, the records off shape based on a field. So if you're one of the field, then only you can do that because they are sharing settings were going toe cover immediately off profiles, which gives you much depth knowledge about how they got shading safe. So all those permissions are sharing savings are writing on you will have access to on the the courts present on this particular object. If you have a lot more, there is one more important permission card view all data or modify or data. So this isn't the administrative permissions. So what is the difference between we were they interview? So you are data use the users associating with describe to you all the daytime in no negation war, right in the record setting permission seconds or across although checks but view on we typically configured this honor or so what happens is you are If you take an object, you can access it accords on their part. But you are implies toe and their organizations across the similarly seeing foot quantify order Morning. If money fell, data is any way he can. Any data any day, 91 organization or any recording And if motive really changed for it object. You can only morning all the leader in that object. Next, we have a legal standard object permissions similar very custom object And what All the data based desktop integration clients you can Actually, then we have station settings. So what does decision me? So when you were getting to Salesforce, it's recorded. A session is generally you Lago is for decision. So if you keep block just long So when did this session expert If you are just long bean and give it there walking for one day, it might not expect. So you specify how many hours off in activity makes the user to be automatically know? Don't know Salesforce request a new looking again immediately told in activity for two hours. So this is the session settings we did hear in the program. So these all savings invited all users associate that provides 20. Security and Access Part 2: we have a password for the seas in profile. So what is possible for the season? So password policies have settings like how many days you want to use this? Possible to be expired like 90 days Every 60 days you use this needs to reset their possible. If they know blogging 90 days off. He says that possible on the 91st day he would be asked to be set up Exactly. Will be no idea. Today and on the negative they were possible. Ex spies on you love being off 60 days off your passport expire. What that means is, whenever there is a law saying after this many days has been or it will be asked to this his passport. So how many passwords does application studio last three last four last five. All these options will be what this typical Indians is Uganda using last three passports, the minimum password length required the password complexity. So I must mix or find you. So what is his? So you forgot your password and you keep trying to looking. So what happens after how many logging becomes the user should be no off the application. So he has to come for the administrator Dwoskin for recent up possible. How many in very Gordon Adams? So here. So what is the local be so after it can invalid Logan's. If the user is logged on, you can enjoy the system administrator. You can. You don't mind the time the logbook goes, So that means the user is activating what he needs to interest. Correct. Possible. So the local idiot duration is, don't you? And he can All this leap forward password next to you looking over. What does it always? Yes. Difficulty if you want to restate some users from accessing the application off your business owners like 8 a.m. in the morning to 4 p.m. In the morning on 99 a. M to 5 p.m. So if you want to make the users only access the application during this particular time frame, you put the bags here and they use us. Associating with this profile can access the application. Only this log in a I'm getting this. What does this say? ISS. If you don't want your users to access this application outside your office, that is, Trump says. This is a basic is so you can access this any in what are they? Stop off the main cities so you can access this obligation. But you, for company policy, sees that the users access application off office off the office. You can specify the Logan. I mean, years off, your face feels so different. Access that channel so that we have a custom party. In the case off next X classes and ages Bets classes editors to specify that defined back in business logic force is on. So what are the basis the users off if you do with this access stool on the X classes, they use a serve access stories on my heel. So we have similarly external data sources. They can access name credential access said these present status is on any custom permissions users. All this will have will be on. So if you have big plans on war, what does they have? ISS The licence of located on the check bolt. This custom was standard base load A 7 11 security level Security is an AB security level security object permissions, administrative permissions, general usable missions. Then the password policies can be dangerous Business waas possible policies, permissions So this is how the profile controls. They use us access to the information that is in safe. For example, you have access to object, but you don't have access to it. As a user, you have access to object, but you don't have access to the time or the you ended. That is very white male. So you've got accessing the information that object by U N Day. But if you have thought party accessing the information from the object, you have a enable permission. You can definitely. So if you take off the object, obviously concede anything. So this is our this always about half. Now let's see organization white before No, typically what we have seniors, the U. N. They're permissions on the profile on the particular permissions on the field permissions. Then we will be seeing that called, For example, you have access to echo. But how do you specify which goes you have access? Which accounts you don't have access. But example USA is easy in sales. Guy should have access to the only U. S. Vision, but not a B unicorns so. But boat users require eight create I do you need for Michelle But that doesn't mean that you can. The Asian sales get going to get all the permissions. Also all the records, you know, So does this. How to take it off This So we have something for this organization White before. So you come here and see all the records because she's kind but example to users having we want our money. So you create, really create, edit, delete permissions on the object. What they can see is the records in that object in game. Let's go. They don't you? So they can view those records on which their owners what is an important feeling salesforce which by using which or that they could go themselves. So if you give the account object, let's go to another object like in the case off lead. So if you make this rabbit, what does that mean is only the one knows off reports can access dead reports. Even though you have read a detailed diary permissions, you can only addict the records which you are if it is probably really only all one Erskine and in their own records, Well, I don't skin you did it once. Whoever is having access to the Lido chip on the provide can read all the records in the league, but they don't need it. It is probably reading, right Everybody can read and a detailed records on the leader who had access to the leader of the problem and cases and leads will have an additional permission for public read write transfer. When this transform, meaning is you can transport leaves in cases to adorableness. And for any master detail relationship, you will have a more permission that is controlled by off the record level. Access mastered the relationship. The detailed records access is controlled access to the page so it will be controlled by it . So we have seen how the object access is. You don't mind then how they got limited access is mine, but the organization wait before no country do this scenario. All should read it online, but it should be. Let's consider raising. Are you very user in state schools to get access to our yet? But he should not see any other guys people's any other existing God's ways having access to. So what that means is issued the nationwide before, for your object should be if you get any, although uses what? Having access to the object. But or is this what, having access to the object can access all the other guys because it can. It can be so. It's done noticing and you will make sitting on the object has credit for because one users should not see that wasn't so records. But another user like it user be should be accessing other. So how do you have let me be this one using a should not see any other nice Because so you will make dog nationwide before us. But using beef, you have access to other guys. So how do you kind of this? So that says, do she that makes us toe shame. So initiating rule. What typically do is once they're probably based on the criteria or the ownership. You shared the records with other users. Does that mean is if I can't Region is a mess you shared this week. I don't grows. Share it. Probably groups will send someone. You come back to Old Central on somebody in a minute, but you can. You can create groups off uses and shared their gods so it can be based on criteria like I was saying in the case, off region building countries Equality yes, share with us group So even know what you sow dark nationwide before these Pravit because off one uses axis. But you can or like this and share the records with group off. Use us using sharing. One point to note here is organization by default basically helps you sharing settings will help you you more access, more flexible way of accessing but not restricted More than more restriction convicting taking place than the organization wait before So provided to give you access to the papers The kids that he quotes in the tables with accesses Don't mind the organization like then you can shoot it where shadings todo so you can difficulty night sharing rules on all the objects that create or standing toe salesforce. Then let's see, What do you have in rows so roll he is like it your organization shop there, the higher you manage your teams all night might not be similar. You are an exact organization structure but typically to the CIA users. When you're sitting, for example, if you see you see, you will see your forcing war then we have. Maybe off customers are recent support many international America and repair services. What this whole tell my recording accesses the major off. Dean can access the regards off his story. It's so if you're BP off customers of recent support on your police, we'd be off customers. Reason support. You can get free access de Records where the winner is in any of these three roads. Customer support, international customer support, not America. Installation of basic. You'll see you can access all very boards there. The uses winners are the users in the below check, so rules typically use access. Do you access the records off to the records off your team to you? Let's go back to the ship. We have an important permission there under organization White default here we can control . So if you see this option, grant access using whole hierarchies. What does this mean? Is Doug on your object that you want the whole I g to be respected or Mark? What if you take off the checkbooks your managers automatically access you were records. If you check this box based on your managers will get access to the teams because so this is how road I worked with Michel because I have been accessing sense. But all this report actual city line by the river, access to the objecting say it's for so no way we have seen the sharing girls there something, man. Whenever the object permission is I hate a public read, only you will have a shading. But a neighborhood money would Dave your record. So this is the details of your medical. You have a sharing Budden. He'll give the organization right before these private are probably What does that mean is you can share the record, man. Believe it in your dog uses and we have one more concept called permissions. What does permission said Permission said is typically settle permissions. We just seem like you. It has a lot permissions that you can do or feeling security tablet security, object security, security everything you have begin to tell you. But then what is the use? And was the difference between a permission sit on their profile? So what does? Let's go do this scenario that you have in one getting constructed from bricks which on you want the access to this month getting on? Leave them. We live a few uses, but these fuses are distributed across profits like one is a sales user one side of his user when he used to have one set off permissions. So they're saying two different professor, But you have a common permission to be domain across different scenarios. You go for permission, says one. Can it? Here is what manicure is that you want a same basically formation basically out our profiles and my mission said you access to record. Actually, not if we contact, not present on the object. So the permission when the users can access this because my mission said because of, say, the prophet's still basically still needs work. So this uses the entire view like how the records cover from, basically do after the management sheet. So taking off the profiles, which gives you access to the objects on the date of this tables. Let's turn to go off the Let's see. All of these are what to get there from organization by Defour's boards sharing roots man when shading. So the first permission is organization where fruits are better access very quarter. If not, then she access. You know he did sharing sittings if no questions things managing. So, man, it's all like you're gonna restrict. Where will I if the user is having permission way out our initiation. White Defour's. So the more restrict us or a beauty. Then roll. I keep mentioning settings, then marriage. It can be the other way model. She can be more. Let's get into a different scenario. Let's talk about a different scenario. Also sharing works. Madeleine sharing is like you have it. Underscore underscore share content shape. So when every man initiated a chord, they all gets into is sharing. Record is created in the sheer object on diesel shared with other users so you can get a reliquary on his own. You can see who created this sharing on how they're feeling that records. So you feel why do you see? You will see the difficulty many uses man initiating calls 21. Security and Access Part 3: So before concluding the security and access management more, let's see a few questions. The first question is some users complaining The see some custom records throw? Does the word of new incidences public? What can be the reason? So we missed the seat, would you? But what typically this question means is some users are complaining they can't see the custom because the other would be telling this perfect with my reason. So we have a organization where people saying publicly accessible records with the car seat . They just are not so the organization way. Before you saying public, you can see the records even if you're not caring for restricting the access. Punish. Now, this is not the correct answer. Why? Because sharing rules are only used for giving more access for restricting the access that they just don't have access permission on the whole place. So this is a titan. Why? Because even though it's public, if you don't have access to all, get profile access. This because Second, which break Amber's reveal scenes, is requesting access to all the saints. How can this be so? The BP offstage is requesting access to all the sales data when you fail. So what does it? Because he's data leach opportunities orders someone fell on. A mission is enabled only is provided access toward savings objects. So this is one thing. Each you have to remember is that modify, or later, even if you have. If you don't have access to a particular object, consider they don't that. So we have a body felt daytime ministry instead of chicken. So first option seems to be because morning fellow NATO mission Easy access toe saves visiting the old How can you be a little reason sales manager here? So even if all those years managers for the reasons are you don't have access to the objects on his profile contacts, is that so? His that creating my people who invest share so you can sell it create multiple based sharing rules? Were the rules will share change of you based profile to system? Had stayed. Changing with this profile to system administrator does not even access does all those states because system administrator, we have also have resort access to or but visiting a little harder. In a way, we also walk if you if he's having the right permissions designed yes functions. So this might also be income, they say. So this is asking us to sit one on what? As you duck is having the right. So this is talking in weapons. So that's great. So the different place where which permission you were checking depends upon the access. He already had the access of some profiles. Yes. It doesn't have write permissions in the proficiency. All of you can't change his profile for some means that means you can do this is, well, shape. So are the three auctions. You can't you requirement that is coming from your sales. Next, which a group of user distributed a gross sales and support process needs access to specifics at all permissions. How can this be? So what is a stating is the users are having different providers, but they need access to a set off. So how do you access this? Create profile and access all uses to this. So creating, you know, fire which use which combines both the admissions board, the uses of ice access. This But what this gives you ISS, for example users having to use that we haven't profile anything. The permissions we're combining their use it all the access off the beast permissions also get So this is creative permission, Secretary. Quite permissions. And I say you just stood up for missions. So what about the permissions in nearly can create a permission on saying this to the users distributed across this profile. This is a you access to use this introspective perfects. So it's not a bunch of users who are a group of users were executed profile to users and the group of users need to this part. So this one, this is work, but you are discernible mission to Are you just saying that this is no wriggle room on the same uses to this road? So rules will only control very, but not any other specific cultures. So second, 22. Business Process Email Templates: So in the next model of discourse that is business process automation. We'll see how you can build up your business laws using the configuration tools with declarative port off salesforce. So the first thing we'll see is email template or communication efforts. It is good back set of mental on in the big final edge type email templates. So in the communication templates, heavy metal templates so you can create any number off email that lets you so you'll have a normal text email template based email using letterhead custom without using letterhead or you're in for so you can create a normal next email. You can use visual forced course if you are inserting dynamic data, or you can use normal STM in on what does letterhead me. If your company has a format like a standard header and few toe, you can create letterheads and used the letter heads in number off. Email em. It's so like this. You'll create email templates in States Force on this email. Templates can be used in various business process to communicate with you Internet users or external users. So let's see, what are the other topics we have in business process automation. The 1st 1 we're seeing, that is what floral. So what is a walk through? Let's go and create one. Just typing workflow rules so and create what fluent rules we have offloads. I'm going to continue so we don't have any love. I'm clicking on noodle so we have to select. So what does evoke flow rule do is you can automate a business process like whenever a record is created or whenever a record is updated, it will evaluate a criteria like, for example, if the account reason is is equipped us You have percent email communication to the man U S manager you Doug, A new eco has bean created for the U. S region so this type of automation can be carried out in a so in walk flows, there are few actions which we can four form And let's see how ever please build 1/4. The criteria can go for workflow on what business requirements it source. So I'm going for account object you so then create work flows on any of the standard or custom orthotics selecting a count clicking on next in the rule rule name. I'm typing. Coming, kid Oh, no own new they got so they never knew Account is created. We have to send a communication toe. I don't own a So next thing we have any body fluids, evaluation criteria in the evaluation criteria. What does this tell you? Render what clothes should be evaluated are whenever you should fire, so whether it's only when a new account is created or whenever account is created and it's edited. So for a recreation or creation place abdication, we have one more thought option that is created and any time it's edited toe subsequently meet up criteria. So was the difference between the 1st 2nd 1 and the 3rd 1 is that in the 3rd 1 in the particular edit, for example, let's come back to the total validation criteria after we put some rule criteria. So what is the rule? Idea is whenever workflow is fight the actions you active look, flu will be done only if the record means this rule criteria. For example, What I want to do is I want this to fire. Only then they count. Building country is equal to us. So I want this to fire only for years. So when we select up. Selecting the elevation criteria means that when the workflow should fire rule criteria is what is the criteria the record should meet to for the actions that are added to the workflow to be fight. So no coming back to the evaluation criteria thought option. What is the difference between the second and third option is if the record is meeting the criteria in edit that you're making. For example, you are changing the building country two years in a particular area, then only the actions associated with this work we fight. It's not fight for although it's it will be fired only when the reason when the audit is happening to meet the criteria that rule criteria that is put down for you. So it should be some secretly edited to meet other criteria in the rule criteria. You can use this. I you can specify any number off criterias and you can add the field a logic like and or so all conditions should be meeting or anyone off. The conditions are meeting are under and or you can differentiate like this. But if you want to complex evaluation criteria, you can I would our standard form Lord Relations, Syntax, CEO, standard formula, syntax and write complex form loss. So we have three options you in the evaluation criteria. But first we have the normal information like description of the workflow rule name on which object then we have of elevation criteria. Window record should fire, so we went about closure. Five. When it's only uncreative created or updated, created on any time it's edited to meet that criteria, then we'll specify the room criteria. The rule criteria. We have specified this as echoing building countries. It will do us then we can also add time based actions in evoke What does the time based action Penis whenever the workflow fight five only record and that he could miss the rule criteria. The actions addict the floor immediately. But if you want the actions to before formed on a specific time, you like time based actions will see it in a second off this. But if you sell it the second option that is created in every time it's needed to meet the criteria, you can sell it. The second option. You can tell adult time based actions. You can add any time with Doctor I'm going hell for Only created whenever a new I can't is created with building countries is equal us. We want this working for 25 clicking on seven. Next. So I'm just clearing the filter laws. We just have one condition heel clicking on seven. Next. So you can add any number off actions here Any number of actions and we can add I'm trigger as we selected the first evaluation criteria So you can select how us our days So we never developed flow five. You want execute the action if you want. Oh, exhibit. Let's go back and see if you want things good and actually really good. I did heal. But if you want action to be four forward for example, off the 30 hours after the rule trigger date click on save you so it creates a I'm thinking here and you can add you so you can have any number off time triggers like I want one on 30 hours. I want one on after 30 days and I want one off 10 days so we can add any number off actions here so immediate actions and you can add any number off route drinkers time these triggers and these actions will be drink too good. We can see how we monitored these actions in a second, but this is how you are action. So this concludes how we created workflow. Let's see how What are the actions that evoke folk and four form under how we had Action CEO in the next section? 23. Assignment and auto response rules: so the next topic we have in business process, automation assignment and auto response rules. So what are assignment and order response? Roots? So whenever you get cases where various channels like from your portals communities from your Web or email, so leads or cases in that sense, whatever you get. So how do you say them automatically? Do you teams, for example, the sale steaming us Should be a sandal leads from US vision on the sales steams in UK should be a sango leads from UK vision. So how do you automate this? So let's go to a quick find and type assignment rules that so we have leader sentiment rules. We have cases and girls. That's good up. Leader sentiment rules on you can only have one assignment rule active. So I'm just creating a new rule called Region based a cement off needs and cooking one C. So, as I activated this, you can see this goes for the activation so you can have only one assignment. But in a single assignment rule, you have any number off rule entries. So what does a rule and dreaminess? Seymour saw Dodo So which gets evaluated first criteria are met. If region is equal to us, oh, country is his equal. Duke UIs. Select the user or cube to ascend up to Q R Group off users, which you can create. We have groups and your skews our creator on your lead or case. Were you in space? Is at a number of users to the Cube, and that can be a saint to the U. S. So that you can become the owner off the lead and you're saying like this are you can change the Warner also to queue manually where? The detail page of the lead. So I select que here so we don't have any cues. Dope Lead object. So let's go to the users. Queues creating new Q so you can select an object here. UIs Use this que just available objects. I'm just selecting case. So which objects? This is available, so if you select the object here, it's available only for automation. But you can find only cues when you're doing automation. On the particular object que members you can ascend the user See on your US based region. Users can be assigned to this que so that's how you create cues similar way You can create groups as well. They have the queues and groups have their own different purposes in Salesforce. So let's again go back to the criteria Select Excuse you back on fresh spinach Country equals us instead of selecting yours, let's try selecting you one more time much away. We're not finding cues, but this purpose let's elect just the would know. So that is when I will come back and explain It would be sort of Let's click save so you can select here any number off criterias likely lead equals to us. Let's do one more thing Where the lead country quilts to UK sort of a to country close you can So again it makes like myself. Can't see you gonna send this to accuse our users? I think, Yes, Find it useful, the user and click on. So we This is how you create. You can create any number off leader segment rules, but only one can be active and you can have a number off rule criterias here rule entry. So what does this fool entry mean? This is like a reality order. For example, you have some complex rule entry criteria as defined here. So what happens when a leader is created when lead comes to system by any channel is just sees. Many leader sentiment rules are active, evaluates the first rule entry. And if this, despite the lead is assigned to this particular cure user, I need one good the second rule entry. And it just keeps on of elevating all the rules until, yeah, rule entry is made for the record on just a saint to lead to that particular user. You know, rule entries met it. Just give a sense that don't before one off the lead. So once one rule entries made in the sort order legacy first is met, it won't go to the second. If second is met, it won't go to the talk. So that is how you can define your sort order off the rule entries. Similar way we can do this. Assignment rules for cases as next next, what we have is or the response rules. So let's go ahead again to the cube pick fine and type order response proves So again we have a lead on the response or case auto response. So, in any business, poses or when you're ice case with any company can find Thanks for your interest. We'll get back to you if it's that lead or if it's an issue sorry for the inconvenience, we will get back to you. So these are the auto responses you receive from the system. So in a similar way as we did for assignment rules, you can do it for auto response as well. So I need or two the sports. I think this, uh to you see, So the order response rules only work for weapon leads. So what is way too late? We will see in a second in Done immediately after this. Probably so we have to Leeds and we'll do cases you have. What the response rules as well, that is, You can select email template on automatically so you can select the rule entry. Let's define a rule entry. The only difference here you can find is you have to specify name from which the auto response goes on the email template. What goes to that? So here also, you'll have candidates for us. You can send one template for UK, can send another template. So this is how the lead our case or the response rules work. So the first option is whenever the leader cases coming. You automatically assigned to the users are the teams which should work on them. Then, once they're assigned, you have automatically notify the customer also that you have a pseudo leader case that he's done away up order response tools. So the only difference is the rule criteria. The rule entries. Everything only wanted back to all these ports. Good only thing is in order response. We have a communication template to be set upon from visual named. The response goes, obviously to email communications. So you have that even have to be said. So this concludes stuff. A statement, an auto response rules topic on cases and leads. 24. Process Builder: huh? Let's see a question on CIA. Which off these data does the serum obligation hold? So leads campaigns. Cases on employers, the signal. Pennies accounts, opportunities, cases on campaigns. No, no. One option is workforce. Management leads campaigns and opportunities. So CRM obligation holes, accounts, opportunities, cases on campaigns. Let's say like this as a on so and click on submit, So we got this as a correct on. So let's see why this is Sierra holds leads because leads for the persons who are interested in our product. We do have marketing campaign. We hold a campaign daytime ACEA. Then we get leads in the camping. Camping might be anything like America email marketing campaign or go to the shopping more on showcase your product where the people interested will fill up the data on you, get the data and load it into the system. The people who gave you the data, they're interested or leaves. So we have seen what's a campaign, what they need, then cases when the people actually were interested, buy you a product they're called you create a goal for them in their business or contact from that business, and when they buy the product you have to attack if they have any issues with the product. So a customer who brought your product comes back to you with complex. These are cases in states walls. So opportunities on, like the revenue generating thing that you you lead our asks. I want this many products or this many cars off this minutes Some X protect yourself. So now we have seen what is a lead. What is a campaign account? I don't busy business, which is planed off yours opportunity something which is a new generating like I want a number off motors, electrical motors, number off cars. So this all comes under opportunities next cases, cases or some of the issues your customers are having with your product. So we have seen what's a campaign as well. So all these data you're saves for schools. If you see the first option, we have something called as employees. Employees is not all the employees off your office or your company might not be. Do see a more CRM users or your sales team service teams. Your customers are these teams on your marketing teams will be part of CIA, but not all the employees off your office might be in Seattle next we have. If you see the Trump told option, we have something called as workforce management. What force management is a defense off by itself. Where you talking? Employee data. How many always their spending in office, how much time they're spending of the desks on this five date Outside data. All this comes into workforce management's off. That's a different application rather than the CIA. So employees is no death, So the first option is ruled out. What first management is no day. So the daughter of Chinese ruled out. So the correct on so will be the second option. That is a gun's opportunities, cases and campaign. It's no we have seen. What is the CIA? Now we will see what is cloud computing. So cloud computing difficult. Used to a type of software industry where you buy a license for the software, install it on your missions are all the work. All the missions don't quite for the employees who are part of that teams in your company and use start using those software and maintain a centralized database server or application server where they can pack by Internet major ladies, unlike local based software, which we have been using now, if you see the industry shifting towards cloud computing, so what's cloud computing? Cloud computing is something everything is delivered over throw internment. So from a local post on a company based Internet sorrow, we're shifting to a mechanism where every application is developed or sorry is daily good throw Internet as a service. So this change is license based industry to a service based industry. So you buy soft way or like instead of buying soft radio by Soviets, very pay for the service rather than the whole software you feel. If you want to stop using it, you just don't buy that service. So what are the advantages of cloud computing? The first advantage is club advantages of cloud computing. His cost effectiveness. You don't have to manage your software. You don't have the money. You are hard where you don't have to maintain a team off exports, maintaining all of these heartbeat and everything to get so all of this will help you to reduce the past in. She'll pass you by it. A software which is delivered as the Soviets at a flat former infrastructure. We see what are all these kinds off bites of cloud computing at a later point. But this is a measure at one stage of cloud computing the cost effectiveness. So let's go back and see one more point, which helps us to distinguish the major difference between a license based software on cloud based off, for example, Let's cunts Ago, as a company, you require he made Soviets. So you were only one employees and collaborate effectively through internal image on external emits to the customers are invaders. So how do you do this? You have to buy or you may, Lexie. So, like, Microsoft Exchange means that someone maintain a team of experts maintaining this. Now, if you can see the Gmail for office, you buy this on. We just set up your email addresses on your employees connected This everything. Are you maintaining one? So, no. Are you maintaining exporting? No. You just look, cases with you made if you have any issues with the soft, so you just pay for the sudden like m o about a month, buddy. So this is how cloud base. So the difference is you in the house to the anti getting their salaries remote of the house. So that's how you distinguish a normal not cloud computing software to cloud computing software. So we have seen advantageous like cost effectiveness. I'm there are lots of advantageous off cloud computing its environmental family on. It's very pay for only this service, which you require. Coming to the descent stage is off cloud computing. I hope there are not many disadvantages off club computing, except very minute like you might land up into compliance issues based on your industry like legal compliance issues. You can, For example, if you're from the European Union, European Union restrictions might be that you have to save the day off the European citizens only Europe. So if you have a bigger things like that, you can't base that daytime to cloud because you don't have 100. Wait. Did you say it is stored in the data centers off the platform with your purchasing our complaints, things like financial data personal later going toe, the third party vendor database. So all these complaints and legal issues should be considered which are beyond the scope of this project, but this training, But this is one of the basically said Gold Days, which fish on We have work government for cloud computing as an option on a minute decided based. Like if you're opting for cloud computing software, every software on every server we'll have a maintenance video like you need a long time for 20 hours really have to do some maintenance work When you opt for cloud computing, the summaries, like generic to all the windows on the maintenance window, is out of control. But generally, if you see with any cloud vendor, these are like the maintenance. Windows are subdued on a beacon evening or weekend night, where lots of businesses not running but as a company. Sometimes you run in the peak of us like a Sunday night. You have lots of business going on on your cloud. Application goes down because of the general flogging being LeBow window. You can't control that. So that's that doesn't to major league compliance issues. I'm unable to control the maintenance window, which is generally toe the clients off that come to the event. So we have seen advantageous. We have seen disadvantages. So let me add some of the points toe advantages we have seen only the most effective thing there. But cloud computing also gives you the scalability. Let's see Peg as only two things you use. Let's say we have a business. Your company's having 10 to 15 employees. You are just a start up. You're sure your company we do, but your company will grow up on. You'll have lots and lots of employees coming on in the next few years. So what do you know the new planets off the implementation? So you have to pay for those thousands and thousands of employees right now. Then you're predicting it will happen in the next few years. Are you just want to be a only for the 10 employees, which you want to use application right now and keep on being? But employees when they keep on adding the employees to company? So the first all kidneys get everything factor 4000 employees right now on keeping from starting No. One Woods for thousands of employees, the second option is steep on adding employees into the cost. So these two options, I think it makes sense to the second option. But if you go for a normal on premise software implementation, we have made any. So if you so the server capacity should be supports toes and so users in future so you can buy less capacity. So what, right now? And throw it away and buy a new server after some time and change your implementation network protocols everything so that it doesn't make sense, then whatever cloud. So if you consider any cloud based applications you paid money was a moment like you have three employees using today, and you want 10 employees to be on the next month. We will just add the users into the application, and you pay for the pain. Next. 15 are if your radios the pasta uses so you by seven our take off the licenses as required on the application. That scalability option is there, so this also adds to the cost effectiveness. So you pay only for the users who need application. So cost effectiveness. Scalability on don't mental friendly because it's a lot they don't send, which is maintaining rather than every company maintaining its own. So So all this or that bandages off club competing. This advantages we have seen toe from compliance and legal issues on maintenance in gold, off control issues 25. Case escalation rules: uh, so next topic we have in the business process automation model is case escalation roots. What is case escalation? So whenever you issue an issue, cases are obviously shoes off your customers. They're facing your products. So whenever it is, you receive an issue from your customer cases created and your customer represent date. You should have the option to escalate the case. It is not able to meet the easily defined for the place because off some reasons, so let's go ahead and type escalation in. Though Big Fine and Goto case escalation rules the case escalation rules you can create similarly, as similarly, has lead assignment and lead auto response. You can have a number of, but only one can be active, and you can have a number off criteria. So this what happens here is you're obviously trying to escalate a case based on some criteria. For example, if the Building countries years and they want a silly equals platinum and case priority equals high Escalade this so these are just various conditions. So if sle mismatches happening, obviously good customer service means you have to meet evil SLS on the cases. If by any chance they Soleil is not going to be met, it will escalate the cases. When you are escalating the cases, you can reassign the winner of the case also, but one body like you is a case can be escalated only once. When the case is escalated, you can find a bit. I don't want on the case, which is pointing towards up even in the detail you or in the least, on case escalation rules. Don't walk in sand boxes. What is The sandbox will find it out in the change management model of this course and whenever the case escalations, So case escalations are also time. Like if a Casey kisses having a an SLR four days, that is four days off your business hours on the toward A. If he it's not closed, you won't escalate so immediately. Once the cases they created are, it is meeting the criteria of escalation, the case escalation rules, fights and it will be in that time the ghosts so you can find you look for what are all the pending case escalations that are going toe five in the monitor section on case escalations , so the two point serious cases can be escalated only once in cases don't work in sand boxes . On there is a small check box called Is Escalated that is actually doing all this. So if you go ahead and mark that feel as he's escalated, obviously the cases is collected so he can hand dug in sand boxes. If you want O, do something, check this or out of functionality locks. Even for analytical purposes, these escalated checkbooks will help you. So the next thing we have this big deal, it's big deal alerts or on opportunities. So what is a big deal? Curtis. You can specify criteria like, What are the big, big deals that are going toe come up? So let name is on the opportunity, like one million do So you got a moment? What is the M. O. M. O will be one million probability to close the probably close this 70%. And if it's one million, I want an email communication to be sent for every opportunity. So from emailing from email address used basically out on language from So what is the language you want to use from which, basically, if it's a German user, can you? Jim, when If it's English, use Oregon years English and notified up emails, which you means that this particular email communications would be sent to toe. So big deal. It's on nothing. But whenever you have a problem of closing a big opportunity since force, you can set up a rule that will automatically notify you one Big D and it's next. We have something called its production price books, products and price books or the Standard or Jackson sales Fools Typing Parex. So the hell products so you can customize the fields as required on for excess. Where you can load your products are into the sales for so data migration is another more do where you get, see migrate your data into sales cause then we have something called us Price Books price books We'll have. The price is stored for each product so you can have any number off price boots, for example, based on each occasion you can have, for example, the opportunity report type is us. You can have us Price, Booker's saying. If it's UK can have you get priced. Booker sign on. The selection off the products also depends upon the price books associated with the opportunity so predicts and price books and nothing but various story with prices and products. But ice books play a key role, like whenever price book is associated to opportunity, eat little minds. The products available to be added to that opportunity on it also specifies you the currency. For example. You wanted different prices in different reasons, because off the taxation or some other means are from the import or export taxes or whatever the means. So the price books will help you toe have that flexible pricing in different regions. So you have covered the important top considerations. The case can only be escalated only once. Case escalations. Woods won't work in sand boxes. What is a sandbox we see in the change management model of this course before closing the business process Automation model? Let's see and a cushion. Great Campus wants to capture leads and cases from the website. How can this be achieved? So went to case and we do need. So they want to capture both leads in cases so they can use the standard sales whose functional the engine raid forms so good of them work credit guns. This concludes the business process automation model of this. Of course, the next topic We'll be having this data management. How toe import or export day Dyinto Salesforce. 26. Web to lead/case: next topic we have in the business process. Automation model is ready to lead on Webb case So what does the leader rep case me? So any business needs to get the leads on cases while various channels, for example, you want to capture the leads People who are interested in our product. You can contact the way our website are with various marketing channels and you have to provide various channels for cases. Also similar way like through your communities portals through your web. So all this these sales was gives you options in a flexible manner to hold to give all the challenge. Fix will way to set up all this channels. So what is wept elite? So went to league is sense was gives me a flexible manner so you can capture leads of cases on your website and send them to Salesforce. Let's see how, he said of that. I'm going to the Web to lead section off Salesforce. See First, we have to enable Web to lead and default lead creator. So whenever lead is created from your website, who will be though created by name, so that will be that should be specified for you and default response template is what the response goes to dough Creator off that lead I mean, the plant. Who is creating that? They knew that who is creating If you specify seeming there, What is the response that goes with the template that goes so next we have creative to lead for. So what does this mean is you have whatever information you want to capture it on a website for creation off lead like first name, last name, email company city. So we don't want company You We don't want State of Province CEO what we want City don't want CD here. We just need for number just starting for nimble on What is that? We don't You are So what is returning your release When you click Save here It will generate a web court for you to place on your website like a contact for where you can control the styling words over the fire For the form generated here based on the CSS you place in your website. So after clicking on button to send the lead or case which based we should never get to, it will just type as dot my company don't go so I dont want spam filtering So if you have one spam filtering you have do select the spam filtering We don't have anything right now So spam filtering can also be I'm clicking on Generate So click generate dilcia html sales was neatly generating steam l poor this esteem l code you can send to your website Developer very can place the contact form once he sends the leads or cases through website there are automatically created in Salesforce where the default woman which your specified and auto responses ST based on the template you select and he can control this This is basic html court where even developer can control styling So that is how to lead sales was also provide to you an option to create cases from directly from emails. So we'll see how that is. No. So let me could find again and type you made to kiss you may do guess so. He made the case is not enabled. So what we will do is just select you mental case enable notification on us on new emails. If you knew email is sent to the case whether they want to notify the case on or not. So what this option is, since when you click sales sales was generates you new routing address so we can select a gender, Didn't you alluding name support, so email address again, we'll be support. Ask which you want to create so we don't want to sell it. Don't become perceived selling the case or dizziness, e mails and we can't save. So what at campus? Don't go click on see So what we have here is you will receive an email for for this particular email, which you have plays deal on. You can click on and verified this particular email. So whenever the email arrives, he'll you can redirect that to the email for what the sense was that generated where sales was. Get the email on Dad adds attachment to the case and the case is created. This is all Salesforce provides you an option to create cases automatically from immense that you were customers like, So your customer might like to just fill the form on a website or drop your email. So this all depends on how you're providing your customer the flexibility to contact you in a way which he likes. So we have seen Web to lead how the capture leads in cases from your website on how to provide your customers the flexibility to contact you. If any issues with the product even what why are female? 27. Workflow Actions: in the last video. We have seen how to pay the workflow rule. What is the elevation criteria? What is the rule criteria on how Glad time Tigger Studio work through. Now, in this video, we'll see. What are the actions that were broken? Perform? We have a new task. Your new email alert. Newfield, update your message. So what we have whatever pro can do is it can do four types off. Asks our food types off actions. The first action is created. Task created task on using for a user. So he will, for example, e an opportunity gets created and are lead gets created. You want to play the task for the lead? Oh no, that you have to follow this but the clock Ask our cases getting created and it's going out off sle and you want to create it. Ask for that corner off the case. So for that purpose is you lose new task. New email We have seen the creation off email templates and we will see the new email alert can be created and added as an action to this new feel update. So your business process requires you to have a baby feels on the same account or on its master. So in that case, if you want to feel up there based on some business logic, you can go for a field update All born Mrs. So what does our born mrs is when you want to send a small snippet off XML to 1/3 party system by our endpoint feeding them point and sending it examine? You can fall from that as well, using it. So based on the criteria, evaluation criteria, the war profiles, fights and based on the if the record is the rule criteria it comes in on performs all these actions, you can add any number off actions, let us create, or you can select any off the existing actions as well. So we don't have any existing action sealed. So what we will do here is we'll go and create a new email alert. Call this Dimel. You made alert. I will select email template any of the template and whom you want to go sendup communication to you select a cause for no real. And you can I had any off the fighting militants is. So what is the address from which you understand it will be obviously from salesforce automatic email. But that will be Alia's death that this user So I'm cooking etc. And you can see the email action. Human communication action is added. Let's add a field update on that that it is time to go 17 after 30 days after the account creation. What we want to do is 30 day feed update. So what do you want to update is we want we created a test field. He'll way have we want up there Best text field and we just want O But I did 30. Guess completed. Off you go. It don't creation and we're picking one c What is going to form a D text? Okay, I don't find any, so I'm just returning. Hell, it takes like true or let us go back on. Take off the use formal option, so feed your baby are selected as just we're going back. I'm taking on sale. So we have one time based field update After 30 days we have one email. So whenever this workflow fires on the building countries is equal to us, these two actions are so evidently an email communications sent But how do you monitor feel ? Update is being let off. 30. This or not you go, you sick, time based monitor based workflow So you cannot play filter here like workflow rule Name equals two. The name we have created order you can just check for although I'm a distraction so immediately, Vinnie, what floor fights? All the time based actions will be populated here. For example, if that you hopefully created just now fights today on after 30 days, you're feel of it has to fire that action will always be here for the next 30 days. So we have seen however flow gets created and what our job types of actions it can Often we have a reservation criteria like created, created and a better created and subsequently meet detective subsequently middle criteria. Then we have room criteria Which record should meet to enter into the what floor Then we have actions going to get before four types of actions New dusk. Create a task for a user. Create an event feel update on image template on us There is no even already beat It will look and perform four actions New Todd creation off a task for the user sending out bone message field of dead on sending email communication template. So we have completed up what flow? In the next video, we will be seeing what is a process builder. 28. Approval Process: So what we have seen in the previous video is that we created a process builder on the actions it can perform on. How multiple criterias convey added and multiple actions can barely two years. But the globe criteria. Then we have the process below, created as we can see, and once we click on, activate the process with various activated. So one thing what we have to considering areas When once the process bill it is activated, we can't change the process, are headed up process builder. What you can do is you can clone the process. Build oh, creating new washing like Bush in one point. Well, save and create a new washing of the process. Willow, which clones this on ad, are modified. The process will go on, click on activate. So what happens is the new ocean is activated and the world washing gets the activated on during migration. Off process video from change. I change the total by any other means, from one environment to other anyone meant You can only go ahead and do deploy the activated Washington the process so only one portion of the process can be active. Once activated, you can't edit them. You have to clone and create new washing off the process we look on and for whatever the shade elections you can monitor in the same way as you're monitoring the powerful actions. So the difference here between work floor under process Hillary's workflow can perform only four actions, but process will can run you FX can post charter. And can Sandy Miller that's creating new records, all sort off new actions Tigger, any global action or quick actions so all and it can perform a valuation on different criterias. It's not just one criteria. You can also write a complex formula in your workflow and evaluated cup complex criterias using if conditions if this dark or not. But if it's really lots off evaluation, criterias obviously have to sort for process. So this are two ways where you can automate the business process, where customization, using work clothes are process bilious process. Well, all's abusing the flexibility to run code on creation or off abdication off it we got so that you can have on lots of things in the port, so it gives you a lot, lot off flexibility, comfort to process will. So this country Hello Process leader. The next topic we are having here is approval process. So what isn't approval process? So in salesforce we have you can create approval process on any of the objects. For example, you have seen your sales steps off for discounts. A sales rep is can offer a discount off maximum 10% on any of the product in an opportunity . But he went off more. This guy, he has to good through a approval process. So let's creating a brutal process on an opportunity. Selecting opportunity manager, manager group possible opportunity and create new approval process. We're using the standard set up visit giving the process well. Let a name discount well on what clicking on next. So here also the same criteria. So what is the andric criteria for the records to be submitted to? No, the approval process. For example, you create this approval process an opportunity under your sales clicks the buttons a bit for approval. If it doesn't meet any of the criteria specified in any of the brewing process, it won't be submitted to the It wouldn't be submitted to their beloved process. So he had having you. Let's see, probably the percentage equals then then only it should be suddenly did for approval like this. Our discount, his description discount is less that more than 10% like this. But for no, we're just we don't have any criteria. Were not putting any criteria under opportunity. Approval process were created. So all the all the opportunities, Whenever the sales that wants them to be approved, he can submit them. So next automated breweries, determined by many years. So you have manager field on the user on every user. Very can populate the managers for this user, and the approval record goes to the approval for that by nature. Next. Once the record is submitted for approval, who can edit Derek Are only administrators can edit the records in the approval process or administrators of the currently assigned a poor. Both the administrator on the improver who has been assigned this record to approve can edit District. So we're going with the second option, clicking one next. So whenever this goes to and he made an email is were never recorded, submitted for approval email is sent for. They prove that record is spending for the work approval so we can create a Gmail template , as we have seen in the previous more do any off the human template and said that he meant that as a communication, do they know what that the record is waiting for? You were approved on. We're looking one next. And what are the feels to be displayed on the approval? Basically, So just selecting they're going to name is so they're proven knows which account is associate it be to that opportunity display of rule history information in return to the fields selected able so approval history needs to be end up. For example, the number of times the record has been rejected or approved needs to be displayed on the page, or we'll see this pace it out when we see the Demoff submitting the opportunities for approval. Next, we have sick 11 brewers to access all approved page. Only within the sales was application. So really can. They threw us access dough opportunities, which are under the prediction Click. A link on external pages also began access realistic. This only to the salesforce next, So using the options below Swiss way, so who are the in shells of meters so anybody can submit opportunities are only door for users can submit this, so only the opportunity for no can submit the records for approval. That's what we will keep as a criteria. Hello. Submit for a rule button approval history later released on Opportunity based Lives. So we'll have something for approval button automatically placed on April history. Or know what unit is If you say that this works, so this one's I submit as a sales rep. If I submit an opportunity for approval, do have the option toe recall this on A didn't send it back. So we want the recall button to be and they will recall First lady to be available for the sale strips or not is available through this option. We're selecting that as well and clicking one c so we have created. We will do this later, and let's go to the approval little bits and see what we have done so far. So far, we what we have done is we created an approved process on opportunity. We selected the criteria which needs to be met do for the records to enter into this approval process. That is true. Then we have options who can a dog record? So the current approval under Administrator Canada. The record. Then do we have do the potential submitters country called the records in approval process or not? Then we have We have initial submission action. So what does the initial submission do? So we'll sell it. What of the actions that any approval process can be assigned to? What are the options will see in the next video? 29. Sales Process: next topic we have in the business process. Automation more do is sales process. So what is the sales process? So sales process is something which your organization you can create in your annual sales will send adornment that helps your sales represented use To determine with stages, the opportunity travels through in a particular sales process. You can create any number off sales processes. Let's go ahead and type Salesforce's in quick find and you can never get. You can come to this page on opportunities you have sales process. I'm going heard and clicking one new sales process. I'm calling this as says grossest, full UIs, but you need these and clicking long suit so it will help you. We were sales limbs if it is associated with this particular sales process. So what stage is off opportunity are available for this sales process, so I'm removing. Qualification is not available in us, and we don't have one of the pipelines. Process, especially announces for US office. So we click on see, so how once the sales process is created, how do you a solution associate The sales process to the opportunity is why are record types so Let's go to the opportunity record types and click on new. So as we don't have any record lives, let's create a record. I'm like US 40 records, so record lives will help you to restrict the big list values, wonder opportunity or, in that case, any object. So you create it record type here, but the stage is off. Opportunity will be controlled by the sales process, and sales process will be associating to the record. This is how you associate a sales process in creating a record. So the stage is off which media restricted. Why are the salesforce's which you create You looking activity active but check box as well aren't going toe next. So I'm selecting one of these layouts and clicking on sale, so the sales process also helps you to graphically the present opportunity stages in the lightening your way are the concern of you. So you are sales reps are relevant. Off the stage is opportunity travels through in the says cycle, and the next we will be seeing lead conversion process. So one of dope being here, processes that are involved in the sales process off Sierra Miss converting a lead to a condor opportunity, So let us see how ladies converted. So let's go to the leads. Click on open leads. Select any off the lead. So as a sale said, What I will do is I will go to lead and click on water, so creating an opportunity when converting a lead can be optional. Don't create an opportunity upon conversion, but you have to create a con. Definitely. So I'm just creating a task also. So you don't called email. Single dope sent court on other so reality normal and converting this so you can't. Can we have a validation you under lead can. You can also place validations on the lead conversion process, but this is how you were Sales reps convert. Go leads into opportunities so into your accounts, and you can create an account on contact in a legal during the conversion and creation of opportunity is optional process. So when you're creating converting leads, how do salesforce do? Germline, which feels on leads our map to which fields on a condor contact. You know, in other words, how the data flows from the lead to account opportunity, or so let's go and find out that we may know get keeping lead here and I'm going to the fields on leads. I'm clicking on map lead fields, so when I can't contact opportunity, we have three options. You so you can select current generators. The lead field. It's map to which feel on if it's not map beacon. Just leaving black or number off locations to a number of locations are off my money to just and contact. You can map the feels. If you don't have a mapping feel, you can leave it. US. Blank s a C level, Similarly opportunity if you're not creating opportunity. If your cells there is not creating opportunity, this is it not. Number of generators equal to current generators is equal to a condom. Generators in opportunity field number of locations are so you can map twice. So primary, too, predicting just you can map toe may whatever the field you find us. So this is how you mapped up feels from lead to account, contact and opportunity. So whenever your sales rep ease converting a leading duke a constant contacts, the data flows on the mapping. Even I mean do seo and creation of opportunity is manual so once one would important point . We have begun snow when doing lead conversion is whenever the converted league lead is converted into a content contact. The lead is not automatic is no deleted in salesforce, and you can't find that lead. Also, there is a check box called is converted in the back and off the lead that gets checked so the lead says it's converted. It's still available for analytical purposes. That is, you can find them in reports and everything like how many leads we have converted in the last quarter. If you create a report on leads like Doubt is converted is equally true, and the lead created a physical. Last 90 days or 120 days, you can find the number off leads that are converted. So those analytical and purposes you can still have the leads in the back, and but you can find that leads. They're converted into all the information. You can see his own consent opportunities before moving ahead. In this, let's see some questions. Sales manager is requesting that any opportunity with discount more than 20% should go through his approval. How can this be at you so Whenever your sales rep wants to give this gun more than 20% he has to go through an approval process. So we have discussed this and approved processes the try. So that's the correct we're going. Continue a complex business process. Request multiple criterias to be evaluated before updating airfield. How can this be achieved by process Willow Workflow. You have multiple validation rules or approval process, so we just feel it so it can be done in two ways. Either reprocess building or what. But it is saying multiple criteria, so you can either do a form. Love, if it is officially, can create a workflow or, if you can create a process will go as well on multiple validation was won't help violations. So just for restricting DUP, they don't maintaining the date off. Quality approval process is sending for approval process, so process with American Obviously evaluate multiple criteria in workflow. You can obviously do a farm loss If this field that is blank, do this. If that feeling blank, do this so you can try the complex form land. You can do this if it's you can do the if it's sufficient enough, the farm last supports the business requirement you have. I'm clicking. Submit. That's a character. So So this concludes upto this, Then we will move ahead with other topics in business process automation. 30. Data Management Part 1: So the next morning we have in this course is data management or data migration. How do you, my great data in and from Salesforce on how you managed o data? So what we have seen so far is how to create a database model or the entity relationship masterly. Look up between this database entities or objects in Salesforce. And then how do you didn't mind the security? Why are profiles roads, sharing settings, organization where defaults. So we have a security date of this model defined. You have a security model defined, then we have seen the business process. So in the business process, we have seen what flows process building approval process, assignment rules or the response rules and some of the topics. So, after all, were so Our obligation is set up and now ready with all the business processes we need to implement the next thing next step when implementing the same source. Obligation is my great you legacy data, or if you have some complaints issues, then you have to migrate all the data back from states. What do at that application? Or do you have some backup plants every month or every week How do you do this? I do not. But this is all this model is all about Management of data migration, off data inducements was unfelt salesforce. So we have various options provided by Salesforce to do this. There also talked about the options also will give glimpse off. Some tools are just I will see you names off some third party tools that are available. The first option We have this import wizard so let's go to our sales force Would be fined one type data. So we have it. Do you don't Management section? You don't make management section. We have data import wizard data export. So we'll go toe first we in Cedar Import. So you goto daytime. So data import result is then beast. It's gonna access this as I'm sure screen. So the visit is load. You can select any of the standard object or custom objects which we have created we have seen we have created Give us the process and you can sell for this example. I'm selecting a constant contacts and you have a cell adoption like add new records, updating existing records or add new work updating existing the courts so both options selecting and you are existing records. So you are having your match contact by. This is where we talked about externality. When you market feel as external, i e. It can be treated as a knee mapping off from when you're loading data. That means if the mail off to contacts is seeing that same contact under existing contact is updated. So you can choose any of the file for magic from where you help migrated the data from your legacy system or which format. So generally we will get data in CS Reese and we'll sell Xia Sweet and used up CSP to upload the daytime toe Saints is how important desert will work. Let's go back and see what is they don't. So we have a pain in the same data management section called data. So indeed, a loader section you have you can help chance to download data LoDo for Windows or Mac, so they don't know that requires job to be installed on your system. Then you can download data, load off windows and install data loaded application on your system. So important result is based to data lotteries, something which you have to download and install a Nuvo mission. I have data loader already stolen my mission. Let me or the unopened data loaded up on my system. So this is the later loader, so you can select any option Insert off. Date upset. Upset is nothing but the same. The add new records are update existing based on external feed. Delete export export is export all the data on any object exporting. What is the difference between exports and export? All is if you're exporting accounts. If you click export on do accounts, you can only export their constant are in the system but export all even the echoed centering cycle been are considered and they are exported. So considering if you want to consider the deleted account featuring currently in the Recycle bin off yourselves for system you have to go for export All options. Let's go ahead and click. Insert. So what this is asking me is how how do you want that indicate with your environment will select passport of indication. Then if it is sandbox, you have place. There's dot salesforce dot com. If it is protection, you have to place logging, not sales was dot com Keogh If you use the name here and your passport less security to get here, then you will add indicate with this obligation. So let's go ahead and get my user name and password and place it here. I'm going to use this going to my user. So my user name is seven. I agree. Campus dot I'm placing that in application. Then how to get my security? Took it with my user, my settings. Then go do Bush, he said My security token and click on They said My security token. So whatever the email ideas associated with Theo user, you'll receive a security token via even go ahead and sign into my Gmail. So you have a security token here copping a security token. So first I have to endure my passport and the security token ring. Click on long so you can't logging because this is deliberation. For a traditional production, it is logging dot salesforce dot com, so Logan was successful. Then I click next so we click don't insert, so let us see. Oh, let's go back and select one more option like export. So I'm selecting it. Go. I'm clicking on brows. I'm placing that on my desk talk. So in my documents and I'm calling, that s it counts under school. I expect I'm putting the date as 3 19 and kicking us. I'm thinking next. So what feeds you want? Oh, extract. So I'm selecting all the fields. So this is a typical soko quietly which use in for development. You can edit this quietly and put the very conditions as well We're the reason is equal areas If you want extract, only us are building can recall do us so can I Conditions also you and that will be placed in the quiet freaking finish I'm thinking Yes. So the operation takes place and tool I have only two like constant my devil operation So we have extracted or love accounts They Macedo extraction and it's open. Listen, external Rhoda So we have a CSP like this which very got Although fix no letters Go back to the detail odor on close this and click on insert so we'll have a real incentive accounts which we have exported. So choose this year's free file. I'm going back toe my documents and selecting the file which we just extracted so intelligent were exported to Well, so we have to help. So next week what a match fit. So everything is so much. So we go to the I d field. So I d is not map. We have good here. Why? Because for in session we do. We do not have to specify I kicking. Okay. And we're going looking next cooking. Yes. So the insidious loading on to our address we got Let's see, what is the? So we have a validation pending that required Phyllis missing within specified cost to training because it is the validation rules there. But this is typically how we load or data on export data. 31. Data Management Part 2: huh? So what we have seen in the previous video is how we will export our import data using import wizard or data load. Did they put? Visit is based to Data Loader is something which you have to install on your missions to load our export up daytime from our to Salesforce. Let's see. Then you have Bob for did a import visit or when you have talked for data. So if you haven't maximum or 50,000 records. Data import wizard only supports 50,000 records. If you have more than 50,000 records, then you have to go for data de duplication off data. What does that mean? It's Vinicius. We filed loading. You have some duplicate records. Those duplicate records you can find them on and those can be ignored are managed If you're using Data de Duplication is a feature off data loader. Sorry, Data import wizard, but it's not presenting data load so you can find duplicates if they're present in your CSS file in which you're loading using data. So what is the trade off here? You have more than $50 records, but you need any duplication feature. So we have dope. Make the fights. Each file, consisting only off 50,000 records, then used Data Import Wizard to load those fights one by one so that you will use this creature duplication feature as well. So but coming onto the support data import wizard have some restrictions on the supporting off Sandra. Objects are custom objects, but data loaded supports everything on. Obviously, we have seen no installation. It's a based tool for data import wizard, and installation is required for big a load on data. Lola is much more than dirt that you can work it. Why command prompt? You can have some court which making it run at specified times, that is, you can do it on your mission toe so it friends at specified intervals off time on your permission to export are important data as part of a requirement so you can save the fights on Europe mission when you produce and export, or do you have some fights? Getting created for mother soft ways are other systems which have to be loaded into salesforce on a daily basis you can share do the data showed I'd only one mission, and that takes care off that But that's not part data. Important isn't so. She doing off data migration activities is also important. Feature in the next, we have something called Les Must delete feature. So let's see Portis, I'm going to the set of mental. Would you die here? And we have. Ah, something called must delete. Records are must transform approval requests. So whenever you have approvals, for example, Major is leaving your organization or his movie as recently got promoted on his out off maintaining the salesforce system. So we have to transfer all the records under his approval so you can use mass approval. Address must delete request Must transfer is the guards. Is changing the Warner off the record in salesforce, for example, a sense that is leaving your organization. All these leads should be transferred to end the same strip. New. Who newly joined in his roads so he used Must transfer record steps must delete records You can must eat accounts must dig leads. Let's see one option. So you gonna play some criteria and find out example Building country not equal to blank and click on such So you got Although a contrary building country is not black So if you want to be lead all these eco owns, you can select and they need them. But the Bordelais Gerry's you have a limitation off 200 records and so you can for using please. So if you see the mass transfer records option so transfer leads transfer recounts transfer Michael's transfer streaming channels so leads and must transfer approval request. They're working up Same funnies for deleting the other one is changing the water off the records or in this case, it is changing the world Approve hours under records. Next thing what we have here is something called us Data export service. Let's see what it is. So important Result will help you, Lord or migrate data. What do you have to manually? Good but data export service You Can she do a day die export as pretty requirements So you can Let's go on click should do export and you can select the file format. You want this to begin on if you want, including majors documents on those records And what is the frequency off? Should you so on day off, one off every month or on first Sunday off everyone and from start Daito and this every month you can refer to start. I'm you can tell it non business. I was end of the deal goes on and you can select which data you want, like a Jones opportunities. So all all objects, you can sell it. Even the standard case objects, products, priced boots, everything. You can select all door data you need and eat a lot of medical issue. Do the export and give you though fights. It's one save. So this will give you the fight's on off the old object that you don't know objects we have selected OPR salesforce door Come from this page. You can start export services manually or should do it to run automatically. When an export is ready for download, you will receive an email containing a link that allows you to download fights so clearly stating whenever they export is ready that, for example, we should do it for today. Today will receive a link at the time you specified in your Mexican click the Link on Don't know all the data off the Dixie gotta exports avarice for so the trade offs should be considered between the data loader on data import wizard on. They have a week choosing wisely to kind of the needs off data migration. And whenever you're doing data migration, it's a good idea. Toe turn off ago business processes. Why? Because, for example, you have a one flu activity active on your account. Object on your importing that account data into salesforce. The workflow fires and causes unnecessary email communications to be delivered to your and use us. This causes much confusion, so it's better to turn off to, at least during the ancient migration later on. If you can choose the trade off, that day is coming from the party system. Whether you want to have the business logic off, email, communications or some other, whatever the business process, it is whether they should be turned on or off. So next before concluding this, let's see the questions. We have one data migration. Great Campus needs to load all its legacy Daytime to newly built salesforce CRM applications. Total data volume using millions. What is the tool for loading data? So a clue here is total data volume is in millions, so obviously you have to go for a later date alone. Result correct. So that concludes a Work Data Mike management model of this post 32. Analytics Part 1: the next morning we have in this course is analytics. So reporting or dashboards What it is reporting on the date I have in your application is an important feature. It helps to analyze the data and take the right decisions at the right time. Let's see in this morning, what are the analytical options that are available in Salesforce? We have two tabs reports on dashboards. If you go to report so the first thing which we have dough take into consideration is enabled. Reporting should be enabled on the profile for the users to access this abs of these features. So we'll have reports tab. All the reports in salesforce are arranged in tow Folders. You can create new folders. You are saved the reports into existing for this so on five public reports will say it will be. This folder will be accessible to all the users in your organization. If you say that report here that will be accessible. Toe although uses in the organization that's like a public for my personal custom reports, is where you see the reports only accessible do you and similar way my personal dashboards . Then we have standard folders reporting folders, which Salesforce has given you depending upon the category the reports belonged to. So if they are from a the report is from accounts and contacts, they will be placed in this folder. We have lots off standard reports that are automatically created so you can reuse these reports are you can customize them and save them back under use them. Changing the field does the columns whatever you want. So these are those standing reports that have provided which you can customize. Let us see before going ahead with reports and dashboards. Let us see how the access to reports is a little access to any reported deter mined Reporter Dashboard is due to mind in the folder. Read the reporter. Dashboard is saved, for example, if you savory reporting public fold Oh, it will be accessible by everybody, personal only by you, if any other folders you can control the folder access based on users, rules, rules and subordinates on public group. So what does that mean? It's You can share your report folder with a single user or rolls and rolls and subordinates and public roots so on. You can control the access. Let me click users you I'm sharing with me. I can determine the permission whether I'm a detail of this fold up or manager, we were means I can only view the reports or dashboards in that for it determines I can even customize the reports and save them in the folders. Very I have write access to any other folder or my personal. Our public full does themselves. Manager means even I can delete the records and share the folder with others. So these are three levels off permissions and disorder race How you can share your reports for that is how access to reports are dashboards is determined. Then let us go and see. What are the reporting formers we have in saying? Let us go on click on new report. So in select accounts and contacts were just selling pecans and create. So this is the report builder which we can use to create people. So your arms selecting to show Although it comes not just my corns and you can create fielders here like they feel created date customs. So I'm putting you all night. Then you can add any off dump filled us. I can't Oh, no. Equals let me select myself So all the records have gone because there is no one by the name soon. Who is that account? I'm just doing this and we got the data. You. So this is how you can add filters on a report. You can also customize the columns. You can remove the columns or you can add up columns. Then you can add across object filters. Econ fielders across object fielders. What is across object filter? Is your gonna account? It can't opportunities. For example. It's considering opportunities. Consulate opportunities are we talk opportunities? Let's let us click, OK, and we'll get only the accounts. That doesn't help any opportunities. If you did this and selling wit, you will get only accounts without opportunity. So we have cross object filters can be placed on no guns. So you under inputs. So for every object you create, a report on you can put across subject filter you so we can place Rory meets all this feel so you can we have seen here? How do place fields which are part of the reports? Are you selling the columns which are part of the report and how to President Cross object filters are fielders within the object itself. Now we'll see the report right now, which we're seeing isn't tabular format. Let's run this report on C. So we have a table of simple table ladies. The columns, The data is displayed. Ing rose. This is one type off report format that is available. Let's go back on. Click on Customize. Let's change the report format from tabular format to somebody. So what does somebody give you? Is you can create group on Rose off records, for example. I want the accounts to be grouped by industry. So all the accounts right now are grouped by industry and you're having the count. Hell, so if you go back to tabular report, you can't see the ad chart option you. But if you change this to somebody, you can on add the industry. Hell, what you're seeing here is the other chat options. So you can add charge any off the charts on these are called in line report charts. You can, and any of this chaps lets donut chart and pick on run report. So this displace you the records. What? Each off. Please don't industry. The company pays off the account based on industry can place this report chance even in your I can't base layouts. Let's click on customers again and see mathematics So in somebody, What we have is you can group only by close, but somebody we have. We can group in metrics. You can group by column as well, so I'm putting annual revenue. I'm clicking one. So what this is showing here is I have one record in apparel industry on annual revenue. We don't have that place. We will remain you off the $350,000. So we have one record, which is inevitable industry. And we have one recording viaduct on a Z, which is having tardy does it 30 millions, 300 millions off revenue. So this is how the report formats You can choose from table simple table like rows and columns next to we have somebody, and next we have Patrick's another four months. There is one more format called joint reports, which we will discuss in the next video 33. Analytics Part 2: So what we have seen in the analytics model in previous video is that various report for months like tableau somebody and Matt tricks and how reports are shade with the users. And how do you enable the permission for reporting on the profile? Let's go ahead and see the next to the boarding format we have in Salesforce that is joined . Reward. You can customize click on four months and go for joined it. Enjoying reports. You can group toe what? Three reports as sections. For example. We have concealed. Let us see. Add one more block. No one will block here. So there anyone will feel it won't Owner equals, equals Do I'm clicking on OK sharp. So we'll just have idiots here saying this. Cons Why industry? So this is how you will have joint reports you have blocks off reports it'll mind on. It's add one more report. Hell, that's contacts and accounts. So we're calling this on deck. Send guns so you can grew and number off Reports into it joined reports. Here we have accounts by industry and revenue. Here we have accounts bite contacts. When we run the report, the report shows like the chart on the industry. We how you're grouping this on revenue and the contacts associated with this but the club I can't. So you will have a lot of contacts in this block. And so we have four formats are to get tabular format. Somebody format my bricks and joined. And we also have seen how to create line charts. And we can include them s Let us see this in Public folder called this. It won't joined. Go on, say it. It's going stab record medically out. Deport chance. We don't. Unfortunately, it's not showing it should be anywhere. My personal custom deports four. It's going. What do the put back? You will have the recent report it going joined. Customize. Say this again. Putting guns joined. And I'm saying this is in my C. Let's refresh this page and goto deporting charts so we have. But this is how you face the reports into your layouts. Report charts. So what we have seen so far is the reporting formats on how to use the report builder. Also, we have seen how to customize the report and save this. Let us see some important features off reports. Let's go back to the reports we have created were closing other tabs and I'm going back and making this Matics so that reporting block pulls off and you have some options here. Like if you want to show that record counter not details are no needles is nothing but the data actually. Let us run this report. What you're seeing here is that it got com CEO the details hell off the radar. So when you click, customize what you can see here is when do we want to show only the count or take off the county's for take off the car and drop Jones and charge? Everyone showed up. Charts are not. Do you want to show that drug Jones are not? And let's go and see Another feature we have here is conditional highlighting selective feed. So record count. I want that to be which car they got Count color to be this color. Think Andi, you can change. This tour could do with the color you want and click on. OK, so let's go back and make this summary report. So you have condition annihilating only in Patrick's reports. So what? This will give you this you can highlight the data you want in the colors. That is the conditional highlighting feature. You know, other than that we have something called but getting feature. So I'm making this tablet so all the details goes back. For example, let's guns dough that you have different group off industries to be grouped into a single general industry in your company, for example, the textiles manufacturing All this will come in tow a single industry or biotechnology medical manufacturing. You call them us life. Same sex industry. So you want to group the different industries into it. Single industry what you lose. You had a bucket field, you say, like the bucket feed name as in the street and you could new but Saudi in the street. He up. And what do you want to at banking like going to came? In God's example, I'm selecting chemicals. Biotechnology couldn't feverish. In addition, first time creating a new bucket called que me coach. So because selecting a few guest and putting them Waas example and with Neverland selecting come, we can create any number off buckets like this, like engineering. If you sell it, you can put communications, electron ICS energy engineering. All this indoor one bucket. So others you can Sure, as in this industry. So what does this mean is you will be grooved by marketing feed so you can show whatever the industry, you are grouping different industries into a single. But what does marketing gives you is you can grow different values into a single gen req field. So with this real close, this video and we'll cut can see other features off reporting that are available to us in the next video. 34. Analytics Part 3: So what we have seen in the previous video reporting features years but getting and cross object fielders how we used we have seen all these. So let's revisit back. What is but marketing and see about getting is nothing. But when you have asked number off values, you want to group them genetically into a few feeds on your reporting. That's very poor for custom marketing, and I don't bucket feels so. We have created the industry marketing feel as well. Let's see one more feature that is custom formula seen reporting so you can add form lost to your data directly under recording. These are called custom formula feels, so the formula calculation. So you can drag the at formula here and place it here. And what is the format students and what is the name Decimal places on somebody so you can sell it all this and you can place operators as well and just create a formula here on inside that under report. So we have various features in reports like cross object filters, adding custom formulas conditional highlighting marketing. I'm all this you can add to you report and shaded up report. So this concludes the part on reporting. Let's There are some other things we need to discuss on reports will come back. Before that we will go and see. What do we have on dashboard? So what is it? Dashboard Dashboard is a pictorial or pictorial representation off the data, which is on the report or whatever the source off data. So let's go on. Click New Dash Book last winter also saved enough see investors. So the magical number off console in second place in a dash bodies component is nothing bird chat or whatever the type of display unit you want. So I'm selecting you, The hardy, gentle watcher. I'm clicking on sittings, so let us see. We have the original bar chart vertical bar chart and we have line shot and we have a chart . Do not funnel scattered shot gauze. Metric metric is just display off it. Unit on God's is also like a point of video. A Speedo Mito showing you don't value where you're indicated is and tap obviously traveler from off. I'm selecting our younger bar chart making okay and I'm going to the data sources. I'm selecting reports very picking a Jones joined. So so we have some mismatch here between the data and, uh, component. We sell it. So what we'll do is we will prove back. I got create a report which got us our needs. So I'm just looking on new report, clicking on guns, be it taking this on somebody. And I'm just selecting industry aching, going back to customize a few feels I'm placing them under back. I just want them as close se support. We're clicking 100 and I'm saving their report in the form of Nick for Yes. Let's go back on. Big new passport. Watch out report. Let's wait this to be populated. Doing that chant, putting the same data back. And I'm going to selecting one more component. That's doughnut. And I'm putting the same day going to components Gods. So this helps us to differentiate between each component how they displayed a data in passports going and keeping the gun metric Celik window. Same data source and going unpunished putting table seem data putting what you get. Be done source again. Components scatter chart. No, the data table have gone, So I came back with the same D decibels. Let's save this. I did it. Bones date, Don't Yeah, do foot and I don't see Come close. So this is how a dashboard his sin dashboard you can select the confidence. The component type off display unit competent is nothing but a Republican type of display unit. You can sell it any off these components, like vertical bar chart. For gentle bar chart donor, a pie chart goes, or a scatter chart or table on displayed the data from their SOS. Or, if you want, you can create the same. You can create a custom visual thing with you. Using visual force on, you can even place a visual force component also into up passports. One more option you have in dashboards is then you can place these dashboards on the home. Please, Leo, are you can on a specific user on this can be run as a specified user or logged in user so you don't have to rear end up report on the back. And but you can dynamically should do the change. The data that is displayed on the dashboard itself by selecting this and we have one more option called Let's Authorized, the users change running users, for example, considered a scenario like the BP off sales is requesting you the dashboard component which displace data for us, UK on Canada so you don't have to create three dashboards. There are three Conkling Street pie charts there. You can give him the option to change the filter himself like since data or leaves data for us, for UK, for cannery can change the filter himself on, he can look at the data. This is called dynamic dashboards, so dynamic dashboards can have a maximum off three fitness. So this is just woods or be off. Dashboards and passports are also shared in a similar way. They sailed into the reports and shaded with the users in a similar fashion as off people's . 35. Custom Report Types & Scheduling Reports: the next topics we have in analytics module is custom report types. So for what we have seen, the types of reports we can create our report four months we can create our tableaux, somebody mad tricks on joint. But what does the report types? So what does this mean is if you go to the report stab? We have different folders are different types of reports which you can select like accounts , accounts and contacts accounts with partners. So how how do its sales was? Didn't mind this that you want? Oh, a couple leads and accounts only our leads and a constant contacts only. So Salesforce provides you thes standard types off reports which you can create. For example, if this doesn't matter any needs and you want to go typically report on a count on some other object together, which is not here. What you lose will create something called us Custom report. So we have accounts on only contact seal. And because you've created a relationship between accounts and cave, I see processes consulate gave a C processes is also coming up here. But let's go to the custom report types create report times. You can continue for us to better understand this. Let's click on new custom report. Primary object. I'm selecting cons. It going to school beat. So I'm selecting different things here, like a guns and no data stewarding category. I'm selecting records. I'm certain this has deployed on picking on next. I'm putting the same description account. And although they don't looking one next, so we have a concealed because we selected concepts primary object so we can sell it. Clear opportunities complaining. Four asserts contacts duplicate record items Partners can feed, Give a supposes conduct rules. Each record for this QC option, with or without the records record, may or may not help because so far be and at sea in select opportunities here to see if you get and opportunities with partners kisses. So what we're doing here is we're creating a report type with accounts that have off opportunities, partners and cases so you can go ahead and create a report with all the data off all these objects in a report on use filters everything. So if you want accounts with opportunities and without cases, so you can't do that well, a standard reporting type that is available to you. But in that case, what you do is you will create a custom report type like this, like comes off which in these cases and you will created report and, you know, play the filters and all as required. And you mean give the users access to access this particular report and see the data. So what is the difference between the report format on before? Type is report. Format is just controls. The display of information are how you summarize the information on the report. But report types are control on which object data you can created report together. So that's the difference between people format. Sign the board types so you can create custom report types as well. In Salesforce to Catterick go business needs. Next, we will see share dealing reports in the analytics model of this cause. How does she do reports? So I'm in the reports folder in the report where we have created in the previous models, I'm going to the UN report Drop down and selecting should do feature so running using what does this space for years. The data in the reports will be, for example, if a running user is and isn't He can see wounded the data which you can access if his system meant me. System admin can see the data. Only he is he can access. So in case of shared Dooling reports, the running user specifies the data that is visible in the report. So we should be very careful when selecting a running user example, you select the running user a systematic initiated with any other agents. So you you are just making the isn't to see the data which you should not be see next. We'll have email report. So whenever this year deal runs, a email will be sent with the link toe. Come to this report to see what data we have. So who do you want the link to be made with this sample. Two or three rows of data also will be in the email. So just to me or to me and others, you can sell a public groups rules rule since about its or a single user. So how do you want? Oh, she knew this report Daily, Weekly monthly. So yet making this daily every big day, not under weekends. And what is the started? Any time. Preferred starting. Started dating Indeed. Sorry. And three for start and sail. Report modifications with this said you're so whatever the report modifications are my previously I'm saving them. So this report is here due to run every day between the dates that are specified at the before time. So based on the system available, if it's running some of the report at that time off in 30 minutes to one over, it will take time and run that report. Then the report where were selected users are public groups will receive a bill with sample data on the link to come to this report and see the data. 36. Analytics snapshot: next topic we'll be looking at in the analytics model is analytic snapshots, so considered a scenario where you have to report on the historical business data. For example, you want to report on data on the league's, which are closed in last week. Weekly close closure Lead status is like how many number off leads are closed or how many leads a converted Little obviously not closed their converted. So how many leads are converted last week or the before? You like a weekly basis? How many leads are getting converted and you want some data very specific to in the particular week? Like what is changing on that? But the globe, for example, the industry and the lead specific information, like their email addresses beyond them, how they're changing on a weekly basis so obviously wants the email or any type of the lead or industry of the ladies changed. You can't go back and see them in the Lee data because lead it will be current. You can enable feelings to tracking on see the lead data. But what is the thing here is we want that to be on a weekly basis historical data reporting so What do we we need in those historical trances we create and shared your report on, we create object. For example. Whatever the number off feels, you want toe number of columns. He wanted the report. It will create a analytics snapshot. Object on you will share duly report which feeds the data into that analytics snap short under should your basis. So the number off records that the report can have is 2000. That can be read to analytics snatcher If it's more dead. 2000. You have played different filters and create different analytics snapshot objects and put the data in tow them. Then you can compare the data between the historical data and these analytics snapshot objects and create people's Let's see, go Back and Goudeau set of meaning. And I'm just putting you snapshots, reporting snapshots, reporting snap shelter also coalesced Analytics snatchers And they were corn. Previously as analytics snapshot. So we'll just go ahead and create new reporting. Snap short. According this as a demo reporting. Sure, Running user, Could this snapshot straighter? So what report you want to select and target object, so you have to first create a target object. So what this happens is your share dealing a report snapshot your share dealing account report which we have created previously to run at specified intervals off time and pull the data and put it in a snap short object. So this first we have to create a custom object, which will be the target for putting this data before she doing this. Once you create that, this will be done. Then let us go back. See what we have covered. Everything in the analytics. We have seen how reports and dashboards created. How what is the permission required toe Run them in the profiles. And what are the reporting formats like tableau summary mad tricks enjoined. Then we have seen how the customers the report using the report builder. Then we have seen features like a cross object filters, custom formulas, conditional highlighting and pocketing. Then we have seen dashboard features like down a dynamic dashboards where the user can control the data on you can change the running user off the dash. What as vague and we have seen how to create dashboards and what are the different dashboard components available? Then we have seen their actual report types the standard report types you will get on how to create a custom report. Then we have we have seen how to share your report. Then historical data trends. If you want the historical data prince to be, is the requirement for even analytic requirements. Then you have to go for reporting. Snapshots are political snap snatchers. Before producing this more dude, let's see a few question answers. The first question is Great campus. We busy requesting a report created based roundup following requirements. All that comes with opportunities closed. One. All I can spit closed cases. What can you do as a system administrator? So what is requesting, basically, is two reports, one with opportunities closed. One. It has to display or leader opportunities a concert opportunities that are closed. One. So we have to do put across object field on a report on display wounded off which, when we there comes that help opportunities that are one and one more report where you have you can create across object filter on display only the accounts that have closed cases. But instead of creating two reports, you can go for a joint report and create one report and give him display the information in a single people. Let us see the options were created. Custom people. Obviously, custom report type is not required because we have a constant cases on a constant opportunities standard. Edwards Creating a Joint report. Obviously, he's and also use custom object formulas. Years. You can use custom object formulas. What reporting format should be joint instead of creating two reports? Let's go, let's see one more question. So what is the difference between custom report types and report formats? So the report types basically control the data on which objects you can, including a report, for example, a concern. Contacts is a standard report type available, and if you want to do that with accounts, contacts, partners cases together, so you can't do that way. A standard report types available. So you have to go and create a custom report. But coming under the formats, that's the format off a report you want to create, whether it's tabula, just columns and rows or somebody summarizing just bike rose or magic, summarizing both by rows and columns are joined. You can include any number of reports as blocks. Okay, different blocks on these blocks have their own filters on. They can be viewed as different reports, but as a combined into their different reports and their combined into a single report, this brings us to the end off and let export you off this course. 37. Enabling Chatter: the next morning we're having in this salesforce administrator trying is States Force. So what is journal Salesforce? Charter is a collaboration to off Salesforce. So this helps you to collaborate with internal employees with your police. I'm your partners with clients or your customers. Everyone thinks every it can bring everyone into salesforce and you can all start collaborating. It can be used by communities. Communities will see in the next more of this course. So we'll see how chapter enables this house securities. And when the customers partners off you, your company comes into salesforce and starts interacting with you in the same environment . Very well. Handling or go see, I'm data are Oliver Asciano processes. So first thing even see is off. Enable chapter in your organization so foreign Evelyn Charter will go to set up. I'm not being in dude. The same supposed to provoke angry campus people go set up me. Thank you. They will go Chanda saving. So this is the check box where we enable Sharp Then we have some other settings. Groups groups are nothing but for example, if a sale steam can have a group together Oliver States Do you guys can come into a global service team. Guys can come on for me. Chatter group. So a list of people who want to collaborate together, for example Europe amazing and even in marketing, even this weekend. So you want them You want all the employees off your organization were part of organizing this given to collaborate. You conform. It chatter so groups can be off. You can find any number of groups on any topic. For example, your ruling chatter. So you want if Pilot Lee stuff with other employees who want to see this and you feed that implementation, you can also call that charter implementation on. You can start collaborating with your boys. I mean Internet in. Then we have some groups say things like a low group. Archiving are getting is nothing. But if the group is inactive for this many number of days, the groups will get automatically Hillary quartz in our gods and looking rooms. So we have different types off chatter for ablation. You can just add a click, collaborate between employees 11 on our in a public for a big black from like everybody in the group can see this or we have charter feed on the records you can write on the record initiative course on. Even then, it was something changes in the report. It can be tracked. Does it charter feed? So all these women see in this more new itself. But these are all the different kinds off course. So this particular setting is Do we want to allow the record chatter into the group's records Should be part of this group enable only step groups so unlisted group access is restricted of group members and users with man is unlisted groups permission so listed on unlisted group. So if you want toe enable unlisted groups you have any of this sending rich link refusing feed. So if you want enable rich text country in feels they have to go for this saving on a more chance if you want enable smiley senior chattel You have a good with this. Then we have seen approval processes and then you user who has created a record one Students wants to have his manager's approval. What he will do is we flicks a bit for a ruler on it will goes through his managers in the same vehicle also use process below to submit it for a cool automatically that his manager issues he made on. He are illegal logging into salesforce, and they approve or reject but the cleric record, so we can also handed approval or rejection off recording the brewing process. True chattering if you want a dirty new organization, will go for this, then coworker invitations so they might be for workers in your organization or anyone out saying we're not using Salesforce If you want to invite them two things we can invite them just with charter license. We talk food salesforce license. You can invite your customers for person, so if you want to allow, you have toe check this chick. So if you see users who accept invitations, your invitations to join charter, we'll see. Only pro fights will see what is a profile finds on groups they can actually see. The records states we're seeing regards the needed full salesforce Nice is that rather than a charter license customer invitations. So this is pullup imitations. We told Salesforce licenses to chatter. This is hello users to let customers to grooves there or not, man. So you can you know you can just attic clean white the people for saying off yourself, supposed to Internet so they can see only the post in the particular group. Rather that the enduring so only if they want to be part of that particular group then you there can invite by this city actions in publishing. So if you want to pose so chatter post can be on different times, like towards I know those men posed finds everything. So if you want this publisher actions, you can you have to go for this city recommendations in the feet This is for sales was when sales was one. Is the mobile application of states. We have a separate, more beautiful according that there is a particular thing part two days. What they will do is it will sink the calendar. Even seen your by saying Suppose so. Your sales guys are always given a heads up off the events that are coming up for me. So if you want the recommendations to be part off by, you have to go for this city. Person comments, modifications over again. Any false and comments if you don't use us ended the force Informants are part off already posted then we can. Otherwise, if you don't go for the sitting once you post a comment or oppose, it can be against him. The village text post if you want. Oh, handle reached exporters for you for this. So this is These are the various settings which we have been in every check once the chatter is enabled. You were undead organization have chapel features rolling out. It's like a lot, but there is a real see our Wendling chatter. What are the things that we need to I see. 38. Chatter Features: So what we have seen I didn't know. Be knowing chatter is how many will chapter anyone organization off the whole chatter uses with a radius terms which comes with chatter. Tool off state support. Then how acts waas accesses. Post access is nothing benefited Record Post. It's kind of vertical axis is bruised Our users as part of that you can see that you mentioned someone. They can also see that where you're directly posting from your home airport from you. Our profile we have seen what are the different? Obviously, the access to courses. Then we'll see some. What are the different vase you can post whatever the chatter features, which we should be available. The 1st 1 is post like so whenever you lost something, for example, I'm just going to take stable for America. Posting something first. I just had. Yeah, Jack is nothing but a contact for this long. Why you so we can just stick like this. You can pull some idea you and you can just share this. So this one be here. So other users who have access to this particularly good like this. So what happens is when you pull some idea. You can see how many people, what are the trending ideas, that most ending ideas work is happening at home life, so you can literally see what happened. So it's like it social mediates, and people can, like, hear, posted next to have something for this moment. So it's obviously again a social media feature where you get coming down under the posts. Next, we have something for does topics. So what is profit is uses me, live it using Twitter or using a hash mark and mentioning dropping. So just mentioning Jundi. So don't think theories. So these no bigs actors collection off course. So whenever you just selling this click on this particular topic, you can see all of the pose for contained or whatever it is that has been done on chatter that has this topic. So it will bring collaboration to the new levels whenever so many users posting different kinds off. Most are different, like on records like groups. Anyone mentioned this topic. Everything will come in tow. The charter it's don't beat collected are hoping to users were interested in conflict, so you can see what are your dessert going on there next we have something called s announcement. Story mentions So what is the mention is you can just write it off light need So just writing sample and chewing my name itself. So whenever Right this it's on a book Relating my name What does this menace? I'm just mentioning dineequity to a user. So peace this What? So we should be obviously posting this on the record when I'm just showing you how the leadoff now sharing So the user will obviously get this post in his dining just even if it is not for is not for lined up record. So they dies, ist email off chatter. Will country saw the post users your four week that he got your following and the mentions also very other users have mentioned on this will be on the proves you are part off. New course will come up in So let us see what kind off course you can Toast can close to final so you can post created me and you can were holding You can create your case on a law call task. Everything can be next. We have something gorgeous and so announcements you can only do as the part off. So in a group is the only thing. Very You can do this anyway, So let's see. What is it? A me get to get, But this so as these groupies for all the dinner employers. So I'm just gonna things buildings, we're getting together all internal boys. This week I shared this. What happens is the announcements. We come here so usually what we're seeing here is the post will be coming here. But announcements. Whenever user who is part of that comes into that, you can see all the announcements and announcements for the group. Ugh. So I don't mean he's like a sticky notes with just shows below. The user can below the group information. So it is like, I catch your announcement for the good. So we have seen water. Who's like straining your picks mentioned group. Then we have something called Ernest finds Step back to schools. So fighting staff is something they all of the content posted on charter in big. So you can issue a number of content from different post different brews. So it's hard toe get off. So in one place so fine stop consist of this you can directly follow content or so So whenever there is a change to this point, this comes up here so that you can do in such fine. So here you can also feel that by me shade by me for doing and can share my group also in the news. And so these are content Libraries will come up more about this Sendak content. The groups also has something called Blue Friends Our records You what these two are. They just show you the records, a part of that group and the finest and up. So if you're looking for somebody looking directly find step on again so much for find out you're looking fine, but you can see that they're economically some scrape That's language most of the chapter But there is one thing which we need to really be various can be we have seen all this is a public conversation can be directly talk like internal shot between two people can be just charge I believe it. Someone it's yes. So if you go to the charter, you can find something for gonna say just messages. This is very good Shot privately chatter other chattering users in this organization, so I can just So just pick a new message and I can say, Look, the user my message obviously gone sending ministers to myself give patient so anybody he sees this message you can just This is like a private. This concludes the chapter of this. 39. Chatter rollout and Access Management: No, we have seen How do enable chatter in salesforce organization? Next time we will see how user access for mission so controlled when rolling up chatter for your users. No organization. So many enabled chatter. It is like our order. So it is enabled by default for all your work. Use this That is the actual before setting off sense. But if your business scenarios why you control this business on the users like you mean a group of users you want chatter foot on for a group of users in the same in Iran. When you don't want chatter Book. How you do this is you will contact Salesforce, and then it would something orders profile based chatter once sales for support. And it was dissing your organization. What happens is you haven't checked boss on the profiles, which will give you option in the chapter is enabled or not for profit. So all the uses associated with that profile we'll have access. We will not have access based on this particular checkbooks, Not don't be. You can also control is chatter actually use you when you enable chattering organization Chatham use you access to these three taps chatter, profile, page and groups. We'll see what the stabs are, but you can also come this tab controlled similar to other tabs. Access to the steps is controlling perfect. So if you remove the access to this absent profile, obviously your users can see chart. But the problem here is if the chatter is an able for your comment records. So the charter feed is still visible to the users, and they can see still collaborate using channel. So these are some tradeoffs you have to consider whether you really want to use us, not you have chapter. Then you have to go over. Or, if you are fine with them, not having access to the steps and you're gave it, they can access shatter way up record present detail pages. Then you can consider just disabling access to the stops and provides. So this is up. You can draw access for the users in your in your own men Do enabling chatter is more debt profile based chapel No, which you get on access course. Get this feature and are you can control access to this charter. Nab's the profiles. It's it. But as I said, you controlling access to chatter Tabs will not prevent the users for actually accessing. Chatter is enabled with the objects. The guard. Once the chatter is enable for the records, they can still use chatter on the record details. Yet let's see how that works. First, we'll see one of thes three cabs doing do states for small, then our lamps, then Chatto. It's like I'm going to groups. So what is chapter homepage chatter on base or chapter? Once you been this, you will have all the feet that are directed to a different gods You followed contained You follow our mentions when there were some other people mentioned you in their toast. All this will be coming here or the post by you, our new government. When you post, everything will come here. It is like being on a cc line off a. So I'm following that extreme burning contextual score Both America. So there is a new change. Everything comes so we will see what are like. Mentions were deceptive pick and how you for glory, godson Chatto off You follow people on charter. Everything we did see but whatever, everything that the content that is in the chatter that is related to you will be coming up in this particular area falling other person are following a record or somebody mentioned Ewan imposed or some prominence directed towards you. Everything will be part of this. So you can feel this like you can see and feet Didn't the chatter feed them? What you're falling in the records of people are the exact boost. Their words you are. You can mark some of the posts so they are comes on the top of the course. All this will be so you can review some of the bulls, so you don't receive any notifications. So it also received dilute Digest email off charter are consisting off for you chattel feed , which you can radically seem the human. You have people in our people who you are following under recently view people groups your part off active groups. And as I said, you been every group There is no hosts in a group for a particular kind of gets. So I got groups you apart off finds that directed Do you find them attaching in the course ? You're part of all this, you can see. So this is like chapter home so everything gonna be you, then topics we'll see what is exactly topic also. So all this will be next. We'll see. What is it? Profit. So profile is nothing but like social network, where you can upload your photo. You cannot date only information like contact information. So it for me people were forwarding all the walls. So this is just like it's socially working. So what you will get here is only the Post Director towards you are the pose you posted. So it is like being on a two line in the email conversations. So chatter is like a cc line on to here it's and next we have room stuff group stabbing, obviously give you that. All the groups you are part of the group's you started the active groups, your part off our groups you. So when you go to the grooves and select, it grew. So you find all the information are the clothes are prominence are very this which is part of that particular. So we have no seen how chatter ports before going there. Let's go toe in your as batteries and get going. Another thing didn't take states flow. So on when you're charter is enabled, you can also see this particular freed. I don't on another detail page off any record so you can post on this. For example, you want to put some information or all these Cardona's you can see you can post it or you wonder that you find to this particulary Kontic and attach it here, I reckon created task directly. You can radically you create. Gone back is events leans four. You want some opinion polls you can are yet. So when you create a file, it will come into the related related content related list. Related content related list is not here, but we will see how that when we're going into a content management system, because obviously it's fine and it will be about off can manage. So this is floor yes, how you are you and use us. Use this chap. So next we will see how the control of access to this particular course is. So whenever you post something all uses off, their particular proof can see anybody posting are are if you posted directly from the chapter about other topics you mention are you mention all they can see If you're watching a group, it's only accessible. That group are dimensions they didn't find out. Chapter and the charter feed force on a recorded tape page, for example. Like in this case too extreme for America, anybody boasts something here. This is only accessed where the users who have access to this at the club wrinkled. So access to this particular charter is Chanderpaul's expand. Very so. Whenever you are enabling, coming is we'll see what I can do. This we have next. More so when you have customers are Bacchus in the community. So you have to control the God access itself to control access to chatter feeds. Then you can. If you add them to particular groups, then they can see all Doc chatter feed balls off that. But the club group 40. Content Management - I: the next. More doing this course is being managed. So what is content? Content can be any type of fight, like one document or any kind of fighting. Salesforce Content Management course provides a content management system. Building used campaign management. Sandy. What say it's full smoke? So what are the key Contra names off the content management system? Condemned village. They're very something. Conde. Nose off your hunting Congress feels four types, backs and content. So let us diving on. See this first before diving in and seeing. Let's go ahead and enable management Satan's best. Did you? Deep dish. - So already has been with us. See this and everyone says was obviously for new licences. So the licenses that are available when you and have been communities of any other feature , see what the licenses beach. So they do a company formation beach and then we're seeing job placements we have seen for stew. Estimate boxee use partner relations Is this No thanks. Things you So this is one like whenever you're enabling feature communities, what you need to be, it is you have to check, then are destined Pugilism says to new users, so it will automatically as you just don't find What does this mean you're seeing? Find Stipe staff in the chapter morning. Destroy what? That gives you this Least off all the fights that has been shared with you Where chatter that when you look down here can see sharing settings shared with very care with rooms charity. So find user interface negotiating. Find street Nice. If you want to share a fine get like, ready, This has to be very so we'll get much Mr Billy's when we go ahead in business when we start creating enabled dealing with social So what happens, you loons? Well, the language such whenever you're uploading a contacting library when you enable this option. If you ask you the language for what you look, for example, uploading a period document content in there is a gentleman. So what do you have? Obviously selling the languages is Jim enabled enhancing the commit this week and content back you see, what is it gonna get back and ending with ease that this morning it's a but if you want the content packs to weigh, have check, let find orders. Delete finds including content back. So we never repair the country back Condemned back is nothing but a group or container folder for all the fights, So we're very one. They find owners to believe fires that part off track saw content settings. Then you see Sierra back a slight. We have a devastating for gentles. Let's look general settings see. So finally think using software provided by saying force, it's you can install a desktop sink finds system to sense. If you want USA's faxes, we have any attachments really list. So when you able see other content, you can really take off its and attachments and use CR facts. The leading us. We'll show you in the next few years off this morning that whenever you're off loading your find, you just like you. The chatter feed u Conn. Fight gets into the content to stop what they got. You see there now coming. So if you want to take off their attachment and use chatter, fights going for clients France posted on user profiles in communities. So you want to restrict the fights, our community. Then you have this dental seconds. So what we have right now is I have seen how do any food safe first country. And what are the settings available going and then enabling sales was here content on financings, software and community district? No. So then now, when you want users to access this particular content features content management system, the user should have since 40 and content use up on the user on the issue. Salesforce CRM content email alerts I'm daily days is These are part off look So this do just to receive that I need to just You can follow if content for file where chatter on whenever the file is updated. DC subscribe to that. So this whether to resume that limits our ability issue that I needed. Just contend as you can, but specifying whether you're a CNN contending, teams use it or not. Just don't use it because it's so what does content. So we are seeing any type off, and it's uploaded like see and how you use it accesses magic. Find sites alone for chatter fighting. You can't know that, too. So whenever content management is a willing salesforce, do you have three taps? Celebrities Dent on subscriptions Legacy. What are these fights? I just did opening, so we have to like Reese said, Like variant new advance. So we can also created new. So library staff will give you. Let's start off all the libraries and the top contained in your life. Ladies and all of that stags are nothing. But you can forward thanks to any of the country. Look, this help Begin searching for what? Do your content? Well, that's in these interactivity. And most acute. They never And uploading fights for content. Okay, ready? There is some ever like those crashes. There is a issue with the revision they come singing, do fights taking Once they're in, probably files, you can just click on select. Listen, you can delete, so we have to wait. So we have enable Monday language support. So which language despite is in this? What? The contents of this language of the been kissed by change. Thank you. And you can just click on Publish canceling this, But this is how you can find under viewed. Wouldn't you can find statically Once your profiles, they will come and do my prophet and you can add them to their previous. Then we will see what is there enough content, subscriptions and stuff next week 41. Content Management - II: So what we have seen in containment easement noise about what is happening? What he seems sittings on. What are the key components system? They're seen sittings as battles condemned and result missions. Big users. It's CNN's use it and I don't see that it is. Then we have seen to be the taps Police. So we were seeing, though obviously very stuff these off and the talk contradict. What happened? The recent activity independent under top contributors. So what you upload and finding that is you want to choose. So I'm just selecting one. I miss you gets asking me that. Just this very you can. And this this? No. Just so so if you go to No, I didn't mean to you. You can see. Say this image. This Look, it is way to see this. So sampling. So this is how your blood. So this is only a blood I'm going to do. You can also you know this You? No, you're. Then we have something else for this very reason. Make the best use. Only screw this. Just so you don't think this is what it is. If you go to the subscriptions, we'll show you on find You are subscribed. All the content. How do you Some straight. I can click on subscribed. He'll claim to this particular I just don't don't you? If I'm subscribing to, like, really all the countries in the lab this week so I'm not doing so. All these subscriptions show just like straight one new Will you stop? You can go rethink subscription and not subscription here in this next thing Is there something going on? Then list all the content that help can also such for country A very, really very. This is about this. Three times have been these three deaths give you different the way our just access just, you know, and British in the stop or no, if you know nothing is next thing having his open customize just amazing. The abundant is similar object custom. She knew you can find your keys. He insists he meets these videos. Come back, nails the court types relation Comeback players or something used for don't know very much . This thing's won this But if you see you, you can create a new field content similar to today on any fixed names. Just just which male which please lived this. I learned English in one. You can also be it. Allegation. Wait. This man all right? Yes. Basically, you can get in missed chicken so you can create an inning. Just think you get sustaining is and being sued. But this? Yes. No. You seen completed validation rules yet good times before going in I'm seeing. Oh, I really saw ended. They see some things. Something for this. Like ready. So we have this stand if you want some estimate. So what? Permissions. So you get your did you Okay, any for kids? This means thank you. So all we have here in place to say it before going ahead and let me show you. How do you let content you want? Reports this speaking. I believe this. This you can Just giving. Wait, This what I'm doing? Let's see this. So we can add Did this as they did here you Let's go ahead. And c o users that Sisi's managing these five standing commission. Big questions. I have, uh, the tables. Then in the administrative permissions sections have something called and it's forced. So what does manage sense? This is the administrative mission varies Members, you need varies. All contained, had condemned all these. Yeah, if you don't want a human, is if you want to be like, just meet. Thank you. Man is like You can create, use, create and share in the series. CBC next and I love it. Finds all this content missions usually Oregon directly. These will give the user a permission to manage content, unlike next to videos, even see p eight by British. And how do you access to members? 42. Content Management - III: So for what we have seen in a Captain Manning Yes, do any settings. What do you use? A nice and smooth and we'll find I didn't. We are seen or to light farts. We'll go ahead and see what? How do feeling He also seen or create Custom boy. And right now I see there was this one issue in the previous video way. We're having the content delivery. We go find that good attached to actually inverting it should be. I think the related content deliveries That's just more action. Now we'll go ahead and see a lot off the creator like race add members. And how that content to do the same abs. Four. We can obviously here just waiting for I'm just looking one, I mean, is you this probably you and just rooms standard users, customer managers, part block that uses we have a job Well, just has quite using, you know, coming. He's gonna uses you know what type of library permission does this users. So we have also seen custom and I'm just collecting woman. So we have created in my body. We have added uses to this, so all users should be off that library, too. Who's just a movie document English us for least this to experience. That means if you remember, we have also created record. And we have made five description as commanded. Let's see. So it's doing this Penis, man. These are dark properties. We have a separate Robert, please. Permission just wants this to say, like, lead school. Just fishing this bitch. I see at that point filing experience. So that is how you create contribute finds to their labor ready. And next thing what? We want to split toe that light. So you have seen use this to go ahead and see a strict I'm just thinking because and I can just look featuring court types. So the recording gets us basically be have fields which your mask attend. Those fields could be Just don't to that way have something for less content. Banken continued discontent package. You can create a package off the different content you have access to and with me. So I was just a good old holdings just adding in back just stating this. So just like a package for only flights for business to in a very dish like first, it's just like it back. So what is the use of this content back ISS You get do it Just sitting people. So we have a good back. I'm just Yes, I'm scrape depending Bacca's. So this is how you create. This is nothing but a package for your files. And this can be discontent. Backs can be delivered as a content delivery. I think you know external users off states you as a really straighter You can track the number off times the content back. Has bean downloaded you through that link? One more important thing is they never finding the content back. Please. No, I didn't renew your worship The fight to come back because they so we're seeing working Library? What is content back and what is a content on? How do you control the court types on user like this country stuff content management. This course 43. Salesforce1 Mobile Part 1: the next morning we have in this course is Salesforce one. What is saying says was one. Is there more bite after that phone that stays? Course provides. So every user, when you broad a tournament in music and access salesforce more by saying that it can be through. The mobile browsers are standard alone, which can download from the apple app store or place tore off for Android and they can start accessing this. See, and you can start accessing since their devices. So let's see what does Salesforce one. They just I have been hoping this was your com slash She is forced is done since Force one off the shelf page. No, no, it means park with just all alone. Salesforce CEO. What we have is all of customization, So whenever we have so they're just doing you If you have some customization for dashboards reports, whatever you have done is always the same course on work custom APS, renewal rates and custom maps there. So my day ladies is a customer was created Hell, we will exchange. Perhaps so whatever absence from exchange states force only business actions, so do dig much deeper into actions. What actions, nothing. Some things that you can do. Say this and you have access to notifications. And then you have freed NIST or for China for years and all from any device. So these are features off Salesforce one. Then we have salesforce. Off line access or off line access is only available Stand alone application all which you can Don't know from the place to roll a bill app store. But awfully an actress is not available. When your access insane, Let us see some meetings where you can access salesforce One obviously is standing which you get down Logan access There is one more way of accessing this. I'm just a bitch and I'm just using those feature he'll just in what way? Over based street seems to be seawater slash one slash one go So there is whole since Portland. So change he'll. So you have all the danger of your navigation panel? The community, More of this course department going like an access Do you say it is so it's community. So the community has bean just going back. So they have charged you chose your chatter, feeds same living with chatter, teaching chapter dabbing, asks opportunities. Because if you're using a standalone, I'm starting. Really find something for yes, Two days for days. So you change Saves days have This is one little access slash one dash don't or standing on one. Working is we get on so far. What way have a sales force, Abs, You can go to the store. Star search extensions is say's bulls. So we have states. So it's already do go in your this you can sell it. But I've been saying, for instance, that this is the box. So I just went It sounds forced one seemingly all the stolen My sister I can just this for me Second, logging directly here in my salesforce So just putting the campus. So I am having certification food, same might. So I don't have access to my right now, But this is how you will Very big So once salesforce one once you party is the same for everybody to have access to. So how do you control access to Salesforce? So we have everything and you said up user, he will obviously have access. So we have something called a connector Caps in. That's good. So connect good APS helps you. You don't like the access for various caps, which are what medication? I mostly used it. Lord indications with external systems. So Salesforce Wendy's any before one mitt view it depending on a broken system, administrators are a few saints profiles what you have to do us for all the new organizations, this particular topic since back in salesforce chatter connected APS is installed by default. But for my it's not weaken. Get the start. Okay. Affections, no big store. This package stolen to production or it is only difficult Fix it so that these So what happens here is once the fact is getting store, you can see various good ABB CEO like Charter Salesforce one or this which you can control . So that review access only to the users access to good? I think so. Before you paid for act to get installments, see what we have next. Next we have something for this customizing salesforce states, we have exposed navigation off lengthened from sitting open savings has really death applications of on navigation literacy. This installation is complete. You can see chapter chatter went for plan very and salesforce. One for android. I always windows sense force administered girl. So what happens is on friendly. Go fight again. Control access to each and everyone off this. So if you want your users to use only not any so you will give access to the profiles on me to this sensible one on This is a new you. I didn't do. He's accessing Salesforce. No getting access to the absolute. Next we have something to say forced back. So what we have seen is since one looks like good night. So Mr Lightening Expedience states 1st 1 pops up way of having you. Do you have the before team everything for before Navigation panel before. So if you want extinct said the background color of the user interface is what Mr. Before you can go for any. I do just bring it and landing Loading page colors in Bagram for just two different share can also upload the image as they know before doing, you know, speaking savior It is a bitch. So this is the loading page instead of you made it a deep and we have made the arrest. This is how you know you're Then we have states forcing things have access seconds we're getting this. And it will sense for one moment that if I take this one, obviously got access it. So we're just treating this as a grown closer Galaxy s. That's why this is just I'm in the wrong people vote. The people would just begin as if the chrome browser is on the galaxy s five. So if I take off this city, you can see just officially spinach and see what happens. It's a navigating me back, even 11 Now, you know that. So this is where they want to Import contact knows this into sense. Sure, getting my appetite back. Next, we have something for rest modification, sitting enable in app notifications and push notifications in app notifications or something that you see in. I have to get back to you. So, Steve So the mobile which used to populate a sense So is it you choose fight image? He did this damage. There are two types off applications when he's in applications. There, you see, unification is requesting it for this opportunity. So you can. These are in app notifications when you walk in the half. These modifications No one is when you actually can push you, like gets a Miss notification or a text notification text message station devices, duck Push notifications so you can. And with this medications, we condone off this certification. Even though you turn on push notifications, users can use their device settings to stop these. Give notifications. So these are two types of certifications. Medications. When you push notifications or something which comes onto the device and use this can stop these notifications. Whether because second Nice Taurasi's it's then we have a mobile navigation. What is navigation menu of years? This is no navigation. So what are the things available is don't wait. So all these are just do they obviously doesn't want me to leave for placing standing standing devices. So I'm just fishing. Have taken off Chatto generous you. Let's see so you can see chapter, he goes, We have taken good time so that he's saying Force one with navigation. You can also control this. Wait, don't. Then we have something in the navigation bar. So this obviously shows you what reason you X access didn't on your desktop for you but use us also having the flexibility of pushing them, pushing them cleaning them up, for example, if they want, it wants to be in two recent chicken do so by us such Let's see list for extents. So we have extents for America. So once you've bean this what happens is Did you such just what's so treed? Seal reasons order important. I don't stoop so select here you can in this too don't So what happens is this gets access to this Get comes into recent items off you are salesforce That's how users have the fix It would be so is already there in a little reason teams So you sent I was more death coming We have seen offline settings and it will catching in salesforce enable offline created Dempsey was standing Want to create edit Leading Say it's not catching So you want to start ? This is with the offline cities So if you go back those lights were seen What is a notification push? Fortifications to customize navigation menu have been objecting Juries and items that search users And we also seen how brand our one states was one image one covers The next week we will be seeing way have world seed so customers that after no diving into God's see , I did 44. Salesforce1 Mobile Part 2: So what we have seen coming to Salesforce monies which uses have access on how you can so that you can control axis way up, extending branding off and then notifications magnification settings Least we have seen No , let's get in a bit deep sea. We also see navigation. I don't think that navigation in an object prison that's traces. Next, see Hope Paisley or two examples. First, we have the account details. Before that, we have the charter feet. Let's see how this comes up into ST Salesforce one when you navigate getting do edge communications. This is the edge communication got So this is old feed chatter, feed dates and feed feed. Issuing you indeed it is. This you you have to keep floating up. So if you want to find out if you want me to be his biggest So what we're learning here is the same. Basically, what we have under this shows up you. But the problem is you feel sense of who wants to any tips small feed on this globe. He has to keep on scrolling. So what do we I need to do so you don't mind which are also uses? What actually uses. I spend most of their time. Our guy spent most off their time. Like if it's a field service, Engineering Fields is going like that. You might be spending most of his time on the mobile. If he's a sales user sitting, you know, face just making for records you might be making. You might be using most spending most of his time this tape off this club application. So you don't mind up these Leo's based on the use. It is mostly access in the application. If the user is mostly spending on the field, then he will be accessing. Then you will make it basically with a few fields which are more important doing and thats in this space don't use it. That is how you have to take a decision on mining dog face nails. Then we have something for this compact little See this come back. So if you see the top in here in communications, customer direct for this is like a quick glance. So when you goto account object on any object just going, do you object? I just don't feel you will come back Great. Any number come back. So whatever the information is here will be walking up so that the big glance for your users and mobile with scrolling through all this, which are important on like humility that can be you don't mind on the comeback player so you can create and come back later on ascending. Don't use as you're saying basically so that is on paisley. Also come back before moving. Let's see hiding an object from the navigation menu prevented the uses from access. This is like similar to your desktop application. If you hide it down, you're not really hiding the object. Objection turned up refined, so this is not good. For example, if you hide opportunities but end up navigation menu users can still see opportunities in there. They could be, says Fox, and picking users can control which notifications saving. So there are two types of modifications in up notifications and pushing push notifications are actually the notifications that notifications or something when you have been the same . These notifications so say users kind, really controlled up in app notifications, notifications, since the administrator don't even push notifications, is it administrator stating in states. But see users can do so by using the device for all the CC you can stop applications are defined so that that's a mobile device policy which was a skin used to stop push notifications. So next thing what you see is what our actions. So if you go back to our Salesforce Mobile, all these what you see here are actions sense. So all these So when you click you, it will pop up like this. So what are the actions? You can define his creative record sending in action, pushing off date so you can have been it record or create a new report or log it. Okay. We just had a car contact. You can log on the information that we have some push and you get sending mail. So again, standing distractions. So all these actions can be created either on object, something for less noble actions. So let us see what is going back. He'll object going, you see? But it stinks in actions so you can create actions magically, Cindy. So all of these actions, sure these actions can be added to you these bills. Let's see. So what are the big actions? The same supposed classic from Michelle? What we have some game saying Supposed one lightning experience actions or don't before actions on this most actions. There are two types off actions, not actually the two ways which action can be different. Global actions are actions on the object. What is the difference is when you create action on, I'll get you can only at that action that off deck space. If you defend a global action at the action, do any of the objects so update any gun is not. Action is not available as part off local actions. So what about three D Find land is So, for example, let's go. Jealousy, you like offense of this engineer are a very, very good going to the package, so you just get back. But that is a really stupid, amazed condition. So the customer is complete. So the delivery guy wants to scan that. I upload the picture and just say damage to Pakistan and say the record in February issues custom. This is the important to feeds the photograph under description, but you don't need to enter door delivery time and location because they can be automatically calculated from the time he is using this. So you get configured this pre defined values on every action you create salesforce one action you create on any objects, or whenever the guy puts the photograph and a description and set the record on the back and this to use. So if the user doesn't have access to feel 11 security, what happened? Trophy security user doesn't have access to the delivery time. What happens? Dancing. Even it's similarly workforce or something, So you feel like it's a year's. Oregon is the only way where we can update the delivery time on dead throat. Really find, actually, pretty friend actions head of you. When an action did you find Fields on action? Help you don't not clutter you. His nails are making Isn't doing good morning Daniels. And simply, if I did what so create a record global action was this Create a record off? Big specific action is the difference. The difference is when you create using creative for global action, there won't be, for example, your trading opportunity. If you're using a global action, there won't be any relationship between Bush you are creating, but we're using object specific action. Yes, the relationship this concludes, don't say its force one 45. App Exchange: uh, before concluding the course, we'll see some other topics, which are necessity for a en Ming to do his daily activities as a sales force administrator . Let's see what isn't a peck cinch. Let's go toe up exchange dot salesforce dot com. Fax. In store sales for so epic scenes is similar to your plate and replaced O. R Apple iis Toe, where you can see all the enterprise level applications or absolute golden. You can install these abs into your salesforce OG. Let me Morgan in tow exchange so you'll find different managed. These are all managed packages, which can be upgraded. We can find from lots of vendors free abs to the paid ABS, even sales who excuse you. Lots off abs that are built. Some logging. Let us select doctor, saying Doctor's saying is a very important up exchange where you can sign the documents inside. Sales force itself like a Pdf on. Instead of going for manual scans and uploading them, you can use these four distant signatures, so I'm just clicking. Get it now, installing production or a local rocks. If you're in sand box, you have to log in wear protection and then click on installing sandbox selecting Come from within. Start I'm selecting Meyocks Servant. But Greek campus your car. So I want to start. Okay, sign for all my users Know just for administrators, doctors, any last thing you want. The pack is missing the recent data octo party website because it has to sign for this. Are you giving this? Yes, I'm ok and speaking Country before this getting started. Let's go back Two epic since daughter says was dot com so you can find popular wraps, New abs, free abs, Everything here. Andi, If you go ahead and search for Salesforce, you'll find lots off ab scream Salesforce. So you have sense was mobile for android Salesforce mobile for iPhone And you have for all the as we have seen, these lightning is then user interface of salesforce. But according that is out of scope of this course. But whatever the epic cinch packages you have lightning ready. You have a badge on top of Demas lighting ready. So we have some dashboards in provided by Salesforce Luck labs like adoption dashboards at auction reports. What do they help us is how many users are logging into salesforce water users doing so. This will help you to understand the metrics. Adoption matrix How well you're user saw adapting to the new implementation off your sales force in your organization. So this Reagan extend reports and some of the important packages which you somewhat important packages which you have to know. Our Duke Chekhov, where it will check for duplicate records on gay adoption. Dashboards, Doc, you sign Andi feel describe, which gives you metadata off, although fields in your organization. So all these are important up exchange packages, but you can definitely search in the exchange. Which meeting is one off the best practices to see if you already have a free app, exchange back available rather than before going for implementation. So our back it is taking long to installing overall. So what's his horse? Deuce does Here is I do it. Drop your mail when the installation is completed. Let's go back to a dog. Let's go to set up and click on in start back pages. So what do you find here? ISS. We have already doctor signing start here, so we might have exceeded all the installed packages you installed from affects singer least radio so you can uninstall if you don't require any of the packages, will include just one toe. Take that off when you are, you can do the installation. 46. Converting Salesforce to B2C: so the next stopping the missing here is converting salesforce toe B two c CIA salesforce. Typically, what we have seen is we have a con subjects and contact objects. So it's business to business here. But starting off this course, we have discussed what is a business to business here on. What is it business, too? Customers see our our business to India. So if your company is directly dealing with other companies, you will have. You'll have to deal with other business. So you create the masked accounts on the contacts in the your customer company will be created as contacts associated with that echo. But in a scenario where you are dealing with individual users you have toe, you don't need a constant contacts relationship, so you'll have to talk the individual information. So what you do is you have to convert the B two b. Zia. I mean toe be to see Sierra. So how to do this is you have to log in case with sales for support on that they can What ever anyone meant in tow be to see Sierra? What happens when this gets this can't be under. So once you converted it has to be. It will go on there. So the option here is First, you have to buy this in sand box. If you're OK with this, then it's recommended to go for protection. So what happens when the organization is converted into B two C. C. Aramis? A constant contact Fitzer matched. These are called percent accounts, so personal accounts will have. Would they combed information on the contact information? So it's like a gun having the company information at the same time for number he made, like in the case off contact. This also changes your lead condition process. So in the lead conversion process, what happens is if you have a company in populated in the company standard field that will be converted into business account. If not, it will be converted into an individual. What happens in a case where you have to do analytics and find out what are all the person accounts you are having on what are all the business accounts you're having? There is a fear in salesforce on econs when B two c C. A room is activated the check boxes called East Person, so that using dirt, you can identify whether this is a counts. Businesses are person account 47. Activity Management: so the next topic year we have is active de management. Let's go to our sales for spoke on Goto any it don't. So we have different types of activities in salesforce that we need to pack. Those are even sent tusks. So we have activity history hell and we have open activities you so you can create new task or new even. Let's go ahead and create new dusk. So what is that task is task is something which needs to be done, which needs to be done by is. And you can ascend that to any off your isn't or any of the user in salesforce. And what is the status off the task? So some activity which needs to be orphaned or to do activity. And when you have do through the reminder and what this task is related to, whether it's related to account or you can let that go any off, the objects very have activities turned up. Then we have another type of activity called even. So even this something which costs at a particular time in your calendar, like a meeting, I ask you something that you need to powerful and even the something like a meeting, which you have to do something at a particular time in the calendar so you can in a similar way. As we have created tasks, we can create events, but for evens, you have to specify the calendar. Start time on, in fact, so whenever isn't logs in or the user log seen? A notification is thrown on the task spending for him probably strong, so he can be reminded. So we have logged core option. Also here in activity management. What does log a call? For example, you receive a call from one of the contacts on the reckons, and you want to capture all the information into the Indo salesforce. For example, there are two when you are running on a 24 by seven support process. There you take off the support for some accounts on the daytime and some other reason XTO supported the nighttime. So you have to put all the information on their count so that it is good that the other is A knows this and he will that will help him out to deliver the bigger support on it. He's update is given a heads up on the information you have from this court so you can get called with the subject date. And what is the reality? Why you're customer call Was there any reality? So we have big tasks. Events call chicken log so this can be done on any object You have activities you can send them Made also sense for direct llegan next May or switch toe STM so you can directly send the email gets attached here. So everyone who is working on my count all the agents will have updated information and you can CC or BCC were work You manages our actual icon teams which are working here. Then we have something called best male Mitch So this is supported on Leon Internet Explorer. So what you need what is male images? You can match the fields dynamically into your human inside the fields and medicine dynamically like you won't go Seemed some communication toe all the contacts associated with the account You can dynamically Festen names and put them on send mates That is the main bridge option. So in activity management, what are the tasks you have water? All the activities have is ask even logic or send an email and sending the human you can use mill image feature also 48. Campaign Management: so the next topic is campaign management. So campaign comes into the marketing clothes off Salesforce. You do some campaigns and for generating marketing your products and finding the people who are in interested in your products, that is generating. Please let's go ahead into salesforce and see with all tabs and find campaigns. So for seeing campaigns, you should have a marketing user permission on you. Use a record. So we have campaigns here. I'm going toe like to Camping's and clicking on Go. So we have some active campaigns which are running right now. So again, like all your campaigns, you like, you are marketing a product in a mall shopping more or you're doing some email camping. You can just put all the information here on if they're interrelated campaigns, you can put hierarchy also here. Then we have seen in the activity management. What are the activities we can create on any object? Then we have something called us. Opportunities on attachments is obviously any files you can attach to this camping. Then we have something called US opportunities and campaign members. So what does this mean? ISS? What are all the opportunities generated from this party Globe camping. So whenever you lied that he generated gets converted into the opportunity, that opportunity has to be linked to the campaign from video. You got that opportunity and camping members so you can add them playing put fight because if you're while campaigning, you are maintaining a spreadsheet toe filled on all the details from your campaign or from just writing them on paper and putting them on a screech can upload them here and you can add members on admin was, well, such against such inside sales force itself and at those campaigns. So what does this campaign members is? All these members were part off this camping or all these leads were generated as a part of this campaign. So why do we need to? Obviously, we need to campaign to market our product. But why need Why do we need to a saint? The opportunities on leads in a proper way to the campaigns. This helps us to calculate or otherwise on our campaigns that is return on investment. So how much you have spent on the campaign, how many opportunities are converted from that camping on how much and won't be got from that camping. So this observers to you don't like the actual returns we got from that particular campaign . So this makes you marketing process much more efficient. This is all about Campaign one management, but for accessing this, you need to be a marketing user. 49. Solution management: so the next topic we have in this training is solution management. We'll see both Solution management and chatto in this particular video. So what is solution? Management solution? Management is similar. Toe what we have seen in the knowledge management so you can create solutions with very limited features. You can create solutions and that adds them to the cases. So if you go to find and type solutions, we'll have solution sittings, solution fields, validation rules Search layer typically like any other standard object, and you can add solutions later released to your cases. And you're agents can create solutions and they can also. You can also monitor this. Using the approval process can create a solution management process. It's like shrink the washing off knowledge management process. But we have a very small list off features for automatically resulting the cases where ago agents solutions can also be enabled a or 10 cent communities where you are and uses. Next thing we have is chapter. So what? This channel charter is the collaborative cloud off salesforce where it will help you agents to collaborate with each other if you go to accounts. So I go to the detailed record. You have chatter here. For example, if a number off team number off number of people in the team are working together on this account and they need to collaborate so I they can pass over the information, please call Jack. Jack is the contact on this account. Please call Jack, but to win PM two and they can share this. So this can all the users who are working on this can see this? So chatter is like a collaboration, So chatter has got lots of features on charter. Implementation was very long, like you can create charter groups and you can follow chatter feeds Oregon for chatter off feed. For a record on, you can post notifications to a group, which will you'll have a chapter tab. You can be part of the group's part off the group. These questions, like your sales team, can create a chatter group and keep on discussing the things that are required. So which activities? Very extensive dropping by itself. Then we have one more important thing in charter called chatter feel history tracking. So what is the difference between charter feelings to tracking on the feelings to tracking on object which we have seen previously, is when chatter can go do queen History I three tracking in Chatto. So what is? The difference is you can enable the max of 20 fields for each object again here, but actually feel history Tracking will give you the records in your histories. Object, but chart feed tracking What it will do is, for example, we have enabled this on the icon name. Let's go to our constancy when we change the name. What happens? I'm just calling this textile scored off American clicking one c So it's creating a food item that the user has changed the code name from Belinda Extents Karpov America through Extends called off America. But if you consider this in the field extra tracking, what it has done is he just created it, recording the histories object, which is getting displayed in the histories related list. So this is the difference between charter feed tracking on feel history tracking. So these are difference and Charter as discussed, it a lot greater topic. This concludes our salesforce administrative because 50. Salesforce Mobile Apps and Outlook: So before concluding the course, let's see the topics like Salesforce Mobile Labs you have and sales was outlook. So what are the Salesforce Mobile Labs? You. So we have since force Classic Salesforce one on Salesforce Administrator Let me go to that place talk clay dot go dot com And I'm just putting sayings full seal. So we have scenes for one and we have salesforce A which is sales worse. Administrator on We have salesforce at indicator on We have salesforce, We've analytics app So what's all this mean? It Let's go through each one off This happened. See what is salesforce One helps you to access your CRM. The sense was implementation on mobile So you can as an Edmund, you can configure all the Salesforce mobile application from the set of my new itself. So salesforce one years for urine and users to access your sales force in Iran meant on their marbles since was yeah, is for sense whose Edmonds that is you. As Edmund can configure the saints force using this app on your mobile so you can log in. You can install this map, Logan, with your credentials on do activities like freezing the users inactivating the users do all the administrative stuff on the mobile. Next we have salesforce classing, which was the previous edition before Sense was one ended up market. Then we have salesforce authenticator. What is salesforce authenticator is it helps you. You can set up salesforce and indicator as a zone. Edwin you can set up cells was an indicator for the world enrollment. So what it happens is whenever user Logan's into Salesforce, he has to enter a specific key that is generated on the sales force of Indicator AB to logging into sense, for that is like a two step verification. So as end user, what what happens to his user experiences whenever you enable this that two step verification is required as a user. Once the logging into salesforce, they will be asked to set up the saints force authenticator app on their mobile once the set up is done. Whenever the logging into salesforce, they were asked, they will be asked to enter the court that is generated on salesforce of indicator, so it's a more secure user access management. Then we have analytic salesforce. Wearing sales was where analytics is for accessing the Veil Club were analytics. Cloud of Salesforce on your Mobil's. This is more in tow, reports Dashboards Analytics Club. Then we have salesforce for So what is Salesforce for? Outlook. A sales force for outlook is a plug in which we will be using to sink the contacts made everything from your all cook very well. Managing. You are very We're replaying to the maids on your end a place email on your company email to keep everything in sync between sales for sun up. Look out, look says, What's your outlook? Will have its own settings, whether it's to wasting between the contacts and that counts for one racing between dough going back, send accounts.