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Sales Skills Training: Explode Your Sales with Online Video

teacher avatar TJ Walker, Public Speaking and Media Training Expert

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. How to Sell with Online Video Promo

    • 2. How to Sell With Online Video Overview

    • 3. How to Sell With Online Video Talking Head Video

    • 4. Looking Your Best on Camera

    • 5. How to Sell with Online Video Website Content

    • 6. How to Sell with Online Video Proposals

    • 7. How to Sell with Online Video Client Communication

    • 8. How to Sell with Online Video News Analysis

    • 9. How to Sell with Online video Training

    • 10. How to Sell With Onlilne Video Skype

    • 11. How to sell with Online Video Media Pitches

    • 12. How to Sell with Online Video Conclusion

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About This Class

With Sales Skills you can use digital video to sell and market every aspect of your business

Sales Skills on video can be your secret advantage. Imagine thousands of people watching your sales presentation every day, through the power of online video. You can spread your sales message, with emotion and confidence, using the force of online video and proper sales skills. Selling through talking head video used to be reserved for Fortune 500 CEOs, US Presidents and Hollywood celebrities. Now, thanks to low-cost video production and distribution, you can use your sales skills to pitch your products and services to a worldwide market on the web.

And you can look and sound great, confident and memorable with enhances sales skills!

You will learn how to use digital video and YouTube to communicate more effectively to your customers and prospects. Video can be the ultimate "sales" tool when it allows you to be fully responsive to customer/prospect concerns. This course will give you practical how-to tips on how to make simple, information packed videos for your website, YouTube channel, sales proposals, client communication and training tools.

Why waste one more day giving average sales presentations when you could be delivering outstanding, video-based, sales presentatons?

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this sales skills course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

TJ Walker

Public Speaking and Media Training Expert


TJ Walker is the founder of Media Training Worldwide and has been conducting public speaking training workshops and seminars since 1984. Walker has trained Presidents of countries, Prime Ministers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, Super Bowl winners, US Senators, Miss Universes and Members of Parliament .

Walker has more than 100,000 online course enrollments and more than 100,000 online students.

His book, "Secret to Foolproof Presentations" was a USA Today # 1 Bestseller, as well as a Wall Street Journal, and Business Week Bestseller.

Walker is also the author of "Media Training AZ" and "Media Training Success."

In 2009, Walker set the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Talk Radio Appearances ever in a 24 hour period.

Walker has also served as a forme... See full profile

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1. How to Sell with Online Video Promo: would you like to learn how to sell? Using online video high on T. J. Walker. And for the last 10 years, I've averaged 1/2 a $1,000,000 a year in sales directly related to my use of online video, this course is gonna teach you how to do it. Warning. It's not the usual course that talks about funnel funnel, funnel pressure. Force them to pick these two options, lie to them and say, You have to act now in the next 24 hours of this deal's going forever. Look, that may work for some folks. It's not my style. I'm not comfortable with it. It's just not how I operate. But this is a course on how you can use video effectively online video, digital video to sell your products and to sell your services. So I hope you join me 2. How to Sell With Online Video Overview: selling through online video. It's a subject that gets a lot of hype, and you probably get emails from people saying, You know, sell through online video and get all this passive income. Wake up in your pajamas and see kitchen Kitchen kitchen because of all your money from passive online video income. I'm here to tell you that works for other people. Great. I think that's frankly a bunch of baloney. That's not how I use video to sell to boil it all down. It really comes to this. Think of the best opportunity for you to sell your product or service. If you're like most people, it's if you could be one on one talking to the person, really explaining to them how you can help them, how you can help them. I saw some problems, make more money, improve their business, improve their life. That's the best environment for most people to sell. Right, Well, that's all I'm trying to do with online video is get as close as possible to that environment. It's not about slick production values, and if you want to use slick production value, that's great. I happen to believe that most people most businesses most of the time are simply going to lose patients. Lose time was budget to do slick production, and that's why you'll see there's nothing too slick about any of these videos. In fact, you don't even see graphics. If you want to know my name is it's on the course. It's not about slick productions. It's simply about talking to customers, prospects, people interested in what you dio talk to them in a way that doesn't insult their intelligence. That doesn't say well, if you don't act now on 24 hours, this deal's going for everything. You go back eight months later, and it's still saying the same thing. It's about treating people with respect, giving them information and answering questions. That's what online videos about when you used to sell. Now I'm not a billionaire. This course isn't about how your to become a billionaire. Never have to work again. It's about how you can use video on a regular basis to sell your products, to sell your services, and I'm gonna walk through through exactly how to do it and what the biggest stumbling blocks are. You know, people think the biggest stumbling block What's the best camera? How do I build my studio? Folks, this isn't a studio. I'm gonna closet right now. It's not about the camera. Some level, it's about you just deciding. You're gonna talk to a camera as if you're talking to one prospect. You can get over that emotional hurdle. There's so many ways you can use video to build your business to make more money. And again, it's not about getting rich quick. But it is about closing more deals with more prospects, making people feel more comfortable with you, even when you can't have a face to face meeting. That's the biggest help to me in my businesses. I have probably like you client prospects from all over the world, and unless there right next door in New York City, it's not going to be cost effective for me to go have a face to face meeting with them. But through the power of video, you could make people feel as if they know you and what you're about. That's what this course is about. It's really going to show you specifically how you can connect with your prospects with your existing clients with your customers in a way to help you really connect in a more profound way in a meaningful way that builds your business. So that's what it's about. Let's hop into it. 3. How to Sell With Online Video Talking Head Video: So if you're getting his video to sell, you've got to decide what type of video we and you could use a mix. Here's why I'm partial to simple talking had video. It's easy, it's cheap, It costs nothing, and you can do it quite often in one take. In fact, every video you see this course is me talking in one take with essentially no video editing . I hit. Start, I hit. Stop, That's it. It's quick. It's simple, and that's what creates the versatility to it. Yes, you can storyboard something out, bring in all sorts of original music, bring in special graphics and spend six months on an opening promo video of your business. But what happens if five months in you get distracted and you forget about it and it never sees the light of day? I recommend for most businesses most of the time to have lots of simple talking head video . It's the cheapest thing, and it's something you can get out right away. It could be responsive to clients. It's simply the most versatile. Yeah, if you want to do a big, fancy, splashy video, nothing wrong with that, having won there but That shouldn't be the only form of video you have now. A lot of you were thinking. Well, t j, I'm not articulate enough or I'm not good looking enough. If you've ever had a face to face meeting with a client or a prospect and they actually paid you money, guess what? You're good. Looking enough and you're articulate enough. Teoh, talk on camera. It's the same thing. Now I understand. At first it doesn't seem like the same thing. But if you can have a conversation with one prospect and ever get a sale selling your book So in your consulting service selling your speech, you already have all it takes to be great on video. Yeah, you may have to practice. Yeah, you might not be comfortable with it at first, but once you get over that initial hump, it's going to be so much easier. Because if you tell yourself that you have to have little animations and the computer generated voice, you just you're not gonna do that on a regular basis. Who are we kidding? If it's all got to be about power point and slick animation and music, it's just too slow and cumbersome for most people to do it if you do it that way, fine for you. But all I'm doing here is sharing with you what has actually worked for me and how to do it efficiently. I recommend you just say, all right, I might not love it at first, but I'm going to do simple talking head video, look at the camera and just talk to people. And if it's not great at first, I'll keep doing it until I like it. And I'm not gonna wait until it's perfect before I send it out. This video isn't perfect. I could stop and look at every single half second say, Oh, I didn't like that one thing. I did there. But would it really be worth it to go edit it out now? But I really do it that much better. If I did 345 10 takes. No, they might be a little different. Probably wouldn't be any better. So the first decision you gotta make is what sort of video are you going to do? I would recommend that you do Simple talking had video. I don't care what you look like. Believe me. There are people who look at me and comment on my YouTube channel in TJ, your hair's falling out your eyes, your Bt you have a double chin. I don't like your tone of voice tough. No one is universally loved, not even Oprah. You can't please everyone. But again I would get back to you have meeting space to face with clients with prospects. You don't say to yourself. Well, my face isn't good looking enough for a meeting. I'm going to send somebody now. You probably do it yourself. If you're an author and you get booked on the Today show, you're going to go. You're not gonna try to send someone else, so why not speak yourself on video? So that's the first big decision you have to make in the bonus section of this course. I'm going to give you all the tools, all the exercises on how to look your best on video camera and we'll give you all the exercises. You indeed. And that's from my media training course. You're going to get that at no extra charge in the bonus section. I urge you to go there, but for right now I just want you to focus on the basic idea. You're going to do a lot of videos just talking. It's not gonna have slick editing. It's not gonna have lots of graphics and special effects biscuits. Guess what? No one's gonna hire you. Buy your product, hire you for your service. Is your training, your expertise, your legal practice because of special effects? Because if special effects is what they want, they can go to Jerry Bruckheimer movie or a Steven Spielberg movie. They don't need you for that. They need you for some expertise you have that can help them either personally or their business. And you got to be able to explain that that's what this course is going to teach you how to do. I'm gonna show you now all the different ways the video can help you 4. Looking Your Best on Camera: as I mentioned below in the bonus section, you're gonna have the full course on how to look your best on video. But I do want to give you just the basics right now so you can hop right in. The biggest problem most people have when they put a video camera on them is all of a sudden they start freezing. And they do this because they're either memorizing something and they're trying to remember . So their body freezes and they're awful. That looks or they think, Oh, I know I'll use a teleprompter. Hi, my name is T. J. Walker at Media Training Worldwide. We help people community see how awful that is. People are reading a teleprompter. It's a difficult thing. And they tend to speak in the same tone. Same volume, same speed, body freezes and on Lee. Lips were moving and it just looks awful. It looks frozen. So, for example, right now, I'm not using a teleprompter. I'm also not using notes. I'm just talking to you. You may say, Well, gosh, I couldn't do that. Guess what. You do it every day with clients. It's not gonna be easy. The first time you do that for the second time you do it, but once you do it after a while, it simply becomes second nature. And that's important to do because then you could do what you do normally, when you're having a conversation, your head moves, your face moves, your hands move, your body's moved. The biggest thing that makes people look awful on TV is nothing's moving but their lips, and it just makes them look scared. Nervous, uncomfortable. So a couple other little tips. It's important to lean forward a little bit when you're on camera. So if I'm sitting back relaxed, you know I'm a little bit fat these days. But even if you're not fat, you're gonna have a double chin. Everyone looks their worst heavier sitting back. You don't want to be perfectly straight. You look stiff, nervous and uncomfortable. You have to hold yourself up high and lean forward. Now. I happen to be standing right now, but if you're in a chair, get you lean forward from the waist, about 15 degrees into the camera. The other thing that's noticeable. Your face, your facial expressions, because if you have a blank look on video, doesn't look black. You look scared. Nervous, uncomfortable. You need a little bit of a smile on your face, even when you're talking just to look comfortable and relaxed. Now, when it comes to eyes, they're very noticeable. So if you forget what you're going to say and you're doing this, it looks really bad on TV and on video. The other thing is, if you have your notes next to the camera, for example, so you're doing this high. I'd like to tell you why I'm really the best authority on this subject that I really know my stuff. I become literally shifty eyed, so I would recommend. Just look at the camera as if it's a human being or if you want to have someone interview you and you can look at that person. That's easier for some people to. But it is a slow it down, especially if you solo practitioner or you can't necessarily demand someone be with you. It's always faster to just talk right in to the camera. Now people have this mistaken notion that is not professional. To move your hands when you speak, nothing could be further from the truth you'll see on sitcoms. Occasionally the nervous guy going like this all distracted. Let me tell you, I've done media training and presentation training for 30 years with 10,000 clients from over six continent, not over six comments. Six continents. And I can tell you I've never yet had anyone move their hands too much. And every week, sometimes every day in a week, how people freeze their hands or put him in their pockets and they look scared, step nervous and uncomfortable. The other thing people have a problem with is they record themselves once they listen to it . They hate their voice will get over it. Everyone else has to listen to your voice every meeting you've ever been to. Every new business bitch. Your client prospect had to hear your voice. So you gonna have to listen to your voice. It's that simple. It's highly unlikely you have a bad voice. It's extremely rare to have a voice so irritating that people run out of the room. You're just not used to hearing your own voice because you hear your own voice distorted through the bones in your skull. So when you're hearing it, come through a speaker. It's much less distorted than how you normally hear. Get over it. Everyone else has to listen to your voice so that basic, the fundamental thing you've got to do to get comfortable speaking on camera, it's You just have to do it a bunch of times, and if you want to practice and not show anyone, that's okay. But you can't just do it once, look at and say, Oh, well, I'm clearly not an on camera person. That's a silly, outdated notion shirt. There was a time, maybe in 1962 when all the network said You must look and sound like Walter Cronkite and have a certain those days are gone. I mean, this Popara looked like Rachel Ray. Does Tom Brokaw unnecessarily look like people you see on podcast with wildly successful viewership? Does everyone have a deep voice? I mean, Adam Corolla has a nasal twang. I mean, there's all kinds of people out there who looked different. Sound different, different accents that thins, Danny told. It doesn't matter as long as you have good ideas that you're sharing with people and they could understand that's the fundamental thing. So these air basics you need to think of when trying to look your best on camera. The main thing is, don't be flat, get scared and tighten up your voice and go like this. That's the biggest problem most people have is they become flat monotone, low energy, so you're gonna have to overdo it a little project a little louder, a little more energy, the normal and move. Do that and you'll come across fine on camera. 5. How to Sell with Online Video Website Content: there were about half a dozen ways. I use video in my practice in my business on a regular basis to help me sell more to get more business, to stay closer to prospects and clients. I want to walk you through all of them. For starters, your website. Everybody has a website these days and a lot of people have a video because they appeared once on CNBC. Sure have that. But here's how I use video everything on my website. Every page on my website that has text has video sounds crazy on one hand. Also sounds obvious to others, but nobody else does it now. My business is a little bit different and I teach people how to speak. So I take the position that if I'm gonna teach other people how to speak, they should see me speak first. And I should practice what I preach. But I don't care what your business is. You could be a labor lawyer. You could be an accountant specializing in forensic accounting. Why not let people hear you directly? So any service your for any frequently asked question that somebody has Why are you putting it in text now? I understand historically why people use text text was the fastest, Easiest way to communicate video traditionally was expensive time consuming. Well, this video right now isn't time consuming. I'm doing it in one take and when it's done in a couple of minutes, I'm not gonna do anything else. It was start finish and and it's gonna be done. I can do this faster than writing copy for my website. So I would recommend to you anything you have on your website Any page on your website where you have text, have a simple video of you talking about it. Let people get a sense that you're a real human being that you exist. You're not just a computer zombie from the other side of the world out of some online cloud farm. Somewhere here, actual real human being that can help people feel more comfortable with you. It can often make the difference of them calling you versus just going to another website and clicking out. So you check out my website to get a better sense. T j walker dot com What I try to do is every single page, every single tep, every single service if there's text. I have a video of myself explaining it. Don't worry about it being exactly 30 seconds or exactly 60 seconds. In fact, I wouldn't even worry about time spent as much time as you need explaining what it is you're trying to communicate. Don't go any longer than you need to, but don't put some artificial time constraint on yourself, so it has to be 30 seconds. People like short videos. It just depends. If you're giving people really interesting information that's useful to them, they'll listen to it. If they don't want to listen after a minute, they can stop. You've still given them a much richer experience in a much greater sense of who you are. Then, if they just read tech now, you can have text there, too. I'm not opposed to text. Right Text Fritton eight books not opposed to text, but video is more powerful and it can distinguish yourself from your competitors because most of them are frankly, too lazy, are too insecure to put their face on and really explain what it is they do with video. You can distinguish yourself, so that's the first thing I would do if I were you is create videos that have everything that's already on your website explained in a video format. Every frequently asked question a little by on you just tell people who you are anything that's in text, put it in video. 6. How to Sell with Online Video Proposals: proposals are another great category for using digital video. Any time somebody writes to me and asked for a proposal, I dealt simply send text. I don't send a pdf Now I do send text, but I don't just send that I give them a personal video proposal. So, for example, if somebody from Citibank in Chicago just sends a very brief email, uh, dear website and indeed even personalized to me, we're looking for a quote for media training for six executives in Chicago. Includes print, radio broadcast. Please send your day rate. I often get any mail like that. You get the sense they don't even want to talk to me. They're just having a junior assistant send out emails to 15 20 people and they want to get proposals and so they can sort of look at prices. Well, I don't want to just get lost in the shuffle of 10 pages or 15 pages that have been printed out in a bunch of text. So I give a proposal. So I will turn on the camera just like I'm talking to you now and say hi, Mary. I look at the camera. Hi, Mary. Thanks for writing to me. I would certainly love to work with you and your colleagues at Citibank. I understand that you have six executives. They need to be prepared for going on CNBC, talking to the Wall Street Journal, perhaps business radio. That's exactly what I do. And then I spend about five minutes walking them through what I do. I've worked with others in their industry. What I think their particular concerns might be, how I would go through a day of training, the pre training the books. I would give them the online training. I would give them all the follow up. I would go through my unique sales proposition and what's special about me, and if they don't want to watch it, they don't have to. They can still just read the text that I send in a standard proposal. But I take the view point that if someone's hiring me to teach them out of speak to the media or how to give speeches, they should see me speak first. And here's what people who hire me often tell me, they say, Well, that was really smart. We felt like we knew you and nobody else did it now, 20 years from now, maybe everyone's gonna do video. So it's gonna be like a website today if those of you old enough to remember 1995 1996 you had a website that was cause for a news story. It was sort of amazing that you and your organization would have a website. Nowadays. It's a story. If you don't have a website these days, it's still early enough that if you send a video proposal, it's sort of interesting. It stands out no one else is doing. It captures their attention. This way they can see who I am. They can see that I am articulate that I can practice what I preach. Is it as good as a face to face meeting? No. But if someone just sending me an email not even addressing me by name looking for a proposal and then another state or another country is is often the case, there's no way in the world I'm gonna be able to send them an email and sort of demand a face to face. Meeting the video is a great way of almost making things feel like we had a meeting they can see me, they can see me really explain the process in a way that's much richer than just putting it down in text. I've done this for a couple of years now, and I have consistently had a very positive response from prospects who went from prospect to becoming a client. So I recommend not just for special cases, not just for really big deals, but every single prospect who calls you e mails. You communicates with you in any way send them a video proposal that could be done in two minutes. Unedited. You push record, you stop record and you're done. It's easier, frankly, than writing a new cover letter for your proposal, so send out video proposal. 7. How to Sell with Online Video Client Communication: another way I use online video is through client communication. Now I'm in the media training, public speaking training business. So ah, part of my package with clients is I not only train you for the day, but if you send me a video of any speech or meaty interview you dio in the next year, I'll give you a personalized video critique. And it's not simply me typing up something and sending you an email. It's me doing it in a video. So if you're giving a speech and you're constantly filling with your finger, I won't just tell you about I'll demonstrate what you're doing, much more powerful impact. Now I understand chances are slim that you are a public speaking coach because there aren't that many of us out there. But whatever your business is, it's simply more powerful to communicate through video where people can see you. So rather than just doing attacks newsletter, you may want to send a newsletter to clients. Were you giving them special updates in a video format? Or if you've done a report or a particular analysis research for a client and they're in another city or another country and there's no budget for you to go and personally deliver it. Why not give them as an attachment? The PdF, the report. But then a video of you really explaining it in detail, as if you had been flown to spend a day with your colleague and giving them or your client giving them an hour presentation. Maybe you don't make it for an hour, but certainly go over the highlights and give them a sense that you're on top of that. Because if you're a larger organization, there's often the concerned that your client might have that just some 22 year old wrote this report and you never even saw it. So when you, as the account executive as the representative as the head of the company, are really speaking directly to the client mentioning their name, mentioning the particulars in that report for them it just gives them a much better sense that you are thinking about them caring for them, focusing on them now, how does that relate to selling more and generating more revenue? Well, I'm sure you've heard this before, but the best source of new business is repeat business, the best source of revenue for any company is keeping the clients you actually have. So if communicating on video helps you keep a client two years rather than one year, well, that's where the fortune right there if it helps you keep them five years instead of five months. That's worth a whole lot more money than selling. Some get rich quick. Pdf Bite is now for $17.95 and hoping to get 1000 of those sold every day. So that's what this video courses about really is helping you cement relationships not just with prospects not just with your industry but with clients, because that's the best way of selling getting repeat business. I might not sell 50 new clients every day or even one new client every day. But I do have clients who have worked with me for more than seven years, some more than 10 years and some more than 1/4 of a century, Believe it or not, are still working with me, and I do believe it's because, in part, I stay in touch with him through a video, sometimes personalized video, any communication you sent to a client in a text format Certainly, if it's important, you could do in a video format as well. Once you get the hang of hit start, record it, Stop sand. You don't have to do slick productions. I know I keep repeating myself that people don't get this. They think video is a lot more complicated than it is, and you could simply hold up a cell phone and give a quick report to a client. It might look down and dirty. That's OK. It shows immediacy sometimes. So this is another option. Regular communication through video with your client. 8. How to Sell with Online Video News Analysis: creating videos that relate to something going on in the news is another great way of selling your business. I don't mean a quick, hard sell, quick cash. Buy this product now. I mean, selling your expertise, your brand, your reputation. So, for example, I am a speaking expert. People hire me to teach them how to give speeches, to speak to the news media and to speak during a crisis. So any time something that relates to those issues is in the news, I will do a video analyzing it and putting it on my YouTube channel and put on my blawg and other places. But YouTube is the greatest way to reach a larger audience. Quickly, Easily, cheaply. So, for example, a few months ago, Michael Bay, the director, was at a conference and about to give a speech. He was out on stage, and he just he froze one of most massive cases of stage fright anyone had ever seen. And he walked off stage. Well, I had a lot of people sending this me T. J. Did you see this? What did you think? So I did a quick video analyzing exactly what he did, but also giving tips. Two people on how to avoid stage fright How if you are nervous and scared, very specific things you can do. So it wasn't me just making fun of someone or piling on our bashing on, but it was referencing something in the news. I provided a link to the story so people could see the video of this director freezing and being scared and walking off stage. But then I provided analysis that showed my own expertise. Everyone has some expertise that relates to their industry. It might not be relating to a story that's on network news. If you are a jeweler, you may be commenting on some new style of cut. That's the trend these days. Or you may want to be commenting on the increased quality and competition of commercial grade diamonds. The rest of the world might not care, but people in your industry will really care. So again, you don't have to do things like 60 minutes and have B roll and graphics and go do stakeouts. You could simply summarize the issue in the news and then give your analysis as if a client had just picked up the phone and call you and say, Hey, T J, what do you think about X, y and Z in the news today? Oh, whatever you would say in reaction to a client asking your opinion, You can do a simple video on that and put that on your YouTube channel. Put it on your blog's. Put it on your Facebook being distributed through all sorts of social media. But it's yet another way for people to see that you're a real human being that you have real expertise. You're not just anonymous, bland corporate structure that's run by robots. You're a real person now. This is also the way you can frankly get in front of a lot more people because if you're talking about something in the news and you can legitimately put some aspect of that in the title of your YouTube channel that are the your YouTube video, there's a much better chance that people will find it. So, for example, I have between 1000 and 2000 people every single day watching my YouTube channel now most of them by for me now. But that's okay. Some of them eventually do become clients, and it's not because I end every single video and I'm t j Walker and I have the greatest media training room. You have to hire me. And here's my phone number and click. You know I'm not doing any of them now. There is a link in the description below on my website and my phone numbers. If they want to find me, they can find me. But I make the videos is brief as possible. Sometimes they're 40 seconds long. Sometimes they might be five minutes long if it takes that long to really explain my analysis of it. But it's a great way of communicating anything you would put in a newsletter, you could do a simple talking head video. And if you're like me, if you've been doing this for a while, it's actually faster in writing a newsletter. You right in his letter, a column or a block post. You got to write it, rewrite it, edit it, spell check it, proof it again, change punctuation. If you're just talking, it's done as long as you don't really, really screw up. Just hit. Stop finished the tape and send it out. If you have an occasional ah um repeat yourself. That's OK. That's what host on the Today show to you certainly seen Matt Katie when she was on their occasionally say on Um, that's okay. It's not about being perfect. It's about have you conveyed the idea and interesting, useful way, So keep this in mind if you're not doing it already, you should do it because it's a great way of getting in front of prospects of staying in front of your clients so they continue to associate you with riel expertise. Let's face it, there's more and more competition everywhere in the world these days. People in other countries who have much lower cost of living, lower standard of living are probably willing to do what you do for 10% of the cost, so you don't want to be competing on price. You do want to be competing on expertise. That's the beauty of YouTube videos and putting out videos and social media. You can really demonstrate your expertise to people, and that can often make the difference of them justifying paying you if you're higher priced than somebody willing to work much less expensively in another country 9. How to Sell with Online video Training: Another great way of selling through video is by putting your expertise on a video in the form of a training. Now. These days there are lots and lots of high quality online training places. Websites like the one you're watching right now that provide a way for you to connect with students all over the globe. Now you may charge $5 for your course. You may charge $1000 for your course. I have a lot of different courses, more than a dozen courses on different platforms. And it's not that every single day I'm making millions of dollars from my online courses. But there's so many different ways you can benefit by having an online course. For starters, simply cataloging all your information will make you better at whatever it is you dio. Forcing you to speak out will make you more articulate. Having an online course and telling other people will at some level make you seem like more of an expert, especially if it's a good course, and it needs to be a good course. The other thing is, let's say, for example, someone calls me today and says T. J, we need a keynote speaker, and we're interested in the topic of how to sell more using online video. I'm not going to just send them a tax proposal. I'm not going to just give them references of other people who say I'm a great speaker. I'm going to send them a free pass to this course so they can see in detail all the different things I talk about it will eliminate risk for them. They'll know what they're getting if someone is calling me and once a proposal in media training will I send them a free pass to my online media training course? And I can say, Look, here it is this the same thing I'm going to do with your people? But be personalized and you can see here's 100 different modules. Here's more than three hours of content. I am an expert on this. I am the real deal and that helps me sell. So I might not make any revenues that day or even that week from my online media training school. But if it helps me close another one or two training's people hiring me in the real world to go to them and and spend their money on me for a day. Well, that could be quite substantial revenue that happens to be my main revenue driver, people hiring me for a day and paying a relatively large amount for that one day of tot. So the online training is a great way to help boost your reputation in many, many ways. The other thing that it does, and this may be just specific to someone of the training business. But for example, when someone hires me for a day of media training, I send them my online media training course until that's your homework. So it makes my life a lot easier on the day of trading. I'm not repeating myself, but it really helps the client to, because now they get more time on camera to practice so everyone benefits. Makes my life easier, helps the client dramatically. They get more practice time on camera. Now your business might be a little different, but still there may be something you do where you find yourself repeating yourself again and again again. You could be a consultant trying to help someone be more efficient, and you're repeating the same time again and again about a certain prospect. You might just create an online course that goes through all that. Ask your client if they want to go through it. If they do great, they'll appreciate it. If not, they still think higher of you that you're the expert who's actually taught the course on it. So many, many reasons to create online course. It's not just about passive income, which I'm sorry I get a little upset when people go on and on about passive income. In my opinion, no such thing is passive income. Unless you have a great stock portfolio, are fantastic mutual fund manager. The rest of this is about work, but you can work in a way that is more productive and generates more money for you. And that's where I think online video conduce, in this case very, very specifically by creating more courses that really catalog your expertise 10. How to Sell With Onlilne Video Skype: Another great way of selling through online video is Skype, Believe it or not, or Google live chats now. It might not be what you're thinking. People still have this idea. Got have the slick 32nd video bone boat Bowman. By here, you lose out forever. Video is any time someone can see you see your body here, you and you're not in the same room. So, for example, any prospect who contacts may I will say that in addition to sending them a proposal video , I'll say, Can we talk about your specific needs and a Skype video chat? And then I called them up through Skype. But it's not just the audio part, it's the video, and it looks exactly like this. I do it from this room again. I'm in a small closet. There's more information about the technical stuff in the bonus area of this course, but I am in a six foot by nine foot closet. This is a computer now. I do have a nice camera, but you could use just a webcam and I'll have a different mike that I used for the Skype. But it's a great way for you to really be responsive and for people to feel almost like you're in a face to face meeting. And depending on what you're selling, you're selling something that's more than, say, $997. It can be hard to get people to feel comfortable enough to give you money to send you that check tow wire that money to give you their credit card if they haven't personally met you . But if you're selling your services to people in different cities, yeah, it's, Ah, let's say, a $7000 service. It's gonna be hard to justify flying all the way across the country hotel expenses, airplane cab, limo, all that just for $7000 the chance you might not get it. But for a Skype conference, your cost is nothing. Essentially, once you have your basic infrastructure. Now, if you're gonna communicate with people on Skype, you need to look your best and sound your best. The problem many people have is they're working off a laptop in the cameras too low, and it's shooting up their nose. Their window is behind them, so it's bright light, their their faces blackened out, and they have horrible audio quality. Well, the problem is not Skype. For that, Skype makes people look bad. The problem is what you're doing. It's very easy to have high quality Skype conversations with people. And here's some simple tips. Take your computer your laptop. Put on a stack of books so that the camera is at your eye level. Close your blinds if there's a window behind you and make sure you have more light in front of you and next go to RadioShack. I mean, this is a little more expensive, but by a microphone for 15 bucks and plug it into your laptop. It will sound 1000 times Better do that and you'll come across as professional, and people get a much better sense of who you are Now. You can also do these live chats through Google hangouts. That could be a great what you can do. Live webinars. Essentially, that's something else I do with video, sometimes in cooperation with major trade associations like the Public Relations Society of America or bulled. Oh, I'll do live video events, and there can be different platforms. The main thing is just that you've made a commitment to talk to people on video and helping them. The beauty of live is it can be interactive and they can ask you questions. Finally, something else I'm doing that is still very much in the early stages. Most people are not doing it, but you can give a keynote speech to 1000 people through Skype video. I've done that right here in this room, and I have talked to, for example, 600 people at a convention in New Zealand. I'm in the New York City area. They didn't have budget or time to fly me all the way to New Zealand and back. But to simply turn on my camera, turn on lights and communicate through Skype, they projected it on a big screen, connected their computer with speakers so everyone in the audience could hear me. After the presentation, I took questions. They spoke into the microphone and I could see them. They could see me. It was a fantastic experience, and it was a keynote speech. I got paid for two, so that's yet another way you can sell through online video. But it's not what people typically talked about when they're talking about selling in online video. But keep it in mind. Communicating through customers, clients and even speaking audiences through escape and other online technology is now simple. It's easy. It's cheap. It can be done. You just had to make the decision. You're going to do it. 11. How to sell with Online Video Media Pitches: Another great way of selling through online video is by creating media pitches with video and only explain what I'm talking about. Let's say you've heard a particular media outlet is looking for an expert in your particular area to talk about something in the news. Now what most people do is they send a video from a TV appearance. Last time they send press clips, they send reference. So and so is a great guest. Now you may still want to do that, but nothing. I mean, nothing beats sending a brand new video to the producer of the show today, telling them exactly what you think about the issue in the news today and being able to do it in 60 seconds, maybe 90 seconds where you have great sound bites your summing up the news topic. You send it to them than they could say, Wow, this person is perfect because they're giving me exactly what I want. Now the producer realizes there's no risk. They don't have to worry if you're articulate enough, if they're sending the limo toe, bring you to CNBC or Fox or MSNBC, they don't worry about being embarrassed to their bosses because they've already seen you produce. I've done this many, many times. You might not want to be on TV. That's okay. But ask yourself if the most respected local broadcast outlet in your town wanted you on to talk about your business, your expertise, Why in the world would you turn that down? Now? People often think, Well, you can't get on unless you have a big, high priced, expensive PR for PR. Firms can do a great job, and I definitely use them. But you don't have to. You can pitch yourself. So here's an interesting scenario that I have done many times myself for, let's say, there's something breaking the news. It's 10 a.m. and the Supreme Court makes a ruling on on antitrust case that is of interest to people that say it involves Microsoft or Intel, a really huge company in your an antitrust warrior, and you have nothing to do with this particular case. There's nothing wrong with you doing a simple video just like I am right now. We summarized the case in 30 seconds and then give your analysis of the significance of this and why, and maybe the whole video is 90 seconds long. You then post that video on your website on YouTube on your blog's in your social media. But most important, you send it to the producers of local TV shows who you think would be of interest to this or you pitch it to CNN or Fox or MSNBC or Tru TV. You send it to the media. Out lets you think you're going to be covering this, and you'll have instant credibility because they're not gonna wonder whether you're articulate. They're not gonna wonder if it takes you five minutes to say one point. They can see it in video. There's been many a town, and I should say, I've been a talk show host. TV radio I've had thousands of talk show appearances actually entered the Guinness Book of Records for most talk show appearances ever in a 24 hour period promoting one of my speaking books so you don't have to kill half far, but I could tell you this technique really does work because there's still a lot of producers bookers who don't know who I am, But if I hear of a big news story, I know it's going to get coverage, I'll do a quick analysis summary. Send the video, and it's often made the difference of me getting on Scott Me on CBS Good Morning Show on the Sunday version there Saturday version and other really high quality shows of huge audiences, plus all the cable networks to. So if you're all interested in publicity, doing a video of your analysis as if you are being interviewed by that TV outlet is a great way of doing it now. Is the TV network gonna pay, you know, at least not the first dozen or even 100 times? Yeah, if they love you so often and you're such a regular, you can always strike. A deal is a paid contributor, but the payment comes because now you're seeing is more credible in the marketplace. When your clients see you on national TV or in local TV, it makes them feel better about you. It reminds it. Oh yeah, they have that expertise we have. This problem in the Cleveland office may be a good fit. It builds your reputation. It also makes you more respectable to prospects. They've never heard of you. They stumble across your website If they can then go on to your press room and see you on TV quoted and other media outlets on a regular basis. It makes them feel more comfortable about calling you and hiring you, and that does affect your bottom line. 12. How to Sell with Online Video Conclusion: So I've just outlined for you more than half a dozen ways that I personally use online video to sell to build my business, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly, to build my reputation. But ultimately it all affects my business. It helps my business, and it does generate revenue. I've given you lots and lots of tips. Below in the bonus section is even more of the technical aspects. Although the technical aspects air frankly, the easiest thing to deal with and the least of your worries. The number one thing you have to do to really start making more money. Building your business and selling more with online video isn't technical. It's emotional. I'm sorry to sound touchy feely and all new a g on you, but it really is. I've seen this with thousands of clients and prospects all over the world for years. People talk about video, they buy studios, they by five different cameras, and eight months later, they've never posted their first video you've got and I hate to sound like a Nike commercial, but you got to just do it. Just start making video everything you dio where you're typing, start doing it in video type of proposal to a video type of press release. Do a video on it typing up new copy for your website. Do a video one. It might not be perfect, but you know what? Something beats nothing. This idea that you're not going to post videos is not perfect. Well, how often do you write? A perfect press release or a perfect memo are a perfect email. Chances are, it's not perfect. Do the best you can and you put it out. You need to take the same attitude with video because here's the beauty of video. Your competitors aren't doing it because they're insecure or they're lazy. So it's such a easy, easy, easy thing to do now where you get a lot of credit from clients prospects, your industry in the world. Because there's comparatively little competition, you want to get a sense of the difference. I was speaking to a bunch of life insurance executives in New Zealand not that long ago, so I mentioned to you through Skype, and I asked them in Skype, New Zealand Life Insurance or Google New Zealand Life Insurance. What do you find? 50,000 websites come up now. Go to YouTube type in New Zealand life insurance. Eight videos showed up. Where do you want to be competing against the 50,000 or against the eight I get? It's not about YouTube and making Richards off of YouTube. It is about getting in front of people and having them listen to you. Watch you connect with you, ultimately call you and hire you. That's why I'm so excited about selling through online video. It's still even though billions of minutes air uploaded to YouTube every day. It's still new. It's still different. It's still innovative. It's still a great way for you to distinguish yourself within your industry and from your competitors. So please start creating video today. Send it out to customers posted on your website posted on YouTube and just start