Sales Objections and How To Overcome Them - 3 Sales Tips

Patrick Dang, International Sales Trainer

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3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Sales Objections and How To Overcome Them - 3 Sales Tips Intro

    • 2. Sales Objections and How To Overcome Them - 3 Sales Tips

    • 3. Next Steps


About This Class

Learn my top 3 sales tips for overcoming objections in sales. By the end of this video, you'll know exactly what to do to overcome sales objections.

No matter what your selling, you'll always run into sales objections.

Prospects may say:

"The price is too high."

"I need to think it over."

Or "Now's not a good time."

Now when most salespeople face these sales objections, they immediately get frustrated and try to overcome these sales objections with force.

Handling objections in this way is the last thing you want to do because it kills trust and credibility.

So instead we're going to show you how to develop the right sales mindset to handle these objections and give you a 3 step framework to overcome them and close the sale.

Step 1 is to Empathize with the customer and understand where their sales objections are coming from. Once you can see these sales objections from the customers' point of view, you'll be more equipped to overcome these common objections. Also, make sure you're asking the appropriate sales questions to uncover the truth.

Step 2 is to make the prospect feel heard. It's not enough to understand the prospect in sales; you have to make a conscious effort that you hear understand why the prospect is giving you objections. This builds trust and helps you build towards overcoming the objection later in the sales process.

Step 3 is to offer a new perspective. There's no need to tell someone they're wrong, instead, show them another way of looking as these sales objections as opportunities.