Sales Planning - How Much Will I Make? | Ole L | Skillshare

Sales Planning - How Much Will I Make?

Ole L, Physical Product Management

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8 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • Sales Budget vs Sales Forecast

    • Why Create A Budget

    • What Is In A Sales Budget

    • Create A Simple Sales Budget

    • Using A Sales Budget

    • Class Project

    • Wrap Up


About This Class

A class on creating a simple sales budget for my series on Retail Management concepts explained simply.

The purpose of a budget is to come up with an achievable plan that also sets expectations on how much you plan to make for the budgeting period.

This class aims to give an overview on how to create a simple sales budget primarily for physical products that can also be applied to digital or service products.

If you would like to see how adding returns to this budget would affect the margin value, go to and fill in your details to receive access to the video

A sales budget is a plan that tells you what direction to head in and acts as a reference document that sets sales expectations for a business.

This class can be watched in conjunction with my sales forecasting class





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Ole L

Physical Product Management

There is no reason to stop learning and the best way to learn is to share the knowledge you have.

Through sharing my knowledge I hope to add to mine.

Having been fortunate to have worked in buying departments as a Merchandise Planner on three different continents, I have been able to gather a wide range of experience and have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, as a Merchandise Planner, which I am now imparting on others.

What is a Merchandise Planner?

A Merchandise...

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