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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

28 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Welcome

    • 3. Module 1: Discover your Sales Roadmap

    • 4. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 1

    • 5. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 2

    • 6. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 3

    • 7. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 4

    • 8. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 5

    • 9. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 6

    • 10. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 7

    • 11. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 8

    • 12. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 9

    • 13. Module 3 – The Shape of your sales

    • 14. Module 4 - Selling as an Artform - Video 1

    • 15. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 2

    • 16. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 3

    • 17. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 4

    • 18. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 5

    • 19. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 6

    • 20. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 7

    • 21. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 8

    • 22. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 9

    • 23. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 10

    • 24. Module 5 – Tying the sales process together

    • 25. Module 6 – Time is your strategy - Video 1

    • 26. Module 6 – Time is your strategy - Video 2

    • 27. Module 6 – Time is your strategy - Video 3

    • 28. Conclusion

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About This Class


Learn how to simplify your sales training to transform your team results.  In this interactive session follow the exercises and master the process to delegate sales targets.  Improve your sales process and schedule your week to win at sales.

This course is for anyone that wants to connect better with people to achieve a desired outcome.  Whether you oversea a sales team, are part of a small business or wish to improve your sales results.  This course is for you.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kate Osborne

International Coaches Coach


Kate Osborne is the Westpac Most Outstanding Women in Business Winner 2013 and a Graduate of the University of Queensland with a double major in Psychology.

Kate loves people. Travelling to over 40 Countries, Kate share owned two Flight Centre Ltd stores with over 74 combinations of team and $7 million turnover by the age of 26 where she learned what it takes to succeed.

As a business leader, Kate has coached Westpac, Smith and Sons, Jim's Poolcare, Outback Jack's, Redchip Lawyers, Subway, Cold Rock, Brumby's, Harvey World Travel and worked alongside Griffith University in their Excellence in Franchising division.

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1. Introduction: welcome to sales simplified. My name is Kato's boy. You know what you're going to get out of this session is to view a live workshop of sales training. And so the opportunity here is if you're existing in sales and you want to get a Farmall predictable result in the following year, he can follow along. The exercise is to be able to achieve that. However, if you lead a group of cells people, whether you're a franchise or a business owner and you want to master how to delegate the sales training portion, then you'll be able to do that as well. So there's worksheets and activities, and I guess the ultimate thing is to get a predictable result with yourselves training in the future I hope you enjoy. 2. Welcome: Welcome to my online course, South Simplified. My name is Kate Osborn. I've been a sales trainer professionally for 21 years. I started out in sales at age 17 are working in retail sales, but most both of my parents came from a sales background. So I'm really excited to be out to travel the world, utilizing this skill to be able to create an amazing lifestyle. And so, in this course, I really want you to get a feel for the types of people that do cells, whether they're small business owners, they're working corporate a Rainer's, Or are they just starting out? It doesn't matter. The process is exactly the same. And so we need to learn what we're competent in, where we're starting from and be relaxed and have fun with it. And that's the most important thing is, it's about people. The number one principle I teach people about Siles is Are you connecting with people? Because ultimately, if you connect with them and you're willing to listen and learn, you'll get better and better year after year. So I really hope you enjoy the course 3. Module 1: Discover your Sales Roadmap: What we've been able to do is actually, you know, have a look at the different aspects of business and pull out the keywords within sales. And I want you to consider as an activity whether or not you believe you're competent or not competent in each of these areas. Now, if you don't know what they make in, what would that be? No competent. Okay, So if you don't even know what may just put an X next week now the next column talks about If you are not competent, you're probably one which is below competent. And so if science is not your area of strength, I kind of let's face it, when you're in a corporate business, you convey a complete athlete and just be great at one thing. You could just be a trying in the corporate arena and never have Teoh actually go. So does that make sense? When you go into small business, you're suddenly it to calculate, you have to be good at Silas, you have to be good at marketing. You have to be good production. You have to be good distribution. Have to get labels. You also must understand camping, agree and you have to be able to develop a product and innovate. And so you suddenly have to spend eight flights. Anybody feel like they're challenged with those eight plates? And so I guess the vision that we've got for these sessions is just focus on sales, where just focus on one today and understand this is the beginning of your journey. Don't don't judge yourself if you put yourself it's polite competency. Think of it in finance. If someone says lodging, abets would put incompetent right and we wouldn't judge SL Good way because we've got bookkeepers or accountants that can help us with that and InStyle's, it's the sign you don't doubt yourself. It's just I've never let skill. Now if you believe that your moderately or above competency, what we're gonna cross reference that with is how purpose driven and passionate you would you agree that someone who's passionate about sounds with Weiss Trump somebody who's moderately passionate, this passionate? I imagine with this little order, if you realize that I'm dispassionate, incompetent, but I'm being asked to pay the front person in the business 4. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 1: What are you trying day? I think that what are you actually trying to do? And that's really the thing that I want you to consider, because if you recognize well, I'm trying to sell security doors or I'm trying to sell somebody into a baby for baby. This is the concept of building a team of people. What I'm trying to do is build a team of people that I can serve. And how long do you want to serve those people? Ideally, if you are focused, how how many of those people are professional people who can refer people? 5. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 2: when we find out thinking and I want to get to the to the core of the thinking just by simply getting you in a 30 seconds brined, Um, what are your current belief? So what do you believe to be true about styles? A silent person. I grabbed the colored pens. I access the broad hands on Babel. Right, As opposed to the left logical side of that right? What is it you believe to be true about a side of person and whatever those thoughts come on this one to stop them Damn for May. 6. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 3: I can't. Let's call that. Some of these words got for it. 50 Pushy gift jab. Good. It is a good you're starting to get to the line if you see anyone else. 50 pushing stressed in genuine ribbon. Excellent, I believe. 7. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 4: started a 2nd 1 What are your true? The lakes around a customer. So I think about it. Lots. And we would try customers. Old wise Brahch. What a rabble ace! Truly a bad customers and rock and as many words has come come up for you. 8. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 5: I pulled map Impulse. Scalable. Very good. Is it Lady L A. If I spell something wrong, you compress this upset at seven. Little older. Correct? Yes. Necessary. Yes. Ross Driven. Educated? Yeah. Look. Looking for solutions. Hey, is that Yes. Excellent. Now taking data into the truth of getting all this. 9. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 6: Let's think about goods and services. Like I said, I remember my mother sign. You get what you pay for. That's a belief. Is that my sense you get? What you pay for is a belief. Some of you have some other beliefs. Their cheapest isn't wise fish like these of the late. So I want you to think about what you all the lakes goods and services. 10. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 7: what we painful? That's a good one. Yes. A new generation. Like walking that a lot of that. Yeah, right. Yes. Now you add it. True. Usually eats. It's a big one. Sorry. I got too good to be true. What? I can't. So what would The belief you don't have to about this is to get the best time. 11. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 8: So what we're seeing here, You know, when we actually take up a date, dive into our beliefs. If somebody believes that South people a shifty, pushy good talker just driven by money, made a customer who's a skeptic demanding, unorganized price driven that actually is looking for something that is too good to be true , What's happening in this exchange right now? It's a really interesting cocktail, and I think when people go into South, it really stems from their identity. I can't have. We get our identity from 0 to 2. What year was it that you turn to? 1970 traits in the seventies, My gold money selling? Why did people go into sales professionally? Encyclopedia. Selling vacuum cleaners. How are they selling door to door sales now? Were born in the seventies. Those of us that were born in the sixties who was selling fifties, who was insurance moments? Church. Okay, so we start to recognize it, for some of us are limiting beliefs because of our identity. When were aged two when someone knocked on the door Dinner time. What did your mother do? Yeah, drink. May. She turned a lot of everyone. Is that my sense. Finance. Fine. Dime, dime, dime. So this is, you know, a lot of the time when I was doing south trying, you know, in Asia or in America, we were saying big resistance to lawyers and accountants to purchase franchises and then realized sales is really drive. And when our Saturday to dig into the depths of how do you feel about a professional South post? If you would have gotten home inside, I'm a professional sound space. And could you side that we've pushed up? What do you believe to be true about the South person? And then all these beliefs were coming up. So we started adding in this activity to recognize Ron in the beginning, the framing. Hopefully what we've been out of the show you is the culture of a South person is someone with high working. We stand up discs very productive. Healthy eight is very connected. Today goes goal oriented, engaging, connecting people. And yet, if you still have your limiting beliefs that you're bringing in, it's going to hold you back from my heart invasion right and had to be shipped a belief. So we need to substitute different affirmations. I m so repeating things like I'm an excellent connector. I'm interested in others. I am so saying, what? People? Little control. I'm providing the needs of my community. I am great value. I offer quality. I am. I am I am Because I said so. We have to flush after the limiting belief. So as south, when you see a conversion right starting to improve its because the skills have gone up. But if you don't work on the underlying identity, I've seen people that ego take over. You know, once I get their teeth into a deal, they get greedy. The identity of them as a South person has not been on a solid foundation. And I want to challenge you today before we even still you up. We've gotta actually have a look at these beliefs. What? You rise on that piece of paper, just crossing out all the negative ones and perhaps putting information in their off Who you say this yourself debate as it sounds so here, with people, right, pushy, greedy. And I can see you've got the hardest work to do. You got the heavy lifting to do in the next 63 days So you take 63 days to create a permanent Europe. Are Klein our brains? Brains? A plastic neuro plasticity. You can create new highways, but after 21 days have habits. I am calling 11 quality prospected. I I'm calling 11 quality prospect. Today we're painting that We're repeating that the first you know, 20 guys is pretty challenging because you're still creating a new identity for yourself. But after 30 days, it's starting to become more normal that I'm a prospecting machine. I made people everywhere. I'm a money magnet. I'm finding deals everywhere. People are resonating with my message. I'm going global. I am I. And it starts to become who you be. And so when you're barbecue someone I heard you've got some widget. That's you know, I'm gonna connect you with my friend. Do you think you want it even say anything? You don't need to sign anything because their identity starts to raise the night with others that were more confidence. Does that present confidence? Identity is in confidence 12. Module 2: Beliefs Support Success - Video 9: crossing at the other ones. What are some informations you might have to brought down to be out of flush shows up. So let's help with somebody has cushy. What would be the opposite for the affirmation? I am No one. Is that right? Doesn't here not? Yes, I am focused. I am helpful. I'm adding value. Well, if you've got one that's a negative on your beliefs. So we got everyone who brag negatives, So identify what they are. Say anything. What would we say? I'm honest. I agree. I am honest. I'm a great listener. I'm educated. I'm genuine. Great. Yes, As the South person, I think if, as opposed to being money driven, what could you be driven by? That you serve in? If there's value here to you, I'm gonna encourage you to go ahead. But if I see any value feel be the first person to tell you I think this is a We would convince a lot more using a taika y side. Does that make sense? I just don't think this is the right fit for you by the sounds of what you're looking for and the level of service that you're wanting and imagine that's here. I think you probably better off without competitive. And you actually put the side often they sell, but no. With you, I will let you know what it is that I can do it for and give you a great service. I really look forward. Teoh deposited. And this is having a head, so objections will come up. It doesn't mean they know. What are they trying trying trying to negotiate? It is negotiating the terms of the agreement on the site. Look, normally I would be able to do that for you. However, because I'm so busy at the moment, I only take on two more. And this is the conditions that would have to be around. But I would really love to add value to you. I see what it is you're trying to change here, and I know that I deliver a fabulous result. Is money your highest priority? Is money truly a lost part of its very few people with Simon East My house party? Yes, I think I said, What is a hot party? Sightsee, Longevity, guarantee service. There's lots of many of the values. And when we're a sounds person we get really creative, creative. I m created because you putting deals together. You told teachers at that time it plans. You're looking at half. Ultimately, you can look after people. What was some of these customers? Why not? Uneducated, Annoying. Okay, if we have a customer, bring us ago. Heavy. How did I feel when you answer, you'll find a few things when you I see you walking to it. What? What did I feel you're thinking? You're annoying. What? I think I'm annoying. Who s a sensitive in the room here that knows something Does not like you. Hands up, all of us. All of us are sensitive tonight. So if that's something yourself away, call yourself on it. A closer look. You probably think you're annoyingly how that's actually not true. I'm annoyed at myself. I fully present now. Patsy's is the best time. It is a feeling it doesn't my since I feel in you. Yeah, but you're not going make. I'm annoying myself. I wasn't mentally prepared to have this conversation right now because there in West Brush customer's always right. But if we're not calling ourselves authentically without existing customers, when your customer how are you with your case supplies? What is your take rates and customers? A little flats in the you know, the culture right from the beginning was the belief that the customer's always Raj so very much Nordstrom's. Just accept whatever I size should be right. I'm absolutely sure you let May What what solution was even looking for right now because it lowers resistance with people. Kind of depends on what you're selling on, what the game is, whether or not you can hold that relates in your culture. 13. Module 3 – The Shape of your sales: Like I said, when we're thinking about goods and services, you can say that, you know, with beliefs had people change. Um, they find decisions when in the back in the day who did South training when it's old features and benefits. Why I would buy this motor model was because it had four blades instead of do blaze in four blood saving time, Mr Person So what we're really selling this time Anybody ever do that picture? I just sells Congress that I would fly around, You know, the American Siles people. I bring them into plots and and I teach at some features and benefits. I heard anybody else trying to Heidi's all right. It was very much this model and what we what we talk about is that the report building face was very short and the product information. So when I was in great how cells I had to learn that corduroy was measured in Wales and Wildstein in five different thicknesses and the benefit of corduroy denim. So we had to our south training on corduroy just hold different wild, different measurements, different whites different. Have I made it in the factories, the benefits of heavy men locked wearing corduroy pants. Anyone? Did anyone have a way? That's what is the use of that? Hard acknowledged. I used to love to come back. I just after the denim defies the corduroy guys. Guys, guys. Like I said, Product knowledge. How well do you know your Foreknowledge? And then very little follow up If they did not buy on the spot, Forget about them. I don. That was what we were trying. So do you see what pushy used to come in now? Something incredible happened. And it happened after September living. There was a massive shift. Did everyone feel on the planet that morning when you what happened? He turned on the news or someone like you up in the not you clock Dean and he suddenly realized the world had changed. It had changed over. Not things have changed and I started to recognize it within with Siles Parsis is we spent a lot of time in the whole building, especially travel. Can you imagine? PayPal was so far auctions to get on the airplane. The report building phase became, in fact, the most important vice. And it hasn't really shifted since. If you lock someone. You know, someone you trust somebody and you tell them exactly what you're made and I give you two options. You will trust them to buy one of the two options. The product knowledge is very small. The report is very big now and then when you give them this product knowledge, that's quite small. You Then start your follow up loop that goes on. For how long? What's infusion? Self taught us. So one of us dies, cancels that a mile camp who's still getting a miles from something that I subscribed to. Everything is anyone you know, subscribed. Why you're not on it one day like I trust this souls. A. I'm gonna buy from someone I'm gonna buy from this source. How much effort does it take for that company to shoot at their Elektronik mouth? It's all set up at the beginning. December, so custom fit 14. Module 4 - Selling as an Artform - Video 1: and the baseball quiet right on. That was called non exercise, and I've put the eyes being number in here. But I loved the way that Weinstock's talked about selling in terms of it. You walk into a plie and you come on Act three. Do you know what's going on? Act three is that that's the daughter was such a one. OK, so what's the problem? What's that? We've makes the point, and I see when I did a south shadowing local going with some of my clients have taken vision. Right. Is increasing the south trying just fall with him and just watch on the biggest challenge. I saw that they weren't following the acts in the right order. It is I dance. It is a production. 15. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 2: And so after one starts with you in the car, you yourself in the car. What is your commitment? Objective? Why are you going in there? What are you hoping to do? Have you ever know had the right intention? When you've gone into the sale and it's gone happens, doesn't it? So what? What's that one party? What are we trying to change? So that commitment objective is not clear. Sometimes we would side. You just might. A great friend. What did you do today? I might I didn't have an idea that I really wanted to show them the benefits what it was to achieving moved them towards prices and close the deal. Commitment Objective is a really critical part of the act. So my sense before you mate somebody What's your commitment? Not just to your business, but have you put yourself in issues? So what about what's going on in? They lost. What could you be following up with already? What? Could you die? Rise? Have you looked on the website and checked out? They linked in profile. What back in work have you done before? You go in and make somebody 16. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 3: I said, by having the commitment objective. Then have you ever noticed that people buy from PayPal? I do. I buy from people. I have often moved and going on board from somewhere else because I did not like the person . Especially if you're a sounds person. It's very difficult to poverty, money, someone, height. It's very difficult. You 900 get good at South. And when you say someone slumping this word not listening, not feeding back what it is that you want is really difficult. Actually, you know, fly the money that way. Sorry, people skills when we think about your PayPal skins, what I'd like you to do is I want you to stand up. And I want you to find out something new about three people in the room that you've never met. Something new about three people in the room that you've never met before. 17. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 4: but we need to take that data because of all we're doing is making friends and convey really challenging. Like I said, Sarah, you familiar with a deck of cards? You are excellent. Well done. Sorry. There's two different colors in a deck Accounts. You remember what I ate? That's well done. You're very good at this. And what color do you prefer? May I have the right home of the suits? That where you have crab dissipation? I love it. I got hot. So they thought Red suit off cards. Like I said, remind me again. What are their options? Diamonds. And you prefer May 2 parts on the side with so such soc feeling. We're gonna get on. We've got low, medium and high high Would be the King Queen Ice Low would be 234 We've got 567 What you like nine? Yes. Peak. One of the three low, medium high. I would get rid of those six there frustrating with low and medium. So that the 23 through 34 5678 Which one would you like to advertise? Excellent. 23 and four. Okay. Authorities numbers the level the a lot of good remain that lexical the full off. Remember the hot before halftime to make your glass. Can you pick up the posted night and hold out what we've written on the price? 18. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 5: what is your number? One priority is question number one, and if you can identify somebody's number one priority, you've got the opportunity to assist why their party is the priority. I can't said. What's your number one party with networking? Well, I want to trust the people of weakening. Why? Why? It's just really important to you. We're not pushing back way. We're not saying your priority is an AK party thinking data. I can't when we dig deep, but what we're trying to do is act for which I don't agre on and make. If there's not made, that's what Don't even pull yourselves presentation. If there is no nade act for we realized there is 98 continue. In fact, it embarrasses them if there's no need. You haven't identified that their party and why they party matches with your value. Set your Athos for your company. Why would you want them as a customer in first place? You should, because your party's making money or you heard, does that my sense of your hearts parties on the record, Anyone with the pox, anyone with it, like I 19. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 6: you've got to sell the person before you can sell the company. People are gonna by Sky before that. Basically, people by now, before that thought basically tiny exception is that my sense? It's very important that I should building a brand and you've got the master, France, Austria, that they're not buying Sarah and then get a huge Would you agree? How did you get around that? What do we get around that? How do we get around? Well, I met with Sarah and Sarah sent me to the Greek and we have to have a brand. Recognition is that says we have to be selling the company. That's why we refer to it as they may. It's not Thani's club. Guys happen. That's what very point that we do. Things actually predicted, like in the side, because if you're showing the sun presentation and they're showing assigned presentation, we get duplication. We now have a business vice on a system. We haven't got a personality dropping 20. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 7: so the company and they sell the product. It's a separate act, so they need to be 11 slot in your pitch tick. That is just about basically, you know, having a brand and told me that I company Mays. Now you go looking for product. What's the product? I'm actually looking for? What? It's blocks. And did I do that product hotel on insurance or health? Things once you loyal to a brand. If I offer it to you, you consider using that brand so called the length of time when I first met stay that he really just did small business promotions for small business. That's what I thought from the networking function. And he was connected with a coach of mind. So come to call the final, Really? Nobody did. There was no other people in your atmosphere that you don't really know what what they do. When statement started coaching with May, he was like, I'm gonna do a cinema ad for Waltham. Yeah. How much was that deal? 30,000. $30,000 for sure. You know, changing demands. It does that make sense? You get so you guys have who is cold? Well, It's a time like an average of a set of 30,000 is very different to a $5000. Does that make sense? And so I Sometimes you haven't promoting you as the company we started off 20 years old, started my business, 18 years old, started my business by 28 1 of the youngest produces, like you're sitting amongst rightness here with that speak of family. And what would that statement some. But we don't know because we know that connecting with people inside to tell us about your company. And even more than that, if you're introverted and you don't want talking to people, how you gonna find out? You just had a heart that got on your legs up If your strategy I did My website is so great that after people make meeting in a rush, home rushes home from a network invented just every single website of the people that just not one of us 21. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 8: Like I said, we want to ask for a commitment when we understand what the product offering is. Very importantly, we shoot strike. Pasqua's remember out triangle off product House Short is this act. If we've done it right, it's a very short acts. So basically what I heard you saying call is that you want to go global? Help the world kind free, just like Tony did. You should come on a culture program. Would you consider coming on coaching very often. We never applies this I because down technology giant Google have already done their research, I think because that act they think they did products because they googling. But actually with 30 years of experience and understanding without all kind from and then what the margins are, how the market is flying in on what's going on with the banks of the moment and the credit of that have it. You bamboozle pit with your product knowledge, you can intimidate them. But if you build great report, decide. You know what I hear that you're signed a House party if it's exactly with our values on what legislative being committed to is exactly what you're asking for so I think they'll be a great fit. Can you stay the opportunity? We might be able to work together in the future. You're asking, Could we move this forward? 22. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 9: to confirm the sale would be important that you take a pin who's ever gone to a sound that had a pen. Okay, that's it. I just want, you know, you arrive and, you know, pervade preparation is so important. Maybe you need a checklist. Those of you that and more extroverted and Sangweni, whatever word you heard. But we just you'll see what stories, part file, I. And if Heywood just finally recruit certain people he got, he hears Myers Briggs tonight. If you profile sat outside the top 100 profile, then there was literally on induction pack for PayPal. Decided 20 pens. You gonna lose them old by the end of the month? It was just, you know, get to know people get to know yourself because this is part of understanding when you finish and you're trying to confirm the sale. But your words get stark. You don't know your scripting or you're not sure what you're asking. It's just moving it as naturally as you did from people skills, asking the right question to move through. And this whole process should take nine on the 35 to 40 minutes talks 23. Module 4 - Selling as an artform - Video 10: replying the coal. I get my constant SWAT analysis, every single inquire that go out to attempt to sell getting the cop SWAT analysis what my strengths work on my weaknesses. Where was the opportunity? What was my biggest threat? And if you can just continuously provide with the next 30 examples, how much better do you get? Especially, they wanna die, said in the intention. Whilst we're doing the South Chinese, the objective. But I want you just to run a short paragraph. What is your objective? Now that you know there's no next to a sale in this next 30 days, what would you like to attempt from a sales perspective? What is your objective? 24. Module 5 – Tying the sales process together: something that's being really important, that with driven off sounds, suddenly plots and everyone had to sign off on the styles targets for the year. Now that's normal. And culprit. Would you agree when you're in a corporate business? Because they have to do all the bad today? The planning holiday. Leave everything hands up in your business right now that you've got one of these for the next deal that you're working on this for the current financial heads up high, high, high. Okay, so this spot, huh? Very good. So it's just this, as I said, isn't to come in and write people across the calls. It's just a simplified process that says, if we don't know what it is we're trying to achieve based on your current child of camps, I can say in your software that you use separate each of the product sales into different product columns. All right, because some months you might want to be selling screen doors for commercial versus retail . So the marketing needs to be done 90 days before, so you can use this document to then go sit with Monica and say, This is my goals and I would like all my marketing to align with the results that I'm looking for in the marketplace. How much easier is it when your marketing team now exactly what results you want? You're committed to that objective. Plus, you also know how much turnover you should expect. So what else can you do when you know how much sales you're hoping the topic of the final? What else could you do? Because size is the one spice that the I'm not, isn't it this opportunity inside? If you look at this and you go, What if I actually did what I was committing to dio I could purchase a home. And what waiting, Fueling that dream success coming on the wow. I never thought I'd be able to achieve that, but somebody that actually helped me with strategy to achieve that and really, it's not that difficult when you say something on a on a piece of paper. If it's too difficult, what do you have the opportunity today? Drink it. Just bring it back because this is your guesstimate. When you do styles full costs, it's your best guess. And whose files with the annual targets, the full I actually global fund styles. People get really resilient year after year after year. I can't hang up a sick Marcus, but they might say, You know, I want to pay. You know, this minute number? I haven Maine Leichtenstein business this high, hard target made if I can purchase an asset on this medium. Target mains were just my time status quiet and I could get deployed if your team is not focused on actually the goal and adding it to a strategy I se a strategy document looks beautiful. So this did not look beautiful when it was a bad to Monica, I have to say, And so what if you could have a strategy document that your team and your marketing people were working off so you knew what the objective is. But you also knew the critical success factor. Get this. That is some critical success factors and the barrier to them. Then your team are constantly trying to do one of two things. Hit the critical success factors and remove the barriers, and you're doing it month by month by having a look atyou Gap analysis. But if you don't know what your goals are, how do you ever break that back to figure out how it's gonna happen 25. Module 6 – Time is your strategy - Video 1: my sense. Tomato the way Looking at this title here today, when you've got an idea what you gotta change. So you're here to die title in sales? Would it make sense? You have to do some things. We have to do some things. And so for me, running a sales based business meant if I could orchestrate my week to know that they were blocked periods of time, that we're gonna be consistent every week, it was less likely I would miss what it was I had to do. So in order to get sales would ever agree that you have to do some marketing. All right, marketing is really important. I found that Monday Marketing was great because South conventions very low. When I'm on that morning, Why South Conversions love him on that. How do you feel that morning when you get into work? It's a very we've got a look at the energy in the on the planet, baby realistic and might be convenient feeding 2000 Monday morning. But the planet says people don't really want my decisions. The energies not really great, but you could be doing marketing for 90 days in advance because That's what marketing should be looked at. So we're doing the mapping can and reviewing what happened in the previous week. We're recording at lates, and then we're saying, OK, here we are. We'll get September 7 of them. But I want to stop thinking, What am I doing for Christmas? What's my Father's Day and what's my new year's? So that we can start getting an appreciation that 90 days in advance? What do I need to let my graphic design and I What's the offer? That I'm gonna put the website? How am I gonna die that to Facebook? So there's a marketing that's gonna need to happen now in terms of selling. We've got out checklist here. Once we know what we're China market, is it important to have a strategy? Does that? My says we've got this checklist. Now that we say. Well, what's the take? Make my plan. Now? Sometimes the south take makers bundles. Does that make sense? You can bundle something. And people Boche who loves a different purchase. Okay, bundle it. If you buy this today, you get this. You get that? Have you thought of that? By understanding the script that you would use before Christmas is different than the script you use after Christmas, because people have different emotions, especially in the health industry, especially lading into Christmas. But is it straight after New Year? It's a very different platforms, and the other, you know, a really important thing to think about with sales is actually where these prospects going to be physically residing. So can you put in your wake opportunities where you're there? And I see a lot of people do styles. But then he said, Well, who's your target market? And I said, Well, you know, mouths 34 with a few kids? Yeah, Like I said, Wait, a famous I just 30 people with kids Finance. So drop off sometimes had a newsletter advertisement in a school newsletter sponsoring the pain. It is a more effective strategy than anything else because your tablet market brought there , but it's still turn up at school, drop off dressed. The same does every since I made. When I started to discover my Chinaman, where I just went to the places where I shot the way prices wait, I wait because guess who's there. All right, so I can you schedule in your weight. An opportunity was coaching a solicitor, he said. I love playing golf. Wasn't really remember. Yeah, Pacific. When you go, you need to play golf with random groups of people and let them know your solicitor that, you know, it's the basically generation strategy. Heated up Shop Pacific. Who's going to join by the end of fighting house? How much reported hes I do wills and succession planning on selling the property. You know, I've got this. Could you look at this? Could you do this? So for him to take that time out of his business, he was feeling guilty actually was one of the best marketing strategies, because how many Pacific Membership Golf Club people? What is 100% of men that are the problem membership in a golf club. So you need to govern, be part of the community and actually applied the sport 26. Module 6 – Time is your strategy - Video 2: I was awake. Would you go? What about when your conversion right is the hot says, Have you tested it? Measured. So what's something you should doing away free bags? How do you test emissions? So for some of you could be a simple as you know, hand written prospecting shaded a book and you get a highlighter. And when you make a Sal you highlighted at the end of the month, Look back how maney highlighted lawns of eagles. This is how many prospects you had. That's a really easy conversion strategy, especially when you're in small business. That was enough for May. For the 1st 10 years, I didn't have a c ar Ramadi made a CR for May I could turn over my design amount of income to lead my dream life 97 things If I did the seven things every single day that is lucky. Seven things And I started 5 a.m. So most of the time I have seven things Just knowing What do you need to do? Is it that you need to raid ladies the greatest Wendy rate? When do you drink your water? When you exercise? When do you get your mindset, the thinking, Rosh. And that's why I want you to realize that this whole process getting the thinking brush and knowing what the strategy is, but also understanding is they work involved. The majority of this is actually having the presentation. And if your presentation is 40 minutes, how many presentations can you figure into a week and you set that time? Does that make sense? How many can you sit in for the wait? And so who does the most amount of presentations per week here? Call out a number? No. Ive anyone home? 12. Well done. Anyone higher? 25 people and do a presentation. Okay, We're not 25. Any one more than 25 minute Wait, It's fantastic. 27. Module 6 – Time is your strategy - Video 3: So it was a strategy that we worked backwards tonight. Hes a win. In the week we focused on these strategies. And so, by blocking your time and testing a measuring, So if you're not getting a result for the work that you're doing on a Tuesday, what will you learn after 90 days? Two sizes just not happening. So changed you. Some choose I am to be doing something that he is going to be more productive for you and I just family. I just would not be standing. Guys, wait. My conversion right was rabbit, and it was always up here. It was always in May. It was never the opportunity, a great deal. But my heart's conversion right was always a my conversion. Writers hard Wednesday don't find a test in mission work with it. This makes sense. It just coach. On Tuesday, selling Wednesday, people said, Well, I like to coaching wins outside about death. So Tuesday two or 10 which one? Six you remember we don't want that I waste It is not about a little book that I could do. What about those? But keep that day where yourselves conversion is hot. You get all your cells in one day. How do you feel at the end of that? One day I wait here. 52 dyes solidly for styles. Bikers for the year depends if yourselves present. If you're dispassionate, you're exhausted. If you're passionate, how do you feel at the end of the day? Because if you've got your numbers around, you will just that your hearts, rising income. And when you're making money, you've done the work. We got the thinking right. You set the goals, use the people skills. It was so much closer to the dream of what he wanted for the here. So at the end of the Wednesday should obey the celebration. That's Wednesday nod is like, Whoa, so I tested measure, but the majority of cons that we work with, I just find conversion rights. ST. Would better after you say and before lunch on Friday, does that make sense? It's difficult to convince a lot of people on Friday wear out financially. I've already checked that, Greg, new social activities and things, small business. But really, if you want to schedule your weight and work is attained, detained selling and I ever selling on the wind site. So you take it up and everyone's available on the energy is really high, and then you can really draw you your businesses. 28. Conclusion: so that completes the South simplified course. But what I'd love for you to think about is actually setting a goal. You know, it's great to have sales, training and Noel the information about sales, but ultimately, the rubber hits the road when you actually set yourself a goal. And so I've included here a one page goal shape that works really well for May. And you know, when I first learned this, I understood that unless we can back it up with a feeling, set some milestones and understand, we have to change individually if we expect our results to change. And so this little goal shape should really help you to be our to achieve and fast track your results. And if you would like to get even faster results, please connect with us directly to be out to get a by six miles profile down that will give you your strengths, your tendencies and your fears. But also some areas toe work on for just $55 Australian. So I look forward to be able to connect with you and serve you as you move forward in your cells process